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• Addison, April 16-17 • Grapevine, June 25-26 • Addison, October 15-16

Wellness Expo Sat/Sun, June 25-26, 11am-6pm Grapevine Convention Center


in Grapevine!

TALKS AND DEMOS ADMISSION $7/day $10/weekend Children under 12 & adults over 65 admitted free. Free Parking

972-378-3770 Save $2 or more, buy tickets online

IPTLD the Kinder, Gentler Chemotherapy Dr. Constantine A. Kotsanis, MD Healthy Living to 100: It’s All about Your Nervous System Dr. Dylan Lin, DC Losing Pounds with Mantra Dr. Jennifer Laing, MD How to Self Muscle Test Dr. John D’Amanda, BA, DC, ND Angel Messages Dr. Tammy Ledbetter, PhD Color & Light Therapy Donna Reis, Certified Chromatologist, CNHP Your Intuition Compass LaRue Eppler


Holistic Networker

Crossroads: Messages from Spirit David Scott, Psychic Medium 5 Healing Stones Pat Cook Astrology & You Cynthia Novak Healing with Sound Nancy Byers

Grapevine Convention Center 1209 S Main St • Grapevine, Tx 76051

Views from the Other Side John Cappello and more!

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Spring 2011 3


ave you ever stood on the edge of a lake and watched the patterns that waves make as they crisscross each other? If you watch long enough, the different patterns begin to sort themselves out in your mind and you see the sources of the waves, as well as their reflections from the shore. Waves are unique, they can pass through each other, amplify each other, or even cancel each other out. Waves are all around us in the form of light, sound, infrared, and countless other bands of unlabeled spectral energy. Science and technology take great leaps when we identify, label, and manipulate a previously untapped frequency spectrum. Think about how X-Rays and ultrasound have transformed western medicine. Holistic medicine makes use of both light and sound energies to enhance mind, body, and spirit. Energy medicine is at the heart of both homeopathy and acupuncture. Despite all of the advances in vibrational medicine, we live in a world where the predominant mainstream medical model is based on particles (atoms) not waves (energies). Take a prescribed measured dosage of a drug and you are likely to exhibit known healing effects. Take the same prescribed dosage of a sugar pill and quite often you will also exhibit the expected healing effects. The “placebo effect” is so powerful that drug-makers now struggle to “beat” the placebo in drug trials—you see it’s not that the drug doesn’t work well enough—it’s that the sugar pill works too well! When holistic medical approaches discover a healing remedy, medical authorities often make it known that they don’t approve. Common sense tells us that taking and mixing medical drugs is best done under a doctor’s supervision. However, ordinary lifestyle choices like how to exercise and how many calories to consume are also being corralled by the medical establishment, who feel confident to tell you that it is dangerous to live on a 500calorie diet without doctor supervision! There may be dangerous habits, but I can tell you with obesity at an all-time high, any movement towards eating less should be applauded, not criticized. I hope you can learn to cut through the misinformation and use your own intuition to find holistic approaches and practitioners that will guide and support you in your lifestyle choices. Best wishes,

Holistic Networker provides an advertising service. We are not responsible for the claims stated by our advertisers. The information in this publication does not constitute medical advice. Holistic Networker is a registered trademark of Holistic Networker, LLC. Copyright © 2011, Holistic Networker, LLC. All rights reserved.

Tony Cecala


ometimes in life we are given opportunities to overcome tremendous obstacles. I often think that when we are thrown a curve ball that our best move is to hit a home run. It is at these times that we are able to truly show what kind of people we are. Do we give up and quit or do we find a creative solution to our difficulties? Some of my favorite memories of my father are how he always managed to find the most amazing solutions to life’s challenges. He never asked why something was happening, but always moved directly into his problem-solving mode. His creative solutions never ceased to amaze me. I recently saw the movie “Unstoppable”, which was based on a true story of how three men were instrumental in stopping a runaway train, containing hazardous chemicals. This exciting film demonstrated the power of the human spirit to overcome incredible difficulties in a positive, heroic way. I left the theatre feeling so inspired by this movie, which would have seemed to be farfetched if it was not based on true events. This is my favorite type of film—the ones that wouldn’t be believable if they were not inspired by real events. Tony and I recently had the experience of having to overcome the ice and snow to hold the Wellness Expo in Grapevine. We were impressed by the dedication and tenacity of our exhibitors and speakers, who were able to get themselves to this event. We were also grateful to the wonderful attendees, who came to the show. It really helped with the cabin fever many people experienced during this time, returned our lives to normalcy and got people moving forward in a positive way. After the event, Tony told me how he felt that he had really grown as a person. I felt the same way. Often it is in overcoming our obstacles that we are able to stretch ourselves and grow. How much have you learned from the things that have come easily to you? We hope you will join us for the April 16-17 Wellness Expo in Addison and the June 25-26 Wellness Expo in Grapevine. Here you will find inspiration, solutions to life’s challenges, and an opportunity to grow. We are honored and gratified to be able to produce this event with such a fine group of professionals, dedicated to doing their best work in all kinds of circumstances. We are not expecting any more ice and snow-just a fabulous event with incredible people. We hope you will be one of them. Love & Light, Felicia Weiss


Spring 2011

Holistic Forum How do I become more passionate and joyful? We’re so easily distracted by technology and the business of life that we are becoming less and less in touch with our bodies. Bioenergetics helps us to be aware of our bodies, our breathing, our grounding so that we can make more conscious choices about what we want in our lives as well as what we don’t want.

Sherri Lackman is a Master’s Level Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds membership in the American Counseling Association, the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, the Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, and the Heart-Centered Therapies Association. Sherri treats Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders. Her office is located in Richardson, 972-231-4466.

What is Fascial Integrative Therapy? This therapy recognizes the importance of the integration of the fascial and CranioSacral systems and works to gently release restrictions that may be causing pain, or problems in the immune, nervous, digestive, endocrine or other body systems. Using a very light touch the therapist works to correct the origin of the pain. It has been used to successfully correct infertility, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, ADD/ADHD, carpal tunnel, �bromyalgia, sports injuries, arthritis, and pain in any area of the body, including migraines. Frankie Burget is a licensed Occupational Therapist and Fellow with the American College of Wellness who has practiced in the DFW area for over 20 years. She has extensive training including Barnes Myofascial Release Centers and Upledger Institute. You may view her curriculum vitae on the About Us page of her website, Please contact her at 817571-8135 or Please see bodywork section for more information. What is a naturopathic doctor? Doctors of naturopathic medicine (NMDs) are trained as primary care physicians and have attended a four-year naturopathic medical school. Their training is based on the same basic science and clinical biomedical instruction as allopathic medicine (MD); however, natural medicines are emphasized. This rigorous medical training differentiates NMDs from other self-taught alternative practitioners. Naturopathic doctors assist patients by using integrative and holistic modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and counseling. This approach has proven successful in helping both chronic and acute conditions. To determine if a doctor is trained and licensed as an NMD, go to or Dr. Kimberly Wilson, NMD, Vice President of the Texas Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physician, sees patients at Innovations Wellness Center, 6545 Preston Rd., Plano, TX, and 4230 Avondale Ave., Dallas, TX (972) 608-0100.

Could you use gentle, cost-effective relief from your health challenges? Want to feel healthy, vibrant and alive?

Get vacation-quality relaxation while resolving even old and deep body issues, acute or chronic. Bring your biggest issues, from TMJ, carpal tunnel, whiplash and migraines, to thyroid, female problems, injuries, etc. This technique restores �ow and balance, promotes healing, resets the nervous system, enhances �ow of CSF, relieves cranial compressions implicated in many disorders, even releases emotional tissue memory from old traumas. Selected teaching assistant to founder Dr. John Upledger, Sandy needs only this versatile work to achieve favorable outcomes for most people. Lives transform in her office; let yours be one of them. Sandy Hanne, R.M.T, has helped thousands of clients change their lives using CranioSacral Therapy. An advanced practitioner, she has studied extensively with Dr. John Upledger, founder of the technique. 469-438-8634. Why Choose Sunrider? The SUNRIDER Difference: 1)Owners’ Expertise; SUNRIDER, International is owned and operated by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, a world renowned herbalist and his wife Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, a medical doctor. 2)Exceptional Quality; Over 25 years in business, manufacturing over 400 products sold in 42 countries, SUNRIDER has successfully helped people around the world achieve their goals for health. 3) Highly Concentrated; SUNRIDER’s herbal foods are highly concentrated and based on the philosophy of eating regenerative foods. 4)Philosophy of Regeneration™- The body has an innate ability to create a healthy balance when it is nourished properly and given the right combination of whole foods. Choose SUNRIDER and take the guess work out of healthy living. Morgan Burroughs, Independent Business Owner, SUNRIDER, International. Experience these regenerative foods at the Wellness Expo. Contact info: 972-310-4424

What is Iridology and how can it help me? It has been said that the eye is the mirror of the soul, and that it discloses the different mental and physical conditions of the body; we generally speak of the ‘vivid clear eye’ of the well person, of the ‘anguishing, glaring eye’ of the consumptive; of the ‘broken eye’ of the dead-sick. Various nervous diseases are disclosed by the decreased mobility of the pupil; frequent disturbances of the sight point to diseases of the kidneys (diabetes), as does also the falling out of the eye-lashes. By analyzing the iris of the eye, it is possible to determine the condition of your body by re�ex markings found in the corresponding �bers of the iris. Iridology analyzes the iris of the eye to determine the cause of your ill health, in what state it is in, how it arrived there, how to free your body of it, and most of all, when you have freed it. To help you �nd out the root of your health problem call Iridologist, Edna Craven, DC, BCNP, BCI at 972-256-0004 / (over 30 yrs. experience). 10% discount with this ad. Mind Chatter, What is it? And where does it come from? Mind chatter is thoughts and emotions that we pick up from others. Programs as they are called get passed down through generations. Many were implanted by the beliefs and rules of parents, society and sometimes by a GHOST. Those pesky programs are located and deleted through a series of clearings that utilizes a universal search engine. It’s like your hard drive, i.e. your mind, gets rebooted so we are at the wheel along with GOD instead of Grandma Rose. And, yes, the ghost can be removed too. Resulting in a life that only you had dreamed of filled with peace, joy, grace and Abundant FUN! Beth Carpenter, N.D. loves intuitively guiding her clients in health and happiness. She is a naturopathic doctor, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, author, public speaker, psychic and angel communicator that has studied many healing modalities for over 20 years. Beth works full-time in natural, complementary and energy medicine. She has helped thousands achieve health, balance, peace and understanding of their life and direction., 512-707-9886

Why is it important to receive Thai Massage from a certi�ed master level practitioner? Finding a practitioner who has studied extensively the art of Thai Massage assures that you will receive the most optimum experience during a session. As a master level practitioner with over 8 years experience, I have chosen to specialize in Thai Massage. Each session is unique and matched with how your body is doing/feeling/being that day. I have trained in the US, Thailand, and England where I learned techniques being created worldwide and utilized by master level Thai Massage therapists. I would be honored to share with you my joy and passion for this amazing bodywork.

