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December 10, 2009

WE GET LETTERS Hugs and Kisses -- Sticks and Stones By: Chuck-JOHNEL Brenda M. On March 3, 2009. (Quote) "Tuesday, 3-3-09, I had a dream about a tornado. I was not fully asleep, but not awake either. I dreamt I started to go out my front door to do something—don't know exactly what—and as I was walking towards the front door I was hearing the wind really strong and thinking "is that the wind, I'm hearing?" I opened the door and saw 3 or 4 people running across our property out front (our property is pretty wooded, though we've had a bunch of the trees, close to the house, cut down.) The wind was really kicking up bad, and I was thinking, "Is there a tornado coming?" I looked up to the left and saw a darkening cloud forming a tornado, right on the East part of our property, just about 75-80 or so feet from our home. (I know, cause I went out today and measured, to about where it seemed to be forming!) I ran to the couch and practically laid in front of it and kept saying over and over, "the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus." After a few seconds, I looked out our front livingroom window and saw the tornado was moving from east to west on the north-side of our home—on our property—and it was about 35 feet or so from our home. And once again, I crouched down and kept repeating "the Blood of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus." I then woke up. In the dream—Dave, my husband, was not at home. I was all alone. It was during the day so he was probably at work. We have two cats that go in and go outside and I remember thinking in the dream—my 2 cats are inside with me, safe. What was so awesome in the dream, was that while this tornado was so close to our home, absolutely nothing was rattling or moving. We live in a double-wide mobile home and it was as if there was no wind at all. I knew God was protecting me, my cats, our home, etc. from any harm whatsoever and I believe He's telling through this, that He's not only able, but that He will take care of us through everything. When I think of this awesome dream, I feel such a peace, strength and reassurance in my Lord and Savior. I so much appreciate your beautiful ministry and how the Lord uses you. Thank you so much Chuck-JDHNEL, Nancy-TONI and all the other prophets and leaders. 1 love you all." (Unquote)

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The Staff & Sword MinistrylWe Get Letters

December 10, 2009

JOHNEL: Thank you Brenda , forsharing your dream/vision, He is indeed well able to take care of us in any situation or circumstance. Advertisement in newspaper: For sale cheap. my son's collection of rock 'n' roll records. If a boy's voice answers the phone, hang up and call later. Joe B. On March 8 2009. (Quote) "Chuck, please continue to tell us about what God showed you about the time of creation." (Unquote) JOHNEL: What has been shared is pretty much what I know and remember. The most interesting thing (to me) is that He first created a 'void' and then filled it - even the void or empty space did not exist until He created it. Beverly: A scientist says that what we eat we become. Melba: Oh, boy, let's order something rich. Don and Marlene on March 27 2009. (Quote) "Dear ones, _ ..thank you so much for the new prayers and the in-depth newsletter. All you do to keep us informed is really appreciated! I especially appreciated the new prayers for G. W. Bush after being quickened to the possibility of assassination last Fall in previous reports. Something I have found interesting was both of you going to the Mountain of God 1/21/04 and the coals being thrown down. Now five years later on 1/21/09, Beastman Gbama immediately started tearing down all the safeguards put in place by G.W. Bush in God's mercy. As I asked the Lord while watching the movie Independence Day, "what are we in for?" "My love and protection!" Praise God for His love and protection in the midst of all that is happening_ Indeed, we MUST keep our eyes on Jesus and make sure we're looking to Him and not the things that tear us down. May our Lord Jesus surround you and sustain you in all that He has given you to do for and in Him." (Unquote) Rumor : Rumor is one thing that gets thicker as you spread it.

Bill and Kathy S. On March 29, 2009 . ( Quote) "The new prayers are the best ever! Especially on discernment, trusting others or not trusting others (how to use that discernment), wisdom, enduring, and overcoming. We've been praying along the same lines for about a year or so. So now knowing others are doing the same, intensifies and magnifies the meanings and outcomes of our prayers. Praise the Lord Jesus! I've kept the gold report #1 from April 18, 2008 behind a tissue box on our counter in the bathroom. Above the bold heading "REALITY CHECK—IT IS OVER" is circled

