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4.00 5.00 6.45

Just Julian The Last Lunch Severance




6.00 7.30

Boston Tea Party

5.00 6.30

5.00 6.15 7.45

Tea Anyone? The Chocolate Paradox Links with Lit


The Blizzard

5.00 6.30

The Chocolate Paradox The Blizzard

7.45 9.00

Absolute Improv Links with Lit

Tramps Like Us People Watching People Women of an Uncertain Age

10.00 Dr Frankenstein’s Show

9.00 Check In 10.15 Straight and Narrow

4.00 5.45

4.30 5.45

a mid summer nights dream Dr Frankenstein’s Show

The Baptist Hall

8.00 Two Women and a Play 9.00 I never did... 10.00 This Was Your Life

Cover Story Bursary Boy

4.30 6.15


Psychic or Trick of the Mind 2

8.45 Trouble & Strife 10.15 Luna

5.00 Luna 6.30   The Last Lunch 8.15   Severance

Snarks This Was Your Life


A Pirate’s Life for Me


Revlon Scarlet

7.45 Going Viral 9.15 I never did... 10.15 Sky Boys

1.30 Women of an Uncertain Age 3.00   Cover Story 4.15   Tramps Like Us

2.00 Sky Boys 3.15   I never did... 4.15   Snarks

5.45 Straight and Narrow 7.15   People Watching People 8.30   Check In

6.00 This Was Your Life 7.30   Two Women and a Play 8.30   Sky Boys




1.00 Check In 2.15   Straight and Narrow 3.45 


I like the way you wear your hair


Revlon Scarlet


A Pirate’s Life for Me

Funders (through NDT) 6.30

I like the way you wear your hair


I like the way you wear your hair

12.00 A Pirate’s Life for Me 2.00 Revlon Scarlet


I like the way you wear your hair


A Pirate’s Life for Me


I like the way you wear your hair

5.00 Links with Lit 6.30   The Blizzard 7.45   Tea Anyone?


Revlon Scarlet

Bursary Boy


I like the way you wear your hair


make-shift At a house in Barnstaple (with a live relay to venue X)

9.45 Fractal 1.00   Absolute Improv 1.30   Snarks 3.15   Two Women and a Play 4.15   Fractal

Bursary Boy

12.00 A Pirate’s Life for Me 2.00 Revlon Scarlet

3.30 The Chocolate Paradox 4.00

A Pirate’s Life for Me


Revlon Scarlet

5.00 Tea Anyone? 5.45   The Last Lunch


Cover Story

The Venues

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Per show, £5


10.00 Psychic or Trick of the Mind 2

4.00 Severance

I like the way you wear your hair

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9.00 Absolute Improv

a mid summer nights dream


Tramps Like Us

9.00 Women of an Uncertain Age 10.30 People Watching People


venue X (meet at Queen’s Theatre box-office)


12.00 a mid summer nights dream 2.00   Psychic or Trick of the Mind 2 3.30   Dr Frankenstein’s Show


Fractal Going Viral

The Square








Accommodation supported by

Thanks to St John’s Garden Centre for help with transport A huge thank you to the dedicated team of volunteers without whom Fringe TheatreFest could not function. Fringe Theatrefest is about a whole variety of people and institutions coming together to make something extraordinary happen. And the volunteers are the lifeblood of the whole enterprise. Volunteers supervise the venues, run the venue boxoffices, help with the technical side, assist with publicity and are the warm and welcoming public face of Fringe Theatrefest. If you would like to join the team contact us via the website or at

Concessions, £3 (age 16 or under, students, over 60s, unemployed, disabled) Save money and see more with a Frequent Fringer Voucher

Pay just £15 and gain entry to 6 performances of your choice (subject to availability), which works out at an amazing £2.50 each.

Now in its 6th year, Fringe TheatreFest is bigger and busier than ever. Four days of frenzied activity featuring over 30 companies – from around the UK, and beyond - presenting over 100 performances in just about every theatrical style you could imagine. From a mentalist to a mime, from re-worked Shakespeare to tall tales in narrow boats; a whirl of dance, stirring drama, evocative story-telling and a full range of comedy. And it’s all made so easy. Everything happens in 5 town-centre venues within easy walking distance of each other and at a price that represents truly extraordinary value. With a Frequent Fringer voucher you can take in 6 shows for just £2.50 a time. So you don’t have to stick in the comfort zone. Venture with us deep into the unknown! Check out the thumbnail sketches of each production and then look us up on-line for loads more detail. And then time to start planning how you’re going to catch each and every one of the shows that grabs your attention! (Updated on 23rd May)

studio@QT & gallery@QT are both in the Queen’s Theatre, half way up Boutport Street, where the central box-office is also located. The downstairs bar will be open for drinks and light refreshments throughout Fringe TheatreFest.