What is HCG and how is it the key to weight loss? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin and is a glycoprotein hormone. The late Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that HCG allows almost unlimited hypothalamic banking capacity so that fat deposits are not formed. By taking HCG and restricting oneself to a very low calorie diet, a person is able to access their fat stores and experience rapid weight loss of about 1/2 to 1 pound/day. The HCG dramatically reduces a person’s feelings of hunger, making it easier to feel comfortable with this reduced caloric intake. Today the HCG is available in homeopathic form, making it an easy, effective, and inexpensive approach to weight management.

Suzanne Miller is a LMT and Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She can be reached at 972-319-3661.

Felicia Weiss, Ph.D. is co-owner of Shifting Frequencies, which carries the HCG homeopathic drops. For more information or to order the HCG drops, visit: or call: 972-378-1211.

Spring 2011 5

A Natural Approach to Healing All Aspects of Adult Care


Spring 2011

Do you feel

BLOCKED ~ RELATIONSHIP PAIN ANXIOUS ~ FEARFUL ~ ISOLATED WOUNDED ~ LOW SELF-ESTEEM UNHAPPY ~ SICK ~ DISCONNECTED STUCK? Do you sense something is missing or wrong in your life, but are not sure what the core issue really is?

SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING CAN HELP ! With heart centered clairvoyance, you will be guided into the deepest parts of your inner being, and together we will discover the history and origins of your feelings and patterns of behavior. We will then bring these energies into a profoundly pure focused state of awareness and transform them using the power of your own consciousness and Divine Light. Spiritual Energy Healing works at the deepest levels of your reality and can change your life!

~ Embrace ~ Release ~ Receive ~

I invite you to call me for answers to any of your questions and to discuss Spiritual Energy Healing from your own unique perspective!

(817) 925 6824

Three blocks from Interstate 30 2529 East Lancaster Ave Ft Worth TX 76103

Phone sessions also available. Modalities Include:

Awareness Release Technique Voice Dialog Process Magnetic Healing Technique Inner Child Healing Sound Fracturing Initiation

Andrew M. Williams

Certified Advanced Energy Healer Personal Healing on All Levels

Healing with Sound A Language of Light cellular healing session begins with Nancy Byers helping you to determine your heart’s desire for your life at this time. The goal is to align your heart’s desire with your soul purpose. During her expression of the Language of Light, Nancy is able to “catch” the sound current and to “tune into” the frequency of your soul, like a radio. This provides a sound-carrier wave for your intention to manifest. Nancy records her private sessions in order to provide you with a custom audio tape to aid you in manifesting your heart’s desire. Nancy’s sessions have helped people to overcome their fears, to alleviate depression, to relieve or diminish physical pain and to realize their dreams. The Language of Light is an invitation for us to access that deep heart space of knowing who we already are - multi-faceted, spiritual beings. Nancy is available for individual, group or couples sessions.

Call today and begin living your dreams!



Spring 2011

Power of the Rainbow

metro phone 1730 W Randol Mill Road, Suite 125 817.261.6300 Arlington, TX 76012

Rocks · Minerals · Gems Jewelry · Classes



“Need to be Kneaded!” Located at Beltline & Central at the Chase Bank Bldg Trish Daniel, RMT 972.890.2144

Offering: Acupuncture Massage Reiki Infrared Sauna Reflexology Herbal Therapy Barbara Borchardt, LAc Kim McLaughlin, LAc Ramona Perez, LMT 312 West Leuda Street Fort Worth, Texas 76104 817-882-9750

Spring 2011 9


Spring 2011

Energy Dynamics From “Impossible!” to “I’m Possible!” ~ Be Your Dream! ~

Cynthia R. Shaw,

BA, LMT, LMTI, CE Provider

• Transformational Body Therapy • Spiritual Response Therapy • Reiki Master/Teacher • Remote Healing Available

972-991-2097 office 972-639-8483 cell

Remembering Ami Severo “Ami” Amagna, passed away on February 12, 2011 at the age of 87 in Carrollton, TX. Originally from the Philippines, Ami was the son of the late Agerico Amagna & Salavadora Venzon of Iba, Zambales. He was preceded in death by his wife, Anita Amagna. He is survived by his children Linda Gerber (Hal), Rob Amagna (Edna) & Elizabeth Atendido (Jose); grandchildren Tau Gerber, Ahren Gerber,

Mark Amagna, Monica Schneider (Chris), Jeremy Atendido & Angelica Atendido. Ami served in the Philippine army until WWII & provided intelligence to the guerillas during the Japanese occupation. After the war, he resumed his education, graduating from National University in Manila with degrees in civil & chemical engineering. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship earning his masters degree in chemical engineering at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology. Ami went on to a successful 40- year career at Caltex Petroleum Company. After retirement, Ami launched a second career as a master macrobiotic counselor & practitioner of oriental medicine, making a profound difference in the health and wellbeing of his patients for 20 years. Ami was an avid student of the holistic approach to health. He would attend lectures, workshops, and the Wellness Expo and engage everyone he met with the latest interesting topic that he was studying. A friendly, warm, and compassionate person, Ami will be missed by his friends and family.

Wellness Expo ®

“It’s the perfect venue for meeting like-minded individuals on a spiritual journey and mission.” — LaRue Eppler “Great people are attracted to these Wellness Expo events and inspiring new connections are made. It’s a great place to learn, experience, grow, connect, socialize, renew, heal and shop for really fun cool stuff.” — Melissa Cantrelle “Wonderful and informative!” — Rev. Pam

Addison, April 16-17 Grapevine, June 25-26 Addison, October 15-16

Spring 2011 11

“Free report reveals how many Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia sufferers can uncover the underlying cause(s), thereby making it possible to adequately treat and heal the dis-ease.” For your free copy call 972-256-0004 SUCCESSFULLY TREATING

Allergies / Overproduction of Mucus Headaches / Migraines Digestive / Intestinal Disorders Liver / Gallbladder Disorders Pancreas / Diabetes / Sugar Craving Skin Disorders Difficulty Breathing / Chronic Cough Kidney Problems / Frequent Urination Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / Exhaustion Anemia / Circulatory Disorders Cholesterol Endocrine / Glandular Disorders Hormonal Imbalance / Hot Flashes Candida/Yeast Overgrowth/Fungus Immune Deficiency Numbness In Extremities Trembling Hands / Wrist Pain Neck / Back Pain Swollen Joints / Muscle Spasms Leg Cramps / Stiffness Bursitis / Tendonitis / Arthritis / Gout Ringing In The Ears / Dizziness Poor Memory / Poor Concentration Insomnia / ADD / ADHD Cellulite / Wrinkles / Sagging Skin / Fat

THERAPIES & SERVICES Mucus Elimination Acid-Alkaline Balancing Colon / Tissue Cleansing Liver/Gallbladder Flush Nutritional Modification Full Body Detoxification Blood Purification / Chelation Kidney Flush/ Lymphatic Drainage Medicinal Herbs Chiropractic Adjustments Weight Loss / Cellulite Reduction Facial & Body Sculpting Stress Reduction / Energy Building TMJ Correction Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Pain Relief Ion Cleanse ANALYSIS Comprehensive Physical Exam Body Fluid Analysis (BTA) Iridology Evaluation Blood Work (CBC, Matabolic/Lipids) Urinalysis, Thyroid Function Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmericanExpress/Care Credit/Payment Plans/Insurance

Edna Craven, D.C., BCNP, BCI Doctor of Chiropractic (since 1996) Board Certified Naturopathic Phys Board Certified Iridologist (over 30 yrs) Nutritional Consultant (over 30 yrs)

Pain Relief Special

8 Low-Level Laser Therapies $199 (incl. office visits & monitoring) “Highly effective in eliminating Pain” People’s Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr 3200 N MacArthur Blvd #105 Irving, TX 75062



Alternative Healing Advanced CranioSacral Therapy Sandy Hanne, RMT, Reiki Master Arapaho Gardens 1131 Rockingham, Suite 126 Richardson, TX 75080  469-438-8634 

Get vacation-quality relaxation while healing even old and deep body issues, acute or chronic. Bring your biggest challenges, from TMJ, carpal tunnel, whiplash and migraines, to thyroid, female problems and fibromyalgia, injuries, etc. This gentle, warm, fully-clothed technique restores flow and balance, promotes healing, resets the nervous system, enhances flow of CSF, relieves cranial compressions implicated in many disorders, even releases emotional tissue memory from old traumas. Trained directly by Dr. John Upledger, Sandy needs only this versatile work to achieve favorable outcomes for most people. Lives transform in her office; let yours be one of them. Infra-red Suana for clients. Luxurious, relaxing & rapid detox.

Chair Massage at Central Market

Coit & George Bush Turnpike (190) Plano, TX 

7 days/week. 11am until 8pm. Come relax with us in the upstairs loft (by the Cooking School).

Chair Massage at Natural Grocers

SW Corner, Preston & Forest Dallas, TX  Come relax with us.

FoxyRox at Power of the Rainbow Fall Smith 1730 W Randol Mill Rd, Suite 125 Arlington, TX 76012  817-261-6300 (metro) 

Custom Jewelry creations, Gem Elixirs and Mysts made for your spiritual intention and healing. Stone Readings, Jewelry Classes, Chakra balancing with stones.

Healing with Sound

Nancy Byers  972-424-1217 

Nancy’s Language of Light cellular healing sessions have helped people to overcome their fears, to alleviate depression, to relieve or diminish physical pain and to realize their dreams. While expressing the Language of Light, Nancy is able to “catch” the sound current and to “tune into” the frequency of your soul, like a radio. This provides a sound carrier wave for your intention to manifest. Nancy is also available for ceremonies and groups. Call today and begin living your dreams!

Massage Therapy

Linda Weisiger, RMT, MTI, Reiki Master  214-460-8112 Offering therapeutic massage specializing in Deep Tissue, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Wave Therapy, Psycho/Physical Re-education, Neurovascular Balancing, Ion Cleasing Hand/Feet Foot Bath. Corporate Chair Massage Coordination available.

Spring 2011

New Hope Health Care

Ricardo B. Tan, M.D. Certified in Traditional Naturopathy 729 N Fielder Rd., Suite B Arlington, TX 76012  817-274-0350  817-274-0360; fax  

Living Balanced

Suzanne Miller, RMT, CYT, APP Richardson, TX  972-319-3661 Thai Massage master level practitioner; On-site chair massage; Pregnancy massage; Polarity Energy work practitioner.

Pain Release and Relaxing Massage

OFFERING NATURAL REMEDIES: Preventive medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, pain management, herbology, bio-oxidation, anti-aging, chelation, detoxification, prolotherapy, nutrition counseling, bioidentical hormone, hyperbaric oxygen, drug-free withdrawal, alcohol rehabilitation, HCG Weight Loss.

James Walker LMT Located at The Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe and Healing Center in Fort Worth,TX  817-446-8385  817-713-2905 

The Healing House

Reiki, Myofascial release, Sports, Deep tissue and relaxing Swedish Massage.

