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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003

The GARBAGE CAN AWARD is for those movies that richly deserve this classification. The best thing to do with these movies is toss `em, or better yet, never see them to spare yourself a generally bad experience (to say the least). Some we have seen (regretfully) and others we knew better than to see from the movie previews.

Ouotin Mel Gibson on Seatember 9 and 11.2 4 In the 2003 World Net , dated September 9, 2003 Mel Gibson said he has found himself caught up in a huge conflict between "big realms that are warring and battling. You stick your head up and you get knocked." he said, "I didn't realize it would be

so vicious. The acts against this film started early. There is vehement anti-Christian sentiment out there and they don't want it." (His movie, "PASSION.") ...As proof of his desire to avoid confrontation, Gibson cited his decision to cut a scene in which Caiaphas says "his blood be on us and on our children"soon after Pontius Pilate washes his hands of the captive Christ. Gibson said, "I wanted it in.,.My brother said I was wimping out if I didn't include it. But, man, if I included that in there, they'd be coming after me at my house. They'd come to kill me."

In an article about Mel Gibson's upcoming movie "PASSION" this writer for 2003 World Net, Joseph Farah writes (quote), "...To the charges of anti-Semitism, Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League told the New Yorker he does not believe either Gibson or the film is anti-Semitic. His fear, he said, is what viewers will take away from the movie and how they will interpret it. Foxman said, "The film can fuel, trigger, stimulate, induce, rationalize, legitimize anti-Semitism... You know, the Gospels, if taken literally, can be very damaging, in the same way if you take the Old Testament literally. "(Unquote) The article went on to say, (Quote) "Gibson went so far as to build his own chapel in the hills near his home. While he takes his own faith seriously, he's surprised by the criticism of the expression of that faith. Gibson said, "1 didn't realize it would be so vicious." he says. "The acts against this film started early. As soon as I announced I was doing it, it was `This dangerous thing.' There is vehement anti-Christian sentiment out there, and they don't want it. Its vicious. I mean, I think we're just seeing a little part of the problem, we're just the meat in the sandwich here. There's huge things out there, and they're belting it out - we don't see this stuff. Imagine: There's a huge war raging, and it's over us! This is the weird thing. I don't understand it. We're a bunch of d—heads and idiots and failures and creeps. But we're called to the divine, we're called to be better than our nature would have us be." (Unquote)

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003

Movie Title: "TIME CHANGER" Color, 2001. On DVD/VCR. 99 Minutes. Rated PG for: thematic elements. Five and Two pictures. a

Starring: D. David Morin, Gavin McLe o d, Hal Linden, Richard Riehle, Jennifer O'Neil and Paul Rodriguez. This story takes place in the 1890's where a Professor of Bible/Science, Russell Carlisle, to obtain an endorsement for his new manuscript from the Grace Bible Semina ry must first travel over 100 years into the future to experience first hand the impact his beliefs will have on the nation. a ^` -^.

This is a movie made by Christians that works and JE SUS' Name is heard from sta rt to finish - really refreshing and actually interesting to watch. It touched us and it will touch you if you love Jesus. Movie Title: "AMEN" Color, 2002. On DVDIVCR. 2 Hours 10 Minutes. Rated Youth Restricted Viewing. Starring: Mathieu Kassovitz, Ulrich Tukur and Ulrich Muhe. Story line: During the time of World War II, a German officer and a young Catholic priest race to put an end to the mass slaughter of Jews. This movie conies off as being a docudrama as it depicts the Nazi's "final solution" or the mass murder of Jews in Europe at death camps. What turned me off at the start was the description of how the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church cooperated with the Nazi's in the murder of the Jews - a thing which I know for a fact is completely false and is an outright lie. What got my notice was that this was an anti-Catholic and anti-Christian movie and it was notably skillful and subtle in its blending of truth with lies. If I was not acutely aware of the truth of events in that time period I could have been easily misled. While the film makers did not make the claim that this movie was based on fact or historic truth they most certainly presented it in such a way as to give that impression. Even the description of Jews on the cover box is notable - they are referred to as " Jewish prisoners" not "Jewish victims" or "Jewish people". What do I mean? To call them "Jewish

prisoners" is to imply that they are criminals thus deserving of what happened to them. At the same time they accuse Roman Catholics/Christians of complicity with the Nazi's murder of Jews. They also make statements that suggest to me that the writer is anti-Semitic at the same time.

