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October 4, 2006

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By: Chuck-JOHNEL Michael S. On (no date) . (Quote) "As I sit here on my lunch break watching the live broadcast of the senate confirmation of Justice Alito, I can't help but scream inside! Much like it might have been hearing for the first time that the allied forces had defeated the Germans in WWII. It feels to me to be a huge victory for the pro-life battle. The dam of God's mercy is filling up and at some point the dam will burst and we will be faced with God's wrath! For the unrepentant this is a nightmare about to come a reality. I don't think any one of us wants that at this time. Think of all the people we can bring to the truth in just one day! Nevertheless, Thy will be done 0' Lord, not ours!! I feel a sense of urgency this year and I don't know why. I recommend we pray HARD these next few weeks and not let our guard down. So many of us in America live like we are in a play-ground when we are actually in an unseen battleground. Fiery arrows fly by us everyday unseen. We give praise and thanksgiving to our God for all we have but how often do we give thanks to that which didn't happen to us, How many times did God intervene in our lives, unawares. Sorry about the poor organization as I am not a good writer. Just my thoughts for the day. Keep up the Good fight... God Bless!!!! " (Unquote) L"


function of freedom is to free somebody else." Tani Morrison

Leonard A. S. On Sept 12, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Last night Sept. 11, 1 went to the prophecy club meeting in Laurel, Maryland. Stan Johnson is the guest speaker and he is talking about The Prayer Closest vs. the Rapture . I desired to

give him a copy of the Church Decision report as a gift. I was hoping this would be a Blessing to him. However, he rejected it . He told me that he was not a fan of Staff and Sword/Youngbrandt, and that he was skeptical. He had trouble believing that you had face to face encounters with angels, etc. He also said that he has been with over 100 prophets/ministers of God through the years and none of them have a new name, that Jesus gave to them, like JOHNEL. He then said he had to go and walked away. ..The Church Decision is so powerful in its work among God's people that they seem to always look for some excuse to Not be available to Pray with the Net of Prayer. A strong delusion has caused them to believe a lie which has loosed the spirit of anti-Christ among us. They have

Fae 2 The Staff and Sword Ministr y /We Get Letters October 4, 2006 Leonard A. S. On Set. 12 2006. (Quote continued a head knowledge but no power to resist him or stop him. The falling away has come first in the spirit among the Church Ieaders that could have prayed and been an influence to promote more prayer . This failing away will soon manifest in the flesh in unpleasant ways as the Church leaders have allowed and as the Holy Bible has declared. The CHURCH gave him (the beast) the power over the SAINTS. "Except ye become as a little child ye shall not enter the Kingdom, for of such are the Kingdom of Heaven," (Unquote)

"The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency." Theodore Roosevelt Minister George W. R. On Se t. 8 2006. (Quote) "I praise God for you and Nancy!!! KEEP UP YOUR EXCELLENT WORK! Much of my ministry is depending on your and others' prophetic revelations. It matters not to me that somehow you managed to rankle the ire of the leadership of the prophecy club to where they no longer offer your material, it's too late. I already have it and am spreading it as much as I can. THANKS AGAIN AND BE ENCOURAGED!" (Unquote) if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Henry David Thoreau.

Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: Since this trouble with Stan Johnson emerged in 1999 (during the Prophecy Club tour) I have kept my peace. I have heard of an endless array of nasty comments made about me coming from the Prophecy Club and many questions from brethren about what I did to anger them so much. I will attempt to address this now - six years of silence is enough. During the first part of touring 35 cities under the auspices of the Prophecy Club I mentioned to Stan Johnson a little about "The Seal of the Living God." Stan thought it would be well received and asked me to extend the Sealing early on in my tour of the 25 cities. Half way through he told me to stop "sealing" and actually went on the radio to accuse me of wrong-doing. This, of course, had an effect on the number of people (many stayed away)who came to see me (hurting his pocket book, not mine). Stan tried to smooth things over by issuing another radio broadcast which confused a lot of people. I conformed to his demands not wishing to make waves or trouble for him. Plain truth is that I did absolutely nothing to rankle his ire (to get him mad at me). He may consider this commentary an attack on him personally; but I'm not attacking him rather

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 4, 2006

Chuck-JOHNEL's Comment continued: people met him and talked to him in places I was not at (they would later tell me of encountering me, only it wasn't me, it was the Archangel Gabriel.) In mid 1980 JESUS told me that Gabriel had taken my appearance and was showing himself around the world. I actually received a copy of a police sketch of the Archangel Gabriel published in Austria/Germany which looked like me. Now, I have witnesses who saw me and a police sketch of me, only it was the Archangel Gabriel taking my appearance. Have any of the 100 prophets/ministers, Stan refers to, had an experience like that or proof like that of Angelic interaction??? Don't get me wrong, I would not diminish any other prophet or minister in Christ because they did not have my walk in Christ, I don't think that way. Stan's unbelief is the problem. If he sought the Lord in prayer, he would know. Why he is adverse to me is anyone's guess and I don't care to speculate (which could draw me into judging him). Why did FATHER GOD send His Archangel Gabriel to work with me? In 1979 FATHER GOD told me that He sent me into this world to lay foundations stones for JESUS' Return. In the years since many have discerned my call and have told me, "You are Heralding JESUS' Return" Why Gabriel? The Archangel Gabriel was sent by GOD to herald JESUS' first coming - that is what we have in common.

