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October 9, 2009: Issue 1

The Assassination Assassina- of the American Dollar

A New World Order Watch Media Publication (

2 LETTER FROM THE EDITOR An initial welcome from the editor of the Vision Report

3 THE ASSASSINATION OF THE AMERICAN DOLLAR On Tuesday October 6th 2009 a story emerged that Europe, the Middle East and Japan are plotting to create a new world currency to supersede the dollar

5 MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT 1978, 1982, 1988, 1993, 2000, 2007 and now 2012. Is there any significance to 2012 or is this just further false hysteria?

6 SECRET WORLD RULERS: PART I This issue we take a look at the historical origins of the Illuminati, a secret society which is the main architect behind the formation of a coming world government

October 9, 2009: Issue 1

14 SNEAK PREVIEW - HOLY WAR We preview the upcoming release of “Holy War” the fourth and most controversial report in the Antichrist Identity series so far

15 PRESIDENT OF EUROPE AND A CHANGE TO CATHOLICISM Tony Blair - Possibly the first President of the European Union. What influence does the Vatican have on the direction of the EU?

16 TOWARDS WORLD GOVERNMENT Part 1 of an insight into the strategy of the Global Elite and their various chess pieces which are constantly being manoeuvred to facilitate a coming World Government

19 QUESTION AND ANSWERS Taking a random sample of questions we have received in the last month and providing some brief replies

8 REECE WOODSTOCK - INTERVIEW 20 OCTOBER BOOK REVIEW A fascinating interview with one of the main contributors to the Antichrist Identity Series

This months book review is focused on “Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines”

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Welcome to the Vision Report Over the next 12 months and beyond we will be providing you some of the most incredible content regarding the rise of the New World Agenda as detailed specifically within the Bible. Reaching this stage has been a massive journey but one which is fully rewarding. There is a significant chasm on the internet today with the ability to access highly quality content which is relevant to the New World Order and in a Magazine format. The Vision Report was born out of the Vision to meet this need and to ensure that our subscribers are never remote from some of the most deceitful and covert actions which are facilitating the coming of a New World Order. The Magazine has also been developed to be an additional complement to the Members Website at where you have access to a growing library of expert reports and video content. Our key theme is “the pursuit of truthâ€?. One of the things you will notice with our magazine and website is that we are open to the fact that elements of the truth may come from different avenues and sources. Many Christian end time ministries apply a level of bias against anything which does not fit their end time model. Whilst we have a specific understanding and world view you will find that we encourage and accommodate information even if it may not necessarily come from a mainstream Christian perspective providing it helps in shedding further light on the new world order agenda. The old clichĂŠ about not throwing the baby out with the bath water affirms our stance. As ever we value your feedback and contributions and hope that our relationship with you will be one filled with great understanding as we both continue the ongoing pursuit for truth. Until Next Time. Daniel Bailey Chief Editor


It is no secret that many bible prophecy teachers believe that despite being a twentieth century and initial twenty first century super power, that the United States of America must decline in its military and economic influence in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. The reasoning is based on the fact that the Bible indicates that the last super power on earth preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, will be one which will arise out of the old Roman empire geographical basin. There is a degree of debate as to whether this applies to the European Union, the Mediterranean Union, the Vatican or an actual Pan Arab/North African confederacy, but for now most would agree that prophetically the United States is surprisingly absent from scripture. ECONOMIC AXIS RE-ALIGNMENT On Tuesday 6th October 2009 a report was published in a prominent UK national newspaper, The Independent, confirming that the Arab States, Russia, France and China had launched secret moves to stop using US currency for oil trading. “In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning along with China, Russia, Japan and France to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar.” The United States was not party to these discussions in Hong Kong which have since also influenced Brazil and India to also voice their support for trading in non dollar oil payments. Ever since the Bretton Woods agreements - the accords after World War II which created the financial architecture for the world economy, the

United States has dominated the global economy with the US dollar as the global reserve currency. It is not hard to see the motivation for oil exporters to move away from the dollar. The value of the US currency has fallen sharply since the 2008 meltdown. And fears are growing, in the light of a spiralling US government deficit, that a further depreciation is likely. The US is simply not the dominant power that it once was. The financial crisis has left it hobbled with significant government and household debts and sharply reduced prospects for growth. Developing nations such as China, Brazil and India, on the other hand have weathered the economic storm significantly better. THE KINGS OF THE SUNRISE Revelation 16:12 describes that one of the major end time powers will be a confederation that will arise out of the direction of the “sunrise”. It is thus of no surprise to see that in the realignment of the economic wheel of influence that it will be Europe and the Far East that will assume ownership for control of the Middle East. According to Lester Thurow in his book “Head to Head” the twenty first century will witness an economic battle between Asia Pacific led by China and Japan, Europe centred around Germany and America trying to retain its position as world leader.

THE MEDITERRANEAN UNION Frances posturing towards the Arab States for a non US global benchmark is indicatives of its desire to further strengthen the Mediterranean Union. The Mediterranean Union is a further step in the revival of the Roman Empire. Based on the treaty of Rome in 1957 the European Union in growing to 27 nations has now utilized some of its member nations with historical ties to the North African and Arab states to create a strategic


union that will help to protects Europe’s economic interest in the Mediterranean region. THE BILDERBERGER FACTOR It is not only the threat from Europe, Arab States and Asia Pacific that America must contend with. Daniel Estulin, a seriel reporter on the Bilderberg Group has stated that it is the intention of the Global Elite to implode the US economy within the next 2 years and cause significant financial carnage which will ultimately hasten less resistance for a new world economic currency. These details were apparently formulated at the Bilderberger annual meeting in the United States in 2008. The Bilderberger meetings over recent years has increasingly focused on the issue of the world’s energy reserves. The finite energy supply behind oil has caused the Bilderberger members to try and come to a consensus on the best ways to control the ever dwindling energy supplies. A WARNING FROM HABAKKUK Those who follow Bible prophecy may wish to ponder the idea that the Bible predicts that those in massive debt (like the USA and UK) will suddenly lose it all. Notice that the Bible mentions that this destruction will happen to those that increased their debt at the end times: 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry/ 6 “Will not all these take up a proverb against him, And a taunting riddle against him, and say, ‘Woe to him who increases What is not his–how long? And to him who loads himself with many pledges’? 7 Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? Will they not awaken who oppress you? And you will become their booty. 8 Because you have plundered many nations, All the remnant of the people shall plunder you (Habakkuk 2:3,6-8).

THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES It is the belief of many that the coming weakening of the American dollar will by default significantly impact the two economies who are in partnership with Washington through the NAFTA agreement. Mexico and Canada. This will further fuel the migration towards the creation of a single Amero currency as part of the coming North American Union merger between the United States, Canada and Mexico which forms one of the regional groups defined within the Club of Rome’s adaptive model for world regionalization. Some bible prophecy scholars believe that the United States is the fulfilment of the end time commercial Babylon in Revelation 18 whom John in his vision saw as a great city that controlled and influenced the wealth of the global economy only to suffer a sudden and decisive economic collapse that would send the world into financial freefall. “Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon; that mighty city! For in one hour is they judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:” Revelation 18:10-11

Whilst there is debate as to whether this end time commercial Babylon is the United States, what we are certain of is that the decline of the United States as an economic super power has begun and will accelerate whilst the emerging super powers of the Euro/Mediterranean pact and the paper tigers of South East Asia rise to fulfil their prophesied end time roles. Source: Vision Report Editorial



THE ORIGINS OF THE ILLUMINATI The origins of the Illuminati can be traced back to a secret sect known as the Brotherhood of the Illuminati. This group formed in Spain during 1530 was a group whose mission was based on the Constantinople Letter of 1489. The Constantinople letter was a document authorised by the Grand Sanhedrin in Constantinople outlining a strategic plan by which the Jews could seek to rule the world and counter the rise of anti semitism across europe. The plans of the Brotherhood stayed as a concept for the next 250 years until 1776 when a meeting took place with the founder of the bank company Rothschild and several of Europe’s most wealthiest and influential families which focused on the reviving of the concept into a practical reality that could be implemented and ultimately result in a centralised world government with a world leader. The influential families placed the schemes and plans into the hands of Professor Adam Weishaupt who not only eventually controlled the Freemason Lodges in Munich Germany but also became a very important member of the Grand Lodge in Paris. As a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt, Weishaupt was of Jewish ancestry, and his family had become Catholic. There is an ongoing debate as to whether he had been influenced by the Jesuits. In May 1776 Weishaupt created a secret society called the “Order of Perfectibilists” which was later changed to the “Order of Illuminati”. The aim of the order was to gradually seize control of all the worlds resources and though control and manipulation of international banking, place most of the worlds wealth under the control of the most influential family network dynasties within the Order of the Illuminati. THE INFLUENCE OF FREEMASONRY Up until this time freemasonry also had their own separate agenda. The masonic lodges had existed hundreds of years prior to the Illuminati and had themselves descended from the Knights of the Templar's of Solomon who had helped Catholic Europe to resist the might of Islam and reclaim the Holy Sites in Jerusalem during the crusades in the Middle East. However the Roman Catholic Church increasingly became uncomfortable with the Knights Templar's when it emerged that the Templar's were deeply involved with the Jewish Cabala and other forms of esoteric ancient occult magic that had originated from the days of ancient Babylon.

In 1314, Pope Clement V made an official announcement that the templar's were to be branded as heretics ordering all their properties and finances to be seized and their leader was burned at the stake. The surviving templar's fled to Scotland for refuge. At this time the Scots were fighting for their own independence against the English and Robert the Bruce of Scotland more then welcomed the templar's whose art in military warfare helped the Scots to overcome the English and maintain their independence. The templars over time rebranded themselves as the masons and eventually infiltrated the British monarchy after the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1603 who had no heir leading to King James V of Scotland becoming King of England because as a distant relative. This allowed freemasonry a vehicle to use England as a launch pad for expanding into Europe and capturing the interest of many of the wealthy nobilities which gave freemasonry significant credibility. There were several strands of freemasonry that were expanding in continental Europe in the 1700s. The most notable were the social club Anglo-Saxon Masons; the mystical Rosicrucian-style Masons who were attempting to make their brand more mysterious; and the Enlightenment social reformers of the Grand Orient of France who were involved in political movements. One style of Masonry was not the same as the next, and each had very different goals. AN ALLIANCE WITH EUROPEAN FREEMASONRY Weishaupt seized upon a strategic move. In order to spread the Order of the Illuminati and to give them more influence in the world, and because Freemasonry was akin to the Order of the Illuminati, he gradually began to infiltrate the Freemasons. In May of 1777, Weishaupt was initiated into Freemasonry, in a Lodge at Munich, Germany. Weishaupt wanted to use this Mason's Lodge to promote his World Revolutionary ideas. In 1780, a man named Baron Von Knigge (code name "Philo") joined Weishaupt's Order, and soon he became a leader dividing the control of the Order with Weishaupt. Weishaupt and Knigge rapidly spread the "gospel" of the World Revolution throughout Germany. However their gospel needed protection as there was fear that if the authorities were to discover the existence of their society and found out what their real plan was they would then take steps to suppress it. With this in view, they had conceived of the idea of grafting it on to Freemasonry, which they thought would provide the cover and credibility needed to expand the concept aggressively.


Up until this time the world had accepted Freemasonry as a "great benevolent society" because it appeared, on the surface to teach high morality and to do charity work. Only a few top men in Freemasonry knew the sinister motives of the Masonic doctrine and understand what the organization was really all about. Because Masonry enjoyed this degree of honor and prestige, Adam Weishaupt and Baron Von Knigge planned a World takeover by using the Order of the Freemasonry. The "Plan" was to penetrate into the high levels of Freemasonry, and then to take control in directing the affairs of the Nations into an eventual One World Government. Then, the Illuminati would be a secret society within the secret society of the Freemasons. Weishaupt would then influence the decisions of Europe's Leaders from within through these concealed advisory positions. The Illuminati plan also involved getting their members into key governmental positions, so that they could control all of mankind. In order to gain control over the Order of the Freemasons, Weishaupt and Von Knigge needed to join forces. Weishaupt hadn't made much progress with the Order of the Illuminati until he had met the high-ranking Mason, Baron Von Knigge. Von Knigge was not only a first class organizer, but he had also been admitted as a Master of most of the secret societies of his day. Von Knigge was, like Weishaupt and all the Masters or "expert occultists" of these secret societies, an expert occultist himself.

