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In September 2009, one of Rob’s new massage clients began asking him to use her essential oils during the session. Rob and Alina were both intrigued by the scent—they were very potent! When the client asked Rob to attend a local class to learn more, he pawned it off on Alina, thinking it was something she would be more into. Alina fell in love with the idea that the oils offered so many options for maintaining a healthy body and a chemical-free home. But her interest was truly piqued when the couple’s future sponsor mentioned she was leaving soon for an all-expenses paid Mediterranean Cruise which she had won through the company that sold the oils. Rob and Alina realized there was more to this than just a unique product line.

Did you jump in right away? No, we spent two weeks debating the idea of becoming network marketers, researching the company, and trying to decide how we could afford the starter kit. Ultimately, we bought it with one of our high-interest-rate credit cards. Still a little skeptical of the products, Rob reluctantly used them, but it only took a few weeks for him to experience the benefits and fall in love himself. We quickly bought into the idea that if we educated people about the products, they would ultimately “sell themselves,” so Rob began reading more about the business. Our sponsor said, “Even if it took you 10 years working part time to earn $10,000 per month in residual income, wouldn’t it be worth it?” At that time $10,000 per month was an incredible

September/October 2015

amount of money to us. We said, “Yes, it most certainly would!” and set out to earn it—as fast as we could. We devoured books, audios, webinars, live events—anything we could to learn more about our company and the profession.

How did you launch your business? This is the first (and only) company we have ever grown a team with. We enrolled with the most popular starter kit—the one we were shown at a product class—and just started experimenting with it. We enrolled in the company’s auto-ship program shortly after joining because we saw the value in transfer buying: purchasing natural products for our home to replace the toxic ones we had been buying elsewhere. We also saw the value in buying from our own business. The regular use of these products (becoming a product of our products) helped us build belief in the company and the lifestyle which eventually allowed us to believe in the business model. Once our passion for the products and lifestyle was ignited, we did the most natural thing: we took it to Alina’s mom’s house, and she became our first customer. From there we decided to keep sharing with whoever would give us a chance to show them what we were learning. We looked for ways to connect with our community, make new friends, and offered free meetings where people could come experience and learn about our products. We realized people needed an education, not only about our products, but also about the network marketing profession, so we began teaching classes about the busi-


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