"I've never been very good at second-guessing God." This has been almost a daily

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 10, 2009

uote continued) reminder that we can't second Bill and Kath y' S. On March 29 2009. guess Jesus, nor can we do things on our own outside of Jesus. Thank you for that article. It keeps us humble and trusting in Him. We also wish to ask in your Comments on Question #4 of the recent survey you sent out: Are there any subjects you would like to see us write about? Please note your interests below: Deborah W. wrote something along the lines of personal deliverance ministry (Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond). This interested me because Chuck-JOHNEL and I spoke once on the subject of deliverance, and that deliverance churches don't work. But that we need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and that he does believe in personal deliverance. So in agreement with Deborah W., we would also like to see what you know on deeper things pertaining to deliverance, breaking curses, etc. Further down on question #4 comments, William and Joni S. ask about being in Heaven before we came to earth. Did we all volunteer or was it somehow punishment for rebellion? That's not really the question I had in mind, but if a person rebelled in the Heavens, does that necessarily mean that they will rebel here on earth? And because someone rebelled in Heaven, are they lost forever? Would not the Blood of Jesus, accepting Him as their savior, cleanse them from all unrighteousness and that they would be given a new beginning after accepting Jesus' salvation? Or are they just too hard-core rebellious to surrender their will? Especially Marjorie W. 's question about EMP—how to protect our electronics? How simple or complex of a circuit is safe from such a thing? Flashlights, as an example, are ultra simple circuits. Current-flow, only no magnetism, such as a fan, etc.? Could flashlights still operate? Obviously more complex items may not, but is everything unprotected doomed? And for how long are these inactive or are these just permanently destroyed? ..." (Unquote) JOHNEL: Now that is a bunch of questions, none easy to answer in a line or two. As to what you would like us to write about, well, it depends on what we know and understand and how well versed we are and how well we can explain what we know in brief terms. About "deliverance. " If a deliverance church is well rounded they do well; but most simply address a demonic presence and cast it out. The problem with that is this: Some

people/brethren are obsessed or oppressed with/by demons and the cause of the demon activity has much to do with the spiritual condition of the person, their focus and often past injuries/trauma and/or sin that make them especially susceptible to demons. Casting demons out or driving them away becomes a temporary fix - the condition of the brother or sister can be such that they draw the demons back or are very vulnerable to them. In many cases the person requires spiritual counseling, a discerning counselor led by the

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 10, 2009

JOHNEL's Re l continued : Holy Spirit with encouragement that t is brotherorsjster grow in Christ to where they can resist any attempt of f a demon(s) to come back. They need befrlled with the Holy Spirit and grow in knowledge and relationship with JESUS Himself. We read in Matthew 12: 43 -45 where an "unclean spirit" is gone out of a man and that man's `house' is found to be "empty, swept and garnished (put in order). Then this unclean spirit returns with seven other spirits more wicked than it and they enter in and dwell therein making that man 's last state worst than the first state. The implication is pretty clear - that man was `delivered' but his house was left "empty" and so the enemy (demons/unclean spirits) had opportunity to return the fill that house (man's life) again making it worse. This person failed to fill himself with anything and so they came back. In Matthew 7: 24 we read of the house built on the rock (JESUS CHRIST) that weathers the storm and the houses that are not built on Him that , fall in the storm. Being filled with CHRIST is essential. Deliverance involves much more than simply casting out a demon or demons. On "being in Heaven be. are we came to terrestrial earth, "I added the "terrestrial " because we need make a distinction between the "Celestial (Heavenly) Earth " as opposed to the terrestrial earth (where we are now). I have some clarity on this subject but would hasten to say that I don 't know it all - nor is there anyone I know of that does. When GOD Created us He had a plan for everyone, for all of His children. The place this plan would play out was in the "Celestial Earth ". When Adam and Eve fell (joined the rebellion) they were hooted_[ruin the "Celestial Earth" and ended up on this terrestrial earth. God's Plan for all of us continued to work, only in a different realm (terrestrial). Therefore the majority of us were scheduled to come to earth by Gods Plan that was setup in the beginning; so it was not a punishment. However, all of us born into this world come in through AdamlEve and are tainted with that sin nature.

