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June 8, 2007

WE GET LETTERS Hugs and Kisses -- Sticks and Stones B y : Chuck-JOHNEL Herbert S. G. On July 18. 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, In regards to Michael

Boldea's — The Eagle Vision of March 2006, I would interpret the snake with diagonal red and black stripes as two countries that are now considered friendly, such as Mexico and Canada, and in reality to only be waiting for an opportunity to strike. I interpret "diagonal stripes" as lies or lying. I believe Michael's vision links with Dimitri's vision of America burning with

Mexicans causing civil strife in the South and illegal immigrants from Canada causing strife in the Northern United States. A second interpretation would be the snake with diagonal stripes would represent nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who supply the majority of our oil from the mid East, cutting off the oil. That would certainly hurt and paralyze us and hold us so that something bigger could finish us off. Sincerely..." (Unquote) Response by Chuck-JOHNEL_ I recently watched Miss U.S.A. in Mexico being booed by the Mexican audience voicing their hatred for this nation. That Mexico will invade the U. S. with Red China is no surprise. They will sow and then reap as the Lord shewed me back in 1977 that Red China will turn on the Mexican nation and begin a program of systematic

extermination to take-over their land and country from them. With the often hated US. destroyed all of Central and South America will be invaded by land hungry Chinese forces who will murder them aplenty. While Canada's government is `strange' the Canadian people are largely brethren in Christ and mostly like us as we like them. When war comes and the U.S. is invaded, Canada will also be invaded and their population will suffer as ours, kind in kind.

In znv experience it is usually the one who receives the vision that is in the best position to understand and interpret it as they can ask the Lord for a deeper understanding and will receive it. I do not believe Michael Boldea has done that as he has clearly declined offering his view of the vision so it remains open to speculation.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 8, 2007

Response b > Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): However, your speculation is as good as any one elses. God bless. "Three-quarters of our population live in or near cities; the other quarter is on the highway looking for the exit."

Dean B. on June 27, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Nancy-TONI and Chuck JOHNEL, Many, many thanks for all of your hard work, sharing the Lord's words to you and other prophets. I' m so grateful that the Lord has put me in the Net of Prayer. I am praying daily and I apologize for not sending you a copy of my letter to President Bush regarding "sealing." I did write to him and received a nice letter and good picture of him from his department. I am disappointed that he didn't accept your offer. Am also sad that he didn't call this nation to fast and pray. Your words and those of those the Lord gave Richard-DANIEL have helped me understand from Heaven's view. I continue to pray for President Bush. May the Lord richly bless you and give you wisdom and discernment, strength and good health as you continue to be obedient to Him. Much love, Shalom." (Unquote) One doesn't have a sense of humor. It has you. Larry Gelbart I

Jeb R. On n o date) (Quote) "The Lord Bless you two! Question: It seems much of what you quote comes from the King James version of the Bible — is there a reason? I've always been drawn to the KJV but was wondering if you have any input regarding Bible versions — what's the best, what is bad or if there really is a difference? I've heard much on this subject — curious what you had to say -- Thanks." (Unquote) Response by Chuck-JOHNEL: I have some resource information on this subject around here but not able to locate it so I'm running on memory. Back in the 197Q's in Chicago I encountered a group of Bible scholars (they read ancient Hebrew and Greek like a second language) who had been investigating the then new Bible translations (New Jerusalem, etc.)that were becoming quite popular throughout the Church. I, for one, had been led by the Holy Spirit to stick with the King James Version of the Bible. More, Ifound it to be excellent in a study of God's Word and equally important to me, it was an open doorway to a direct personal relationship with Jesus and through Him with Father God. While I had a Revised Standard Bible, Living Bible and an Amplified Bible which I referred to for clarification of some parts of the King James version - my mainstay

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 8, 2007

Response by Chuck-JOH11EL(continued): remained the King James version as this is the way the HOLY SPIRIT clearly led me. When I shared this Holy Spirit leading with these Bible scholars (1970's) they told me something quite alarming. The King James version of the Bible is based on a Hebrew text and Greek text that is ancient. In fact, this group of scholars had one of the original "Greek texts " (hundreds of years old) and were involved in a twenty year study project involving the Greek text which is the foundation . for the New Testament interpretation we know as the King James version.

Tampering with the Foundation oldie Bible What these scholars told me at that time was well past worrisome, it was alarming. They pointed out that when the Dead Sea Scrolls were put together they ended with a_full Hebrew text of the Book of Ezekiel that was thousands of years old. When compared to the modern day King James version of the Book of Ezekiel, they found only TWO CHANGES which involved the re-location of two words "and" and "the " - more, these two changes were actual improvements in their estimation. Otherwise, the Book of Ezekiel had remained intact and unchanged from copying to copying for thousands of years. That alone was amazing but the Hebrews who did this were 100% faithful to God's Word in how they kept true to His Word. With this as a background they told me the "troubling part. " Again the basis of the Bible we have are the Hebrew and Greek texts that have been passed down to us for eons. The new translations of the Bible that have spread throughout the Church are based on a NEW Updated Greek text - re-written by Bible scholars. The King James version is the only version circulating in the Church that remains based on the ancient and unchanged Greek text. In examining the original Greek text with the new revised/improved Greek text these Bible scholars told me that while they found some helpful imp r ovements they found many disturbing changes that plainly alarmed them. The Gospel of Matthew - when I met these Bible scholars (1970'c) they had completed a thorough examination of the Gospel of Matthew, comparing the OLD Greek text with the New revised/improved Greek text. They found that there had been 700+ changes in the

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 8, 2007

Response by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): Gospel of Matthew alone.