"He who slings mud generally loses ground." Terry B. on (September 2006. (Quote) "What about the elections? Should we be praying that the democrats don't win and the republicans do?" (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL's Reply: Given the fact that judgment is rolling in and will begin to explode in 2007 - it does not matter who is in power, Republicans or Democrats. The nation is in deep trouble and nothing short of'national repentance and prayer with fasting would change things. "Money talks - It says goodbye." Carol y n W. On (September, 2006. (Quote) "What about al Qaeda's warning to Moslems to leave U.S.A.?" (Unquote) Response by Chuck-JOHNEL: Terrorists told a Pakistani journalist that al Qaeda has a suitcase nuke inside the U.S. and that they plan to nuke New York City this year. None of us here, myself, Richard-DANIEL or Nancy-TONI, discern that the danger is real at this time - meaning it is simply disinformation designed to terrorize.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 4, 2006

Chuck-JOHNEL 's Comments continued: I'm simply stating the facts.

What is Stan's problem? I perceive that Leonard's discernment, given on page 1-2 of this report, is on the mark. Addressing some comments by Stan: "He (Stan) also said that he has been with over 100 prophet/ministers of God through the years and none of f them have a new name, that Jesus gave to them, like JOHNEL. "

Chuck-JOHNEL Comment: In November, 1979 JESUS took me into the Kremlin and gave me to overhear the Communist Soviet leaders planning to make war in 1982. Over all the years since no one, and I mean "no one" got that revelation and no church leader (and we approached many) responded to the warning and call to pray. Then in 1981

JESUS called me back to the ministry and sent me and 100 Net of Prayer intercessors and volunteers into "strategic spiritual warfare" `In The Spirit' to attack a massive demon army - that was the demonic power aiming to and needed to trigger Nuclear World War III in 1982. We did that battle from November of 1981 to January of! 982, destroying the demon army and preventing Nuclear World War III. The evidence of all JESUS shewed me in 1979 surfaced in 1982 when the super secret Soviet Communist war plan was uncovered by Israel's invasion of Lebanon in June of 1982. When it was all done and the proof of all JESUS revealed in November, 1979 was plain to see, the Ministers attacked me fiercely as a `liar, deceiver and false prophet' driving away 1/3rd of the intercessors of the N.O.P. This was my reward from those who had been spared a horrible death by nuclear fire and/or a painful death due to radiation poisoning and starvation. It was at this time (January of 1982) that JESUS gave me the name JOHNEL. I didn't seek this new name, I didn't ask for it and I did not expect it - it was quite a surprise. But if anyone reads their Bible they will find that JESUS gave His disciples "new names". So, JESUS didn't give Stan or those 100 prophets/ministers new names - so why does it bother him or the other 100 prophets/ministers that JESUS gave me a new name?! Another comment by Stan: "...he (Stan) was skeptical. He had trouble believing that I had face to face encounters with angels, etc. "

Chuck-JOHNEL Comment: During the Sealing work of the 1980's at least half a dozen Christians saw an Angel of God with me (they told me) and during the Prophecy Club tour in 1999 at least three Christians (including a little girl of about 7 years ago) cane up to me and told me that they saw God's Angel with me. I always saw the Lord's Angel who worked with me in those times. But in 1977 and again in mid 1980 JESUS sent the Archangel Gabriel to work with me and at times he (Gabriel) took my appearance and

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 4, 2006

'if you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.' Benjamin Franklin Alice K. On (September, 2006 . (Quote) "Can demons read our mind? When we pray

something silently, are the demons reading our mind to respond or get the message?" (Unquote) Response b y Chuck-JOHNEL: No, demons cannot read our minds. Only God can do that. L"Wise men learn by other men's mistakes, fools learn by their own." Rick W. On Aug. 17, 2006. (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL and TONI, ...It was probably about

a year ago that I wrote you about a local Reno Church Jesus sent me to walk with. The

pastor rejected the Words of the Lord that I was given to share with him. The pastor told me I didn't belong in his fellowship and that he would never let me speak. But Jesus asked me to keep going and that even if I said nothing His light in my presence there would make a difference. JOHNEL commented on my letter back then and said something to the effect of `shame on him'. I have been in continual intercessory prayer for this Church and pastor for the last year. Last week the pastor finally approved of my sharing a Word with the Sunday school class after church. He also invited me to speak this coming weekend to share a testimony with the congregation about a missionary ministry I got involved with. When I shared the story

with the pastor after church, together we both shed tears over the wonderful way God moved to help save some lives in Mexico. His heart has now been opened, softened and changed by Jesus in only 1 year! Praise Jesus! God bless everyone at your home and have a wonderful day!" (Unquote) Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: Praise the Lord for answered prayer! It appears you

prayed for a man who has a heart for Jesus. I pray this prayerful relationship blossom and produce fruit.

