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hen I was growing up the nickname for TV in many households was, of course, “the boob tube”. However, the existence of The Jerry Springer Show doesn’t take away from the value of broadcast TV. I grew up watching Sesame Street, the Apollo moon landings, and the Olympics on TV. These experiences helped to shape who I am. Today, we see the same criticism leveled at the internet. Headlines scream, “Dangerous!”, “Addictive!” and even “Criminal!”. There is no doubt that the internet can make it easy to see the crudest expressions of human consciousness (YouTube), but it also makes available outstanding presentations by luminaries in science and the arts ( videos). At its core, the internet is a communication’s medium. A printing press is no longer required to communicate a powerful message—blogs have transformed the internet into a personal publishing platform. Online forums covering every topic imaginable are filled with enthusiasts who share recipes, parenting tips, and even health advice. Some of the most popular forums are frequented by people with the same illness; they share notes, experiences, and encouragement. Forums have given way to social networking in popularity; since opening up from its college roots Facebook has exploded in popularity to 175 million active users. We are a social species. We grow up in families, work and play in groups, and we love to communicate. Social networking internet sites enable us to create online identities and groups of “friends” where we can share our thoughts, our lives, and our dreams with a close group of confidants, or the whole world. Look closely and you’ll see that the most popular internet sites did not get that way by publishing the most authoritative information. The most popular sites make it easy to share information-WordPress (our journals), Flickr (our photos), delicious (our bookmarks), YouTube (our videos), Facebook (our photos, stories, videos & more) and Twitter (our thoughts). I believe one of the strongest desires we have as humans is the desire for connection. Visit and you’ll find hundreds of various groups meeting within 10 miles of you. If you’re reading this now, you share common interests with 28,000 other readers of this publication. Want to share, connect, communicate? Join the conversation at Best regards,

Tony Cecala


lthough it is natural to feel uncomfortable with change, I often remind myself that change is the nature of life and that often change can be a good thing. Perhaps a lot of our systems are needing to be revamped in a way that will be more functional for all of us. Obviously, they were not working too well before or we would not be experiencing the consequences that we have been. I have been thinking a lot about what John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. While it would be nice if others could solve our problems for us, it is best for us to be the solution we wish to see in the world. When we appreciate how many things are under our control, we can feel more empowered. If we wish to have more, then we can consider how we can give more. Sometimes things have to get pretty loud for us to hear them and to be willing to make a change. Part of it, too, is maintaining our perspective. I remember when my son and daughter were young. Occasionally, one of them would be upset about something that seemed very inconsequential to me. I would then say, “I’m sure the children who are starving would love to have your problems.” I always enjoyed the look of utter surprise on their faces, as they realized that whatever was bothering them was pretty minor compared to not having enough to eat. They would regain their perspective in an instant and suddenly everything would seem better to them. Tony and I have the same goal we have always had: to help create an enlightened planetary civilization. As we celebrate the 15th year of our Wellness Expo, we appreciate that we have so much to be thankful for. We continue to be grateful to be part of such a wonderful community of like-minded people, who care about others and who offer valuable products and services. We are excited to be adding a Wellness Expo in Fort Worth this summer to expand our services to our community. We are pleased to be working with Dena Fife on this show. We feel the world can benefit from a focus on wellness now, perhaps more than ever before. We hope you will join us April 18-19 at our Wellness Expo at the Addison Conference Centre, as well as August 8-9 at our Fort Worth Wellness Expo® at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

Love & Light, Felicia Weiss


Spring 2009

HolisticForum What is that octogen-shaped image mean in Feng Shui? A foundation of all Feng Shui practices and analysis is the Bagua Map. This magical square contains the mystery and answers of the I Ching, a universe of information. Each sector of the octagon shaped Bagua Map, called a trigram, gua, or kua, has a magnetic direction, a number, a color, an element, a family member, corresponding organs body parts and body systems. Each also represents personality traits, businesses and industries, and is represented cyclically as these energies move in predictable directions over time. Feng Shui uses the Mysteries of the Bagua Map to analyze and diagnose a property to identify precisely what is affecting you, and how to make the changes that can open opportunities for a better life. Feng Shui specialist, Karen Ann Tompkins, has worked in hundreds of homes and businesses. Featured on channel 8, WFAA, Good Morning Texas, The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Dallas Woman and others, she also teaches classes and is a popular lecturer. She can be reached at 972-669-1595.

What is Reconnective Healing®? Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is here on the planet for the very first time. It is able to reconnect us to the fullness of the universe and to our very essence not just through a new set of healing frequencies, but through possibly an entirely new bandwidth. The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe, which allows Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth brought in via a spectrum of light and information. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect. This is something new. This is different. This is real. Jim Nippert, Reconnective Healing Practitioner™, was trained personally by Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of the technique. Please contact Jim at 469-877-6578 or email: visit:

What is CranioFascial Integrative Therapy? This therapy recognizes the importance of the integration of the fascial and CranioSacral systems and works to gently release restrictions that may be causing pain, or problems in the immune, nervous, digestive, endocrine or other body systems. Using a very light touch the therapist works to correct the origin of the pain. It has been used to successfully correct infertility, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis, ADD/ADHD, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, arthritis, and pain in any area of the body, including migraines. Frankie Burget is a licensed Occupational Therapist and Fellow with the American College of Wellness who has practiced in the DFW area for over 20 years. She has extensive training including Barnes Myofascial Release Centers and Upledger Institute. You may view her curriculum vitae on the About Us page of her website, Please contact her at 817571-8135 or Please see bodywork section for more information.

How do I become more passionate and joyful? We’re so easily distracted by technology and the business of life that we are becoming less and less in touch with our bodies. Bioenergetics helps us to be aware of our bodies, our breathing, our grounding so that we can make more conscious choices about what we want in our lives as well as what we don’t want.

Sherri Lackman is a Master’s Level Licensed Professional Counselor. She holds membership in the American Counseling Association, the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, the Dallas Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, and the Heart-Centered Therapies Association. Sherri treats Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, and Eating Disorders. Her office is located in Richardson, 972-231-4466.

How can I enhance my meditation practice? My first two meditation CD’s form part of a comprehensive series to help promote a sense of well-being and help mental clarity, and to aid healing. More CD’s will follow that will help with dealing with issues, such as: stress, relationship breakdown, and dismantling roadblocks that prevent you from living a full and contented life. I can also assist you through my personal intuitive readings. I can help you learn to manage emotions and show you a way of life that is fun, loving and peaceful. I will use my talents and experience to assist you in uncovering the causes and conditions that bring you mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain. Are you ready to take action and make changes to improve your life? Jennifer Farmer Intuitive, medium, Spiritual Teacher. Sample & Order at Call 817.690.4208

How can CranioSacral Therapy help my life? Whether your problems are structural, organic, emotional or neurological, this powerful therapy can facilitate your healing on all levels at once. Its many modes include gentle manipulation of the cranio-sacral system surrounding the central nervous system, including membranes of the skull to relieve any compressions that can cause a myriad of symptoms in the head; using energy via the fascia to restore structural integrity of the body and unwind tension patterns; and using energy combined with positioning and dialoguing to release stored energy from physical and emotional traumas. Best of all, most clients enjoy a much deeper relaxation than with massage. Sandy Hanne, R.M.T, has helped thousands of clients change their lives using CranioSacral Therapy. An advanced practitioner, she has studied extensively with Dr. John Upledger, founder of the technique. 469-438-8634.

What is Iridology and how can it help me? It has been said that the eye is the mirror of the soul, and that it discloses the different mental and physical conditions of the body; we generally speak of the ‘vivid clear eye’ of the well person, of the ‘anguishing, glaring eye’ of the consumptive; of the ‘broken eye’ of the dead-sick. Various nervous diseases are disclosed by the decreased mobility of the pupil; frequent disturbances of the sight point to diseases of the kidneys (diabetes), as does also the falling out of the eye-lashes. By analyzing the iris of the eye, it is possible to determine the condition of your body by reflex markings found in the corresponding fibers of the iris. Iridology analyzes the iris of the eye to determine the cause of your ill health, in what state it is in, how it arrived there, how to free your body of it, and most of all, when you have freed it. To help you find out the root of your health problem call Iridologist, Edna Craven, DC, BCNP, BCI at 972-256-0004 / (29 yrs. experience). 10% discount with this ad.

What is a naturopathic physician? Naturopathic medical doctors (NMDs) are primary care physicians whose philosophy is derived from a Hippocratic teaching more than 2000 years old: Vis mediatrix naturae—the healing power of nature. Their training is based on the same basic and clinical biomedical instruction allopathic medicine is; however, natural medicines are emphasized. Naturopathic physicians utilize physical examination and conventional diagnostics, and assist patients by using mostly integrative and holistic modalities such as clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and counseling. This approach has proven successful in helping both chronic and acute conditions. Dr. Kimberly Wilson, NMD, is a licensed, board certified naturopathic physician with a private practice at Innovations Wellness Center, 6546 Preston Road, Plano, TX. (972) 608-0100.

What is Thai massage? Thai massage is a blend of acupressure, gentle yoga stretches, massage and energy work. The client wears comfortable clothing and lies on the floor on a soft mat. Benefits include: stretching muscles, feeling relaxed, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. Client testimonial: “Thai massage with Suzanne moves you to the center of your own senses...the center of intuition…to the place where you become exactly who you are...Love. -Libba Davis”

Suzanne Miller is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher who has a practice in the Dallas area. She has traveled in the US, Thailand and England to enhance her training and studies of Thai massage. To schedule an appointment, please call 972-319-3661.

Spring 2009 5

A Natural Approach to Healing All Aspects of Adult Care


Spring 2009 The Trinity Centre of Dallas, located at 3628 Vintage Place, Dallas, TX 75214, is a holistic center offering complementary modalities of healing. Margaret Clench, PhD, RN, Director of the Trinity Centre, has received her PhD in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing and has pursued postdoctoral studies with Dr. Caroline Myss. Dr. Clench draws upon these studies and her background of over thirty years working in the healing profession to help her clients through spiritual counseling and education and energy balancing.

Modalities offered by Dr. Clench at the Trinity Centre include: The Trinity Table: A hand-crafted oak bed that rotates slowly and comfortably offering a deep state of relaxation and shifts in brain waves and deepening levels of consciousness. Scientific research conducted by Dr. Clench and others suggest that this experience is effective in lowering levels of pain, stress, fatigue, depression, anger and anxiety. Spiritual Growth classes and seminars: • Sacred Contracts classes, based on the work of Dr. Caroline Myss, lead you through a detailed exploration of your archetypes and your soul’s contract. • Awakening to Your Inner Voice – an Intuition class • Nurture Your Soul Weekend • Exploring the Woman Within Workshop • Deepening to Spirit, a weekend retreat for women. Contact Dr. Clench at 214 754 8080 • •

Healing with Sound A Language of Light cellular healing session begins with Nancy Byers helping you to determine your heart’s desire for your life at this time. The goal is to align your heart’s desire with your soul purpose. During her expression of the Language of Light, Nancy is able to “catch” the sound current and to “tune into” the frequency of your soul, like a radio. This provides a sound-carrier wave for your intention to manifest. Nancy records her private sessions in order to provide you with a custom audio tape to aid you in manifesting your heart’s desire. Nancy’s sessions have helped people to overcome their fears, to alleviate depression, to relieve or diminish physical pain and to realize their dreams. The Language of Light is an invitation for us to access that deep heart space of knowing who we already are - multi-faceted, spiritual beings. Nancy is available for individual, group or couples sessions.

Call today and begin living your dreams!


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“Shocking Free Report Reveals How Many Of Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue And Fibromyalgia Sufferers Are Now Living Healthy Lives Without Drugs Or Surgery.”