James and Joan Dillard By Appointment only 14 Van Court Hurst, TX 76053  817-510-3333; Ph  817-709-7726; Cell  

Services: Usui, Karuna, Organic and Galactic Healing Master Teacher, B.B.A. in Metaphysics and Minister, Chakra Color Therapy, Sound Vibration Therapy, Chakra Crystal Bowl Therapy, and Workshops/Classes Spiritual Healing by appointment and check website for workshops, classes, and special appearances. Crystals, minerals, pendants, spheres, towers, etc. See also,

Bodywork Frankie Burget, OTR, RMT, CNDT Dallas / Fort Worth Area  817-571-8135

Myofascial Release Mastery Level Therapist and Licensed Occupational Therapist. Also skilled in craniosacral, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, therapeutic massage, QiGong, neuro-developmental treatment, and functional spine stabilization. Providing care for myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel, headaches, cumulative trauma disorder, pregnancy, and stress. Compassionate care for children with ADD, birth defects, failure to thrive, and special needs.

Kneading Massage

“Need to be Kneaded” *NEW LOCATION* Beltline and Central at the Chase Bank Bldg Outcalls Available  972-890-2144  

Reiki • Deep Tissue • Stretching • Swedish & Chair Massage

Bookstores/Gifts Miracles of Joy

A Celebration in the Diversity of Ideas 701 S. Old Orchard Ln Lewisville, TX 75067  972-221-8080  Located in Lewisville, we offer Crystals, Singing Bowls, Reiki charged Candles Books, Essential Oils, Herbs, Jewelry, Incense, Tarot Cards, wind chimes, and Angel Gifts. Authentic AURA Photos and the Original Art Work of John Pitre and Ciro Marchetti. Drop us a note at to get on our Email list and get regular updates of Classes and Workshops. Come and get smudged!

Power of the Rainbow

Pat Cook, Tray Bradford and Fall Smith 1730 W Randol Mill Rd, Suite 125 Arlington, TX 76012  817-261-6300 (metro) 

Wide selection of metaphysical Crystals, Gems and Minerals. We offer Crystal Healing, Shamanic practices, Jewelry, Readings, Crystal Classes, Books, Tarot cards, Workshops and Events.

Soap Goddess Handmade Soap Company 315 W. Main St., Suite 16 Waxahachie, TX 75165  972-923-0766 

Come visit our beautiful store in downtown Waxahachie! Exquisite handmade soap, bath & body products, aromatherapy, space clearing spray, artisan jewelry, candles, unique gifts.

Spring 2011 13

OFFERING ROOM RENTALS FOR EVENTS, CLASSES, MEETUPS, READING & HEALING SESSIONS Crystals, Jewelry, Art and Unique Gifts FREE Mind, Body and Spirit Fair Every Third Saturday Free Presentations and $20 Sessions View our calendar of Events Weekly Ongoing Classes, Workshops and Meetups Special and Reoccuring Events on the Weekends Readings, Spiritual Healing Massage, Reiki & more by Appt.

214-385-1784 7336 MAIN STREET · THE COLONY, TEXAS 75056

Experience the Difference of 32 Years in


Mark Champsi, D.D.S., D.C.


from $199.00!!

• Bio-Compatible Materials Used - White Metal-Free Crowns - Tooth-Colored Fillings - Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers • Mercury-Free Practice • Herbal Therapies Available • Hair Analysis testing for Metal Toxicity • Only Distilled Water Used • TMJ Disorders • Bonding

Center for Dental Wellness 972-733-3666





• Non-surgical Gum Therapy • Root Canal Therapy • Extractions • Metal-Free Teeth Straightening with Invisalign® • Dentures / Metal-Free Partials • Teeth Whitening • Sealants for Kids & Adults • Reduced Exposure Digital X-Rays


Oral cancer diagnosis by Velscope.

1304 Village Creek Dr., Suite 400 (just west of Preston off Plano Pkwy)

• State-of-the-Art Sterilization & Equipment • Intraoral Cameras • Lasers and Arc lights used extensively • Air abrasion (drill-less technology) • Enjoy our modern office with DVD’s, headphones & a view! • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Air Purification


Plano Parkway

Suite 400





your prescription for inner health and well being visit for upcoming classes, workshops and events

For over 12 years, Dr. Berman has been helping people identify and resolve physical, emotional and energetic blockages that compromise their health and well being at their core. His highly effective combination of life coaching and medical training & expertise allow him to address issues at their root, rather than at the symptomatic level. Dr. Berman’s highly skilled ability to tap directly into a patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being allows him to create a customized wellness program tailored to fit an individual’s exact needs. Call for a free 15 min consultation! present this coupon code when calling HNSp2011

(972) 404 - 8650

Please - new patients only 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr #214, Dallas, Texas 75230 tel (972) 404 - 8650. fax (972) 404 - 8850

Wellness Expoin Addison ®

April 16-17, 11am-6pm • Addison Conference Centre • 15650 Addison Rd • Addison, TX

Program Guide

Door Prizes 1. $50 gift certificate 2. $25 off a Galactic Healing Practitioner Workshop taught by Joy Kauf 3. A free Galactic Healing Session by Joy Kauf Joy Kauf.........................972-221-8080

Miracles of Joy

1. Crystal Class w/ Pat Cook 2. Shamanic Reiki w/ Tray Bradford 3. $25 Gift Certificate Pat Cook........................817-261-6300

Power of the Rainbow

1 Sports Band Judy Wickson ................817-517-1330

972-378-3770 More details and discount tickets online at

4 bottles of Body Biotics (Retail Value $216) Kelli de Santé ................512-736-4797

Life Science Products, Inc.

Free CD from Insight Bookstore at Center for Spiritual Living Dallas Christine Volkmer ..........214-794-5498

$200 toward services at Kotsanis Institute Beverly ..........................817-481-6342

Satin Hands Kim Mercer ....................817-680-1673

Kotsanis Institute

20-minute Astrology Phone Reading Julie W. Reeves.............512-694-7406

Sighted Astrology/Tarot

1 Zerona Lipolaser Treatment Julie Royal, DC..............214-324-5800

Royal Wellness Center


Holistic Networker ONSITE CATERING BY:

Center for Spiritual Living Dallas

Mary Kay Cosmetics

1/2 hour Tarot Reading in person or by phone (by appt. only) Kathleen .......................214-240-0690

30-minute Numerology phone reading Karen Morgan................214-263-7004

Tune In With Me

Free Chiropractic Exam ($205 value) Dr. Ray Nannis . 972-671-BACK(2225)

Nannis Chiropractic Family Health Center

Readings By Kathleen

Xtra: 1- 30 oz. bottle Aydee Anguiano ............940-391-9625



Addison Conference Centre

• I-635 to the North Dallas Tollway • go North, exit Beltline Rd • go West 2 blocks to Addison Rd, • go 3 blocks north to Addison Circle • go right on Addison Circle • on left side of the street • next to the Addison water tower, 15650 Addison Road

Wellness Expoin Addison ®

April 16-17, 11am-6pm • Addison Conference Centre • 15650 Addison Rd • Addison, TX

SATURDAY, APRIL 16: Lectures & Demonstrations 11:30






Opening Ceremony: Healing with Sound

IPTLD the Kinder, Gentler Chemotherapy

A Crash Course in Understanding pH

Nancy Byers 972-424-1217

Dr. Constantine A. Kotsanis, MD metro 817-481-6342

Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC 972-404-8650

Nancy will demonstrate the Language of Light, which is a vibrational healing technique. After experiencing the Language of Light, many report feeling more empowered, having a sense of remembering the essence of who they really are, and experiencing a sense of physical well-being. Over the last 20 years, Nancy has developed an ability to express this language. She has helped hundreds of people all over the world with her gift.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy-Low Dose (IPTLD) for the treatment of all forms of cancer has been used for over 70 years as a gentle form of chemotherapy. It uses insulin as a way of targeting the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Then by using 10% to 25% of the conventional dose of drugs, cancer cells die with few or no significant side effects. Constantine A. Kotsanis, MD has practiced in the DFW Metroplex since 1983. Originally trained and board certified as an otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon, he has practiced complementary and intergrative medicine since the 1990's. With credentials in nutrition he has also been trained in medical acupuncture, homeopathy and botanical medicine.

Everyone talks about pH balancing and diets, but do you really know how important your pH is as an objective biological measure of your metabolic and emotional health? Please join Dr. Berman for this interactive presentation that will give you practical suggestions to monitor the effectiveness of your health program. Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC is the founder of the InnerRx Institute in Dallas, a chiropractic, wellness and education center dedicated to the teaching and practice of achieving wellness on all levels. Dr. Berman's formal training as a physicist and research engineer has helped develop a unique and highly effective approach to wellness.



Gallery Readings Gary Champion 214-636-7546 Gary will demonstrate actual gallery style readings. He will connect with those who have passed and bring messages you will want to hear. Although not everyone will be read, all can gain from the experience. Gary has received messages since the age of 6. As a professional psychic medium, he pases along what he hears in the hopes of helping someone. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairempathetic, as well as an animal communicator. See



How are you Healing Today? Dr. Joshua Ferrell, DC 214-618-9355 If we focus on how we are feeling we are setting ourselves up for the silent killers (cancer /heart disease), but if we focus on how we're healing we can prevent the health crisis 5 out of 6 Americans fear. Dr. Joshua Ferrell is a worldwide speaker, teaching patients and other doctors how to achieve their health goals.



Biological Dentistry Dr. Mark Champsi, DDS, DC 972-733-3666 Dr. Champsi will discuss different aspects of biological dentistry. Dr. Mark Champsi, DDS, DC, has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for over 32 years. His mercury-free practice specializes in using bio-compatible materials, distilled water, hair analysis, herbal therapies, reduced exposure digital x-rays, and drill-less technology.



How to Self Muscle Test Dr. John D'Amanda, BA, DC, ND 972-97Heart (972-974-3278) Dr. D'Amanda will teach how to access the power within by self muscle testing. He will also discuss H.E.A.R.T. (Holistic Energy Activaton & Realignment Therapy), which is a powerful integration of several ancient healing modalities. Dr. D'Amanda is a licensed Chiropractor and board certified Naturopathic Physician. He is a co-creator of H.E.A.R.T. and the president of H.E.A.R.T. Mission, Inc. Dr. D'Amanda has practiced in Aubrey, TX since 1999 and is the CEO of Country Chiropractic & Wellness Center, PA.



Transform Your Life, Transform Your Health Peter De Wet, MD, MD (H), FAAFP, ABIHM 903-939-2069 Dr. De Wet will cover the basic principles of holistic healing, including the fact that health can only be transformed long term through encouraging, supporting and facilitating life transformation. He will help participants understand that disease is a biological solution to internal imbalances created by unresolved inner conflicts in conjunction with other factors. Dr. De Wet has been in private practice, practicing Wellness medicine since 1997. He is the owner and medical director of Quantum Healing Institute in Tyler, TX, author of the book, "Heal Thyself", and Host of "Quantum Healing Hour" LIVE XM170.



Bug Crazy:Probiotics Facts & Fiction Kelli de Santé 512-736-4797 Bacteria are everywhere and one thing researchers agree on is that consuming friendly bacteria, called Probiotics, on a daily basis can improve the body's balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria in the gut, resulting in improved overall health and wellness. Join Kelli as she explains how to select an effective Probiotic. Kelli de Santé, President of Life Science Products and a leading pioneer of the Probiotics movement, has been working with Probiotic consumers from more than 36 countries for over 15 years.



