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PERSPECTIVES 5 LEADOFF The Story of Mentor Dr. Josephine Gross Through their deeds and words, mentors help us actualize our potential and reclaim our birthright to be, do, and have anything we want in life.


WORDS OF WISDOM About Mentorship Memorable quotes by Isaac Newton, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and others.


OUR TIMES – PART 1 “How do you find—and become—a great mentor?” • Ferdinand Tolentino, Life Is Full of Mentors • Richard and Kimmy Brooke, 5 Traits of a Mentor • Fatemi Ghani, Guidance and Education • Meredith Berkich, 4 Qualities of Successful Mentorship • Vijay Eswaran, Service above Self • Valerie Bates, The Critical Role of Mentors • Tony and Randi Escobar, Engage a Skilled Mentor


September/October 2015

LEAD INTERVIEW I Love Helping People At 87 years of age, Jimmy Smith has mentored thousands of network marketing professionals on their journey to the top. We interviewed Jimmy in 2005 when he was already a million-dollar earner in his company. Ten years later, he is looking forward to teaching his greatgrandchildren how to succeed in what he believes is the finest form of democracy and the world’s best opportunity to become wealthy and free.


Networking Times Sep/Oct15 Preview  

Our Sep/Oct 2015 issue highlights the critical role of mentors in business success. Susan Sly interviews her beloved mentor Jimmy Smith, who...