This free report reveals a natural procedure that is giving chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia sufferers their “lives back,” with miraculous results for many. If you suffer from chronic pain, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia you need this revealing free report that is giving hope to people everywhere. For your free copy, call toll-free 1-800-760-7477, 24 hr. recorded message. SUCCESSFULLY TREATING

Allergies / Overproduction of Mucus Headaches / Migraines Digestive / Intestinal Disorders Liver / Gallbladder Disorders Pancreas / Diabetes / Sugar Craving Skin Disorders Difficulty Breathing / Chronic Cough Kidney Problems / Frequent Urination Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / Exhaustion Anemia / Circulatory Disorders Cholesterol Endocrine / Glandular Disorders Hormonal Imbalance / Hot Flashes Candida/Yeast Overgrowth/Fungus Immune Deficiency Numbness In Extremities Trembling Hands / Wrist Pain Neck / Back Pain Swollen Joints / Muscle Spasms Leg Cramps / Stiffness Bursitis / Tendonitis / Arthritis / Gout Ringing In The Ears / Dizziness Poor Memory / Poor Concentration Insomnia / ADD / ADHD Cellulite / Wrinkles / Sagging Skin / Fat

THERAPIES & SERVICES Mucus Elimination Acid-Alkaline Balancing Colon / Tissue Cleansing Liver/Gallbladder Flush Nutritional Modification Full Body Detoxification Blood Purification / Chelation Kidney Flush/ Lymphatic Drainage Medicinal Herbs Chiropractic Adjustments Weight Loss / Cellulite Reduction Facial & Body Sculpting Stress Reduction / Energy Building TMJ Correction Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Pain Relief Ion Cleanse ANALYSIS Comprehensive Physical Exam Body Fluid Analysis (BTA) Iridology Evaluation Surface Electromyography (SEMG) Blood Work (CBC, Matabolic/Lipids) Urinalysis, Thyroid Function Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmericanExpress/Care Credit/Payment Plans/Insurance

Edna Craven, D.C., BCNP, BCI Doctor of Chiropractic (since 1996) Board Certified Naturopathic Phys Board Certified Iridologist (27 yrs) Nutritional Consultant (27 yrs)

Pain Relief Special

8 Low-Level Laser Therapies $199 (incl. office visits & monitoring) “Highly effective in eliminating Pain” People’s Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr 3200 N MacArthur Blvd #105 Irving, TX 75062




Spring 2009

Sleep like a Baby without Taking Drugs By Dr. Maoshing Ni


ould you like to sleep like a baby without taking drugs? Americans spend upwards of 3 billion dollars a year on sleep medications, but to avoid the side effects, there are a number of natural remedies you can try first. In my new book, Second Spring: Dr. Mao’s Hundreds of Natural Secrets for Women to Revitalize and Regenerate at Any Age, I offer many natural ways to address hormonal imbalance and lift mood so that you can have a soothing sleep, some of which I’ll share with you here. The causes of insomnia are many, but if you are a woman in pre-menopause, menopause or post-menopause, you may find that your shifting hormones leave you tossing and turning at night. A drop in estrogen combined with fluctuating levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin can make you

anxious all day and keep you awake at night. The key to restoring your system’s balance is to support the nerve functions that produce and release the neurochemicals that are responsible for states of bliss and tranquility, like endorphin, dopamine, and oxytocin. From a Chinese medical perspective, we have long recognized that health is the result of the body in equilibrium or balance of yin and yang, the two opposite yet complementary functions. In the case of insomnia, the female essence, or yin, has slowly become depleted during menopause. Yin is a calming essence needed to balance the fiery yang of the nervous system, so when you are low on yin one major symptom is insomnia, manifested as difficulty falling asleep or episodes of waking up late at night and being unable to sleep again. Hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and agitation are all related to this root condition. A calming tea before bedtime can ensure a good night’s sleep. Look for one with the traditional Chinese herbs zizyphus or jujube seed, bamboo shavings, and oyster shell, which soothe the mind and spirit. Another therapeutic tea that treats insomnia is passiflora or passion flower, a recognized sedative that improves mood and promotes restful sleep. Simply steep 1 to 2 tablespoons of the dried herb in one cup of hot water and drink just before bed. Another natural sleep aid is the supplement 5-HTP, derived from an African plant, which converts to serotonin in the brain and has a tranquilizing effect. The recommended dosage is to take 200 mg at night. Many relaxing rituals before bedtime will have you resting easy. First, indulge your sense of smell. Research has found that lavender, vanilla, and green apple

are among the best scents to help lower anxiety and induce sleep. Try applying the essential oils of these scents to the inside of your wrist or indulge in a warm bath with these oils dissolved in the water. Also, you might enjoy a glass of hot milk with natural vanilla flavoring for a calming effect inside and out. A technique that works for the majority of my insomniac patients is meditation— especially the Stress Release Meditation: Breathe consciously, relax, and with each exhale focus on relaxing each area of your body in sequence, starting from the top of your head and moving down to your toes. Finally, acupressure is a wonderful self-healing technique that anyone can perform. One acupressure point that you can use to bring deep, calming sleep is called “Inner Gate.” To locate it, line up your index, middle, and ring fingers on the opposite arm so that your ring finger touches the crease on the inside of your wrist. The index finger is now touching the point, right between the two tendons on the inner arm. Now use your thumb to press down on that point for 30 seconds, let go for five, and continue this sequence for five minutes, breathing deeply. Repeat on the other side. Dr. Maoshing Ni, popularly known as Dr. Mao, is a thirty-eighth generation doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and an authority in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is the cofounder of Tao of Wellness, the premier Chinese medicine center in Southern California. His new book, “Second Spring: Dr. Mao’s Hundreds of Natural Secrets for Women to Revitalize and Regenerate at Any Age,” is on sale from Free Press April 7, 2009. Visit him online at


Is your dentist on our list? Call 972-378-1211

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Spring 2009

Power of the Rainbow

metro phone 1730 W Randol Mill Road, Suite 125 817.261.6300 Arlington, TX 76012

John Cappello Visionary Classes/Galleries/Parties/Meetups Private readings 214-279-0039

Rocks · Minerals · Gems Jewelry · Classes


Master of Energy Work MT 002560 504 Business Pkwy. Richardson, TX 75081 Office: 972-480-0678

Center for Self Transformations Maggi Victoria Actualize Your Full Potential

MA, LPC, NLP, CPC The One Command® Coaching & Training

214-205-3012 300 N Coit #179 Richardson, TX 75080



“Need to be Kneaded!” Located at Beltline & Central at the Chase Bank Bldg Trish Daniel, RMT 972.890.2144

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TINA HARRISON PHOTOGRAPHY Cloud Photography… A playful, modern, spiritual interpretation of one of nature’s finest art forms.


The Departure




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Hear 24 wellness and environmental speakers


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�������������������������� � ������������������������������� � ��������������� “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I am reminded of this line from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities each time I read the news headlines. It seems that the nation is in a never-ending spiral of fear and discouragement. And yet, at every turn, I see individual acts of kindness, and proof that hope abounds. Some call our current economic situation a recession, some a depression and some call it a reset. I like the idea of a reset. It reminds me that, no matter where our economics end up, I have a choice in how I respond. Tony and Felicia have invited me to be their expansion director for the Tarrant County region. I am very excited to be a part of the Holistic Networker and the Fort Worth Wellness Expo®. My first goal is to greatly increase the availability of the Holistic Networker in Tarrant County. Over the next several months, you’ll find it in more offices, stores and places of devotion. At the Holistic Networker, we’re surging ahead and expecting great things; knowing that, no matter what happens, we can choose to be happy and excited. We are growing our distribution west of 360 and introducing the Wellness Expo to Tarrant County. If you know of an appropriate venue for the magazine, like a small health food store, acupuncturist’s office, chiropractor’s office, holistic practitioner’s office or other well-visited holistic location, please let me know. Next on the list is to create a dynamite first Fort Worth Wellness Expo® at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, a well known and loved venue in Fort Worth. Another goal of the expansion of the Holistic Networker is to increase the number of advertisers in Tarrant County. The 41 cities and towns that make up Tarrant County are a wellspring of holistic practitioners, products, services and spirituality. It is my job to make finding what you need as easy as opening the newest edition of the Holistic Networker. Together we can create a bigger, better and more connected holistic community. You can email me at In gratitude. Dena Fife

Spring 2009 13

Interview: Paul John Roach

Senior Minister, Unity Church of Fort Worth What is the history of Unity Church? Unity was founded in the late 19th century by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. The foundational principle is that there is one power and one presence in the universe, which is God. There is no power of evil. Evil comes from the human tendency to take the good which is ours and twist it into bad intention. We, as humans, are inherently good because we have the spark of the divine in us. We are the result of the thoughts we choose to hold in consciousness. Also, in the Unity tradition, prayer is not begging God, but aligning with God. Unity is not just about creating good in our own lives, but also about then taking responsibility to extend compassion and kindness to the world. How does Unity view the current economic crises? People look to faith communities for comfort. At Unity, our belief is that we are not dependent on the economy. There is a divine economy. Our financial situation is affected by consciousness. We need to have a positive outlook and realize that our beliefs and attitudes affect us, not the economy. Self honesty is extremely important right now. We must be willing to look at ourselves with self honesty and not make assumptions or blame others for any situation. We are not limited by our personalities. It is important to look at our fears but not stay in them. We have a higher purpose. What do you see as the role of Unity of Fort Worth in Tarrant County? Unity is about changing consciousness one person at a time. Consciousness is a very important concept in Unity. Life is consciousness. Consciousness is the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. And, of course, there are levels of consciousness. Our job is to align our consciousness with God’s consciousness. Our primary purpose at Unity Church is to empower people. We do that by changing minds. Saint Paul said, in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Unity is not just about doing good, but about changing minds. Although we believe our primary purpose is changing peoples’ consciousness, we also

By Dena Fife

believe in helping others through outreach. We also have a very active youth ministry. How does Unity Church of Fort Worth affect its local community? As a community member, we tithe 10% of the Church’s income to local and national organizations that are making a difference in lives. Unity represents an alternative community to traditional Christian denominations. There is a golden thread that runs through Christian history that reflects a liberal, mystical, positive approach. Unity is within that tradition. It is a unitive approach that reflects our commonality. We live in a global village and it is crucial that we respect a diversity of ideas and beliefs. The Unity message of our essential oneness is an idea whose time has come. Such leaders as Oprah and Deepak Chopra are endorsing Unity as a place to worship. What does Unity of Fort Worth offer to its church community? First of all, we offer a place of unconditional love and safety where people are not judged. We offer a positive message of hope and encouragement for all people. We encourage and celebrate creativity of all kinds. We have an excellent music ministry, many small groups and classes, a healing ministry and ways to deepen our spiritual awareness and connect with others. Paul John Roach is a native of Wales, UK. A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford University, he has BA and MA degrees in English and a postgraduate degree in Education from the University of Wales. Paul has been the minister at Unity Church of Fort Worth since 1988, after ordination from Unity Ministerial School in Kansas City, Missouri. Unity Church of Fort Worth is located at 5051 Trail Lake Drive in Fort Worth. The telephone number is 817-423-2965. The church can be found on the web at


Acupuncture Oriental Medicine of North Dallas Linda Campbell, L.Ac. 4416 Spring Valley Rd. Dallas, TX 75244  972-247-3049 

How do so many frustrated back pain sufferers get relief at Linda Campbell’s Acupuncture Clinic? Call – information or free report –Low Back Pain, Headaches, Fibromyalgia

Alternative Healing Advanced CranioSacral Therapy Sandy Hanne, RMT, Reiki Master The Massage Place 1110 West Shore, #100 Richardson, TX 75080  469-438-8634 

Reduce stress and heal. Get vacation-quality relaxation while resolving even old and deep body issues, acute or chronic. Bring your biggest challenges, from TMJ, carpal tunnel, whiplash and migraines, to thyroid, female problems and fibromyalgia, injuries, etc. This gentle, warm, fully-clothed technique restores flow and balance, promotes healing, resets the nervous system, enhances flow of CSF, relieves cranial compressions implicated in many disorders, even releases emotional tissue memory from old traumas. Trained directly by Dr. John Upledger, Sandy needs only this versatile work to achieve favorable outcomes for most people. Lives transform in her office; let yours be one of them. NEW! Infra-red Suana for clients. Luxurious, relaxing & rapid detox.

Chair Massage at Central Market

Coit & George Bush Turnpike (190) Plano, TX 

7 days/week. 10am until 9pm. Come relax with us in the downstairs café.

Healing with Sound

Nancy Byers  972-424-1217 

Nancy's Language of Light cellular healing sessions have helped people to overcome their fears, to alleviate depression, to relieve or diminish physical pain and to realize their dreams. While expressing the Language of Light, Nancy is able to "catch" the sound current and to "tune into" the frequency of your soul, like a radio. This provides a sound carrier wave for your intention to manifest. Nancy is also available for ceremonies and groups. Call today and begin living your dreams!

Ion Cleansing Foot Bath Rosemary McCoy, RMT Linda Weisiger, RMT, MTI  214-460-8112

Water can relieve pain and soothe the body. Aqua Chi technology revolutionizes hydrotherapy by energizing water with healthful negative ions. During your hydrotherapy session, your cells receive bio-energy from the energized water, starting a whole-body releasing/ balancing process.