'"Being a husband is li ke any other job. It helps if you like the boss." Mike K. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear Pastor, The other day I was watching television and

I noticed how the Muslims pray to their God. The first thing they do is to wash their hands, remove their shoes or sandals; they put a mat down. Not only do they kneel but bow down their face to the floor in humility, they make their God Allah First in their life, even die in honor for their religion. When God spoke to Moses (I Am) God told him to remove his sandals (shoes) because he was standing on the Holy ground. How do we Christians pray and humble ourselves to our God who died for us, on the cross for our sins? When we gather ourselves to worship him

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 5, 2006

Mike K. On (no date (Quote continued on Holy ground, do we take our shoes off in

humility? Jesus is lucky to get our prayers standing up, and forget any type of tribulation or weather changes. When Jesus says come as you are that old clothes, new clothes, heavy hearts and problems, sickness, etc. ..Our God is worthy to be worshiped; He shed his innocent blood for us. We should at least show Him some respect by taking our shoes off and kneeling before Him because He is worthy and we are standing on Holy ground before Him. Please think of what I am saying and have your congregation do at least what the Muslims do during their worshiping." (Unquote) ReLly by Chuck-JOHNEL: Point taken. However, I am not a Pastor but JESUS' Prophet.

Outward form in prayer is not nearly as important as inward attitude . For example, the Moslem may have a very proper outward form of worship but what is

going on in their hearts? It is also true for Christians. You can he outwardly perfect in action and dress and visible reverence - but one's heart may be far from God - so in such a case outward form is worthless if one's heart is not right with God. It depends on where this outward form springs! If out of a reverence, love and humility for God that hubbies up from one's heart - then the outward form will change and conform to the inward condition. However, it does not work in the reverse fashion - you can have all the proper outward form and be far, far from God in your heart. I might point out that when Moslems die, they go straight into hell fire! Perfect outward forniJworship doesn't add tip to a hill of beans if the heart and inward attitude is not right with God.

"Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel." Oscar Levant (Quote)"Hello to Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI and Leith — Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and Father God! We are complete in them. Thank you for the helpful and insightful ongoing prayer sheets, and especially the current ones on the Armor of God. I am truly being taught by the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 2: 9-13) throughlby you. You have, and continue to lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus, and the Father. Thank you Jesus that I am in the Net of Prayer. Even so, conic quickly Lord Jesus. In Jesus' unrelenting love for us." (Unquote) Don C. On Aug, 2 0, 24d6.

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with." Mark Twain

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 6, 2006

Paul N. On (no date). (Quote) "Hello, ...Because of your newsletters I am now reading "Dressed to Kill." I have also read "With Christ In The School of Prayer" while we were doing those corresponding prayers. I even prayed many of the other prayers. During that ti me another Christian referred me to "Prayers That Avail Much" and strongly recommended praying out loud. There are 3 volumes. Some of the prayers are very good and all are based on Bible scripture. apply it. Thanks for the supply of great learning material and the encouragement to Knowledge without application is not really very helpful, but the prayers you crafted in the prayer sheets puts Biblical knowledge to practical application. Daily repetition increases our faith by giant steps. I hope all the other members know how important it is to pray aloud daily even if it is in a whisper because others are still sleeping." (Unquote) If you keep anything long enough, you can throw it away. If you throw it away, you will need it the next day." Ivan and Ann I On Aug. 31 2006. (Quote) "Chuck: We took our vacation and were in prayer over at least part of it being a discernment trip. Originally we'd planned to travel up the East coast to New England and across to the Dakotas and back to Texas. God changed our vacation plans, He had us reverse the plans, we traveled from Texas to the Dakotas first, we left Aug. I 5'' and traveled up thru S. Dakota and N. Dakota to a point just east of Bismark (the severe drought area.) One young woman in the last town in S. Dakota, a Christian, said the highest temp. they'd had was 122 degrees! When we went up thru there it was 94 degrees, but felt like a furnace heat (we're from W. Texas and had that all summer, but it felt worse than what we have had.) When we arrived at I-94 (from US 83), we felt a desire to go east to Jamestown, N. Dakota and spend the night. On the 16`h there hadn't been a cloud in the sky but when we got up the morning of the 17 "', the drought was broken. It was totally overcast and rainy, cool (3 states and 3 days worth.) We'd decided to not go into Bismark, they'd ended up having severe weather in the area, we had no talking of that at

the time.

Several things we discerned: I. The enemy was hitting an area of refuge especially hard even for this drought. 2. Even areas of refuge will have to pray hard to break what the enemy sends them— God will not just be taken for granted even by His own people. 3. It had taken a huge outlay of energy to keep the drought prolonged as it was — energy diverted from the Gulf and Carribean hurricane areas and we sensed the drought collapsing (what was left of it) and rains coming in behind and with us in places. Did we do anything special — no! Just be faithful to what God called us to, that the time schedule (limits) He'd set on the enemy had run out..." (Unquote) B y Chuck-JOHNEL: Thank you for sharing your discernment. Judgment comes in like waves on a lake shore, one after another. When it comes for real, it will be a torrent without let-up until it has run its course - it will be more fierce than anything ever seen.

