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March 31, 2006

WE GET LETTERS Hugs and Kisses -- Sticks and Stones B y : Chuck-JOHNEL Kathryn S. R. On November 2, 2005 . (Quote) "Dear Nancy-TONI, ...I would like to have a confirmation from you and Chuck that my home and property is a green pasture. l believe the Lord told me that it is. We now have 80 acres. Possible to accumulate more. The Lord has told me gas wells around me will be abandoned and we will use them, for water and gas. My husband and 2 sons work for the gas company and know how to convert to fuel of all sorts, plus much water but I would like a confirmation." (Unquote) Response b yChuck-JOHNEL: It would take a degree of prayer on our part to be able to confirm what you ask confirmation for; however, confirmation alone will not see you through the tough times that are certain to come. In the 1980's JESUS told me that I was the "man with the inkhorn by my side" (Ezekiel 9) and wanted me to go out to extend the "Seal of the Living God" to His people across North America (U.S. and Canada).1 wrote a newsletter explaining what JESUS had revealed and sought confirmation. I was overwhelmed by the level of confirmation - there was not so much as a negative word or comment but a virtual tidal wave of confirmation from brethren across North America. By the 1980's I had learned that "confirmation" alone was insufficient and that when troubles arose (as they always do) that I could not endure with the confirmation of brethren alone but had to KNOW within by the SPIRIT OF GOD that this is what the Lord God wanted me to do. I had to KNOW, to have that impartation of FAITH by FATHER GOD to stand and withstand the trials and troubles that invariably come - otherwise I might start this work but apart from KNOWING for myself could not finish it. I prayed and fasted for three days and in that time came the FAITH of GOD to "KNOW" that this was His Will and Purpose for me. This is what you truly need and it will take a time of prayer, fasting, and yieldedness to FATHER GOD and HIS WILL to come to "KNOW" one way or another. Do this.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31, 2006

" Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of'taking educated people seriously. "G. K. Chesterton Sister Mary Ann M. On November 2005. (Quote) "Dear Brother and Sister Youngbrandt, What a blessed privilege to be part of the family of God and invited by His prophet to be a part of the Net of Prayer. A provision of the Father that allows us to be used to show mercy by hindering, slowing and yes even stopping the destroying power of the enemy of God's people and the deceived and unsaved. Only in Heaven will we know all that has been accomplished to His Glor y , for He desires mercy for He loves all of His creation. May you be blessed in health, strength... and soundness of body, soul and spirit whole. ...These promises of Psalm 32:6-8 I believe will encourage all of the Net of Prayer in the testing times ahead: "For this shall everyone that is godly pray unto thee in a ti me when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him. Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye ." (The answer for when, where, how we are move)." (Unquote) Note by Clzuck-JOHII'EL: Amen! "Love doesn. 't just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread, remade all the tire, made new. " Ursula K. LeGuin. Diane T. On November 3, 2005 . (Quote) "Do you know if Long Beach, CA is a safe area?" (Unquote) Reply by Chuck-JOHNEL: Long Beach is smack dab at the west side of Los Angeles the site for coming major destructions (massive earthquakes, tidal waves/Tsunamis and volcanic action) to say nothing ofthe coming invasion by Red Chinese and Mexican troops who will literally murder everyone from San Diego through Los Angeles upwards towards San Francisco. For Long Beach to be a "safe area" would take nothing short of a continuous miracle intervention by God day by day for some time for it to qualify as a safe area. Our counsel for anyone living in California (the state where the judgment BEGIN) is to not live there anymore. We have encouraged brethren to leave for some years - read the revelation recently given to Jim-REPHAEL in the main Newsletter about this coming October, 2006, The judgment clock is ticking and time is running out fast. When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. "Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31, 2006