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Massage Therapy

Linda Weisiger, RMT, MTI, Reiki Master  214-460-8112

Offering therapeutic massage specializing in Deep Tissue, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Wave Therapy, Psycho/Physical Re-education, Neurovascular Balancing, Ion Cleasing Hand/Feet Foot Bath. Corporate Chair Massage Coordination available.

Naturopathic Therapies Gayle Mays 3327 Winthrop Ave #222 Ft Worth, TX 76116  817-738-4904 

Owner Gayle Mays and her staff of certified colon hydrotherapists and professionals specializing in alternative modalities, nutrition and allergies can address your needs in a thoughtful, caring approach.

New Hope Health Care

Ricardo B. Tan, M.D. Certified in Traditional Naturopathy 729 N Fielder Rd., Suite B Arlington, TX 76012  817-274-0350  817-274-0360; fax   

OFFERING NATURAL REMEDIES: Preventive medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, pain management, herbology, bio-oxidation, anti-aging, chelation, detoxification, prolotherapy, nutrition counseling, bioidentical hormone, hyperbaric oxygen, drug-free withdrawal, alcohol rehabilitation.

Bodywork Balanced Energy

Nancy Caponi, RMT, NMT, Reiki Master Locations in Plano and Double Oak, TX  214-668-5620  

Feel better today! Relieve stress and pain through Therapeutic massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, chakra balancing and Reiki in a tranquil environment. Pregnancy and corporate chair massage also available. Nancy is a Tibetan/Usui Reiki Master and enjoys helping both People and Animals. Reiki and meditation Workshops available. If you're suffering from back/neck pain, stress, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel, chronic pain, sciatica, painful joints or headaches, call now and get relief.

Energy Dynamics —

Multi-Dimensional Transformational Healing and Spiritual Response Therapy Cynthia R. Shaw, RMT, MTI  972-991-2097  

Integrative and intuitive Bodywork/Energy Channelling incorporating guidance from your personal Spiritual Guides to release blocks preventing expression of your highest intent and complete access to total healing. Twenty years in private practice. Remote Healing available.

Frankie Burget, OTR, RMT, CNDT Dallas / Fort Worth Area  817-571-8135

Myofascial Release Mastery Level Therapist and Licensed Occupational Therapist. Also skilled in craniosacral, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, therapeutic massage, QiGong, neuro-developmental treatment, and functional spine stabilization. Providing care for myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, TMJ, carpal tunnel, headaches, cumulative trauma disorder, pregnancy, and stress. Compassionate care for children with ADD, birth defects, failure to thrive, and special needs.

Kneading Massage

"Need to be Kneaded" *NEW LOCATION* Beltline and Central at the Chase Bank Bldg Outcalls Available  972-890-2144  

Reiki • Deep Tissue • Stretching • Swedish & Chair Massage

Living Balanced

Suzanne Miller, RMT, CYT, APP Dallas, TX  972-319-3661 (voice mail)

Provides caring and therapeutic bodywork to balance your mind-body-spirit. Full body, on-site chair and pregnancy massage; Polarity energy practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Thai Massage Therapist; Gift certificates available.

Bookstores/Gifts Messages of Joy

A Celebration in the Diversity of Ideas 190 West Main Street, Suite 102 Lewisville, TX 75057  972-221-8080 

Located in Old Town Lewisville, we offer Crystals, Singing Bowls, Reiki charged Candles Books, Essential Oils, Herbs, Jewelry, Incense, Tarot Cards, wind chimes, and Angel Gifts. Authentic AURA Photos and the Original Art Work of John Pitre and Ciro Marchetti. Drop us a note at to get on our Email list and get regular updates of Classes and Workshops. Come and get smudged!

Silver Pyramid

Jewelry and Minerals for the Spirit Dal-Rich Shopping Center 101 S. Coit, Suite 102 near Whole Foods Richardson, TX  972-690-6388 

Huge selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry • Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Moldavite, Phenacite, Zincite, and other energy stones • Crystal Balls • Mystical Pewter Figurines • Singing Crystal Bowls • Fountains, Smudge Sticks, Incense, Runes and more!

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Rolfing® is a process for organizing the structure of our bodies so that we function more effectively. Over the years, our bodies react to trauma, both physical and emotional, by shortening and twisting. This intensifies our struggle with the force of gravity, which results in reduced freedom of movement, an increased likelihood of chronic pain, poor posture and a lessened sense of aliveness and self-esteem. During the basic Rolfing series of ten sessions, the Rolfer manipulates the muscles and fascia (a connective tissue) to free up those places where the client’s structure is constricted or held out of balance. The goal of Rolfing is to organize the client’s physical structure so that his/ her struggle with gravity is minimized. In addition to the physical changes of better balance, more freedom of movement, less stress, better posture and less chronic pain, Rolfing also affects your emotional, mental and spiritual realms. As you feel more supported by your legs, you view the world from a more secure position. You feel an increased sense of self-esteem, and the energy flow of your body is more opened and balanced.

Bioenergetic Analysis is a somatic psychotherapy based on a developmental, analytic approach. It utilizes active involvement of the body in psychotherapeutic interventions. In Bioenergetics, we work with grounding, breathing and character structure. Grounding relates to one’s emotional security and personality authority. When we stay in our heads and deny the experience of our bodies, we lose contact with our internal sense of support. Breathing vitalizes and energizes our bodies. Our breathing patterns reveal defensive blocks in the body through muscular constrictions. Breathing increases our capacity for feeling, our energy level and our access to pleasure. Character structure indicates the manner in which we limit the energy flow in our bodies and is indicative of the coping patterns we used to fend off the vicissitudes of growing up. Understanding our character structure gives insight into our defensive posturing, our personal histories and suggests a possible course of therapy. “Bioenergetic Analysis combines the work of the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems”...Alexander Lowen, Founder

If you believe that you could benefit from either of these processes, or if you would like to experience in depth personal growth through a personalized combination of both disciplines, contact Chuck Lustfield, (214) 902-8900 •

Chuck Lustfield, Ph.D. is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, has a M.S. in counseling, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist. Rolfing® and Rolfer® are registered service marks

Natural Wellness Consulting

We combine ancient knowledge with the latest biotechnology If you suffer from a chronic or acute condition we can help you. WE SPECIALIZE IN:

Rev. Carolyn Johnson Spiritualist Minister

Medium • Psychic • Clairvoyant & Tarot Readings

Private Phone Sessions • Parties Reiki Master Teacher Certified Healer



“In my many readings with Carolyn, I’ve found her to be very accurate as well as understanding and compassionate.” - Cheryl Hickerson

• Low Energy • Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia • Migraines • Female/Menopausal Problems • Depression/Anxiety/ Poor Sleep • Diabetes • Digestive Problems • High Cholesterol, high Blood Pressure • Autoimmune conditions • Sinus, Allergies, Low Immunity • Thyroid Problems • Autism • Joint Pain

Free 10 minute consultation Tuesdays, 11am-2pm


Lana Petrunin, ND

Doctor of Naturopathy, FMD Certified Iridologist Certified Nutritionist Certified Holistic Practitioner Member, American Naturopathic Medical Association and American Association of Drugless Practitioners More than 20 years of experience in the health care field.

5850 Town & Country Blvd, Bldg 1, Ste 101 • Frisco, Tx


Childbirth Gentle Birth Companions

Nadine Romain, Ph.D., CD (DONA), Yoga Teacher, HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist Dallas Metroplex Area  214-796-5327 

SPECIAL CARE FOR A SPECIAL EVENT! Prenatal yoga and relaxation, birth doula services, HypnoBirthing® childbirth education and OrthoBionomy® private sessions. Call for RSVP or info packet.

Chiropractic Harvard Chiropractic

Dr. Fran Assaf, B.S., D.C. 11520 N Central Expwy #132 Dallas, TX 75243  214-528-2085 

Hands on healing combining gentle chiropractic alignment with CrainioSacral Therapy for neuromuscular rebalancing and relaxation. Supports the body's healing wisdom on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Coaching Catalize Life Coaching with Heart-Centered NLP Melissa Cantrelle  214-717-3321 

I can help you clarify your life direction and move beyond the limitations that are keeping you stuck. No long-term commitment required. Learn more and download your free life vision discovery tool online:

Colonics A Balanced Body

Cathryn Y. Parnell, LMT, CCT 11333 N Central Expy, Suite 219 Dallas, TX 75243  214-695-7838 

Certified Colon Therapist. Closed system using filtered gravity-fed water with abdominal massage & nutritional guidance. Licensed massage therapist, foot reflexlogist.

Alazan Care

Lala Nurulina & Neko Otzizul 17810 Davenport Rd Ste 108 Dallas, TX 75252  972-380-4845 

COLON HYDROTHERAPY & MASSAGE THERAPY IACT Certified Intermediate Level Colon Hydrotherapists. FDA Approved Equipment Disposable Sterile Nozzles. *** Special package of Three Colonics or Massage sessions, $165. *** Call about our weekly Colonic and Massage specials!

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Karen Fahey, Certified Colon Therapist Tina Emerson, Certified Colon Therapist 3626 North Hall St @ Welborn Oakwood Tower #818 Dallas, TX 75219  214-821-5703

GENESIS: COLON IRRIGATION AND HERBS: FDA registered equipment. Oxygen and ozone available, clean and sterile facility at all times. Sessions by appointment only. Hours Monday-Saturday. Over 20 years of experience. Visa/Mastercard accepted.


Lila Meyers, CNHP, RMT, CCT Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Natural Health Professional 5510 Abrams Rd Suite 125 Dallas, TX 75214  214-288-(HEAL) 4325 

Gentle, safe colon cleansing with multi-filtration and pressure regulation. Disposable instruments, and a Closed System insures your personal comfort and safety. Abdominal massage, acupressure and nutritional guidance with each session. Package Discounts. Also Offered: Oriental Therapy, Iridology, Ion Cleanse, Body Wraps, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, RainForest Herbs. Open Tues-Sat By Appointment. Visa, Master Card.

Counseling/Therapy COUNSELING CENTER OF DALLAS John B. Evans, Ph.D., LCSW 6162 E. Mockingbird Lane, Ste 215 Dallas, TX 75214  214-448-5432 

Dr. Evans holds a Ph.D. (UT-Arlington) and two masters degrees (TX A&M; UT-Arlington) in the behavioral sciences and is adjunct professor of social work at Eastfield College.

Life Enhancement Counseling Nancy Byers, LPC  972-424-1217

Sad? Tired? Angry? Out of balance? Thinking, "Surely there's more to life than this". If you're ready to change your life for the better, give me a call. I can help you get back on track and create the life that will nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Dance/Movement Nia Technique

Sherri Lackman, MA, LPC, Cht 304 S. Cottonwood #D Richardson, TX 75080  972-231-4466  

Experience the joy of movement and the benefits of moving your body! Combining selected movements and concepts from Martial Arts, Dance, and other movement forms, Nia classes offer total body conditioning and joyful expression at the same time. Find out what everyone's talking about! Incredible therapy for chronic pain sufferers. Private sessions available.

Dentistry Dallas Dental Spa

Lorin Berland, D.D.S. Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Sarah Kim Kong, D.D.S. Diana O'Quinn D.D.S. Mark Margolin, D.D.S., Periodontist 2100 Ross, Suite 960 Dallas, TX 75201  214-999-0110 

We use only the most biocompatible materials to preserve the natural dentition, digital radiography to reduce radiation, and distilled water to prevent contamination. We employ a full-time licensed massage therapist to reduce stress for our patients. Dr. Berland is one of the most published dental authorities in the world and has dedicated his practice to providing the best care for his patients. Dr. Berland's unique approach to cosmetic dentistry has been featured on 20/20, Time, and Reader's Digest.

Education/Personal Growth Energy Therapy Program of Ke Kino Institute of Healing Ke Kino Massage Academy (Lic. # MS0173) 1620 Custer Rd Plano, Texas 75075  972-509-5588 

Premier Energy Curriculum leading to Certificate of Completion or classes can be taken individually. Classes open to anyone interested in expanding their horizons and massage therapists some CE. Carefully selected top experts include; Susan Paige, Energy Program Director, Reiki; Cynthia Pierro, Polarity; Dr. Laurie Powell, Herbology and Energy Systems; Ken Orr, Reflexology; Mark Meyers, Manifesting.

Food for Thought CDs

Distributed by Shifting Frequencies  972-378-1211 

When you listen to these CDs through stereo headphones, the soothing music and nature sounds, in combination with the binaural effect, induce sympathetic frequencies of desired brainwave activity. This helps you quickly reach a peaceful and receptive state in which your subconscious mind is most open to new ideas, new insights and positive change.