If someone rebelled in Heaven they will he inclined to rebel in this world as well - they carry that nature with them. However, through JESUS CHRIST, all, and I mean ALL in this world have the opportunity to find salvation through CHRIST JESUS. Some will receive His salvation but some are as you term, "hard core "and will not repent. In my case, the HOLY SPIRIT skewed me that I actually volunteered to come to earth

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December 10, 2009 The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters JOHNEL 's Reply (continued): under His Commission to do a certain work. I don 't know if I was scheduled' to come to earth at some later date or not and it got moved up or what. What I do know is that I was sent here by the Lord JESUS CHRIST after I did volunteer. On EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) . I have some basic information about EMP, but

basically I have not dived into this subject just yet. From what I do understand, any 'unprotected" electrical system will be fried if a EMP Bomb is set off over North America by an attacker. 1 do not believe a flashlight is any safer than a computer or anything electrical.

Protection: Get one of those stainless steel garbage cans (with metal cap) - place electrical items in it, surround the devices with a blanket, cloth or insulation. When an EMP surge comes it will travel over the metal surface and ground itself leaving anything

inside the can safe. Ifanything inside the can touches the metal side of the can, it will he fried so ensuring that the electrical devices are well wrapped with a blanket or insulation will be important to keep your items safe.. Any electrical device hit by an EMP surge is going to be 'fried" meaning - destroyed permanently. Son to father: Remember, you promised me twenty dollars if I passed math. Well, I've got great news. You've just saved twenty dollars.

Desiree N. On (no date (Quote) "To everyone involved with "The Staff and Sword Ministries", Thank you so much for your time and commitment. Your newsletters, prayer sheets and everything you do bless my life so much. It helps me stay connected to the world outside of these walls. God is doing glorious things inside these walls also. I have grown closer to God than I ever imagined I could. I never knew what love, faith and joy existed in walking with God. He has given me an unquenching desire to know more and more of Him, to live each day for Him, to devote every breath I take to glorifying and worshiping Him. He is the only real friend I've ever had, and I will do whatever it takes to love Him and His people till the end. I pray for His will in our lives each morning when I rise. We are all children of the King, an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ. I am confident that no weapons formed against us will prosper, because God is for each and everyone of us—who can be against us? Satan cannot curse those whom God has blessed." (Unquote) JOHNEL : Thank you for sharing Desiree!

The orchestra leader kept throwing tempo tantrums.

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The Staff & Sword Ministr y /We Get Letters

December 11, 2009

Pastor Pat on Junze22, 2009. (Quote) "Chuck—I already have a copy of it in my files and read it years ago, but I was thinking, why don't you pray about reprinting "The Staff and The Sword", your first book? Many people may care to purchase it. ..God bless and keep you!" (Unquote) JOHNEL: The book, "THESTAFFAND THESWORD ", which runs 380 pages, was typeset and printed back in 1979. It would have to be wholly up-dated, re-worked and republished from scratch - a major undertaking. The new book, "JESUS, HIS ANGEL AND ME" is foundational to what is in the 1979 book. It is not practical to re-publish the 1979 work, which is now outdated. Behind every successful man stands a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law. Brooks Hays Jo S. On August 9, 2009. (Quote) "Dear C-J and N-T, I have spent some time going through previous newsletters. Upon receiving the July newsletter, I spent today reading. I feel blessed of God to be a part of your ministry. I have learned so much from N-T's "Manifesting Christ" newsletter, and also, the "Sheep Gate Letters", then all of C-J's writings. How can we ever thank you. You do it all in love, never tiring of all the demands you face each day, plus your personal lives, and gardening and so, etc. You do it all in obedience to our Lord. What an example of portraying your love to our Lord. It saddens me: you give us all this information, trying to share even to family members. ..the unbelief must grieve our Lord even as it hurts me. I have tried to share with a retired Pastor who is a dear friend. His response was about me being deceived by a false prophet. We attend a great church, a loving congregation full of the Holy Spirit, but not open to prophets. I know we need fellowship with other believers. It is very disheartening to keep it all inside, not able to share. I come out of all this knowledge with a sad spirit, wondering what will happen to cur loved ones. I have questions about these beastmen: I can see the Clintons are still bound in evil. What about the wives and children? Is there a chance of a change of heart? I see Oliver North, I see him involved in good works, speaking against the enemy. May all the Blessings of the Lord be upon you and this ministry?" (Unquote) JOHNEL : There is always a chance of a change in heart, even in the beastmen themselves. That any would actually receive Christ and be saved, while the door is open to them, the chances they will enter is, unfortunately, slim to nonexistent. Oliver North proved skillful in getting Christian leaders to back him and keep him from prison back in the Reagan years, but I never discerned any kind of repentance in North.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 11, 2009

Strike : One sit-down strike in a public building was ended very quickly. The official in charge of the build ing simply l ocked all the toilets.