Point in fact: In this movie a Catholic priest who is trying to save the Jews goes to see the Pope Pius XII who promises to speak of the plight of the Jews in his Christmas address of 1942. The movie shows the priest listening intensely to the Pope's Christmas radio address

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The Staff and Sword M inistry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003

Movie Title: "AMEN"(Chuck- JOHNEL's commentary continued ) and then being crest fallen when the Pope mentions nothing about the Jews. Oh how the betrayal by the Pope and his obvious cooperation with the Nazi's flashes across the screen. The Priest is so distraught that he volunteers to go to a Nazi concentration camp to die in the gas chambers (the Nazi's are happy to oblige him) as a protest to the Pope's complicity with the Nazi's. This is the LIE the movie producers would have you believe. Most Christians have little knowledge of what was going on during World War II and most certainly no knowledge into Pope Pius XII's Christmas message broadcast on radio in 1942. However, I do. THE TRUTH: Pope Pius XII in his 1942 Christmas message openly sympathized with the Jews saying, (Quote) "those persons who, through no fault of their own and by the

single fact of their nationality or race, have been condemned to death or for progressive extinction." (Unquote) I read this in the book, "Christianity On Trail" last year which goes on to state: (quote Pages 129-130) "The reaction of the Nazi's has been described by Ronald Rychlak, "Mussolini.. .was greatly angered by the speech. The German ambassador to the Vatican complained that Pius had abandoned any pretense at neutrality and was "clearly speaking on behalf of the Jews." An official Nazi report stated, "In a manner never known before the Pope has repudiated that national Socialists' New European Order. His speech is one long attack on everything we stand for.. .God he says, regards all people and races as worthy of the same consideration. Here he is clearly speaking on behalf on the Jews...He is virtually accusing the German people of injustice towards the Jews, and makes himself the mouthpiece of the Jewish war criminals." (Unquote) What the movie "AMEN" portrays is the diametric opposite of what really happened. It is so far out of line with the truth that it is an obvious, calculated and deliberate lie, a gross and bold deception aiming to accuse and judge Christians as being responsible for the murder of the Jews in Nazi Germany when point in fact it was Christians (Roman Catholic and Protestants both) who acted in such a way as to save hundreds of thousands of Jews from certain death and they did so risking their lives (and many were executed by the Nazi's for doing so).

THIS IS A NEW TREND OUT OF HOLLYWOOD In past years Hollywood has filled movie scripts with constant and sometimes subtle i mplications that Christians are criminals and evil doers. In the past several years the Hollywood "suggestion" is that the solution to the "Christian problem" is mass murder. This is why you will find a Hollywood that is "friendly to Islam" because they know Islam wants to murder Chrsitians - they have that desire in common so they promote Islam and avoid connecting them with any wrong doing. Weird thing is that "if' Islam were to gain

The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

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October 30, 2003

THIS IS A NEW TREND OUT OF HOLLYWOOD (continued) power in America the very first people they'd kill are the very Marxistlliberalswho make these movies. In any event....

HOLLYWOOD is RE-WRITING HISTORY What is a new trend is that the anti-Christ, anti-Christian forces out of Hollywood are becoming very bold, very up front and obvious as to their agenda and intentions. The "new trend" that is "in yyou our face" is visible in the movie "MAJESTIC" and the more recent just reviewed, "AMEN" - these Hollywood denizens are now actively REWRITING HISTORY on a scale that dwarfs anything done in the past. We are now hearing about a TV miniseries being put out by CBS this November about President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan. Just from some of the script it is obvious that this production is full of deliberate lies and works to misrepresent President Reagan big time. If CBS had not been called down for doing it, the whole nation would have been exposed to a pack of lies and a rewrite of American history to defame one of America's greatest Presidents. Even now I wonder if CBS will correct the problems or to what extent.

