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By: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt c/o The Weaver's, 830 North 14th Street, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273

JULY 20, 1987 report begun in Camden, N.J.



This is a diary report of events and Holy Spirit insights covering the period from June 5th when we began this SEALING TRIP-FOUNDATIONS WORK up to this point in time, July 20, 1987. From the time we left California, moving Eastwards thru Arizona, New Mexico, to Texas and beyond we entered an area of very high temperatures. It was 109째 as we entered Arizona with high humidity, after exposure to this heat for 8 hours driving time, both Nancy-TONI and I suffered from heat prostration, and a week later Nancy fell ill whereby the Lords Angel had us stop, seek medical help, and rest for two days before going on. As I'd learned since 1983, just as cold is intensified by wind velocity(called WIND CHILL FACTOR), heat is also intensified in an unairconditioned car(as we have), and daily exposure to such heat simply overcomes the physical body. But in Batesville, Arkansas, Steve-JOEL Jones offered to exchange his air-conditioned Chevy car for our Honda wagon. Tho two other Christians offered us their auto's, Jesus led us to decline the offers until we reached Batesville. On June 17th, when we were first offered a van(air-conditioned),we had a "no witness" to accept it. Wondering we asked Jesus why on June 17th, and Jesus replied: "BY TAKING THE VAN, YOU WOULD BE MORE OPEN TO ATTACK THRU CAR FAILURE. I WOULD HAVE HAD AND DID CALL MY CHURCH TO PROVIDE A NEW CAR AND THEY 0ID NOT RESPOND. A FEW MADE SACRIFICES IN FUNDS AND OFFERED ON ALTERNATIVE VEHICLE: BUT THIS IS NOT MY WILL. MY WILL WAs-IS THAT YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A NEW ONE BEFORE THE TRIP. THE BODY WOULD NOT PROVIDE." After a few days in the intense heat, heat sickness became a daily experience, headaches, i rritation, sick stomachs, dizziness. It came to mind that I had authority to change the weather however to - do so would trigger massive storms over America and would kill many. It also came to mind that if I prayed in a North Wind to break the heat wave, it would also create a premature opening for Satan to begin judgments sooner. We would not do that.



JULY 20, 1987

THE REAL SEALING TRIP REPORT (contd) We came to understand by Jesus Word that the disobedience of His Body created a situation where JUDGMENTS were desired therefore empowered to make any move to introduce MERCY at a cost --longsuffering. The only way to overcome JUDGMENT in favor of MERCY was by "Long Suffering", and the only way to endure suffering was by JESUS LOVE. JESUS LOVE would save life, thus the prophetic authority I had was not to be used to change the weather(which would lead to storms that would kill and destroy). Over the years I have seen many Christians cease supporting this work of Intercession, and cease praying always justifying their actions because they 'suffered abuse' or suffered loss'. I understood why so many have turned away from prayer for mercy because I had been brought to the same 'decision point' many times before; and now I was there again. The decision to go on, endure the heat and troubles, to knowingly embrace that suffering was made by Jesus Love for others. Taking up ones cross and following after Jesus will always come at a cost. NO ROOM AT THE INN This REAL SEALING is a foundational work to preparing for JESUS RETURN; yet in one city of millions, only one person received the REAL SEALING. We drove thru towns and cities of millions of souls readily aware that the vast majority of Christians had no opportunity to receive the Sealing and that if many did, most would utterly reject it. Even among the many that receive the Sealing in 1982, less than ONE THIRD of these were receiving it again