Jan C. On November 30, 2005 . (Quote) "Dear Chuck- JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, ...Now I'd like to know when and how we're to start the 42 Quadrants of Islam prayers. I received the purple sheet, but now I'm waiting to hear when to start the discernments in this operation. Please let me hear from you. One day just before Thanksgiving I was abiding in the Lord and looking to Him, He brought to my remembrance the evening I met you and Nancy-TON!; the evening you were in Chicago and I sat across from you - Chuck-JOHNEL. As I looked into your eyes and had fellowship at the dinner table with you and your beautiful wife, Nancy-TONI, I saw Jesus in the flesh. He sent you here for His purpose. Everything about you; your actions, your manner, your very presence in that room is Just like Jesus in the flesh. That evening I'd met you and Nancy-TONI I saw compassion, Loving and Caring for those in the N.O.P. that the Lord has put you in charge of You see as I was meditating upon Jesus wanting to be like Him and to be transformed into His very image, He showed me that night I'd met you Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI to walk in His love, to be obedient to His Word, to always inquire of the Lord if it's His will or not and then to follow and do His will. I want to thank both of you for welcoming me into the "Staff and Sword Mini stry," and for making me apart of your lives. ..." (Unquote) Replyfbt' Chuck-JOHNEL: By this time you have already received the N.O.P. "Ponder and Pray" Prayer Sheets, the first step in preparing the N.O.P. for the Islamic Prayer Operation. In the next weeks following this Newsletter we will send out the next "Preparation Prayer Sheet" addressing the ARMOR OF GOD, what it is and its i mportance. Thank you for your kind comments. "A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something. Wilson Mizner

Rick W. On December 1, 2005 . (Quote) "...Just wondering - With the new website that you'll be setting up, will we be able to get our newsletters and updates from you by going to your site? And one last question - Did you guys notice all of the numbers coming up in the lottery that have been 2 digits of the normal 3 digits that we might expect to see of demonic activity? (Like #123, showing 1 & 3 of #103, for example'?) Does that mean anything?" (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL's Rel y : The process to set-up the Website is on-going and taking more ti me than we thought since we are taking care of our day by day work, working on the Islamic prayer operation preparation as well as the Website. We are close to starting it up maybe a month or so away. We won't be putting our Newsletter on the Website - don't have the equipment to get photos into the computer (none that work anyhow). In fact Nancy-TONI and I will be taking "computer classes" at a local college starting this May

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31, 2006

Chuck-JDHNEL's Repl y : (continued) to upgrade our computer skills.

We may cover up-dates on this website, but right now the basic set-up is taking all of our spare time. Concerning the lotter y or Lots: As a rule, we do not generally recognize say a #123 as being a #103 - the rule is simple, it is either the three numbers or not, if not it does not count. So, no, it odes not mean anything. A hypochondriac is one who has a pill far everything except what ails him, Jeff S. On (no date) . (Quote) "Dear CJ and NT and the Net of Prayer, I want to thank you for all of your prayers and for putting the "cover prayer" in the daily prayer sheet. So that we can pray for each other. Nov, 2005 tornadoes ripped through Southern Indiana killing 22, only 60 miles from our home. That was close. However, on Nov. 15, another round of tornadoes ripped through our area. This time the tornado that tore through "Amish Country" went right over our home. My wife was inside as I was at work, `praying,' and she felt the pressure inside the house drop significantly. This demon tornado caused severe damage, million dollar businesses destroyed. 40 homes gone, 120 homes severely damaged, but no lives lost. 1 have been praying the "bind and loose" prayer more intensely lately. I have been praying to bind the enemy of our souls from stepping outside of their boundaries. I have been loosing God's power to destroy them if they step outside those boundaries and where they are within those boundaries because of grounds and opportunities provided them by the Church, that mercy prevail over judgment. Since listening to the tapes I had some concern that I was taking authority where I wasn't supposed to. I fear that I have been praying outside my authority but I want to ask your views on this matter. Again I want to thank you and all of the Net of Prayer for praying for me and my family, so there was no damage to our home and my wife was safe but shaken up. I have another question to ask to help me with my walk. If you could address this in the next Fellowship meeting or maybe in the Newsletter or a short note, I would greatly appreciate it. Please explain Matthew 6:33. Jesus says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." 1) What is t ie Kingdom of God? My answer. (God's Will, God first in my thoughts, words, and deeds, P' place in my life)? 2) His Righteousness? My answer. (My quest for holiness in my life, thru Jesus)?" Repl y by Chuck-JOHNEL: Praying to "bind the enemy and loose God's Angelic help" on your homeland, with regards to your loved ones is ok. Taking authority over the enemy generally, to stop them from executing judgments at all is very risky in this present environment. What you have done is quite right but be keenly aware of the boundaries you

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31 2006

Chuck-JOHNEL's Repl y : (continued) can safely work within without opening yourself up to an enemy attack (counter-attack). THE KINGDOM OF GOD? You are in the ball park! The "Kingdom of Heaven" is a place (Matthew 5: 19). However, the "Kingdom of God" is within y ou (JESUS in Luke 17: 21). You will also find a reference to righteousness in Jeremiah 23: 6 which reads, "THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS." This is to say that as/when you receive JESUS