Movie Title: "MYSTIC RIVER" Color, 2003. In THEATER. Rated R for Language

and Violence. *) Starring: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, with Kevin Bacon and Laurence Fishburne, directed by Clint Eastwood. Because of the intense anti-American, pro-Saddam Hussein and anti-war (during the war) stance of both Sean Penn and Tim Robbins I wouldn't see one of their films if you paid me big money to do so. Because these actors have leading roles in this film I show it as 3 pitchforks.

Movie Title: "INTOLERABLE CRUELTY" Color, 2003. 1 Hour 40 Minutes. In THEATER. Rated P0-13 (sexual content, language, brief violence.) \4

\ Starring : George Clooney and Catherine ZetaJones. This is an unsavory story that not only encourages bad behavior but celebrates it.

Again, George Clooney's vapid anti-Americanism makes him so distasteful to us that we cannot bear to watch him act.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003

Movie Title: "THE RUNDOWN" Color, 2003.2 Hours. In THEATER. Rated PG-13 (for Violence.) Starring: The Rock, Sean Williams Scott and Christopher Walken. Sto ry line: When a young man from a powerful family, goes off in search of a gold mine in the Amazon, his father sends a mercenary to retrieve him. Despite their hostility, the two must join forces to fight the evil head of a gold mining company.

The plot is predictable and it is the usual actioner. It looks like The Rock, a body builderlwestler, is following in the footsteps of Arnold S. - only he can actually act. A rn old has a cameo appearance at the start of the film. Movie Title: "ORDINARY SINNER" Color, 2003. On DVD/VCR. Rated Youth

Restricted Viewing. Starring: Brendan Hines, A. Ma rt inez. Story line: A young cleric struggling with his faith must overcome bigotry against homosexuals in a small town while attempting to solve the murder of his friend. This is a Christian production, however it was so slow, plodding and uninteresting thus we tu rn ed it off half way into the movie. o

Movie Title: "LUTHER" Color, 2003.2 Hours, 20 Minutes. In THEATERS recently.

Rated PG-13 for Violence, Subject matter. Starring: Joseph Fiennes. This is a movie about the life and times of Ma rt in Luther who founded the Lutheran Church some 600 years ago. We had seen an earlier movie version of Luther's life some months ago and the previews made it clear .


that this movie was more or less the same thing. Film critics stated that it presented no new information not already filmed. If you are interested it is probably wo rt h seeing, but we

didn't see it (it stayed in the Theaters only a week then was gone). Movie Title:

"COLD CREEK MANOR" Color, 2003. 2 Hours, 15 Minutes.


DVDIVCR soon. Rated R for Violence, Subject matter, Language. ^^ r

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, and Stephen Dorff. Story line: An Urban couple and their son and daughter move to a recently repossessed mansion in the count ry side. Their ideal family life is threatened when the original owner (continued next page) is released from jail and will do anything to get it back.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003

Movie Title: "COLD CREEK MANOR" (continued) The previews gave one the impression that this was a "mystery" but the plot was so transparent Nancy-TO NI I guessed "who" the killer was in the first few minutes of the film - and she had it right, but even I could figure that out. This film is not worth seeing. Color, 2003. 2 Hours, 10 Minutes. On Movie Title: "MATCHSTICK MEN" DVD/VCR. Rated PG- 13 for Adult Situation, Language. Starring: Nicholas Cage, Sam Rockwell, Alison Lohman. Plot configuration: This is a story about a phobic con man whose teenage daughter re-enters his life just when he and his partner are about to pull off a big score. We didn't see this movie but we did see the previews and any movie that glorifies stealing and deception (as this does) and then ends by showing those who are honest and moral as being "suckers" is more than enough to say - no way! Movie Title: "MAJESTIC" Color, 2003. On DVDIVCR.


