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PROPHETIC UPDATE The Staff and Sword Ministry From: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI

For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas. September 10, 2008

REMAIN ALERT! Better Yet BE PREPARED!!! JESUS' Goodness and Mercy follow you in every way! This is an update to our August 18, 2008 Prophetic Update. Nancy-TONI and I completed our 12 day time of prayer with fasting on Friday, August 29, 2008. I promised to share whatsoever we gained in Insight, or by Revelation of the HOLY SPIRIT. A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN THE MIDWEST SEPTEMBER 19



In the time we prayed and fasted neither of us discerned that the major earthquake we expect to happen on September 19 th will happen this 2008. This is the clearest insight we have on the subject. However, Nancy-TONI saw a blanket of darkness covering the Midwest. Whatever is going on is being hidden in a cloak of thick darkness. REGARDING A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN SAN FRANCISCO THIS YEAR - TO HAPPEN OCTOBER 23 RD 2008 We both perceive that the potential for a major quake to hit San Francisco this year is there. Nancy-TONI had a vision of a spotlight on San Francisco and noted demonic activity working to create pressure from San Francisco towards Mammoth Lakes volcano.


Page 2— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued)

September 10, 2008

Nancy-TONI noted that she saw `In The Spirit' that Los Angeles was in a shadow but it was nowhere as dark as seen in Chicago. In order to present as succinct a view of upcoming events I will state in terms, as clearly as we can, what we discern/perceive after the 12 days of prayer and fasting on four main issues. I will also note our level of "certainty" about what we understand about these issues. These are:


NOT LIKELY : The ST. LOUIS/CHICAGO major earthquake this September 19 t ", 2008. Degree of certainty: high.


NOT LIKELY: A major earthquake to strike LOS ANGELES this 2008. Degree of certainty: medium.


LIKELY : A major earthquake hitting SAN FRANCISCO this 2008. Degree of certainty: medium.


NOT LIKELY : The Accidental Nuclear Exchange between Russia and the U.S. to happen this December, 2008. Degree of certainty: high.


As explained in the August 18 ' update the capacity of God's prophets to understand the timing of j udgment events is "bound" and it is very difficult to get a clear picture. At times it seems as if we are feeling our way across a very dark chamber. As a result, being absolutel y certain is elusive. The best we can offer is an honest estimate of the situation as we perceive it, given current evidence.

THE DEMONIC FACTOR This Ministry in Christ has spent well over thirty years at prayer-warfare which involves moving In The Spirit' in the armor of God and confronting demonic powers. Because so many in the Church have rejected JESUS' Word and not responded to His call to pray, then repent and pray - these demonic hordes have gotten power to

Page 3 — PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) The Staff and Sword Ministry From: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.

September 10, 2008 THE DEMONIC FACTOR continued become executors of judgment under God's Law. These creatures do not want us to know what they are up to and so they carefully conceal what they are doing to cause judgments of death and destruction. We are very aware of the fact that these demons are extremely active at this time and are behind these current storms (Tropical Storms, Tornadoes and Hurricanes). The evidence at hand is clear about demonic involvement. The causality between demonic interaction in this world (with people and the elements) has been observed, recorded and reported for well over thirty years and is well established. As a subject it would require a book to explain all the ins and outs; however, let it suffice to say here that demonic interaction is a key factor in emerging troubles.


On September 9, 1983 GOD THE FATHER drew me up to the Heavens and then placed me over the earth (about 250 miles above) and said "BEHOLD." It was on

Page 4— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued)