CHRIST as your Lord and Savior you have Christ within you--thus the "Kingdom of God" is now within you. As you draw near to and abide (John 15:7) in Him (JESUS CHRIST) and as His Words also abide in you - in this you are seeking His Righteousness - He is "the Lord our Righteousness." So in "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you," we are abiding in Christ (the Kingdom of God within us) who is also our righteousness. And as JESUS says in John 15: 7 "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." I

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. " Ferdinand Foch.


Alyce F. On November. 2005 . (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL, ...The main reason I am

writing is in regards to the enclosed article I cut out and saved from one of your Newsletters some time ago. You have never mentioned this information again. Is this still a threat to the terrorists? I receive 2 other newsletters from other prophets, they all seem to be on the same track as you. Although, they have never mentioned anything about

Mecca. With terrorists and natural disaster speeding up I wonder if this still holds true? Can you comment on this in your Newsletter?"(Unquote) Comment b y Chuck-JOHNEL; The section of a past Newsletter (not dated) that Alyce

sent with her Ietter addressed the issue of a report that President Bush made it clear to Osama bin Laden that if Al Qaeda struck the U.S. with a nuclear bomb, that the U.S. would nuke Mecca in response/retaliation. In that report I wrote as follows (Quote) "...Reports ofAl Qaeda terrorists being brought into the U.S. by Salvadoran gang members across the wide-open Mexican border is common knowledge. These Islamist terrorist are not coming here fnr째 sightseeing. It is, in my estimation only a matter of time before they strike within the U.S. - the question is only "when", "where" and "how" they will strike." (Unquote) We recently had a prayer operation to address the revealed danger posed byAl Qaeda smuggling into the U.S. components for three nuclear bombs (only lacking the weapon's

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31, 2 006

Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued) _ grade plutonium) and reported the results -one bomb was found by the F.B.I. in Arizona and dismantled (God's answer to our prayers) and we know (by faith) that by the Hand of God in answer to prayer that the second bomb will malfunction. The third bomb can only be found and dealt with "if' the government seeks the Counsel of God and God's help to find and dismantle it safely. There is no indication that this is happening or will happen_ The "one key event" we know through JESUS' Word is that the enemy will cause at least one major diversion on the Mexican/U.S. border to draw U.S. law enforcement resources away from the border point they plan to smuggle in the weapon's grade plutonium. The diversion? It will be a fairly large scale terrorist attack within the U.S. and as one revelation has it, it can be as many as three terrorist attacks . These attacks will prove to be a cold water shock to the American people, but they would be indications that Al Qaeda has just smuggled into the U.S. weapo's grade plutonium to make their bomb an atomic bomb. The target? Chicago! Al Qaeda is in no hurry, they are very deliberate and very careful in their planning and will take as much time as they think is necessary to penetrate the U.S. However, with the timing we have in view at this moment, such an attack is likely to happen within the next two years or by 2008. Once we get past the MERCY PERIOD (ends April-September, 2007) anything can happen - anything! "Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone. " G. B. Stern.


Dan R. On December 17, 2005 . (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Greetings in the name of our Lord. As I was reading in your last newsletter on page 15 under the heading of THE INVASION BY RED CHINA I noticed you said that you had visions of Chinese troops moving up Interstate 94. On my map Interstate 94 goes across Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan those most northern states. So is Interstate 94 a typo? For some reason I didn't realize the Chinese army would go that far north in the invasion. Could you clarify this for me? Still enjoy getting your newsletter." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHVEL's Response: In the Staff and Sword book I showed the west coast

invasion routes as being (from Los Angeles) eastwards along Route 10, then eastwards from San Francisco along Route 80 and a force of Japanese troops would advance eastwards along Route 84. The visions of September 1-4,1979 shewed Red Chinese troops advancing eastwards along Route 94 - yes, through Montana, North Dakota and eastwards.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

March 31, 2006

Chuck-JOHNEL's Response {continued): In that I noted that the Red Chinese supply columns were poor (along Route 94) tells me that they were stretching themselves quite thin to cover as much territory as possible and likely to be in position for an invasion of Canada when the time comes. The Red Chinese plan to occupy ALL of America (North, Central and South) and to exterminate the populations of all of America. "Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing io avoid is being a bore to oneself. " Gerald Brenan.