Color isn't just for Crayons Donna Reis, Certified Chromatologist, CNHP 817-788-9451 Donna will discuss color as an assessment tool for the emotional and physical body. Donna is a Certified Chromatologist, CNHP, Certified Ionic Researcher, and Certified in Emotional Release with Color Therapy.



Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel Eckankar 214-929-3872 This mini-workshop will prepare you to find your true purpose, to find greater love than you've ever known, and to find spiritual freedom. Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, teaches that eah of us is Soul, a spark of God sent to the world to gain spiritual experience. Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God.



Trusting Your Intuition LaRue Eppler 972-733-3206 You were born with an internal guidance system installed, but what gets in the way of trusting it? LaRue will debunk two common myths that inhibit or block your ability to recognize, trust, and follow Inner Guidance, with certainty. LaRue Eppler is the developer of Evolutionary Kinesiology, an international course leader and speaker, popular radio guest, transformational facilitator and coauthor of "YOUR ESSENTIAL WHISPER: Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty!"

SUNDAY, APRIL 17: Lectures & Demonstrations 11:30


Astrology & You Cynthia Novak 817-261-2984 Join Cynthia as she shares her insights on how planetary alignments can affect your life. Cynthia Novak combines over twenty years of astrological and spiritual study to bring you practical, heart-centered information. Visit:



Energize, Empower & Enlighten Your "Love" Life Br. Chi Sing, M.A., M.Div. 972-432-7871 Mindfulness, which is the art of being deeply present, is the missing ingredient in many people's lives and relationships. Mindful meditation greatly improves your immune system, enhances emotional well-being, and energizes, empowers and enlightens your "love"life (romantic, familial, social, spiritual & global). Brother Chi Sing, M.A., M.Div. is a dynamic speaker, Interfaith Buddhist retreat facilitator, spiritual director, ritual artist, musician, and the founder of "Awakening Heart" Dallas Meditation Center. He is trained in several spiritual traditions and was ordained by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Learn more at: and



Views from the Other Side John Cappello 888-440-7130 Join John he presents views from the other side. This is a special time when amazing information comes to us from the Spirit World. John is a Visionary, who offers classes, Galleries, parties, Meetups and private readings. Visit



Elimination of Environmental & Food Allergies Dr. Ray Nannis, DC 972-671-2225 Dr. Ray Nannis graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and a Bachelors of Science in human anatomy. He is president of Nannis Chiropractic Family Health Center in Richardson, where he practices 20 different chiropractic techniques, as well as, acupunture and reconnective healing.



Losing Pounds with Mantra Dr. Jennifer Laing, MD 903-821-4001 We are physical and energetic beings, who often find that the core issue to obesity is an energetic one. Find out how you can use mantras to shift your energy and lose weight. Dr. Jennifer Laing, MD, Board Certified Family Physician, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, integrates complementary medicine on a daily basis into her practice. Visit



Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC 972-404-8650

Dr. Avery Carpenter, DC 972-836-6090

Ever wonder why you or someone you know can't stop smoking, drinking or engaging in a myriad of other addictive behaviors? Please join Dr. Gary Berman for this fascinating presentation on addictions and how to take the first steps to free yourself from them forever. Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC is the founder of the InnerRx Institute in Dallas, a chiropractic, wellness and education center dedicated to the teaching and practice of achieving wellness on all levels. Dr. Berman's formal training as a physicist and research engineer has helped develop a unique and highly effective approach to wellness.

Many people suffer from fatigue- whether mild to debilitating- and aren't finding any answers. Dr. Carpenter explains 3 major causes of fatigue that are often missed and walks you through how to find out if you are one of the growing number of Americans with these conditions. Dr. Avery Carpenter, founder of New Leaf Health & Wellness, helps chronically ill people identify the REAL roadblocks to their health so they can get their lives back- without drugs or surgery. Her work is a dynamic synthesis of chiropractic, nutrition, and functional medicine, and her focus is on finding the root cause of the issue, not just treating symptoms.



Detoxing for Your Health Dr. Lewis Cone, DC 972-880-8541

5 Healing Stones Pat Cook 817-261-6300

Healthy Bodies


Pat Cook is one of the trio of Power of the Rainbow in Arlington, TX. She is also a massage therapist and a certified crystal healer through the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts founded by Katrina Raphaell and Jewels of the Lotus. She and Tray have vended at the Wellness Expo for 11 years.


3 Commonly Overlooked Causes of Fatigue

Dr. Cone will give a talk on how to detox your body from chemicals and toxic metals, how to test to see if you are toxic, and when detoxing will make you worse. Dr. Cone is a Chiropractor and Nutritionist. His practice primarily focuses on nutrition, ranging from colds to autoimmune disease.



Cracking the Addiction Code



Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes, RScF, DD 972-866-9988 Let's explore the relationship between physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. How can we engage in healthy choices for our body? What can we do about the stored trauma in our cellular memory? How can we make friends with medical therapy, and turn them into spiritual practices? Petra Weldes, RScF, DD, has been coaching and teaching spirituality and wellness to adults and teens for over 25 years. She is a dynamic presenter, loving presence and senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living. For more information, visit:



Whose Sage is this Anyway? Amy Martin Amy "Moonlady" Martin, author of "Holy Smoke: Loose Herbs & Hot Embers for Intense Group Smudges & Smoke Prayers," tells of ways to purify or offer prayers by burning woods, resins, a wide variety of herbs and even flowers. Amy is founder of holistic-spiritualeco listserve Moonlady News and the seasonal and spiritual arts group Earth Rhythms. Visit:



Uncommon Sense— Living From Intuition Cheryl McMillan, Clairvoyant 469-483-1810 Tune into your own inner vibration. All of us have the ability to hear our own inner voices. Learn how. Cheryl is a Clairvoyant in private practice and owner of the Dallas Psychic Fair, which is held monthly in Dallas. Visit: for details.

Wellness Expoin Addison ®

April 16-17, 11am-6pm • Addison Conference Centre • 15650 Addison Rd • Addison, TX Partial Exhibitor List (as of early March)

A Helping Hand

Cathy Battle ..................................214-507-3636 Psychic counseling Tarot & Astrology services

Amazon Herb Company

Ron Bond......................................281-363-2001 Pure Wildcrafted Herbal Foods from the Amazon Rainforest.

Claude Barrett & Tzivia Stein-Barrett ...............................214-232-5278/214-232-5159

Free Consultation for Yoga RX &/or CranioSacral RX.

Holistic Networker .........972-403-0940 Free guide to wellness & personal growth

Bellamora International Group

Hooten Family Chiropractic

"love the new you!"

Delivering the 5 Essentials to Health

Crystal Kia Paul ............................972-822-5642

Quantum Healing Institute

The Health Tailor, Inc.


Holistic health coaching. Visit:

Brandy Lucas ................................903-235-1895

Quantum Quest Shamanic Journey

Maria Gurule .................................719-219-3776 Author, Astrologer, Psychic, Entrepreneur,

Dr. Brian Hooten ...........................972-735-9005

Rain Fresh Bottled Water

Beth Carpenter, ND

Independent Xango Distributor

Oxygen-enriched purified water.

Angels, Psychic, Tarot, Past Lives, Med. Intuitive

Health & Wellness. Visit:

Readings By Kathleen


Center for Spiritual Living Dallas

Christine Volkmer..........................214-794-5498 Licensed Spiritual Practitioners offer Prayer Sessions.

Color Vision

Donna Reis ...................................817-788-9451

Aura Photos, Color Therapy Products, HTE Wellness

Crystal Quartz Depot, Inc.

Wayne Darling ..............................210-867-5680 Crystals, minerals, tingshas, statues, jewelry

Dallas Meditation Center

Natalie Armentor ...........................337-224-7919

Tarot and Runes Readings/ all sessions recorded free.

Life/Health/Retirement/Long-Term Care.

Reflexology by Tony

Iridology Health Reading

Betty Mckeown..............................214-707-9766

Margaret Edland ...........................214-695-7560 Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care

Trish Daniel...................................972-890-2144

Kotsanis Institute

Beverly .........................................817-481-6342 Alternative MD specialist for Cancer, Autism

Life Science Products, Inc.

Kelli de Sante' ...............................512-736-4797 Body Biotics Probiotic Consortia and PEMF

Kim Mercer ...................................817-680-1673

......................................................937-430-5344 Psychic/Medium, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Counselor

Royal Wellness Center

Julie Royal, DC .............................214-324-5800 Holistic Chiropractic, Zerona Lipolaser. Visit:


Ivan Alan Vargas Alonzo ........ 52 866 6 35 42 57 Elimination of stress

Sandy Hanne, RMT, Reiki Master

......................................................469-438-8634 Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage

Scentsy Wickless

Kristi Frazier, Independent Consultant ......................................................214-470-3468

Cleansing mind & body (non-profit)

School of Mystical Awakening

Energy Dynamics

Miracles of Joy

MultiDimensional Healing.

Metaphysical Products of All Kinds.

Energy Healing, Mantra Classes & More!

Jenny ...........................................214-566-7569

Joy Kauf........................................972-221-8080

Mom on a Mission for Good Nutrition

Vivienne Kamp, Certified Health Coach ......................................................972-765-9947 Juice Plus+ - Wholefood Nutrition

Psychic Medium. Visit:

Nannis Chiropractic Family Health Center

Great Earth Vitamin Store

Wellness Chiropractic Care for Children and Adults.

Gary Champion.............................214-636-7546

Mark .............................................972-386-0803

Dr. Ray Nannis..................972-671-BACK(2225)

Safe, wickless alternative to Scented Candles

Jennifer Laing, MD........................903-821-4001

Sighted Astrology/Tarot

Julie W. Reeves ............................512-694-7406 Intuitive Astrology/Tarot, Past-Life Readings


Marcy Sosbee ...............................972-971-9409

Beautiful handmade jewelry with genuine gemstones.

Spirit Quest Associates

Chris & Ginger Pennell..................832-797-1888 Kinetic Chromotherapy, Himalayan Salt Lamps & Jewelry

Viva Vitamins- Nutritional Support- Body/Mind!

North Dallas Therapeutic Center

H.E.A.R.T. Mission

Craniosacral-Experience this Technique & let your body heal itself.

Barbara Y. Martin ..........................800-650-2872


Spiritual Empowerments

Dr. John D'Amanda, DC, ND ...............................972-97Heart (972-974-3278) Healing the World one heart at a time.

HCG Homeopathic Drops ....... 972-378-1211 Offering HCG homeopathic drops for weight loss.

Healing and Nutritional Diversity

Holly Plant.....................................817-800-4487


Aydee Anguiano............................940-391-9625 Health & Wellness Alternative Medicine

Health and nutrition coaching. Visit:

Intuitive Counseling & mediumship.

Religion of the Light and Sound of God

Gary Champion, Psychic Medium

Intuitive, Clairvoyant, and Healer. Numerology Readings.