five(S) years later. We pondered wondering 'why?' is it this way??? The Sealing at the heart of it is Gods Grace and Love thru Jesus Christ extended to all men freely. Then in the desert heat of Arizona and New Mexico this June 1987, came a simple Holy Spirit Insight -- there is NO ROOM AT THE INN. When Jesus came the first time, there was no room at the Inn or anywhere else in Bethlehem except a cattle stable. I remembered how back this February 1987 when Jesus sent us to Astoria Oregon - when we arrived there was no room in any Inn in this town. We saw then that the Lord was revealing some 'theme' but we had no idea of how it applied specifically. Now the Spirit of God moved on us in that intense heat and we simply understood what God was revealing. The HEARTS OF MEN were full up with other things, concerns, fears, doctrines of men -- and there was no room in their hearts for JESUS or JESUS LOVE. At the same time the Holy Spirit led us to read Luke 21 and so I saw JESUS WORD....... "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness, and cares of this life,and so that day comes upon you unaware. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth." Luke 21:34,35 JESUS here spoke of end time judgments-tribulations and I saw simply that the overcharging meant "filled" and the eating and drinking (surfeiting and drunkenness) spoke not of food or drink in the usual sense but of 'ideas, doctrines, cares, concerns' of the mind and heart. So the Holy Spirit showed us that mens hearts were 'filled' and there was NO ROOM for JESUS HIMSELF - thus there was NO ROOM IN NENS HEARTS FOR JESUS CHRIST. Thus the REAL SEALING of JESUS CHRIST in preparation for JESUS SECOND COMING would only be received by a very few among a multitude who profess to believe in Him. The work of SEALING begun in 1982, now moving to completion this 1987 is so little received of men, that the only way it can accomplish anything is that it IS a move of the Spirit of God to prepare for Jesus Second Coming. The effect of this work is a MYSTERY of Gods Spirit, in ways we cannot see except by Faith, it is accomplishing the initiation of laying down of foundations for Jesus Return. This we know. It is NOT a work of man but of God; and for this reason alone it is little received. Yet regardless of what men do or do not do, Gods Will is being done. That there was NO ROOM AT THE INN 2,000 years ago for Jesus First Coming did NOT prevent His Coming, nor will it now 2,00 years later.



JULY 20, 1987

THE BURDENS BASKET As the Lord leads us to minister the REAL SEALING we are first led to have all 'burdens, concerns, needs, wants, desires' written down on paper, put into the 'Burdens Basket" then we join in prayer and lift up the basket to Jesus praying to 'Cast all our cares on Him, and to take up His yoke`. This Jesus showed us to do before we left on this foundations work and Sealing trip. Next Nancy-TONI prays for each person that the 'soulish infirmities' or things that hinder our walk with Jesus be removed. Lastly we extend the REAL SEALING. Today, with the Holy Spirit Insight of "NO ROOM AT THE INN(of our hearts)', it is obvious that Jesus is leading us to give-up to Him our burdens that we in turn may receive more of Jesus Christ and His Love. It is become obvious that what prevents us from entering into a deeper more real living relationship with Jesus are the things that burden us, that FILL up our hearts to where we cannot receive Him or His Loving Help or His Perfect Will for us. This order of things is central to the REAL SEALING and back in 1982 the 'Burdens Basket' and prayer for "Soulish Infirmities" was NOT part of the Sealing then --it is today. Why? Over the years Jesus made it clear that this work He sent me to do, would NOT be completed apart from ( Nancy-TONI). Nancy-TONI was not present in 1982 except by "Spirit", today she is present in body and Spirit. Thus this work can move to completion. The "Burdens Basket" in itself brings to our attention that there are many things that take our focus away from JESUS. There are many things that fill our hearts, have our focus, that can fill us up to the point to where there is NO ROOM IN US for JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. JESUS CHRIST SECOND COMING In the years I was a closet intercessor()969 to 1976) Jesus showed me thru the Bible how that men 2,000 years ago had a 'view of how He would come' based on the Bible; but that when He DID COME, these learned men, Priests and scholars, had NO capacity to recognize Him tho it was evident and obvious who He was, the Messiah, the Living Son of God. Why? Mens hearts were filled up! Owing to mans fallen nature, owing to the truth of the Bible, no man can have more than a PARTIAL UNDERSTANDING of Gods Word. Thus we NEED be led by the Spirit of God, live by Faith and Trust in Christ to show us the way we ought go. But again, the men of that time 2,000 years ago had their focus on what they understood -also on what they wanted -- their hearts were filled up, there was NO ROOM IN THEIR HEARTS for the Messiah Jesus Christ, thus they could NOT receive Him and could only reject Him. When Jesus drew me out of my prayer closet in 1976 and brought me into the Church's it was obvious to me after a time that men were no different today than they were 2,000 years ago. I heard and read of how Jesus would come again as men taught, they quoted the Bible but inwardly I KNEW that what they understood was only PARTIAL, thus faulted. After a time I came to realize that JESUS SECOND COMING would be like JESUS FIRST COMING. Thus when JESUS COMES AGAIN men would not recognize it, they would be blinded by their over focus on what they understand(which is partial-imperfect). And just as with Jesus First Coming, now in Jesus Second Coming, the scriptures would be fulfilled right before their eyes and they would do no less than was done 2,000 years before --reject and hate Him, seeking to kill Him all over again. The very ones who would seek to resist Jesus Second Coming are the very ones who make up the bulk of the Church leadership today. When back in 1985 Jesus plainly told me that the 95% of Church leaders who rejected Him preferred Satan as Messiah over Him -- I understood that these preferred 'mans ways' over and against Gods Ways.