700+ Changes to the Gospel

of Matthew !!!

While these Bible scholars told me that many of the changes were true improvements in their estimation, that would make the Gospel of Matthew easier to understand by the everyday Church goer - some changes were very troubling. They also noted that seeing 700+ changes was in itself alarming given that the Book of Ezekiel remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years except for the location of two words. The New Greek text had eliminated the mention of JESUS as God 's Son, the virgin birth was deleted in many parts, the Blood of Jesus was deleted - on and on they detailed changes that touched on the very substance of the Bible itself. All Seminaries that taught upcoming Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ were being educated from the New Greek text. Ever y new interpretation of the Bible was based on this "New Greek text." The Divinity of JESUS CHRIST as GOD'S SON had been modified and in places obliterated. I have some paperwork around here that details the changes and they are more than troubling - Satan got to the foundation of our Bible through evil men disguised as Bible scholars. This is why I stay with the King James version. I always tell brethren that it is ok to have some of these other translations, but do not base any serious study of God's Word on them - learn to refer to the King James version alone. The vast majority of Christians are wholly unaware of this. Love may be blind, but jealousy sees too much. Bob and Donna A. On July 22. 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, ...Question: Is it possible that the "Pres. George Bush" the Lord spoke to you about being president at the accidental nuking of USA could be the current president's nephew, "George Bush"??? If so, this would add years to the current end time event schedule!?" (Unquote) Repl y b y JOHNEL: While I was unaware (in 1989) that President George H. Bush, the elder, had a son named George - I'm equally unaware (now aware) that George W. has a nephew named George. But is he in politics, is he running for President??

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 16, 2007

Response by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued : While it is remotely possible that this nephew

might become the next President (another President George Bush) - it appears to be remote. If you take a look at what is developing in this world with Iran - how Iran is spreading murder and mayhem into Lebanon and into the Palestinian areas to say nothing of the fact that Iran is fully responsible for the death of 85% of all Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and is working massively at break neck speed to build atomic weapons - it is perhaps more difficult to imagine that we have another 4-8 years before troubles reach climax. It is NOT that I have any stock in judgment nor am I disinterested in seeing judgments deferred/delayed - nonetheIess, the over-all landscape tells a very different picture. For example: One of the proving points for me) to KNOWING that this judgment is very, very close to hitting full farce was the WA TCH TIMES on the count o '220 da ys (pointing of March 28-30) and then 67 days later to "Greater Events " (June 2-7). I've been consistent in watching and reporting what has developed since 2004 (starting with Economic judgment) to the most recent final episode, the "Greater Event" of June 2-7, 2007. More recently we have seen a surge of quake activity under Mammoth Lakes, California where the Corma is p r essing upwards. The earthquakes are quite strongrangingfrom 2.0 to 3.4 magnitude happening almost every hour of every day, That kind of quake activity is usually called "harmonic tremors " which reflect the movement of Magma deep in the earth (Magma is molten rock that is flowing underground). However, Magma usually

triggers very small shakers (1.0 to 1.8 magnitude) - these are quite large for "harmonic tremors" revealing that the pressure is intense, strong and getting stronger. There are a multitude of other developing troubles that paint one picture: the judgment is getting stronger by the hour and serious explosions are not far off. Earth movements usually develop over a period of months and years; but we have observed the effect of the March 28'x', 2007 surge of Corrna in wild weather that swept the U.S. and has not stopped from then to now. Even a very conservative estimation of the present circumstances would lead to one conclusion - time is very short! Again, I'm not opposed to a delay in judgment or more time but at present I see no such possibility the way things are going. When you go into court, you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. Norm Crosby

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 16, 2007

Kathryn R. On Ai gust k 2006. (Quote) "Dear Nancy-TONI, Thanks for tape

replacements. Thank you for all of the teachings, guidance, newsletters, and prayer operations. This is all I have. I have no Church fellowship and I don't feel alone because of the Net of Prayer. I enjoy working with a group and serving God." (Unquote) Comment by JOHNEL: We are quite pleased to have you with us in prayer and supplications. God bless.

Still as of old, men by themselves are priced — For thirty pieces Judas sold himself, not Christ. Hester H. Cholmodeley Don B. On (no date) (Quote) "CJ: If I have understood right it looks like the 3 year

period right before the invasion has a good chance of taking place in 2008. This would put the invasion in 2010. Occupation would be over in 2017? If there is an earthquake in L.A. this fall will this confirm the above dates or when will this confirmation take place or is it too soon to tell? Really appreciate all of you. Thanks for your faithfulness to Jesus and to us." (Unquote) Reply by JOHNEL: The timing structure we have in view is what you understand in part.