Shambhala Wellness

Johanna Oosterwijk Denton, TX  940-440-9973 

Looking for a change or possibly discovering your life purpose? Attend playful workshops specializing in alternative healing, including developing the use of NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation. We also provide services in energy modalities, such as Reiki, polarity, quantum biofeedback and chakra balancing. Call today and begin living your dreams.

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Jewelry and Minerals for the Spirit

SILVER PYRAMID • Huge selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry • Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Moldavite, Phenacite, Zincite, and other energy stones • Large Selection of Gems & Minerals & Crystal Balls • Mystical Pewter Figurines, Amy Brown Fairies • Singing Crystal Bowls • Pendulums, Sage Smudge Sticks, Incense, Oils, Runes, Tarot Decks, and more!

Cynthia R. Shaw 972-991-2097

Energy Dynamics Transformational Body Therapy

See directory listings.

Store Hours Tues-Sat 10:30-6:30 Sun 12-5:30 Closed on Mondays

Dal-Rich Shopping Center 101 S. Coit, Ste. 102 • Richardson At Coit & Belt Line Near Whole Foods

972-690-6388 also visit,

BRING THIS AD FOR 10% OFF For first-time customers only. Excludes books, charts, cards & music. Offer expires:6/30/09

Casa del Sol Bed & Breakfast peaceful garden setting view of Lake Travis kitchenette ~ fax pool ~ hot tub ~ deck $89 night ~ $495 week

512-266-7098 800-375-7529

On sale for a limited time – only $5 with a copy of this ad Christian Science Reading Room 1930 N. Coit Road, #120 Richardson

(SE corner of Coit/Campbell, behind Starbucks)

Call 972-231-0114 for more information

MSG, by any other name, is still MSG?

by Allie Chee

How Food Additives Slip Into Your Diet and What To Do About It: Part II In Part 1 of this two-part series, Allie discussed different categories of food additives and in particular, a controversial group of MSG-containing additives. In Part 2, she discusses how these additives made their way into top-selling organic products, onto the shelves at health food stores, into your kitchen, and what you can do about it.

A Moving Target

Let’s say you’re a person who is not fond of purposely digesting toxic chemicals and commonly known allergens, even in minute doses. Does simply shopping at a health food store offer sufficient protection? While grocery shopping can you simply scan the label and look for the names of offending ingredients? Yes, but have your mobile Web capability in hand, because you’ll need it to research the ingredients on even seemingly harmless products before you get to the checkout counter. And that brings us back to our chief suspect of the conversation: MSG. It should be easy enough to avoid. If you know you can not or choose not to consume MSG, why would scanning product labels not protect you? Because while MSG must be included in ingredient lists, MSG-containing ingredients masquerade under different names; but they are most certainly added for the same reason—as a flavor enhancer. Further, many people sensitive to MSG experience similar side-effects from MSGcontaining food additives, even if the levels and impact are far lower. Commonly used MSG-including ingredients are*: • Hydrolyzed (Vegetable or Plant) Protein • Plant Protein Extract • Sodium (or Calcium) Caseinate • Textured Protein (Including TVP) • Yeast Extract or Autolyzed Yeast While many people never note any sideeffect whatsoever from MSG or MSG-containing ingredients, some of the most common side effects attributed to MSG consumption include: dizziness, tightness in the chest, tingling sensation in the neck, limbs, abdominal pain, nervousness, and in the extreme, brain damage and damage to nervous system*

Don’t Make Assumptions When Shopping

For the purpose of discussion, let’s say you want to make chicken soup tonight and rather than homemake your broth, you plan to buy it. Any broth containing monosodium glutamate in the ingredient list is out for you;

but you aren’t concerned anyway because the health food store where you shop won’t carry products with MSG. So you stroll in and grab the first carton you see, only later to find out that your soup tasted different that evening because your broth contained a “natural flavor enhancer”: autolyzed yeast extract. That very thing happened to me. Noting the distinct change in the flavor of my old soup recipe, I returned to the broth carton and read the ingredients. The next day I returned to the Whole Foods Market®, and the manager (helpful and genuinely concerned about my inquiry) said he was unaware that autolyzed yeast extract was a flavor enhancer that contained MSG. And he said, “Wow, and that’s a great seller for us, too.” I then called the corporate office in Austin, TX to inquire about the decision to carry an MSG-containing product and was referred to an article on their website: 07/myths-and-misconceptions-msg/ The article explains that while the store will not carry products with the artificial ingredient MSG, it will carry products with the “completely natural ingredients” that contain MSG, such as autolyzed yeast extract. That helps to have clarification; but they have their understanding of completely natural (certainly within the legal boundaries of what is considered “natural”), and we have ours; and they have their reasons for their definition, and we have ours. I will continue to shop at that store as it remains one of my favorites for variety and quality of nutritious foods, but I now scan each and every label.

Don’t Make Assumptions When Reading

So how does a Pacific Foods Organic product containing autolyzed yeast extract end up a best seller, even while sitting next to the Whole Foods 365 Organic brand of chicken broth that does not? Several ways. First, to a palate accustomed to chemical additives and “flavor enhancers”, products may taste better with flavor enhancers.

Second, the company advertises the product, and the general public thinks, “Gee, it’s organic, there couldn’t be anything to question in the ingredients.” Understandably. I contacted Pacific Foods’ headquarters and spoke with a polite representative. I asked why they chose to include a flavor enhancer containing MSG in their organic products. She replied that the company received this inquiry frequently, was aware that some people may have sensitivities to those products, and they recommend that those people don’t consume them. Sage advice.

So then what?

If one must be on-guard even while buying organic products in health food stores, how do health conscious shoppers protect themselves without quitting their jobs and becoming researchers in the field of nutrition? The simplest way is to...keep it simple. • If you’re in a fast food restaurant, and even if you order salad, know that almost without exception you are choosing to consume food additives, natural and artificial. If you want to avoid food additives, avoid fast-food joints. • At any other restaurant, do not count on the staff or even the chef to know, but you can ask if they add MSG to their food. Assume that almost all soups are prepared with broth that contains flavor enhancers. Soups and sauces will normally be the biggest culprits in restaurants. • When shopping, if you find a product with a questionable or unknown ingredient, research it or skip it.

The Great News

There are plenty of wonderful, genuinely whole foods and lightly processed foods to choose from that keep the taste buds and the rest of the body happy! *Excitotoxins — The Taste that Kills, Russell Blaylock, M.D. Allie Chee is a Certified Chinese Medicine Nutritionist and can be contacted at:

in Addison!


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Wellness Expo 速

SATURDAY: Lectures & Demonstrations 11:30 AM Spiritual Connections Gary Champion 214-636-7546 Gary will demonstrate actual gallery style readings. He will connect with those who have passed and bring messages you will want to hear. Although not everyone will be read, all can gain from the experience. Gary has received messages since the age of 6. As a professional psychic medium, he passes along what he hears in the hopes of helping someone. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairempathetic as well as an animal communicator. See 12:00 PM Greening Your Lifestyle Valder Beebe 972-798-7236 The purpose of this seminar is to reignite or create a focus and education of the overall principles of Living and Working Green. You will learn how you can implement sustainable practices in your lifestyle that will have a long-lasting, positive impact for generations to come. Valder Beebe, CEO of Beebe Omenimedia Co. LLC, is the Host and Executive Producer of the popular internet talk program, the Valder Beebe Show, broadcasting on Internet, FM radio (Texas), On-Demand Internet Broadcast, and Iinternet Television. Her Spiritual Talk Show is the recipient of the 2009 Campaign Green Award in the "Everyday Eco-Lifestyle Expert" category. Visit

1:00 PM With Feng Shui, Time and Place is Everything! Karen Ann Tompkins 972-669-1595 How powerful would your life be if you knew where to be, when to be there, how to act, and what to choose at any given time. No other discipline exists that provides you with more precise and valuable information. Karen Ann Tomplins is a Classical Feng Shui practitioner, who has studied Feng Shui Masters for 11 years. She has consulted with everything from casinos and movie studios to corporations and individuals, many of whom are on monthly retainer for her recommendations and coaching. 1:30 PM The Emotional Component to Fascial Integrative Therapy Frankie L. Burget, OTR, RMT, CNDT 817-571-8135 Taking Myofascial Release principles further into the myofascial system and integrating sensory, neurological, and kinetic factors into a whole body approach and addressing the fascial system to re-educate the body for sustained relief of pain and dysfunction. Frankie Burget is a licensed and National Board Certified Occupational Therapist and Mastery Level Senior Instructor and Coordinator with Myofascial Release Centers and owner of Windsong Therapy and Wellness, Inc. in Bedford, TX.

2:30 PM Releasing Your Own Power Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, DC 972-404-8650 Medical Mysticism is the union of body/mind/ spirit with universal energy and a method of communicating with this energy to help you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Berman, medical mystic and holistic doctor with advanced and professional degrees in physics, engineering, and chiropractic, has incorporated 24 years of studies in science, nutrition, and metaphysics into transformational new systems and techniques. 3:00 PM Scientific Secrets of Powerful Healing Prayer Sheryl Hardin, Author, Unity Chaplain 214-457-8597 Sheryl Hardin is the author of "Into Nothing" and "Contacting God: The Path to God through Prayer". She also serves the Unity Church of Dallas as Chaplain and is the Director of the Spiritual Writer's Association.

4:00 PM Messages from Spirit Dwanna Paul 972-398-7855 This is an uplifting demonstration of Mediumship, which will relay messages from the Spirit realm. Dwanna will connect with members of the audience to bring insightful and loving comfort from Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones. Dwanna is a nationally recognized Trance Medium, Channel, Healer and Teacher. She has over 35 years of experience working with her spirit guides to bring comfort and relief to a countless number of people. Dwanna has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, including national appearances on CBS, Fox, and A Current Affair.

4:30 PM Ecstatic FlowMotion Monica and Jai 214-597-6800 Come join us outside on the lawn for a combination of FlowMotion and Ecstatic Dance performed to music by Monica, Jai, and possibly additional Flowers from the 3:30 PM community. In addition to studying with Victor Barbara AllinBloom, creator and president The Law of Attraction's Secret and of FlowMotion, Jai and Monica have also Ingredient studied yoga with John Friend and Rod Stryker Melissa Cantrelle, Life Coach, NLP and contemplative dance with Shiva Rae and Michael & Anneli Molin-Skelton at Esalen Master Institute. 214-717-3321 The Law of Attraction is not effective just by 5:00 PM thinking about what you want to attract. You 2:00 PM Polynesian Dancing also need to be feeling good about what you want. So how do you do that when you don't Does Your Soul Actually Keola's Hula Halau 12:30 PM have it yet? Join visionary life coach, Melissa 972-351-4463 Speak? Healing with Sound Cantrelle, and learn the secret ingredient Come join us outside on the lawn for this LaRue Eppler and valuable tools you can use to keep your Nancy Byers exciting performance. To preserve their culture, 940-365-0200 attractor feelings positive all the time! For 972-424-1217 Keola's Hula Halau was started by Charman will show you how Infinite Wisdom over 15 years, Melissa has been coaching Nancy will demonstrate the Language of Light, LaRue and Harrilyn Aiwohi in 2003. Their Dallas area is always communicating to you-even individuals and groups to bring their inspired which is a vibrational healing technique. After when you think it isn't. You'll learn why you school, which offers dances from Hawaii, Tahiti visions to life by removing obstacles and experiencing the Language of Light, many New Zealand, has become well-known in sometimes have difficulty receiving Spirit's focusing on feeling good. She is the co-author and report feeling more empowered, having a state of Texas. For more information, visit: communication, and what to do about it. Watch of "The Self-Esteem Playbook" and facilitator the sense of remembering the essence of who a demonstration of Spirit communicating of monthly Visualization workshops. Learn they really are, and experiencing a sense of with an audience member and marvel as it more at physical well-being. Over the last 20 years, unfolds before your very eyes. LaRue Eppler Nancy has developed an ability to express this is the developer of Evolutionary Kinesiology, language. She has helped hundreds of people an international course leader and speaker, all over the world with her gift. popular radio guest, transformational facilitator and co-author of "YOUR ESSENTIAL WHISPER: Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty!"