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October 6, 2006

"A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad." Theodore Roosevelt. Jim W. On Aug 29, 2006. (Quote) "Blessings to you, Chuck and Nancy. "Aborting the

Manchild" - we became aware of this aborting In The Spirit in the early `7Q's, and knew that as horrible as it was In The Natural more so In The Spirit. Thanks for the newsletter along with all the reports. I have come to believe the Moslems could not carry out the 9/11 attack on New York, Washington, etc. Satan had to have men in higher places. (Yes, our own government) re: Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Alex Jones: Reported ). Question: As a born-again Christian, would not President Bush have to renounce his membership in the "Skull and Bones"? Jim W. Could no longer be in the masons. Chuck could no longer be in a coven (witchcraft.) I'm just looking for something Christian from a Christian. I know the nation reflects the Church in America, but it is still painful to watch our once great land being slaughtered right before our eyes. Thanks be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ— and the N.O.P. — We can do something, and we are.. ." (Unquote)

Repl y b y Chuck-JGHNEL: I have no idea about when George W. Bush was in the "Skull and Bones", but like so many of these kind of University organizations (many of which are semi-political) it is hard to say if he knew of its occultic origins or that he did not repent of having been associated with them. Normally, when someone receives JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior they commonly reject Satan and all his works as a prelude to receiving Christ. Do any of us know that he did or did not do this? However, President Bush often displays the fruit of the Spirit in the conduct of his daily life, something seldom reported by the adverse anti-American news media. 1 see a lot of Devil-directed venom aimed against this brother daily which Scripturally tells me he is in good standing with the Lord our God. Actually, before I became a Christian (1971)1 associated with a group of psychics (a palm reader, medium, astrologer) who visibly detested witches and witchcraft. I repented and ceased associating with them when the HOLY SPIRIT shewed me that it was Satan's kingdom (the psychics). If I had not openly acknowledged this most people would not know. G. W. Bush aimed for a political life - so I doubt if he would openly speak of his

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

Repl y by Chuck-JOHNFL: (continued

October 6, 2006

association with anything occultic or his

repenting of same. He did not openly speak of his drinking problem earlier in life until it became a national news item. The Moslems had men in higher places enabling them to attack America - in the church and the government - both. I actually made this the key topic of this October, 2006 Newsletter.

"There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it, and when he can." Mark Twain Jerry and Helen S. On February 19, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL: Greetings and best wishes to you. We hope that things are going well for you and that you are being blessed by the Lord. We plan to leave for West Africa tomorrow on a trip of about two and one half months. Please pray that we will have fruitful ministry there. In the last Staff and Sword Ministry newsletter you wrote of a major earthquake striking San Francisco on October 17` h , 2008. Before you had prophesied that an earthquake would hit San Francisco on about October 23` d of some year. Are these two different quakes? Previously you had written of a 6.4 Richter quake striking Spokane (12/29/04 [page 5-7] and 3/28/05 [pages 2-3, 13]). In your last newsletter (1/14/06 - page 8) you spoke of a quake there that probably would be in the 4.0 - 4.2 range. I am wondering about the difference in magnitude." (Unquote)

Chuck-JOHNEL's Reply: That is either a typo or error on my part - the earthquake of 1989 struck San Francisco on October 17 ` h - the next one will strike San Francisco on October 23 rd - and the year 2008 looks like it may well be the year. When Spokane is hit by a major earthquake it will be in the range of 6.4 magnitude, but there will be a 4.0-4.2 magnitude quake some days before the big one hits. The 4.0-4.2 magnitude quake is a warning that a big one is within 18 days of hitting that city.

Money is a good servant but a bad master. FRENCH PROVERB Ron S. On February 22,2006. (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL and TONI, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I am writing because of an observation that my brother, Steve, made after reading your book " The Sta ff and The Sword ." In the book, you noted that you thought there was a correlation between the three day journey through Chicago and a three year period. I cannot remember where the reference is in the book, but I do remember the correlation. This idea of a day representing a year is supported in the book of Ezekiel. My brother posed a question to me. If the three day journey represents three years, could the thirty day journey to Washington DC, represent a thirty year period of delay in the judgment of America? I have no idea on what date you would begin the thirty

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 9, 2006

Ron S. On February 22, 2006 [Quote continued) year count, if it were true? I would love to hear any thoughts that you have on this possibility." (Unquote) JOHNEL: The thirty day journey to Washington D.C. in 1977 could represent 30 years. If it did, then the most likely counting point start would be the year it was undertaken, 1977 + 30 =2007.2007 is the year we expect that the judgment will begin to emerge with unstoppable force. _R_ epl y by Chuck-

The three day walk through Chicago took place September 9, 10, 11, 1976 . At this time the basic revelation of coming judgment5TH came. Then three years later, August 14, 1979 JESUS told me this: "...SEPTEMBER IS THE BEGINNING - WATCH AND WAIT. SEPTEMBER 9, 10, 11 ARE DANGEROUS - THE MOST TERRIBLE IS THE 11 T "...TERRIBLE TIMES ARE UPON THIS NATION AND TERROR IS NOT AFAR OFF..." Then 22 years after 1979 we see 9/11 - which followed the final church decision to reject Jesus' Word and call to repent/pray. What is obvious and has been for years is how JESUS' Word about some dates will interlock and surface in different years. However, I will add that we seem to do best in connecting His Word to current events after the fact and not before the fact. I

