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Best Website a digital newsroom • Contemporary news and views portal • Presents news in a manner and pace in sync with today’s digital environment • Makes news ‘social’; professes the philosophy participate • Allows sharing of news and information through social platforms; blends seamlessly with other social platforms • Formidable social presence across platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc • Launched on May 9th, 2011, already a site endorsed by thinkers and influencers across categories

What makes it work • A truly digital product • Ease of navigation • Appealing design- large images, bold headlines • Ease of participation- comment, share, follow • Almost real time reporting of news • Robust presence on social platforms

Wide Variety of Content • Topics range across• • • • • • • • •

India Politics World Business Economy Bollywood Life Sports Tech

• Featured Guest Blogs- Voices • F.Wire- ‘News as it unfolds’ • ‘What’s Hot’- Assorted news for the time strapped user

Special Properties • Firstpost Video Room – Firstpost Video Room presents a unique feature which provides an assortment of the latest news videos, for audiences who prefer to consume news in video format

• Firstpost e-book – Firstpost e-book caters to that segment of the audience which takes keen interest in getting in-depth knowledge on certain topics, in this case, the week’s most talked about topic

• Firstpost Photos – Firstpost Photos presents news through photos , another feature attempting to ease news consumption

• Firstpost Trends – Every article would have a list of related topics mentioned below with hash tags which once clicked upon throws up all the articles available on that topic

Special Properties • Firstpost Battleboard – Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand puts up certain chess challenges for the audience, challenges which he had faced in his career – Vishwanathan Anand then offers the best solution to such a challenge – Firstpost users get to experience real life chess challenges faced by the Grandmaster and eventually interact with him and understand the way out of such challenges.

• Firstpost Mumbai/Firstpost Delhi – These properties are specifically designed to address ‘location specific’ audiences; not just people who reside in Mumbai/Delhi but people who take interest in these cities in terms of its cultural fabric, food, unique stories, latest news and so on.

Performance • Monthly Unique Visitors(domestic) – 7.1 Million • Total Visits(monthly)- 19 Million Monthly UVs(000) 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200

100 0 Jun-11





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Firstpost- Best Website

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