Saturday & Sunday, April 18-19, 2009


SUNDAY: Lectures & Demonstrations 11:30 AM Astrology & You Cynthia Novak 817-261-2984 Join Cynthia as she shares her insights on how planetary alignments can affect your life. Cynthia Novak combines over twenty years of astrological and spiritual study to bring you practical, heart-centered information. 12:00 PM Views from the Other Side John Capello 214-279-0039 Join John he presents views from the other side. This is a special time when amazing information comes to us from the Spirit World. John is a Visionary, who offers classes, Galleries, parties, Meetups and private readings. Visit www.VisionaryWorksh 12:30 PM Aura Photography Donna Reis, Certified Chromatologist, CNHP 817-788-9451 What is Aura Photography? How do the Aura Cameras work? How often should you have your Aura Photo taken? Come learn the truth about aura photography and the benefits. Donna Reis is the manufacturer of the ColorVision Aura Camera, the only non-programmable unit (recognized by the US Federal courts) on the market.

1:30 PM Energy Medicine Dr. Rita Louise, PhD, ND 972-475-3393 Host of Just Energy Radio, Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D., N.D. is a Naturopathic Physician, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant and founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics. Author of the book, "Avoiding the Cosmic 2x4", she represents the leading edge of holistic health and mind/body healing. 2:00 PM Face Reading: Reading Your Organs for Health Dr. Fran Assaf, DC 214-528-2085 There are various physical symptioms, like left/right shoulder pain, that are indicators of which organ might be stressed. Dr. Assaf has found this to be very helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of her patients. In this presentation , Dr. Assaf will share her knowledge in this area. Dr. Assaf is a holistic chiropractor who supports her patients' health with gentle adjustments, hands-on therapies, and extensive knowledge of toxicity issues and strategies for detoxification.

2:30 PM Achieving Total Freedom Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, DC 972-404-8650 Medical Mysticism is the union of body/mind/ spirit with universal energy and a method of communicating with this energy to help 1:00 PM you heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Dr. Berman, medical mystic Depression & Pain—Side and holistic doctor with advanced and Effects of Mercury professional degrees in physics, engineering, Dr. Lewis Cone, DC and chiropractic, has incorporated 24 years of studies in science, nutrition, and metaphysics 972-880-8541 This talk will address: how to test for mercury, into transformational new systems and common symptoms (depression, crying, aches techniques. and pains, fatigue, hair loss, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, hormone imbalances, plantar fascitis), options to detoxify mercury, how long detoxification takes, and where doe it come from. Dr. Cone is a Chiropractor and Nutritionist. His practice primarily focuses on nutrition, ranging from colds to autoimmune disease.

3:00 PM Spiritual & Practical Benefits of Meditation Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center 972-248-9126 By quieting the mind and deeply relaxing the body, the meditator experiences deep states of inner peace, and ultimately, union with the Divine. Research on meditation has shown significant improvements in mental health, memory and concentration, as well as many physical benefits. Sue Chadwick is the Director of Ananda Center and has taught meditation and yoga practices for over 10 years. She has been a guest speaker/teacher at Medical City Hosptial, the University of North Texas and yoga centers in the DFW area, Arizona and California. 3:30 PM You Are Not Alone! Jennifer Farmer 817-690-4208 Have you lost someone close to you from death? Join Jennifer, a psychic medium, in a gallery group reading. Jennifer is a nationally known Psychic Medium. Jennifer travels all over the United States and abroad providing readings and assisting others with personal spiritual development, healing relationships and resolving issues around grief and death. Jennifer has attended Arthur Findlay College, the world's foremost college for the advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. 4:00 PM The 7 Phases of Inner Mastery Mark Youngblood 817-430-4640 Inner Mastery is a high state of being that precedes and is essential to spiritual enlightenment, but is little understood and almost entirely overlooked in most spiritual practices. In this illuminating talk, we will explore the 7 phases involved in the process of achieving Inner Mastery, and how you can attain that elevated state in this lifetime! Mark Youngblood is the founder of the Institute of Subtle Energy Education and creator of the Inner Mastery Spiritual Development Program. Learn more or contact him at

4:30 PM Are You Spiritually Fit? Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes, RScF, DD 972-866-9988 Explore how wellness begins with our intention and our connection to the Whole through practices that exercise our spiritual muscles. Petra Weldes, RScF, DD, has been coaching and teaching spirituality and wellness to adults and teens for over 25 years. She is a dynamic presenter and loving presence. She is also the senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living. For more information, visit 5:00 PM Angel Messages Dr. Tammy Ledbetter, PhD 972-355-2313 In this workshop, learn how to release blocks, receive messages, and manifest the divine guidance from your Angels through enlightening demonstrations and exercises. Dr. Tammy Ledbetter, PhD, who is certified in Angel TherapyÂŽ by Doreen Virtue, uses her gift as an Angel Intuitive along with her formal training in transformational leadership to guide clients through major and minor life challenges.

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Exhibitors (as of early-March)

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Spring 2009 23

Inflammation: The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Part II)


ood is medicine. As with all medicines too much, or the wrong type of medicine can be harmful. Many decisions are made daily concerning what we eat. These small decisions add up and ultimately affect our health. By choosing wisely a positive impact can be made on our health and wellness. In part I of this article inflammation was defined and the causes were discussed. In Part II we will look at natural ways to decrease inflammation through diet, supplementation, and with mind body medicine. The first step in reducing inflammation is simply to stop eating highly processed foods. These include fast foods, candy, potato chips, sodas, and fried foods. Many of these foods are high in saturated and trans fatty acids. As the fats are broken down they form the precursors to pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are chemical mediators produced in the body that perform many functions including the regulation of inflammation. It is this inflammation that can become chronic and cause many of the disorders afflicting Americans, some of which are the leading causes of death. These include arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s dementia. Processed foods are also very high in simple sugars. Simple sugars are broken down very quickly into glucose which floods into the blood stream. To counteract the glucose, a surge of insulin is secreted by our pancreas. The insulin is needed to transport the glucose into the cells so that it can be converted into energy. Normally there is a steady state of glucose and insulin in the blood. Eating foods that are high in simple surgars is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Glucose and insulin

By Dr. David G. Lancaster, DO, ABHM

surge all at once, then they stop very quickly. This is why one feels a rush of energy after eating a candy bar then they crash an hour later. The end result is increased inflammation.

Adopting a healthy diet is the key to reducing inflammation. The Mediterranean diet which was first publicized by Dr. Ancel Keys in 1945 did not gain acceptance until the 1990s when Dr. Willett of Harvard reintroduced it in his research. The diet is based on food patterns of the countries located in the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean diet has been studied extensively with many articles published in medical journals. It has been shown to lower blood markers for inflammation and promotes cardiovascular health. The diet has been recognized by the American Heart Association for its impressive effects on the progression of cardiovascular disease. It emphasizes olive oil as the primary source of fat. Olive oil has excellent antioxidant properties and is able to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL (good cholesterol). It is best to consume extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin means the oil that comes from the first pressing. It is this oil that contains the highest levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, and phenols. Important aspects of the Mediterranean diet include eating complex carbohydrates found in fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Complex carbohydrates do not cause the rapid surge of insulin and sugar. Animal fats, lard, cream and butter should be eliminated. Protein in the form of beans and lentils are preferred over fish and poultry. Red meat is discouraged because of the high ratio of saturated fats. Dairy is limited to low-fat yogurt or cheese, and eggs should be eaten in moderation. Alcohol

should consist of a glass of wine per day if at all. Eat plenty of foods rich in antioxidants. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, which in turn provokes inflammation. Antioxidants reduce inflammation by stopping the free radicals before they cause any damage. Foods rich in antioxidants include sources that contain carotenoids (vitamin A), vitamin E, vitamin C, polyphenols, zinc, copper, and selenium. Please see the table for specific foods. Vitamins A, C, and E are organic compounds required in small amounts. Our bodies are unable to make them so they must come from our diet. Carotenoids are the precursors to vitamin A and are found in foods commonly colored orange, yellow, and dark green. Vitamin C, also known as, ascorbic acid is found in many fruits and vegetables. It is an important antioxidant and is vital to maintaining strong connective tissue. Vitamin E is important in protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage. Polyphenols are compounds with a unique chemical ring structure that are found in plants. Several of the polyphenols are in the form of tannins. The table lists the common sources of antioxidants. Isoflavones are estrogen like compounds found primarily in soy beans. They have been studied in over 1000 scientific publications. Isoflavones help lower the levels of inflammatory mediators such as C-reactive protein (CRP), Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), and Interleukin 6 (IL-6). Sources include: Soybeans, tempeh, tofu, soymilk, miso, legumes, clover, kudzu root, licorice root, and alfalfa. Plant sterols, aka phytosterols, have a similar structure to cholesterol. They reduce cholesterol uptake into the

continued on p25 >

Dr. Gary Berman, PhD, NMD, DC your next step beyond intuition

Why guess when your body/soul can tell you the truth? For over 12 years, Dr. Berman has been helping people identify and resolve physical, emotional and energetic blockages that compromise their health and well being at their core level. He has developed a unique combination of life coaching and medical expertise that addresses the issues at their root, rather than the symptomatic level. Dr. Berman’s distinctive and highly skilled ability to tap directly into a patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being allows him to create a customized wellness program tailored to fit an individual’s exact needs. His patients have experienced tremendous success in overcoming a multitude of life challenging issues from A to Z. A few examples include: fears/phobias depression/anxiety arthritis/inflammation heart/respiratory diseases

digestive disorders diabetic conditions yeast/candida sleep disorders

Call for a free 15 min consultation! present this coupon code when calling - HNW2009 (972) 404-8650 Please-new patients only

website coming soon!

ADD/ADHD muscular/skeletal issues complimentary cancer treatment fertility issues

the healing zone

7616 LBJ Freeway,Suite 670 at Coit Rd. Dallas, Texas 75251 (972)404-8650 office (972)404-8850 fax

Spring 2009 25

Carotenoids Carrots Pumpkin Sweet potatoes/ yams Mango Broccoli Spinach Dark green leafy vegs Kale

Vitamin E Olive Oil Almonds Asparagus Wheat Germ Soybeans Avocado Corn

Selenium, Zinc, Copper Pumpkin seeds Wheat germ Nuts Seafood Whole grains Legumes

Polyphenols Green tea and Black tea Fruits Chocolate Coffee (limit to 1 cup/day) Wine/Beer (limit to 1 drink/day)

Vitamin C Potatoes Citrus Fruit Papaya Mango Cantaloupe Strawberries Tomatoes Bell Peppers Broccoli Kiwi

bloodstream by displacing cholesterol in the gut. They have also been found to lower the inflammatory maker IL-6. Soybeans are the main food source of plant sterols.

daily minimum dosage should be 1 billion live colony forming units. Fiber should be added since it has been shown to promote the growth of these healthy bacteria.

strengthens relationships. The sense of love and belonging has also been shown to have healthy benefits, not to mention that life becomes more enjoyable when shared.

Omega-3 fatty acids aid greatly in the suppression of inflammation. As omega3 fats are metabolized in the body they produce several postoglandins and leukotrienes that help cool inflammation. Omega-3 fats are found in flaxseed oil, cold water fish, algae, nut oils, and dark green leafy vegetables. They are also popular as supplements. If taken as supplements make sure there is a high content of EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are omega-3 fats that have the most anti-inflammatory properties.

Stress can cause inflammation. There are several studies that demonstrate an increase in inflammatory markers after experiencing a stressful event. Exercise and proper breathing have been shown to be very effective in reducing inflammation along with many other healthy benefits. Being active and learning how to breathe properly helps to lower our stress levels and focus our minds. Methods include biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, meditation, and aerobic workouts.

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Probiotics have become popular. Probiotics contain health promoting bacteria such as Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium bifidum/longum, Streptococcus thermophilus and Saccharomyces boulardii. These microorganisms occur naturally in our intestinal tract. Among the many benefits, they have been shown to alleviate allergic inflammation as well as gastric and intestinal inflammation. Sources include yogurt, tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, and supplementation. If supplemental probiotics are taken, the

Inflammation has many causes including poor diet, stress and anger. It is the underlying factor in many of today’s chronic diseases. There are many steps that can be taken to lessen inflammation and its effects. Eating a proper diet and relieving stress are two important and easy measures that can be done. Food is a true pleasure that should be savored. Take time when you eat, chew the food slowly and be thankful for such a delicious meal. Enjoy a feast with family and friends sitting around a table. Not only are the benefits nutritional, but sharing the moment creates and mediterranean-diet/CL00011 inflammation/

About the Author

David G. Lancaster, D.O. is a physician and a diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine who specializes in holistic and integrative medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and osteopathic manipulation. He may be reached at 972-701-9696. For more information visit


BOOK REVIEWS I have known LaRue Eppler for over 16 years. I have always been struck by how connected she is to spirit and by how she listens to and is guided by her essential whisper. I was thrilled when she completed a book with Vanessa Tabor Wesley to help the rest of us to better understand and learn to listen to our own inner voice.