Erna R. On December 1 6 , 20QS . (Quote) "Mr. Youngbrandt, Awhile ago I wrote you a very nasty letter of which I am ashamed today. I did not know who you are. It is hard for a Baptist to understand a charismatic but now I do. The estate that was given to you by Gene and Laura is awesome. And I am happy for you. In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I am greeting you and your wife TONI." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI: Thank you for your kind letter. The Lord

JESUS bless and keep you in all ways. LA person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. Jean De La Fontainte. Nancy R. On (no date) (Quote) "Chuck-.IOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Thank you for your hard work. I've learned so much through your mailings. God richly bless, guide and protect you throughout the coming year." (Unquote) From Chuck - JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI: You are welcome and we are thankful to hear

from someone who has gained in Christ - that is always a Praise the Lord! I

"The man who has no imagination has no wings." Muhammad All.


Sister Marguerite on (no dated ( Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy, I thank God for the special people He has brought into my life to love. Each member of the NOP comes to daily mass with me and in prayer each of their intentions are remembered. Have a happy, healthy new year." (Unquote) From Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI: And we thank God for your faithfulness in prayer and intercessions in all these years and also for your friendship in Christ. "Trust yourself.' You know more t h an you think y ou do. " Benjamin Spock, MD. Dean B. On December 13, 2005 . ( Quote) "Nancy-TONI and Chuck-JGHNEL, Just want to thank you again for all of your hard work and obedience to the LORD in providing

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

April 3, 2006

Dean On December 13, 2005. (Ouote continued me with allthe information Jesus gives you. I doubt many other Christians have access to this vital information needed in these days. I praise the Lord for your faithfulness to Him . I' m definitely growing into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus - my friend and savior. He does dwell within - Hallelujah. I know you share in this wonderful privilege of the Holy Spirit living in us as Jesus promised - I shout for joy!!!" (Unquote) From Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancv-TONI: You are most welcome - Praise the Lord! "Bo oks ma y well he the onl y true magic. '' Alice Hoffman.

John P. On December, 2005 . (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Since joining the Net of Prayer in 1999 1 cannot possibly thank you enough in this lifetime for all that you have taught me. You have brought me so much closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I am ecstatic. I still have a long way to go but, I now know that it is a road that can be followed by keeping my focus on Jesus, and that it is well worth the journey. I wish you both the happiest and healthiest New Year and Christmas than you have ever had. May God Bless you and keep you abundantly!" (Unquote) From Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancv-TONI: You are most welcome - all Glory to God! It is encouraging, to us, to hear these comments as it is our aspiration and heart's work to help many find a deeper walk with Jesus Christ as we prepare for His Return. "If your ship doesn 't come in, swim out to it! " Jonathan Winters.


Bill M. On (no date) . ( Quote) "If the attack on Cathy-Martha were an enemy attack on the N.Q.P. would the 1/4 part she covers also sec attacks on them?" (Unquote) Rel y b y Check-JOHNEL: It could develop that way but you must remember that anyone in that prophetic office is also a shield for all the rest - an enemy attack on them would deflect attacks on all those brethren whom they cover. If by attacking CathyMARTHA , she would in turn resign her post, then the enemy would have opportunity to attack all the others. But Cathy-MARTHA did not budge nor resign - she stood her ground with the robber and though she suffered some financial loss, she came through in Christ's Victory. In this she became an example to all of us to stand in Christ and not lose heart. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Cain us. Kath y J. On no date) (Quote) "Dear Chuck-JCH'NEL and Nancy-TGNI, I have certainly appreciated all I have learned from your ministry the past year." (Unquote) From Chuck-JOHNEL and Nanc • -TONI: Thank y ou and Amen!

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The Staff and Sword Ministry - We Get Letters

April 3, 2006

"Forgive your enemies -ifyou can 't get back at them any other way. "Frank/in P. Jones.

