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our story Balle Bros

it’s about real food

for real people

every day. That’s us in a nutshell.

Our customers and their customers (we call them consumers) trust where our vegetables come from.


here here here

and here

Nourishment for body and soul...

and a hunger for learning.

We also know it’s cool to be healthy, which is where our vegetables come in, because they are.

We care about tomorrow, because we’ve been around (for three generations of Balle and growing).

It’s really important to us that everyone can buy our products at the right price in all of the right places...

to here

and that we get them to those places in perfect nick, even if it’s a jolly long way away.

to here

from here and here

to here

To make sure our products arrive safe, sound and absolutely fresh, we deliver right to the door of our retail customers in NZ (in our own trucks).

See, that’s our logo

This is Ian

We like to handle our vegetables right, so we do that ourselves too...

not forgetting logistics.

We have trusty partners who pick up where we leave off.

We can always tell our customers exactly where their vegetables came from.

Big on details. Big on scale.

It’s pretty important to us that we give our customers and consumers the choice of products that they need...

and just so and in the sizes

they asked for...

We’ve got some

outstanding people that

make it all work.


Coming clean, when we need to...

and grading, so that you get just what you expected.

by hand

We move our vegetables, only when absolutely necessary.


Beats an office job.

Out in the sun, rain and wind

(and err, snow).

To say that we are proud of what we grow for you, might be a little understatement.

Here’s our Chairman Kevin and yep

he looks proud too.

Losi and his wife have been with us for years.

We love it...

tick tock tick tock

that’s why we work so hard, even while you’re asleep to make sure your vegetables are absolutely fresh when they get to you.

We’ve got some serious machines designed for the job, just like us, reliable, dependable and fit for purpose...

Remuera tractor.

Pukekohe, Kopuera, Drury, Matamata, Ohakune tractor.

but there are some things still best done by hand.

Sssshhh. I’m busy growing!

Meanwhile, we are still growing great vegetables all year round.

There’s still no substitute for mother nature and growing the right things in the right places... hands up who likes it here!

but we are always ready to give her a hand.

one of our farms...

and just one of our plants.

For each and every vegetable, there’s a lineup of hungry consumers waiting!

this one missing in action

Growing, growing, gone.

Which brings us right back to where it all starts, well, ends.

Balle Bros cheers.

Balle Bros Group

166 Heights Road RD1 Pukekohe 2676 New Zealand

Telephone +64-9-237-0880 Facsimile +64-9-238-5622 Email

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About BalleBros  

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