Rev. Charles and T?ffanv on August 18, 2 009. (Quote) "...As times become harder, will S &S and N0P brethren be gathering for prayer and battle? For physical, mutual support? To prepare to receive others as we "form" practical community to meet the demands of the worsening times ahead? ..." (Unquote) JOHNEL : In some places it is already close to becoming a pr actical reality. It is the only right way to come through hard times - together in Christ, mutually supportive. Submarine : (First rookie) "Did you volunteer for submarine service?" (Second rookie) "No, sir. I don't want to get on a ship that sinks on purpose."

Bontrugers on (August. 2009) (Quote) "Hi Chuck and Nancy, We made it to Chicago to your meeting and we were greatly blessed! We continue to reflect back on it and draw from it, as the Lord was surely giving us good stuff from you. Was it just me, or was there something "different" in the atmosphere this time? We've been to other meetings with you over the past 10 years, but this time it seemed the meeting was "charged" with a certain sense of solemnity and fear of the Lord! Kind of reminds me of Malachi 3:16, 17: Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Speaking of relevant prophetic scriptures, ever since Inauguration day this year, I've been drawn to Daniel 11 and 12 many times. The first time I read it, I saw Obama's "profile" so clearly. Since that time, I've begun to see great/grave parallels of not only his personage, but of prophecies and visions our Lord has been giving you regarding what lies ahead for America. Under this beastman, I am amazed at how this word in Daniel applies so much to both Obama and to America in the days ahead. It's almost as if there will be a strong pattern and foreshadowing here in America with these prophetic scriptures, prior to their ultimate fulfillment with the beastman yet to come, and the end of the world. Any thoughts?" (Unquote) JOHNEL : You have stated it p r etty well, no need to add anything. Thanks

for sharing.

Benjamin Franklin, 1759 . "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Libe rty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 11, 2009

Marvin B. On September 15, 2009. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, I do not like to belabor something I questioned on a recent letter on page 15 in the July 25th newsletter in the 1 5 ` paragraph. ..1 mentioned that the Russians had a million plus troops, you mentioned in your video with "The Prophecy Club." You did mention the exact number of Russian troops, however, the #129 newsletter on page 16, the 2"a paragraph, it states "this future million-man American Army" and on page 15 you state (I ` t paragraph), "an American army, that was easily ten-times the numbers of Russians." If that was true according to these words, the Russian troops would be somewhere around 100,000. Please clarify. When you realized that your guardian Angel was defecting to Lucifer's side, what warning signs were evident? What should one look for or perceive if their guardian angel is going astray? Does a pure guardian angel talk to our minds, thus influencing us in thoughts or actions?". . (Unquote)

JOHNEL: In 19781 had a flow of conscious insight into the invasion of the I.S. and knew some things and made notes of that in the book, "THE STAFF AND THE SWORD" (p r inted in 1979 and now out of print - sold out years ago). This is what I wrote at that time, ( Quote) "in the autumn - 132,427 Russian troops will land at and around Slaughter Beach, Delaware, in the Delaware Bay and advance rapidly up Highway 13 towards Wilmington, Delaware... Hours before a large armored force will land on the coast of Virginia, fanning out across the countryside wreaking havoc - a diversionary force.... Due to a successful diversionary force and bad weather (heavy fog) it will be 48 hours before the U.S. Military recognizes that Slaughter Beach is the main invasion force...approximately 1,800,000 U.S. troops will engage a swelling Russian force in and around Wilmington, Delaware. After a week of brutal fighting the vastly out numbered Russian forces will mount an unexpected offensive and pierce U.S. defenses sweeping wide to the North and trapping nearly one million U.S. troops against Philadelphia. Washington, D.C. will be abandoned and fall intact into Russian hands." (Unquote substance of what is in

the book, "THE STAFF AND SWORD ", pages 331-332. In subsequent revelation insights I was shewn that the U.S. troops gathered on the east coast were poorly trained, badly equipped, had poor morale, bad discipline, poor leadership and were weakly motivated. Even so they did fight with courage and persistence initially and then faltered when fighting highly disciplined, well equipped, well led battle-hardened Russian troops with their allies (I saw German troops allied with the Russians).

