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isa DeMayo is a master trainer and top earner in one of the leading 2015 Global-100 direct selling companies. From her home in New Jersey, Lisa leads a fastgrowing organization spanning six countries on four continents. Lisa became a network marketing multimillionaire while raising her three children. Trained as a life, leadership, and executive coach, she joined network marketing in 2005 because she was “tired of the rat race.” Leveraging her strong leadership and people skills, she quickly rank-advanced in her company, but her success didn’t come without hard work. In 2013 Lisa published her first book titled The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Cultivate the Happiness, Health and Wealth You Desire, inspiring solo-preneurs all over the world to reach for their dreams. Another one of Lisa’s passions is to help others develop self-love, self-reliance, and an abundance mindset.

September/October September/October 2015 2015

What was your first encounter with network marketing? I was 19 years old when one of my mom’s friends invited her to an opportunity meeting. My dad had just died and my mom was working three jobs. I was a freshman in college and working full time. Despite my crazy schedule, I said “I’ll go with you.” I went to support my mom and became fascinated, not so much with the product or the business, but with the people in front of the room. This was in the early 80s, and from there I started signing myself up for different coaching courses—anything I came across. Having experienced many adversities during my teenage years I had become interested in personal coaching at the age of 16. Today I’m trained in many different modalities, including neuro-linguistic programing, somatic coaching, and ontological coaching. I’m a Master Coach who trains coaches in how to lead leadership groups. I’ve trained in financial institutions, group settings, and one on one. Along the way I kept meeting network marketers, because they often frequent personal development courses. Many would invite me to their company events. I would watch the behavior of the presenters in front of the room and I would talk to people. Young and naïve, I said yes to everyone who invited me. I can’t even tell you how many different company conventions I have attended. I wanted to understand how the leaders spoke to their groups, what leadership skills they had. While everybody was taking notes on the product and business statistics, I was observing, “This is where they ask the audience a question,” or “This is how the speaker edifies himself.” I would then bring what I learned to my coaching business. It wasn’t until August 2005 that I joined my first company. Five months later I achieved a top rank. My “overnight success” was a result of decades of working on myself. I had developed the leadership skills.


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