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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 16, 2008

WE GET LETTERS Hugs and Kisses -- Sticks

and Stones

By: Chuck-JOHNEL Brenda J. On May

30, 2007. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TGNI..., Praise

the Lord? And the Grace of God and His Love bless you abundantly! Thank you for all your hard work as you serve God in the Staff and Sword Ministry. We REALLY appreciate you and all you do. Thank you! Just wanted to give you an update of some personal news, and some revelations, and God's leading in my life I'd like to share with you. First of all, 8th for the last two months, I've been preparing for my daughter Alishia's wedding for June and my son's graduation and open house June 10 th and 22. It's been quite a whir' wind around here. On top of that, God has been having me pack and deal with house issues as I prepare to move to New York State. I do not have the full details on the move but am led to do things here and there, mainly packing. I appreciated any prayers you may send my way! On April 7 ih , I was waiting on the Lord, journaling, and He is telling me to get my house in order and pack, as He said, "I will sweep you off to New York, your brother will go with you. Abide in Me." He gave me a few more things to ponder on and I abided for a while. Well, an hour later, my brother Sam called me and asked me if I was ready. And I asked him ready for what? And he said ready to go to New York. God had told him to take me to New York. I was shocked! I said when do you want to go? He said he could be at my place in an hour. I said, C.K., let's go. I hung up the phone a re-read my journaling. Wow, God moves really quickly sometimes! So, I got online and downloaded map information on New York State. We left this very same day at 3:00 p.m. For the next two days we traveled by car the Northern part ofNew York, going through and around the Appalachians. We worshiped, prayed and were led by God the entire way. The Lord directed me to Loon Lake where he said, "This is a safe place for my people." Both Sam and I felt a large burden roll off our shoulders and great peace and excitement filled us. We ran into a realty sign that said, "Almost Heaven Reality, A Little PEACE of God's

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 16, 2008

Brenda J. On Ma y 30, 2007. (Quote continued) Country". Wow, I was overwhelmed and joy filled both of us as we realized God truly was in charge of this trip. The Lord had me contact the realtor later when we returned and found out she is also being led by God by faith. A connection was made. She has offered me a job working for her but is waiting on God for the finances. She has given me a few rental leads to check into. Wow, God is amazing! Just a note, we circled the entire Northern area twice. I believe this has significance. Also this took place before the flooding of New York State, New Jersey and Maine. We never went any lower than Albany. I believe most of the flooding took place below the areas we traveled. Perhaps someone can confirm this..." (Unquote) Note by Chuck-JOHNEL: We all need be led of by the Holy Spirit, praying and ever looking to JESUS for guidance and direction in our lives. We may make right turns or wrong turns but as we are continually yielded to Him, He brings us to the place He wants us to be. We pray the Lord keep you in every way you go and bless you abundantly. Thank you for sharing. I

To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act. Anatole France

Patrick M. On .December, 2007. (Quote) "Chuck and Nancy, I want to wish you both a very Merry Christmas! You two, and all you do through Jesus' leading have contributed i mmensel y to my spiritual growth and understanding! Your obedience to Him is a giant mountain of inspiration to me, —to do all I can through Christ, —to be, and do all He wants me to be, —and do! ...I'm so glad to be a part of the Net of Prayer family!" (Unquote) Love your enemy —it'll drive him nuts,

Rev. Charles & the First Century Church Community (on no date. (Quote)". . .ln the effort to find land, we came across a place west of Spokane, Moses Lake. As we study the area, we note massive and explosive growth, particularly of medical and government facilities as well as an international duty free customs port 180 miles inland. We find this kind of curious, particularly that the largest amount of explosive growth was in the short years prior to the turn of the Millennium. We JUST came upon this "find" in the last few days and haven't yet amassed enough information or praying discernment to make a sound judgment. And also have not yet put the location to prayer and spirit led insight. Do you have any comments on the Moses Lake location for a Self-Supporting, Agrarian oriented, Living Faith Christian Community? ..." (Unquote) Rep/v Rep/v b yChuck-JOHNEL: We offer a report, written years ago, to help brethren make major decisions and this is one. You may ask , for it using these terms. In essence, you need