One such honest Freemason, the Comte de Virieu, a member of a Martiniste Lodge at Lyons, returning from the Congress de Wilhelmsbad could not conceal his alarm, and when questioned on the "tragic secrets' he had brought back with him, replied: 'I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it.' From this time onwards, says his biographer, M. Costa de Beauregard, 'the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror.’ Around this same time, Adam Weishaupt also succeeded at forging an alliance between "Illuminized" Freemasonry and the growing Rothchild banking network. This gave the Order of the Illuminati the financial means to carry out its plans, and to multiply its influence. As a result of this alliance with the Rothschilds, It took root, it grew, it flourished, it gathered to itself more men of royal and noble titles including even the Jesuits. THE INFILTRATION OF CHRISTIANITY The Illuminati understanding the threat posed by Christianity also set on course a strategy to seduce many of the notable Christian leaders through an apostate theology. This apostate teaching, which was presented to Christian initiates, was explained by Von Knigge: "Jesus Christ established no new Religion; he would only set

THE MASONIC CONGRESS OF WILHELMSBAD The Order of the Illuminati was given a huge boost at the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad held at Meyer Amschel Rothschild's castle" on the 16th of July in 1782. This meeting included representatives of all of the secret societies such as the Martinists, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati -which now numbered no less than three million members all over the World. This enabled the Illuminati to solidify their control over the Freemasonry Lodges of Europe and to be viewed as the undisputed Leaders of the occult One World Movement. Historian Nesta Webster tells us: "What passed at this terrible Congress will never be known to the outside world, for even those men who had been drawn unwittingly into the movement, and now heard for the first time the real designs of the leaders, were under oath to reveal nothing. “

Religion and Reason in their ancient rights. For this purpose he would unite men in a common bond. He would fit them for this by spreading a just morality, by enlightening the understanding, and by assisting the mind to shake off all prejudices. He would teach all men, in the first place, to govern themselves. Rulers would then be needless, and equality and liberty would take place without any revolution, by the natural and gentle operation of reason and expediency. This great Teacher allows himself to explain every part of the Bible in conformity to these purposes; and he forbids all wrangling among his scholars, because every man may there find a reasonable application to his peculiar doctrines. Let this be true or false, it does not signify. This was a simple Religion and it was so far inspired; but the minds of his hearers were not fitted for receiving doctrines. I told you, said he, but you could not bear it. Many therefore were called, but few were chosen. To these elect were entrusted the most important secrets; and even among them there were degrees of information. There was a seventy, and a twelve. All this was in the natural order of things, and according to the habits of the Jews, and indeed of all antiquity. The Jewish Theosophy was a mystery; like the Eleusinian, or the Pythagorean, unfit for the vulgar, and thus the doctrines of Christianity were these they were maintained, like the Vestal Fire. They were kept up, only in hidden societies, who handed them down to posterity, and they are now possessed by the genuine Free Masons.


Interviewer: Well Reece great to have you here and can you believe it. Its actually 12 months ago that the Antichrist Identity Series was launched. Reece: Its almost unbelievable. I can still remember at the time following the US presidential election race as well as the whole team working on the editorial to have the reports launched. Just simply amazing how time really waits for no one. Great to be here though. Interviewer: So I suppose the first question I wanted to ask is what has been the general reaction to the Antichrist Identity? Reece: Its a good question. The response has mainly been tremendously positive. I think one of the reasons for this has been that publication was released on the tail end of the global financial crisis. During times of crisis especially one that is global, people generally tend to be more perceptive to information which provides an understanding of why things are happening the way they are. Additionally John McCain's publicity campaign and ad which conveyed Barack Obama as being the Antichrist as well as the increasing deluge of publicity about 2012 being the possible end of the world have simply created an atmosphere of people wanting to know more. So yes the response to the publication has been very good. On a negative, we have been aware of our publication being blockaded by certain end time ministries mainly because some are probably offended by our pursuit of truth which reveals some of the inept weaknesses in mainstream bible prophecy teachings. And then to top it off there was a small segment of hate mail accusing us of being racist for saying that Obama was the Antichrist when if these people would actually read they would realize that no way did we ever state that Obama was the Antichrist. Interviewer: You serious?

Reece Woodstock Profile Reece Woodstock is one of the researchers who made a significant contribution to the Antichrist Identity Series which was launched in September 2008. The Antichrist Identity Series was a major work addressing the emergence of the Antichrist New World Order system with a specific focus on Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Javier Solana, Prince El Hassan and others who are helping to steer the world towards global government. We had the pleasure of interviewing Reece 12 months on and gaining some real insights into new developments on the horizon. This is an extract from an interview that was recently conducted in September 2009. Reece: You'd be amazed. Why on earth would we claim Obama was the Antichrist when we call him an Apostle of the New World Order. It just shows the nature of people and how susceptible they can be to deception because of their inability to make careful educated decisions on the information that is before them.

But for us it wasn't a surprise as the nature of the evidence and material is such that it will offend but the bible does say the word of God is like a doubled edged sword. Interviewer: Interesting. You mentioned about weaknesses in bible prophecy teachings. Could you elaborate? Reece: I could take a whole day on this but in a nutshell much of mainstream bible prophecy is what we call surface level and "tunnel vision" bible prophecy. Interviewer: Surface level? Reece: Surface level in that much of mainstream bible eschatology is very general and isn't based on the historical foundation of the new world order. As a result it causes some really outlandish opinions to be conveyed about the end


times and specific events, because without that firm understanding of the origin and history of the new world order there is nothing to restrain one from really deviating into all kinds of theories whilst still using the bible as justification. We saw this happen during the early nineties where a whole barrage of books were published about Saddam Hussein being the possible Antichrist and then in 1999 with again a barrage of books written by bible prophecy experts about the significance of 2000 in the prophetic calendar. Today we see the same thing for instance with a sudden rise in the number of bible prophecy teachers now progressing that the Antichrist will be a Muslim and that the final world power as prophesied by Daniel and John will be Islam or some teaching that Obama is the Antichrist. Interviewer: Reece explain what you mean by "historical foundation of the new world order" as that's a critical point to understand. I hear the term "new world order" constantly referred to but sometimes I wonder whether its become over used and simply seen as a term that references anti establishment or anti government. Reece: From our research, whilst there has been a significant amount of material published regarding the new world order we believe that the foundation for understanding the New World Order and end times rests on six pieces of work which are the undisputed pillars or structures to the new world order concept and its implementation. The first was a report published in 1489 called the "Constantinople Letter" which was a plan created by the Great Sanhedrin in Constantinople to conquer the leadership of the world as a means for the Jews to survive the growing tide of anti Semitism across Europe. This letter became the premise of the illuminati which was originally known as the Brotherhood of the illuminati and then became known as the Order of the Perfectibilists when the letter of Constantinople was provided to a professor and major member of the freemason Grand lodge called Adam Weishaupt who had a strong Jesuit influence. Through Weishaupt the Perfectibilists then became known as the Order of the illuminati. Interviewer: OK, so the first pillar you recognise as being the "Constantinople Letter"? Reece: Yes. The second pillar is a publication published in 1871 called "Morals and Dogma." This was the work of Albert