JULY 20, 1987

JESUS CHRIST SECOND COMING (continued) If you were to ask --'then how shall Jesus Return?' The answer is simple •-- Jesus will return in His children, He will come in our flesh. Christ Jesus will manifest in the

flesh of His children -- this is the 'manchild company' the Bible speaks of. As I ` ve shared this from place to place, some have raised objections, quoted other verses in the Bible thinking they had the full understanding as men teach. Again, we saw that mans teachings fill us up to where we cannot see what God would reveal. But hearing the scripture the Lord gave me to see and explain -- the brother quoted Acts 1:11 saying Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven," Acts 1:11 So the conclusion in mens understanding is that Jesus will return in the clouds - a literal Being taught so, we fix our focus to that view, we seize application of the scriptures. upon it as being "Faith" to believe it so thus now unable to see anything more. In the Bible there is a scripture that speaks of the 'CLOUD of witnesses" meaning 'The Saints" or believers in Jesus Christ. In my years as a closet intercessor, taught by Jesus and no man - Jesus taught me to see things in simple terms I could grasp. Long before my understanding was blurred by mans teachings, Jesus showed me many simple things. One was that CLOUD means Saints and Saints means "Gods children". Thus Jesus Coming again in the CLOUDS can mean 'Coming IN His people'. Acts 1:11 is by itself out of context -verse 4 says "And, being assembled together with THEM" clearly states that JESUS was among His people --JESUS was then taken UP from AMONG THEM and TWO MEN IN WHITE APPAREL(verse 10) speak saying (verse 11 in full) "...Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up FROM YOU into heaven, shall so come in LIKE MANNER as ye have seen him go into heaven." From what Jesus showed me, against what men understand, I see a sharp difference. Men today are still LOOKING UP INTO HEAVEN expecting Jesus to return as men say He will. 2,000 years ago we were told to NOT DO THAT. Jesus return in LIKE MANNER is a statement saying "LIKE THIS BUT NOT EXACTLY". Examine it carefully with an OPEN HEART, not a CLOSED HEART. If Jesus is clearly taken FROM US then will His Return not be most obviously connected to RETURNING AMONG US!?! for contrast, look at John 21:22 here Jesus said to Peter "IF I WILL THAT HE TARRY TILL I COME, WHAT IS THAT TO THEE? FOLLOW THOU ME." Following this it was said that this disciple would not die--but Jesus didn't say that. I The problem is this -- we have in view Spiritual Truths, and we ever err to make Carnal applications of these apart from the revelation of the Spirit of God as to their true meaning. What I say here is basic. Tho the two men dressed in white apparel (Two Witnesses) clearly say 'DO NOT LOOK SKYWARD FOR JESUS RETURN", yet 2,000 years later thats exactly what we are doing. Yet if we look HEAVENWARD for Jesus Return, we do better; for Jesus taught us that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN US. Yet for those who have filled their hearts up with mans teachings, these will reject this in favor of what men think. Only those of humble hearts, those truly loving Jesus and desiring His Truth and Leading will begin to receive of Him, Jesus Christ. One of the easiest ways we can see how mens teachings blind us, can be shared by looking at Ezekiel chapter 38. In my years of closet intercession where Jesus taught me daily, He showed me simply that the NORTH AMERICA's were the 'land of unwalled villages'(verse 11).