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 16 , 2008

Repl y by Chuck-JOHNEL(continuedk to jointly (you and your community) prat' and fast seeking the HOLY SPIRIT's help and direction about what to do, where to go and when to do that if you get a direction as to where to go. In praying and fasting you need to pray to be neutral about doing it or not, praying asking that you receive a Holy indifference about the place, yea or nay. Only in that place of holy indifference seeking to be yielded to Holy Spirit direction can you discern the subtle leading of the Spirit of God, to he able to hear the still small voice of God within (I Kings 19: 12). Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions. A.A. Latimer

Nanc y R. On December 16 2007. (Quote) "Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Thank you for your letters, your instruction, your commitment. . filling God's commission. To me, it's made the difference in the depth of my understanding, my walk and my relationship with Jesus Christ. LIFE has flowed through you to me and, I know, to many others. God richly bless you and sustain you. You are loved!" (Unquote) A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. Mark Twain Alan on (no date,). ( Quote) "...Have been enjoying your first-hand encounters with Jesus,

memories allowed you of the beginning of creation, the expanded creation account, celestial vs terrestrial, Adam as co-conspirator with Lucifer, and so forth, and 1 have a question regarding the nature of creation: You were saying that the difference between mankind and the creatures, (animals, birds, fish, etc.), is that man has a "living soul", whereas, none of the creatures of creation having "living souls"...With that in mind, could you please explain Revelation 16:3'?. •" (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL's Roll: Rev 16: 3 reads: "And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea, and it became as the blood of dead men: and every living soul died in the sea. In Genesis 2:7 it reads: "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living soul. " In Genesis 2: 19d reads, "...whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof. " In Genesis a distinction is made between a "living soul" which described man as opposed to "living creatures " which described animals.

Page 4 The Staff and Sword Ministry January 16, 2008 Chuck-JOH'VEL's Reply {continued): I have always acknowledged that animals have souls, only that they do NOT have a living soul which is a soul with the spark of God, and that has a God-like attribute. JESUS did say in John 10: 34: "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" As for Revelation 16: 3 this only defines every soul (creature), in the sea, as being alive. It speaks of creatures and not necessarily man. However, much of the book of Revelation is quite complex and in places mention of the "sea" is also considered by some theologians to mean "the sea of mankind. " While I do not have a definitive insight into the whole meaning of Revelation 16: 31 do perceive that it is much deeper than meets the eye and cannot be taken literally. It is quite possible that it can be speaking of every man in the sea (on ships) would die. However, Genesis 2: 7 is quite clear, it speaks of "a living soul " as being man, which is quite specific. Again, "every living soul "is a pretty broad statement. That is the best way I can explain it. I pray it is sufficient, God bless. Achievement: When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. Ethiopian proverb Don and MarleneM. On June 4, 2007 (Quote) "Thank you for sending the counsel letter 1 #9 to President Bush, the special April 19` counsel letter, and the information on your meeting In the Spirit with President Bush that we requested. It arrived today while I've been spending the day in prayer seeking answers on issues for our family. As I was reading page 3 of your meeting with President Bush about how vivid and memorable dreams are that you have at the time of waking up, I knew I needed to send you one I had last week. I had been asking Jesus whether to write you or not. As I was waking from a deep sleep around 5 am (my prayer time) Wednesday, May 30, 2007,1 had a very vivid picture/vision of an Amish type open buggy - no cover and just one bench seat for the driver. I was watching it from the back and could see the driver had on a black suit and black top hat. I didn't see the horses pulling it. The buggy was being driven through a lush green park-like area on a dirt road with a huge shade tree off to the right that was in full leaf of summer. It was a very peaceful setting. I sensed this was a new cemetery with no headstones to be seen. Then the words as I remember them coming to me were: "Death has come to this land." Then I woke up..." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL Reply: This past March, 20071 attended a funeral service for a young m an (19 years old) who was killed in a car accident. I saw the angel of death present, the one I'd seen back in 1976, who was waiting for it's time to begin taking a harvest in the church among the rebellious. It was there, it had taken this young man 's life - it has been at work ever since but is invisible to almost all. Your dream is yet another confirmation of death 's presence in America.