Pike who was a grandmaster of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry and was chosen to coordinate illuminati activities in the United States. The third pillar we see is a publication called "The Secret Doctrine" written by Helen Blavatsky. She was a major contributor to the advancement of the occult sciences and concepts and beliefs which became the basis of Hitler's world domination plan. The fourth pillar was a publication called "Externalisation of the Hierarchy written by Alice Bailey, a prominent exponent of the teaching of Theosophy. The fifth pillar is a publication called "The Keys of Enoch" written in 1973 by Dr JJ Hurtaak which is a paraphysical 'codebook' of a higher consciousness experience which explains how the human race is connected with a more advanced higher evolutionary structure of universal intelligence. The sixth pillar is the Club of Rome report that was published in 1973 and the final pillar is Hislops "Two Babylon's" which is an absolute masterpiece in understanding the transition of Babylonian religion throughout the centuries up until the modern day. John I am telling you if you have these seven publications in your possession you have the full 100% complete blueprint of the origin of the new world order, its progress, evolution and final implementation. Interviewer: Those are some pretty intensive pieces of work as I have reviewed some, the most recent being the Externalisation of the Hierarchy. So your saying that mainstream bible prophecy teachers are not aware of these works? Reece: John, there are some bible prophecy teachers that haven't read any of these publications. Some have and others are aware of some of these publications. But my point is that when you examine the content of these publications it creates a significant frame of reference for understanding the end times. For instance one could never examine all these works and then claim that Islam is going to the final end time power or that it was the influence of Christianity that was behind the rebirth of Israel as nation or that the rebuilding of the Jewish third temple in Jerusalem is a good thing. I could go on and on but time wouldn't permit. The bottom line is if you are teaching end time prophecy in the public domain you frame of reference shouldn’t be based on the teachings of other bible prophecy teachers and possibly regurgitating possible end time views which


could be filled with significant errors. Instead you need to go to the source and review that to create a frame of reference. Interviewer: I think your strong on this because as an avid researcher you are trained in the art of primary source identification but I can clearly see your logic here and that's great guidance for those out there wanting to understand the end time without any prebias. Tell me, since the launch of the Antichrist Identity Series how has the publication evolved. I mean are you constantly updating it as new information becomes available or are you creating additional reports as part of an evolving series. What's the strategy? Reece: As a researcher quality of data is key and so as new data becomes available you have to be flexible to make revisions or adjustments to the original hypotheses. This happened where we are presently making an update to Report 2 in the Antichrist Identity Series: Apostles of the New World Order. Previously there was a section which addressed some of the untruths being publicized about Barack Obama and we had previously stated that the accusation regarding his birth certificate were simply speculations without substance. This was because much of the material being used to justify these claims at that time were poor works of documentation. However in the last nine months a significant amount of data is now in the public domain regarding Obama and his birth certificate and there is tremendous evidence to suggest that our original view needs to be revised. Interviewer: How often will you be updating the reports and is this revision already available? Reece: Mid October will see the release of Parts 1-3 with updates, revision and additional material. We plan to probably update it every 6 months as an when we feel its necessary. In the pursuit of truth flexibility and the ability to be humble is critical to being on track.

government. The pace of its evolution is frightening and that why its important that we continue to keep our members aware of new updates or report releases because as we accelerate towards a world government, data that was relevant 6 months ago becomes obsolete as new data becomes available. Interviewer: I understand you are releasing Antichrist Identity Part 4 in October. Could you provide some insight into this report and how it follows on from the originals. Reece: Antichrist Identity Part 4 is called "Holy War.� It was originally written to be a major rebuttal against the significant increase of those now teaching that the Antichrist will be an Assyrian or Muslim and that the fourth beast of Daniel 2 and 7 is a last days Islamic confederacy. This view is growing at an alarming rate and is feeding of the increased perception to the war on terror and rapid growth of Islam in the West. We had observed that there had been little resistance to this concept from mainstream end time ministries and those that have made a public stand have done so with very weak material. Again unless you understand and are familiar with the seven pillars then it makes your job much harder in trying to defend against what you know is an incorrect eschatological position. The report will also contain significant insight into understanding the issues around the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple on the temple mount in Israel and some other incredible insights regarding the influence of Islam in the new world order agenda and how it will play out. Interviewer: Reece do you and your team believe you know who the Antichrist will be. We see and hear so much about Prince Charles, Prince El Hassan, Javier Solana, Juan King Carlos and the list goes on and on. Why are these names always on the conveyor belt?

Interviewer: Presumably the core essence of the reports remains the same?

Reece: We get asked this question thousands of times and the answer is always a resounding No. Our reasoning for this is because the bible makes it very clear that the revealing of the Antichrist takes place when the rebuilt Jewish temple is seized and taken over by the Masonic global elite. II Thessalonians makes it clear that the destiny of the Antichrist is linked to the removal of believers from this earth.

Reece: Absolutely, these revisions are all even more conclusive proof of the emergence of the new world order and world

Once removed, his destiny moves into acceleration and then he is fully revealed during an event known as the abomination of desolation. Some believe he is revealed


with the signing of a peace covenant with Israel but he doesn't sign anything. The Hebrew understanding of Daniel 9:27 makes it clear that he is an enforcer of a covenant that is linked to the nation of Israel and the Temple Mount. Interviewer: So you don't believe Obama is the Antichrist then? (smile) Reece: No chance whatsoever. Interviewer: One of the major observations I have personally made with your new members website is the way that you provide access to information where certain views may not necessarily bee in sync with your own. Is that purposely done? Reece: We have recognized that there is a wide variation within our membership base regarding the end times and that it is important to stimulate debate and discussion on many of the key areas. For instance there are some who believe strongly that the Antichrist will arise from the Vatican, some believe he will be an Assyrian. Some believe that the last days Babylon of the book of Revelation will be a literal city in Iraq, others believe it is symbolic of the United States. Some believe that its the Vatican or Jesuits who are controlling the new world order agenda, others believe its the British Monarchy, others the Bilderbergers and so on and on. So we have a principle that is based on not throwing the baby out with the bath water. Its important to understand that the identification and resistance to the new world order agenda is not just exclusively a Christian revelation. There are non Christian groups who also recognise the dangers of the world government who also provide significant evidence to help further clarify the jigsaw pieces in the end time puzzle. Islam as an example is significantly hostile to the Illuminati agenda which it see's as the basis for Western Zionism and has produced some great insights into the understanding of the Illuminati agenda. Also take David Icke as another example. He has provided some fantastic information on Mystery Babylon Religion and its infiltration of the modern world. However Icke also believes that Christianity and other religions were born out of the pagan belief structures rooted in ancient Babylon mythology and were primarily set up as a system to control the masses.