September 10, 2008

THE VISION OF SEPTEMBER 9. 1983 -& Hurricane GUSTAV (cont'd ) the dark side and at first I couldn't see anything. Then I observed ICBM's lifting off from Siberia, reaching an altitude where the nuclear bombs MIRV's (multiple intercontinental re-entry vehicles). I was placed directly above this point and watched as the cones of the ICBM's exploded releasing the nuclear bombs that began to travel down-track to the U.S. This whole experience was quite literal and chilling to say the least. I watched with some horror as the four surviving warheads impacted the U.S. - a fiery blast (it sounded like a "whump!) In sharp contrast to the dead silence of outer space. Then four nuclear fireballs engulfed U.S. cities. With equal spine tingling reality I watched as the U.S. fired three nuclear missiles back against Russia. In 1983 GOD THE FATHER made it clear to me that this attack came from Russia not the Soviet Union. In the midst of this nuclear exchange I saw the month, "DECEMBER" in bold letters. Then the FATHER GOD placed me above the south eastern portion of the U.S. and here from high above I observed a massive swirling white cloud that extended from the east side of Florida to New Orleans. It took me a moment to realize that I was looking at the top side of a huge hurricane moving into the southeastern U.S. In the midst of that hurricane I saw in bold letters the month, "SEPTEMBER." I was given to KNOW by the Spirit of GOD that this hurricane would come in the month of September before the accidental nuclear exchange which would follow in the same year in the month of December. Year not revealed. Hurricane IVAN in September, 2006

now GUSTAV Septemberl, 2008 The sketch given on page 3 was drawn by Roger Augustin in 1983 based on my general description of what I was given to see by GOD THE FATHER on September 9, 1983. While it is a good general sketch it is not precise; but then a precise sketch would cover most of the southeastern U.S.

Page 5— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) The Staff and Sword Ministry From: Chuck-JORNEL and Nancy-TONI For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.

September 10, 2008

Hurricane IVAN in September, 2006 now GUSTAV Septemberl, 2008 (continued) In September, 2006 Hurricane IVAN came close to matching the vision of 1983, but when I saw the satellite photo of that hurricane (the weather channel on TV) I knew it was NOT the one FATHER GOD shewed me in 1983. IMPRINT: When FATHER GOD gives me something to see like this, it is imprinted on my Spirit in Christ and I readily recognize the real thing when it shows up and I also know when something that comes close is NOT it as well. When Hurricane GUSTAV was roaring up the Gulf Coast heading for New Orleans I carefully prayed and observed the weather channel satellite photos and was struck by the fact that while it was "very close" to what FATHER GOD shewed me in 1983, it was actually "off center" and I knew it was NOT the storm to precede the accidental nuclear attack. That settled one issue. However, this hurricane was within the time line (+ or - 24 hours) of a hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast on September 2, 1985. Hurr icane GUSTAV hit New Orleans coming ashore as a category 3 storm on September 1, 2008. The enemy established a judgment pattern under God's Law back in 1985, this storm GUSTAV was within the time tolerance, and I perceived it was a repeat of the 1985 judgment pattern. In 1985 the enemy had targeted the Midwest for a major earthquake on September 19, 1985. The September 2, 1985 hurricane was the stepping stone to that event. Because of prayer-intervention in 19851 was able to prophetically block the demons from hitting St. Louis/Chicago September 19, 1985. Typically, the enemy took a secondary target and struck Mexico City with an 8.1 Richter earthquake on September 19, 1985 killing 20,000 souls.

Page 6 -- PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) September 10, 2008

Hurricane IVAN in September, 2006 now GUSTAV Septemberl, 2008 (continued) Years ago JESUS gave me a simple insight saying, "AS IS THE STORM SO IS THE EARTHQUAKEIVOLCANO." Hurricane GUSTAV killed about 12 people in the U.S. and caused many $billions in destruction. A corresponding earthquake in the Midwest following this storm would kill a number but not 50,000 and it would cuase significant loss of property but again a low loss of life. Because GUSTAV hit on September 1 St (not Sept 2째 d ) the earthquake to hit the Midwest would be off time target, not September 19` h . It would also not hit the area targeted (St Louis proper).