Starring: Jim Carrey. On Pages 11-12 of the enclosed "We Get Letters" is a letter from Jeb R. who saw this movie and liked it and so we promised to review it and make appropriate comments. We rented this movie and watched it some nights ago. I made notes as we got through this movie. The story of a Hollywood B' Movie writer (played by Jim Carrey) being accused of being a Communist by the House Committee of Un-American Activities is the centerpiece of this flick. He is blacklisted in Hollywood (fired), ostracized by his peers or fellow Hollywood types, gets drunk, drives off a bridge and survives but loses his memory. He is taken in by a town that suffered heavy loses in World War II and is mistaken for a dead war hero.

"window dressing" We recognized that the storyline about the Hollywood writer losing his memory and finding a life in this town was well crafted "window dressing" for the main cinematic theme which portrays the U.S. Government and specifically the Congressional House of Un-American Activities Committee (H.U.A.C.) and the F.B.I. as being tyrants; more, they are shown as being despicable, arrogant and a threat to freedom. Most Americans have little knowledge of that time back in the 1950's when H.U.A.C. was doing its business trying to protect the American people against Communism. This movie is a complete re-write of that history, everything is upside down and it is a well organized, subtle and not subtle lie and gross deception. The lies portrayed in this film are so

Page MS Movie Title:

The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 30, 2003 "MAJESTIC" uc s commentar y continued) outrageous that any semblance to truth vaporizes. Those watching it are being re-educated in lies and systematically deceived. At a certain point we were incredulous at the level of lying and outright falsehoods being made from frame to frame in this film.

When Jim Carrey's character has been fired from his Hollywood job and his girlfriend quit him all because he once attended a Communist Party meeting in his college years and now faces being brought before the Congressional Committee and possible jail time - he goes out and gets drunk. While telling his woes to a sympathetic bartender Carrey comments about J. Edgar Hoover (chief of the F.B.Z.) and the bartender states, "I wouldn't know him J. Edgar Hoover) if he came in here wearing a dress." Some years after J. Edgar Hoover died stories began to circulate that Hoover was a secret cross dresser and liked to wear women's dresses/clothing. I heard ofthese reports but didn't know one way or another if it was true. Then I listened to G. Gordon Liddy on radio one day, who talked about Hoover, and knew him personally, who unequivocally stated that these were all lies generated by Marxist-liberals to sully his reputation, to demean this honorable and morally upright man who effectively defended America against some of its most dangerous enemies. Communists hated Hoover because they feared him, so now they worked to destroy his good name in this way. From the get-go in this movie they begin with a subtle but false statement about J. Edgar Hoover. They are working to lay ground work for future assaults on truth in each of us this is the tactic being employed at this point. How does this work? You watch this movie but you don't really catch this subtle inference but it does register in your subconscious. In the next movie you see they may state it again in a subtle way one more falsehood planted in your subconscious mind. Then one day you will hear some Liberal say that Hoover was a cross dresser, a complete hypocrite - this lie will resonate within you because of the previous subconscious plants, you will "some how" remember that you have heard this before but can't remember where, thus you will come to believe it is true.

Here is a clip out of Ann Coulter's book "TREASON " where she covers part of what happened back at that time, you may find the truth to be interesting in contrast to what is portrayed in the movie "Majestic." (Quote Page 78-79) "it is no surprise that the fear of "McCarthyism" comes from Hollywood. Only the movie industry could produce that level of womanly hysteria. Hollywood drama queens told deranged lies about their torment - and their guilt - while adults tried to hold hearings into a serious matter. Whittaker Chambers (a former Communist who turned away from Communism) said of HCJAC, "I watch the Committee's members behave with conspicuous patience and composure in the face of repeated, insolent provocations that no body of men

Page M9 Movie Title:

The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews October 3 0 , 2003 y uc s eommentar continued

cote from Pages 78-79 from the book "TREASON" continued) in civil life would have endured." Indeed, the frothing ideological rants of the Hollywood Ten drove away such stars as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Danny Kaye, and Gene Kelly, who had flow to Washington to support - as they thought - free speech. Not realizing "free speech" was a fig leaf for Communism. John Garfield genially proposed, "Why doesn 't Congress make it illegal to belong to the Communist Part and clear the whole thing up?" After one day of watching John Howard Lawson rant at the committee, screaming that the congressmen were Nazis, predicting concentration camps in America, and generally "sounding like Pravada" (The main Soviet Communist Newspaper), before having to be physically dragged away. The Hollywood delegation of stars left, humiliated. Bogart later called the trip to Washington, "Ill-advised, even foolish. "Bacall said, "We were so naive it was ridiculous. "

Soviet Communist Leader Joseph Stalin was involved! ... Apparently on orders from Joseph Stalin (the Soviet Communist dictator), as Michael J. Ybarra reports in The New Republic, the Hollywood Ten refused to answer the committee's questions..." (Unquote) Chuck- JORNEL's Commentary; I' m 62 years old today but I still remember watching

the black and white TV of those hearings in Washington, DC in the 1950s and remember the violent antics of the Hollywood types brought before the Congressional Committee. They screamed at the Congressmen, insulted them and deservedly earned contempt of Congress citations and went to prison for it - their behavior was outrageous and that was obvious even to me who did not fully understand at the time all that was transpiring. What I would like to note about the movie "MAJESTIC" is that it shows the Congressmen as being violent, accusatory, threatening towards the Hollywood type which is exactly opposite of what really happened in the I950's. As we watched the movie, the showcase part was ok, Carrey is accepted as a dead war

hero somehow returned and is welcomed to the community of Americans. But the evil (and they are shown as being evil) Congressmen are hot on his trail - why didn't he show for the HUAC meeting? A little man is shown sitting behind a massive desk and in a massive high backed chair - he gave the impression of being a Nazi type, a cruel and evil man working to destroy the Carrey character as being the "most dangerous Communist in America." That is plainly ridiculous since Carrey was only a "B" rated movie writer - not exactly mainstream, not even remotely. The movie moves onto its objective: Movies have agendas, they are written and produced

Pa.Lre M10

Movie Title:

The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews s commen

October 30, 2003

The movie moves onto its objective: continued for a variety of reasons - some like to entertain, some like to inform and educate, and most these days work to re-write history and deceive on a massive scale presenting lies as truth and truth as lies. This movie, "Majestic" falls into this latter category - a deliberate deception, a contrived set of circumstances to present lies as if they are truth, The WINDOW DRESSING comes to a conclusion when the character played by Jim Carrey regains his memory and realizes that he is not the former war hero but is the blacklisted Hollywood writer of `B" movies. He is walking across the street of"hometown USA" with all the people around him when something happens.... There is a roar, thunder, the earth trembles and suddenly on the scene comes motorcycle cops escorting four federal auto's containing about twelve F.B.I. agents who swoop down on Carrey to serve him a subpoena. This scene is quite dramatic and reminded me of World War II movies showing invading Nazi troops arriving in helpless villages. These World War II scenes begin with the rumble roar of engines disrupting the peaceful village scene and the earth-shaking arrival of brutal Nazi storm troopers. I didn't mistaken the intent of the film makers, they were portraying the Congress and F.B.I. in the 1950's as being like Nazi storm troopers. This is what the Communists brought before Congress did in the 1950s, they accused the Congressmen as being Nazi's - now 50 some years later these film makers do the same. True enough some younger Americans would not make the association to the Nazi's but in the way they are portrayed most WILL see them (Congress and F.B.I.) as being evil and tyrannical. The next to final big scene is the confrontation between Carrey (playing Peter Appleton a purely fictional character) and the evil Congressmen (HUAC) in the hearing room. One Congressman in particular is brutal, attacking Carrey and shouting at him with one false accusation after another. The HUAC gives Appleton (Carrey) a list of names who they want him to identify as Communists but he does not know them. Carrey's lawyer advises him to go along with the committee saying, "It is all a game, but it is their game. You play by their rules or they will destroy you. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution are just pieces of paper that are constantly being renegotiated. Just tell them what they want to hear. " The lawyer then states that this whole Committee hearing is just a "witch hunt. " The two nearby F.B.I. agents (why they'd be in this committee meeting I can't imagine) look like two Gestapo or Nazi agents.