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 11, 2009

JOHNEL's Reply (continued): The initial invasion numbers at Slaughter Beach were 132,427 Russian troops - but in the next 48 hours that number swelled as thousands of added Russian troops came ashore so the number to engage the 1,800,000 U.S. forces were probably at least double the initial number, maybe higher. Nonetheless, the U.S. Army had the numerical edge. Today, with Beastman Obama in the White House, the U.S. Military budget is being cut and cut again, the US. Military is slowly falling apart. The kind of situation I saw in 1977 is fast becoming a reality. Concerning Guardian Angels : The rebellion that took place, happened a long time ago, eons ago in earth time - those that went with Lucifer did so, those that did not have not and will not. Not a concern today, that is past history. Sunday School teacher: What must you do to receive the forgiveness of sin? Pupil s Sin.

Karl R. On August 18 2009. (Quote) "Dear Chuck, a couple of questions. First, in your book. Prophetic Warnin g Si ns, you relate that you went on a sealing mission in the 1980s that ended in 1989. I and my bride were sealed by someone; who, I don't remember, in Massachusetts when I was living there. I was also commissioned to seal others which I actively did, sealing several other people. Then I reached an impasse when several people refused the sealing. When I moved to Texas, I continued to offer the sealing to people, all of which refused, save one. My question is this: in light of the times, is it still okay to offer the sealing to people? Secondly, the Scriptures say that we should repent. The question is: how do I repent (turn 180 degrees and don't return) for something I didn't do. Additionally, if I do successfully repent, can I repent again? I hope that you can hold forth on these questions in your next mailing. . ." (Unquote) JOHNEL : Your first question is easy to answer: Yes, continue Sealing, there is no time limit on how long it can be offered or received. Generally speaking, I learned that those who refuse/reject the Seal of the Living God fall into the category of being the `soulish " which is defined in Ezekiel as being "women " (Ez. 9: 6f- the destroyers go straight after

them. Repentance is a deep subject : First, you need to know what you need to repent of'and that takes time and prayer asking the Lord to reveal where sin is at work in your life. It is not

uncommon forsin to be at work in God's people, the carnal nature we all have makes that a sure thing, but our awareness of that "sin " is another matter. We `may 'know, be aware,

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 12, 2009

JOHNEL 's Reply (continued): or we may not know or be aware. Thus praying asking the Lord JESUS to reveal by His HOLY SPIRIT any sin at work in our lives is the first step.

In such prayer we also ought be asking the Lord, the HOLY SPIRIT to convict us of that sin which essentially means you are asking that GOD makes it real to you, that you he aware that it is sin. When the revelation comes you need write it down and pray to accept what the HOLY SPIRIT has revealed.

Why do we need to pray this way? When we sin we have this carnal tendency to harden our hearts against God and to this sin, we may justify our action/sin, we may have excuses, but the bottom line is that we harden our heart, we no longer recognize it as sin and then we forget the sin. Only in seeking GOD 's help can we remember those sins. But once the HOLY SPIRIT brings them to mind , next, you need to pray for a Spirit of

Repentance that we be able to repent of that sin in a "right Spirit. " Lastly, Karl wrote: "Additionally, if I do successfully repent, can I repent again? " Yes! However, there is a down side. Many years ago I kept repeating a given sin and kept coming to the Lord for forgiveness, repenting of that sin. After several repeat visits to that sin and when I asked the Lord 's forgiveness, He told me plainly, "YES, I FORGIVE YOU, BUT IF YOU PERSIST IN THIS SIN THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. " I was

reminded of what the Apostle Paul stated about the Law, that it is immutable and that, "what you sow you will reap. " Newspaper misprint: The general will remain unequaled in history for his accomplishment on the bottlefield.

Rachel R. On August 25 2009. ( Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, One question: Does Jesus' direction to not pray for the antiChrist Obama also apply to our family members who voted for him and support him? Thank you. God bless you in your ceaseless and selfless work! It's good to hear your update on your garden, etc." (Unquote) JOHNEL: Most definitely pray for your loved ones/family members who voted for Obama, for in voting for him they put themselves in his power. That in itself is a ticket to great suffering, intense pain and lastly physical death. They do not lose their salvation (assuming they are saved) but they will die prematurely at his hands/the hands of an antiChrist spirit.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 12, 2009