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January i t., I-uuo

GOD (continued)

Georgia H. of Oregon who is a N.O.P. Intercessor, wrote us and shared her daughter's story in that she lived through the California Firestorms of0ctober 21-28, 2007, which we knew was an early WRATH OF GOD event. This is an account given by her daughter: (Quote) "Dau g hter who lives in Pacific Palisades She watched the Malibu fire from her house on top of a high mountain ridge in the Palisades. She could see the smoke and then she could see the flames, Now, bear in mind that her home is two canyons away from the Malibu fire so she thought she was safe, and then suddenly she said it was like some giant hand reached down into that fire and hurled it over two canyons and it exploded in the hill just below her! She could not believe it. She heard this huge explosion and the whole mountain just below her exploded. It did not just gradually become engulfed in fire - it literally exploded like a nuclear bomb. She thought she and all around her had had it - there was no time to evacuate, there was no time to do anything. However, luckily, the fire crew below immediately took action to put it out, one of the reasons being that all of the fire equipment fighting the Malibu fires was stationed below that mountain and if the fire gear had burned, that would be it, . everybody would be "toast". . .as the old saying goes. This same mountainside exploded two additional times during the next 5 days and her husband slept on the patio at night to keep an eye on it. They did not trust that the crews had the time or the resources to warn everyone to evacuate. You were sort of "on your own," she was horrified to learn. Resources were spread too thin and they were covering too much - not only Malibu, Peppedine University being in danger, with students trapped in their dorms but the flames had crossed the Pacific Coast Highway and were burning homes along the ocean front. So as we watched here for 5 days, I was on the phone for at Ieast 10 days all day making calls to family members all over this country keeping them advised of what was happening to their relatives in Southern California. This daughter has been packed and ready to evacuate four ti mes during the years of her life when these fires take over cyclically. The greatest one before this one was the 1993 fire. She had just had a baby and had to pack to evacuate. I had been there to help her with the baby, had flown home to Oregon and that evening when I returned to my home and turned on the TV, the restaurant where we had had breakfast that morning was the headquarters for the fire crew! However, this one in 2007 was one of a kind . I have lived through the Santa Anas when I resided in California and they are horrific. .1 absolutely hate them but she said "Mom, you have never seen anything like this. This is God and He is wroth." She said it was both awesome and dreadful. Watching our God when He is on the move is "terrible" she said and it is also quite awesome - enough to put the "fear of Him" in you and that is exactly what He had in mind she felt. She said she felt like such a "pissant" down here in

