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Accessories Spoke Ornaments

RS13A-FL-C02 RS13A-FL-C03 RS13A-FL-C04 RS13A-FL-C05 RS13A-FL-C06 Spoke Ornaments Spoke Ornaments Spoke Ornaments Spoke Ornaments Spoke Ornaments

Bottle Water

RS34-001 Bottle Water

RS34-002 Bottle Water

RS34-001B Bottle RS34-002B Bottle Water Water

RS34-003 Bottle RS34-004 Bottle RS34-005 Bottle Water Water Water


RS38-001 Bells

RS38-006 Bells

RS38-FL-932 Bells

RS38-002 Bells

RS38-003 Bells

RS38-004 Bells

RS38-005 Bells

RS38-FL-901 Bells

RS38-FL-902 Bells

RS38-FL-915 Bells

RS38-FL-922 Bells

RS38-FL-934 Bells

RS38-FL-946 Bells

RS38-FL-969 Bells

RS38-FL-933 Bells


RS40-MD-02 Dynam

RS40-MD-03-01 Dynam

RS40-MD-03-02 Dynam

RS40-MD-03-03 Dynam

RS40-MD03-04 Dynam

RS40-MD-08-01 Dynam

RS40-MD-08-02 Dynam

RS40-MD-08-03 Dynam

RS40-MD-08-04 Dynam


RS50-001F Basket RS50-002F Basket RS50-003F Basket

RS50-003R Basket

RS50-001R Basket

RS50-002R Basket

RS56-004 Lock

RS56-005 Lock

RS50-004R Basket


RS56-001 Lock

RS56-002 Lock

RS56-003 Lock

RS56-006 Lock

RS56-007 Lock

RS56-008 Lock

RS56-009 Lock

RS56-010 Lock

RS56-011 Lock

RS56-012 Lock

RS56-013 Lock

RS57-002 Pump

RS57-003 Pump

RS57-004 Pump

RS57-005 Pump

RS57-007 Pump

RS57-008 Pump

RS57-009 Pump RS57A-001 Pump


RS57-001 Pump

RS57-006 Pump

RS57A-002 Pump RS57A-003 Pump RS57B-001 Pump

Horn, Lamp, Rear Stop with Batteries

RS59-JY-005 RS59-JY-006 RS59-JY-007 RS59-JY-009 RS59-JY-116 Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Stop with Stop with Stop with Stop with Stop with Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries

RS59-JY-208 RS59-JY-250 RS59-JY-251 RS59-JY-337 RS59-JY-608 Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Stop with Stop with Stop with Stop with Stop with Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries

RS59-JY-802 RS59-JY-813B Horn, Lamp, Rear Horn, Lamp, Rear Stop with Stop with Batteries Batteries