The "monster Midwest earthquake" is believed to happen in 2010 and the invasion would follow in 37 days after the "monster quake. " However, from the time of the invasion (lets say it is 2010) the U.S. will amass a new army to drive the Russians out in the second year (that would be 2011); however, that would fail and gradually the U.S. would be over run by Russian, Chinese, Japanese and various allied armies. The U.S. would fall somewhere in the year 2012 following this time line. Occupation would start at that time (2012) and

end in 2019. Thefi-agility of timing is a fundamental part of the picture. Remember. JESUS plainly told me this on January 2, 1989: JESUS' WORD of January 2, 1989: "I WILL NOT REVEAL THE TIMING. JUDGMENT NOW WILL BE THREE TIMES GREATER; IT WILL COME

SUDDENLY AND WITHOUT WARNING." Why is JESUS so adamant? Over the years, culminating in 1989, the Church has hotly rejected JESUS' Word, resisted His call to repent and pray and lastly the church "bound" the prophets from knowing or speaking timing. In earlier years I've seen , first hand just how angry and hateful brethren get when you

prophesy something and it happens at the time you prophesy. The reaction is "hatred " and their behavior is nothing short of vile and reprehensible.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 16, 2007

Reply by JOHNEL,- You can ask why brethren act this way, but let it suffice (as this is an involved thing) to say that "they do that. " Their behavior brought JESUS to say what He said in 1989 (see previous page). What JESUS has given us are sequences in which judgment events will surface. Part of our work has been to pin point key "starting points" and "key judgment events " to look for

which when they happen tell us that we are headed into serious judgments. Isee that what JESUS has done has laid down a `faith requirement " that only those who discern His Word and who believe His Word will recognize what is happening and get out of the way. Those who have to "see"to believe, who are carnal minded and bound by their intellect - these are walking dead in our midst. Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else. Don C. On July 23, 2006 . (Quote) "Hello Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI — Praise God and Jesus for their Presence and Power and Excellence in our lives. Thank you for your continuing ministry-encouragement-teachings to us in/with Jesus' unconditional Love. I am most thankful for this and being part of the Net of Prayer. As I am writing this, there are still 333,000 customers (1 million plus people) of the electric company without power. Last week was, and still is, a very trying time for many — 2 major storms in 2 days, in the St. Louis area. Praise the Lord Jesus! God's covering, protection, and provision is totall y sufficient. The major effects of the storms went around us (as others have done). We were out of electricity twice, but only for 7 and 11 hours. A large tree in our backyard blew over — no damage to anything else. Our emergency supplies helped us out. A Holy Spirit: The ongoing troubles here in St. Louis are a microcosm of what is coming on this whole country. The onl y place to be is in Christ Jesus. Thank you Father God for all of your answers to our prayers — before, during, and after the storms of life. Much love to you because of Jesus." (Unquote)

Comment by C-J: Over the years we have seen how those who make and set aside water, batteries, etc.) find how helpful it is to have them "emergency preparations "food, ( when troubles arise. No one tests the river with both feet. African proverb

Rachel R. On August 2 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JGHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Greetings in Jesus' name! When I see the weather map of the US and it is all RED (90's100's) except for your area, your little corner of the map (70's), there is no explanation

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 16, 2007

Rachel R. On August 2, 2006. (Quote continued) needed. Jesus knows you don't like the heat, and it thrills my heart to see him protect you the way He does! Enclosed is my tithe — be blessed! In Christ. (I eagerly await your next newsletter and what Jesus is saying regarding war in Middle East.) (Unquote)

C-J: Thank you for your letter. My tomato plants, corn, cucumbers, etc. like it hot, so I have to compromise at this time of year. God bless. The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

Candice (Isabelle) on (no date) (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Just a small letter of encouragement. Years ago my relationship with Jesus started off in the Spirit. But as I tried following the desires that were in me: wanting to be taught and led by the Holy Spirit, I started to do things (I thought) (self) Christians do, attending different churches, etc. ...Had some bad experiences also some good. Meaning the experiences brought me to where I am today. (All things work out for the good)! My point is if it wasn't for JOHNEL's calling on his life with the Net of Prayer, I put God on a shelf for years at different times, really never understood things always trying to figure out things. But all the Prayers from 82 with the Net of Prayer — doing Spiritual battle (warfare) which broke that demon presence over me and many others to where I'm having a relationship now. I am able to receive whom I am in Christ! Thank you Jesus!! These "Go and Receive" Prayers (In the Spirit) and the Point of No Return. I am able to receive now clearer then I've ever had. And again thanks JOI NEL for all the prayers you sought God for and your obedience also. I'm sure you didn't always understand but (knowing this was His Will). Thank you, Father God, for sending JOHNEL on our behalf. Thanks for setting us free! God Bless." (Unquote)

C-J: Al! Praise and Glory to GOD THE FATHER through JESUS CHRIST! Amen! There is nothing certain in a man's life but that he must lose it. Owen Meredith

Bill and Kath y S. On Jul y 21, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TCNI, Thank you again for having us being involved in the Net of Prayer group. I know we don't always give "at-a-boys!" like we should or "good jobs!" or "well done!" Even then sometimes they seem like a whisper, compared to the "oh no's" we get that seem to cancel out at a ratio of 1000 to 1. Plus 1000 (plus) "at-a- boys" and 1 "oh no" equals= zero. Sad to say it! The way things seem to go, this is reality! How soon we forget the good and focus on the not so good. But "thanks be to God who causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus" we forgive and go on. (2 Cor 2:14)