Individual show tickets and Frequent Fringer Vouchers can be purchased in advance from the Queen’s Theatre in Barnstaple, the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe, and participating venues over the Fringe TheatreFest weekend. Individual show tickets will be available on the day of the performance, at the appropriate venue, one hour before the show starts.

Fringe Buttons




The Baptist Hall is situated at the Pilton end of Boutport Street - a four minute stroll from the Queen’s Theatre. We are grateful for the continued and enthusiastic support of Rev David Hughes and his team.

Boston Tea Party is in Tuly Street at the corner of the Cattle Market car park - an easy four minutes from the Queen’s Theatre. This is also the venue for lunchtime ‘taster’ sessions from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd June between 1pm and 2pm.

The Square is the place for pirate-themed familyfriendly entertainment performed in a marquee. The Museum Tea Room, conveniently located next to the performance area, will be open during the day for ice creams and light refreshments.

Every audience member aged 13+ needs a Fringe Button to enter a venue, available from any of the venues for £1 (only one purchase necessary). The money raised through the sale of Fringe Buttons provides vital funds towards infrastructure costs of Fringe TheatreFest, while 100% of ticket sales goes directly to the performers. Thank you for your support.

Over 100 performances in 4 days Tickets from just £2.50 each

Queen’s Theatre, Boutport Street, Barnstaple, EX31 1SY

Landmark Theatre, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe, EX34 9BZ

Box Office: 01271 32 42 42

People Watching People

Cover Story


The most beautiful things are the unobserved. We invite you to witness the stories of the everyday but unnoticed world of the community we live in through a piece of fun physical theatre that captures the excitement of the ordinary.

An unresolved accusation! Rumour, gossip, slander – media pressure! Pilot’s Thumb bring their signature style of personalising political and social dilemmas to bear upon a topical issue.

physical theatre age 12+ 45mins gallery@QT Thurs 6.00pm, Fri 10.30pm, Sat 7.15pm

drama age 14+ 40mins gallery@QT Fri 4.30pm, Sat 3.00pm, Sun 5.30pm

We are a moving line of attached people moving quickly from space to place. We will inhabit your landscape forming mini performances, images and soundscapes. We encourage our audience to interact, to change the picture, to join the centipede. So keep your eyes open, we might just pop up anywhere…

Bursary Boy


The Blizzard

Tramps Like Us

A silent performance inspired by Charles C. Ebbets photograph ‘Lunch Atop A Skyscraper’ about human relationships, sweat and broken dreams.

A new play by award winning writer Dougie Blaxland which explores the culture of silence within the Catholic Church with regards to abuse.

An exploration in improvisation with two artforms simultaneously: music and dance, each interacting with the other.

Two homeless men share their wisdom and worldly knowledge as they rebuild their world, one rusty baked-bean can at a time.

comedy age 14+ 40mins The Baptist Hall Fri 10.15pm, Sat 2.00pm, Sat 8.30pm

drama age 14+ 75mins gallery@QT Fri 5.45pm, Sat 9.45pm, Sun 3.45pm

A maritime tale of three Newquay men and their life at sea, transporting Culm to Ireland and the west country. Story telling and music bring to life a forgotten part of Cornish working life.

Links With Lit


Check In


This Was Your Life

How the oral tradition has shaped the written word and vice versa. Pete Castle (folk singer/storyteller) with stories and songs which have influenced literature; were influenced by literature; or which just remind one of works of literature. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Keats, Dickens, Hardy will feature in an entertaining mix.

An inspired piece of theatre by Philip Bailey based on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Hunting of the Snark’ and other nonsense verse. Directed by Rob Pudner and his Senior Company who promise a physical show full of colourful characters, adventure, slapstick and general silliness.