October 30, 2003 The Staff and Sw ord Ministry-Movie Reviews commentary continued 'Movie Title: ' MAJESTIC:"

Page Ml l

One of the final comments in this movie was that one could be a Communist and still be a patriot. Really? Point in fact - during World War II when Hitler's Nazi Germany was allied with Stalin's Communist Soviet Union this happened: German bombers attacked three British factories that made aircraft - one was destroyed, one was badly damaged to where the workers were moved to another factory in a nearby town and one factory was lightly damaged and continued to work. British Communists living in England were asked by Stalin's people to go to these factories and see what happened (keep in mind the Germans did not know how effective their bombing runs had been). The British Communists went to the factory sites and reported back to Moscow their condition, Stalin passed on this information to the Germans who sent bombers to finish the damaged factory and re-directed German bombers to the town where the workers had been moved. This is just how Communists show their patriotism to their homeland - they readily betrayed their country and fellow Brits to death on behalf of the Communist party. KEEP IN MIND that in the 1950's the Rosenberg's had been tried and executed for betraying America's secrets (the atomic bomb) to Stalin - they were American Communists working inside the U.S. government. The House of UnAmerican Activity Committee of Congress and the Senate led by Senator Joseph McCarthy were investigating the extent of Communist penetration of the U.S. Government and entertainment industry (Hollywood) because of the serious dangers to national security they posed. WAS JOSEPH STALIN REALLY INVOLVED WITH HOLLYWOOD? When the Hollywood Ten (10 Hollywood screen writers as I remember) were called before the House of UnAmerican Activities Congressional Committee Joseph Stalin issued orders to these ten communists that they were not to cooperate but were to disrupt the committee in any way they could. Here is an interesting side note - Joseph Stalin actually sent a team of murderers to kill John Wayne. Why? He was an American patriot, a moral man, and an excellent example to the young people of America. The Communist writers in Hollywood were working to debase America, corrupt our morals and to turn Americans against their own country. John Wayne was having too much of a positive effect - so Stalin tried to have him murdered. His killers couldn't get close enough to murder Wayne and had to give up. This movie, "MAJESTIC", is a Communist propaganda piece pure and simple. The "window dressing part" (the romance part) which most everyone enjoys is the sugar coating of this poison pill. This is why I've added four pitchforks to the garbage can award. C-J. ir

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

October 31, 2003

Movie Title: "HULK" Color, 2003.2 Hours, 18 Minutes. On DVDIV CR. Rated PG-13 for SciFi Action Violence, some disturbing images and partial nudity. Universal Film. Starring: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Eliott, Josh Lucas, and Nick Nolte. Story line: After a freak lab accident unleashes a genetically enhanced, i mpossibly strong creature which the world tries to stop. Well, we gave in - enough asked us to review this movie that we rented it and watched it. We were only surprised in that this was a fairly serious work (or a serious attempt to be serious about the improbable) and was much more adult fare than child fare (who would not understand the complex inter-personal issues). The plot was pretty much two dimensional, the acting was ok and the special effects were impressive. There was an anti-religious statement made in the movie that was way out of place, but then again it is Hollywood - they can't help but to take a shot at God and believers anywhere and everywhere. That earns this movie half a pitch fork. Nick Nolte plays the green monster's father but it is a dysfunctional family at best and green man's dad is a maniac killer - not exactly the role model one would like for our kids. That earns another half pitch fork (thus one whole pitch fork now). Lots of violence, definitely not for young children and a maybe for children a little older. An adult might find it entertaining so I will give it one worth seeing - conditionally. This movie is also pointless - the green guy needs a heavy duty course on anger management. Lastly, if this was made for children it is wholly inappropriate - if for adults, it falls short of the mark of adult entertainment - it is in a sort of no man's land category.