Their book,Your Essential Whisper: Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty, was filled with incredibly helpful information that enabled me to have a better understanding of how to be and stay connected. Their book is divided into four sections.First, they teach how to recognize the six ways that our essential whisper attempts to be heard by us. I was able to realize how certain pivotal moments in my life were guided by spirit. By understanding and appreciating this, I am better able to be in the flow of my life and I find that things go more smoothly and magically for me. In Section Two, LaRue and Vanessa teach us how to better trust our essential whisper. It is necessary to trust our inner voice in order to feel comfortable allowing ourselves to be guided by it. In Section Three we learn how to follow our essential whisper. This involves being able to distinguish when our inner voice is speaking to us vs. when we are simply hearing the voice of our ego.This distinction is crucial to knowing how best to respond to the information being presented to us. While following our inner guidance leads to positive outcomes, being guided by our ego can have disasterous consequences. In Section Four, you learn how to create a partnership with your whisper.This section includes an 8-week practice guide and journal, which I found to be incredibly helpful. This section allows one to apply what has been learned. Being a practical person, I greatly appreciated this opportunity to apply this material to my own life. Throughout LaRue and Vanessa’s book there are real-life stories and examples demonstrating the various information being presented. I enjoyed these immensely as they helped me to better understand how life can unfold so beautifully when we are in partnership with our inner voice. It also helped me to realize how we all get these whispers, yet often do not realize earlier in our lives what they mean.With understanding, practice and experience, we can learn to live our lives in a more joyous partnership with spirit. Life can unfold more brilliantly, sychronistically and effortlessly when we learn to recognize, trust and follow our inner guidance. I highly recommend Your Essential Whisper. It’s an invaluable book that teaches essential life skills you can use to create the life you wish to experience. By being more connected to your inner guidance, your outer world can unfold more joyously. You can live a life that is in harmony with what you truly value and you can better achieve your heart’s desire.

Spring 2009

by Felicia Weiss, Ph.D. The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives by Larry Dossey, MD Author of the New York Times Bestseller Healing Words I was so excited when I received a preview copy of Larry Dossey’s new book, due out this May. I have always been fascinated by premonitions. About a year ago, I was driving south on the North Dallas Tollway access road, taking a route I follow several times a week. I was stopped at a red light and found my mind wandering. When the light turned green, instead of racing forward as I usually do, I just sat there for a few seconds, staring at the green light. For some reason, although the light was green, something didn’t feel right. All of a sudden, a car raced across my path coming from the east and going west. Had I started forward immediately when the light turned green, this car would have hit me. After the events of 9/11 I found myself so curious about all of the people who managed to avoid being part of this tragedy. There were so many stories about how some people, who would have been on one of those planes or at the Twin Towers or Pentagon that day, for one reason or another, were not there. In fact, Dr. Dossey noted in his book that the four planes that were taken over by terrorists that day were only 21% full. Dr. Dossey’s book is divided into five sections. First, he discusses several amazing instances of premonitions, including one of his own. Next he examines several recent scientific experiments, which seem to indicate that perhaps we all possess this innate ability to see into the near future, even when we are not consciously aware of this. Then Dr. Dossey explores why premonitions exist, what purpose they serve and how they may be interpreted. In his fourth section, he discusses why and how to cultivate premonitions. Finally, he explores our ability to see and change the future, as well as the past. Dr. Dossey offers research evidence replicated all over the world, which has led many scientists to believe that premonitions are an established fact. Dr. Dossey concludes that “consciousness is fundamental, omnipresent, and eternal”. I highly recommend this fascinating book.The research evidence is compelling and I found it greatly expanded my idea of what we are capable of. I also noticed that it helped me get more in touch with my own premonitions. Perhaps, like a muscle, exercising and understanding these abilities can help us to increase and fine-tune them. This can make life more exciting and wonderful.

Spring 2009 27


LaRue Eppler

Author, Your Essential Whisper about a coaching/facilitation process I had developed. Through discussion, we realized a burning question begged to be answered — a question that’s been asked by countless people throughout the ages: “How do we really know we are hearing from guidance and not the voices in our head?”

How has listening to “your essential whisper” changed your life? Fear and anxiety consumed me most of my life. I now experience peace where absolute terror once debilitated me. An intimate relationship with the Whisper is like having my best friend with me all the time. Following guidance has helped me through the most difficult times. It gave me the wisdom and courage to raise my son alone and in ways that were unique to what his soul required. It nurtured me through my sweetheart’s suicide, giving me the energy and vision to keep going. It has earned me thousands of unexpected dollars simply because I as willing to follow its lead, even when my head told me I was crazy. The Whisper is the security that everyone is looking for, yet they may not realize that.

What led you and Vanessa to write this book? In March of 2006, while relaxing at home, I had a sudden, deep and undeniable knowing that I was to write a book. I attempted to write for six months, yet nothing came. One day, out of frustration I surrendered and said to the universe, “If you want this book written, then you are going to have to write it!” A few days later I received a phone call from a woman in Michigan named Vanessa Wesley. Vanessa was one of my first students who trained with me in the mid-90’s. Having been out of communication with her for about a year, you can imagine how surprised I was when she told me she was calling to offer to write my book; especially considering the fact that she didn’t even know I had been attempting to write one. Vanessa hopped a plane to Dallas to interview me, thinking that we would write a book

Vanessa and I had both had life-changing moments when our inner voice introduced itself to us for the first time many years prior, and we realized that the missing piece for people is an everyday language that helps people know—with certainty—how to recognize, trust, and follow their intrinsic wisdom. We knew that a book on this subject was the book to be written.

What is your goal for your readers? We fully intend for people to recognize, trust, and follow their inner guidance with complete and total certainty. It is also our aim for people to know that not only is Inner Guidance a possibility, it is a reality. Readers tell us that Your Essential Whisper (YEW) validates their own experiences with guidance and they feel greater trust and confidence in it. YEW doesn’t simply tell you how to recognize inner guidance as theory; it tells you how you have already had the experiences and brings you back to your own intrinsic wisdom. This is how we know you can do it with certainty... you already have! When you find your experiences (The Six Distinct Ways) you’ll recognize its voice (sensations).

Can you tell us about your website and how the readers of your book can benefit from this? We have monthly Book Club tele-conferences. Callers from around the globe can ask us questions, live and in-person. So far, we have readers from 8 countries and many are starting their own book clubs that we are calling Whisper Circles. Our special free members area website supports our readers providing supplemental audios, a beautiful 70-page downloadable journal, meditations and much more to take the lessons in Your Essential Whisper to new heights. They can access information about the Book Club at People tell us how much they look forward to receiving our audio newsletter called The Weekly Whisper every Monday. It’s only 2-4 minutes in length and you’ll receive inspirational, thoughtprovoking, soul-searching stories to help you reinforce your relationship with the Whisper. You

can receive your complimentary subscription at

How might the lives of the readers of your book be different as a result of the material you provide? Recognizing, trusting, and following innate wisdom will save time, energy, money and maybe even your relationships. Some say it hasn’t totally eliminated challenges, but they have abiding assurance knowing how to access guidance, at will, as it advises them through difficult situations. And, for some, their Whisper has given them such keen advice that it has caused them to avert disasters of many kinds; financial, relationship, work-related problems, etc. For others, following guidance has opened doors to fulfill their life mission and purpose. By following guidance, you will align with the flow of life and stop wasting time, energy, and money putting out unnecessary fires because guidance was ignored. LaRue Eppler is the developer of Evolutionary Kinesiology, a speaker, course leader, transformational facilitator and co-author of ‘Your Essential Whisper; Six Distinct Ways to Recognize, Trust, and Follow Inner Guidance with Absolute Certainty!’ In the late 80’s, La Rue was a sales director of a top US cosmetics company, but when the call came to reset the button of her life, she behaved with suitable adroitness. And so, after a decade of change and learning, La Rue found a way to know rather than just guess. Thus was born the Evolutionary Kinesiology (Evo-K), and the cosmetic makeovers had metamorphosed into an inside out makeover; Evo-K guides people through experiential processes to learn to hear, trust and follow the voice of their Soul and Intuition. Based in Dallas, La Rue travels internationally delivering her exceptional blend of openness and wonder, teaching people to listen to their inner wisdom. She can be reached at 940-365-0220, & Hear LaRue speak on Saturday, April 19 at 2pm at the Wellness Expo on “Does Your Soul Actually Speak?” LaRue will be available for a booksigning following the talk.


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Dispose of your obsolete equipment. Commercial & Residential. Affordable rates. Pick-Up or Drop Off Services. Material recycling exceeds EPA standards. Secure Data Destruction. In compliance with HIPAA. Billing, Inventory, and Certificates of Disposal available to companies. 10% of profits donated to 501(c)3. Member TCEQ, Recycling Alliance of Texas, and the National Recycling Coalition.

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Dr. Clench offers complementary modalities of healing and facilitates clients' growth through the use of the Trinity Table™, Korotkov Camera Energy Field Analysis, and Bio-Energy Work. In addition to these modalities, she now offers corporate and individual archetype analysis utilizing the techniques developed by Dr. Caroline Myss in her groundbreaking book, Sacred Contracts. Dr. Clench has been certified by Dr. Myss to teach these exciting and insightful techniques.

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Dr. Bekker is a physician with extensive homoeopathic clinical experience. Proper homoeopathic treatment is according to principles based on a holistic understanding of health and disease. Medical insurance covered - out of network provider.

Designer Health Concepts, P.A. Tammy Pon, M.D. 2301 Ohio Dr., Suite 110 Plano, TX 75093  972-992-0289

Dr. Pon is Board Certified in Family Practice and specializes in Functional Medicine. She believes we "have been remarkably and wonderfully made" and combines her medical expertise with outstanding patient care to provide a personalized, holistic approach to your health and wellness. She addresses the causes of your ailment, not just the symptoms.

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Offering holistic healthcare for all ages with a focus on maintaining wellness using the latest scientific research. Natural alternatives to conventional medical therapy, medical acupuncture, anti-aging medicine, alternate vaccine schedules, as well as prenatal ultrasound, no-scalpel vasectomy, and waterproof casts.

Regina Edwards provides Classical Homeopathy consultations. Homeopathy is a form of complimentary medicine using highly diluted natural products to gently enhance healing. The selection of the single remedy is based on unique symptoms, physical sensations and emotional reactions of each individual. Additionally available: Cranio-sacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing and Therapeutic Touch.

Daniel J. Chartrand, MD 406 W. Main St. Allen, TX 75013  972-977-7496 

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Dr. Asbury has had extensive training in both Internal Medicine and Alternative Care. Excellence is emphasized in providing personalized care in a warm, compassionate atmosphere. Without the constraints of insurance, Dr. Asbury is able to spend more time with each patient doing a comprehensive health evaluation and individualizing their therapy program with the goal of restoring optimum health. Visit the website at

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Acupuncture and Holistic Animal Health Care Center. Dr. Shawn Messonnier is a nationally known veterinarian, author, and pet care advocate. Through the use of acupuncture, homeopathy, and nutrition, we can treat a variety of conditions that are often considered “hopeless” by conventional medicine. Chronic problems including allergies, cancer, skin infections, and arthritis often respond well to holistic therapies. Visit our website at

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Glenda has been in practice for 27 years. Specializing in chronic disease, adults and children. She teaches you how to stay healthy using homeopathy. Call for appointment.

Alex Bekker, M.D.

Homoeopathy General Practice 6500 E. Mockingbird Ln. Suite 115 Dallas, TX 75214-2483  214-821-3133 

Dr. Bekker is a physician with extensive homoeopathic clinical experience. Proper homoeopathic treatment is according to principles based on a holistic understanding of health and disease. Medical insurance covered - out of network provider.

Regina Edwards, BA, RMT 4144 N. Central Expy Suite 630 Dallas, TX 75204  214-824-4949

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Hypnosis With a Metaphysical Approach: Eric Richmond, CRNA, BCH Dallas Hypnosis Consultants 6162 E. Mockingbird Ln., Ste. 203-C Dallas, TX 75214  214-356-3922 (by appointment)   Higher Self Healing, All Types Regressions, Study Habits, Test Anxiety, Comprehension, Reikinosis, Procrastination, Motivation, Concentration, Self-Confidence, Stress, Weight Loss, Improve Sports, Superior Golf, Children’s Issues, Bed Wetting, Remove Habits, Remove Fears, Stop Smoking, Anger, Pain Management, Shyness, Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety, Stage Fright, Drug Abuse, and more...