THE WILCOX REPORT of 2000 Richard and Connie Wilcox worked to assemble JESUS' Word to me and worked to put it into a package of consecutive events. The work they accomplished was impressive, took a lot of time and was carefully crafted in and out of prayer. Recently a Net of Prayer Intercessor (Rev. Pat. P.) Reminded me of a section of this report, I quote page 4 of the year 2000 Wilcox Report: (Quote) " STO RM 1UDGMENT : Either in the month of August or September (year unknown) a massive Hurricane will impact Corpus Christi, Texas causing extensive destruction and a high loss of life to the city and Gulf Coast...The Hurricane in Corpus Christi is a clear warning that the Midwest USA is next fora major earthquake that can (based on what JESUS revealed to Chuck-JOHNEL in 1980) kill upwards of 50,0000 in the St. Louis, Missouri area alone. This killer quake will cause massive destruction in St. Louis and Chicago..." (Unquote)

Hurricane IKE - (September 2, 200$) On September 2, 2008 IKE became a Tropical Storm. The date is significant as JESUS told me back in 1983 that, "On September 2"`' American starts Dying." I did not miss this. But before I remembered that, when I heard of T.S. IKE I had

Page 7— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) The Staff and Sword Ministry Front: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy- TONI For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.

September 10, 2008

Hurricane IKE - (September 2, 2008) an inner witness that this was a dangerous terrible thing. Other Ministry Prophets had a likewise discernment. There was something terrible about Ike.. Currently, as of this morning, Hurricane IKE has re-entered the Gulf of Mexico and is strengthening. Weather forecasts indicate it is heading in the direction of Corpus Christi and may become either a Category 3 or 4 hurricane before it hits Iand. If this holds true, this Hurricane may well fulfill the revelation of 1980 and point to a major earthquake in the Midwest. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? At this point the enemy proved unable to conform exactly to the 1985 pattern (hitting the Gulf Coast September 2 ) thus missed the opportunity to hit St. Louis/Chicago this September 19`h Hurricane IKE appears to be a stronger attempt to hit the Midwest - a second try. On top of this we have seen clear evidence of strong demonic activity in and around Corpus Christi, Texas - no question the enemy of our souls is targeting this city. Why? It is a touch stone for the enemy, they are aiming to get power over the Body of Christ - they are really aiming a death blow at the Church.

WHAT IS GOING ON? In writing this account I'm aware of an unfolding drama - the demonic powers are striving to overcome something. Clearly something is blocking them in the Midwest, but what? Prayer alone cannot do it, as the need is for repentance. Nonetheless, the enemy is blocked by something and they are having a hell of a time trying to overcome it. While NancyTONI and I talked about this at lunch today, it suddenly came to mind.


Page 8— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) September 10, 2008 While `In The Spirit' (abiding) JESUS told me I'd see that when we did this that

concentric waves of energy would emanate from us through the earth.

Friday,August 22, 2008 3:35 pm - Da y 12 of the fast FACING EAST: Nancy-TONI and I go out with our staves and join them, praying in JESUS' Name, and strike the earth facing cast; we both see concentric waves of energy emanate from that point. FACING WEST/SOUTH: We strike the earth twice and I see added to the concentric waves of energy that a huge chunk of rock juts upwards on the west coast. I believe we are moving as instruments of judgment at this point. No revelation to confirm this, but this is my thought. We did as JESUS asked August, 22, 23, 24, 2008 and saw `In The Spirit' much the same each day. CONCLUSION: It's been some time since JESUS has moved us in this manner; but

I now recognize that we were passing judgment on the enemy plan, at least in the Midwest. The reason the demon powers are blocked is because we moved in Christ's anointing and blocked them on August 22, 23, 24, 2008.

"...SHORTLY COME TO PASS..." (Genesis 41: 32) One of the issues we prayed and fasted about had to do with the Biblical Law (noted above): what did it mean in our time? Four months? Or? (1) We were praying for a finite understanding of how "Shortly comes to pass" pertains to the earthquake revelation of 1973 ("17") and to current developments of 1993 and 2008 in the Midwest flooding and what this means in our time. Specifically: Does "Shortly come to pass" speak of months, a year or years? Discerninent/Insight: The HOLY SPIRIT gave me a clear understanding about "Shortly To Come To Pass " just a few days into the prayer/fast - to remember the WALL o[1982 (smashed by GOD 'S HAND `In The Spirit') and tearing down the WALL in 1989 ('In The Spirit'. Hitherto I remembered that it was a scant four months from the completion of tearing down the wall a second tinge in July of 1989 to when the Berlin Wall fell

Page 9— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) The Staff and Sword Ministry Front: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.