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 16, 2008

Mar y Jo F. On Ma y 12, 2007. (Quote continued) unbelief, faithlessness, doubt,

addiction, pattern and ungodly habits, prayerlessness, anxiety and weariness. Mounted on our horses, some had a mist around their heads with more arrows of preoccupation, self-will, distraction and busyness. Their armors were not complete. Some were shredded in spots and other spots were holes in them. Some helmets didn't cover their heads completely. Some had dropped their swords, and others had no shield! I heard a few attempt to war, but it was obvious they had no authority, but were in self power and falling off their horses. As we approached an embankment some of us, though it was steep, made it to the top effortlessly, while others remained in the valley below. It wasn't possible to determine gender or identity of those of us on the top of the hill, because our armor covered us completely! There was such a magnificent oneness and unity, that we traveled in perfect formation, warring together, singing and worshiping together in Spirit and in truth! All at once, our formation changed — it was dramatic — from single intercessors to a formed body, a single body - some of us were in the arms, neck, legs, etc. Then a white transparent figure rose up and was huge and it walked right into this body formation, and now there was a head on the body. He took His cloak and it not only went all the way over, covering us, but it seemed to go right into and through us. It was so wonderful now all I could see was this humongous figure of white and no arms or legs or neck was exposed, we were completely hidden in Him. It was Jesus!!! I cried and cried because I can't describe that majestic, beautiful sight! From one angle I could recognize certain ones from pictures through the N.O.P. newsletters, but, from another angle all I could see was a perfect whole Body with a white shimmering cloak, it was such a sharp white, like new fallen snow that glistens. It was just neat! Anyway, I also cried because there were quite a few that stayed in that valley, and I wanted them so terribly bad to come with us! In my own mind I truly hope everyone realizes the crucial importance of these prayers, and the astounding effect they have on us personally, and corporately, in our home, towns, states, worldwide, to many we don't even know, and perhaps won't until we get to Heaven. One more thing, I feel compelled to say - we have been given authority over ALL the power of the enemy! NQ weapon formed against us will prosper. He shall supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory! The devil must flee at the mighty name of Jesus! He is an ever-present help in times of trouble. The joy of the Lord is our strength! Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered! He will never leave us or forsake us. Thou hast covered my head in the day of battle. It is God that girds us with strength and makes our way perfect. He teaches our hands to war so that a bow of steel is broken by our arms. I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them, neither did I turn again until they were consumed! Praise God, He is SO mighty..." (Unquote) Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: Thank you for sharing this beautiful and informative vision. We are aware that not every intercessor is grown up in Christ, some are quite weak

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 16, 2008

Comment h Chuck-JOHNEL fcontinueijji but given time with love and patience they will grow to stand with those who do stand in Christ and in His empowerment under His leadership. Amen! Praise the Lord! I shall tell you a great secret, my friend. Do not wait for the last judgment, it takes place every day. Albert Camus Evelyn T. On June 25, 2007. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Greetings, in Jesus' love. The "Binding and Loosing" prayers are very good, and the leadingcame to me to add these: #1) add - parents after teachers to Binding prayer. #2) add - self-murder in Moslems to Binding prayer. #3) add- worship of death in Moslems to Binding prayer and love of life with spirit of life to Loosing prayer. #4) add - religious traditions to Binding prayer. In addition, the leading came to pray for the destruction of the black stone that is worshiped by Moslem pilgrims in Mecca. For the PROVISION PRAYER on pg. 7, the leading to add "financial" to the list of blessings has brought blessings for me! Steve did not know that I had been praying for financial blessings - i.e. paying off my credit card to Bank of America, ... Steve gave me the money to pay it off this month when he had the house refinanced! Now, I'm curious to see how the Lord provides money to pay off my small loan of around $... Then, my debt will be very small indeed! Nancy-TONI, have you considered a medical herb garden? Most herbs we use to cook with are medicinal. ..I have seeds and roots. Have a wonderful summer! Steve says, "Hello!" " (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL's Comment: One of the standing rules of the N.O.P. is that everyone is to be led by the HOLY SPIRIT in how they pray. AFTER the basic prayer agreement prayers you are free to add to the prayers as you are led. Glad to see you at-c doing as the Lord leads. God bless. Actions speak louder than words. Helen S. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL, Regarding the immutable law of"Sow and Reap", America is guilty of the unwanted aborted babes of 40 million. These unwanted will be replaced of the occupation (replacement) of countless unwanted foreigners. Just a thought." (Unquote) The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. John Locke