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June 17, 2007

Bill and Kath y S. On July 21, 2006. (Quote continued) I wrote to President Bush again and I feel sooner and hopefully not later he will contact you. It may take more letters, more time and more KAOS, but trust me, he'll be boxed in a corner and either come out fighting renewed with the Lord, or be shut down completely. All we can pray is that the Lord open his heart and reveal — it's time for some serious united prayer in these United States. I admire your patience, your longsuffering (both of you -- with both of these qualities.) It is never easy giving true reports from God and fairy-tale prophecies being in the air. "Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for jo y : for, behold, your reward is great in Heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets" (Luke 6:22 &23) We love you. P.S. Keep going and going..." (Unquote) C-J: Thank you for the encouragement and your letter. God bless. Compliments cost nothing, yet many pay dear for them. Alicia N. On September 15 2006. (Quote)". . .Also, I read the "we get letters" and was absolutely thrilled to read your comment about America the New Israel etc. Gene and I have been enlightened about that for many, many years but have been so grieved by the whole misconception about Israel. I saw recently that there are three groups of people: (1) the non-Christians whom many are God-haters, (2) the mainline Christians who are clueless about really loving the Lord and being in His Presence and will reject anyone whom the Lord really sends. . but the thing which breaks my heart now is (3) the wonderful groups of Christians who are outside of religiosity and have been pursuing intimacy and being the Bride of Christ. ..just loving the Lord etc. ..the whole Israel thing is infiltrating these groups all over the place and they are majorly being distracted from the Lord's purpose for them. is an evil distraction." (Unquote) C-J.• Amen!

The function of freedom is to free somebody else. Toni Morrison Dennis J. On no date . (Quote) "Dear Chuck-3CHNEL: Thanks for the efforts that you and others put into producing the Fellowship Meeting tapes. The tapes are a blessing to me. You teach so many things that I do not hear elsewhere and I enjoy hearing your stories! On the May 28, 2006 tapes you discussed the meaning of Romans 13. I too believe that the standard church teaching on this Chapter is incorrect. I would appreciate hearing your opinion on the following reading of Romans 13: In Romans 13:1 the Greek word that is translated to "powers" (exousiais) in the KJV

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June 17, 2007

Dennis J. On (no date). (Quote continued) is defined as "it is permissible, allowed. Permission, authority, right, liberty, power to do something" (from The Complete Word Study Bible and The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament). This same Greek word is translated "liberty" in I Cor 8:9. If we substitute "liberty" for "powers" in Rom 13:1, it takes on a very different meaning. Could the author be talking about the power to choose to do what is right? In other words to live by the law that God has written on our hearts. Could this be the perfect law of liberty that James talks about? Could Romans 13 be talking about the Kingdom of God that Jesus said is at hand and which is in us? This is where we choose to be under the dominion of God and live according to His laws written on our hearts. Is this the same thing that Moses taught Israel? This is where every man did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25) and Israel had a prosperous society without a central government for 400 years. When Israel told Samuel they wanted a king, God told Samuel that they were rejecting Him, not Samuel (1 Sam 8:7). Was God saying that the people did not want to live by the law of God in their hearts but they instead wanted a man or civil government to tell them how to live? In conclusion, could the confusion about Romans 13 be caused by a poor translation of the word exousiais and possibly other Greek words? Thank you for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless." (Unquote)

Repl y b y Chuck-JOHNEL: The insight was given to me by the Holy Spirit not by man's teaching/understanding which is known. But the problem is not so much a `poor translation" as it is the carnality of man and how easily men are led by their own flesh. Nancy-TONI wrote an excellent insight into the meaning of `flesh " in the last Newsletter and it points out the problem. Yes, men ought be ruled by God's dominion by His Spirit but until God's people are wholly and truly yielded to Gods Spirit and Lordship in their lives the carnal man poses a significant problem. When men are ruled by their carnality/flesh they are imperfect in the extreme. A Perfect translation of God's Word cannot be perfectly implemented by impel feet people (carnal/fleshy). When will God's people be truly free of the carnal nature/flesh? Only when they have come to the place of being crucified with Christ, of dying to self to the place where they begin to manifest Christ within themselves. Remember the Apostle Peter (I Peter 2:16) and the Apostle Paul (Romans 6) also warned against using the freedom we have in Christ as an excuse to sin or satisfy the lusts of the flesh. This is where the seat of the trouble is at, not in the translation. Once led by the Spirit of God the meaning of God's Word is not hidden but is apparent to those walking in the Spirit.

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June 17, 2007

Repl y by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): Now ask the tough question - "When will we manifest Christ and what is it like? " The willingness to die to self the continual day by day abiding in Christ seeking to be found in His Perfect Will in our life will lead to aforetaste of walking "in The Spirit. "However-, when we actually manifest Christ is in God's Hands not ours - we can only be steadfast in being ready, willing and seeking. What is it like? JESUS is the example - He did NOTHING except the Father GOD shewed Him. That is what we attain to be like. It is cheering to see that the rats are still around — the ship is not sinking. Eric H offe r Jo S. On (no date1 (Quote)"Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI: The newsletter and