JULY 25 prrig{i e

In fact Ezekiel 38 speaks of TWO(2) Israels --Old Israel(called Israeli), and North America which was called the "New Israel" up until WW I. Yet one Church system teacher, Pastor, Evangelist after another says that Old Israel(Israeli) IS the land of UNWALLED Villages --

yet anyone who knows anything KNOWS that Old Israel is filled with WALLED VILLAGES. The Church system brings such strong focus in their teachings to what they called 'truths' that Gods people cannot see and evident and even obvious truth --Old Israel is NOT a land of UNWalled villages. This in part is why mens hearts are so filled up that they cannot receiv( Christ Jesus or His Truth. Is it possible that most of the present day church leaders will totally miss Jesus Second Coming? That they will be looking skyward when He walks in their midst? It is not only possible; but I perceive that it will happen just this way, just as it did 2,000 years ago. When the two men in white apparel (the two witnesses of Jesus will return IN LIKE MANNER as ye have seen him g, the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:10 when Paul wrote "HE ascended...For the PERFECTING of the saints, ..Till we and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a PERFECT of the fulness of Christ" (Ephesians 4:10,12,13)

Revelation 11) of Acts 1:10,11 say into heaven is enlarged upon by that descended is the same also that ALL come in the unity of the faith, MAN, unto the measure of the stature

Thus the two men in white apparel saying that Jesus will return in like manner is enlarged on by Paul, clarified into not only ASCENDING but also DESCENDING --which means that JESUS will come again DESCENDING AND ASCENDING both. JESUS Himself tells us in scripture that it is the Perfect Will of God that WE do the SAME THINGS He did, even greater things. Norma}ly we think only in terms of healing, and the miracles Jesus performed but we make too narrow an application of His Word, we miss again the obvious. JESUS is saying HE wants us to do ALL HE DID, that includes the birthing: BIRTHING?!! How can we do that? You may ask this, wonder this --so did Nicodemus(John 3:3)! What I write to you is by Gods Commission, taught me by the Lord Jesus and by no man. Yet

it is evident truth in the Bible. Look now at Luke chapter 1 verse 35. Here the Archangel Gabriel tells Mary "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee; therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." Now look at what JESUS said just before he ASCENDED into heaven at the end of the book of Luke, chapter 24, verse 49 "..AND BEHOLD, I SEND THE PROMISE OF MY FATHER UPON YOU(Holy Ghost): BUT TARRY YE IN THE CITY OF JERUSALEM UNTIL YE BE ENDUED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH." What Archangel Gabriel told Mary is in fact LIKE MANNER to what JESUS tells all of us; and in any consideration, what Gabriel told Mary and what Jesus told us --is identical. And what Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3 is likewise identical to what He told us before He ascended into heaven(Luke 24). In 1983 JESUS plainly told me that what men in the church system call 'Born Again" is in fact 'CONCEPTION" and that birthing follows but has not happened. When we believe on Jesus Name or Receive Him, we receive POWER TO BECOME SONS OF GOD. With that POWER we can birth or be 'born again' but mens doctrines teach us to look OUTWARDLY when Gods Word tells us to look INWARDLY. For this cause, we have NOT birthed in the last 2,000 years. We are the children of God but prevented by men and their teachings from becoming Sons of God thru Christ. The birthing or born again' Jesus speaks of is SPIRITUAL for men to do, only possible to God to do thru Christ in lovingly yield to the Spirit of God, truly Trust Jesus to say "Let it be done unto me according to Thy Will". This is a foundational work to Jesus Second Coming . It began being SET & ESTABLISHED BY GOD.

not PHYSICAL. It is not possible is as we do as Mary did, truly, do in us what we cannot do and REAL SEALING OF THE LIVING GOD 5 years ago and now moves to



JULY 25, 1987

JUNE 30, 1987 BATESVILLE, ARK PROPHESY In the time Steve-JOEL Jones, Nancy-TONI and I met, the Holy Spirit prevailed on us to