"There is no such thing as a non-working mother." Hester Mundis

Lavonia P. On March 1O

(Quote) "Dear Nancy-TONI and Chuck-JGHNEL:. . .Question: Can you kill a demon? Angels are always depicted as having a big sword and swinging it at the demons in battle. What happens to them? Where do they go? If you can kill a demon it stands to reason that you can kill an angel — although if you could then one would probably be classified as a fallen angel. If you can't kill angels why are demons always trying to kill them, maybe they just capture them and tie them up and imprison them. I figure if anyone would know then you would." (Unquote) Reply} by Chuck-JOHNEL: The term "fallen angel" has everything to do with an angel who joined Lucifer in rebellion against God. God's Angels do not fall in battle. "Can you kill a demon? " No! They are immortal - they live forever. However, they are also a spirit. When demon spirits are able to get into this world they have no way of expressing themselves or having an influence on this world (the physical realm) without having a soulish body. From what I've seenlencountered `In The Spirit', the fruit of man's sin `in this world' is taken by demon spirits with which they form soulish bodies that they can inhabit and move things in this world. God's people and Angels in God's Armor will do battle with the fallen ones and when the demons are struck by the "sword of the Word"


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October 9, 2006

Reply by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): that soulish body is destroyed and so that demon spirit is cast out of this world. This is why I'm careful to use the expression " destroyed out of this world" when speaking of destroying demons In The Spirit'. "Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he's buying." Fran Lebowitz Dave K. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear Mr. Youngbrandt, ...Was wondering if you have

been given any insight as to whether or not President Bush is the last US president before the Russian invasion or if there will be one more?" (Unquote) Reply by Chuck-JOHNEL: In that the Rill judgment will not fall on America until 2010 we will likely have another president by then (next Presidential election is 2008). In the visions of 1977 I did see that former President Jimmy Carter was appointed acting President during the invasion phase (U.S. being invaded) and that his headquarters were located in Kansas, in a salt mine, because Washington, D.G. had been overrun and destroyed by Russia. In that 1977 vision the President Carter I saw was very, very old (he was a relatively young man in 1977). He is now in his 80's and seems to be in good health (so far). I will admit that the vision of 1977 could have been figurative or literal. If literal , then the two prophets walking through a blizzard to reach the President (Carter) in Kansas would be me and one other. If figurative , then the two prophets walking through a blizzard to reach the president (?) in Kansas would be people I do not know. What I do know from the 1977 vision is that at this point in the invasion of the U.S. that the president last elected was either killed or captured by the invaders and that a former president was appointed to act in his/her place. "A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom." Robert Frost Erik K On (no date) . (Quote) "Dear Chuck, Thank you for the newsletters. In a future

newsletter can you describe what God has shown you for the future of Florida? My understanding based on the prophecies of others, is that sometime in the future an asteroid will hit out in the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast causing a tsunami which will destroy Florida. In Revelation 8:7-9 John describes an event like this. It appears as though this tsunami will happen before the Midwest earthquake, which you believe will happen in 2010. Something like that won't happen this year and I'm doubtful as early as 2007. When do you believe it will happen? 2008 or 2009? 1 would appreciate whatever insight you have

about this subject. This is the website which has the prophecies I'm referring to:

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 19, 2006

Erik K. On (no date) (Quote continued ) http:llwww.angelfire.comlfl3lgammadimlwpaasteroidprophecies.html" (Unquote) Response by Chuck-JOHNEL: In the vision of 1977 JESUS shewed me Florida suddenly sinking into the sea, it was gradual at first and then sudden, happening on a bright sunny day - it just slipped into the sea and was gone from the Orlando, Florida area south. Did an asteroid strike do this? I don't know but I have speculated that an nuclear attack on the North American continent could trigger this kind of sinking. In 1977 GOD THE FATHER shewed me that He will save many alive in the Northern Florida areas during the judgments. The giving of love i s an education in itself. Eleanor Roosevelt Yvonne J. On (no date. (Quote)"Dear Brother Chuck-JOHNEL and SisterNancy-TONI, Praise the Lord Jesus. I would like to ask why aren't God's people knowing or really believing what's coming? I heard a Christian lady say, God has His Hand on this country, she says He won't let anything happen. Also, have you heard about the Electro-magnetic pulse? I also heard a Brother expound that Iran has this and would use it against America. Keep us all in your prayers as we pray for you one and all. Thank you for all the Lord gives you for us. With love, a sister in Christ Jesus." (Unquote) Response by Chuck-JOHNEL: "Why aren 't God's people knowing or really believing

what's coming? I heard a Christian lady say, God has His Hand on this country, she says He won 't let anything happen. " Why God's people do not believe is more a matter of choice than anything else and the reasons they decide to not believe are many. For example, the Word of the Lord may not convenient, or it may stir up fear therefore it can't be of God, or they don't like what the Lord is saying or they do not agree with Him. When God's people hear of His Word they seldom take the time to seriously pray to KNOW by the Spirit of God if that Word is His Word. They are often unwilling to yield to God's Will much less His Word. Why? Because it would require a change in the direction of their life; it would require that they do or not do something and again, they are unwilling. Seeking to know His Will for them and to do His Will is the thing they are least interested in. In 1976 JESUS gave me a Scripture which told me what I'd face - it was Ezekiel chapter 2, which reads, in part, "Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against Me, they and their father have transgressed against Me, even unto this very day. For they are impudent children and stiffhearted..."