letters you get have been a great help, as the past years have been very busy, and troublesome. Since joining the Net of Prayer attacks from the enemy on this family, children, and even grandchildren have been so numerous to count. I have thought of counting the cost, my experience has been to trust in Him, His blessings always exceed the cost. ...At times I ask myself, can I continue to risk family to attacks from the enemy? Is my thinking off base? Each individual is responsible for their decisions, and actions. I am near 80 years of age, am extremely healthy, when I recall the way I was introduced to your calling by a friend who gave me your book, I read and put it aside for some years only to turn on the radio one day and hear you on the Prophecy Club. I ordered your tapes, and newsletter. It was then I knew to join the Net of Prayer. That along with your newsletters, Nancy-TONI's teachings have been such a blessing to me. To know the many hours you spend in obedience, it seems a small part for me to just be obedient to pray. At the present time I am recovering from major surgery, recovery is slow, I may not be able to participate fully but am determined to be active in every phase of prayer. I know our green pastures are found in the Father's arms, trusting Him in all things. I pray every day for your health and strength to continue His work. I am so blessed to be a part of the answered prayers, to see and know His faithfulness." (Unquote) Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: With the new Hedge about all of us the enemy attacks will cease. If not drop us a line. Thank you for your prayer ful service in the Net of Prayer - we have all been blessed to see the powerful and awesome answers to prayerfrom Father God through Jesus Christ. Perhaps the best thing about the future is that it comes just one day at a time. Kurt J. On October 2 2046. (Quote) "I was reading the Staff and the Sword, the book my

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June 17, 2007

Kurt J. On October 2, 2006. (Q uote continued) Dad has, and on page 66 at the last paragraph it says the charismatic movement in America is being swayed by a new movement call discipleship, This discipleship is when a local elder, also called a shepherd, is the doorway to heaven. My friend who is an associate pastor of my church told me he would like to start a discipleship between us and he would help me to minister to the public to bring people to Christ. And I told him what your book prophesied, what would happen in the future, this discipleship you talked about. I also told him that I believe in Christ, that He would save me not man. Then I made a decision to meet with and listen to him but knowing in me that he was not my savior but Christ only." (Unquote)

Comment b y Chuck-JOHIVEL: The discipleship movement I saw years ago was likely designed to get a handle on people's carnal nature by applying outward authority over

their activities and involvements. Problem was that this became dictatorial to where people were being governed in minute detail - you could not buy a TV without approval of the elder, you could not have sex with your wife/husband without the approval of the elder — it got way out of hand. The trouble with the whole concept was that it aimed to quench the carnal nature by outward control when the only way it really works is where we go inwardly to Christ within (abiding) and learn to lovingly yield to Him and allow Him to change us from within to without. Kurt, I'm kind of curious as to how the talk went. Maybe later. God bless. A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning. SPANISH PROVERB Jan C. On October 4, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Nancy-TONI and Chuck-JOHNEL, ...Are the South Pacific Islands a safe place to be when the full judgments hit America? I know someone who's going there and Ijust wondered. If I had the money I might consider going there. (I Love the ocean). What do you discern on this? Remember the movie South Pacific? I'd always wanted to visit those Islands. I'm NOT talking about Hawaii either. I'm hoping you will take the time to write me back and let me know what you discern. Thank you." (Unquote) Chuck-JONNEL : The only true safe place to he in is Christ, abiding in Him, looking to Him and trusting Him to lead you every step of the way through life.

When the judgments hit America in frill the whole wo r ld is going up in flames - Nuclear World War1111 Wind currents will carry radiation fallout everywhere on the planet. I don 't know of any safe place other than being in Christ and seeking to be where He wants me/us to be. However, a vacation to the Pacific afyou can afford it) sounds like fun. God bless.

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June 17, 2007

True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher. J. Petit-Senn Mama Ka y G. On October 8, 2006. (Quote) "My dearest friends, Greetings in the Name that is above every name, Jesus Christ — Yahushua ha Mashiac. The Lord reminded me this morning that I had not returned the Response Form, and I said, "Oh no Lord, where is it?" And He graciously directed me to it! ! ! Yeah God! ?! As I read the "We Get Letters", and I heard the cry of the heart of my sister about having struggles praying for the Muslim people, my heart broke for her and I felt compelled to share an experience that I had recently I was praying and seeking the Lord regarding anything in my life that was not pleasing to Him. He said to me, "You do not love enough." My heart wrenched, and I asked, "What do you mean, Lord?" He answered, "When you truly love someone, you can't wait to see them and hear their voice. You long to have them near you, and to spend time with them." "Yes, Lord," I said. "That is right." He said, "Well, there are some of My people, your brothers and sisters, that you do not want to be bothered with. It's not that they are your enemies, or even that they have done wrong to you in someway, but they have some issues that you do not want to deal with. If you cannot love these, My people, your brothers and sisters, how are you going to be able to obe y Me and love your enemies?"

My heart ached, and I repented of my attitude and feelings, but I am still struggling with those feelings regarding the people that the Lord was talking about. It is not that I dislike them, but my flesh does not want to deal with their stuff. I have been seeking the Lord to fill me with unconditional love for these people. The Lord reminded me at this ti me about a conversation I had with a sister in the Lord. She was struggling with a certain young woman in our church. They seemed to come into conflict on a daily basis. This sister said to me, "Well, some people just have personality conflicts." I said, "Yes, you're right." As I was leaving to go home, the Lord said, "NO!" I said, "What?" He said, "No, that is not right! If you have a problem with someone, you need to get down on your face before me until you don't have a problem any more." Lord, Papa God, please help us to love all people with Your love. Help us to see all people through Your eyes. Help us not to be respecters of persons. Fill us all with Your love, Your mercy, Your compassion, and Your forgiveness, so that when we reach out to others — "They may know You! They may live and not die!" (Unquote)

C-J: Thank you Mamma Kay for sharing something of merit and value to all. The future is history to God, for He is omniscient. Jesus C. On October I8, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Hope both of you are doing well and healthy. The following is a small dream of mine that occurred on the night of October 17, 2006, between the hours of 3:30 AM and 4:00 AM.