remember, then consider and decide to DOUBLE & SET the prophetic work done in 1980. In 1980 Jesus asked us then(myself and Randy) to make a decision. Jesus made plain that the judgments He revealed would come at the 'APPOINTED TIME', suddenly and full blast JESUS also made it plain that the church was not, would not respond in prayer to His call, and extended to us the opportunity of bringing in a pre-judgment BEFORE the APPOINTED TIME. Such a pre-judgment tho destructive would jog many of Gods people awake from their unbelief and to turn to Jesus. In 1980 we decided, after much prayer, soul searching and agonizing that a pre-judgment before the appointed time would introduce the hope of greater mercy and l essening of judgments. We then(in 1980) prayed, prophecied in the Chicago-St Louis quake to come September 19th of 1980 and the warning tremor 13 days before it --thus establishing in Christ authority that the MAJOR QUAKE(6.7 Richter in Chicago) would come September 19th and before the GREAT QUAKE a following July 5th. Tho we had ideas as to when the 'appointed time' for the GREAT QUAKE would come, what we did KNOW then in 1980 was that we were setting the MAJOR QUAKE for a September 19th prior to the GREAT QUAKE to come a following July 5th. Now this June 1987, seven years later, Steve-JOEL, Nancy-TONI and I were led to re-consider the same question, the same decision as made in 1980. We would now either SET & ESTABLISH the decision of 1980 or not. We pondered this for 3 days and on June 30th 1987 in the city of Batesville, Arkansas, we prophetically agreed with the decision and prophesy of 1980 thereby SETTING & ESTABLISHING the MAJOR QUAKE to come a September 19, 1980. In so doing we also agreed with the prophesy of June 28, 1980 that among a number of things prophecied in the FLAMING SWORD which appeared on April 1981 over the U.S.A. We did so for one reason alongside of the reasons of 1980 --aware that the Beast of antichrist has been given power by the church to execute judgments - we moved this June 30, 1987 to restrict this destroyer to within known times for judgments. It was realized back in 1980 that Satan could bring in the MAJOR QUAKE in Chicago even as late as January -- thus killing more with cold than a quake would kill. If we did not do so, the Beast could, even would,

bring a MAJOR QUAKE at any time it wanted, and if past September -- there would be NO WARNING TREMOR, no warning at all, just sudden death and destruction. I Why agree with September 19, 1980 as the date for the MAJOR QUAKE --is it not past? Obviously i ts past! The point is that 1980, just as 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 were and are PATTERN YEARS -- the PATTERN Events, Revelations, all in those years are PATTERNS to the REAL. The MAJOR QUAKE would appear in the years from 1980 to 1984 in a PATTERN FORM. For example, Mt St Helens erupted March 27, 1980 --knowing that a 5 year judgment pattern was at work we expected to see a volcanic eruption in the continental U.S.A. March 27, 1985. March 27, 1985 Mt Augustine volcano in Alaska suddenly erupted -- that eruption was the next step in the PATTERN EVENT of Mt St Helens in 1980 now moving to REAL JUDGMENTS, terrible explosions of volcanos in U.S.A. Working with known PATTERN HEAT WAVES of past years, 1977 and 1980, we projected to expect a HEAT WAVE to surface this 1987. The HEAT WAVE that has come this 1987 has the same dimensions of the HEAT WAVE of 1980 and 1977, and like those HEAT WAVES of 1977 and 1980 lives are being taken this 1987 as well. So agreeing with, doubling and SETTING the prophesy of 1980 in effect does what Jesus told u! to do, to CONTAIN AND LIMIT the Beasts power to kill and destroy, at this time and for years to come. Uniquely JESUS told us (Steve-JOEL, Nancy-TONI and Chuck-JOHNEL) this June 1987 that the authority we moved in to extend mercy in this way(agreeing with the 1980 prophesy) would be ba

sed on t he number who received the SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD by June 30, 1987.



JULY 25, 1987

JUNE 30, 1987 BATESVILLE, ARK PROPHESY (contd) We checked the record we had, and found that since June 5, 1987 when the REAL SEALING WORK began we had Sealed 77 Christians up to and including June 30, 1987. Thus the authority we had for mercy is 77% -- the identical number and per centage of those who said YES to Jesus of the 100 this January 1987. THE 77 of the 100 (77%) and THE BEAST ANTICHRIST When Jesus led me to ask this January 1987 if I should seek a job or not, Jesus revealed that the first 100 replies would REPRESENT His Body Elect. 77 or 77% said YES to JESUS,