Jerry S. On December 23, 2005 . ( Quote) "Dear Brother Youngbrandt, ...Thank you for responding on page 10 of "We Get Letters" to a question that I sent to you. I wonder if I now have the sequence correct: PROJECTION - 2008. (1 ) Powerful Hurricane strikes Gulf Coast - New Orleans to Florida in the month of September. (2) Strong earthquake strikes in St. Louis/Chicago area (September 19th), (3) Strong earthquake strikes in San Francisco area (October) 23, (4) Accidental nuclear attack (December 14) PROJECTION - 2009 OR 2010. (1) Strong earthquake shakes Northern Iowa in January and 30 days later a massive earthquake strikes Boston followed by a wave of quakes across the nation. (2) Super hurricane strikes Corpus Christi. (Do you believe that this hurricane will strike during the hurricane season of the year prior to what is projected for 2010 [see below], or in the same year as what is projected for 2010, but prior to the hurricane season?) *See note below PROJECTION - 2010. (1) Massive earthquake and flooding strike in Midwest centering under Chicago area (July 5 ` ) (2) Deliberate nuclear attack some 30 days later. Invasion by Russia, China and Japan with their allies follows. There is another matter that I would like to inquire about. On page 17 (December 5, 2005) of Issue #108 of your Newsletters you said that: God married you and Nancy in heaven on November 8, 1981; on December 21, 1986 you and Nancy were married "In the Spirit"; and on February 28, 1987 you and Nancy had a church wedding. On page 11 (December 10, 2005) of"PREVENTING Nuclear World War III in 1982" you said that your first wife filed for divorce in 1985. I imagine that the divorce became final during the 1985-1987 ti me frame. Did you have two wives from November 8, 1981 until then?)" (Unquote) have modified your letter (above) on dates and details a little, but this is what we presently understand about the timing. One way to prove our view of timing has been to observe, record and report on the emergence of the four judgments in the March 28-30th period as detailed in this Newsletter. So far its producing what we have anticipated and is on schedule. Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: I

*Note - Placement of the super hurricane to hit Corpus Christi, Texas is purely

speculation - no date has been revealed and its placement in the judgment time frame is not clear. With regards to Nancy-TONI and my ex-wife Jolanta. The Lord God made it plain to me from 1970 and on that He had a Godly wife for me but kept who she was, where she was and when we would meet a Divine mystery (means, no way to figure it out). I assumed that Jolanta was the one He spoke of when we married in 1975 - error on my part to be

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The Staff and Sword Ministr y - We Get Letters

April 3, 2006

Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL (continued): sure, but that was not apparent to me for some time. Jolanta divorced me in 1985 and the divorce became final in early 1986. It was not until mid November of 1986, ten months later, that JESUS revealed that Nancy-TONI was my Godly wife. So, I had only one wife in the worldly sense - Jolanta and when she divorced me, NancyTONI came on the scene ten months later. "The fitnction of freedom is to free somebody else. " Toni Morrison. Chad O'C. On (no date) (Quote) "Dear Chuck and Nancy, A somewhat belated Mer ry

Christmas and a Happy New Year! It has been a busy couple of weeks; my Mother just passed away today at age 93. We all had Christmas together last Sunday, our last Christmas meal together. Then she slipped pretty fast after that. She was ready to meet the Lord and had a very peaceful passing, and inspiration to all her six children, even my older sister who died about four years ago! It is a joy for me to be in the Net of Prayer and having made such a difference these past twenty or so years! We can all look forward to the future with confidence and "Assurance of Faith!" God Bless you." (Unquote)

From Chuck-JOH EL and Nancy-TONI: Our condolences on the passing of your mother, but it is a joy to know she is with Jesus now. I

Old burglars never die; they just steal



Gerald S. on December 21, 2005 . (Quote) "Greetings Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI

in Jesus' Name. ... I wonder if any other ministry has had as much effects on our Country as the NOP? ..." (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL: While I don't know one way or another however, it is an interesting question. You know, there's a reason he's always got that stupid grin on his face: he's stupid. Sharon Z. On (no date) (Quote) "...P.S. Regarding the Chicago ea rt hquake and the lakes

flooding - would central Iowa be right in the path, or would that he dependant on extenuating factors?" (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL: From the vision it appeared that the Great Lakes flooded into the Mississippi River basin and headed south - I'd expect it overlapped into Iowa some but how much I don't know. Central Iowa may be ok depending on land levels after the quake. There were some serious topographical changes in the Chicagoland area (the land dropped many feet during the quake). Whenever you hear the word save, it is usually the be innin ofan advertisement desi ned to titake y ou s end money. END of "WE GET LETTERS" ^I• FN CSR + r



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Response b y Chuck-JOHNEL: It would take a degree of prayer on our part to be able to confirm what you ask confirmation for; however, confir...