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June 17, 2007

Jesus C. On October 18. 2006. (Quote continued) In the dream, my father is taking care

of my three-month old daughter, Angelinee. My father cannot seem to find her. He frantically begins to look for her everywhere . By this point he is very nervous, finally we are in a place where a group of some beings I could not identify (I cannot see faces and everything is the color gray), are gathered together by an open pit pork roasting. On one corner of the pit, I see my daughter, Angelinee, beginning to be burned. I pull her out of the pit and place her on my lap. After this moment, I see myself pulling out my sword, very upset, and ready to start killing everything around me when avoice suddenly speaks to me and tells me "Put the sword away, they are trying to provoke you and get occasion against you and/or the Net of Prayer" (cannot remember exactly). It also told me the Lord, Jesus Christ, will take care of her. This marked the end of my dream. I think this was an attack to get grounds or occasions against me and The Net of Prayer. Depending on how I reacted. Please confirm if you can and share with me any comments on your part." (Unquote)

Reply b y Chuck-JOHNEL: The enemy of our souls is always looking for some angle to launch an attack on all of us. Since we are now inside the Hedge their opportunity is now much diminished. Nonetheless, hidden sin in our midst can offer the enemy some occasion which is why we pray daily to address that possibility. While we have authority to defend ourselves if attacked, we cannot go on a rampage aiming to destroy demons (that is what you were dealing with in the dream) without a clear direction of the HOLY SPIRIT and/or JESUS CHRIST Your dream was quite real. The world at its worst needs the church at its best.

Elaine C. On October 2 5, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy,.. There is a control system in our church which is keeping me from hearing the word of God directly and will not accept prophets. Steven Jones in his booklet, "Hearing God's Voice" says it is a curse placed on the church under the anointing of Pentecost, upon all who would obtain spiritual food directly from God or trusted prophets of God without first checking it out with the approval of Church leadership who administered the traditions of men, rather than the law of God. This has created a famine of hearing the word of God. Every church I know seems to have this problem. See Amos 8:11...and Rev.2:6 Paul and the Lord hated it. Can this curse be lifted and how could it be done? This sounds to me like it requires prayer by a group of people. I'm afraid to tackle it alone. Could the Net of Prayer help?" (Unquote) JOHNEL's RESPONSE : As to the question of lifting the curse: this falls under the heading of something the church has done operating in Christ's empowerment to "bind

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 17, 2007

JQHNEL's RESPONSE (continued): and loose. " In that JESUS gave His church the right and power to do such things, to set such rules - even though they run against what is His Perfect Will He Permits it. It cannot be broken by prayer as it has to do with the free will decisions/choices of His people. At very best (an excellent option) one can pray fora HOLY SPIRIT Revival in the church, but anything more than this can run contrary to the free will choices God's people make. God will not overturn their free will, even if it's a wrong decision. However, consider this Scripture: "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. " (Revelation 18: 4-5)

He who takes the child by the hand takes the mother by the heart. GERMAN PROVERB Timeka M. On October 31. 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, ...I might plan to

move to the East coast (Philadelphia, PA) and was wondering since judgment is present if the Lord has shown you the future of that area?" (Unquote) Reph'b yChuck-JOHNEL: During the 30 day journey to Washington, D. C. in 1977 the

Lord JESUS revealed that Russia would attack Philadelphia with a neutron bomb which is designed to kill all living things by an intense burst of radiation but that also leaves all structures intact and untouched. Both Cliff and I saw visions of that aftermath: the city streets filled the bodies of the dead, dead everywhere in houses and out, in cars and everywhere. Russia will want Philadelphia for a supply port city and wants all the infrastructure intact. Your best warning will be news (you will feel it in Philadelphia) ofthe monster earthquake laying waste Chicago and the Midwest - some 36 days AFTER that horrificc event Russia and Red China will launch an all out nuclear attack on the U.S. Don 't be in Philadelphia. Pray to know where you need be at that time. We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. PROVERBS 16:9 Gladys K. On November 3.2006. (Quote) "Dear Christian friends, Learned a lot in depth about the "armour of God." We need to wear it everyday. Our Lord provides so much for us that we never take advantage of. Thank you for praying for us. I think of you all, love you and pray for you daily," (Unquote)

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June l7, 2007

The person who looks up to God rarely looks down on people. Edwin and Charleen F. On November 8, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, I just want to tell you thanks. I have learned more of the love of Jesus Christ in your newsletters

in the past five years then I learned in 60 years in Church. Something is wrong and I believe it starts with pastors. (But) not in all cases - I've seen congregations revolt when the pastor was right and said it in love. Your Lord's General Jim-RAPHAEL Grandon has shed a lot of light in his newsletters." (Unquote) C-J: Thank you for your kind words. God bless.