Movie Title: "HOLES" Color, 2003.2 Hours. On DVDIVCR. Rated PG-13 Starring: Sigourney Weaver. We saw this movie expecting a comedy and found ourselves in a prison movie - with Sigourney as the warden, a cruel one, and the inmates being pre-teen age boys located in the middle of a desert. The previews totally misrepresented what this movie was about. The "holes" were holes in the desert floor left by child-inmates who were forced to dig daily to look for a lost treasure. I will give this movie one worth seeing and that is being generous.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

November 1, 2003

Movie Title: "HANGMAN'S CURSE" Color, 2003. 1 Hours, 50 Minutes. Coming to DVD/VCR. Rated PG for Violence and Brief Drug use. Starring: David Keith, Mel Harris. Filmed locally in Spokane in such places as Riverside Park and Rogers High School this film is based on the book by best selling Christian Author Frank Peretti. The story centers on a highly trained investigative team which is recruited by the FBI to go undercover in a small town school to investigate a bizarre case where school bullies are becoming deathly ill. Although it had an underlining Christian theme (not counting a suicide) it did not leave us with any lasting impressions whereby we might like it, thus recommend it. Teenagers may get more out of it.

Color, 2003. 2 Hours. Coming to Movie Title: "SECONDHAND LIONS" DVD/VCR. Rated PC-13 for Adult situation, Violence. Starring: Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, and Haley ° Joel Osment. Plot Configuration: Set in 1960's Texas, this is the story of a timid teenager forced to spend the summer with his eccentric great uncles on their farm. Once there he learns of their mysterious pasts. °a

• bD jo

This movie has no spiritual value whatsoever and falls more in the category of an adventure fantasy. Nonetheless the characters and acting by Duvall, Caine and Osment are a winning combination. This movie has heart and holds swashbuckling surprises we didn't expect (the previews were very inadequate). We enjoyed it and recommend it as a night's ente rt ainment.

Movie Title: "GOOD BOY!" Color, 2003. 1 Hour, 27 Minutes. Coming to DVD/VCR. Rated PG- 13 for mild crude humor. ^, J

Starring: Liam Aiken, voices of Matthew ° Q Broderick, Brittany Murphy, Delta Burke. Story Line: Dogs came from outer space and are invaders sent eons ago to seize control of Earth. They did fine as infiltrators, but discovered that life in the doghouse is a cushy gig. A scout is sent from the home plant to check on their progress to learn they have forgotten their conquest business. We did not have the opportunity to see this film but the reviews speak well of it as a child's movie and from the previews it may be ok for adults too. We will probably see it on DVD when it comes out but for now will give it 2-1/2 worth seeing.

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The 5#aff Staff and and S^vnrd Sword Ministry-Movie Ministry-Mo^^ie Reviews Reviews

November 2,2,2003 ^a^e^i^ber 203

Movie Title: "WHALE RIDER" Color, 2003. 20 3. 11 Hour, Hour, 45 45 Minutes. Minutes. Coming Coming to DVDIVCR. Rated RatedPG-13 PG- 13for DVDIVCR. reference. forbrief brief language language and and momentary drug reference. Starring: Keisha Castle-Huges, Rawiri Paratene, Vicki ao

^ aa .