We clearly would not agree with this assertion regarding Christianity but this does not mean we would exclude his material where we believe it has great relevance in providing insight into the formation of world government. So unlike other end time ministry websites who seem to only want to include information from those who are for instance Christian only, Pretribulational only and Premillenial only you will find that whilst we are Christian, Pretrib and Premillenial we are also diverse enough to recognise quality information wherever it can be found especially in a world that is intoxicated with media misinformation. Interviewer: I personally think its a fresh approach. Are there any specific events taking place this year which have caught your eye? Reece: Obviously the resulting decisions being taken because of the global financial fallout are difficult to ignore but one of the issues that has really gripped me is the progression of the Mediterranean Union. Mainstream news hardly picks up on it but its amazing because the nations of North Africa and the Middle East were formerly regions that were under control of the Romans during the time of Christ and we now see the emergence of the revival of a confederacy which started off as a European power but one which is now extending its geographical boundaries and economic presence across the Mediterranean basin. There are others but too many to name now for sure. Interviewer: I also wanted to ask you how much you take into account prophecies from the likes of Nostradamus, St Malachy, the visions of Fatima, the Mayan prophecies and other sources which may not be Christian. Do you see any relevance in their consideration? Reece: I personally see relevance with St Malachy mainly because he has been deadly accurate. I have seen many bible prophecy teachers quote from the prophecies of St Malachy but then at the same time distance themselves saying that we shouldn't put our trust in it yet you can see it all etched over the face that they absolutely believe in it. I think we also need to address that even though the Roman Catholic Church fell into apostasy during the middle ages it doesn't necessarily mean that every single person in the Catholic Church throughout the centuries could not have been used by God to bring prophetical revelation to the church in their pursuit for truth.


Many times we tend to view the Roman Catholic Church as this structure which throughout the centuries was populated 100% with pagan worshippers. However look at the reformation. The early reformers quest and pursuit of truth did not happen after they broke away from Rome. It happened whilst they were still part of Rome. God inspired them whilst they were still part of Rome because he could sense their dissatisfaction with the teachings of Rome and their understanding that justification was by grace and not works or tradition. think we need to also realise that every Christian cult and non Christian religion throughout the centuries has always had a problem with some element within the Doctrine of Christ. Whether its his pre-eternal existence as God the Son, his virgin birth, his nature as the God-man, his death on the cross as the atonement for sin, his bodily resurrections, his literal physical second coming, and his coming back to rule on earth. Whether its the Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christadelphians, Scientology, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. They all cannot fully embrace the Doctrine of Christ. Yet the ecclesiastical position of the Roman Catholic Church through its history is that is has always embraced the Doctrine of Christ in its entirety. I think this has always provided an avenue for God to still work with specific individuals in this Church because despite the Church being over taken by rituals and traditions that originated with ancient Babylon, there was still some salt in its theology and whilst that salt remains it provides an opportunity for God to still move on those seeking truth. Interviewer: So you believe St Malachy was inspired by God? Reece: Possibly. Interviewer: Quite a controversial view as I know critics would disagree saying how could God inspire a Church which is the Mother of Harlots as described in Revelation 17 and one which practices beliefs and traditions which originate with Mystery Babylon. Reece: Notice I didn't say inspire the the church. I said inspire specific individuals inside the church. For instance the early reformers were actually part of the Roman Catholic Church before they broke away during the great reformation. But could we say they were not inspired before the reformation despite their deep pursuit for the truth.

When it comes to St Malachy we need to realise only God himself is omniscient and to provide a level of prophecy so specific and covering hundreds of years into the future. Malachy’s prophecy of the succession of Popes has been frightening in terms of its accuracy. The other prophecies you refer to such as the Visions of Fatima or Nostradamus could not be of God which is why they have been open to so much different interpretations because like the horoscopes when predictions or prophecies are not of God they lack clarity. For instance the quatrains of Nostradamus are so vague and have been reinterpreted so many times throughout the ages that they simply have no credibility. Interviewer: I think I will sit on the fence on that one. Reece: Its a personal view. I know some of the team such as Mel or Kevin may have a different take. Interviewer: One of the other things I wanted to mention was that I was at a recent Bible Prophecy Conference and what was clear to me over the years is that when we talk about Israel being Gods chosen nation and the Jews being his chosen people what does that actually mean in the twenty first century? Reece: This is a key point and I would recommend for our members to purchase John De Ruiter's book "Worldwide Evil and Misery" because he provides a fantastic insight into the the history of the Jews in terms of what happened during the Diaspora and the differences between the Northern Kingdom of Israel after they were overcome by the Assyrians and the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Benjamin and Levi which was overcome by the Babylonians. Without going into too much detail it would seem the Israelites from the Northern Kingdom migrated from Assyria into North Eastern Europe and through intermingling became assimilated into other races and eventually lost their unique culture, heritage and identity. This is why some of the bloodlines of the Illuminati such as the Merovingians used their Jewish descent as a symbolic justification for their claims as being the protector of the Holy Lands because they were able to prove through their family ancestry that their forefathers could be traced back to the tribes of Israel. So we have many Europeans that have Jewish ancestry even though they would not class themselves as Jews but


then we also have the visible Jews, those in America, or in the UK or Israel or the Falasha Jews from Ethiopia. Its a complex issue but I recommend John De Ruiter's book as it helps to provide specific clarity on this issue.

Interviewer: Well Reece I know your a busy man so in bringing this to a close what final thoughts do you want to leave with those who will be reading this interview transcript?

Interviewer: That's interesting because some like John Hagee and his “Friends for Israel� ministry places a lot of emphasis on that those nations which are favourable to the nation of Israel will be blessed by God and those who are hostile will experience the curse of God.

Reece: Firstly to say how much we appreciate our members and that we hope the launch of the Vision Report website will be a significant help in providing you the information and resources to better help you understand the times in which we live. As ever we will continue to ongoingly provide quality reports that will help to provide clarity around significant aspects of the new world order agenda so you can see how close we are to the end and the return of Christ.