Wellness Thy Treasure

Maum Meditation

Vibe® All-In-One Nutraceutical

Karen Morgan ...............................214-263-7004

Rev. Howard Feldman

Ron Bond......................................281-363-2001

Eckankar of Dallas

Quang Nuyen................................972-898-8415

Tune In With Me

Nutrition made simple, life made rich.


Skin Care, Cosmetics, Beauty

Eniva Corporation

Free Spinal Exam & Health Check

John Cappello, Psychic & Medium

Palmistry & Numerology Guidance Sessions

Cynthia Shaw................................972-991-2097

Dr.Joshua Ferrell, DC ...................214-618-9355

Super Antioxidant, Super Hydrating, Alkaline Water

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Austin Audu...................................214-929-3872

The Wellness Institute

Diane Wood ..................................405-626-1590

Readings, Energy Balancing, Dream Interpretation

Reliv International

Dorey Aromatherapy

DoTerra Health

Thomas Nolan, III, Ph.D................405-360-1700

Treat your feet for overall Health

Reiki • Deep Tissue • Stretching • Swedish & Chair Massage

Handmade Body Care, Skin Care & Wellness Aromatherapy Products.

Tony or Blanche ............................214-223-9997

The Holistic Warrior

People's Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Edna Craven ...........................972-256-0004

Kneading Massage

Mary Ellen Dorey ..........................972-567-3962

Kathleen .......................................214-240-0690

Insphere Insurance Solutions

Brother Chi Sing............................972-432-7871 Visit:

Michelle Jones ..............................214-676-0902

Daniel Gomez ...............................214-455-1761

Pam Stevens.................................972-458-8300

Josh Hamilton & Brian Anderson ...............................940-300-0939/281-413-6455 Completely organic and water soluble supplements

Nutritional Healing Center of Dallas

Lewis Cone, DC ............................972-880-8541

Spiritual Arts Institute

Classes in Metaphysical Arts.

Dr. Norma Kreig, D.D. ...................817-456-9070 Intuitive Guidance by Tarot & Meditation Classes

Sunrider, International

Morgan Burroughs, IBO ................972-310-4424 The Sunrider® Difference- The Philosophy of Regeneration®

Keri Freund ...................................817-875-3035

Gailna Bouville ..............................214-727-7086 BobWickson

Judy Wickson................................817-517-1330 Increase strength, endurance, flexibility & ROM

Young Living Essential Oils

Eldon Knittle, Independent Distributor ......................................................972-442-7388 Essential Oils, Nutritional & Personal Care Products

Your Talking Toes

Jan Daniel.....................................972-422-5964 Toe Reader

Literature Table DoTerra Health

Margaret Edland ...........................214-695-7560 Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care

Eckankar of Dallas

Austin Audu...................................214-929-3872 Religion of the Light and Sound of God

Energy Dynamics

Cynthia Shaw................................972-991-2097 Multi-Dimensional Transformational Healing

HCG Homeopathic Drops ....... 972-378-1211 Offering HCG homeopathic drops for weight loss.

Holistic Helper

Merrily Smith.................................972-447-0990 Promotion and holistic radio show. www.holisticradi

Holistic Networker .........972-403-0940 Free guide to wellness & personal growth

Miracles of Joy

Joy Kauf........................................972-221-8080 Metaphysical Products of All Kinds

Quantum Quest Shamanic Journey

Maria Gurule .................................719-219-3776 Author, Astrologer, Psychic, Entrepreneur,

Helping families find nutritional happiness.

Treatment for infections, toxins, allergies, deficiencies.

The Glass Boutique

Healing with Sound

Parker College of Chiropractic

Glass Pendants & Mini Massuese

Royal Wellness Center

The Great Outdoors

Holistic Chiropractic, Zerona Lipolaser. Visit:

Nancy Byers..................................972-424-1217 The Language of Light-A vibrational healing technique.

Kim Terhune..................................972-438-6932 Chiropractic Clinics and Chiropractic Education

Power of the Rainbow

Pat Cook .......................................817-261-6300

Crystals, Gems & Minerals.

Dave Pastuer ................................972-757-4476 ®

Beltline @ Montfort .......................972-233-3958

For a location near you, visit:

Julie Royal, DC .............................214-324-5800

The Power of Oh

Colin Clark ....................................972-687-9093 Nonclinical Mental Self Improvement

Colonics Colonics by Sakinah @SA-KEE-NA.COM

Ms. Sakinah James-Tahir I-Act Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist Instructor Level National Board Certified  817-224-2258  

FDA Registered Equipment. OPEN SYSTEM. Your MODESTY and DIGNITY are maintained AT ALL TIMES. Sterile single-use disposable rectal tubes. Multi-stage water purification (Filtered & Ultraviolet). Colonic Ozone (Oxygen 3) Water Purification available. Other Services: nutraMetrix Isotonic Vitamins, “Transitions Lifestyle System” Weight Loss (Adults, Teens and Youth Program), Far Infra Red Sauna, the Original “Chi-Machine” (one (1) free “Chi” session with ANY treatment, if you mention the Holistic Networker), CranioSacral Therapy, “ERE” Foot Reflexology, OPTIMUM FOCUS™ “Detox” Footbaths, Enjoy FREE “Kangen Water” with each Colonic or Sauna session. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner’s (American Express accepted online @ www.colo


Karen Fahey, Certified Colon Therapist 3626 North Hall St @ Welborn Oakwood Tower #818 Dallas, TX 75219  214-821-5703  

GENESIS: COLON IRRIGATION AND HERBS: FDA registered equipment. Oxygen and ozone available, clean facility at all times. Autoclave sterilization. Sessions by appointment only. Hours Tuesday-Saturday. Over 25 years of experience. Cash/Checks only.


Lila Meyers, CNHP, RMT, CCT Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Health Professional 5510 Abrams Rd Suite 125 Dallas, TX 75214  214-288-(HEAL) 4325 

Gentle, safe colon cleansing. FDA registered equipment. Disposable instruments, and a Closed System insures your personal comfort and safety. Abdominal massage, acupressure and nutritional guidance with each session. Package Discounts. Also Offered: Oriental Therapy, Iridology, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Rainforest Herbs. Open Tues-Sat By Appointment. Visa, Master Card.

Spring 2011 19

Karen Williams

Education/Personal Growth

Board Certified in Naturopathy Licensed Massage Therapist Certified Colon Therapist 12850 Preston Road, Suite 110 Dallas, TX 75230  469-556-7858

Power of the Rainbow

20 years experience. Medical Doctor sponsored. Colon hydrotherapy with FDA Instrument. Closed system. Disposable Tubing. Professional and modest environment. Abdominal Massage. Package Discounts. Credit cards ok. Other Services: Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lymphatic Massage, Homeopathy, Herbology.

Crystal healing workshops offered to identify the stones and their uses. Crystal healing certification available. Individual crystal healing sessions. Chakra balancing with stones.

Dance/Movement Nia Technique

Sherri Lackman, MA, LPC, Cht 304 S. Cottonwood #D Richardson, TX 75080  972-231-4466  

Experience the joy of movement and the benefits of moving your body! Combining selected movements and concepts from Martial Arts, Dance, and other movement forms, Nia classes offer total body conditioning and joyful expression at the same time. Find out what everyone’s talking about! Incredible therapy for chronic pain sufferers. Private sessions available.

Dentistry Center for Dental Wellness

Mark Champsi, D.D.S., D.C. 1304 Village Creek Dr, Suite 400 Plano, TX 75093  972-733-3666 

Family Dentistry in a state-of-the-art practice utilizing reduced exposure digital x-rays, intra-oral camera exams, and hair analysis to test for heavy metal toxicity. We are a MERCURY-FREE practice. Treatment for TMJ disorders. New: Oral cancer diagnosis by Velscope. SEE DISPLAY AD.

Dallas Dental Spa

Lorin Berland, D.D.S. Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Sarah Kim Kong, D.D.S. Diana O’Quinn D.D.S. Mark Margolin, D.D.S., Periodontist 2100 Ross, Suite 960 Dallas, TX 75201  214-999-0110 

We use only the most biocompatible materials to preserve the natural dentition, digital radiography to reduce radiation, and distilled water to prevent contamination. We employ a full-time licensed massage therapist to reduce stress for our patients. Dr. Berland is one of the most published dental authorities in the world and has dedicated his practice to providing the best care for his patients. Dr. Berland’s unique approach to cosmetic dentistry has been featured on 20/20, Time, and Reader’s Digest.

Pat Cook 1730 W Randol Mill Rd, Suite 125 Arlington, TX 76012  817-261-6300 (metro) 

Holistic Dentistry Dr. Stacy V. Cole

3915 Benbrook Hwy. Suite B Fort Worth, TX 76116  817-731-9291 

My practice combines a passion for dentistry with my desire for the healthiest possible dental methods. Metal-free dentistry since 1978. IAOMT standards for patient safety. Superior Cosmetic Dentistry. Credentials and memberships with AACP, IAOMT, AAPM, (pain management), Biological Dentistry, Naturopathic Medical Association, DOCS, AGD fellow, International Foundation of Homeopathy and the Cranial Academy.

Health Centered Dentistry Henry Guy, DDS 2701 Osler Drive, Suite 10 Grand Prairie, TX 75051  972-647-4300 

Mercury-free dental care since 1983. Alternative root canal treatment. Biocompatible, metal-free materials.

Holistic Medicine Karen S. Asbury, MD

Integrative Medicine PO Box 863568 Plano, TX 75086  972-867-7790 

Dr. Asbury has had extensive training in both Internal Medicine and Alternative Care. Excellence is emphasized in providing personalized care in a warm, compassionate atmosphere. Without the constraints of insurance, Dr. Asbury is able to spend more time with each patient doing a comprehensive health evaluation and individualizing their therapy program with the goal of restoring optimum health. Visit the website at


Holistic Veterinary Paws & Claws Animal Hospital Holistic Animal Healthcare Center Dr. Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M. 2145 W. Park Blvd. Plano, TX 75075  972-867-8800 

Natural, Gentle Care for Your Pet. Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs and cats. When treated with chemotherapy the average pet will live 6-12 months. By using natural remedies, our average cancer patients live 12-24 months or longer. For pets with chronic diseases such as allergies, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, and bladder disorders, using natural therapies can improve their health and reduce or eliminate their need for long term drug therapies. Member, Oncology (Cancer) Association of Naturopathic Physicians, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Homeopathy Advanced Homeopathy

Glenda Stroup Malone, dht 2060 North Collins Suite 109 Richardson, TX 75080  972-889-1010 Glenda has been in practice for 27 years. Specializing in chronic disease, adults and children. She teaches you how to stay healthy using homeopathy. Call for appointment.

Holistic Center of Dallas

Regina Edwards, BA, RMT 4144 N. Central Expy Suite 630 Dallas, TX 75204  214-824-4949 Regina Edwards provides Classical Homeopathy consultations. Homeopathy is a form of complimentary medicine using highly diluted natural products to gently enhance healing. The selection of the single remedy is based on unique symptoms, physical sensations and emotional reactions of each individual. Additionally available: Craniosacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing and Therapeutic Touch.