while 23% said NO to Jesus and Yes to the Beast. When the Beast moved to attack thru the GAP "IN THE SPIRIT" this February 5, 1987, we found that we had enough Angels to cover 77% of the GAP areas and realized that the decision of Christ Elect Body this January 1987 was the basis of establishing the defense. As the battle developed in the GAP this February 1987, many of those who had said NO to Jesusrepented and reversed their decision and others replaced some who said NO. The effect was visible in the GAP, as more and more said YES to Jesus, we covered more and more of the area of the GAP up to the 90% mark. It was at the 90% mark that the Beast broke thru in 10% of the areas of the GAP. Now on June 30, 1987 seeing that our prophetic authority to CONTAIN & LIMIT the Beast was again based on the BODY ELECT Decision this January 1987(77%), I realized that the Beast would have to BREAK THRU into national view before we surpassed 90 Sealed. Generally we expected to see some evidence of the Beast man appear nationally from July 7 to July 12, 1987 On Sealing 89 Christians by July 7, 1987, we were required by the Lord to take a 4 day rest break --from July 7 evening to July 12, 1987. On JULY 7, 1987 a man appeared in the national prominence who clearly had the character and personality of the Beast man I'd seen in SPIRIT. Jesus would tell us that the AntiChrist spirit has four(4) men in this nation who could be its vessle, the man we identified was the chosen one of the antiChrist spirit. On reflection we noted the paradox, the Sealing which is Jesus Christ Love extended without condition to all men of Life and Love and Gods Help is hardly known, rejected by many, is

despised and hated by others -- now the Beasts man appears and the nation cleaves to him, even clamors for him, millions responding to him overnite. Those of Gods Elect even are drawn to him but inwardly KNOW something is not right and many we met KNEW this man is the Beast. We remembered Jesus Word =-- "LOOK NOT AT THE MAN BUT AT WHAT THIS NATION PREFERS, SATAN AS SAVIOR OVER ME(Jesus Christ)". Seeing that there are three(3) other men who could be the vessle for the antiChrist spirit we will presently with-hold the name of the man we see, until this issue is cleared up, until its settled. There is more to see, know and discern than is in view at this time. Yet regardless, the Beast-man (at least one of them) is in view and he came into view nation wide July 7th thru July 12, 1987. Having the man's name, I saw immediately that Jesus even back to 1979 had given us his name in hidden ways numerous times. More, in 1981-82 Jesus revealed that the Beast was AROUND THE PRESIDENT--its now evidential that he was. However, until Steve-JOEL has a confirming witness about this man, we will continue to gather insights on this matter, with-holding this name until its time and until he is fully confirmed. Nancy-TONI and I will return Steve's car and arrive again in Batesville August 8, 1987. At this time we will confer on all revelation concerning the Beast-man. Thereafter we will openly share all we know, once its confirmed and once we grasp the heart of what Jesus is saying to us at this time and in years past.



JULY 25, 1987

Its now July 25, 1987, we have a day between stops and time to complete this report. At this time, July 25th, we have covered 10,800 miles since leaving June 5th, having Sealed 1 20 Christians. We are presently in Springfield, Mass and tomorrow go to Hudson, New York. Thereafter we will travel Westwards covering Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, Indiana and Missouri. We will return to Batesville to exchange autos with Steve August 8-9th. Jesus has told us that the INITIAL SEALING will be completed in Chicago and that we are to arrive in Chicago no later than AUGUST 10, 1987 and to leave AUGUST 19, 1987. From August 19 we will cover Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and all states Westward where we have requests for Sealing back to Mt Vernon. We expect to complete the trip August 31st thru September 2nd roughly. In that Jesus specifically told Nancy-TONI on July 18, 1987 "...TELL MY CHILDREN TO READY THEIR HEARTS IN ME FOR THIS GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAST IS NEARLY, NEARLY READY TO BEGIN EMERGING WITH POWER TO INFLUENCE MEN AND BLIND THEM FROM THE TRUTH. THE INITIAL PHASE OF SEALING IS COMPLETED IN THE FIRST FIVE(5) DAYS AFTER YOU RETURN TO CHICAGO. THE WORK OF SEALING WILL CONTINUE IN MANY WAYS EVENTUALLY REACHING MULTITUDES OF MY PEOPLE. I HAVE RESTRICTED THE SEALING TO THE U.S. AND CANADA. THEREAFTER

IN MY TIME YOU WILL EXTEND IT TO OTHER NATIONS. ABIDE IN ME." Thus the Holy Spirit restraints on the Beast will lift August 14-15, 1987. We realized a few weeks into the Sealing trip that the Lord was largely holding the Beast back while we Sealed. REMEMBERING JESUS VISION JANUARY 1987 This January 1987, in a vision showing events in rapid time, Jesus revealed: 1. I'd go to join Nancy-TONI in Mt Vernon. Fulfilled February 5-13, 1987. 2. We would marry, wait a time. Fulfilled February 28-June 4, 1987. 3. We would cover U.S.A. & Canada extending the SEALING. Begun June 5th, completion by August 15th-September 1987. 4. I'd return to Chicago to move ministry records to Mt Vernon. (to be fulfilled) 5. We would be sent out over USA in a prophetic work to extend mercy in judgments. ( to be) 6. Immediately after returning from prophetic mission, the accidental nuclear exchange would happen. So far, it continues to appear that we will go out this 1987 on the prophetic mission but the January 1987 vision presented no real 'time-frame'. It would take Jesus Intervention again(as with this Sealing trip) for that to happen. So for us its a 'watch, wait and pray' situation. When its time(if its this year), it will be evident, the Lord will provide. WHY A SECOND SEALING TRIP ??? A number ask `why'? For one, in Genesis 41:32 Gods Law is simple, for a thing to be SET & + ESTABLISHED BY GOD, whereby He will bring it to pass(Laying Down Foundations for Jesus Return) a thing must be DOUBLED TWICE. Back in 1982 Jesus said " I WILL RETURN IN 5 YEARS, 7 YEARS, TO SEE IF THERE IS AN INCREASE." The SEALING began from Chicago March 17, 1982, this SEALING began June 5, 1987 five years later. We understand this, that for those who were Sealed in 1982, being sealed again this 1987 is CONFIRMATION that these have stood in Faith in Jesus Word and Promise. Less than one third of those who were Sealed in 1982 are receiving the confirmation this 1987. another insight is that for this sealing work to be set and established by God, it would hay to be DOUBLED TWICE as we now do. Many received the promise of God in 1982 by Faith, only a few have stood by Faith(their Faith increased) to receive confirmation 5 years later, this 1987. Thats the best way we can explain it now. There is more here, for this Sealing is



JULY 25, 1987

WHY A SECOND SEALING TRIP ??? (continued) It is directly connected and foundational to Laying Down Foundations for Jesus Return. a move of the Spirit of God, it is best received by Faith in Jesus; for lastly it will be accomplished by the Spirit of God, not man. The Sealing is also an outward sign of an inward commitment to Jesus Christ, where we place and put our Faith in Jesus Christ to do in us what we cannot do of ourselve s. JESUS WORD OF JANUARY 1982 I WILL RETURN IN FIVE YEARS(SEVEN YEARS) TO SEE IF THER E IS AN I NCREASE" One question raised by a brother in the Lord was "Why do you work on timings for judgment when Jesus years ago told you to drop efforts to work on resolving timing?" Some years ago(1983 as I recall) Jesus did tell me to drop efforts to understand the timing of judgments. For a time I did just that. But then Jesus led me again to re-new the work on timing. Why? Jesus told me to keep up with current events but all along told me that WITHOUT MY GODLY PARTNER(who is Nancy-TONI) I could not COMPLETE the work on timing for judgments. By myself since 1979, I was able to grasp how judgments timing worked up to a point, then I hit a brick wall, I could NOT complete the understanding. Jesus in 1983 told me to cease trying to complete the timing work, but He did NOT tell me to cease doing what I could do alone. It was on Jesus direct Word in 1977 thru 1979 that I began working to grasp the timing of judgments. It was not popular with my brethren in Christ. The whole process was made even more painful for me when Jesus repeatedly told me that I could not complete the work on

timing apart from my Godly partner and yet at the same time led me to do what I could do. In 1983 1 was determined to complete the work alone, so when Jesus told me to drop timing in 1983, He meant do NOT try and resolve it by yourself'. I understood what He meant but apparently others misunderstood. In that Nancy-TONI is the Godly partner Jesus spoke to me of all along, its now possible to complete an understanding of Gods timing for judgments. I've found that with Nancy-TONI's insights, things that were mystery before are now easy to grasp-understand. Yet its still a 'work' , only now its possible when before in years past it was impossible. APPOINTED TIME. For years since 1977, Jesus spoke of the judgments He revealed were coming