Reece: I personally am in agreement with some of Hagee's views in that God's covenant with Abraham was an eternal covenant with the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac. I don't subscribe to this replacement theology that we see today teaching that the Abrahamic covenant is no longer relevant to the nation of Israel and is now only applicable to Christians or the Western Nations who are the descendants of the Jews a view which is profound in British Israelism. However we also need to realise that Abraham had a son called Ishmael and that there are blessings that God also promised for the descendants of Ishmael. Now I know that might be a bit of a paradox today given the present hostility of the Arab Nations towards Israel and the fact that most Arab countries are Muslim countries.

Through all of this, the most important thing is will you be ready when Christ return's because understanding the new world order does not do any good unless you have taken action to commit to him. This is the true essence of bible prophecy, showing the validity of the Word of God and letting it stimulate you into examining your personal relationship with God. Interviewer: Reece, its been a great pleasure and thanks for your time again.

However the Bible does specify that there will be a future period of time where his blessings will be fulfilled to them. We also need to be aware that not all Jews are Godly Jews and that's where I deviate from Hagee. He seems to lump all Jews into the same category saying that they are all blessed but there are Jews who are apostate Jews. Many of the Israeli top officials are heavily into freemasonry and follow the Talmud and Kabbalah which Jesus was referring to when he spoke out against the Pharisees who were practicing specific rituals and beliefs that Jesus said were demonic and nothing to do with the true faith. I think its Isaiah who talks about the leaders of the nation of Israel making covenants with death and hell and thus exposing their nation to the judgement of God. Therefore the nation is still the apple of Gods eye as a nation but we need to realize this is not a mandate that every Jew is individually blessed even if they have strayed significantly away from true Judaism.


Holy War is one of the most controversial reports to be released regarding Islam and the New World Order. The report seriously challenges a growing popular view of a Muslim Antichrist and provides over 100 Pages of evidence to address Islam’s role in the New World Order puzzle. It covers a critical debate around:

Why is the Rebuilding of Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem so important for the New World Order Global Elite, the Vatican and the state of Israel? Is there any significance in the restoration and rebuilding of the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq and the growing influence of the Mediterranean Union?

Why Did Russia invade Georgia in 2008 and what relevance does this have to the Middle East peace process? What is the evidence that the Antichrist will arise out of the Black Nobility of Europe and not from Islam? Is there significant evidence of a covert operation being planned to trigger World War III by inflaming the Muslim Is the war of Ezekiel 38 actually Armageddon or a world by putting their 3rd holiest building, the Dome of separate isolated war that will precede Armageddon? the Rock in Jerusalem at risk? What is the prophetical relevance of the Muslim belief in Are you aware of why Islam is totally incompatible with the coming of Al Madhi and Al Dajjal? the New World Order Agenda and why Islamic Fundamentalism constantly voices that there must be Launch Date: Wednesday 14th October ongoing Jihad against the Zionist West?

Tony Blair will be the UK's official candidate for EU president, Baroness Kinnock has apparently confirmed. The post will only be created if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all EU states - Ireland have recently ratified the treaty through a second referendum

Tony Blair in August at a press conference in Rimini, Italy said his conversion to Catholicism had been driven by his wife, Cherie, adding that it "felt right" and "is now where my heart is".

There has long been speculation that the former PM would go for the post but he has not confirmed he will The former prime minister, who now runs the Tony Blair do so. Faith Foundation, switched from the Anglican church to The precise role of the EU president has not been laid Catholicism soon after leaving Downing Street two years out. The Swedish government, which currently holds ago. His wife and children were already Catholic. the six-month EU presidency, has suggested drawing up a proper job description before seeing which avail- He told the Communion and Liberation meeting in the Italian resort of Rimini yesterday: "Ever since I began prepaable political figure fits it best. rations to become a Catholic, I felt I was coming home ... Shadow foreign secretary William Hague said the new this is now where my heart is, where I know I belong ... role could be "enormously damaging".'s difficult to find the right words. I felt this was right for me. There was something, not just about the doctrine "Any holder is likely to try to centralise power for themselves in Brussels and dominate national foreign of the church, but of the universal nature of the Catholic church." policies. Some believe that Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism was a strategic move in his quest to become President of the European Union. However how much influence does the Vatican have over the European Union? With no mention of God in the Draft European Constitution and Turkey as a candidate for membership, some fear that the EU might become detached from its Judaeo-Christian roots. In particular, the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI, has promised to combat what it sees as the excesses of secularism and nihilism in the world, starting with Europe. Any struggle would be incomplete without adversaries and allies. But what are the EU and its institutions to the Vatican? Are they allies, or a threat?

Vatican presence in the European Parliament of the Polish League of Families, a group of extreme right MEPs, together with the fact that the EPP-ED is the largest political group in Parliament, means the Vatican has strong potential allies. And whereas recent enlargement may well have suited the Vatican, future enlargement could also provide a threat. Council, Commission and Parliament have all agreed to allow Turkey to apply for EU membership. In 2004, the then Cardinal Ratzinger said that Turkey, in which the majority of the population is Muslim, is "in permanent contrast to Europe." Though his name has changed to Pope Benedict XVI, it seems unlikely that his views on Turkey have changed as well.

During a recent audience of the Pope with members of the European Parliament from the European People's Party and European Democrats (EPP-ED), the Pope seemed to stress the role of the EU as an ally. Of the Draft Constitution, even though it contains no reference to God, the Pope said that it contributed to maintaining a "structured and ongoing relationship with religious communities" at EU level. The EPP-ED was not shy about stating its willingness to cooperate with the Pope.

So the relationship between the EU and the Vatican is not always an easy one. Still it seems that the current Pope seeks to make the EU his ally where he can, his adversary only where he thinks he must. In Brussels, both the Vatican's ambassador - his Papal nuncio - and the Commission of the Conference of Bishops from EU countries (COMECE) work to monitor and influence EU policies.

The situation for the Vatican seems ideal. With the recent enlargement, several large and predominantly Catholic countries have joined the EU, most notably Poland. Where EU policymaking is concerned, this could make the Council more receptive to the messages of the

The Vatican, like any interest or lobby group, seeks its allies and finds its adversaries in different places for each dossier it has an interest in. Even though the EU does not always see eye to eye with the Vatican, the Pope has chosen to try to work together where possible.