Nadine Romain, Ph.D., Certified Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® Practitioner Office in Dallas Lakewood Area  214-796-5327 

Looking for the Life you were meant to live? Let me help you help yourself and regain control for lifelong changes! Releasing habit patterns - Stress, Fear, Anxiety release - Metaphysical Counseling - Abundance - and much more... Available for corporate group. Call for an appointment today!

Spring 2011

Counseling Services

Sherri Lackman, MA, LPC, Cht 304 S. Cottonwood #D Richardson, TX 75080  972-231-4466  

Discover how hypnotherapy can gently explore issues that have caused unhealthy behavior and poor decisions in the past. Hypnosis allows access to the unconscious in the altered state so that issues can be resolved more quickly and efficiently than with talk therapy.

Journey Between Lives

Carole Layman, LMSW, CHt PO Box 171102 Arlington, TX 76003-1102  817-557-0008 

SPIRITUAL REGRESSIONS. Past Life AND Life Between Lives Therapy. Stop guessing and visit the Spirit World for definitive answers regarding your current life as well as your Soul Life! Discover your Guides, Soul Group, Life Purpose and more!

TAPP for Fearless Action

Pam Jackson CHT & Tapping Specialist Garland, TX (N Garland & Beltline)  214-457-3434 

Pam is a certified hypnotist with intensive knowledge of EFT, the tapping technique to eliminate negative emotions and writing on your wall. EFT is the secret to creating a healthier lifestyle and attracting what you want in your life.

Iridology The People’s Chiropractic Clinic Edna Craven, D.C., BCNP, BCI 3200 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 105 Irving, TX 75062  972-256-0004

29 years experience. Jensonian and Holistic Iridology. Accurate iris reading. Complete written Report Of Finding with pictures. Nutritional Consultation. See ad for additional services.

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Macrobiotic Cooking Classes • Macrobiotic Counseling • Books and Supplies • Macrobiotic bed and breakfast now open! Email macrobioticteacher@ for brochure.

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The only fair in DFW area with live professional entertainment. Presenting over 40, best in their fields professional psychic readers, vendors and wellness practitioners. Held the Fourth Sunday of every month 12 - 6pm. Admission - $7.00 coupon availabe on website; print and present. Reading prices vary.

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Over 90 professional psychic readers, vendors and wellness practitioners. Held the 1st Sunday of every month. Hours of operation are 11:30am6pm at Sheraton Dallas North, 4801 LBJ Frwy., Dallas. Admission - $7.00, all readings - $15.00 ea.

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Intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader, Cynthia Novak provides detailed, informative, taperecorded sessions. All are heart-centered and process oriented.

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6545 Preston Road, Suite 200 Plano, TX 75024 4230 Avondale Avenue, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75219  972-608-0100 

Dr. Wilson is a licensed, board certified naturopathic doctor providing naturopathic alternatives to conventional medicine for the ENTIRE family, including anti-aging and preventative care, as well as options for chronic conditions such as cancer, endocrine and hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, fatigue, and obesity.

Osteopathy Cranial Osteopath

Liz Chapek, D.O. 6760 Abrams Road @ Skillman, Suite 203 Dallas, TX 75231  214-341-8742  For structural or internal problems, head and body: NEWBORN, INFANT, YOUNG CHILD; FEMALE troubles; ALL AGES. For information call us or check website’s “Home” and “Practice news” pages.

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Psychic Fair

4th Sunday of every month Open Noon to 6 PM * Live Entertainment * * Over 40 Readers, Healers and Vendors * * No Lines * * Coupon Available on Website * * and Much More * * Holiday Inn Select (North Dallas) * * 2645 LBJ FWY * Dallas, TX 75234 * (972) 243-3363

Contact Joye King at 214-734-5844

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Integrative Cancer Care Using Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy as Part of a Holistic Treatment Plan by Constantine A. Kotsanis, M.D. Cancer: A Result of the Perfect Storm Cancer is a disease of the immune system that deserves special attention. The literature cites no less than 100 reasons for the cause of cancer. However, the most profound causes are related to lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise and life events such as job and relationship stress. Additionally, environmental factors also play a key role in creating the perfect storm for cancer as for all disease. When addressed, these same environmental factors (like clean food, air and water) can help aid in recovery. I foresee in the near future that most, if not all, diseases will have a cure, because future health professionals will combine the understanding of solid scientific principles in nutrition, detoxification, biochemistry, biophysics and psychology to synthesize the solution to conquering cancer. The pieces of the answer are out there, but nobody has connected all the dots. Many years from now we will look back on this period in medical history and wonder why it took so long to synthesize the answer for cancer. Future doctors will have depth of knowledge in all disciplines of medicine. Understanding of Western Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Structural Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Functional Dentistry and Nutrition may supersede pharmaceutical medicine. However, this only covers the medical side of things. It is crucial that the physician studies and understands the dynamics of the patient's relationship to his/her family, the dynamics of friends, the dynamics of the working environment and the patient's commitment and financial ability to complete recommended treatments. In

the comprehensive cancer care model, the willingness of everyone involved with the patient is a factor in survival rate. I have seen many situations where friends and relatives impose their will on a patient rather than allowing the patient to choose their own treatments. Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy (IPT or IPTLD) is an interesting bridge between mainstream conventional chemotherapy and complementary medicine. IPT, which was invented in Mexico over 70 years ago, uses insulin in the beginning of a chemotherapy infusion as a biological response modifier. Insulin is infused in the beginning of treatment and the blood sugar is lowered to the therapeutic moment. Cancer cells need sugar to make energy and they have 16 times more insulin receptors than normal cells. Therefore IPT uses the cancer cell's weakness of more readily absorbing insulin to target the cancer cell for destruction. The insulin receptors help the cancer cell absorb more of the chemotherapeutic agents. Therefore less of the chemo is needed (10% to 25% of the usual dose) in order to achieve cancer cell death. With the normal cells the opposite is true. The normal, stronger cells are less affected by the chemo, thus minimizing symptoms such as nausea, hair loss, blood cell effects and loss of appetite. Doctors that perform this type of therapy can be found on the web site This web site, operated by the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation in Austin, TX, a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization, was founded by a patient survivor in 2005. Annie Brandt, the founder and executive director, has been cancer-free for ten years now and has made it her life's work to bring awareness to IPT, as well as to the

whole host of treatments and therapies that can be used in a comprehensive program to beat cancer. She hosts an annual meeting where integrative practitioners of all stripes come to share their latest treatment information. The foundation is also sponsoring an FDA registered Quality of Life Study, which is under way currently at Kotsanis Institute in Grapevine, TX.

THE ODYSSEY OF A CANCER PATIENT: The Seven Parameters As a cancer patient one must consider at least seven parameters before seeking out IPT or other integrative therapies. 1. One must understand the advantages and disadvantages of IPT therapies. The co-morbidities (conditions that exist concurrent to the cancer) usually include dental problems with multiple mercury fillings and problematic root canals. Many patients have had several severe infections in their history for which they may have had multiple rounds of antibiotics. This may have disrupted normal digestive ecology creating a situation that bred fungal infections For example one recent patient had severe recurring episodes of tonsillitis and was placed on many antibiotics for a great length of time prior to tonsillectomy. Blood tests done elsewhere also showed toxicity to aluminum. This patient's treatment with IPT although very successful initially, failed to provide a long term solution because once the patient achieved remission she was under the impression that no further attention to the cancer was necessary. In fact people with cancer need to understand that once you are diagnosed with this disease, you must follow medically supervised treatments and implement lifestyle and dietary changes for life.

2. Patients must choose a physician that they like. Just remember, a good physician will offer you appropriate therapy, a great physician will serve you for life! 3. One must dedicate the time needed to get healthy and stay healthy; this is a lifelong commitment. An aggressive antioxidant program (pH and ORP manipulations), along with correction of hormone dysfunctions and correction of emotional stressors can be highly beneficial. For the emotional component we refer to integrative practitioners who are able to address emotional issues using various forms of energetic medicine and counseling. 4. One must make permanent changes in nutrition for life under the supervision of your IPT physician or a Clinical Nutritionist. The patient may have to make drastic changes to diet, including eliminating almost all sugar intake. A supportive spouse and family should encourage the patient to follow their heart's desire to conquer their disease. Patients usually engage by reading books about natural healing. I recommend every person read “The China Study by Campbell�. This completely changes most people's mind about life and nutrition. Although most patients do not go 100% raw vegan, eliminating all non-organic foods and most animal food products and sugars can make a dramatic difference. Most patients see that this change has made a significant improvement in their health. 5. One must accept the recommended IPT therapies without being stressed out of their mind as to "why do I have to change my ways at this stage of my life." 6. One must understand the financial implications involved with any long term therapies, including IPT, before getting started. Too often I see patients that stop medically supervised treatments because of financial distress. As soon as they begin to feel better, some patients take it upon themselves to continue home treatments without medical supervision; usually this approach can be dangerous and bring

Spring 2011 23

a lot of undesirable complications. Regular check ups, blood work and imaging is a must. 7. Last but not least, one must aggressively explore all treatment options for life! Constantine Kotsanis, M.D. is one of the early U.S. physicians to embrace Integrative Cancer Therapies. Introduced to IPT therapy in 2001, he trained with Dr. Perez Garcia. Dr. Kotsanis is a certified IPT/IPTLD™ instructor. You can reach Dr. Kotsanis at the Kotsanis Institute at: metro 817-481-6342. Come hear Dr. Kotsanis' talk on "IPTLD, The Kinder, Gentler Chemotherapy" at the April 16-17 Wellness Expo in Addison on Saturday, April 16th at 1:00pm and at the June 2526 Wellness Expo in Grapevine on Saturday, June 25th at 1:00pm.

Pavelic K. Insulin and glucagons secretion by renal adenocarcinoma. Cancer. 1981;48:98-100. Pavelic K. Carcinomas of the cervix and corpus uteri in humans: stage-dependent blood levels of substance(s) immunologically cross-reactive with insulin. J Natl Cancer Inst. 1982;68:891-894. Pavelic K. Correlation of substances immunolgoically cross-reactive with insulin, glucose and growth hormone in Hodgkin's lymphoma patients. Cancer Lett. 1982;17:81-86. Cullin J. Insulin-like growth factor receptor expression and function in human breast cancer. Cancer Res. 1990;50:48-53. McCarty M. Suppression of dolichol synthesis with isoprenoids and statins may potentiate the cancerretardant efficacy of IGF-1 down-regulation. Med Hypoth. 2001;56:12-16.

Insulin as Potentiator Alabaster O. Metabolic modification by insulin enhances methotrexate cytotoxicity in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells. Europ J Cancer Oncol. 1981;17:1223-1228. Schilisky R. Characteristics of membrane transport of methotrexate by cultured human breast cancer cells. Biochem Pharm. 1981;30:1537-1542. Hug V. Use of growth-stimulatory hormones to improve the in vitro therapeutic index of doxorubicin for human breast tissue. Cancer Res. 1986;46:147-152. Gross G. Perturbation by insulin of human breast cancer cell kinetics. Cancer Res. 1984;44:3570-3575.


Clinical Study

Insulin Stimulates Cell Replication

Lasalvia-Prisco E, Cucchi S, Vazquez J et al. Insulininducedenhancement of antitumoral response to methotrexate in breast cancer patients. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2004;53(3):220-4.

