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oseph McDermott is a dynamic network marketing leader who was introduced to the profession over 15 years ago. By age 21 he had built a significant income, but a company going out of business and challenges with startups discouraged him from rebuilding an organization. He did some consulting and other business ventures, but never forgot the power and magic of leveraged income. In 2011 Joey met Amani Zein on Facebook and was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality and exuberant nature. Amani was already committed to self-development and empowering people, so when Joey introduced her to “working from home,” she quickly caught the vision. After a couple of “false starts,” Joey and Amani found their home with their current company. Along with their business partners, Kevin and Rassami Latmore and Kenneth Ho, they became the fastest business builders in the history of their company to reach the rank of Diamond. Together with their team Diamond Dynasty 300 Amani and Joseph have their hearts set on offering entrepreneurs around the world a proven vehicle for creating their best life.

Amani’s Story I was born and raised in beautiful, sunny Nigeria. We had no money growing up. I remember my mom sewing my and my sister’s clothes for school because it was cheaper than buying them. My dad made sure we had an abundance of books though. He believed self-development books were equal to wealth and are the secret weapon to anyone’s success, so we had the biggest library in our city. I dreamed of being like those authors and speakers, moving and influencing people’s lives. In 2009 my family and I moved to Toronto, Canada. I was 22 at the time and had no clue how society worked here. I felt empowered just seeing female bus drivers and countless women in leadership positions. It was very liberating. One of my first jobs was selling subscriptions door to door for a company that raises funds for big charities. While sometimes fun, it didn’t feel safe, as we often had to go into dangerous neighborhoods. I remember knocking on a door and at

September/October 2015

first no one opened. Two minutes later a lady came out and apologized. She told me the previous night a stranger had rang the door and shot a neighbor just a few doors down.  I didn’t care at the time because my goal was to make enough money to visit my son, who lives with my ex-husband in Lebanon. It had been two years since I’d seen him and I was willing to do whatever it took to go visit him again. In June 2011 Joseph reached out to me on Facebook about my photography website, because I also did photography part-time. He said, “Since you’re so good at selling door to door, why not try working from home.” He called it a “business in a box.” Two weeks later I quit my job, sold some jewelry for a third of its worth, and joined my first network marketing company.  I could sell a weight loss shake to a skinny girl, but I couldn’t recruit to save my life. My home parties attracted plenty of people, but I didn’t know what do with them once they joined my team. 


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