Glue Patch

RS64-24 Glue Patch RS64-48 Glue Patch RS64-5002 Glue Patch


RS74-001 Keys RS74-002 Keys RS74-003 Keys

RS74-004 Keys

RS74-005 Keys


RS75-6A Bearn

RS75-7 Bearn

RS75-8 Bearn

RS75-16 Bearn

RS75-17 Bearn

RS75-19 Bearn

RS75-20 Bearn

RS75-21 Bearn

RS75-22 Bearn

RS75-23 Bearn

RS75-D6 Bearn

RS75-D9 Bearn

Spare parts Shock absorber

RS1A-150-001 Shock absorber RS1A-150-002 Shock absorber


RS02-001 Fork

RS02-002 Fork RS02-003 Fork RS02-004 Fork RS02-005 Fork


RS26-001 Saddle RS26-002 Saddle RS26-003 Saddle RS26-004 Saddle RS26-005 Saddle

RS26-006 Saddle RS26-007 Saddle RS26-008 Saddle RS26-009 Saddle RS26-010 Saddle

RS26-011 Saddle RS26-012 Saddle RS26-013 Saddle RS26-103 Saddle RS26-107 Saddle

RS26-208B Saddle

RS26-215 Saddle RS26-216 Saddle RS26-506 Saddle

Seat post

RS27-001S Seat post


RS28-001A Kicstand

RS28-002A Kicstand

RS28-003A Kicstand

RS28-004A Kicstand

RS28-005A Kicstand

RS28-006A Kicstand

RS28-007A Kicstand

RS28-008A Kicstand

RS28-001S Kicstand

RS28-002S Kicstand

RS28-003S Kicstand

RS28-004S Kicstand


RS29-HL-B01 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-B02 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R01 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R01A Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R03 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R04 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R07 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R08 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R09 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R12 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R13 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R14 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R15 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R16 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R17 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R18 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R19 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R20 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R21 Catadiopter

RS29-HL-R22 Catadiopter

Rear Carrier

RS35-001 Rear Carrier RS35-002 Rear Carrier


RS36-001P Fenders RS36-002P Fenders RS36-001S Fenders RS36-002S Fenders

Chain Protector

RS37-001 Chain Protector RS37-002 Chain Protector

Training Wheels

RS48-001 Training RS48-002 Wheels Training Wheels

RS48-003 RS48-004 Training Wheels Training Wheels

RS48-005 Training Wheels

RS48-006 Training RS48-007 Wheels Training Wheels

Fork Set

RS03-001 Fork Set

Handle Bar

RS06-001 Handle RS06-002 Handle RS06-003 Handle RS06-004 Handle RS06-005 Handle Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar

RS06-006 Handle RS06-007 Handle RS06-008 Handle RS06-009 Handle Bar Bar Bar Bar


RS07-001S Pipe

RS07-002S Pipe

RS07-003S Pipe

RS07-004S Pipe

RS07-002A Pipe

RS07-003A Pipe

RS07-004A Pipe

RS07-005A Pipe

RS07-007A Pipe

RS07-008A Pipe

RS07A-001 Pipe

RS07A-002 Pipe

RS08-FL-307 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-308 Sponge Grips

RS07-001A Pipe

RS07-006A Pipe

Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-205 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-221 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-308A Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-309 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-323 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-403 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-404 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-405 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-406 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-407 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-502 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-516 Sponge Grips

RS08-FL-509 Sponge Grips

RS08-SR-25 Sponge Grips

RS08-SR-31 Sponge Grips

Habdle Bare End

RS09-001S Habdle RS09-002S Habdle RS09-001A RS09-002A RS09-003A Bare End Bare End Habdle Bare End Habdle Bare End Habdle Bare End

RS09-004A Habdle RS09-005A Habdle RS09-006A Bare End Bare End Habdle Bare End

Paddle Ax

RS05-001 Paddle RS05-002 Paddle RS05-003 Paddle RS05-004 Paddle RS05-005 Paddle Ax Ax Ax Ax Ax

RS05-006 Paddle RS05-007 Paddle RS05-008 Paddle Ax Ax Ax


RS10-001A Hup

RS11-001A Hup

RS10-002A Hup

RS11-002A Hup

RS10-001S Hup

RS11-001S Hup

RS11-004S Hup

RS11-101S Hup

RS10-002S Hup

RS10-004S Hup

RS10A-001 Hup

Freewheel Protection

RS12-001 Freewheel Protection


RS13-001 Spokes RS13-002 Spokes

RS11-002S Hup

RS10-003S Hup

RS11-003S Hup

RS10-001SR Hup RS11-001SR Hup RS11-100S Hup

RS10A-002 Hup

RS11A-001 Hup

RS11A-002 Hup


RS14-001A Rims RS14-002A Rims RS14-001D Rims RS14-002D Rims


K35 Tire

K50 Tire

K831A Tire

K849 Tire

DB-7043 Tire

HF-101 Tire

HF-856 Tire

HF-884 Tire

K103 Tire

K946 Tire

HF-810 Tire

K123 Tire

K184 Tire

DB-1006 Tire

DB-1007 Tire

HF-822 Tire

HF-827 Tire


RS21-001A Pedals

RS21-002A Pedals

RS21-006A Pedals

RS21-007A Pedals

RS21-003A Pedals

RS21-004A Pedals

RS21-005A Pedals

RS21-001S Pedals RS21-001R Pedals RS21-002R Pedals

RS21-001P Pedals RS21-002P Pedals RS21-003P Pedals RS21-004P Pedals RS21-005P Pedals