Facebook is an online social networking site. Users are encouraged to make a public digital legacy for themselves via updating their status by answering ‘What’s on your mind?’ and sharing photos, etc. Out There Theatre have devised a show from posts found on Facebook, so don’t forget to ‘Check In’.

drama age 8+ 75mins The Baptist Hall Fri 4.30pm, Sat 4.15pm, Sun 1.30pm

drama, physical-theatre age 14+ 40mins gallery@QT Thurs 9.00pm, Sat 8.30pm, Sun 1.00pm

A unique blend of dance and theatre telling the story of a transgendered teenager, based on the award winning novel by Julie Anne Peters. ‘LUNA charts Liam’s journey as he becomes a beautiful, new woman, [like] a butterfly emerging from the trappings of a cocoon...’ Wiltshire Times 2012

A comedy play with music where the audience are invited to the recording of everyone’s favourite reality show to determine the eternal fate of a recently deceased contestant. Funny, moving and with two possible endings - unpredictable! Reality TV will never be the same again. drama age 15+ 55 mins The Baptist Hall Thurs 10.00pm, Fri 6.15pm, Sat 6.00pm

The Last Lunch

The Chocolate Paradox

‘I never did...’

Absolute Improv!

Women of an Uncertain Age

Butcher Albert - enraged as vegans, hippies and pregnant grand-daughters come for lunch - tries to keep his Nokia out of the tofu casserole and resist ‘damaged stock’ from beef-farmer Pete. Think ‘The Archers’, only with more vegans, more acid… and more ritual murder.

A hard-centred comedy about chocolate and the credit crunch(ie), set in a small Yorkshire town. While Morris and Albert rehearse a play about George Cadbury and the Quakers, Ted and Trevor worry about financial jiggery-pokery in the uncertain world of big business. But will Alice fall for Ambrose’s sweet designs?

Approached from an adult perspective and using A.A Milne’s playful poetics from “When We Were Very Young”, this dance theatre solo seeks to capture, and therefore remember the essence of childhood. Tightly performed in the round this dynamic yet intimate solo leaves you guessing, what are the rules?

Middle-aged women: an Endangered Species. Marvel at their survival techniques and their extraordinary use of camouflage. Are we too old for careers, sex and a social life? Who says? Through sketches, monologues and music, discover what it means to be thirty plus – OK, 30XL – in the 21st Century.

drama age 14+ 75 mins studio@QT Thurs 5.00pm, Sat 6.30pm, Sun 5.45pm

drama age 14+ 60mins Boston Tea Party Thurs 6.15pm, Fri 5.00pm, Sun 3.30pm

drama age 12+ 75mins The Baptist Hall Thurs 9.00pm, Fri 9.15pm, Sat 3.15pm

This talented group of international improvisers instantly turn audience suggestions into unique sketches. Come shout zany ideas or bring unique items and see them transformed into fabulous scenes! “Had me laughing uncontrollably” 4 stars (Edinburgh Spotlight 2011). EdFringe 2011 smash hit! comedy improv age 12+ 60mins Boston Tea Party Fri 7.45pm, Sat 9.00pm, Sun 1.00pm

Two Women and a Play

Tea Anyone?


a mid summer nights dream A Pirate’s Life for Me wolf + water/many directions theatre

Vagabondi Puppets

A return collaboration of the original Yo Yo Triptych, Cathy, Helen and Clare. Based on plays for two women explored through dance.

“We’re new here. Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?” Can we make a space into a home and strangers into a family in just 45 minutes?

An adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set on the eve of the first world war performed by people with learning difficulties.

dance age 14+ 30mins The Baptist Hall Thurs 8.00pm, Sat 7.30pm, Sun 3.15pm

stories, chat, tea age 14+ 45mins Boston Tea Party Thurs 5.00pm, Sat 7.45pm, Sun 5.00pm

An intimate networked performance and discussion event that speaks about the fragile connectivities of human ecological relationships. make-shift takes place simultaneously in two ordinary houses one in Barnstaple, one in Providence USA – connected by a specially designed online interface.

Join old Captain Mary MacGuire and her trusty first mate Annie Greengrass as they tell you about their piratical past on the high seas with the help of puppets, songs, maps and an incredible unfolding ship. But be warned landlubbers - don’t believe a word!

Trouble and Strife

Revlon Scarlet Rescues the Crown Jewels

Dr Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show

Pirate Revlon Scarlet, time traveller, battles Captain Bligh to rescue the crown jewels for the 1952 coronation, meeting historical figures along the way.

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein through the debauched and twisted eyes of one cynical raconteur and his faithful gaggle of gormless goons.

family show age 6+ 75 mins The Square Thurs 6.30pm, Fri 4.30pm, Sat 2.00pm & 6.00pm, Sun 2.00pm & 6.00pm

cabaret age 14+ 75 mins studio@QT Thurs 10.00pm, Fri 5.45pm, Sat 3.30pm

Straight and Narrow

Sky Boys

An old narrowboatman, his horse and visitors share short, tall tales and navigate truth and fiction on and beyond the canal.