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y The Staff and Sword Ministr /We Get Letters

October 19, 2006

Response by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): The view that God won't let anything happen flies right in the face of both history and reality. What about 9/11 where terrorists seized our aircraft and flew them into buildings killing nearly 3,000 Americans? Is that, "anything happening"?! To say, "God won 't let anything happen " conceals a deeper inner statement - what they are really saying is this: "I won 't do anything about this, I will pretend it will go away, I will close my eyes and not see and plug my ears and not hear and all will be well with

me. "They have no real faith in God and when real trouble comes their way they will first panic and then blame God for what hits them.

"Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears outs" Libbie Fudim Grace on January 19, 2006. (Quote) "Gracias.." "Thank you for your faithfulness to His

Call on your lives; For keeping me abreast of all the information and letters; For being j ust you and Nancy-TONI - "down to earth" - able to relate. Have a blessed walk in the midst of harder days before us. Love you both." (Unquote) "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.'" William Blake Grade T. On January I9, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, I send

sincere affection and greetings in the Name of the Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ. Thank you for your latest letter of Dec. 10, 2005 (Part I Strategic Spiritual Warfare .) It brought back "flash backs" of 1981 when Dr. Clifford Tries en and his wife Nancy had shared with such joy about the N.O.P...Then you came to Puerto Rico in 1981. I believe as you shared with us as a small group of believers The Sealing Message and our sons Naftahi and Tare' Duval including my husband Nef and I all were Sealed (first time around.) Your presence was so different than any I have or they too ever knew. We were UNAWARE of His Angel that accompanied you at the time. (Praise Him). That evening you shared with a few of us as it was late into the night, Nef, our sons and I stayed over the Triesen's and you shared about your one-time struggle with nicotine. This enabled Nef and Ito really see how God uses human vessels that are very human! ! It gave us a proper perspective of you and God as His servant/Prophet yet man!! Now I have a question - On page 11 - above A CALL TO ARMS info, you wrote re: Jesus' Word Nov. 2, 1981. "Yes, be united in My Love one for another without condemnation for any of thy brethren. What happened (Re: you Chuck) was not My perfect will, permitted and a reflection of the direction of the whole Church, for you THREE are signs unto my Church." Who are the THREE ? You, Randy, and Cliff? Much Love - in Jesus' Name." (Unquote) Reply b y Chuck-JOHNEL: Cliff resigned the Ministry in 1979. In 1981 there were three prophets on the scene, myself, Randy and Toni-DEBORAH. By the mid part of 1981 all

Page 14 The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters October 19, 2006 Response by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): of us hadresigned the Ministry. Just who the three of us were was a question I asked in 1981 - 1982 and as I traveled across North America extending the Seal of the Living God. When I stood in the GAP in early 1982 to withstand the first Beastman of antiChrist I was joined by my Godly wife in the GAP who came with her 48,000 warring Angels to stand alongside of me and the 48,000 warring Angels of God assigned to me. I saw her face to face but did not know who she was (and would not meet her until mid 1983) but she was known to me as being "TONI", which was her Godly name. Nancy-TONI and I have known all along that there was a third prophet but just who this would be was not revealed until the 1990's. The third prophet, who stood with us (Nancy-TONI and I) in the GAP in 1986-87 and confronted the second beastman (Clinton) and who brought his 48,000 warring Angels of God with him was finally revealed in the 1990's to be Richard-DANIEL. The THREE are myself, Nancy-TONI and Richard-DANIEL. In those years (1982-1985) the Angel who traveled with me, who had an effect on many brethren along the way (some delighted, some shaken) was the Archangel Gabriel. "No one beneath you can offend you. No one your equal would.' Jan 1 . Wells Steve G. On February 22, 2006. (Quote) "Hi Nancy and Chuck, Could you help me with a small request? My wife Debbie is not convinced, by me, that you are a real prophet of Jesus. Could you write back or in next newsletter: How I might explain what you have done, or predicted that's come true? I've done a lousy job of telling her. We met at Knoxville, IN late 99 or so and I took the anointing, she didn't, and is convinced it was not needed. And the Y2K was a way just to milk people going to Prophecy Club out of money." Reply, by Chuck-JHHNEL: Well, I do believe that Y2K was used by some to milk money from people, but on the other side of the coin there were others having genuine concerns of a disaster if nothing was done before 2000. In fact, the computer trouble was real, but those who cried "alarm" got the attention of those in charge who worked to head-off the disaster and did. Well before January 1, 2000 JESUS told me that it would not be the kind of trouble some expected and it was not. As to how you might convince your wife that I'm JESUS' Prophet - well, that may likely be an impossible task. Allow me to explain by example: In the 36 years I have walked with JESUS it has become very obvious that whenever a

brother or sister seeks God with an open and sincere heart to know whether or not I'm His prophet - that each and every one has received God's answer in the positive and in many