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Looking for the Life you were meant to live? Let me help you help yourself and regain control for life-long changes! Releasing habit patterns - Stress, Fear, Anxiety release - Metaphysical Counseling - Abundance - and much more... Available for corporate group. Call for an appointment today!

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Discover how hypnotherapy can gently explore issues that have caused unhealthy behavior and poor decisions in the past. Hypnosis allows access to the unconscious in the altered state so that issues can be resolved more quickly and efficiently than with talk therapy.

Journey Between Lives

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SPIRITUAL REGRESSIONS. Past Life AND Life Between Lives Therapy. Stop guessing and visit the Spirit World for definitive answers regarding your current life as well as your Soul Life! Discover your Guides, Soul Group, Life Purpose and more!

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• Past Life Regressions • Life-Between-Lives Therapy • Connecting With Your Guides Carole Layman, LMSW Certified Hypnotherapist (817) 557-0008 or (817) 455-6642 Your journey starts here!

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The Most Personal and Practical Gift!

The Source

The source of everything is eternal. It is never depleted or extinguished. All things come from this source whether that be love, money, food, or life itself.

The source provides and gives in unlimited supply. By affirming and believing in this abundance of the universe, you allow miracles in your life and your world.

By trusting in what you know in your soul you release doubts and limitations. Free your mind and allow the source to take care of all your needs.

God is my source...God takes care of me abundantly.

Divinely inspired art by Nicole Mizoguchi, © 2009 • •

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Dallas Psychic Fair Tarot Reader Visit My Site For UFO Info.

The Coded Language, Free With Reading NEW Psychic E book.


Arlington Psychic Fair Second Sundays from noon to 6pm at the La Quinta Inn in Arlington. 360/30 across from Six Flags. We always meet the 2nd Sunday of every month.


There will be psychics, numerologist, tarot, angel cards, aura photos, massage therapist, candles, and more! Admission is $7 but bring a can of food and receive $2 off. All food is donated to the Aids Outreach Food Pantry.

clairvoyant medium 1-800-420-7226

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e-mail: website: ALL ARE WELCOME! Please call or email for Free Calendar

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revealing possibilities • relationships • business strategy

$50/month or drop-in $10/class Wednesday & Friday @ Noon Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:15 pm

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Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives Explorations. Navigate your life, meet your Spirit Guides and Angels, and tap into your Higher Self to make changes and reveal a better tomorrow...with hypnosis. Special sessions for children to deal with fears, sleep disturbances and self confidence.

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Karen Ann has studied with Masters worldwide, and practices classical Feng Shui. This analytical and diagnostic approach is specific to each property, each person, and includes the influences of time.

Iridology The People’s Chiropractic Clinic Edna Craven, D.C., BCNP, BCI 3200 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 105 Irving, TX 75062  972-256-0004

29 years experience. Jensonian and Holistic Iridology. Accurate iris reading. Complete written Report Of Finding with pictures. Nutritional Consultation. See ad for additional services.

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Macrobiotic counseling to develop a dietary program for overcoming your health problems • Shiatsu-based energetic bodywork to relieve stress/pain and restore good health by revitalizing organs and systems • Medical Qi Gong self-healing exercises • External Qi therapy (palm healing) • Guidance on supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Meditation Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center Sue Chadwick 4901 Keller Springs Rd. #103 Addison, TX 75001  972-248-9126

Beginning Meditation 5-week class series - learn to calm your mind, develop concentration, access inner peace. Simple, effective, proven techniques based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. SEE DISPLAY AD.

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Dallas Psychic Fair

Euphoria Smoothie

Over 50 professional psychic readers, vendors and wellness practitioners. Held the 1st Sunday of every month 12 - 6 pm. Admission - $7.00, all readings $10.00 ea.

Smoothie Heaven! Freshest tasting smoothie in the market. The explosive, full rich flavors will excite and tantalize your taste buds. We provide delicious, high quality beverage and foods that are good for your health, mind and body. Fruit Smoothies: 100% Natural, No Preservative, No Fat, No added cane Sugar, vitamin & mineral fortified. Chai Tea, Boba (Bubble) Tea, Espresso/Cappucino: Italian D'Oro, Stuffed Soft Pretzels, Healthy snacks, Nutritional Supplements.

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Intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader, Cynthia Novak provides detailed, informative, tape-recorded sessions. All are heart-centered and process oriented.

Psychic and Author

Lai Ubberud Winner of the Award "Best Psychic of 2005" by The Houston Press  832-646-3297 

Psychic, Tarot, Past Lives, Channeling, Exorcisms, Angels, Haunted Houses, Author of "Celebrity Pets Tell All"

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Cloud Photography...A playful, modern, spiritual interpretation of one of natures finest art forms.

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Hands-on evaluation of body and head- to Optimize ability to heal and function. Many problems considered "normal" are not, they are just common. True "normal" is wellness. NEWBORNS-trouble nursing, irregular head shape, fussy. BABIES/YOUNG CHILDREN-seizures, ear infections, learning and developmental trouble, scoliosis, space for teeth. WOMEN-for comfort in pregnancy, easier delivery, female problems. ALL AGES-migraine, problems from sprains/falls/accidents. And much more. For more information about my patient care philosophy and what Osteopathy can help call us or check home and "Practice News" pages on website and click on "Links" page and click "Cranial Academy" and "Children" for more details.

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This is the Special 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition of The Original Angel® Cards & Book Set: Inspirational Messages and Meditations. It contains 72 playfully illustrated cards; a pocket size carrying case; 20 bonus stickers; and a book that contains inspirational messages for keywords, plus meditations, visualizations, and journals to use with the cards.

Dr. David R. Hawkins' books

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Dr. Hawkins has devoted his life to the spiritual evolution of mankind. His books utilize muscle testing, as this well-established science provides an objective basis for distinguishing truth from falsehood. Now available, Dr. Hawkins' newest book, "Healing and Recovery".

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Your Spring Stars by Cynthia Novak Listen to the economic news and it sounds as if we've never been here before, or worse that we are on the verge of economic collapse. The Market is emotional and the emotion for the present is fear. It's difficult to look at investments and not feel as if the end is near. Still, we've been here before and each time the fear slowly fades into the past and is replaced with real estate appreciation, a rise in the price of oil and a Market boom--somewhere. Astrologically, there is change in the air symbolized by Saturn, the planet of structure and order, opposing Uranus, the restless planet of change. The last time this appeared in the heavens was 1965. The last time there was a big gathering of planets in the heavens where they have been this winter was February of 1962 and the last time the eclipse path fell where it has been in the past year was 1990. There were economic adjustments during each of these times and we grew out of them each time as well. As the planets pull apart and we get greater perspective and less fear-filled emotion this spring, opportunities will begin to appear and the emotion of the Market will turn positive. I confess that I didn't foresee the great Market dive. However, the opportunities this spring are great. It's true, if you don't have a job or are afraid you're about to lose yours, it's difficult to think about opportunity. For those who do, however, there is no seed as ready to be planted as the seeds for the future in the soil of this spring, particularly in May and June.

Spring 2009

We begin the season with all of the planets, except Saturn, in soulful lunar mansions that remind us to turn inward for guidance in difficult situations. The Moon travels the whole wheel of the heavens each month and crosses Saturn, the planet of work and endurance, to help us put a plan into action. Then, she moves over the remaining planets over the course of about 10 days and, beginning about 10 days after, she crosses Saturn. Each month is essentially split into 3 segments: A look within to face fears of loss or lack, a segment to plan and initiate action, a segment of frustration or obstacles and another look within as we try to keep the plan moving. Each time the fear rises and each time the plan is tweaked or adjusted when the obstacles arise. For those of us who have some grey in our hair, we've been through this before and the gift of Saturn is the wisdom of experience and the knowledge that it only looks like the end of financial flow. Opportunities will rise if we have the perspective to see them and some cash left to invest. By the time we get to June, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars have all started something new and have great momentum behind them. Jupiter then spends the whole month of June wedding our luck or abundance to the mystical path. It is true that Jupiter with Neptune can be illusion and delusion by the political world or the world of beliefs in general. However, it is also true that these beliefs are born of man and it is up to us to read the fine print or the party platform and to decide what we believe and who we will follow. One of the greatest gifts of the current economic rollercoaster ride down the real estate mountain is the reminder that we are ultimately responsible for what we invest our time, money and beliefs in. It may seem like a great bailout, however, there is nothing quite like economic crises to remind us that we are all connected and not just in the Jungian collective way, but through our investments and bank accounts. It doesn't matter how many whatzits and gadgets are made in Asia if no one is buying them in the West.

April: The planets are pulling apart. No longer are they tied into an intense grasp as they were all winter. Now, Venus, the planet of love and money, appears to move backward, but she is in a soulful, high-minded place. This is helpful for carefully planned investments and soulful romantic, friendly or filial relationships. She lingers all this month and part of next in the constellation Pisces. As we begin April, Mercury and the Sun have recently crossed her and are stretching business and life-force energy out into the arenas of possibility. On the 17th Venus literally appears to stop in the heavens and turn forward. It's time to look around and see if you are ready to move forward. I'll bet Facebook sites have been buzzing with old friends and rekindled romances this winter. Now, we spend a week taking careful survey of the time invested and its potential return. Venus Joins Mars on April 21st in a soulful and magnetic place in the heavens. The potential for a spiritual, evolutionary leap through love and attraction is great. Venus is also the planet of money. At this time, she is stronger than Mars and there are many who are being guided to abundance in all areas of life and love. May: It is time to look back over the past few months to assess your own fears and opportunities. The planets spread apart and we get a greater perspective of personal and collective opportunity. These adjustments are never easy. If you have a stable job, be generous and grateful. If you're struggling, look into your eyes in the mirror and remind yourself that you are being led to a great opportunity and then look for it around every corner. Retrograde Mercury is from May 6th to the 30th. It's time to reflect, rest your mind, review your plans for the future and remember what is important in your life. When you feel the burden of responsibility, remember that responsibility is an indicator that you are committed to another person or promise made. Mercury is a business planet. Lots of folks are talking about opportunities from the giant Stimulus

Package or spending bill. I'll bet that the vocal opposition continues throughout Obama's Presidency. For now, it's time to review the plan and clarify it. June: Venus joins Mars on June 21st. This entire month, Mars is stronger and he is ready to take a risk; the drive to succeed and the desire to take action through business and relationships grows ever stronger. When you think of Mars, think of action, capitalism and service. The service sector is in the news. Expect businesses to emerge that provide services fed by the Stimulus package. In the area of love, there are daring new relationships popping up everywhere. In business, the signs are strong for growth. 1990-1991: The last time the real estate bubble blew was in the mid-1980's and there was a recession in 1990-1991. That was the last time Mars joined the eclipse path where it is today. Think about Mars as action or reaction. It is interesting that today the news is doom and economic gloom‚ much as it was then. At that time oil boomed, then fell along with real estate prices and stocks. Then, we were certain that there would never be another boom and prayed that we'd keep our jobs to avoid going bust. These cycles go round and round. So cycles the fear that the bottom will fall out and so goes the burden on taxpayers to pay the debt that we somehow manage to navigate as we rise again to a place of economic enthusiasm. Look around, the tone is somber and the call to invest in the nation is resonate. Look too, for advisors, who have a broad perspective as there

Spring 2009 35

are opportunities. They see the trends and follow the money from tax-payers' pockets into businesses. If history continues to repeat itself, those that are wise are on the threshold of economic and spiritual opportunity. Can you remain peaceful and calm in the face of frightening news? Will you be part of the reconstruction? Will you reach beyond fear of what you cannot change to find opportunity? Will we all vow to sell sooner next time if there is just one more boom? This spring it is important to remember that these are cycles. It's up to us to search for opportunities when the buzz is fear. It's up to us to remain detached as much as possible while we rebuild, and we will rebuild. Obama: Uranus and Mars face his Mars during the last week of March through mid-April. Uranus will trigger his Mars a total of 3 times. The last two are October 25th, 2009 and January 6th, 2010. The last week in March should show a more assertive stance in several areas from our Commander and Chief. The Uranus transits to Mars are innately unpredictable. GWB nearly choked on a pretzel during a Uranus Mars transit and flew off a Segue on another. He is alive and well so I'd caution us not to assume dire circumstances. Instead, I'd like to talk about what these transits "feel" like. Uranus is like an electrical current. Mars is the planet of action and drive. Put the two together and a person feels restless and unsettled. It seems that other people are doing crazy things and no matter where you turn someone or something

is upsetting your plans for a simple day. The transit for O is complicated by transiting Saturn to his Mars. That feels frustrating. No matter where you roll or how good things appear, you land behind the 8-ball again. It's frustrating and often exhausting. Mars is the planet of action, aggression and service. With Uranus and Saturn on his Mars, it seems that obstacles and irritating people are everywhere. April is a most volatile time for President Obama where his vocal opposition will be heard. It is intense and combative as the right rally on the energetic wave of economic crises and the President takes hard questions and challenges. April may be the biggest challenge of his career. I would anticipate threats, but that is part of the office. I also expect difficulties with some in his Cabinet as the man whose staff must anticipate everything, continues to be confronted with the unexpected at every turn. The President and we will make it through this. The surprises aren't over, but we can choose how we will respond. It is not an accident he's our leader now. Fortunately, he also has one very favorable transit that begins on March 24th. Lucky Jupiter crosses the front of his chart. President Clinton started his presidency with Jupiter in the 1st house during his first year in office. The transit is good for persuasion and passion. Jupiter is known to passionately present his views and is the consummate proselytizer of the zodiac. His chart is stress-filled, but this aspect looks too good for him to fail and "We the People" can only benefit from his ultimate success.