Never worry about your heart until it stops beating. l n D. On November 10,2006. ( Quote) "Chuck and Nancy: I prayed about your shoulder and health situation, Chuck, but was really grieved to hear that actions in the NOP had brought this about. Questions: Was this a result of general actions in the NOP or some vengeful, intentional action by an individual(s)? How can we pray against these same attacks in the future? We are close to bidding goodbye to 2006 and getting much closer to really periIous tiimles. I find that serious Christians I know of are undergoing more and more troubles. As for me and my family the attacks in the last 2 years have been fierce and grow more so by the months. Without Jesus as our anchor we would certainly have already been swept away. May God continue to bless and keep you!" (Unquote)

Chuck-JOHNEL repl y : Someone (now formerly) in the NOP became a conduit for an attack on me by the enemy. In the early years of the Ministry work I was wounded frequently and often by an endless array of attacks. The enemy tried to kill me time and time again but failed. However, wounding accumulated and on December 18, 1984 Idied of heart failure mostly due to excess work, no rest and too much stress. My Godl y wife (then a mystery woman) intervened and stopped me in The Spirit'; JESUS backed her up. She told me: "Your work is not done! "I told hei 'ou know the ru 7e. If you are not here in a Season of time I will go home! " JESUS told her to listen to me, and so I was sent back. Nancy- TONI showed on the scene inside of that Season (by October of 1985). I've been on borrowed time ever .since. For a variety of reasons I 'm especially vulnerable to attacks by those I know or those who are close to me. This now former NOP intercessor was someone close to me. The source of the attack was a pastor who JESUS defined as a son of Satan. This man seduced this NOP intercessor who became a launching pad . for an attack on my health. The enemy aimed to cripple or kill and succeeded only in inflicting a lot ofpain. The intent

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 17, 2007

Chuck--JOHNEL reply (continued): of the enemy was to prevent/stop the launching of the N.O.P. Prayer Operation into Islam. It was set in motion regardless of the attack. The enemy has no power to kill me and has only gotten opportunity to inflict pain and troubles through human vessels. However, years ago JESUStold me that Iwould be killed in His service. I have come to realize that it will likely happen by these kind of attacks that will only succeed when my work is finished and it is time to go home. Thank you for your concern and prayers. God bless.

A child is a thing that stands between an adult and a television set. Nanc y R. On November 11, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JGHNEL and Nancy-TCNI, Yesterday I visited with a couple who for 10 years have worked among the Shiite Muslims in Lebanon. It was exciting hearing how God is moving, especially in light of our prayer campaign. One thing, in particular, they shared is the following. Several years ago, ifthey heard of one or two reports of Jesus visiting an Arab Muslim in their dreams in a year's time, it was remarkable. Now, they hear weekl y of such visitations and whole families are coming to Christ. Further, in an unnamed Middle East country at an Iraqi refugee camp, workers are literally being bombarded with questions about Jesus and faith and requests for Bibles. God is sovereignly stirring up nations, especially among the Shiite. The woman of this couple shared a vision with us she had some time ago. Later, a Muslim woman shared the same vision with the woman with an added detail: they saw a

tsunami wave crashing over Asia and the Middle East. As the Muslim woman saw it, she was running to escape and then realized her family was behind her and turned to save them. The woman reporting this understands it as God's wave of salvation coming to that part of the world and bringing whole families in. Glory to God! Thank you for your work, your persistence, your example. Since I can remember (I'm now 65) I have desired for something (or someone) I could give my all to. Now I understand this was Jesus stirring in me to lay down my life and completely surrender to Him. Through Jesus in you two, I not only have an example of how to but an avenue of expression - prayer. Need I say, this means more than I know how to put into words. Thank you. P.S. The couple are greatly encouraged to hear of our prayer campaign." (Unquote) C-J: Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. God bless. It's better to be faithful than famous. Theodore Roosevelt

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 17, 2007

Special _Note: Leith Lopez selects the quotes following each letter. Leith also transcribes all the "We Get Letters" and I (C-J) write the responses. Helen S do Novernber22, 2006. (Quote)"DearJOHNEL, Subject: James 5:16. "Confess your faults one another and pray one to another that you may be healed." I've confessed, many times but wonder if it's always a strict obligation to do so? At times is it just enough to just tell it to the Lord? I'd love to have your evaluation on this subject of `confession. I pray for your rest and health." (Unquote) JOHNEL Rel y : If you are so blessed to have a "confessor "with whom your confessions remain between you, them and God - that is wonderfur. if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Himself, you can also confess to Him directly as well - that is most wonderful and blessed. Thank you for your prayers. God bless. Flattery is like chewing gum — enjoy it briefly, but don't swallow it.