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 17, 2008

Mar y Jo W. On July 8, 2007. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JGHNEL, I send my warmest

greetings to you and Nancy-TONI encased in love, admiration and deepest respect. The role of a prophet is a role of persecution as is seen and felt through the hands of those who possess an evil spirit of deception. Such is the case of the member of the body of Christ (Mike) with his letter of false superiority and knowledge in the work of God. I write not

as one who is confused, for you confuse me not, but rather bring great clarity with your writings. I cannot express to you how eagerly I open your mail devouring it word for word. Those few relatives of mine who are open to hearing God's word will ask, "Anything new from Chuck Youngbrandt?" I send this short message in hopes that is will encourage you, for the devil certainly does cut deep within us to bring us discouragement, attempting to humiliate us so that we will stop ministering. So please understand (and I know that you do) that for every Mike, there are hundreds who see clearly and who appreciate you and your sacrifices within your ministry IMMENSELY. With reading the letters sent in, I found the question very interesting "Could it be possible that it might be President George Bush's nephew (George Bush) who could be the president in office at the time of the nuclear disaster?" My son and I have mulled over the same thought or perhaps George's brother Jeb Bush might run and win the presidency after a horrible four to eight years of Hillary or whomever in the Democratic party, Once again, the populace would be willing to vote the Republican ticket following the tragic, liberal reign of a Democratic president. Even though things certainly do appear to be lining

up on the world scene, we have felt this to be the case because of the very large safe refuges of which we know of, and we do know of some, which are not ready to take in the remnant though we can see God preparing these refuges in very concrete ways. At any rate, should the projected time come and go without the prophesied events occurring as believed, we can thank God for the extra time to prepare knowing these events are certain to come with a future Bush president." (Unquote) Note by Chuck-JOHNEL: This is the year that we should see the accidental nuclear attack happen (the month of December} based on one Word from the Lord years ago which brought me to believe that George W. Bush is the president He spoke of as being president during the accidental nuclear attack. The pro of of the pudding is pretty straightforward - the major Hurricane to slam into the Gulff' Coast from Florida to New Orleans in the month of September (the date of September 9`" is possibly connected with that Hurricane). 1f" we see such a storm surface

this September, 2008 that is the signal that we are going to undertake a prophetic mission to the east coast to forewarn the cities to be hit (Lexington, Ky., New York, N. Y., Richmond, Va. and Columbia, S.C.) That would also mean that it will happen this year "if' we see that Hurricane show in the month of September. I cannot imagine another Bush filling the office of'president; however, the Word of got

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 17, 2008

Note by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): years ago mentions a "George Bush " not Jeb Bush. George W. 's nephew George is one big unknown and I cannot imagine that

happening, but my imagination tends to fallshort when it conies to God's deeper purposes at work. Activity is contagious. Ralph Waldo Emerson Rick A. On July 13, 2007. ( Quote) "Please advise on how to go about purchasing gold. How to hold it and how to dispose it at the right time." (Unquote)

RepjyjyChuck-JOHNEL: I have bought and sold gold through ICA (McAlvany's company out of Colorado) for some years. My contacts are Mr. Rex Turner and Mr. Mike Horsey. Their phone number is (toll free) 1-800-525-9556. They sell what I call "collector's gold coins "which tend to be much more valuable than gold bullion. You call them and talk to them about what you'd like to buy, send a check and thei r send you the gold coins. When to sell? Now that is the question! JESUS told me to buy gold months ago and since then the value of gold has risen sharply. In fact it is still rising as the dollar declines in value. I do not know how to advise you except to say that when you make a profit (your

bought gold low, gold is now higher) you can sell it for a profit. But gold is gong to rise more in time, but at some point in time holding it any Inger would he ill advised. When to sell? I don 't know. What I 'm doing this Newsletter is offering to inform anyone who asks when JESUS tells me to sell the gold He had me buy. That is all I can do. See the RESPONSE FORM

enclosed with this Newsletter. An actor is a guy

who takes a girl in his arms,

looks tenderly

into her eyes, and tells her how

great he is. Yvonne J. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear Sister Nancy-TON!,. . .if we can't be sealed by you is it safe not to be? Does the Lord seal us by the Holy Spirit? ..." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL Replies: It is well to be Sealed. There are many brethren across the nation who have been commissioned to Seal others - any of them would do just f ne. • Yes, the HOLYSPIR.IT Seals us unto salvation/redemption (Eph 1 13 and 4: 30); however the Seal of the Living God is something very different as it has to do with sparing the Sealed from a premature death, empowering you to walk deeper with Christ and empowering you over the beast of antiChrist.