RS21-006P Pedals

Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-001 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-002 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-003 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-004 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-005 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-006 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-007 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-008 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-009 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-010 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-100 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-101 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-102 Crank & Chain Wheel

RS22-103 Crank & Chain Wheel


RS23-001 Pin


RS24-001 Chain RS24-002 Chain


RS25-5 Freewheel RS25-6 Freewheel RS25-7 Freewheel

RS25-6SIB Freewheel

RS25-7SIB Freewheel

RS25-16T Freewheel

RS25-6SI Freewheel

RS25-7SI Freewheel

RS25-18T Freewheel

V-brake Set

RS18-CB-081 Vbrake Set

RS18-CB-090 V- RS18-CB-110 V- RS18-CB-120 V- RS18-CB-122 Vbrake Set brake Set brake Set brake Set

RS18-CB-123 V- RS18-CB-130 V- RS18-CB-140 V- RS18-CB-151 VRS18-CB-500 Vbrake Set brake Set brake Set brake Set brake Set

RS18-CB-501 Vbrake Set

RS18-SB-60 Vbrake Set

RS18-SB-80 Vbrake Set

RS18-SB-102 V- RS18-SB-103 Vbrake Set brake Set

RS18-SB-201 V- RS18-SB-202 VRS18-SB-204 VRS18-SB-203 Vbrake Set brake Set brake Set brake Set

RS18-SD-02 Vbrake Set

RS18-SD-01 Vbrake Set

Brake Bloks

RS18A-S2 Brake RS18A-S7 Brake RS18A-S19 Brake RS18A-S20 Brake RS18A-S21 Brake Bloks Bloks Bloks Bloks Bloks

RS18A-S22 Brake Bloks

RS18A-S22-02 Brake Bloks

RS18A-S22-04 Brake Bloks

RS19-BL-201 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-205 Brake Lever

RS18A-S23 Brake RS18A-S24 Brake Bloks Bloks

RS18A-S25 Brake Bloks

Brake Lever

RS19-BL-101 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-207 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-208 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-209 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-211 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-214 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-302 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-303 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-304 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-305 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-307 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-316 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-401 Brake Lever

RS19-BL-S511 Brake Lever

Front Derrailler

RS30-QD-04 Front Derrailler

RS30-QD-04A Front Derrailler

RS30-QD-08 Front Derrailler

RS30-QD-08A Front Derrailler

Rear Derrailler

RS31-HG-03 Rear RS31-HG-04 Rear Derrailler Derrailler

RS31-HG-04A Rear Derrailler

RS31-HG-06 RS31-HG-18 Rear Rear Derrailler Derrailler

RS31-HG-22 Rear RS31-HG-23 Rear RS31-HG-40 Rear Derrailler Derrailler Derrailler

Rotate Derrailler Line

RS32-KD-03 Rotate Derrailler Line

RS32-KD-05 Rotate Derrailler Line

RS32-KD-22 Rotate Derrailler Line

RS32-KDBL-04- RS32-KDSAG-A3SI-7SI Rotate 3SI-7SI Rotate Derrailler Line Derrailler Line

RS32-KDSG-02B RS32-KDSG-31- RS32-KDSG-31- RS32-KDSG-41- RS32-KDSG-41Rotate Derrailler 03F-07F Rotate 03F-7SI Rotate 03F-07F Rotate 3SI-7SI Rotate Line Derrailler Line Derrailler Line Derrailler Line Derrailler Line

Catalog Velors  

Velors Spare parts

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