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Month 00, 2013

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What is network180? network180 is the behavioral health authority for Kent County and connects individuals and families to services in three areas: •mental illness •substance use disorders •developmental disabilities In addition, network180 manages services for all of the above for: •children & families

About mental illnesses Sometimes people can feel sad or angry for no reason, or hear or see things that are not real. These may be signs of a mental illness. Just like any illness, a mental illness can make things hard for your physical health, relationships, family, or job. One in every 5 people has some kind of mental illness such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, or chronic depression.

About substance use disorders Like any illness, a substance use disorder can make things hard for your health, relationships, family, or job. Over 25 million people have a substance use disorder caused by the excessive or ongoing use of drugs or alcohol.

About developmental disabilities Some people are born with a disability and have a hard time doing things you may find easy. These may be signs of a developmental disability. Developmental disabilities appear before someone is 22 years old. Autism and intellectual disability are types of developmental disabilities.

About services for children & families When we think of a child’s health, we often think about aches and pains, a fever or a runny nose, bumps and bruises, or dental care. Emotional health is also very important for children. Children grow up fast and it is important to deliver services and support as quickly as possible so long lasting problems aren’t created. Children and families need to be prepared for life’s emotional challenges.

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