THE RAPE OF EUROPA On the 9th December 1991 Time Magazine covered a story of the rise of Europe illustrated by the image of a woman riding a bull carrying the European union flag. This image is of great symbolic importance as it represents Greek mythology in that the woman sitting on the back of the bull is Europa. The bull is Zeus (Greek god) and its a scene from a myth about the birth of Europe. Zeus falls in love with a Phoenician human girl who was the daughter of Phoenix, and in order to seduce her he turns himself into a bull and kidnaps her by exhaling a saffron fragrance to attract her. He takes her to the island of Crete and then rapes her. The representation of Europe as a woman riding a bull is significant in modern day European literature. The currency unit symbol of the Bank of Europe is portrayed as a winged bull surrounded by the European stars from the European flag. Winged bull? This was an Assyrian symbol, and for those that understand history and prophecy, it may be no coincidence that the Central Bank of Europe is based in Germany, wherein dwell the militaristic descendants of ancient Assur, Genesis 10:22.

Europa then became the first queen of Crete. The Romans adopted the myth but substituted their god Jupiter for Zeus. It is claimed that Europa later stood for mainland Greece (recall Crete is an island off the SE corner of Greece) and then to lands north of Greece. Certainly, 'Europa seated on a bull' has been a motif in European art since Greco-Roman times, and in the eighth century Europa gained ecclesiastical usage under Charlemagne. Today, Europe is called Europa in the German language and in most other Germanic languages (except English). The actual term 'Europe' is generally derived from the Greek 'eurys' (broad) and 'ops' (face), which is an allusion to 'the broad face of the earth'.


THE TOWER OF BABEL The image below is a painting done in 1563 of the Tower of Babel, by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, a Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter. On the right is a poster which was produced by the European Union symbolically depicting their mission. It combines the 12 stars of the EU flag with the rebuilding of the tower of Babel with the motto Europe: Many Tongues One Voice. Note also that the stars are shown as inverted pentagrams, an occult symbol. The crane is a symbol that this is an ongoing mission, the new tower of Babel, is under construction and they believe that this time they will be successful.

A close up of image also shows in the left hand corner a number of people with picks and tools in their hands approaching the building. An interesting observation is that the eyes of the individuals seem almost like they are in a trance. This represents the fact that the workers on the building are almost like robots. They are working on the construction of the a building without any realization of what purpose the building is serving symbolically. It is interesting to see that the European Parliament building was designed as a half finished building.

Berlin's Pergamon Museum exhibits ancient treasures such as the Pergamon Altar and Babylon's Ishtar Gate. (known as the gates to hell) The museum's objective is to exhibit major cultures such as those of Egypt, Mesopotamia (Babylon), Greece and Rome Historically the Pergamon Altar (built 2nd century BC) was dedicated to Zeus and the freeze under the altar represents the struggle of gods and giants. It was destroyed during the first century AD, but excavated by German archaeologists in the late 1800's and reconstructed in Berlin. The fact that these archaeological treasures are now restored (and idolised) in Europe could be significant. In Roman times Pergamum (Pergamon) was the centre of the imperial religion, and Christ saw it as the seat of the power of evil i.e. "Satan's throne" (Rev 2.13). This is because the God-given power of the State had been harnessed to the blasphemous worship of man (the emperor), and those not loyal to the State were executed (Rev 2.13).


The Ishtar Gate, one of the eight gates of the inner city of Babylon, was built during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II (604- 562 BC). Only the foundations of the gate were found, going down some 45 feet, with molded, unglazed figures. The gateway has been reconstructed in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin, from the glazed bricks found, so its original height is different in size. Reconstructed height is 47 feet. THE BLACK NOBILITY OF EUROPE The most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland and Greece in that order. Their roots may be traced back to the Venetian oligarchs, who are of Khazar extraction, and married into these royal houses in the early part of the twelfth century. (Following a great Khazar victory over the Arabs, the future Emperor, Constantine V, married a Khazar princess and their son became Emperor Leo IV, also known as "Leo the Khazar". Not all Black Nobility are royal houses, and many of the royal families no longer have kingdoms. According to researcher and author Dr. John Coleman, a "Committee of 300" was established early in the eighteenth century, "although it did not take on its present form until around 1897", (when the China opium trade was legalised) Theodore Herzl organized this Jewish super-organization at the First Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. Its purpose was to manage the political power of Rothschild's huge kingdom which was rapidly absorbing the wealth of the Gentiles and to realize the Talmudic perversion that the "Jews" were the "chosen people" and that God had promised them that they should rule the world (Rothschild Money Trust, George Armstrong, pp.2425). It includes the Queen of Holland, the Queen of Denmark and all the royal families of Europe, or Black Nobility. It's head today is Queen Elizabeth II. The Black Nobility belong to the "Committee of 300" that controls the UN. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has the power to veto the Vatican's choice of any pope it selects.

The Prince has veto power because his family, the Habsburgs, are descended directly from the last Roman emperor. (The Habsburg Frederick III was the last emperor to be crowned in Rome; his great-grandson Charles V was the last to be crowned by a pope). This is the civil equivalent of the Pope's claimed "apostolic succession" from Saint Peter. Prince Bernhard is leader of the Black Families and he also claims descent from the House of David through the Merovingian dynasty, a claim that was acknowledged to be valid by the Carolingian dynasty that supplanted them, by other monarchs and by the Roman Church of that time. Prince Bernhard's House of Orange had its origins in France. The Habsburgs are related through marriage with the Merovingians, who are said to have descended from the Tribe of Benjamin who went into exile following war with the other eleven Tribes -- see Judges chapter 21. Exile took them to Arcadia in the central Peloponnese, Greece. Here they aligned with the Arcadian royal line and towards the advent of the Christian era, migrated up the Danube and Rhine, through marriage engendering the Sicambrian Franks -- the immediate forebears of the Merovingians, who were ultimately of Semitic or Israelite origin, and descendants of King Saul."