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 20, 2006

Response by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): ways. I have found that those who do not know usually do NOT want to know and that there are usually issues that they struggle with. For example, when I was dating Jolanta (whom I married in 1975 and who in 1985

divorced me) she asked me for some kind of "proof' to believe that I was JESUS' Prophet. At that time her brother was seeking an apartment in Chicago and JESUS revealed that he would find one a few blocks away from where we lived at that time (in Chicago). Inside of a week's time he found that apartment nearby but Jolanta said, "Well, anyone could have known that. " So I prayed again and this time I received a vision of a scar on Jolanta's body and knew that she had undergone surgery in her past. Where this scar was located I was not shown, I only saw the scar. Jolanta then said,"Well, I had an appendectomy when I was a teen, but my mother could have told you that. "I turned to the Lord in prayer again and asked for a proof that she could not brush off. Some days later we were out on a date and at a restaurant eating supper when I had a wholly unexpected vision. I saw a young woman dressed in a heavenly dress that sparkled with golden light. Behind her was a map of Poland which told me this was her country of national origin. She walked up to us looking at me sweetly and then she fixed her gaze on Jolanta with a loving focus. Caught up in this pleasant and sweet vision I blurted out. "Oh, your sister is here!" There was no question that this was her sister as she bore a strong resemblance to Jolanta; more, I knew she had died as a baby and next told Jolanta this.

Jolanta's face drained of all color, she was visibly shaken, and then recovered and challenged me saying, "What color is her hair?! " I was aware that everyone in her family had dark brown hair, Jolanta included, but this woman had stunning white hair. So I said, "Her hair is pure white. " Jolanta now looked pale as this reached her in a big way. She then told me that during World War I1 her baby sister, Tanya, died of poison gases in the air from a bombing raid. She had seen her little body in a photo - she was the only family member with pure white hair. Did Jolanta believe I was His Prophet? Not really and this was because she did NOT want to believe. In later years she confided why she didn't believe. In her view God created everything and then after setting it all in motion left the rest up to us and that He was not intimately connected with our lives - like He went on a long trip or extended vacation. The notion that I could communicate with JESUS and FATHER GOD daily disturbed her comfort zone - GOD was too close for comfort and she didn't want to be that intimate with GOD. Her solution was to simply elect to not believe. However, it took about 8 years of marriage before she finally shared this with me. In that time she saw miracle after miracle and while each shook her up (in varying degrees), she held fast to her unbelief - it was willful choice.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

October 20, 2006

Res onse by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued) Now, I do not know if this is your wife's position, but I do know that if she wanted to KNOW she could know from GOD Himself. What I've found is that if a person decides to NOT believe, no proof is sufficient and while it may shake them up a little, they almost always go back to their unbelief. The reasons why people do this - well, that may well be the bigger question. When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh Teri V. On Februar y 23 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, ...I just wanted to take the time now to tell you how much my husband Jeff and I appreciate your ministry (JESUS) as well as your TESTIMONY! I have been deeply edified by the Manifesting CHRIST articles that Nancy-TONI writes, and your TESTIMONY of JESUS which you share in every Staff & Sword newsletter basically, and the Fellowship cassette tapes ALWAYS inspire me! It's your very REAL, honest and personal relationship experiences with and in knowing JESUS that makes me want to know HIM more, seek HIM more, and surrender to HIS Will more fully. The "RELATIONSHIP REPORTS" you wrote several years ago also are just full of spiritual gold - JESUS. I have read them and re-read them and meditated and pondered the truth shared in those reports, which have been extremely edifying to me! The things you write always point me to JESUS and make me love HIM more. Your testimony gives me to SEE JESUS CHRIST as He truly is: Sweet, Kind, Gentle, Powerful and Beautiful. Thank you Chuck-JOHNEL (and thanks to our FRIEND, JESUS!) for shining so vividly through your testimony, which is like a diamond that shimmers no matter which way you turn it. Be encouraged in the LORD! In JESUS' Love." (Unquote) Chuck- JOHNEL's Comment: You are welcome! Thank you and all those who do say such nice things about us - it helps a lot to counter balance, if not neutralize, all the nastiness that comes our way. God richly bless you one and all. Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." Joseph Addison John J. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear JOHNEL and TONI, Greetings from Wisconsin! The Lord asked me to send this tithe to you, so I thought I'd drop a note in with it. Thank you both for being willing to be obedient to Our Father. I do praise Him for your hard work and dedication. Following, is a note I received from Brother Bohier, dated January 27, 2006. Do you have any insights on both or either things in this note or thoughts on them, especially postponing the invasion? [do believe Brother Bohier is a man of God and that Our Father speaks through him. The Lord's Blessings be upon you both!