JOHNEL 's Reply (continued): Why is voting, for him so deadly? Keep in mind that his mission from hell is the utter destruction of Christian America - we are talking genocide. To have voted for him is to come into agreement with his mission and to have empowered him to accomplish it. Yes, pray for them, pray as the HOLY SPIRIT leads you. Sunday School teacher: Why would it be wrong to cut off a cat's tail? Student : The Bible says, "What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." Toni L. On March 31, 2009. (Quote) "Chuck-JOHNEL, I thought you said in one of your letters, I don't remember which one, that the Lord told you after your first meeting in the Spirit with George W. Bush that you were going to have another meeting with him in the Spirit. I thought that this was supposed to happen before he left office? Can you explain this or is this still something that is to come? That as well as the attack on his life that we are still praying about to keep him safe? I read two other prophecies that said that they also saw George Bush being attacked while he was making a speech on TV. They both said they saw something like a missile or a fireball and an explosion. . do you have any information, can you explain? (Unquote)

JOHNEL: We had two meetings with him `In The Spirit' and one day we may well meet him face to face `in this world. ' When and why I do not know. In 1985 it was Nancy-TONI who was given a vision of the president being killed in a horrific explosion and when George was first elected in 2000 we perceived that was a real danger and prayed for him day by da y for the next eight years. The enemy still wants to kill him so we have continued to pray for him up until the recent Prayer Campaign into Islam. The hatred for George W. Bush by the progressives (Communists/Marxists) is intense and unrelenting and it goes to crazy extremes. Recently Newsweek Magazine blamed all the depressing movies of 2009 on G. W Bush. Father: I hope you're not talking in class anymore! Son: Not any more. .Just about the same amount. Lan t-y and Pain on (no date) (Quote) "The Staff and Sword Ministry, we want to thank you very much for the time spent in researching and endless hours of Prayer to bring us the information. We are very sad about what is happening to our nation, but until our nation is ready to repent, we will fall. I guess we will deserve what we get. I pray for our children, for they really depend on us to tell them the truth and in many cases that is not happening. Thank you again for keeping us informed." (Unquote)

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

December 13, 2009

JOHNEL : The heart of'the final vestiges of truth and decency center in the family and in those communities of'Christians devoted to the Lord JESUS and His truth. The News Media is sold out to hell and the one notable exception, Fox News, (i.e. Glenn Beck, Bill O 'Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc.) is the p r ime target of antiChrist aiming to snuff them out and in time they will either eliminate them or quiet their voices. Truth: Beastman Obama recently went on TV to give an example of how the "evil "Health

Insurance Companies operate referring to a man who when he was found with cancer had his policy cancelled and then he died. Fox News looked into it and found that it was NOT TRUE, the man was treated for cancer, the Health Insurance Company fulfilled its contract and years later the man died but not due to being abandoned. I've noted how Beastman Obama makes statements that have proven to be untrue, over and over - he is a liar pure and simple and lies at will to sway public opinion. Student: Would you punish someone for something they didn't do? Teacher: Of course not. Student: Good, 'cause I haven't done my homework. Raymond T. On (no date) ( Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, hope you both are happy and doing well. Having been an intelligence Officer in the U.S. Air Force, I saw several countries fall under the control of Communists. We are almost in the same situation in this country, and yet almost no one is willing to admit that. Your predictions on BEASTMAN OBAMA are proving correct, not that I ever had any doubt. I expect that...(eventually) Christians will need to be hiding in order to stay alive. Have you had any leading from God on this? I believe I have, but it is too early to comment on this..." (Unquote) JOHNEL : It was a "church decision " in 1987 that opened the door to the beastmen (Clinton and Obaina) and the Lord gave us a clear revelation that the second Beastman would emerge in 21 years from 1987 (by 2008) and in all that time the church never once considered repenting nor were open to the idea whatsoever. As JESUS said hack in the 1980's, "LOOK NOT AT THE MAN, LOOK AT THE PREFERENCE OF THE NATION." We fought him back in 1987 and will resist him again in many ways, he will never get the upper hand on the faithful-obedient, the Sealed, the Elect or Innocent children of God. But of the church system of man, he will take 90% of their lives - that will be the p r ice of "their preference. " Movie : ( Wife): I thought the movie and the acting stank!

(Husband): I can't say I liked it that well. Transcribing of letters by Leith Lopez, who also selected the comments/jokes/observations printed between the letters. END OF WE GET LETTERS. Merry Christmas all!


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