September 10, 2008

"...SHORTLY COME TO PASS..." Genesis 41: 32) continued (November, 1989) . Therefore, I believed it could be a scant period of four months or so to the earthquakes in the Midwest from June 2008. But now the HOLY SPIRIT reminds me that it was JESUS' Commission to break into

HOBAH and to destroy the demons and to "set the captives free" `In The Spirit' in 1989 which was done over the next few days. But the freeing of the captives was not completed until the complete collapse of the Soviet Union, which began to fall apart in 1989 but fell totally in 1991, TWO YEARS LATER.

Now I recognize that from the time the Berlin Wall fell (November, 1989) it was TWO MORE YEARS hefore it was fulfilled. "Shortly to come to pass " in this instance was a period of two years. It began in about four months but was not fulfilled for two years. "SHORTL Y COMES TO PASS" = FOUR MONTHS to a TWO YEAR period.

THE MIDWEST U.S.A. mething is Going to Haaaen! While we cannot say just what it is - something is going to happen. If it is an earthquake or earthquakes they will be off-center, not on the 19" of September, and while they may be destructive the loss of life will be minimal. It could be a major storm system. It could be a nuclear disaster (JESUS spoke of that many years ago). It may be a terrorist attack. It could be an earthquakes or earthquakes. It could even be a financial crisis or economic trouble. It will most likely emerge in either September or October, 2008 and like the fall of the Berlin Wall, it will be the start of something that will only grow worse with time. "If" Hurricane IKE manages to hit Corpus Christi, Texas (we will know by Friday or Saturday of this week) that could be a demonic breakthrough; but even then the enemy is clearly hampered, contained, even crippled. That is good for us, but time is running out.

Page 10— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) September 10, 2008 A MERCY PERIOD: Through JESUS' Word we have known, observed and understood that God's Mercy will hold back the worse aspects of judgment until May-September of 2009. After that, the enemy power wiIl surge relentlessly in and against America and Americans. This is also a factor that has hindered the enemy. Then we have the Prophetic intervention (August 22, 23, 24, 2008) that has blocked the enemy considerably. Even so, the demonic powers unleashed on this nation by a faithless, prayerless and rebellious church have more leeway than they should have. Aware of this, I wrote this in our July, 2008 Newsletter (page 18A): (Quote) "...atthis point in time, America is wide open for almost anything to happen, major earthquake, war in the Persian Gulf/Middle East, a Hurricane leveling a U.S.

City, a majorterrorist attack (like a nuclear bomb being exploded in the U.S.)...we are in a very fragile and vulnerable position as a nation and people." (Unquote) Since this Russia invaded Georgia (which is near Iran and so the Persian Gulf) WAR. Hurricane GUSTAV hit New Orleans September 1, 2008. Tropical Storm .HANNA September, 2009 A variety of factors kept T.S. HANNA from becoming a hurricane, but it hit North Carolina this September with winds of 65-70 mph, dumping a bunch of rain on the east coast. Weathermen indicated this storm followed the track of Hurricane HUGO of 1989 - this got our attention. Hurricane HUGO was demon directed and was the most costly Hurricane to hit the U.S. (it slammed Charleston, S.C. September of 1989) in U.S. History. This Hurricane was a stepping stone to a major earthquake that would hit SAN FRANCISCO October 17, 1989. That event led to WAR (Iraq invades Kuwait August 1990). The day Tropical Storm HANNA hit North Carolina (September 6 th , 2008) it shortly swept over Charleston, S.C. and hours later a 4.0 Magnitude earthquake shook SAN FRANCISCO. Prior to this we saw some fairly strong evidence of demon activity in San Francisco on August 30`'' and August 31st.