Sue Smith, Jane Castree & Jules Laville Trouble and Strife is an evening of new cross-art performance work created by Plymouth based female choreographers as a celebration of International Women’s Day. Trouble and Strife is a diverse program of dance which challenges ideas about dance and its audiences. dance age 12+ 60mins studio@QT Fri 8.45pm

White Hippos Productions

drama age 12+ 45 mins gallery@QT Thurs 10.15pm, Sat 5.45pm, Sun 2.15pm

Psychic or Trick of the Mind Part 2 Paul Stockman

With performances on stage and television around the world, from New York to Las Vegas and from London to Paris, this show is set to be one of the most fascinating, fun and enjoyable nights of entertainment at this year’s festival. mind illusion age 10+ 60mins studio@QT Fri 7.15pm, Sat 2.00pm, Sat 10.00pm

Going Viral

Play It Again Theatre Company ‘Excellent . Hard-hitting yet sensitive.’ (Audience Member, 2011)

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Make way for Bella Jones, Britain’s Next Top Model!” How far would you go to secure your big break with an online modelling agency? Bribes, lies, a betrayal resulting in the ultimate consequence.... Who’s really in that chat room? drama age 11+ 60mins The Baptist Hall Thurs 6.30pm, Fri 7.45pm

Yo Yo

River Productions & Skylight Theatre


Pete Castle

storytelling, music, song age 14+ 60min Boston Tea Party Thur 7.45pm, Fri 9.00pm, Sat 5.00pm

Something Underground Theatre Company

Pidge Productions

Tin Shed Theatre Co.

Provocation Theatre Company

Entertainingly Different Youth Theatre

Plain Quakers

Blind Ditch

RunFree Theatre


improv-dance, music age 12+ 60mins The Baptist Hall Thurs 5.00pm, Sat 9.45pm, Sun 4.15pm

Out There Theatre

Jessie Percival

drama age 12+ 75 mins studio@QT Fri 4.00pm, Sat 12.00pm, Sun 2.00pm

words and images 12+ 75mins A house in Barnstaple (plus a live relay to venue X) Sun 4.00pm – must be booked in advance

Pilot’s Thumb Theatre

Nigel Billing

storytelling, music age 12+ 50mins Boston Tea Party Thurs 9.00pm, Fri 6.30pm, Sat 6.30pm

Pretty Good Girl Dance Theatre

dance-theatre age 12+ 60mins studio@QT Thurs 8.30pm, Fri 10.15pm, Sat 5.00pm

To Be Continued...

children’s theatre age 5+ 60mins The Square Thurs 4.30pm, Fri 6.30pm, Sat 12.00pm & 4.00pm, Sun 12.00pm & 4.00pm

Social Interruption

Street event

Autojeu Theatre

drama age 12+ 55mins gallery@QT Thurs 4.30pm, Fri 7.30pm, Sat 4.15pm

Quite Nice Theatre

Flip Webster & Maggie Bourgein

comedy age 14+ 50mins gallery@QT Thurs 7.30pm Fri 9.00pm, Sat 1.30pm

I like the way you wear your hair Greg Wohead

Greg’s bedroom, Texas, 1998. Summer’s over, and he can’t stop thinking about Sara. Using storytelling, projected drawings and DIY atmosphere, Greg tells you a true story about stomach butterflies and private thoughts: the night he finally decided to take a chance. story, multi-media age 14+ 45mins venue X (meet at Queen’s Theatre box office) Thurs 6.30pm & 8.00pm, Fri 6.30pm & 8.00pm, Sat 2.00pm & 4.30pm & 9.00pm

Just Julian


Enjoy fringe drama all year round in studio@QT

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Just Julian explores the idea of social inclusion and community intolerance of one who is different. However, to his friends, he will always be, Just Julian.

A cross art-form piece, combining dance and theatre. An interwoven expression of the deep personal wounds caused by ‘cuts’, ‘austerity’ and ‘severance’.

An intimate, club style performance space is created in the auditorium of the Queen’s Theatre providing a vibrant programme of cutting edge and diverse productions throughout the year.

Simply scan this QR code with your SmartPhone and join us online.

drama age 8+ 30mins studio@QT Thurs 4.00pm

dance, theatre age 16+ 70mins studio@QT Thurs 6.45pm, Sat 8.15pm, Sun 4.00pm

Forches Finest


Visit the website for more information: