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1987 ARMS

***Please place this last page with your PRAYER SHEET and/or in your Bible--have it ready for daily reference please****** A key Reminder is that "FOR WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT AGAINST all prayer for Gods Help PRINCIPALITIES, AGAINST POWERS, AGAINST THE RULERS OF THE is ultimately `spiritual DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, AGAINST SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN warfare' HIGH PLACES...PRAYING ALWAYS WITH ALL PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION IN THE SPIRIT..." (Ephesians 6:12,18) Understand that as you

pray to be joined by the Holy Spirit in JESUS Name to your prayer group(Battle Unit)--that from the time you so pray, by Faith you are joined IN SPIRIT, and then as you PRAY - BIND, and move in Christ's authority to deal with prayer needs --you are in fact engaged in spiritual warfare, whether you SEE "IN SPIRIT" or not. Thus it is an important daily discipline to take on the whole armor of God, to pray the UNITY PRAYER, and specifically pray to be joined to your NOP Unit by assembly areas. (see page 7 of this newsletter) (1) "JESUS, I draw near unto you and submit myself to you. Draw near to me. Cover me with your Blood. Forgive my sins, weaknesses, faults and fill me with Your Love to overflowing. (2) Take on the whole Armor of God (pray Ephesians 6:10-18) (3) UNITY PRAYER. (preface) "Heavenly Father, we come before Your Throne of Grace and Mercy, Love and Compassion under the blood of Jesus and in Jesus mighty Name." Unite me now by Your HOLY SPIRIT with my brethren in Christ who seek to know and do Your Perfect Will, Unite us with with all IN SPIRIT Brethren you joined to us, and with Your Holy Angels. (Name Your Prayer Group, Battle Unit and Assembly Area or Location). I pray agree with all these as they are led in prayer by Your Spirit this day, and ask that YOU increase the effect of our prayers mightily. "Thank You for all answers to prayer." KEY DAILY PRAYER(pray many times) "Father, in Jesus Name, give us victory!" [**Note** The November 1, 1986 NOP PRAYER SHEET is 'Not" discontinued - however pray only those prayers the Holy Spirit leads you to pray in this time, and bring your focus of Prayer to the pra y er needs' shown here. PRESENT "REPENT" PETITION -- Pray day by day.."Father, In JESUS NAME we pray ask You prepare us in the power of Jesus Love, whereby we may do as Jesus did, and take on ourselves all the sin of our Body and brethren in Christ, the sin of accusation, judgment, arrogance, rebellion, disobedience and all sin whereby this terrible judgment comes. Prepare us now day by day, strengthening us in JESUS LOVE, that we may lift all this sin to you, theirs and ours, seeking Your Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness, placing all our sin under the Blood of Jesus. Give us a Spirit of Repentance whereby in Jesus Name all is under Jesus Blood."

FAST Pray the "PRESENT "PETITION" PRAYER above from the time you receive this newsletter, day by day, then all HOP is called to Pra yand FAST MAY 12 1987 -Prayer for May 12, 1987 " We come before you humbly Father in Jesus Name repenting for all the sin in the Body of Christ, asking itliE placed wholly under the Blood of Jesus, seeking Your Forgiveness and Help in all." BIND IN JESUS NAME Each BATTLE UNIT is to pray asking Holy Spirit help against the known demon objectives. If you are in the Batesville Battle Unit you would pray this way(l) Father in Jesus Name extend Your Help against this `spirit of War'. (2) In JESUS NAME we BIND this 'spirit of WAR'. (3) Father in Jesus Name empower us to withstand this 'spirit of war'. If you are in Levelland B/U it would be "Confusion, Doubt, Unbelief, or if "Chicago Battle Unit" it would be "Murder and Terror". If in RENO or MT VERNON B/U's --pray to cut the demon trunk in Jesus Power, to clear Zion Gap, the link-up with Reno B/U(if you are in Mt Vernon B/U) and visa versa. In all PRAY AS THE HOLY SPIRIT leads you . Come Lord Jesus!



APRIL 16, 1987

REPORTS AVAILABLE AND GIFTS TO THIS MINISTRY *** NOTICE *** Effective MAY 1, 1987 the Chicago Office of this Ministry will be closed. Mrs. Virginia Pfrang who has handled the mailing list for seven years is retiring, to travel and visit relatives and friends in the country. Effective MAY 1, 1987 the Ministry mailing list will be taken over by Mrs. Barbara Weaver, of 830 North 14th St, Mt Vernon, WA 98273. Our special thanks to Virginia for many years of doing an excellent work - and our welcome to Barbara, 'welcome aboard!' The three reports listed below are offered as a package for cost of photo copying and also postage of $2.00 for all three reports. Please write to Mrs. BARBARA WEAVER to request these reports. Ask for "APRIL PACKAGE"--all 3 repots below will be sent. SPECIAL REPORT - GODS JUDGMENTS , 4 pages. This gives in more detail what is condensed on page 16 of this newsletter. THE "#472" TIMING - 6 pages minimum, (yet to be written) This report is designed to consider the actual timing of the accidental nuclear attack and what p rominent events will preceed the actual nuclear attack. It will also present a brief review of other potential judgments to come this 1987. JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY-PART I . (to be written by May 6, 1987) This report will detail events and developments from the collective discernments of the prayer officers in JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY from April 14, 1987 to MAY 1, 1987. GIFTS... While this Ministry is steadily being re-located to Mt Vernon, Washington, please continue to send gifts to MR ALBERT EGNER --and Canadian funds directly to Chuck-JOHNEL. JESUS has made it clear that this battle with the "Broken Cross Formation" has priority, thus the FOUNDATIONS WORK is now clearly delayed. However in a time hopefully soon, Jesus will send Nancy-TGNI & I out on the FOUNDATIONS WORK, in this the Lord has commissioned AL EGNER to be the Ministry Treasurer for now, and then during the FOUNDATIONS WORK to follow. CANADIAN FUNDS to Chuck-JOHNEL Youngbrandt c/o Weaver's 830 North 14th St Mt Vernon, WA 98273 please make check payable to:

Chuck Youngbrandt


Fir. Albert E. Egner 4975 Jordan Road Martinsville, Indiana 46151 Please make check payable to: "Albert Egner "

IN CLOSING.... (#472]. . Job ... JOSHUA P/A)... [[#472]] The article on the 4 Nuclear bombs is a prominent -imminent issue. While from one point in time, the clear suggestion is that this attack can come in 1988 --its not to be over-looked that it may be in motion now, and there is the 50/50 chance it can happen this 1987. The #472 TIMINGffport will take a close look at this possibility. [[Job]] I reflect now on what would have happened if I had sought a job this year --we would NOT know of these things, nor would there be any opportunity to effect a change by prayer. [[JOSHUA. PRAYER ARMY]] April 14-15 the Beasts army worked to get thru earthworks barriers we set before them, the minefields we laid down were only 50% effective, JESUS explaining that 'prayer and support' is not as strong as it could be. Today April 16, 1987 JOSHUA Prayer Army fought a pitched battle since noon, and as of now(82Opm) we are holding our own. If JOSHUA P/A can continue to slow them at this rate, hopefully the NET OF PRAYER will have til May 1-14, 1987 to be fully ready. At this time the Beast has not thrown all his weight at us, so any real estimate of the time NOP has to be ready is unclear now--so PRAY, PRAY, LOOK TO JESUS, be filled with JESUS LOVE. God Bless. C-J & N-T



Subject: How Gods Law and mercy governs judgment-a pictorial


Its THE SIT 8A&rr t 3vG a







FE g

"CiAERS 35l0

8F- 70ND GAP

At F. R I'


is a definition of th - -BLDOD(Animal Skins)--

which is shown as STAGE 3, then is FLESH which is SOUL shown as STAGE 2, then WILL OF MAN, or mans spirit which is AIR shown as STAGE I -rand the



. : . CHURCH XnYASfoN o-^ APR I L !4,


10090 APR



:: HoBAH In JOHN 1:13 three sta stages 9

A^ S

s 9g7


! oa

APRIL 15, 1987





( Mans spirit)




S.^ IN THE WORLD ( flesh)


'' SEALING"needed c

fourth is WILL OF GOD which is IN THE SPIRIT. In this case GODS "PERMISSIVE WILL" whereby demon power moves INTO

( soul



When Adam and Eve were sent forth from the Garden of Eden(Genesis 3:21) GOD clothed then with COATS OF SKINS, this "SKINS" is the physical body, the Blood.




IN THE WORLD (Earth) (Skins) (Blood)

The purpose of this cross-section is to give what we do understand about the various stages the demon army must go thru to finally get IN THE WORLD. As space is little, I offer the full report (GODS JUDGMENT) for those who request it--but here give a brief summary. The top bar called IN THE SPIRIT shows the GAP, February 19, 1987 the Beasts demon armies got past the GAP, they positioned themselves over AMERICA IN THE SPIRIT. Because Nancy-TONI and I were re-joined February 13, 1987, a 62 day mercy period would apply, thus the demons would be held back until April 14, 1987. But on April 6, 1987 the demons IN SPIRIT could

begin filtering down to STAGE 1-IN THE WORLD(Air) and did? They naturally enter at HOBAH-land , its Satans ground, but when fully formed they would and did invade THE CHURCH to bring to Gods People the same judgment of death & destruction they can bring to the godless of HOBAH. From

--demons will again position themselves to enter thru the next windows down into called (Flesh). How long they have to wait before they can filter down to STAGE 2




from STAGE 1 is not known, it may be immediate. From STAGE 1 demons can effect the elements in our world, this is why we see STORMS first in the judgment sequence(STORMS, QUAKES/VOLCANOS WAR). At STAGE 2, demons can directly influence men and other elements --here is where 'demon possession' becomes possible and where men begin to reflect the demon attitudes and can become instruments of Satans will in murderous ways, The NET OF PRAYER can still engage the demons in STAGE 2 by moving by the Holy Spirit but the NOP would have to be "SEALED" to overcome them. When demons reach STAGE 3-Earth, demons will scatter and hide until their time comes --it takes anointed prophets of Jesus commissioned by prayer to seek them out to destroy them and past a certain point in time, even anointed prophets cannot do this. Like in the Bible, when Israel came to the promised land in the Exodus, GOD commanded that the people in that land were to be totally destroyed, every man, woman, child, animal, even the houses were to be torn down. Why? Demon penetration reached STAGE 3 level , demon power had merged so totally with man that total destruction was a must. When demon penetratzn reached STAGE 3 i n Hitlers Germany, no reasoning was possiole, the only way to purge the world of that antiChrist spirit was by total war, Naziism had to be brought all the way down - destroyed. The war in the GAP, now the war NOP will engage in will eventually emerge for real in this world -- we did not start the war, but we in NOP are in an excellent position to determine

the ultimate outcome of the real war when it lastly emerges in this world as seen IN SPIRIT.



AP RIL 15, 7987

FOUR 72's [ 4 7 2 .] (continued) ,

bbie McLaren was not sure of the meaning of the dream(past the obvious that we MUST STAND _.^ CHRIST against this oncoming storm); but JESUS compelled Bobbie to call me THAT night. I understood mucn of Bobbie's dream as the Lord gave her, it confirmed much of what we were seeing and discerning --it also brought me to bring MORE FOCUS on the issue of the FOUR Allow me to share what I understand of Bobbie's dream. ADDITIONAL MISSILES. THE FOUR(4) TORNADO's. The #472, the 4 Missiles(additional), the 4 Streams of Fire(1983 Feb 19) i The 4 FIREBALLS Feb 6, 1987 --all these are the same. LOOKING "WEST" Bobbie has the dream the very nite demons begin forming the broken cross formation on the other side of the CHURCH WALL. This attack is clearly beginning from the WEST. STAND OUR GROUND IN CHRIST. If we STAND IN CHRIST, we will overcome and stop them from touching us, if we run and hide, THEY will seek us out and bring us to harm and l oss.

TORNADO's and STORMS. Ft Payne is INLAND and on top of a Mountain, tornado's do not come from the Ocean, HURRICANES do! But when Hurricanes move inland they trigger and set off tornado's by the hundreds. In the known judgment sequence STORMS come 1 ST, then QUAKESVOLCANO's follow, lastly WAR follows QUAKES & VOLCANO's. Tho Satans judgment plan is to trigger WAR, he will begin first with STORMS. I also remember the September 1983 visions of God, seeing the vast swirling mist covering the South and Gulf States areas a SEPTEMBER followed by the nuclear accidental exchange a DECEMBER. A HURRICANE coming I at JUNO BEACH moving inland in a SEPTEMBER would trigger tornado's and FT PAYNE is in the South.

it was the nite of April 6th, same nite Bobbie had this dream, that I clea rly understood that Lucifer/Satans objective was to destroy 4 additional cities and then a 5th city to make it 9 US Cities destroyed by nuclear bombs(this would trigger WW III). I also KNEW what cities were targeted, realizing the first 472(4 cities) were not the same as the second 472 ( 4 cities) - it was simple, the objectives of the Beasts army in 1981 are known today, they have the same objectives, thus: DOUBLED & SET #472

DOUBLED NOT Set #742 i


cities #1. #2. #3. #4

cities #5, #6, #7, #8 f

city #9


Batesville Ark(LITTLE ROCK) Ft Payne, Ala ( KNOXVILLE or Levelland,Tx(LUBBOCK) BIRMINGHAM) Chicago, I1 Spokane, WASH.

The NET OF PRAYER can intervene for cities #5 thru #9, Lucifer and Wormwood are going for them, we will prevail to the extent we ENDURE in prayer and STAND IN CHRIST. 1 After Bobbie McLaren called on April 13th, Nancy-TONI & I went out for coffee to talk about this --I wondered about what the 4 Tornado's meant, Nancy-TONI replied "Remember the 4 Tornado's you prophesied to come at Lexington Ky from the North an AUGUST 12TH!" From Nancy's comment I KNEW instantly this dream was nuclear bomb related and more --counting ONE YEAR 4 Months from the date the #472's came March 30/31st --landed right on AUGUST 12, 1988. Right now we are in a four month period(March to July 1987) in which prayer can significantly l ter the outcome as this judgment IS IN MOTION right NOW! This is what Lucifer/Satan did not want us to know. But by the Grace of God, and with Nancy-TONI working with me, we do see and know, Satans plans are open to us and we have opportunity to obtain mercy. While other aspects of the timing have to be worked out, this general over-all view is clear and


ccurate. God Bless.

Chuck-JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI.



FOUR 72's [ 4 7 2 ]

IF RIL 15. 1987


Because I with 1,000 of Jesus Angels on February 6, 1987 "WITHSTOOD" these four(4) ADDITIONAL Bombs, then I have Gods anointing to do so --however it is a CHURCH DECISION if I will do so or not. So the issue of whether it happens or not is CHURCH DECISION, just as was the issue of whether I seek a job or not--which in fact SET the GAP defence this February 1987. I next noticed the time span between the #178 and the #472's. DOUBLED AND SET (A)

November 27, 1985 (#178 DANGER) - . [1 Year, 4 months] --March 30, 87 #472

DOUBLE not set

November 28, 1987 (#178 DANGER) --[1 Year, 4 Months] --March 31, 87 X742


(A) is DOUBLED & SET. When the two #472's came in both Illinois and Washington state this March 1987, the judgment potential was DOUBLED but the numbers clearly reveal that while ONE #472(four cities destroyed) is SET, the extra #472(four more US cities destroyed) is NOT SET". Right now, the Devil has set in motion events that would destroy EIGHT U.S. Cities, of these 4 are SET and cannot be spared; but 4 are not SET, it can go either way. The numbers in Illinois March 19-20, 1987 show a picture of POTENTiAL MERCY or if MERCY is not obtained then the horror of mass extermination. The choice is ours . Looking at March 19th drawing in Illinois(see page 13) tells a story in advance, it can go two ways. The #214 is a reversed #412 which means JESUS INTERVENES TO EXTEND MERCY, but reversed its means HALF MERCY, thus of 8 cities, 4 can be spared. But the March 19th #7542 in ILLINOIS is a combination of #472 and #572. The #72 means CITY. A #172 means ONE CITY DESTROYED, thus 472 means 4 CITIES DESTROYED. But #572 is a very DANGER Sign, GOD THE FATHER in 1977 spoke saying "IN 572 DAYS YOUR ENEMIES COME", ever since #572 has been associated to an all out nuclear attack on USA by Russia, followed by invasion, occupation-end of America. If we do not decide for mercy by ENDURING PRAYER and STANDING IN CHRIST • the Devil will (once the demon army gets thru) SET not only the additional 4 cities but also a 5th city -the Russian nuclear accidental attack will turn into all out war. At this point in time, all this can become a too vivid reality inside of ONE YEAR and FOUR MONTHS from a given point in time. APRIL 13, 1987. I was working on this newsletter, when Lords Over Seer of LEVELLAND BATTLE UNIT, Bobbie McLaren telephoned me. Bobbie had had a dream-vision April6th nite(same nite the the demons began forming behind the church wall.) Now keep in mind these demons bring with them the power whereby the ADDITIONAL 4 Cities can be nuked. Then Bobbie told me JESUS compelled her to call me and relate this dream(thus get it into this newsletter) BOBBIE McLAREN's APRIL 6, 1987 DREAM-VISION '1 saw our property here in Ft Payne Alabama the same as it really is. But when I went to the end of our property to the WEST, the land dropped off suddenly and became a Beach like Juno Beach Florida(near West Palm Beach Florida). I faced the Ocean on JUNO BEACH (looking WEST(pretty tricky in that Juno Beach is on the Atlantic facing EAST) Looking over the Ocean to the WEST, I heard a RIPPING NOISE of sort and saw 3 then 4 Tornado's I ran to our house warning a STORM WAS COMING, as the 4 tornado's headed our way. My mom wanted to run hide in the ditch because mobile homes don't do well against tornado's --but I said, "WE MUST STAND PAT, WE MUST STAND OUR GROUND IN CHRIST", so we did. The first tornado came up to our property and we STOOD our ground in Christ --it lifted and went over us and came back to ground destroying terribly other places. All how ran to hide in the ditches were hurt, their homes and lands destroyed and whatever the first tornado missed, the other three tornado's didn't miss, only those who STOOD THEIR GROUND IN CHRIST were untouched. " End of Bobbie McLaren's dream.



APRIL 75, 1987

FOUR 72's [ 4 7 2 ] (continued ) As I extended the parallel time chart, the date of the 1985 Colombian Volcanic explosion and iisaster(mudslides) that took 25,000 lives coincided with the March 1987 EARTHQUAKE and MUDSLIDES in Ecquador and Peru this 1987 that took 2,500 lives. Then I came on an interesting parallel, the dates the two #178's came in Illinois lottery coincided with March 30/31st. thus

November 27, 1985 #178 (I11 lottery) was parallel to March 30, 1987 November 28, 1987 #178 (Ill lottery) was parallel to March 31, 1987

It brought me to wonder what the Illinois Lottery or Washington State lottery might do; but other pressing matters took our attention and we forgot about it a week later. #THREE 'The Lottery " . JESUS taught me since 1983 how to discern and de-code many numbers into a specific meaning, whereby working with His Word, and lottery numbers we got to the place by 1985 where we could accurately project quakes, hurricanes, to the days, places even Richter intensity. Since when Lucifer/Satan moves to cause judgments, the lotteries reflect that movement of demon spirit BEFORE the events surface IN THIS WORLD. Lucifer is about driven nuts by what we can do to read 'his deadly plans' appearing in the lottery numbers, and has the driven many Christians to attack this ministry over lottery'. Why? By GODS LAW which is full of mercy, there will be signs of coming judgments BEFORE they strike; if Christians can discern the 'signs of their time', they have endless opportunity to pray, repent and prevent judgment from coming. In a simple analogy, the lottery numbers are like fresh snow, if a killer bears tracks are seen in it, heading for the nursery - you can get there with guns BEFORE the killer bear does. If you ignore the tracks or what they mean, tragedy is certain. Some of the happenings IN THE GAP I knew would reflect in the lottery but on a time-delay simply because these events happened deep IN SPIRIT, and it takes a time before they reflect in this world(lottery first). Some of these events had to be 'number identified and one I wrote to ED FELTY of the Covenant work in Indiana about was the FOUR FIRE BALLS hurled at me and 1,000 of Jesus Angels February 6, 1987 (see sketch top page 12 this newsletter), Thus I projected that these 4 Fireballs would likely appear as either a #472 or #108 and that this number would appear in the Illinois lottery sometime from March 15th to March 25, 1987. What happened was this --March 19, 1987 the #472 came in the Illinois lottery in the pick four number, then on March 20, 1987 the Illinois lottery drew #724. Then to my surprise( I did not expect it in Washington state lottery) #472 came March 30th, and on March 31st #742 came in Washington lottery. Within days of these numbers being drawn in ILLINOIS & WASHINGTON State, the largest numbers of RUSSIAN NUCLEAR MISSILE SUBS in history appeared off our EAST & WEST Coast areas on 'war-exercises'. The coincidence of the RUSSIAN "war-exercises' with nuclear armed missile subs off the America's to these versions of #472 was not missed. I re-checked our notes and found that the #472 nbr versions that came March 30/31st were directly parallel to November 27 and 28, 1985 on the time parallel chart we drew up weeks earlier. Illinois 1191 Mar 19,87 #214 #7542 Mar 20,87 # 724 #9566

Washington V7

Illinois 1985

Mar 30,87 #jZ.. ---parallel---Nov 27#178(DANGER) Mar 31,87 #742 ---parallel---Nov 28#178(DANGER)

As I pondered and prayed about these numbers several things came to light. We KNOW that 4 Russian nuclear bombs will hit USA --its decided, its inevitable, the 'church system' gave permission to the Devil when they rejected JESUS WORD & CALL to prayer in 1985. But here, we see TWO #472's and #472 is clearly identified as FQUR(4) Nuclear missiles coming at America Thus the lottery reflect two things (1) Lucifer has triggered, set in motion events that will lead to 4 US Cities being blown to bits by Russian nuclear bombs. (2) the second #472 is a broken version, meaning Lucifer has set in motion events to cause an ADDITIONAL 4 Nuclear bombs to hit USA, making it EIGHT BOMBS --however the numbers are not perfectly formed, and this means its NOT A SURE THING, it can be prevented, OR it can be let to happen.



APRIL 14, 1987

FOUR 72's [ 4 7 2 ] (continued)

rEBRUARY 6, 1987. While IN THE GAP, Jesus has me go out of the GAP to face the Beasts Army IN THE SPIRIT(before they attacked) and to take with me 1,000 of Jesus Angels. I do so. In the time I stand before the Beasts army, the Beast fires four(4) Missiles at me, they look like balls of fire that spin and throw off sparks as they spin(sketch below)


^.. :


'^' ^^


, i ,y "^ `^

^^ ' •^^' +

'^-^ '

_ _



=:" r^^

When these four balls of fire hit our Shields of Faith there is a powerful fiery explosion --only tiis time NOTHING gets

past us, we standing in Christ withstand the fires by Faith.

This event struck me odd, I almost immediately remembered the happening IN SPIRIT with NOP against the Beast February 19, 1983 --it was nearly identical except this time we totally withstood the Four Fireballs. There are a number of other events and revelations that fit in here, these are:

[ioiJ JNOVEMBER 27f, 2$ 1985. Nancy-TONI and I stopped in Batesville Arkansas to join the church there for thanksgiving dinner'. November 27th 1985 the Illinois lottery drew #178. The next day November 28th the Illlinois lottery drew #178 again. Back in late 1983 JESUS had told me that #178 would come on a thursday AND friday, and by His Word the number had a specific meaning, #178 meant "DANGER". Now Nov 27728, 1985(thursday and friday) the #178's came. Generally by JESUS Word since 1983 the #178 is associated to #246(which means Russian Missile attack from Cuba). So the danger could be generally defined as being 'nuclear war'. Furthermore, these numbers appear when demonic spirit is setting patterns and as we have seen since 1983, the number s pr eceed actual e v e n t s. But the t i m ing was uncerta i n i n 1 985. #TW Back in 1982 JESUS Word stated "SHE(the church) CANNOT TROUBLE YOU, WITHOUT TROUBLING HERS LF". In a specific situation from a given point in time(May 19, 1982) I would endure ONE YEAR & FOUR MONTHS Troubles, but at the end of it, "DEATH" fell on the source of the Trouble. In this case, the revelation pertained to 'the church system'(Flobah) but it could also apply to the church" or that part of the Elect Body of Christ in 'dead faith' or in disobedience or rebellion. From the time JESUS revealed Nancy-TONI to me (October 13, 1985), we both endured ONE YEAR & FOUR MONTHS Troubles primarily from 'accusations, condemnations, and disapproval' which tended to keep us apart or part us when we were together. That ONE YEAR FOUR MONTHS of troubles ended February 13, 1987 when Nancy-TONI and I finally re-joined, and now married. I t was when I knew I would re-join Nancy-TONI February 13, 1987 that the Holy Spirit gave me Insight to KNOW it was 'like' or 'parallel to October 13, 1985 - the time JESUS first brought me to see and identify Nancy as "TONI'. In such a parallel, things that happened Oct 13, 1985 would be like PATTERNS but the 'real' would come ONE YEAR-4 MONTHS later, February 13, 1987. In such a situation, JESUS WORD, revelations and warnings, etc of OCT 13, 1985 and on would come into clear focus FEBRUARY 13, 1987 and on. However I was unable to get any clear focus on this insight and said nothing about it after re-joining Nancy-TONI. Shortly after we married( February 28, 1987) JESUS asked us to go to RENO, Nevada, and then distinctly led us to go a certain route --now Nancy-TONI gets a Holy Spirit Insight that we are following the same route we did in October-November 1985, THUS WE WERE BEING LED TO fulfill His Word of 1985 now in 1987. Nancy's observations quickened me to remember the same Holy Spirit insight weeks earlier, we now dug out JESUS WORD to us back in October-November 1985 , drew up a parallel time chart and were amazed to see how we were being led to do the same things we did back a year and 4 months earlier and more --what Jesus told us then was now being fulfilled. I drew up a time parallelwhich started like this... ( pattern) OCTOBER 12, 1985 is parallel to FEBRUARY 12, 1987(real) (pattern) OCTOBER 13, 1985 is parallel to FEBRUARY 13, 1987 (real)


PAGE 11 FOUR 72's [ 4 7 2 ]

APRIL 14, 1987


]UNE 28 1980 contd).... Thus I dubbed that July 27, 1980 Blast-Quake under Lexington Ky he ECHO OF THE STAFF" for I knew this 'blast-quake' was truly a result of striking the Earth with the Staff. Thus it was in someway connected to the warning' - a warning of war. Past knowing this, the rest remained a mystery. FEBRUARY 19, 1983] The NET OF PRAYER was formed in a battle line against the BEAST in what I term today as being "STAGE 2-IN THE WORLD-Soul". The BEAST hurled a ball of FIRE & LIGHTNING at NOP, we withstood this with Gods Shields of Faith and when that 'fire ball' hit the shields of faith, a terrible explosion resulted and FOUR(4) Streams of FIRE got past us and burned the Earth behind us terribly. Within a matter of hours of seeing this event IN SPIRIT a vast explosion was heard over Cleveland, it shook the city and areas for hundreds of miles around and within the next days three other like blasts were heard in the Gulf areas that also shook the Earth. Since STAGE 2 IN THE WORLD-Soul is so close to Earth, what we saw IN SPIRIT was being heard and felt almost immediately by many people in areas of USA. The sketch on page 10, top left, is of this IN SPIRIT Event February 19, 1983. I will only ask you to make note that the date the Beasts demon army came thru the GAP this 1987 is the same date --as in 1983 --- FEBRUARY 19th!!! Our discernment in 1983 was clear, these 4 Streams of FIRE had to do with Nuclear Blasts --we in NOP standing in Christ withstood most of that attack but we lacked the Intercessors to stop it all --4 FIRES got past us. showed me a vision whereby Russia accidentally launched Nuclear missiles as USA, 4 warheads got thru, 4 cities were destroyed and HE showed me that one city was LEXINGTON Kentucky. GOD THE FATHER asked me to call NET OF PRAYER to pray and HE said, "PRAY. I WANT TO HAVE MERCY". At this time(not unlike now) the ministry was in financial trouble, it took me 21 days to get enough money to publish a call for prayer. GOD THE FATHER showed me a vast STORM that would engulf the South and Gulf States in the month of "SEPTEMBER" and then showed me the missile attack would come a "DECEMBER". Again, ho HE revealed months, HE did not reveal the year only the need for prayer now. SEPTEMBER 1983.1 GOD THE FATHER


Now JESUS showed me a vision with more detail, again HE showed me the missile

attack by Russia(4 cities hit) but with it, I was given to see Russia invading Iran and the US Intervening militarily, then a attack on Taiwan by Red China, North Korea invading South Korea, the Phillippines turning red(Communist takeover or bloodshed), Japan shaking(quakes) and three(3) Volcano's suddenly exploding on the West Coast of USA from California to Washington state. JULY-AUGUST 1985. JESUS sends me to LEXINGTON, Ky for 3 days to call the people to prayer, I publish a prayer call in the newspaper for 3 weeks, distribute prayer calls warning of the coming nuclear attack to every Pastor in the area, talk to Newspaper Editors, go out on the streets distributing calls to prayer. Result--No response except for 3 letters asking more information. JESUS shows me that HE is rejected by church leaders. Following the Pastors Decision in September 1985, I know the 4 missiles are now inevitable, Jesus says "THEY PREFER SATAN AS SAVIOR OVER ME'. I pray asking God to bring 4 tornado's on Lexington from the NORTH on `a' August 12th to warn of the year the bombs will fall, the Lord says He will do so. JANUARY 1987. I ask JESUS concerning whats ahead for Nancy-TONI and I. JESUS shows we a quick vision of me travelling to join Nancy-TONI in Mt Vernon, we are married, we stay a little while, we leave on the FOUNDATIONS WORK travelling over the North America's, we return to Mt Vernon a time, then leave on a prophetic work to break judgments to the extent there was 'prayer', we return to Mt Vernon, then suddenly I see 4 Nuclear Blasts, clearly see LEXINGTON Ky, either BOSTON or NEW YORK, then RICHMOND, and a 4th city to the South and West of Richmond consumed in nuclear fireballs. I ask Jesus what would be if Nancy and I do not , arry and so Jesus shows me Nancy-TONI in Mt Vernon and me in Chicago - we both seem to wilt and darkness covers the land, suddenly the Lord calls us to Himself(we are taken to Heaven) and then missiles fly, the North America's are consumed in nuclear fireballs, hundreds and more bombs explode leaving the nation a wasteland. JESUS tells me days later to leave to Join


cy-TONI going by Faith, HE will provide and HE does

APRIL 14, 1987



FOUR 72 'S

[ 4 7 2] . I. w'

Il••SL .^^^

n ^^j 1

'.t -^

^xf^ ir•

^^ 1 `'





This is a special report, one I will write a longer report on later. JESUS Word, Visions and Revelations over the years have been very detailed but our capacity to gain a full understanding was always hindered by the lack of "TONI". JESUS repeatedly told me that apart from "TONI", at best I could only partly Understand and apart from her I could NOT complete. JESUS

also stated that WITH "TONI"" what was difficult would be easy, what was mystery would suddenly be simple and what was incomplete would become complete. Nancy 'is' that "TONI" Jesus spoke of, and its been amazing recently to see how easily she does complete His Word. This article concerns itself with a host of revelations going back to 1980 that all speak of the same event, only its with Nancy-TONI that this has become evident and plain. I will share briefly some of the key revelations and events. JUNE 28, 1980.1 JESUS led me to take The Staff and prophesy NORTH of CHICAGO June 28, 1980, holding the Staff in the air prophesying a "FLAMING SWORD" to appear over the nation as a "WARNING OF COMING JUDGMENT". The "FLAMING SWORD" that came on April 12, 1981 over USA the Lord Jesus explained was "A PATTERN"--meaning another would come. By 1981 it was known that this "FLAMING SWORD" warned specifically of a coming "World War". But JESUS also had

me strike the Earth with The Staff, and when I did, I saw a power flash from The Staff and drive deep into the Earth some 15 miles below to where the "Plates" are, when that power hit the rocky plates, there was an explosion and everything deep in the Earth shook and i t shook moved. On JULY 27, 1980 an explosion surfaced under Lexington Kentucky so pow f the Earth , matter of fact the EARTH QUAKED strongly, the quake was Celt in a i+ tate radius from LEXINGTON Kentucky. Scientists were perplexed,it didn't register as a quake but it was so strong and widespread it could not be ignored. Scientists finally stated that some 'POWERFUL NOISE" from deep in the Earth surfaced under Lexignton, since people heard a powerful 'explosion' it was literally the sound wave of that blast that shook the Earth --

more than a 1,000 miles away from Lexington the shaking was felt. I recognized from the news accounts that what people heard and felt was what I saw June 28, 1980.



APRIL 13, 1987




Hobah-land is America


Hiding place of SELF

Church system of man



=• '`•` "`^ •. =7



Church-land - is America

Covenant of Love with Christ &Others Chosen Elect of Christ Plymouth



America today sprang from two seedling colonies, the first settlements in the then unexplored American continent - one was JAMESTOWN, the other was PLYMOUTH. PLYMOUTH was founded by the Puritan Christians, who claimed America for Christ, who called it the "'New Isracl, and

who lived by a Covenant of Love with Christ and with each other. When the first year brought famine and disease, Plymouth Christians prayed together, shared with each other and cared for each other. God richly blessed them, they came thru the first severe winter with little loss of life. JAMESTOWN was quite different, these sought to build a kingdom in America for the King of England but mostly were self-seeking. When the same severe winter hit Jamestown as it did hit Plymouth, it was every one for themselves, food ran short, and by spring time the first colony in Jamestown ceased to exist --everyone was dead. With a fresh influx of new settlers into Jamestown and Plymouth, these two very different colonies took root in America. Tne primary differences were this --the 'spirit' of Jamestown was one of 'building kingdoms for SELF' whereas the spirit' of Plymouth was one of 'building the kingdom of God by Christ'. When I was first taken INTO THE SPIRIT in 1981 and shown the demon broken cross formation that invaded our nation, Jesus identified the invaders land as HOBAH, (HOBAH means 'hiding place of self') and said "HOBAH IS SPIRITUALLY SATANS KINGDOM IN MY CHURCH". This 1 987 on seeing the CHURCH WALL I was struck by the fact it was a relic of the past and just a week ago the Hnly Spirit insight came whereby I understood that HOBAH is in fact

AMERICA just as THE CHURCH-land is AMERICA. In this world, we see one nation(two-Canada and United States) but IN SPIRIT, its two nations in ONE. IN SPIRIT I was seeing a spiritual manifestation of an America divided between the Light of Christ and the darkness of SELF and Satan. In the last few days I've also come to the view that the CHURCH WALL is a manifestation of the US Consititution whereby the "State and The Church" are divided some 200 years ago. I While without question the invading force is demonic, its also evident its based from HOBAH or from that segment of this nation that is "SELF-seeking". When these demons reach STAGE 3 -Earth, it will manifest in many ways. The State will move to subdue the Church in clear and evident ways that will be outright religious persecution--also Church leaders who are selfseeking or self kingdom builders will also attack and persecute Christ's Body Elect. But its more than this, its many faced, and its all within this nation - the spirit of Jamestown! Back in 1981 Jesus revealed to me a Satanic plan whereby The State under the Beast" would outright murder 1 Million Christians leaders in 24 hours to be followed by a national policy of extermination of Christians, Jews and Moslems not unlike the one put into effect by Hitler. The terrible hellish power whereby this unbelieveable nightmare could become a too vivid reality is lining up behind the CHURCH WALL readying to crash thru, to make this real. Death camps in America killing Christians?!! How could this be? My dear friends, every time you drive by an abortion clinic you drive by a mini-death camp - in every sense of the word the very 'spirit of death camps' is IN America and prospering and IS Legal. ',o in another view we are directly involved in settling an old dispute in America - whether this land is Christ's or Satan's,whether we will live under God or under the heel of a murderous despot--and we are the Christian Army Jesus has nuturted, trained, equipped, and prepared for this hour. In the covenant of Love for Jesus and each other we CANNOT fail, and

the enemy cannot succeed.

Chuck-JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI



APRI L 13, 1987

JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY-Summary(continued) How long we of JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY can delay the enemy is not known, hopefully 2 weeks, mayla month--maybe less. This newsletter is being mailed(printed) out with a wedding gift, we have little funds to work with, so this report may be the last for the next month. UNITY PRAYER is vital, by it the NOP Prayer Leaders can direct the whole NET OF PRAYER into action at the right time --thus getting out a newsletter would not be necessary, so long as we are all IN AGREEMENT with one another in oraver.





^ \ Yr Mt VERNON 8/ D




JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY will likely battle the advancing demon army to near LEVELLAND Camp, CHICAGO Camp and BATESVILLE Camp --JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY will withdraw, all Prayer Officers will re-join the BATTLE UNITS. It is our hope that by this course of prayer action, that once JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY completes its task, the NET OF PRAYER will be fully readied --now in JESUS NAME the NET OF PRAYER will be led by the prayer officers to ATTACK--again it is our hope that we do not simply STOP the demon advance but that this 1987 we CRUSH them and HURL them back from the very start, as the picture above depicts. From the time NET OF PRAYER engages the enemy army(as shown in PHASE I, of the NET OF PRAYER BATTLE PLAN, page "A" --) we will follow the battle plan of 1981. Another important point is this: From the time NOP engages the Beasts demon army it will be a race against time to destroy the 3,000 miles of demons as fast as we can. From the time these demons cross over the church wall April 14, 1987, this anti Ch ri st spirit Worm^rood will press hard to move demons thru STAGE I down into STAGE 2(see special report-Gods f w PA(,f i ) Wormwood made it clear his objective is to get INTO THE WORLD where they can hide until thei r time comes. Demons reaching STAGE 2 can only be dealt with by those who are "SEALED" and frankly it will get only harder to deal with them from here on out --our best opportunity past the GAP is here in STAGE 1-Air in the battles that start tomorrow. Every intercessor is called on to sustain and endure in a strong daily effort of prayer and supplication.

APRIL 13, 1987 The BEAST and WORMWOOD Today, IN SPIRIT I see the whole Beasts army is formed, readying to attack with all their combined might(billions strong in demons). Now on the news tonight, Gary Hart announces today that he will run for the presidency in 1988. It is a rather awesome coincidence that the Beast man of 1982(Hart) would announce his decision to run for president of USA that sai day this vast demon army is ready to attack. The Beast man I saw IN THE GAP looks different

from Gary Hart but what I saw IN THE GAP is that its not the man, its Wormwood thats the power. Until JESUS reveals more on this, I and we will be watching - right now identifying the man is of s

econdary importance. More on this in a time, as Jesus reveals. God Bless. Chuck-JOHNEL



APRIL 13, 1987

Enclosed with this newsletter is the one page (pages "A" & "B') NET OF PRAYER BATTLE PLAN. The sketches were done by Bill Weaver(Captain MASH Unit) back in 1982 and are an excellent pictorial over view of what NET OF PRAYER did in 1981-82. The general strategy this 1987 s the same, only the names of the Prayer Units have changed from 1981 to 1987. To remind: 1981 Names of Prayer Units: 1981 Assembly Areas IN SPIRIT 1987 Names of Prayer Units

Deborah PIG

Judah P/G

Gideon PIG

Joshua PIG David P G



Spring of Ha rod



Prayer Groups: Deborah Judah Gideon Elijah Dayspring Lamb of God Lively Stones Habitation 1987 Assembly Areas IN SPI RIT lBatesvi l l e Ark Level l and,Tx Mt Vernon ,WA I

Lords OverSeer's




Bobbie Mc L.


Abrams Nehemiah


Rena, Nev


David I Am



Chicago , I1


Ft Payne

Chuck-JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI

Al Egner Patty Roger & Dick Y. Augustin Sydo r What BATTLE UNITS are to pray again, taking authority in JESUS NAME , binding is plainly shown on the BATTLE PLAN PHASE I on page 6 bottom. For example, LEVELLAND BATTLE UNIT(B/U=Battle 'snit) is to pray against a spirit of "Confusion, Doubt and Unbelief". An IMPORTANT daily prayer is the UNITY PRAYER whereby all NET OF PRAYER Intercessors come into unity and agreement one with another by the Holy Spirit and by prayer. Also important to pray about is this --In 1984 JESUS gave a Word whereby HE added to the NET OF PRAYER, to each Prayer Group, 5,376 Intercessors by the Holy Spirit - we call them "IN THE SPIRIT Intercessors". These are real live Christians who ARE led by the Holy Spirit in prayer and whom JESUS has joined to the NET OF PRAYER. Furthermore JESUS assigned with each IN THE SPIRIT Intercessor 100 of His Angels -thus each prayer group has an Angelic compliment of 23,000 An g els plus those that Nancy-TONI, I and Steve-JOEL will assign to each prayer group out of those Jesus assigned to us. The "IN THE SPIRIT Intercessors" are joined to us by the Holy Spirit, but these and the Angels follow our ora er lead ---in effect every NOP intercessor is a 'oraver leader' -



In summary, April 14, 1987 when the Beasts demon army breaks thru the CHURCH WALL JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY will engage them, as they advance, to delay, hinder, harrass, and break their momentum, weaken them as we can - to give NET OF PRAYER time to pray-prepare in JESUS LOVE, to pray-repent to strip away their 'grounds and opportunity' they have gotten. Let this

be a time of intense prayer whereby the NET OF PRAYER be greatly empowered in CHRIST JESUS LOVE ever looking to JESUS. I



APRIL 13, 1987

JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY I ask every intercessor in NET OF PRAYER assembling in the base camps(MT VERNON, RENO, BATESVILLE, CHICAGO, FT PAYNE, LEVELLAND) to hold up in prayer all those who will engage the demon army at the CHURCH WALL. JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY consists of, myself-Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI, Steve-JOEL Jones, Mike Modrich, Mike Ismon, Roger Augstin, Ed Felty, Al Egner, Richard Sydor, Bobbie McLaren,Jon Bradway and Mark Greenwood. These with 12,000 of Jesus Angels and what we term "IN THE SPIRIT" Intercessors 4,200 in number --will meet the demon army after it cross the CHURCH WALL, delay, hinder, harrass, and take chunks out of the enemy as they press Eastwards into this nation from IN THE WORLD STAGE 1-(Air). In the meantime, the base camps have been assigned to 'prayer commanders' who are called to pray-prepare the NET OF PRAYER while JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY does battle. Discernment by a number ( ourselves included) reveals that the Body of Christ is 'confused and weak' --the reason is that the 'accusatory-judgmental spirit' that recently swept the Church caused this. Further, many Christians have wearied in well doing, many have become 'Self Centered" and drifted away from their covenant of Love to Jesus and Others. The trouble in the Body of Christ will reflect in NET OF PRAYER, so in this time we ask all to PRAY deeply that we ALL be strengthened in JESUS LOVE, come into unbreakable unity thru CHRIST, and by LOVE pray-repent for the sin in the Church(accusation-judgmentalism) to strip away the enemy's 'grounds and opportunity' against Gods Chosen Elect. Furthermore, the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY from the start will countermand the willful choice of some Christians who have 'loosed Satan' --as we in Christ are exercising Christs authority to "BIND" whats been l oosed, to put them on notice 'that they DO NOT have our approval, will never have it, and that we are going to stand in CHRIST til we OVERCOME them. PRAY BE LED by the HOLY SPIRIT in how you pray, for while we have a general plan, we need be open toFRLY SPIRIT directed changes. JOSHUA PRAYER ARM Y wi ll

h opefully

delay the demon advance at least 2-3 weeks, then NOP attack,,







"c r?tf

(Ph Gi ve



cna- -



VLL7a^ -Y.")


ft CON Sf; fr3)

AID) 73tR4fr•1'—


I 0

Bethel Fr pAy

MAY 12, 1987

see PRAYER NEEDS page 18

^^ p/S



APRIL 73, 1987

HIDE AND SEEK (continued)

when this special and terrible demon force marched towards us in the GAP, JESUS destroyed it ,nstantly and appeared in the GAP --every demon fell over and the spirit of antiChrist fell back, trembling in terror, the Beast-man seemed oblivous to JESUS Presence, he acted like a blind man. It was immediately after this happened, the Beast-man and Wormwood had a conference. I now share the conversation as I was given to hear it on February 13, 1987 --1 will show [W] for Wormwood or the spirit of antiChrist and [8] for the Beast-man. Quotes from pages 20 and 21 of THE GAP REPORT dated Feb 4-23, 1987. .--. — — - .— — — - — — — — [W] "We must attack full force jointly with the great one(Lucifer) immediately." (note--Wormwood has just learned that they were Tricked into believing Lucifer was attacking on the same plan as they were --they were not. The demon courier who delivered the false message was present and Wormwood was furious, the demon courier was afraid, PLEADING ignorance of what happened.) [W] "Its beloved son(Chuck-JOHNEL), he did this! We rust press the attack immediately with everything we have to broaden the way.!" [B] "But the great one(Lucifer) counsels patience, we have already given them too much($) -they will gain great sums of money!" (the Wormwood produces a bill, asks the Beast-man "What is this?" [B] "Its a $10,000 bill". (Wormwood hands the $10,000 note to the demon courier telling it to hold it up in front of itself, so the demon courier does so. With that Wormwood flashes around suddenly drawing a sword and slices thru the $10,000 bill and into the demon couriers chest, it screams and falls. Now Wormwood turns with a raging voice to the Beast-man, saying "There is NO help or armor in this paper --work to kill them!! work to kill them!!" 1B] "Why press so hard? In a time they must yield as you said, we have an advantage in a .:ime - we can wait." (W) "They will only grow stronger in time - if we wait, in a time they will come at us and drive us out of the GAP and destroy all of us. ONCE WE ARE IN THE

WORLD, we can operate freely - they cannot so easily find us or battle us there--then we can wait our time, its near." [B] "How do they do it?" [W] "God enables them." (B) "God? Do you believe in God? What does God have to do with them?(Three prophets) [W] "You fool, don't you know anything?! These ARE FROM GOD - and out of the Nazarene." [B] "Nazarene -- you mean...(Wormwood cuts the Beast man off sharply saying) [W] "YES-dont say that Name!(it means JESUS). [B] "Why thats a fairy tale, he does not exist. No one I know really believes God or the Nazarene. [W] "If they did, you would be nothing, and I would not be here but chained still in that dry place. That one named beloved son, judged me, chained me - your kind freed me - now I will destroy his precious family, tormenting and tearing them to pieces til he breaks in heart and spirit. As I butcher them, you will be glorified by men as god - you will even think that you are god..." UNQUOTE Conversation. When we engage this demon army, keep ever in mind they are FIGHTING to get PAST US, not to seek us out. The last thing they want to do is face us, they do fear us, and if they fight furiously its to get past us to HIDE "In This World" --to WAIT their time(Judgment time) as Lucifer was trying to do in 1986. Lucifers strategy has been to deny us the means($) whereby we could do the Will of God -he's accomplished this by Satan who encourages Christians to 'accuse -judge'. Wormwood has a different strategy, once he has opportunity, once he can get INTO THE WORLD, he will work to ouright murder everyone he can, as many as he can and Wormwood has his sights dead on Christians, Gods People(they are 'my precious family'). But again they FEAR US, they know we will only grow stronger in Christ in a time --the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY will battle them ,o gain NET OF PRAYER "Time" to strengthen in Christ Jesus Love, to pray to be fully prepared. If I reveal the enemy plan its so we are not ignorant of Satans plans; but more I encourage all to seek to be filled in JESUS LOVE and to wage war in the POWER OF JESUS LOVE for mercy.



APRIL 13, 1987

HIDE AND SEEK I would not lead you to lightly consider the power of this demon army mining in -- the one th we should not do is under estimate the enemy of our souls. If we do, we get lazy, careless, even indifferent and can suffer much by being caught by surprise. No, we need remain alert, ever looking to Jesus, and ready and willing to engage this enemy head-on in Gods Armor and ever obtain JESUS VICTORY over them, ever standing in Christ and not our own strengths.

But past being alert, prayerful, watching and steadfast in Christ Jesus --we should never OVER estimate the enemy of our souls. Remember this is a defeated enemy, forever defeated by Jesus Victory on the Cross and in HIS Resurrection. Then why do the demons fight so hard? Remember, they believe a LIAR, LIES --they want to believe the LIE that they can win, triumph. And in truth, if Christians do not exercise the great authority they have from Jesus Christ in prayer with supplications remaining ever watchful, prayerful -- then by indifference, unbelief, laziness, being unalert, uninformed, prayerless its Christians who literally give the enemy a victory they cannot get of themselves. What we do now is REMIND them of something they do not want to remember --THEY ARE DEFEATED! They are under Christs feet and thus ours to trample! Yes, -these hateful fallen creatures despise us, want to kill us-- in truth they are in utter terror of us, they fear us, and I've seen in too many spiritual battles that when we stand resolute in Christ, they begin to see JESUS in us, and I've seen the looks on these demon faces, the hate washes away for fear, they see HIM in us and KNOW they are beaten, they tremble and shrink back away from us. Being CHRIST-LIKE is what being a Christian is all about(it means little Christ). We should not 'act' Christ-like, we must not 'try' to be Christ-like; but rather we ought LOOK TO JESUS in all things, Trust Him, Love Him and all men, seek to be filled with sus Love and in

that very Christ Love DO and BE Christ-like, do the things Jesus did. When the woman was caught in the act of adultery, JESUS intervened, stood between her accusers and her, JESUS by LOVE backed the accusers off,HE forgave her sin, HE set her free, HE gave her life. This is what being CHRIST LIKE is all about, we cannot fake it, we cannot `act' it, but only by CHRIST LOVE dwelling in our hearts can we LOVE as JESUS did, and do what. HE did. In 1986 a sizeable demon force was about to enter INTO THIS WORLD from IN THE SPIRIT to strengthen Lucifers demons already IN THIS WORLD --they had opportunity; but prayer and support enabled Nancy-TONI to re-join me in Chicago June 1986 whereby we could now join David-JAMES Jones and go out on the prophetic work along the Gulf Coast and East Coast USA. Once Nancy-TONI joined me, we prayed, and that demon army group was now BLOCKED--Lucifer had withdrawn his demon armies to the East Coast, the only safe place left him. Hitherto since 1985 we had lacked the funding to make the trip to the East Coast and Florida, Lucifer HID his demon armies in these areas to wait for this day. Yes, they were HIDING from us and we were SEEKING them out. Because of that part of Gods People who willfully resist Mercy in favor of judgment, W e lacked the funds to cover FLORIDA and areas North of PHILADELPHIA-notably the NORTH EAST U.5.A.(Boston, New York, Vermont, New Hampsire, Mass )_ We destroyed Lucifers demons totally along the Gulf Coast, and up the East Coast stopped by want of funds at PHILADELPHIA--Lucifers demons NorthEast of PHILADELPHIA survived, also those in FLORIDA, --the recent STORMS that caused such destruction, loss of thousands of homes, and death battered exclusively that area of the NorthEast USA we could not reach in 1986. But to get a view into the mind of the enemy, during the battle IN THE GAP this February 1987 after the Beasts demon armies had accomplished a narrow breakthru(we still held 90' of the GAP's center areas) --the Holy Spirit gave me to see and over hear a conversation between the Beast-man and the spirit of antiChrist(Wormwood). Now just a short time earlier, the Beast set a special demon force in motion designed to split Nancy-TONI from me and me from her --




APRIL 13, 1987


Thus 1986 was a mixed year, where Satan/Lucifer was GIVEN opportunity to set a PATTERN for judgment they did not have. On what basis did they do it? It was a 'spirit of accusation and a judgmental spirit' manifesting in John-ANDREW that gave the enemy's of our souls opportunit, to murder and destroy. The massive loss of human life in the destructive CHERNOBYL Nuclear disaster was a direct result of the 'accusatory-judgmental sin' . What we have seen so far this year around the Jimmy Bakker issue, is identical --an accusatory and judgmental spirit-and like in 1986, it is giving the enemy of our souls deadly opportunity at a most dangerous time. Thus within Gods Laws governing judgments, the 1981 Pattern of MERCY is NOT doubled or set -and the Satanic 1986 pattern for JUDGMENT is NOT doubled or set either --so this year which is another repeat of 1981(so is 1988) WE are moving to DOUBLE & SET "MERCY" while The Beast-Lucifer/Satan are moving with equal determination to DOUBLE & SET "JUDGMENT". Thus we in Christ have OPPORTUNITY to DOUBLE & SET--also the Devil and its bunch have OPPORTUNITY to double and set. Because of LOVE, FAITHFULNESS and PRAYER we have'GROUNDS" to stand in Christ for MERCY--but also because of REBELLION & DISOBEDIENCE, PRAYERLESSNESS the enemy has "GROUNDS" to pursue JUDGMENT. In order to withstand the OPPORTUNITY & GROUNDS the enemy has for JUDGMENT we must stand resolutely in JESUS LOVE, in CHRIST JESUS VICTORY and prevail, endure against a determined and fierce enemy. We cannot stand in Law alone, for here on Gods scales, it appears things may tip away from MERCY. No, we need stand in JESUS LOVE, for we KNOW that Gods Perfect Will is that MERCY REJOICES OVER JUDGMENT! In everything we do we need keep our EYES ON JESUS, look to JESUS every moment of the day, n every trouble we face SEEK JESUS HELP, in all adversity STAND IN JESUS LOVE & VICTORY! And all important --as Jesus told Nancy-TONI(so all of us) "...LOSE NOT HOPE NOR SIGHT OF MY PROMISES - THEY ARE STILL THERE! WEARY NOT IN WELL DOING!!! " Again , "LOSE NOT HOPE... WEARY NOT IN WELL DOING".

THE IRRESISTIBLE versus THE IMMOVEABLE Within the context of Gods Law governing Judgment, this demon army is like the '"IRRESISTIBLE FORCE" and its about to meet the "IMMOVEABLE FORCE"(Net Of Prayer). However what makes the enemy an 'irresistible force' is that it has been given OPPORTUNITY and has GROUNDS. Since the sin thats given the Beast of antiChrist this edge comes from within Our Body(The Church) by 'rebellion and disobedience' --we have in Christ Jesus a way of stripping away the Beasts "GROUNDS & OPPORTUNITY". Simply, we can REPENT for the sins of our brethren taking these sins as our own, and sincerely by Love seeking Gods forgiveness. The NET OF PRAYER did this in 1 986(June) and as a consequence the 3 prophets moved in an authority in 1986 during the prophetic work that almost totally obliterated Lucifers demons present IN THE WORLD. The demon enemy that had fought us tooth and nail fiercely since the start of 1986, now fell under our feet and we demolished them with ease - they were unable

to resist us --why? The NET OF PRAYER had taken onto themselves the sins of the Church, repented, God forgave --thus the enemy no longer had either grounds or opportunity. However, even so, the prophetic work of 1986 was stopped just short of totally destroying Lucifers demons in 1986 --why? A small part of Gods People continued in willful accusation,& judgmentalism, these want nothing of love and forgiveness, they want to see judgment, they , re resolute in this. Thus Lucifers demons tho largely destroyed, a small part survived. Thus again moving by prayer and love to repent for our sins, the sin in the church body of Christ Jesus, we can strip away much of The Beasts grounds and opportunity against Gods People; but as seen in 1986, some of Gods People will continue in willfulness, to their own harm.



APRIL 13, 1987

THE ISSUE TO BE DECIDED is LIFE or DEATH In Jesus Name, I do NOT overstate that just how well we apply ourselves and understand the issue here, is in fact a Life or Death matter. Our collective discernment, from years of patterns, Jesus Word and recent erents clear that IF this Beasts demon army can succeed in its objectives as it did in by what we understand now, from a given point in time this 1987, The Beast will world nuclear war inside of ONE YEAR and FOUR Months. America alone would lose population in that war.

makes it 1981, that trigger a 90% of its

It is at this point in time(since 1985) an inevitable certainty that FOUR(4) U.S. Cities will be destroyed by an 'accidental nuclear attack by Russia. This Beast is moving in with

tremendous demon power to change that 'accidental nuclear exchange' into an all out world nuclear war. It is crystal clear that this is their purpose and objectives. { Why not send the NET OF PRAYER to fight them at the CHURCH WALL?] Nancy-TONI and I got a clear Holy Spirit Insight on this matter. FIRST, the Beast got thru the GAP for want of 1 0 "YES's" --thereby Christians literally gave them opportunity to invade. Worse yet, the

recent 'accusatory and judgmental spirit' that swept the Church(Jimmy Bakker dilema) has given this deadly enemy 'grounds' by Gods Law to come in an execute judgment on the judgers. Because the enemy of our souls has "Opportunity and Grounds" the NET OF PRAYER could not stop them at the Church Wall. Therefore JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY will battle them from the wall and fall back, taking as much of a toll of demons as possible --whilelhe main part of the NET OF PRAYER is to pray feverently for Gods Help and Strength to withstand this enemy. JESUS on April 9, 1987 lAM




DOUBLE .& SET ( Genesis 41:32 ) "AND FOR THAT THE DREAM WAS DOUBLED...TWICE; IT IS BECAUSE THE THING IS ESTABLISHED BY GOD, AND GOD WILL SHORTLY BRING IT TO PASS.' (Genesis 41:32) This 1987 Beast's demon army will follow the same route it did in 7981 for one simple reason they are moving thru GODS LAW to DOUBLE and therefore SET the judgments they sought to bring in during 1981. This Satanic judgment is not the PERFECT WILL OF GOD; but it is GODS PERMISSIVE WILL(men allow it) therefore this scripture applies. If they can DOUBLE it this 1987(doing what they did in 1981), then it will SHORTLY come to pass, become real. The PATTERNS of mercy and judgment seen in 1981 came full cycle by 1986 and we(The Church) had opportunity to DOUBLE & SET the dominant patterns of MERCY against JUDGMENTS in 1986. Back in 1981 THREE PROPHETS travelled in March 1981 to the NORTHWEST to prophesy and break Satans power to judge and did. Thus in 1986 this Ministry had THREE PROPHETS and all the work of prayer by NET OF PRAYER since late 1981 to 1985 could now be prophecied INTO THIS WORLD. But in March 1986 ONE PROPHET(John-ANDREW) disoebeyed and rebelled against the Lord Jesus. This THIRD PROPHET of the Ministry represented a 'Spirit of rebellion and disobedience' that had overtaken a THIRD of Gods People. As a consequence, instead of the Church DOUBLING & SETTING MERCY as dominant in 1986---Satan/Lucifer established a PATTERN where HARSH MERCILESS JUDGMENT would prevail and dominate. After "John-ANDREW" disobeyed and rebelled against the Lord Jesus, I was sent by the Lord to Batesville Arkansas to call "David-JAMES Jones" to replace the Third Prophet John-ANDREW. David JAMES r esponded to Jesus call, obeyed and so from June 1986 it changed towards mercy.



APRIL 13, 1987

By: Chuck-JOHNEL and Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt

c/o The Weaver's, 830 North 14th Street, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273


F ^y^


_ r rte's.

. demons begin A A

a?L ' ,

_ i







9:56 PM





CAMPAIGN MAP(battle ma I

April 6, 1987 Monday nite at 9:50PM Pacific time, the Holy Spirit gave me to see the CHURCH TALL front, first I saw Angels of God quickly working to repair the wall itself, noting that a Holy Spirit Mist covered the whole wall area . Then looking over the wall West towards HOBAH-land, I clearly saw demons appearing one by one on the other side. The 'campaign map' above shows an over-head view, the black dots are the demons appearing on the other side of the CHURCH WALL, they are quickly forming up the Beasts demon army. By JESUS WORD they will be fully formed into a densely packed formation some 3OU miles wide, thousands of miles long Dy APRIL 13, 1987 and they will attack in force thru the CHURCH WALL April 14, 1987. Just days before seeing this, I was led to draw a 'campaign map'(above partially) and to estimate the approximate location the demon army would enter parallel to areas on the West Coast. The Beasts army will attack thru the CHURCH WALL thru what I term "STAGE 1-Air", a place IN SPIRIT & IN THIS WORLD above what we know as the State of OREGON. Unlike in 1981, this 1987 we are on the scene BEFORE they invade. In 1981 the NET OF PRAYER engaged the demon army in spiritual warfare AFTER they came thru the CHURCH WALL and AFTER the Beasts demon army had advanced 3,000 miles Eastwards into our nation. This 1987, when on April 14th the demon army attacks, a special assembly of NOP Prayer Officers, Intercessors and Jesus Angels (called JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY) will engage the attacking demon army April 14th and fight a delaying action - to slow, hinder, and tear up as much of the demon army as aossible BEFORE the whole NET OF PRAYER engages them in force. In the time JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY gains NET OF PRAYER, all NOP Intercessors assigned to assembly areas and camps--REND Battle Unit, Mt Vernon Battle Unit, Batesville Battle Unit, Levelland Battle Unit, Chicago Battle Unit and Israel Prayer Support Unit in Ft Payne are to pray to be prepared to meet the oncoming Beasts Army, and to STOP it dead in its tracks, and then hurl them back out and destroy them totally. The purpose of this special newsletter is to inform every intercessors as fully as we can, and to motivate each of you to un derstand that we need give it all we have, stand in Christ!


KEY DAILY PRAYER(pray many times) "Father, in Jesus Name, give us victory!" [**Note** The November 1, 1986 NOP PRAYER SHEET is 'Not" discont...

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