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THE NET OF PRAYER LOVE FAITH HOPE OCTOBER 5, 1994 -- ISSUE #00036 Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt, Editor

Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt

116 Heritage Place, Apt# 107 PURLINGTON, WA. 98233

"(JESUS) LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP, AND LET DOWN YOUR NETS FOR A DRAUGHT.. .And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners.. .and they came, and filled both ships..."(LUKE 5:5,6,7)




By: Ghuck—J4HNEL Somawhere in California, in an Armenian Christian Church, waits a sealed letter (represented only in the sketch above), one to be opened when" the Lord God sends His Prophet to have it opened. The subject of this article is that letter and the revelations of God given -Js in 1981 matched with current events appearing some 13 years later. I do not write this to scarp you, nor have I written reports as in the past newsletter$ to frighten you: rather to INFORM and PREPARE YOU. Not knowing is far more dangerous than L iowing - knowing and rejecting His Word is even more dangerous:


= vast majority of the Armenian Christians living in the former Ottoman Empire (present its called Turkey) , from the 1850's through to 19]5, rejected God's Word given by Hi. s


Prophets -- and they were utterly destroyed, only a broken tenth survived. (this article is continued on Page 4)



A LETTER FR0M C 0 D, by: Chuck- j0i-EL

(Cvntiriued from the

S E P'

25, ' 1994 e)

IN 'ITS YEAR 1977 Afterhaving produced and sent Out in excess of 4,000 cassette C g _ Gods Word and warning of coming by the Pnd of 1977, America, who shared with us the works of other heard prophets. Although l iinwardly knew by he ristjans God that other prophets had preceeded Spirit

been me, and that generation since ]esus Christ Ascended P r°Pts at work v" emery i heard reports in abundance from Now we ndividual Christians whonknewpof past1prophets.that

It was in 1977 that we first heard of the Armenian prophets who forewarned God's children in Armenia, who were also largely rejected. I was made aware that those rejected God's Word (unbelief/ rebellion) all perished, as a oonse Armenian Christians ef and/or lack of knowledge, u of their unb?li£ However, it need be pointed out that in 1977, these past prophetic works were not our focus; rather they were interesting but not central to the work God had given us.

IN 'IiE YEAR 1981 In yearly 1981 1 had a vis ion-revelation insight into something Ill b by Satan for the -nanati (Satans kingdom on earth) that frankly stunned g Pprayed about months, discussed it with the ministry pro p so hets, did some s earch(Chica (Chicago work into the Armenian Armenian prophets. genocide and dug nut the information sent to us back in 1 977 abut t he

1AM^RICA ppAjjjjj" - ( o/A) Marc 1 1981 Newsletterheadlines. TI


this newsletter 1 laid dowr y

some groundworFk, sharing what research into the Armenian genocide matched with reports sent T had learned from the library ristians the about the wor of Jesus prophets in Armenia. What I emerged with was a chilling Christians icturP eces by picture g of unbelief and rejection of God's Word iven by His sonae hope l g it and encouraging ng story about those few who was also a hopeful pr°Ph°-ts. ore, did believe and acted by faith in God's Word. T1IE SPIRIT HI STORY: In Arrp-nia in the year 1855, a boy a no aw e ge o g e ography), received a powerful vis prophet (who could not read, who g showed him a comi a disaster in Armenia, where ion-revelation from Jesus sus Christ. would woul the whole Christian Armenian population exterminated by the d be Islamic population (the Turks of the Ottoman Empire). showed His boy y prophet hostile Jew: m it was necessary. So the a picture of where His pE ,ple were to flee to, when He told an outline of California in the boy prophet ophet drew a sketch of what Iesus showed him, (drawing he t (by Chen a fu Pra P ll o owo Unit_d States of America). In later years Psus gave t man) , instructions that were written down and placed ^inbany envelope and sealed. These i nstructions were to be carried with those who believed God's Word and who moved to America. Armenian Christians ^' t


FROM CLOD: God's ins tructions placed in this seal - ^4rnm°_nian nri shoes who can. _danifir , gave details of ^hArp to America were Sto move next, "if" what happened in Arrr nia was going to )reggae in America. Jesus would Californi prop et to that ArmenianChurch in apossessing this sealed penvelope, w Cfld C alifornians. Then the ho would open it and announce God's moving like eP Arnnian Christians in California were to move again , to escape a nocide as would happen in Armenia.

SPMUJAL 1855 and on the azr^in^ by HisHISTORY f contirnpd : From th_ Lord's Word / Vision and revelation y-prop et was re" p cted by the but they believed Goo's Word and Warning, majority of Armenian Christians. Some abe g, 1900 (or a three year were a minority. 'Then from (approximately) y_ p period) two prophets a 1897 peared in Armenia who came from the w




G 0 D, by : Ch ck_Jf^-i __ c t


^iri^:rnrt[ G7, 1.994 ti


NIAIAME JcA PARALLEL' '—contjrupd Caucasus's. Th ese two Prophets of Jesus went up and down coming slaughter, just as the boy-prophet had been shown Armenia warning God's people of a His Prophets were mocked, rejected, cursed and pelted with this by Jesus many years earlier. stones. Interestingly, in 1896 some 80,000 Armenians re slaughtered by the Ottoman Moslems. It had quieted down since then, and so these prophets were not welcome -- people wanted to forget what happened, they didn't want to stir up the Moslems. Perhaps the 80,000 Armenians who were slaughtered in 1896 by the Moslems were a "fringe Christian group" like the Branch Davidi.ans of Waco Texas.

In 1915, the boy-prophet who first received God's warning Word in 1855 (now an old man). received Jesus Word that it was "TI;â‚Ź" to move to California of the U.S.A. Those Armenian Christians who believed God's Word packed up, leaving behind ancestral homes. These believers endured the condemnation of their Armenian brethren (who ridiculed them, spat on them, stoned them, called them "decieved"), as they left Armenia for America. Inside of a years time (by 1916) the Armenian Christian population of 2,000,000 living souls was gone -- they had been systematically exterminated by the Islamic powers. That LETTER FRCM GOD sits in some Christian Armenian Church somewhere in Califo rn ia to this day. In March 198 1 after publishing in full what we knew of the Armenian massacre of 1915-19 1 6, reader contacted Demos Shakerian ( founder of the FULL GOSPEL BUSINESSMENS FELLOWSHIP) ,

wao is a descendant of the Armenian Christians who moved to Califo rni a in 19 1 5. Demos confirmed the story of the bo y -prophet (who also immigrated to America with the Armenian Christians), and the fact that this prophet brought with him that "sealed letter". IIHIE SECULAR HISTORY: I went to the Chicago Library to see if there was a secular history record about this massacre in Armenia of the former Ottoman Empir e (present day Turkey)..

There was ind ee d a record; which while it lacked any reference to the work accomplished by God's prophets or the irranigration of Christian Armenians to the U.S. just prior to the genocide - it was filled with other related details. In the early i00's the Islamic authorities began to close-in on the Armenian Christian population. FIRST came "GUN CONTROL LAWS", then it was made illegal for Armenians to possess firearms, all firearms owned by Armenian Christians were seized by the Ottoman Government. This left the Armenians defenceless, a fact that the next regime to come to power would take advantage of. It started when the sorr y 100,Qd0 Armenian Christian conscripts in the Ottoman Armed Forces were sent out to dig trenches, all were shot to death - they had dug their own graves. This

massacre was concealed by the Turks, the A=-nian Christian population was kept in the dark ( or did not believe the "stories" that were circulating). Then the Turks ordered all Christian Armenian Leaders (estimated at 1,000) to appear in the Capitol city - they were sun arily arrested and butchered in the streets (with swords) - the streets ran with their blood. :t, the men of the Armenian colmiunities were murdered. Lastly the defenceless women and children were herded into the desert, they were raped, b ru talized and left to die of exposure in the wastes. By early 1916 the 2,000,000 Armenian Christians were gone. A scant 200,000 ( 107J had escaped to the Caucassus's while this slaughter was on-going.





E Ir

by: Chuck-JOI- continL a

SF.PTFj'v RF'1 ') 5 I Qa/

, ( Cons i

t ter; )

--cone nued

In that March 1 0, 1981, Newsletter where I presented these details, I presented a In Inr »nl ir is torld, rr[cnl hrstor} hu pro.ryded fr,r a vanrtr of vaccination against the horrnn of gcnocide. Within the span of a irn¢ic generallon mankind has wain c-d the ovens of .Auschu.ktz• and the disa.lrrs of Biafra and Sara Jaonh. iii y S mans cxisrenCt is largel msde so nldcslinR Itr. a succession OF oroir.ary prublcros and simple lost, and in contrast both he rrprtllion and the siren magnitude or rush disasters hu made genocide for y man

a math Ca be pvl id ei rintt



In .8o6 at Scut So.ogn ,Armrnlan had Isrrn its tsrrcd Th:, was a parr ihadus, no h.: wu to come " Wilh the oulhrcak of the Cris l tar . chauvinist Young Turks saw theirchantr to annihilate the Arnteruarr, nation Meat-sir of slncl Interns] ccnrrni could hr cairn arer, i-, rune awanlmr nccOtti1 Y, and thus the hurt-tier

could in disquisrd with rrlat:sr ca. uro11 II wa3 r• Inca las t for ashen, es-n n if lljins•• 1a intrn ens Carriully the Turks lard down their plans

incapable oC grxspi n., I h- -xIrnr or sirni fuanrr of

Fl in t rn hr eiiminarrd renukd hr the :oo•non

such tragedies.

Armenian cotter-inn within the Ottoman armed y forces. Next, Armenian communit Iredcn Ihrnt]ghoul the empire -told he arre'ntd and ulenerd. Final]), the remaining Armenians would n be lair. from their h met and drporird to

The Firs, World War has the uncnn-iahlc dirtinction of being ehe s;rne of the hest such holen c^usl of modern umeu Its haplr_ victims were the Armenians, one of [hi 1 " utnr runs mL.lorturs . 4hin the poIsgk,F Dhotis', Empire TI- nisi

.nark against them was that they seerr CPrnsriar,s . within a ar-el} Itiamic autocran•, the second 0•a5 that they were a relatively prr,•sprmuf ccmn:uniry surrounded by backwardnr-s and sioit Man, Turks regarded this cksr•1.nll cornmunrr, uC g o- ahead inhddds as a Ihorn In the side f the Ov naunn. er the centunrs, their number hail been greatly reduced by slaughie:, freed tonvcrLOn to Islam, or emig'Talion MOrr ninthN. prmsurr from European nations had caused thr -

a uthonti rs to ag rrr to insligatr rrrixln refnnr.s- In • t• pracitre, howr, rt- tdorm was nvn rr senouily a

ttempted, and rmentsnrnl of outside InrcrCrrrrrcc in shrine mailers bred in chi Turks a crurl n d trrmination to par an end to such cc mplarnts by i t rcmocxi oft ce a e, urca of th oulc ry

di[ rn the omen of Ihlnt, t1tnolnpke, or ttanallon

I mplementation of this "Seel colutu r t " was rny Irusl d J r- an assimilated Bu l ga ri an gypsv, Ihr Inlrnor Mrnistcr, Talaat BcN•, himself the dctcrndaa ola misunderstood and perscrulyd mmnriln The Turn-F ussiin rampalrn I n the Caucasus pro.idcd a n additional pretext for acnrcutiom" Or ar^w the Tut-Li alleged IAat a pru•Kustian .Armenian fifth column had conspired in Turarr -s deltas. Consrqucnrlt-, rn earl% no the t.nt pan rd rhr eaterm:n.r,.sn campas C n, cal .nvnf.3nr Armrruan consrnprs, u as carried out sueeevi sf0n and secretly in an atmrnrsherc w{s i lr•} l or with murarmus fanacicasm. ]he e l ir k Apni One rhouaand leading Armenians :n C on!unt:nop]e wire y rent awa and butchered It is human nature nor sofacr the unrnduraEli.

photo copy of part of the

history book in the library (see reduced photo to your immediate left). I also noted that the history

made rrention of the fact that a certain Austrian took note of this genocide in An-enia and

that no one cared, no nation protested it nor did any take action. This apparently encouraged him to pursue a like kind of policy - his names, the narw of the Austrian t. no regarded the massacre Gf the Christian Armenians? Adolph

Hitler' Seeing this

told lea the


Word by His Church can not only lead to disaster for those who

did it, it also encourages and seems to give the enemy of our

souls more po

r to "do it again

and again" killing and destroying many more than initially murdered. When I saw the photos of the Lr/r r Serhu


Lb. Fwd. U.nnq ire tifl .L d rgr}. s,1 ki, A million .nd a 1. 0 1rrn s,n.rrd r by rg,G Ti.. ...rid .., 4rrl. rrnscl.d

murdered Armenians in the hi.st_ar. y books I was chilled. they looked exactly like the

photos taken of the dead in Nazi oncentration Camps (12 million perished under Hitler's regime). C

( NOTE - In 1981 I read a variet y of refe re nce bo oks on the An-renian g e nocide of 1915, Some presented the death toil as being around I..) million while others ran Vas high as 2 million --I settled on the figure of 2 million. No one reall y knows exactly how many perishrad in 1915, the figures are rough estimates.

THE VISION/REVELATION TTO CHUCK-JOEL, IN EARLY 1-981 I was baling very 4ar e tut ,--" ,c ut the VisionhRC\ r lati.on of e arly 1981, se e king co n firmation and proofs befor e I would be willing to shame i t openl y . Why?






G D D, by: Chuck-Jpi-INE 1

SEPTE 1BER 25. 1994


TO CHUCK-JOB-INEL IN EARLY 1981 ( contisnted )


Lvov? Well. I had heard of the Armenian massacre in 1977, and I wanted to be sure I was not generating a prophesy out of my own spirit, that was stirred-up by having read about the Armenians. Getting a "mixed-Word/Revelation" was a possibility, where ones own spirit mixes in with God's Word -- especially where one had prior knowledge of an earlier prophecy. Added to this, I shared briefly what the Lord God had shown me a month earlier and got a strong negative reactior:. one Christian wrote me asking, "How does this revelation glorify God?!"

This caused rre to take a long hard Look at what I had received, to know and be sure it was of /from God. When I saw the photo's of dead Ar menian's stacked up like cord wood, I shoted

that photo and asked the Christian who wrote me, asking him, "Did this glorify God??" So in the March 10, 1.981 Newsletter I shared openly about the history of ARMENIA and that it could "parallel" AMERICA, laying groundwork, "if" I came to KNOW that the revelation given

me was God's and not out of my own spirit. In praying about all of this, seeking the Lord God, He be gan to reveal more and more - the scope of His revelation deepened and got broader: "GQNFLAGRATIQN I (JESUS to Chuck JqH IEL, April 3, 1981). [the word means "GREAT FIRE'' first revelation concerning the TINY STAR (object that will/may fall onto earth). ... YES. YOU ALL KNOW, YOU LOOK AT THE BEAST, THE MAN OF PERDITION, THE DEâ&#x20AC;˘<SqLATE t WHO I WILL DESTROY . " (JESUS to Chuck- J^ I EL , April 5, 1981) . "YOU SEE TI-E ENI4Y SWARMING TO SEIZE CONIRqL OF THIS NATION. IF MY PEOPLE PRAY I WILL INIERVENE AND IT WILL BE DELAYED, AS YOU KNOW. IF THEY DO MDT PRAY - ITS NOW! YES, THE

BEAST IS MOVING UP..." (JESUS to Chuck-JOHNEL, April 15, 1981). "YOU ARE TQ WARN MY PEOPLE WITH VIGOR -- THIS IS DEADLY!" (JESUS to Chuck-JC*INEL, April 23, 1981). Here Jesus made it plain that America was facing a spiritual invasion of demonic power headed by the Beastman of antiChrist, one who would do what the Ottoman Turks under an antiChrist spirit did in Armenia and like done by the same antiChrist spirit in Germany under Hitler. - God's people would be slaughtered. Then Jesus spoke to *rte on April 29th, His

Word then cleared up other questions. ... WIT 4OUT PRAYER Y CL1R WORK WILL BE FOR NOTHING. THIS TIME I Pur IT INTO THE HANDS OF THE CHURCH. I'VE WARNED THEM BEFORE, AND I'VE WARNED AGAIN - LET THE Nf DECIDE HC74+T THEY WILL HAVE IT." (JESUS to Chuck-JOVE,, April 29, 1981). By this Word I now understood that the Armenian Christians who rejected God's Word brought

by His prophets put themselves into Satan's power, they decided fo r death rejecting God's offer of life - and got it. The price of unbelief and/or Zack of knowledge was horrific. I care to KNOW that what I had been shown earlier in 1981 was of God - in part, my unwil1i gness to accept what I had received by the Spirit of God told me it was God's Word;

but more, I did come to KNOW by the Spirit of God that it was His Word/Vision. "SJ^at came to me in early 1981 (no date) wa s


knowing and a faint vision; where I saw

Satans plan working through the federal goverrrnent. An order would be giv en one night, it would be relayed to local police stations nationwide, issuing arrest orders whereby 1 M1111AON Christian leaders in America were to be arrested. These arrest warrants were in fact, bogus, based on false accusations. I saw the arrest warrants being transmitted through a central computer system in Houston, Texas that targetted one million Christians ,





G Q D, by: Chuck-JqHNEL (Continued)



by name and address. As local police arrested these Christian leaders, they were by a variety of circumstances killed /n&irdered. Inside of 24 hours one million Christian leaders in America would be dead."

This slaughter would lead to open genocide in America - Christians and Jews would be systematically eliminated by an antiChrist controlled federal government. By the end of April, 1981 we plainly stated in our newsletter that we were Looking at a move of Satan through hu;nan agencies to cause a slaughter in America just as happened in Armenia in 191.5. FIRST C1 .ISTLAN LEADER - THE POPE - MAY, 1981: In early May of 1981, JESUS spoke to me saying that Satan would target C Leaders for death unless there was prayer. Then JESUS sent me to a Roman Catholic Charismatic prayer. group (in Chicago areas), asking the prayer leaders there to call for prayer for Christian leaders, lest they suffer from Satans deadly attack. This prayer group gathered every Friday night and prayed for everything one could imagine (once for a sick parakeet) - I could not (then) imagine they would NOT pray for Christian leaders. The prayer leadership of that Catholic prayer group rejected Jesus Word, they did not call for prayer for Christian leaders. On May 9, 1981 JESUS told me that 100,000 Americans would perish before we were believed. On May 11. 1981, JESUS told us that the Pope would be shot. On May 13, 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot five times by a TURKISH (Moslem) assassin. The Pope survived but was badly hurt. The connection between the Turkish murderers of the Armenian Christians in 1915 and the Turkish assasin who tried to kill the Pope i.n 1981 was not lost on us. Nor did we fail t realize that the Lord God had shown us a mini-version of what was coming on America - ani "how" the Church would respond (rejecting His Word, prayerlessness) and the outcome (murder-genocide).

1981 10 1987/94 In the years from 1981. the Lord God commissioned the Net of Prayer to keep the enemy of our souls at bay, until His Church in America decided between life and death, mercy and judgment. in 1987 the Church decision fell short, and the B=ast of antiChrist broke throu g h 'The CAP "In The Spirit". In March of 1987 Richard-DANIEL was the first to discern that the Beastman riding the black horse (leading a demon army out of hell through the GAP) was then Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas. We KNEW that this Beastman (who planned to become President in 1988) had been delayed by Net of Prayer warfare, and would now become President in 1992. In 1989 during warfare 'In. The Spirit I engaged this Beastman in combat and briefly took him captive. I kicked off his helmet and jotted down what he looked like (December, 1989) . Even by December_, 1989 I had not seen a picture of Bill Clinton; thus did not realize that the Beastman I saw In The Spirit' that December, 1989 was in fact Bill Clinton. In 1992 we asked God's people on our mailing list if they would decide to endure the trials of a Beastman system, prevailing until God's Help set America free â&#x20AC;&#x201D; OR â&#x20AC;&#x201D; if they wanted to leave America, in which case this nation would disappear totally. The vast majority (99.910) responded with: "they will stay, stand in Christ and endure til this nation was reborn in Christ." ISO

in 1992 we asked for corrmittments of support to fund the writing of the book (JESUS, HIS ANGEL AND ME) . 197 initially made the comllittment in the year 1992. By 1.994 we had prayer and financial support from Only 79 of the 197. Some 4 q 7o endured and remained





A L E T T E R F R M G 0 D , by: Chuck-JOfNEL (Cant inued ) 1981 ID 1987/94 - - - - -



faithful, whereas 6074 t i mned away. We have recently received new corrmittments of support

forthe book from 1 7 Christians, bringing the total to 96 in support of this work, (in 1992 the

NIININIL'M was 100) .

Does this kind of abandonment b y brethren have a negative effect? Yes, without question! But Treasuring the effect is no simple matter. In 1985 we had, through prayer-intercession and strategic spiritual warfare, obtained a p =2osition whereby we could save 70% of the intended victims of the Devil, and Satan from certain physical death. By 1989, with numbers of rebellions in the Elect body, our capacity to spare life was reduced to 3O7. What this e translates to, during the full judgm nt is that 307 of the population of North America would be spared. Today with the recent rebellion, its possible that only 107o would be spared ---thats wh e r e it was back in 1977.

SEVENThEN YEARS LATER ( 1977 to 1994) Just ten days ago I received a copy of a report issued by the "American Information Newsletter (Box 44534, Boise, I.D 83711)' -- Quote-- entitled. 1

1 JI`



"According to the Washington Report, something called "Operation Dragnet" is authorized under Ti. t l e IT of the McCarran Act. According to this act, the president of the United States is authorized to suspend the Bill of Rights with a single telephone call. If either an invasion, a state of war or, more probably, an "insurrection" is certified by the head of the current goverrnrent. Operation Dragnet will be initiated. Currently a Univac computer located in a secret place somewhere near Washington contains at least


nacres and with the signa , the computer will begin printing arrest warrants.

Those whose names are stored in the computer will be picked up by the FBI, state and local police. Seventeen prison camps, I own in WW II as "concentration camps have alread y been constructed to hold the mass arrestees..." UNQUOTE The American Information Newsletter quoting the Washington Report, Sept. 1993: Box f0309, St. Petersburg, FL 33733.

In another report, received days after the above mentioned, a secret federal government operation was revealed which refers to Christians by the code namo "the disrupters". It was associated with the CIA and FBI and was called size 'William Colby document". It outlined a plan as follows: QUOTE

"A plan for the arrest, execut i on , or mental rehabilation of all disrupters..." UNQUOTE.

THE CLINION 1994 CRIME BILL Clinton appealed to the church in America to help him get his crime bill passed - and it passed! However, this crime bill does something new --- the federal government now gains direct access to and control over "state and Local police forces". Prior to this tin "IF'' the ted's issued arrest warrants to state and local police - they would not have to respond. Why? The federal goverment had NO jurisdiction at the state and local Level - now under Clinton's newly passed crime bill - they do

From 1981 (IHIRIEENT YEARS) to 1994 When I presented what the Lord God showed me concerning the Satanic plan to murder one million Christian Leaders in America, via computer generated arrest warrants, in 1981 - I

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Unleav= ened Bread Ministries . o r g Warning Prophecy for U.S. & Canada Armenian Letter Prophecy I have known Larry Taylor for many years and had received his newsletter, the Hyssop Chronicles, but lost track of hire. Last I knew. lie was searching for the Armenian Letter Prophecy given in 1852 by the Boy Prophet that saved many Armenians with his warnings. This was spoken about in Demos Shakanan's testimony, as told to John and Elizabeth Sherrill in the book, The Happiest People On Earth, printed in 1975 but is now out of print. I read this book many years ago and it is a strong warning to heed the prophets or die. It is a stern warning to America and Canada of what we are beginning to see now. Recently, I discovered from Garrett Crawford that Larry finally found the letter he was looking for. Larry said: Took me a while but I did finally get a rare copy (of The Happiest People on Earth) after being asked by readers of newsletter to look into this. Demos Shakarian (1913-1993) was named after his grandfather, a remarkable man who fled from Armenia in 1905 to settle in Los Angeles, California in America. The family left their homeland in response to a prophecy in 1852 that a time of unspeakable tragedy would come to Armenia and that hundreds of thousands of people would be killed. When the same person who had given the prophecy announced the time for the tragedy was near, it was the sign for many people, including grandfather Demos to move. The prophet was a true prophet.

In 1914 the Turkish people drove the Armenian population out into the Mesopotamian desert. Over a million men, women and children died. They massacred another half a million people in their villages, often by locking them in barns and burning them to death. Everyone still in the home village of grandfather Demos died! The world did not respond to what was happening and allowed it to continue. Later on they reaped a reward for their shameful inaction. When Hitler started his campaign to exterminate Jewish people, he believed that no one cared about the Armenians, they will not care about the Jews'. Consequently a large Armenian group settled in Los Angeles. The boy prophet who God had used to warn the Armenians to flee the coming onslaught was really named Efini Gerasernovitch Klubniken, of Russian origin and from earliest childhood had shown a gift for prayer, frequently going on long fasts, praying around the clock. The prophet's words and map directed the Armenians to Los Angeles, CA, America. However, later Efim also wrote out a second prophecy, but all anybody knew about that one was that it dealt with the still more distant future --when the people would once again have to flee. Efirn asked his parents to seal this prophecy in an envelope, and repeated the instructions he had received concerning it. He had been told in his vision that only a future prophet --- chosen by the Lord for this task --- could open the envelope and read the prophecy to the church. Anyone opening the envelope before this time would die. Excerpt at the end of the book - Demos Shakarian speaking: "I thought of the second message the boy prophet received so long ago, still sealed and unopened. Does it foretell a great persecution coming to Christians in America, just before the Lord returns? Personally, I think so. I think the Spirit is being given us in preparation for this time: to bind us into a Body, to assign to each one of us the task he alone can do for the welfare of that Body. I often wonder who will be told to open that message and read it to the church? And Demos Shakarian passed in 1993!1' Larry Taylor sent out emails to his Internet List requesting any information in regards to this secret

http:/IwwA. _un}eavenedbreadministries.or i_pf_php?page=waminarprophecy


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letter existence. He had a dream of the letter on April 29, 2003, 3:00 am. "I dreamed I was standing in front of and looking at a "sealed" Armenian Letter that was written by the Armenian prophet and sealed many years ago. I clearly saw a white envelope with a gold seal upon the area of a letter you would normally open. Then my eyes were opened and I saw a huge angel wearing white and holding a drawn