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January 17, 2008

A boy becomes an adult three years before his parents think he does. ..and about two years after he thinks he does. Lewis Hershey

Karl B. R. On Jul y2007. (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL, Just received your latest reports. 1 noticed that we should drop a line if we suspect that the Evil One is harassing us. Well I am now 69 years old and haven't been sick for over four years. Just today as I was reading your material, my ear began to hurt very much and my throat has a tickle. In addition, my computer is not working like it should. The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you. And be gracious to you; The LORD lift His countenance on you, And give you peace." (Unquote)

Chuck-JOHNEL Comment: When you experience something like that it has one of two likely sources, (1) Natural, coincidental and (2) Spiritual interference. I do not assume that every thing untoward that happens is demonic in source; rather I assume it is a natural occurrence and coincidental in the sense that it is happening when we are doing something "spiritual '(praying, reading the Bible, in fellowship, reading our Newsletter, etc.). However, if you discern that it is demonic in source it is always safe to simply pray (with some authority in Christ) "The Lord JESUS CHRIST rebuke you Satan!" or I please the Blood ofJESUS CHRIST on you!" If the earache goes away and the computer works ok - it was demonic. This is a a way to start to address the trouble. Build momentum by accumulating small successes. Rick W. On July 4. 2007. (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL and TONI, ...I took special interest in the two letters by Richard-DANIEL and wish to thank you for sharing his comments. My final reaction was in complete agreement with JOHNEL's reaction - to take these subjects to the Lord in prayer. It seems few people have been directly led by the Word of God to `DO' many certain physical preparations yet? That's very interesting in itself. So I' m following JOHNEL's example to pray about this. I will mention that while pondering over the very questions about the road ahead this morning, I discovered an excellent Word posted by Sandy Warner called "We Will Rebuild." I would like to quote a part she shared with us to pray over: "Ask Me, says the Lord. Ask Me for a plan, for your plan of release. I want to give you a road map of how to rebuild your life. I want to rebuild you body, soul and spirit. I want you to prosper and become the head and not the tail. I want you to be so rich in My good gifts that you become My living light and resource to all those who are dying around you. I want your life to be so

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January 17, 2008

Rick W. On Jul y 4, 2007. (Quote continued] well constructed that you will be My rock and My refuge for those who are caught in the storms of the world. I want you to be so full of My abundant life that My Presence through you literally rebuilds your neighborhood, your church, your work place, your town, your city, your country and your nation into a tabernacle of My Presence. Take back your land My people, take it back. "First ask Me for My plan for your own personal life. Then ask Me for ears to hear that plan when I send it. Ask Me for the heart to receive that plan. Ask Me for confirmations after I send it. Ask Me that the plan will become planted deeply into the sifted and plowed soil of your faith. Ask Me for these things. And then when your plan comes, you will know it is from Me and will be given the grace to walk it out." Prov 29: 18 KJV "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." I very much appreciated this Word. Thank you and God bless all of you at the S & S!" (Unquote) Adventure: When you're safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you're h av ing an adve nture you wish you were safe at home. Thornton Wilder Jerr y S On July S, 2007. (Quote) "Dear Brother Youngbrandt, Greetings and best wishes