Question: Does you believe that President Obama Question: Does any of your Question: Any material is the Antichrist as your website talks about the upcoming reports cover Eugenics on the Muslim Antichrist? Antichrist Identity and implicates Obama? and population control? Answer: Part 4 of the Answer: Mel Sanger and his research team does Answer: Yes, the November Volume Antichrist Identity Series not believe that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. 1 edition will focus on Eugenics and strongly addresses this incorrect view of the We implicate Obama in that his background and understanding the Club of Rome’s his policies are such that he is being used by the desire to reduce the world population endtimes and provides global elite to initiate changes on a local and global through a number of controlled significant clarity on the level that are contributing to the emergence of one methods. origins of the Antichrist. world government. This is why we use the term “Apostle of the New World Order”. Just as the Question: Why Does Your Research support this Antichrist Myth “Apostle Paul” is a separate to “Jesus Christ” so is that was created by the Roman Catholic Church to detract the term “Apostle of the New World Order” sepa- attention from the fact that the papacy is the Man of Sin? rate to the term “Antichrist” Answer: If you read the Antichrist Identity Part I we provide Question: My cousin is a Christadelphian and they sufficient evidence that the Early Church Fathers believed that the Antichrist was a political individual that would arise out of the teach a lot about the end times. Are their views debris of the Roman Empire. This was long before papal Rome reliable? existed so one could not accuse them of being biased. To suggest Answer: The Christadelphians view of the end the personal antichrist theory was created during the middle ages times is resourceful in terms of the insights they is to deny what was taught by the early church fathers during the provide regarding the Vatican pursuing the revival initial several hundred years of the early church. Revelation 17 of a Holy Roman Empire. However there are some also suggests that ecclesiastical Babylon is a separate entity from issues with their eschatology. Namely that they the beast (whether you believe the beast is an individual or a believe that Russia is the Antichrist and that political entity). We suggest you read Hislop’s “Two Babylon” or Russia will drag all of Europe (except Britain and Dave Hunts “A Woman Rides the Beast” which proves the identity possibly) into a mighty war with Israel to fulfil of the woman in Revelation 17. Ezekiel 38. However if you study Ezekiel 38 the war against Israel whilst involving Russia is for the Question: Who really controls the world as its confusing. Some majority a Holy Jihad or a Muslim war against people say the Bilderbergers, others the Jesuits, some the Israel. There is no evidence in scripture to prove Freemasons and others the illuminati. Any ideas? that the likes of France, Sweden, Holland, Italy etc would join with Russia to war against Israel. Answer: The global elite is a complex matrix which permeates and interacts with all of these specific groups and more. Some of the groups are homogenous such as the freemasonry which infilitrates all aspects of society, whereas others have specific Answer: We believe that a correct understanding areas of focus such as the Club of Rome whose remit is on the of Daniels 70 weeks could only truly lead to recognising that the times of the Gentiles are a gap efficient preservation of the worlds resources to better sustain mankind. Ultimately all groups lead back to the illuminati which between the 69th week and 70th week of Daniels vision in Daniel 9. This this implies that before the gained significance after its alliance with the highest Masonic 70th week begins that born again Christians will be lodges during over 200 years ago. removed. Question: Could you clarify your position that the founding fathers of America were freemasons when we have been taught that Question: How will World War III Start? many of them were Bible Believing Christians hence the reason our constitution talks about freedom and liberty under God? Answer: This is an area which is speculative and it also depends on whether you are making Answer: Many of the early pilgrim fathers were Christians but reference to Ezekiel 38 or Daniel 11:40-44 as we many of them were influenced to join freemasonry without fully see them as separate wars yet to come. However understanding the true agenda of the Masonic lodges. The we believe the initial war of Ezekiel 38 will be symbology on the back of the American Dollar is evidence of the linked to the dispute over the Temple Mount and Masonic connection to the birth of the United States in 1776. the Dome of the Rock, Islam’s third holiest 19 Question: Are you guys rapture supporters?

Translated and published in more than 100 countries, Worldwide Evil and Misery: The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines guides us along a deep hidden trail of the actual history of the world, which only a few people know of. This publication is a very unique book, and reading it will undoubtedly change the way you look at both history and the world today. In this book the author demonstrates how "International Monopolists", operating under the guise of global politics, have been trying for decades to destroy the existing "World Order" in order to create a dictatorial "New World Order"; a global design for a One World Government, One World Dictator and its constituents. In 350 pages and 47 Chapters, de Ruiter surveys the New World Order, some parts in groundbreaking detail. He exposes the facts behind the death of Slobodan Milosevic, the 9-11 attacks (the topic of a separate book by de Ruiter), the Freemasons, the education system, descendants of Judah, the Satanic bloodlines, their Satanic rituals, the Mormon Empire, the Jehovah Witnesses, the music industry and the "Great White Brotherhood." In the following, I'll present a sample of some of the provocative information available in this volume: + The Antichrist will choose Jerusalem as the capital of his global empire. European Jews had no interest in moving to Israel. Therefore Nazism was created partly to establish Israel. There was formal collaboration between Nazis and Zionists. The Nazis allowed German Jews to transfer their money (and even the value of their homes and factories) to Palestine in the form of German industrial products. Thus, indirectly, the Nazis built Israel's industrial infrastructure. The Zionists were allowed a large network of training camps in Germany. The Zionists were not interested in elderly Jews or young children. De Ruiter claims that they blew up the ship "Patria" in Haifa harbor in 1940 killing 260 people, not because the British wouldn't let them in but because the passengers were undesirable as settlers. (p.196) + In his early days in Vienna, Hitler was not anti-Semitic and his friends were mostly Jews. His Jewish friend Reinhold Hanisch wrote, "Hitler at that time looked very Jewish, so that I often joked with him that he must be of Jewish blood, since such a large beard rarely grows on a Christian's chin." De Ruiter supports the view that Hitler's grandfather was a Rothschild, who financially supported his grandmother. (p.174) +The Nazis were largely funded by Illuminati Jewish multinationals like I.G. Farben, German General Electric and German American Petroleum. The Jewish bankers Warburgs transferred 128 million Deutschmarks to Hitler (roughly $30 million.) The Rothschild-run Bank of England handed Hitler Czech assets worth six million pounds. The Rothschild's Royal Dutch Shell, run by Jews, Peter Montefiore Samuel and Robert Waley-Cohen gave Hitler 50 million Deutschmarks. (p. 180) + Like Israel, Nazi Germany and the USSR, the United States is an Illuminati creation. "The Illuminati use the US as a springboard for their world leadership to subject other countries and to eliminate the remaining heads of state." (p.33) + The Illuminati operate under many guises. De Ruiter quotes The Instructions of the Order: "It is important that the objectives are realized; the mask that is used is not important as long as there is a mask." Communism, Zionism, Nazism, Feminism, and apparently even Americanism can be seen in these terms. The key for us is to separate valid ideals from the hidden agenda which they mask. CONCLUSION Robin de Ruiter writes: "We are dealing with an incredibly powerful conspiracy that controls all areas of our lives to a near perfection." (38) The genius of this conspiracy is that most people are unaware of it. They simply act out of a combination of indoctrination (education), propaganda and perceived self interest. As conditions continue to deteriorate, more people will demand the truth and turn to books like Robin de Ruiter's "Worldwide Evil and Misery" for insight. by Henry Makow Ph.D.

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