Cynthia Novak is a professional astrologer. She can be contacted at metro 817-261-2984. Read Cynthia’s daily astrological message at or see Come hear Cynthia’s talk at the Wellness Expo on Sunday, April 19 at 11:30am entitled “Astrology and You”.


Spring 2009

"Healing Music"

Ascension Healing

By Alan Roubik Distributed by Shifting Frequencies  972-378-1211 î Ł

Natural healing for body, mind & spirit

Pamela Mauras Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Conduit of Creative Force & Ascension Energies

Alan's music has been scientifically tested and endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the "Messages from Water" books. Alan's CDs are used for pain and anxiety relief, as well as assisting the human immune system.

(817) 721-0901 Fort Worth TX

Reiki/Energy Healing Ascension Healing

Pamela Mauras, Reiki Master-Teacher, Divinity Graduate of Accelerated Creative Force-Quan Yin Creation Center, Hawaii Fort Worth, TX  817-721-0901 


Reiki - Distance Healing - Reiki for Pets Creative Force Energy Attunements Chakra Balancing - Aromatherapy Bach Flower Remedies - Native & Full Moon Ceremonies, Readings & more

During this miraculous time, humanity is undergoing a divine process of Ascension. A time of deep healing, releasing, change & transformation. It is my deepest honor & purest intention to support your personal process with energy work grounded in 5th-12th Dimensional Ascension energy structures & the blessed support of Quan Yin & her powerful Creative Force energies. These energies deeply heal, release all disruption & align us in higher frequencies of love, enjoyment & creation. Among other services (see ad) I provide Reiki Sessions, Aura Clearing, Shaman Drum Healing Sessions, Sacred Healing Meditations & offer Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Full Moon/Goddess Rituals, Handfasting ceremonies, Motherpeace Readings & more I teach all levels of Usui Reiki, offer classes on the Ascension Process & Quan Yin & Creative Force: working with Creation

Energy Dynamics —

Multi-Dimensional Transformational Healing and Spiritual Response Therapy Cynthia R. Shaw, RMT, MTI  972-991-2097  î Ł

SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives. Remote healing available.

Social Networking

Spiritual Organizations Christian Science Reading Room Unlock the power of the Bible 1930 N. Coit Road, #120 SE Corner Coit/Campbell Richardson, TX 75080  972-231-0114  î Ł

Open Mon - Fri 10 – 5, Sat 11 – 5, & Wed 'til 7. Unlock the power of the Bible! On sale for a limited time – "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Mention this ad and receive the special sale price of only $5 for this life changing book. Experience first hand this indispensible key for discovering the Bible's timeless inspiration and healing power.

Earth Rhythms

Amy Martin 381 Casa Linda Plaza #137 Dallas, TX 75218  î Ł

Presenting experiential events, preserving natural places, and providing help to those in need in North Texas. Events include Winter SolstiCelebrations, Moonlady Nights, and talks and concerts by national spiritual leaders. A green cemetery is being planned. Monthly e-newletter with seasonal/lunar dates, features, more. A Spiritually Conscious Social Networking site to Unify Souls for Social, Business and Soul connections

St. Clement of Alexandria Liberal Catholic Church Fr. Tony J. Howard, Pastor 202 North Allen Dr., Suite E-114 Allen, TX 75002  972-377-3828  î Ł

"Liberal" means "free"; "Catholic" means "universal." Bells and Smells, Esoteric Friendly, Open Communion every Sunday at 11am. Liberal Catholic: a relief, not an oxymoron.

Universal Light of Christ Church

Rev. Pat Raimondo 6117 Graham St. Lake Worth, TX 76135  817-237-7840  î Ł

Sunday Service: 11:00am • Classes: The Teachings of Light • Two locations: Florida / Texas • Intuitive Consultations Available

Tai Chi / Qigong Ranjana's Yoga and Bodyworks Ranjana Pallana 13614 Midway Rd @ Alpha Suite 101 Dallas  972-233-4377  î Ł

Hatha yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, massages & waxing.

Spring 2009 37

Join the conversation at Post your listing.

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Intuitive astrologer and Tarot reader, Cynthia Novak provides detailed, informative, tape-recorded sessions. All are heart-centered and process oriented.

Video Production Bliss Body Productions

"Create Your Own Affordable DVD" Adam Leonard, Executive Producer  847-894-2876  

Bliss Body is the only video production company in the DFW area that works exclusively with the holistic wellness community. We create affordable DVDs and web videos that are both professional and affordable. We love collaborating with yoga instructors, holistic healers, musicians, bodyworkers, and all other wellness practitioners. We handle all the technical production details so you can relax and do what you do best on camera.

Yoga Alpha-Omega Yoga Teacher Training

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Become an RYT 200 hour or RYT 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. Be an inspiration to others or deepen your practice.


Carol A. Stall, MA, E-RYT-500 Richardson, North Dallas and Plano  469-441-7064   

Experience Hatha Yoga to unify body, mind, and spirit. Grow stronger, more flexible, more balanced. Awaken inner awareness. Improve breathing patterns, and experience deep, restorative relaxation. Classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training.

Private Yoga Instruction

Sheri Cherokee, E-RYT 500  214-226-5247  www.alpha-omegayoga.comwww.dfwyogat

Private yoga instruction for all levels. Over 35 years experience.

Ranjana’s Yoga & Bodyworks

Ranjana - RYT 500 - 60 years Exp. Enjoy classic Hatha Yoga Meditation Massages with Reflexology - Shirodhara Ear Candling & Waxing

972-233-4377 13614 Midway Rd, Ste 101 · Dallas, TX 75244

Daily Astrological Message by Cynthia Novak

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See more at March 28 WILLIAM HENRY & JOHN MAJOR JENKINS. For a one day event speaking on 2012 and Beyond. The Center for Spiritual Living, 10am-6pm. William Henry will be presenting “The American Enlightenment: The Dream Realized”. John Major Jenkins’ presentation will be based on his new 2012 book “Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date”. His work has been seen on: The History Channel, The Discovery Chanel and CNN. Registration: full day, $90.

April 11 THE ONE COMMAND® 1-DAY TRAINING 9am-6pm at The Spiritual Fitness Center: 300 N. Coit #179, Richardson TX 75080. 214-205-3012 $195 17-19 THE ONE COMMAND® PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION 3-DAY TRAINING 9am-5pm at The Spiritual Fitness Center: 300 N. Coit #179, Richardson TX 75080. 214-205-3012 $395 18-19 WELLNESS EXPO® in Addison produced by the Holistic Networker®. This two-day, indoor/ outdoor event will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 11am-6pm, Addison Conference Centre, 15650 Addison Rd, 3 blocks north of Beltline, two blocks west of the Tollway. Call 972-378-3770 or email: for information about exhibiting or attending. SEE AD ON BACK COVER or see our web page at May 2 THE ONE COMMAND® 1-DAY TRAINING 9am-6pm at The Spiritual Fitness Center: 300 N. Coit #179, Richardson TX 75080. 214-205-3012 $195 2-3 Nikki’s De’Light Bath & Body Product is sponsoring a Mother’s Day Expo. Everything you need/want to pamper your favorite mom. May 2, 5-9pm. May 3, 3-7pm Nico’s Cocina, 3065 N Josey Ln, Carrollton TX 75007. For vendor information contact Nikki or Lamar, 469-226-0290 or 228-313-9467, June 6 THE ONE COMMAND® 1-DAY TRAINING 9am-6pm at The Spiritual Fitness Center: 300 N. Coit #179, Richardson TX 75080. 214-205-3012 $195 August 8-9 Introducing the Fort Worth WELLNESS EXPO® produced by the Holistic Networker®. This two-day event will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 11am-6pm, Will Rogers Memorial Center, 3401 W. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth in the Stagecoach room. Call 972-378-3770 or email: for information about exhibiting or attending. See our web page at October 2-4 WITCHSTOCK: A Wiccan Event 17-18 WELLNESS EXPO® in Addison produced by the Holistic Networker®. This two-day, indoor/outdoor event will be held on Saturday & Sunday, 11am-6pm, Addison Conference Centre, 15650 Addison Rd, Call 972-378-3770 or visit

Ongoing Second Sundays Arlington Psychic Fair from noon to 6pm at the La Quinta Inn in Arlington. 360/30 across from Six Flags. We meet the 2nd Sunday of every month. There will be psychics, numerologist, tarot, angel cards, aura photos, massage therapist, candles, and more! Admission is $7 but bring a can of food and receive $2 off. All food is donated to the Aids Outreach Food Pantry. Booth space available call Terri Wilson for more info at 817-727-7882 1st & 3rd Mondays COMMANDING WEALTH CIRCLE® OF RICHARDSON 7-9pm at The Spiritual Fitness Center: 300 N. Coit #179, Richardson TX 75080. 214-205-3012 $20 First & Last Mondays 7PM - Learn to go green and earn extra green in the green industry of botanical based, toxic-free, chemical-free health and wellness products. Limited seating. RSVP, 214-288-4325 Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday John Cappello...Visionary...Presents Views From The Other Side. Gallery at 7PM, $20. The Gallery is a special time when amazing information comes to us from the Spirit World. Come and join us! Positive Touch: 972-480-0678, 504 Business Parkway, Richardson, Texas 75081 Every 2nd Thursday FREE Visualization Workshop led by an Avatar Master and a Life Coach. 7-9pm at Center for Spiritual Living. 214-662-3159 Every Thursday SPIRITUAL LIVING & MEDITATION CLASS Based on the Kriya Yoga tradition; 7:00-8:00: p.m. Near Hurst NE Mall; Donation basis For more information on monthly schedule: 817-283-0021 or Affiliated with Center for Spiritual Awareness, Lakemont, GA Director, Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda Web site: Saturdays Spiritual Garden - Unity on Forest Lane - Support for your Life Journey, Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Call 469-438-8634. Monthly Multi-Dimensional Healing in Massage CEUs for Massage Therapists/Open to the public. Classes are held each month. Contact Cynthia R. Shaw for workshop details. 972-991-2097 or Monthly Vegetarian Society of DFW is now called VegetarianDallas. It holds monthly fun educational dinner meetings and potluck for members and nonmembers alike. 214-432-5480 or Ongoing FREE MYSTICAL FAIR every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Readers, Healers, Psychic’s and Mediums. AURA photos. Messages of Joy, 190 W. Main St, Lewisville, TX 75057. Phone 972-221-8080. Ongoing Yoga Teacher Training: Namaste USA 200 hour program. Yoga Alliance registered. Monthly training events. 469-441-7064. Space Available MEETING/WORKSHOP SPACE AVAILABLE. Richardson location. In the vicinity of Hwy I-75 and Spring Valley. 972-480-0678. OFFICE & WORKSHOP SPACE. Hwy I-75 and Spring Creek. 214-492-3713

Classifieds Save up to 25% on your electric bill, while helping to save the environment. KVAR® EC fine tunes electrical systems to reduce non-productive and wasted electricity, giving you cost-effective energy! Contact Christi Roberts with Go Green Envergy Savers at: 972-838-7383. Give discount code: SF444 for special pricing.

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Holistic Networker : Spring 2009  

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