--that they would come at the APPOINTED TIME. Tho I came to understand much of the complexity of Gods Judgments and Gods Timing, the APPOINTED TIME remained a mystery. But with Nancy-TONI it came into view and just recently. When this brother asked the question of why I worked on timing, I realized that Nancy-TONI herself came at Gods APPOINTED TIME, and therefore the judgments would follow a parallel to Nancy-TONI. Seeing this just yesterday, I was awed at how easy it was, when for ten years it was a mystery hidden in a mystery --but with Nancy TONI plain and easy to see.. .exactly as Jesus said back years ago. Back in January 1982 JESUS spoke of a 5 year period and a 7 year period. Now up until just recently judgments that did come, were understood(rightly) to be only patterns or vague shadows of what would repeat later. This I came to understand and did see since 1979 as the Lord gave me to see it this way. For example, the full page ad "THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE" appeared April 25, 1982, and it was discerned as a heralding of the coming Beast of antiChrist. But that 1982 newspaper ad was only a PATTERN, another would come, the REAL at some later date(APPOINTED TIME). Jesus in mid 1986 told Nancy-TONI THE BEAST WILL BE EARLY" --we did not rightly know what Jesus meant by this.


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JULY 25, 1987

JESUS WORD OF JANUARY 1982 --the 5 Years and 7 Years Later (continued) The PATTERN Beasts newspaper ad came April 1982 -- the REAL Beasts newspaper ad came in January 1987. The REAL came FIVE(5) years later but EARLY, in January not April -- it was 3 months early but in the 5 year time category. Just as the Beast-man G. Hart was a PATTERN in 1982, and the SEALING of 1982(tho REAL) came in a PATTERN TIME, also Toni T. my Godly prophetic partner was also a PATTERN (who I first met and recognized in October 13, 1978, who joined the ministry October 18, 1980. Here is where we see the APPOINTED TIME for my Godly partner to show up, to join me, as God revealed. Discerned Partner PATTERN TIME

October 13, 1978 + 7 Years


Partner joins me in Ministry (Toni T.)


= October 13, T985

October 18, 1980 + 5 Years


= October

(Toni T.)

+5 •F9 5


Plus 1 Year, 4 Months 'APPOINTED TIME = February 13, 1987 (date Jesus brings me to Nancy-TONI in Mt Vernon)

Since 1985 we have had the 5 year time count in view and have readily proved able to pin point repeat events from 5 years earlier. However the 7 year time count, the additional 1 year to 1 year-4 month time count is just being applied at this time. Also a 10 year time count ( 5 years doubled) is in view and being worked with. Directly below are a few examples of how it works, and we speak of the Timing of Gods Judgments and APPOINTED TIMES. Volcanic Eruptio n Prophetic Work 1980 Mt St Helens March 27, 1980 +5 Years Mt Augustine March 27, 1985

Beast Newspaper Ad

PATTERN Sept 19, 1980 April, 1982 Full page ad +5 Year s +5 Years Mexico Qke 9-19, 1985 January1987 Full page ad

In each of the above examples, the pattern events or prophetic work repeated exactly 5 years later excepting the Beasts full page ad which was 'early as Jesus told Nancy-TONI it would be. The powerful 7.1 Richter quake that devestated Mexico City Sept 19, 1985 would have struck CHICAGO except that Nancy-TONI prophetically extended USA a years mercy in 1985. Satan took an alternative target(Mexico), something we have seen happen when the destroyer is prevented from its primary target(Chicago in this case). Likewise the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl Russia April 25, 1986 was a secondary "North" target, as we prophetically

stopped Lucifer from striking Chicago with that nuclear disaster in 1986. Sept 7, 1982 Vision of the Chicago wa rning tremor

Evacuation Chicago aPATTERFI Event September, 1981 fS Years September, 1986

The two projections to the left project and reveal 'potential'. SEPT 7, 1982 In that Nancy-TONI entering the +5 Years ministry in 1985 extended the SEPT U.S.A. MERCY for a year, ending in July-October, 1986. As a result, the Chicago MAJOR QUAKE would be prevented in 1986, thus the 'evacuation' was not necessary in 1986. Whereas the vision of the warning tremor seen in Sept 7, 1982 can happen 5 years later, this September 7, 1987. This WARNING TREMOR is the single most important evidence that the 6.7 Richter quake will happen 13 days later. The whole work of timing as purposed by Jesus is to (1) Reveal times when prayer is needed and over what co nce rns, (2) to enable us to accurately warn Gods people for mercy's sake.

The Real Sealing Report Number 2  

report begun in Camden, N.J. This is a diary report of events and Holy Spirit insights covering the period from June 5th when we began this...

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