sword standing in front of the Armenian Letter to defend this letter! That's the dream and I can still see this in my mind clearly. That gives me more to pray about. I feel that we are clearly in a time of incredible change and we must be very cautious and wise in the days just ahead!" Larry also said, he found that "the letter was in the possession of the ancestors of the prophet, Efim Klubniken, in Los Angeles, CA. and that Demos Shakarian apparently did share with a number of people that he knew the letter was still unopened up to his death. I was sent information that some ancestors of Armenia are maybe jumping the gun and have been relocating to South America. I have been contacted, not by the family with the letter, but by others that the family with the secret letter do not feel it's time to unseal it yet. After my dream about the secret letter and angel l am very cautious as to being aggressive about searching for information as to this letter and am letting information come to me in its own time. The investigation proceeds slowly in any information about the Secret Letter but my question is: What event or happening is the trigger or the sign to the family of the Letter that it should be opened? ... According to a recent source of knowledge about the facts, the secret letter custodians have been in the past approached by someone who said the Lord sent them to open the letter. Information is that one fell dead and the other met with quick terrible demise. So the Secret Letter of Prophecy written by the Prophet of Armenia is still unopened! Demos Shakarian had reported in the "The Happiest People on Earth" that death would greet anyone who tried to open the Secret Letter other than the one sent by God! ...I have tried to walk very carefully, spiritually in reporting about this letter and my inquiries into the facts of this letter. Demos Shakarian also reported that he thought (Demos felt) that the Secret Letter when opened would be not only a directive from God for this future time to now direct the Armenian ancestors to safety, again but also a word to the Christians in America to prepare them at an important time! ... In short, I am finding that there seems to be so much secrecy and clandestine facts in the search for truth about this Letter, that I am receiving the impression that the "SECRET" seems more important than the " FACTS and Message Contained Therein!" All my many attempts and contacts with FGBMFI Association or Richard Shakarian either go unanswered or replies with so few words and "zero" followups that it's a Black Hole!!! Anyway, I keep trying. Interestingly, reports of the Armenian people quietly moving from the USA to South America, saying they were told by God to move ahead of the coming persecution in America, have been coming in since 1 998 . Funny that God would be telling the Armenian people to move when He's got a perfectly good "Letter' of Instruction written to them for years.. (Evidently, they started moving out of the country just a few years after a copy of the letter was released but Larry didn't know this.) To my knowledge the actual sealed letter has never been released openly. Here is the story of how I got a copy: The great grandson of the Russian prophet who came over the mountains into Demos' grandfather's village in Armenia in the 1880s(?) with the baptism of the Holy Spirit ended up in Canada. About 10 years ago (t994) he heard from the Lord to go to the Russian Revival Church in LA that held the sealed letter to get it and declare it was time to heed the warning. The church was dead and refused to release the letter so he went into a fast for ten days and the Lord revealed the contents of the sealed letter. I have never shared the copy I was given and to my knowledge it has never been officially released..." (David F. Wincoff sent Larry this copy.) CONTENTS OF THE LETTER "Run, run My people, whom I brought out from the places which have inherited the curse. Run into the wilderness with a heart thirsting for my water. Gather My Children, unto Zion, because the Kings of the earth are rejecting Me and the nations are turning against My people.



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My blessing is departing from America saith the Lord of Hosts, because the Kings of this place are rejecting Me, and they are in fornication with Gag the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, of the land of Magog. (We have received in dreams that the spirit of Russia, under Communism, is invading the government and the U.S.) Therefore a terrible disaster is coming upon this place , (Another 9/11, only worse: terrorism, disease, economic devastation, war, persecution, etc.) so depart from here and I shall bring out the obedient remnant from among you , which I shall hide in the wilderness . The wilderness shall blossom with a pleasant aroma. I will cleanse you and your children from your bad habits and sins and you shall know that you are branches grafted into my olive tree, if you shall obey my voice. To Zion, to Zion we are going with thirst in our hearts! Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise! And suddenly 1 saw awesome darkness coming upon the United States and Canada The darkness of Communism under the banner of evolution; economic confusion, riots, and nations rising up against each other in the U.S. and Canada; and earthquakes in California and along the east coast, and a backsliding adulteress on the throne (the great Harlot); masses of sick (manmade diseases) and poor people (economic devastation); and a certain number of rich ungodly people in authority (the banksters). Awake, awake My people. Don't reject My messengers. Awake, awake, for a hard time is coming. And suddenly I heard a cry: My people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Afterwards I saw 3 angels and one among them spoke to this people, "Why are your children unwashed: Where are they? Will you blame it on God? God forbid! Because the child has to be sanctified while he is yet in the womb of his mother, through the Holy prayer of the Holy Spirit. But you're rejecting this kind of prayer of the saintly men of God, you're reaping the fruits of the false Nicolaitan Doctrine, which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself hates! And afterwards I heard a cry, "My people, My people, how many times I wanted to gather you, but you believed the lying ones and the grievous wolves entered in among you, not sparing the flock. The enemy scattered you and you are decreasing in numbers because you rejected My power. You heap to yourselves teachers tickling your ears. And you are rejecting My prophets, seeking your own ways and signs, leaning on your own understanding. This is your last warning."




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Oct 5th, 1994: REPRINT OCTOBER 5, 1994  
Oct 5th, 1994: REPRINT OCTOBER 5, 1994  

OCTOBER 5, 1994 -- ISSUE #00036 Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt, Editor By: Ghuck—J4 HNEL Somawhere in California, in an Armenian Christian Church, w...