to you. We hope that things are going well for you and that you are being blessed by the Lord. We recently received your June, 2007 mailing. Thank you for including us again. Over the years you have given a great deal of time-related information in your prophecies. A September 19 `h earthquake is to precede the monster earthquake that will cause great destruction in Chicago by about one year and seven months. This monster earthquake is to occur on a July 5", and 37 days later Russia and China are to attack the U.S. Thirty days after a strong tremor in Iowa a powerful earthquake is to strike Boston. There is October 23 w , and December 14` E ' in darkness hours, etc. Then there are the cycles of 12 and 24 years. On September 23rd124th Russia and China are to start plotting against the U.S. I could go on. On page 6 of the June 16, 2007 "The Staff and Sword Ministry" publication you had: " JESUS' WORD of January 2, 1989 : "1 WILL NOT REVEAL THE TIMING. JUDGMENT NOW WILL BE THREE TIMES GREATER; IT WILL COME SUDDENLY AND WITHOUT WARNING." (The same thing is on page 6 {6/25] of the June 22, 2007 "The Staff and The Sword Ministry." This leaves me wondering. If Jesus did not reveal to you the time-related information that you have prophesied, then, what was the source?" (Unquote) Reply ('buck-JOHNEL: It is pretty simple -JESUS is referring to the YEAR these judgments would come. Mann years earlier He revealed the day and month of many

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 17, 2008

R t y by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): different judgment events (such as the major

earthquake in ChicagolSt. Louis, the earthquake hitting Boston following the quake in Iowa, etc. But even back then (1977-1980+) He was not revealing the YEAR of these events. For some time we worked to understand that timing aspect, the year, but finally

due to open hostility and rejection of His Word by the Church, JESUS would state that He would NOT reveal that timing. I knew what He meant at the time and still do. One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide "Hi, Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI! ! May the Lord richly bless and keep you both. Thanks for your wonderful newsletter, which of course was chock full of wisdom and information. I'm sorry to be so long in responding, but I was profoundly affected by the contents in a number of ways and wanted to write you a L00OONG response. But I don't have time (right now) to write it, and you probably don't have time to read it, so here's the highlights. I felt actually sick to my stomach when I read the letter from Satan you received. One can feel the darkness just reading it. How sad for the writer. However, every alarm bell in my system went off, and I immediately began praying for you both intensely. I later contacted Pamela-DEBORAH who shared a prayer she was praying, so I added that one too. It just figures ole slewfoot's mad over the Islam prayer campaign and wants to get even. Well, he's a defeated foe, and God WILL complete every plan, every purpose, and every calling HE has in mind for each of you and the both of you together! So we are all praying for you big-time, I hope you feel those prayers! No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and no evil shall come near your dwelling! I also have been led to pray that the Lord would send you helpful assistants, but don't know when that will be. I also was profoundly moved by Richard-DANIEL's letter. I so share his concerns, I fully realize how absolutely vulnerable we are. Preparing for all this IS like Noah building the ark, none of us have been down this road before. My father took the family camping growing up, but all I had to do was unroll my bedroll and help with dishes. Most of us are totally unprepared, even though we're trying. We too are asking God for "the plan" and buying such survival things as we're led, but there's such an element of surreal unreality to it. Here I am buying oil lamps and water barrels in the middle of Dallas, Texas. It's so odd. I would very much like to e-mail or correspond with him, is there a way to do that? I think it would be very helpful as we could share ideas and sources. I am continually amazed at God's goodness to us all, His graciousness, patience, and mercy is truly beyond our capability to comprehend it, but I'm most grateful for it. Thanks so much for all you do — having done all, STAND! He and all of us are standing with you." (Unquote)

Joanne M. Eno date) . (Quote)

Chuck-JOHNEL Comment: Thank you for the kind remarks, they are appreciated as are all. Joanne M. is referring to a letter! received back then from one obviously driven by

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January 17, 2008

Chuck-JOHNEL Comment: the devil. The enemy likes to express its unhappiness with what we are doing in Christ and I tend to be their primary target (but not the only one). But that is ok, if they keep doing it they end up giving me and us "occasion "where under His direction we can move In The Spirit' and give them a good whack in Jesus Name. Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health, Carl Jung