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October 20, 2006

The Staff and Sword Ministry/We Get Letters

John J. On (no date) (Quote continued) "( Quote Dan Bohler) As I was praying

the Spirit of the Lord spoke this admonition to the Church: `If my people will begin to cry out in intercession for the reversal of Roe vs Wade, I will overturn this case by the year 2007. I have warned my Prophets of the coming invasion of America by the year 2010. 1 will have mercy on you America and postpone this invasion, if you repent of your bloodshed of your most innocent!! In my Judgment, I will remember Mercy...." (Unquote Dan Bohler) REPLY BY Chuck -JOHNEL: Yes, brother Bohler is truly a man of God and a Prophet of JESUS. There is not much to say as both brother Dan and I talked about this situation some months back. In essence I shared that in the 32 years JESUS had me call the church to pray (traveling from coast to coast from the Gulf of Mexico to the lands of Canada to the north) - I found no willingness to pray as was needed. Those who have prayed continued to pray but the vast majority would not pray, rejected JESUS' Word and refused to hear or heed His Counsel and warnings, much less hearing and heeding His offers of Help and Mercy if they did. th

I' m presently writing President Bush a letter every month on the 16 starting a countdown to May 16, 2007 when the "opportunity" that prayer and fasting could save America out of the war trap we are in will expire/end. However, JESUS made it plain that while the "opportunity" to secure God's help and Mercy is available until May 16, 2007, He also made it plain that His people will NOT respond, nor pray, nor hear or heed His Word. If they did He would; but they won't! And if they won't pray then why would they think to repent?

"Discipline i s re membering what you want." David Campbell Juan B. On (no date). (Quote) "Dear Chuck, ...The Name Jesus is not a true translation

of the Name Yahshua. For Jcsus said I come in my Father's Name and Yahshua conveys this perfectly for it means Yahweh is salvation. We are to worship in Spirit and Truth how does God the Father see this? Is the Name Jesus given to the gentiles and Yahshua to the Jews? Also did Jesus ever tell you the true Name of the Father? I know it is Yah and I think it is also Yahweh..." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL: The moment we begin to talk about "true translations" we begin to lose the heart of the issue. When moving `In The Spirit' and confronting demons I can tell you that speaking JESUS' Name is like hitting them with a hydrogen bomb, and when pleading the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, demons flee in terror. Before I had any real Bible training (and even today that is only a little compared to some) I was taken up into heaven and sat

y Page 18 The Staff and Sword Ministr /We Get Letters October 20, 2006

Chuck-JOHNEL (continues in His Garden p ace at JESUS' feet where He heard me when I spoke to Him saying "JESUS" and He was wonderful. But then I was unlearned and only knew that He was my Savior, the Savior of the world, the Creator GOD who made all things and knew all things. He taught me by His Spirit, He imparted deep things to me by His Spirit and my life was enriched and changed forever. Words in Heaven are very meaningless as it is the intent of one's heart that speaks loudly and with truth and when I loved and longed to be in His Presence I didn't always say JESUS - my spirit knew who He was and He knew me, He was my Father and I was His child and in that I delighted. I remember that when Moses asked GOD for His Name that He did say, "I AM THAT I AM". In my experience, being in His Presence you KNOW Him and He knows you - this is part of worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. I do not know how else to answer past this. "There is nothing worse than being a doer with nothing to do." Elizabeth Layton On March 1 4, 2006. (Quote)"Dear C.J. and N.T., For 14 years I have prayed for the Lord to give me the release and provision to go visit my favorite relative, my Aunt. At last, the 25th I drove to Boca Raton, Florida. There were no hotels in my price range day came Feb. to rent me a room for one night. I spent one night in my car at a rest station. When I arrived she and I were so very happy and excited. We had a wonderful day together. The next day my Aunt had a doctor's appointment. Together, driving to the doctor we had a head-on-collision. We were thrown 3 lanes. On impact, I saw a demonic face flash before me. It was hideous. My prayer, "Jesus help us." All the emergency equipment arrived. Both cars were totaled. My Aunt and I were taken to the hospital E.R.. No broken bones! Praise the Lord! Both of us were really banged up; black, blue and green all over. We are both receiving treatment and therapy. My doctor says it will be approximately a three month recovery time. I'm believing the Lord will supernaturally intervene. C.J., you Sealed me in Dallas when you came on the Prophecy Club tour. The Scaling not only saved my life but the lives of my Aunt and the woman in the other car! I was sent to Boca Raton to save lives, not enjoy time with a loved one. This whole ordeal seems like a horror story. It hardly seems like it happened except my body tells me very loudly it indeed did happen. As soon as I feel better, I will be writing President Bush and will encourage him to receive the Sealing of the Living God. I want to thank you for your obedience to come to Dallas and Sealing those who desired it in spite of a lot of harassment and unbelief on the part of some. Your sacrifice of your time and personal comfort away from Nancy-TONI and home has produced much fruit in my life! God Bless you abundantly and always." (Unquote) "A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm." Henrik Ibsen

Oct 4th, 2006: We Get Letters  

The Sta ff and Sword Ministry October 4, 2006 By: Chuck-JOHNEL Leonard A. S. On Sept 12, 2006. (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, La...