Alan D. On October 19, 2006. (Quote) "Comments/Questions: h h 1. For the watch dates of October 7` and 13` there obviously was no significant LA earthquake. Does this mean it is definite for 2007 or where do we stand on this? 2. The Hawaii earthquake of Sunday, October 1 S`'' at 6.7 Richter with aftershock 6.0 was certainly significant in size and the attention it got (yet without fatalities and few injuries). Where does this fit in the pattern? 3. I have read in your writings that Iraq will ultimately be divided 3 ways to settle the conflicts. On Wednesday, October 18 h , Senator Kay Hutchinson made the statement, "Iraq should be divided up for stability." (Fox News) The seed is planted!" (Unquote)

Repay b y JOHNEL : A "Watch Date " is just that - we are watching for the start of events. Years ago JESUS stated that, "CALIFORNIA IS FIRST IN THE BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING." Based on quake patterns observed since 1979, the f rst quake event should strike in southern California, LOS ANGELES in particular. It is also possible to

hit northern California, SAN FRANCISCO in particular. Because of church decisions over the years we are left with a 100°%o certainty that JESUS will NOT reveal the timing of this judgment. Thus we can only "watch and wait "for the start of a known judgment pattern, patterns observed and recorded over the years since 1977. I "believe" the beginning earthquake will strike this year, 2007. However, it is also possible it can strike as late as 2008. Again, this is why we are reduced to "watching and waiting. "

Recent developments tell me that strong earth events are not far off in time; but even in these observations we have not yet seen the "beginning of the beginning. "

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

June 18, 2007

Repl y b y JOHNEL (continued): On Hawaii: Back in 1979 we saw a pattern of quake activity that involved Hawaii which also conformed to JESUS' Word about Hawaii being shaken by quakes in this judgment. That this quake struck on October 15th , 2006 is significant because that is one of the date JESUS gave back in 1979. However, it is not a "beginning " event only a part of a much larger judgment picture. It was JES US who back in 1990 said that in the end Iraq would be broken up into different parts. God bless.

Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love covers all offenses. Proverbs 10:12 Mr. Phil R. On November 2. 2006 . (Quote) "Hi JOHNEL, A) In Matt. 6:33...We are instructed to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness ... and in Matt. 6:10.. ."Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven..." and in Matt. 13: 44-46 the kingdom of heaven was described like a treasure hidden in a field, and in Matt. 4:23 Jesus went about ... preaching the good news of the kingdom, and in Matt. 4:17... "repent for the kingdom of heaven is near. , ." and in Acts 1:3, Jesus, after His resurrection spoke about the kingdom of God. This is not entirely clear to me contrasted with what Jesus said in Luke 17: 20, 21 where He stated "the kingdom of God is within you." If we are to seek the kingdom of God (Re: Matt. 6:33) and in Matt. 4:23 where Jesus preached the good news of the kingdom, and in Acts 1:3 where He spoke about the kingdom. how can all this be within me? (Re: Luke 17: 20, 21) How can "Your kingdom come" if it is already within me? Is there a difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Heaven? I think the interpretation of Rom. 10:17 is partially debatable in that "word" is rhema or logos. Jesus has only spoken to me audibly 4 times in my life.. .but if that was all I had to strengthen my faith, my faith would be stretched thin across all this amount of time. Most of my faith in the last 40 years has come from the logos words. . .and I agree with and the word of God are inseparable. Any comments? Thanks so much for all that you and TONI have done and are doing!! Warm regards." (Unquote) JOHNEL's Reps: When we abide in Christ we are "seeking the Kingdom of'God " which is an action taken wholly `In. The Spirit.' Now the Kingdom of Heaven is a distinct place whereas the Kingdom of'God is a spiritual state within - the two are different. The inward dimensions of our spirit in Christ is boundless. In the years I abided in Christ in and out of prayer and reading Scripture I experienced first -hand just what this "Kingdom of God" is.

Page 20 The Staff and S word Ministry June 1 8, 2007 JOHNEL's Repl y (continued1: While hearing God audibly is wonderful, the Rhema Word does not necessarily have to be an audible word of God - it more often comes as an impartation by the Spirit of God as we abide in Him, JESUS CHRIST. Abiding in Christ is communion with God on a direct level, God's heart touches you and you touch His, it is intimacy in the richest most wonderful possible sense but it is wholly beyond the carnal senses. No God, no peace; know God, know peace. John and Sandl? H. On Christmas . (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, God bless you during this wonderful season of reflection of the Lord Jesus' Birth. I am constantly encouraged by the cassette tapes of the meetings and the newsletters themselves. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. May He strengthen your spirits to fight the battle and give you more wisdom. But most of all may you know His love and presence in a deeper way. Thank you for letting God use you to build up the body of Christ and help us grow and also to defeat the enemy." (Unquote). To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. Ina Dean B. On Christmas . (Quote) "I thank my God daily for you, your special words from the Lord that you share with us and your faithful obedience to Him." (Unquote). Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. Rub y and Leo S. On Christmas. (Quote) "Thanks so much for all you and Chuck do The prayer campaign was outstanding — so grateful that you allow God to use you in such a way." (Unquote). Never test the depths of the water with both feet. Patricia P. On October 26, 2006 . (Quote) "Chuck...I was told by Heaven to tell you that the demons which accompany Stan Johnson and his ministry are afraid of the Fire of Heaven you carry in your mantle (i.e., the "anointing"). The anointing upon your ministry is frightening to those of other ministries, who do not operate in the same level of anointing. In addition, Jesus said to tell you that "He is going to require Stan's life." He said to me, "Tell this to Chuck for Me." (Unquote). If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. End of June, 2007 "WE GET LETTERS" 4/ ('k/r;

June 8th, 2007: We Get Letters  

The Staff and Sword Ministry June 8, 2007 B y : Chuck-JOHNEL nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who supply the majority of our oil fro...

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