Bill and Kath y S. On Jul 4, 2007. (Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy, Hope your 4th of July was great (ours was) and you both are fine and dandy. We received the newsletter the other day and got a laugh out of the letter from "a member of the Body of Christ." Too bad he didn't put his or her name, but that is beside the point. It all points to the "cup" of your ministry that was bitter to the taste yet sweet in your belly. I hope that's how you described it. Chalk it up to another disgruntled Christian or non-Christian (if he was or she was, or not.) Speaking of the cup the Angel gave you to drink of? Seems like you ran into another bitter person. The world and church are full of them obviously you've been hitting the jackpot being the target, prophet you are. God bless you. In regards to you being correct, I would like to share with you on page 17 of your book The Lord, the God of Heaven your words describing "a golden lightning that came into the room and hit the floor. It splattered like liquid gold and ran in every direction. A brilliant light followed and through the light I could see Jesus coming down." I've quoted these words because I too know of and used the very same words "liquid gold." No one else could use the exact words "liquid gold" until you see it for yourself. Only upon sharing seeing Jesus did my pastor slam me saying, "no man has seen God, " in unbelief! "You must have had a vision!" If I never saw Jesus again, I loved this pastor, and would have just said maybe it was a vision! I tried to say he was right. Until later I saw Him (JESUS) again as pure white about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall, this time in my living room about 1 or 2 years later. How could I be conversing with Him in a vision asking questions and getting answers to things only that were between us. Again from others "no man hath seen God." Until you have a beautiful and wonderful encounter with Jesus; being with

Him, Him comforting you or putting His arm and hand on your shoulder and back; you ould not understand . Like the old joke "you had to be there." Well they were not, so they wouldn't imagine anything even close. "You never miss what you never had" or it's like telling a person what "red" looks like who is color blind to that particular color. The color red may look like green to him or her. Yes I was a target for saying but as for me I will serve the Lord (and will my House.) I feel it's jealousy which is terrible. We are a body but the arm can't be the ear, the foot can't be the tongue. Where is the trust? We all have an important part, Jesus is

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

January 17, 2008

Bill and Kathy S. On Jul 4, 200 7. (Quote continued) the head, each one is precious ! The bitterness and lies are the acid destroying the very fabric of the body of Christ. Jesus gave His life for the church yet man tramples it and each other at every available chance. Yes chalk it up to another puppet being bitter used by the devil, but maybe the person is just bitter and rotten to the core and you were next in line for his two cents worth opinion. Too bad for you. Keep those cards and letters coming, but next time just pitch those devilish letters. I wouldn't even show them to Nancy-TONI or if Nancy got to it first she should just pitch it not showing Chuck - JOHNEL. This isn't being secretive, just spare the other from someone being directed by an accusing-attacking spirit. Psalm 109 talks of this, someone told me it foretold about Judas the betrayer, but I think it speaks of every bitter rotten to the core, key hurting person anywhere including the church. It takes all kinds and it seems like you get them all, but do not be discouraged. A little laughter goes a long way. Hope this encouragement goes a long way, too! We love you both. Keep going on, and on, and on, (sticks and stones). P.S. on page 9 of the newsletter is our letter, Bill and Kathy S. I misspelled chaos as `kaos' hope that clears it up for you. I apologize. I was tired and out of sorts. Love in Christ to you both. "Jesus Saves"." (Unquote)

Chuck-JOHNEL: Amen and Amen! Lady: I would like a pair of alligator shoes. Man: Yes, ma'am; what size is your al l igator?

Paul f On August 5, 2007. (Quote)". . .1 am wondering if people will wake up when things really get out of hand?" (t nquote)

Chuck-JOHNEL: One can always hope so, but it is not likely. People will be in denial til it hits them like a ton of bricks - then it is too late. Their best hope is in those of us who do prepare who are willing to share and be a help. A men.

Mother: The baby is the image of his father. Neighbor: What do you care, so long as he is healthy?

These letters are transcribed by our very own Leith Lopez who also selects the quotes that appear between the letters. Thank you Leith for comic relief! God bless all. END OF WE GET LETTERS. IN ('NR^ S J

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