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Nettalk Duo | Portable VOIP Device Buy the NetTALK Duo and start enjoying FREE unlimited calling without sacrificing any of the coveted calling features. Decide to put an end to monthly phone bills today!

Nettalk, the well known name in the VOIP arena, has just introduced a new contender within the portable communications marketplace. Their new product is called the DUO and boasts an exclusive feature that could very well elevate them beyond the reach of other competitors within the portable VOIP community. Like other VOIP devices, the DUO offers free unlimited calling within the United States and Canada but, unlike others, the DUO is able to operate with or without a computer. This independent functionality frees the user from needing to rely on their computer for reliable phone access. As well, it eliminates the need for having a computer constantly running in order to maintain a live phone connection. It is no secret that VOIP technology has proven itself as a viable and reliable form of telephone access- as is seen by the ever increasing demand for services and products like Vonage, Magic Jack and Ooma. The release of the Nettalk DUO, along with these other VOIP alternatives, bring affordability to communications. In addition, they do so without the need for sacrificing all the convenient functions which traditional telephone providers offer as all the popular phone features are incorporated, for free, into VOIP phone access. Basically, this convenient technology is enabling people to receive the same phone service that is received from landlines for approximately the price that an individual pays for one monthly phone bill.

It is evident that the economy will take some time to rebound and being able to cut costs where possible is a necessity. With VOIP technology, one is able to literally abandon their overly priced traditional phone service provider for an extremely affordable alternative that does not even require a sacrifice. As well, the Nettalk DUO, like Vonage, is a SIP device which means that it is also fully compatible with Faxing, dial-up VPN/ISPs and Satellite providers. This feature, which many of the portable voip devices lack, ensure future scalability and durability. Of course, all of these benefits are joined with the ability to accompany one on travels as portable VOIP devices provide phone service wherever one is able to access a broadband connection. If one is looking to cut costs or expand their communication capabilities then exploring portable VOIP device alternatives may be a worthwhile pursuit.

Nettalk Duo - The Breakthrough Portable VOIP Device Nettalk, the renowned name within the VOIP industry, has now released a new device in the portable phoning mar...

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