Santisteban G. Biochem & Biophys Res Comm. 1985;132:1174. Cullen J. Insulin-like growth factor receptor expression and function in human breast cancer. Cancer Res. 1990;50:48-53. Papa V. Elevated insulin receptor content in human breast cancer. J Clin Invest. 1900;86:1503-1510. Holdaway I. Hormone binding by human mammary carcinoma. Cancer Res. 1977;37: 1946-1952.

Insulin, Growth Hormone and IGFs Spring-Mills E. Immunoreactive hormones in human breast tissues. Surgery. Dec 1983:946-950. Zapf J. Insulin-like growth factors/somatomedins: structure, secretion, biological actions and physiological role. Hormone Res. 1986;24:121-130. Furlanetto R. Somatomedin-C receptors and growth effects in human breast cells maintained in long-term tissue culture. Cancer Res. 1984;44: 2122-2128. Wichert T. Insulin-like growth factor-1 is an autocrine regular of chromogranin A secretion and growth in human neuroendocrine tumor cells. Cancer Res. 2000:4573-4581.

Insulin Therapy in Cancer Neufeld O. Insulin therapy in terminal cancer: a preliminary report. J Am Geriatr Soc. 1962;10: 274-276.

Other Important Literature Warburg, Otto, On the Origin of Cancer Cells. Science, (24FEB1956), Volume 123, Number 3191, pp. 309-314.

DISCLAIMER Dr. Kotsanis' methods are based upon his personal clinical experience treating patients for over twenty-seven years, as well as review of published scientific literature and medical studies. Dr. Kotsanis integrates both mainstream and complementary medicine. This practice, known as integrative and functional medicine, embraces principles and treatment methods which may or may not be accepted or embraced by conventional medicine providers, individual physicians or other health care institutions.

Light Awakening Be open to something new and glorious! It may be subtle and soft or like a lightening bolt. A feeling, an inspiration, a new idea.

It will come to you more clearly now that the debris of the past has been washed away. Pay attention and value what is coming to you and through you.

The world is eagerly awaiting what you have to offer and share. See yourself, your talents, and the planet in a new way. Don’t hold yourself back. Your light is being called forward for service now.

Joyfully embrace what you have to offer and let it shine.

V I S I O N A RY A R T T O I N S P I R E Y O U R W O R L D B Y N I C O L E M I Z O G U C H I , © 2 0 1 1 • W W W. N I C O L E M I Z . C O M • M A I L @ N I C O L E M I Z . C O M

HCG has been called a miracle weight-loss formula. For the first time, an affordable homeopathic remedy, formulated to free the body of stubborn fat is now available to you in easy-to-use drops. I am a mother of 2 young boys ages 3 and 1. Before I had my first child I was in a size 8 - 10. After I gave birth, I was in a size 16. And after I had my second child I was a size 18. I tried other diets while exercising and would not lose much weight. I decided to try the HCG diet because I needed to keep up with my boys. Also, I had little time to exercise while dieting. This protocol provided me a solution. I like this diet so much for the fact that it’s easy and I had instant gratification. Morning after morning, I saw less pounds and/or inches. I never felt hungry on this diet. I prepared all my food for the week on Sundays; therefore, my meals were always ready when it was time for me to eat. And I didn’t have to worry about cooking a meal for my family and a meal for myself every night. I thought participating in special

occasions, like award shows, birthday parties, the pumpkin patch, etc. would cause a problem for me. I found there was always a solution. I would either munch on an apple, pass on the food, or I would go to the chief personally and tell him to make me a shrimp soup with spinach, no sugar, oil, and starches. I would make this soup at home as well. It is so fulfilling! Again, I was never hungry on this diet. Now, that I am at the end of the very low calorie diet, I have lost over 26 pounds in 38 days. I feel wonderful, have more energy, and I am still not hungry. I can now run in the park with my boys. I am looking forward to shopping for new clothes. If I can do it with 2 little boys and a husband to keep up with, anyone can. —Y.G.

I weighed 150 lbs. when I started the HCG diet and now I weigh 133 lbs. I wore size 10 pants and now I wear size 6. I lost the weight without having to go to the gym. I eat healthier and make better choices when I go out to eat. Weighing myself daily helped me see what made me gain weight. I gain weight when I eat bread and other food that has wheat in it. If I eat it then I know I will weigh a little more the next day. I had tried other diets but they didn’t work. I lost 6 lbs on one diet but then I gained it back. Felicia and Tony have been helpful with answering any questions that I have about the drops and the diet.

I love the HCG and have lost 38 pounds. I have my husband on it and he has lost 20 pounds. People I work with see how much I have lost and they are getting on it, too. I can get into clothes that I had 20 years ago. I have also gotten compliments on how good I look and have given your web site out to several people all over. —R.M.


Shifting Frequencies

Available at or phone 972-378-1211


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Acupuncture for Asthma


sthma, a chronic disease of the lungs, affects an estimated 300 million people around the world. Although it is considered a treatable disease with proper medication, it still claims over 3,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone. It is also one of the most common diseases for which patients turn to alternative therapies, such as

acupuncture, for treatment and relief. Like all methods in Oriental medicine, acupuncture utilizes a holistic approach wherein treatment is focused on achieving overall health and well-being in order to remove the troublesome symptoms associated with asthma. In traditional Chinese medicine, asthma is considered not just a disorder of the lungs but also of the kidneys and the stomach. This explains why the acupoints that correspond to the treatment of asthma are located along the lung, kidney, and stomach meridians. Acupoints along the bladder meridian are also treated since bladder function is considered important for the overall health of the body’s organs. Acupuncture is widely used as a preventative medicine technique, and as such, is most effective when used to treat initial attacks or mild bouts of asthma. The disease is one of 40 considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) that may benefit from acupuncture. One study conducted by the University of Vienna Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care showed that at least 70% of the patients suffering from

asthma reported improvement after undergoing regular acupuncture treatment for a span of 10 weeks. Another study, conducted in Kaifeng City’s Department of Acupuncture in the Second Municipal People’s Hospital in Henan, China, involved 192 patients with bronchial asthma. All patients were treated with acupuncture and results showed significant improvement in over 75% of patients. Clinical remission also reduced and the majority of patients reported immediate relief post-treatment. While asthma symptoms can range from very slight to severe depending on the individual, there are several medical treatment options available for patients suffering from asthma. In addition to conventional medical modalities, acupuncture and other alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular today as effective means for treating chronic conditions including asthma. For more information on acupuncture please contact Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at (800) 729-0941, or visit

Reiki/Energy Healing Ascension Healing

Pamela Mauras, Reiki Master-Teacher, Divinity Graduate of Accelerated Creative Force-Quan Yin Creation Center, Hawaii Fort Worth, TX  817-721-0901  During this miraculous time, humanity is undergoing a divine process of Ascension. A time of deep healing, releasing, change & transformation. It is my deepest honor & purest intention to support your personal process with energy work grounded in 5th-12th Dimensional Ascension energy structures & the blessed support of Quan Yin & her powerful Creative Force energies. These energies deeply heal, release all disruption & align us in higher frequencies of love, enjoyment & creation. Among other services (see ad) I provide Reiki Sessions, Aura Clearing, Shaman Drum Healing Sessions, Sacred Healing Meditations & offer Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Full Moon/Goddess Rituals, Handfasting ceremonies, Motherpeace Readings & more. I teach all levels of Usui Reiki, offer classes on the Ascension Process & Quan Yin & Creative Force: working with Creation

Ravenfoot at Power of the Rainbow Tray Bradford 1730 W Randol Mill Rd, Suite 125 Arlington, TX 76012  817-261-6300 (metro) 

Shamanic Reiki combines Usui Reiki with shamanic practices to create the healing session. Ravenfoot offers meditations, classes to create sacred objects and Sweat lodge retreats.

Spiritual Organizations Earth Rhythms

Amy Martin 381 Casa Linda Plaza #137 Dallas, TX 75218  

Presenting experiential events, preserving natural places, and providing help to those in need in North Texas. Events include Winter SolstiCelebrations, Moonlady Nights, and talks and concerts by national spiritual leaders. A green cemetery is being planned. Monthly e-newletter with seasonal/ lunar dates, features, more.

Unity Church in Grapevine

Rev. Carol Record, Senior Minister Mary Salerno, Administrator 1650 Hughes Road Grapevine, TX 76051  817-488-1008 

Unity Church in Grapevine is a different kind of church experience. We are a spiritual center for inspiration and transformation, teaching and living principles that are life-enhancing, affirmative and practical. We offer Yoga, Meditation, Classes and more.

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Unity of Richardson

300 North Coit Suite 179 Richardson, TX 75080 

Sundays @ 11am. Children Welcome! An Independent New Thought Gathering following Unity Principles but not affiliated with Association of Unity or Unity of Dallas.

Universal Light of Christ Church

Rev. Pat Raimondo 6117 Graham St. Lake Worth, TX 76135  817-237-7840   Sunday Service: 11:00am • Classes: The Teachings of Light • Two locations: Florida / Texas • Intuitive Consultations Available

Tai Chi / Qigong Ranjana’s Yoga and Bodyworks

Ranjana Pallana 13614 Midway Rd @ Alpha Suite 101 Dallas  972-233-4377  

Hatha yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, massages & waxing.

Vedic Astrology Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader Cynthia Novak  metro 817-261-2984

Intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader, Cynthia Novak provides detailed, informative, taperecorded sessions. All are heart-centered and process oriented.

Weight Loss HCG Homeopathic Drops

Shifting Frequencies PO Box 702956 Dallas, TX 75370  972-378-1211 

This is the HCG you’ve been hearing about. Lose weight quickly and easily in all the right places.These drops are proven and effective!


Carol A. Stall, MA, E-RYT-500 Richardson, North Dallas and Plano  469-441-7064  

Experience Hatha Yoga to unify body, mind, and spirit. Grow stronger, more flexible, more balanced. Awaken inner awareness. Improve breathing patterns, and experience deep, restorative relaxation. Classes, workshops and retreats.

Ranjana’s Yoga & Bodyworks

Ranjana - RYT 500 - 60 years Exp. Enjoy classic Hatha Yoga Meditation Massages with Reflexology - Shirodhara Ear Candling & Waxing

972-233-4377 13614 Midway Rd, Ste 101 · Dallas, TX 75244

Ascension Healing

Natural healing for body, mind & spirit

Pamela Mauras

Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Conduit of Creative Force & Ascension Energies

(817) 721-0901 Fort Worth TX

Reiki - Distance Healing - Reiki for Pets Creative Force Energy Attunements Chakra Balancing - Aromatherapy Bach Flower Remedies - Native & Full Moon Ceremonies, Readings & more

Daily Astrological Message by Cynthia Novak

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Your Spring Stars by Cynthia Novak


elcome tempestuous spring: Goodbye unpredictable winter. The fast-moving personal planets pull away from Neptune, the mysterious planet of illumination or confusion; then they cross Uranus, the planet of revolution and freedom. Uranus is unpredictable. The only thing we can count on is the unexpected. Here in Texas spring began in February and as I write this, the gift of spring is still upon us. I heard it said that in Texas spring can be short as a whisker. That is true. Summer heat lands in May and lingers through September. We'll take this gift because it will change. Like a political demonstration under a tyrannical ruler, a spring breeze and hope for rain can turn into a deadly tornado. The planets gather in fruitful lunar mansions this spring. Each New Moon plants the seed for an abundant future and reminds us that it takes dedication, skill and sometimes daring to produce and protect the harvest. We the People of the world are part of nature. We are mighty in our own eyes and yet still vulnerable to mortality. That sounds ominous, but it is merely reverence. This spring we are surrounded with change and opportunity. There is no need to minimize its greatness. Jupiter is the planet of luck, law, theatre and learning. Jupiter remains unusually strong through April and though he moves into the constellation Aries in May in the Vedic system, Jupiter is still good for prosperity. I had no idea that the mix of Jupiter with high tech Uranus would be a series of revolutions organized on the social networking international stage. Uranus is innately unpredictable.

April: The first week of April is eventful and productive. Jupiter pulls away from Saturn's opposing grasp. Money flows again. The Market continues to edge up: a jump up and a dive down...but optimism reigns and it continues to rise. Saturn reveals those in need. Jupiter is compelled to tell their stories. The legislature must balance resources with need and future growth. It's rather daunting. Each New Moon since January, we see a great deal of need opposed by Saturn's tight budget. It's the nature of things, but nature is all about life and death. Like several years of drought, it is hard to plant when seed and soil are drained. However, nature is tenacious and hopeful and will try again. Survival depends upon it. As April begins, things are starting to move...but it takes 10 days to believe it....maybe more. Gas prices should slowly come down by mid-May. It looks treacherous in Libya and 7 other Arab nations, but it is the beginning of a new cycle. Jupiter opposes Saturn exactly for the final time this month. These planets of economic reconstruction move slowly and remind us that hope requires diligence and that tenacity eventually pays off for those who balance it with hope. Jupiter is big ideas and Saturn is the gritty work of holding on until we find a way. April has a most exciting New Moon on the 3rd. Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation, appeared to stop in the heavens just before the New Moon. This is actually good for mental clarity. Mercury is at the very last degree of the lunar mansion Revati: think of Revati as where the end and the beginning are one. Mercury appears

to stand still. Slowly he will move backward as Jupiter, the optimist, moves forward. Which way will the 8 nations go? In some respect, our own lives are in a state of change. Retrograde Mercury: April 3rd until April 25th is a time to reflect and review. Back up your files and simplify your schedule. It's great for meditation and the time voted most likely for your subconscious mind to flush your schedule. Confirm that meeting and be brief. Everyone wants a little quiet time. If you are in sales, folks want peace, quiet and simplicity. Mars and Uranus are just minutes apart on April 3rd. If you feel plugged into a collective power surge, you are not alone. The Sun (think life-force or ego) has pulled away from Mars. Aggression and war are part of Mars' domain...but so is service. Mars with Uranus is associated with accidents. Why? Because we are distracted and irritated or outright mad. Breathe deeply, focus and do not walk and talk, much less try to juggle text messages and drive. Something big is coming. If you want to sell your house for a fair price, then do an open house on the 3rd. It is also a productive time to immerse yourself in study, nature, a yoga retreat or to learn about enlightenment. Most of us are too distracted: the challenge is to focus on present time and breathe. Work at it until it becomes natural. These are blustery days and the news is full of anger. However, it and we are also filled with light. Breathe deeply until you can find it. It is beneath the fear and is truly in the arms and eyes of those around you. Do something to lighten someone's load. Hire him to work with you or finish that project. Venus is exalted in Vedic astrology and she helps us discover

compassion. Practical Saturn faces her: She won't cry for you, but will help you build something. May: Mars dashes into Aries on May 3rd. Just in time for the New Moon. You've got to get going! Mars is good for action and he is particularly good for a fresh start. Not next year, but today or at least tomorrow. Mars is also good for business. Venus remains strong and this combination works for romance. Mars is actionoriented and this Venus is gentle: She is attraction-oriented. That can be confusing, but is also the best of both. Push ahead then allow. Plant your seed, but watch the weather. Know what your garden needs, and allow it to grow as is the plant's nature. And yes, the harvest is good. There is nothing in this process that allows for neglect. In fact, you may need to groom and protect your seedlings. Keep an eye on the stormy weather in your own thoughts. Do you really want to throw thunder and anger? Can you use your energy to build or will you dread? Jupiter breaks into Aries on May 8th. He'll spend a year here with 3 months in Ashwini. I love this mansion! It celebrates the healing power of dawn: The gift of a new day. Just sleep on the problem and it will look better tomorrow. Rest and the stress will step aside and present a new perspective. Jupiter is

Spring 2011 29

an optimist and this is a fresh start. In fact, it's the beginning of the great wheel of all 28 lunar mansions. The lunar mansion is called Ashwini for The Ashwins. They are magical beings born from the Sun God and his estranged wife. She left him because his ego was so big he couldn't see who she really was. Only when his children fought each other did he see that his family was amiss. He came to his wife with what he'd learned. From their union the Ashwins were born and they bring the dawn of a new day...every day. Now, Jupiter reminds us that even the most self-centered person can learn to see himself. He and we can seek enlightenment...and find it in time. June, a month for weddings, begins with Venus and Mars together. Think charisma, chemistry, impatience and demands. Don't let the “bride-zilla” or “groom-zilla” surface in you. Reach for wisdom: invest your time and creativity to do for others. Remember, it's not about "me" it's about "we." If you have the lavish, opulent wedding of your dreams, remember that the dress or the venue is not as important as the spouse. Can you give of your heart? Is the surface more important than the core?

moon. They are partial eclipses: neither are fully in the eclipse path so the shadow of the Moon cannot fully block the Sun's light. The first is June 1 in the far northern hemisphere and the second is July 1 near Antarctica. Wow! Don't you know that Arctic drilling and global warming will be in the news this summer? There is a lunar eclipse between them on the 15th of June. The Obama Presidency: The groups of planets are not sitting on any in his chart. This is an important time in his Presidency, but as Mars pulls away within a few months, he seems even more distant. He's in the final year of his Jupiter master cycle (think political opportunity). Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has very powerful transits. Her fierce combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in her birth chart are triggered throughout this spring. I wonder where her place on the world stage will take her in 2012? She won't fade away. She has strength and experience and this time in history will chronicle her courage. Presidents Past: Both GWB and Bill Clinton have lots of positive planetary action to their charts this spring. Jupiter is always good for politicians...even retired ones. I expect good things from them.

Two Solar eclipses! There are two solar eclipses and a lunar eclipse in between. It is rarer than a blue Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or Hear Cynthia’s talks at the Wellness Expo in Addison on Sunday, April 17 and June 26 at the Wellness Expo in Grapevine at 11:30am entitled “Astrology & You”.

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16-17 WELLNESS EXPO® in Addison produced by the Holistic Networker®. This two-day, indoor/outdoor event will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 11am-6pm, Addison Conference Centre, 15650 Addison Rd, three blocks north of Beltline, two blocks west of the Tollway. Call 972-378-3770 for information about exhibiting or attending. SEE AD ON BACK COVER or visit: 22-23 Wendy Rule in Concert! Come hear Australia’s Pagan artist at the Correllian Nativist Tradition’s Lustration on both Friday & Saturday nights from 9pm-10:30pm. Admission, $25. Limited seating so get your reservation in fast by going to: (click on the Lustration2011 tab). Don’t miss the Pagan/ Psychic/Vendor fair all weekend on Friday: Noon–9pm, Saturday: 10am-9pm, Sunday: 10am-6pm. Vendor show admission, $7/adult, $3/children (up to 11 years old). Questions? Contact: Rev. Michael at 23 FlowFest ~ An all-ages eco-conscious movement gathering celebrating joyful, creative Life in FLOW! ~ April 23rd, 2011 @ 11am-4pm ~ Bath House Cultural Center @ White Rock Lake June

25-26 WELLNESS EXPO® in Grapevine produced by the Holistic Networker®. This two-day event will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 11am-6pm, Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 S Main St, Grapevine, TX. Call 972-378-3770 for information about exhibiting or attending. SEE AD ON INSIDE FRONT COVER or visit: Ongoing

Tuesdays 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM. Traditional Raja and Tantra Yoga meditation practice as taught by Baba Hari Dass. Contact: Kaye E. Estell, M. Div., L.P.C., E-RYT 500; 817-481-5657. Every Thursday SPIRITUAL LIVING & MEDITATION Based on the Kriya Yoga tradition; 7:00-8:00p.m. Near Hurst NE Mall; Donation basis. For more information on monthly schedule: 817-283-0021 or Affiliated with Center for Spiritual Awareness, Lakemont, GA Director, Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda Web site:

First Saturday 1st Saturday of every month. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING FESTIVAL, 11am-4pm. Cathedral of Light, 2040 N Denton Dr, Carrollton. 972-821-3539. Fourth Sunday Psychic Fair. Fourth Sunday of every month. Blue Moon Expo, Holiday Inn Select, 2645 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234. 214-734-5844. Ongoing Life-changing information sessions on hypothyroidism, autoimmune conditions, IBS/Crohn’s, Diabetes & PCOS. Check or call 972-836-6090 for times. Free. Ongoing The Consciousness Expansion Way. Space Available

HEALTHCARE OFFICE SPACE in Hwy 121 & Legacy and Hwy 75 & Spring Creek. $500 per room. 214-492-3713 Wellness Center Office Space North Dallas/Galleria Area. Beautiful reception room and large rooms. $575/month. Lisa214-994-3117.

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BUTTERFLY BEAUTY *Grandmother Turtle restoring 1893 primitive farmhouse. Serenity’s 4.8 organic acres, pasture, pond trees, trails. 10miles, NE of McKinney up New Hope Rd! Possibilities: 1. Sell: 150K/dwn pymt. /Owner finance 2: Caretaker lease/ option 3: Trade/rent extra space. 4: Partners developing healing/ retreat center; retirement/co-op community (seeking same Mexico) *Needs to return for year/so Cardiff-By-the Sea, Ca. Deborah Butterfly 214-733-2664. Positive Touch Conference Center Space available for workshops, classes and private sessions. 504 Business Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081. 972-480-0678 Wellness Center open 21 yrs. Large repeat clientele. In excellent location. Great income. Large referral base. Inquire:

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upcoming shows: Addison, April 16-17 Grapevine, June 25-26 Booth space available Showcase your flyers/brochures

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Wellness Expo ÂŽ

Sat/Sun, April 16-17, 11am-6pm • Addison Conference Centre

visit over 100 exhibit booths learn from two dozen wellness speakers have an intuitive consultation shop, dine, mingle, learn, play experience hands-on health sessions enjoy massage, reflexology, & energy healing [see pages 15-18 for full program]

Summer in Grapevine June 25-26 [see page 2]

Admission only $7/day or $10/weekend Adults over 65 Free Children under 12 Free Free Parking Buy tickets online and SAVE $2 or more 972-378-3770


Spring in Addison April 16-17

Holistic Networker : Spring 2011  

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