Page 11— PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) The Staff and Sword Ministry From: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI For: California, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas.

September 10, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO AND A BIT OF HISTORY ON PROPHETIC INTERVENTION In that we now both perceive and understand that the Lord JESUS moved us to prophetically intervene on August 22-24, 2008 to extend mercy to the Midwest and block demonic intentions - the questions comes, "What effect did this have on the west coast?" We discern that an earthquake will hit San Francisco this year but the question is just how big and where will it have its epicenter. In 1983 JESUS sent me on an extended road trip to prophetically divert the energy demons Set in motion to hit San Francisco with a major earthquake. In May of 1983 the HOLY SPIRIT shewed nic that this prophetic work would divert the energy to a remote area of Idaho and that it would result in a lessened earthquake that would move a mountain (as opposed to leveling San Francisco) in Idaho. I noted on a map of the U.S. the location of this re-directed earthquake and where it would strike in Idaho. In October 1983 that earthquake (a 7.0 Richter intensity) struck Idaho and moved the mountain as revealed, killing two (a building collapsed on them). I perceive that the three days of prophetic action this August 22-24, 2008 has had a like effect on demonic aspirations and plans in the San Francisco area. It may not be able to divert the trouble away from the city, but it will lessen its power and redirect the energy at work in the earth to contain the destruction. How do demons do it? These fallen creatures gain access to this world through sin in mankind, and that same sin empowers them to be able to execute judgments through God's Law. When in this world large numbers of demons move in concert to both gather latent energy in the earth, then to re-direct that energy at weak points in the geology of the earth to trigger earth events (quakes and/or volcanic eruptions). They can likewise form storms (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) and direct them as well.

Page 12 — PROPHETIC UPDATE (continued) September 10, 2008 When JESUS sends out His prophets to warn of these coming judgments with a call to pray or repent and pray, JESUS is warning that this deadly enemy has gotten access into this world and is revealing their plans. If the Church responded by faith and prayed for God's mercy the enemy plans would come to nothing. When the Church rejects JESUS' Word and does not pray, they end up loosing the enemy, even empowering them to do greater harm. The Church is the only bulwark in this world that can resist, contain and/or stop demonic plans to kill and destroy as the Church has Christ's empowerment (power over all the power of the enemy - power to bind and loose). However, Christ's empowerment of His Church is not static: if God's people do not respond to His Word and call to pray that rejection and prayerlessness becomes an indirect form of agreement with the enemy.

Tropical Storm HANNA Weathermen surmised that Tropical Storm HANNA would gain strength and move Lip the east coast as.a Hurricane, at least a Category 2, if not stronger. More, they recognized that HANNA was following the same track that Hurricane HUGO did back in 1989 - this

suggested that it would slam directly in Charleston, S.C. as it did in 1989. HANNA never became a full fledge hurricane as its wind velocity only reached 65 mph. More, it slammed into the North Carolina coast below Charleston and only swept over that city as a strong tropical storm, not a hurricane as it did in 1989. I now believe that the prophetic action of August 22-24, 2008 in fact contained this storm HANNA and prevented it from becoming a major hurricane force. JESUS revealed years ago that, "AS IS THE STORM SO IS THE EARTHQUAKE." This tells one that the earthquake headed for San Francisco is going to be much less than a full fledged monster earthquake.

However, there is still time for a new hurricane to show up and do what HUGO did in 1989 - if that happens then San Francisco can still face a major earthquake this year. Hurricane HUGO hit past the middle part of September in 1989.

How all this will play out is not known with any precision; however things may end on a happier note this year than expected. That is not bad news. As you will recognize, if you read all of this, this is a very complex thing. God bless.

Sep 10th, 2008: Prophetic Update  

A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN THE MIDWEST SEPTEMBER 19 TH 2008 Nancy-TONI and I completed our 12 day time of prayer with fasting on Friday, August 2...

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