Houghton, Cliff Curtis. Haughton, Curtis. Story Story line: line: The Thec^lie^ chief of a native island culture begins a search for a new leader who will one day replace him. him, but is is blind blind to to his his granddaughter, granddaughter, who whoisisaanatural naturaland andgifted gifteddeader, leader, because she Uecause she is is aa "girl." The acting is great, nature nature scenes scenes equally equally pz-etty pretty but butititspeaks speaksof of and and upholds upholds aa pagan pagan culture/religion and though though itit is is an an interesting interesting (if (if not not predictable} predictable) story sto ryitself cutturelreligion itselflacks lackslife, life,and. and at the same time it can be be ma^ing moving (from (fromaastrictly strictlyhuman humanemotion emotionpoint pointo^ ofview}. view).

lYlvvie Title: "D^CKIE Movie Title: "DICKIE RQBERTS: ROBERTS:FARMER FORMERCHILD CHILD STAR" STAR" Color, 2Q03, Color, 2003. 11 Hour, 39 39 Minutes. Minutes. Coming Coming to to DVDIVCR. DVDIVCR.Rated RatedPG-13 Haar, PG- 13far forcrude crudeand andsex sexrebated related humor, humor, language, drug references.


Staining: David Spade. Story line: A former child TV star Starring: moves in with an average family in search of the childhood he never had.

We didn't see Phis ^r^a^ie- frankly, -fra y-^kly,we this movie wedidn't didn'twant wanttotospend spendthe theprice priceof ofaaticket ticketto towatch watch it, maybe when when itit is is on on DVDIVCR DVDIVCR--maybe. maybe. This This movie ma^ie seems seems to to especially especiallyattract attract7-10 7-Iti year old boys because it is bath both goofy, silly and is said to be warmhearted. Sight unseen and based on movie reviews would give it one worth seeing, guardedly.

Movie Title: "LEWTS "LEWIS AND AND CLARK; CLARK • GREAT GREAT J^LrRNEY JOURNEYWEST" WEST"Color, Color,2Q43. 2003. 42 A big-screenIMAX IMAXi1^1^^ie. Movie. Rated G. G. 4Z Minutes. Abig-screen o Q

4 a

This TMAY IMAX movie rno^iecondenses condenses the the three three year year Lewis Lewis and and Clark expedition into 42 minutes minutes ..The The movie movie critic Jim Kershner a^'the of the Spokesman Review says, (Quote) (puote}

"What this film does, zt it does does beautifully. beautifully. Historic Hi^taric fact fact takes takes precedence precedence in in this this National National Geographic production. While actors play the members of the parts, thankfully they mast most keep their mouths shut as as 3eff Jeff Bridges narrates the bulk bulk of of the the story. story. Director Director Bruce Bruce Neibaur does Neibaur does an an^xceptianal exceptionaljob jobofofcapturing capturingthethe glozy glory and and scope scope of of thethe 'L^V^est, West, making making the the (viewer) feel as if they (viewer} they are are part part of ofthe theexpedi^ian." expedition."^Unqun^e} (Unquote) We didn't see it but b^lie^e believe it would be worth seeing if you have tthe ie opportunity (we didn't). didn't}.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

November 2, 2003

Movie Title: "SCHOOL OF ROCK"

Color, 2003. 1 Hour, 12 Minutes. In THEATER.. Rated PG-13 for crude and sex related humor, language, drug references. Starring: Jack Black. Story line: A rock band failure takes a gig at a local High School impersonating a substituteteacher and ends up teaching his class about Rock music and then forms a rock band out of the middle graders. o





Strangely, I found this to be entertaining although one would not expect it to be that. As a teacher he was considerate of each child, he supported and encouraged them - there was something warming about this. Offensive moment: he leads the pre-teen rock band in a prayer to the "god of rock". I knew/know nothing about the various rock bands mentioned thus not bothered (ignorance in this case can be bliss) but Nancy-TONI was aware of what they were and so she was not blissful about that part. V2 pitchfork for rebellion. A strange movie in that while I can find reasons to dislike it, but it was also a bit charming and moved along well, entertaining. 2 worth seeing if you are not offended by rock music.

CAN'T COMMENT ON THESE MOVIES WE DIDN'T SEE THEM NOR PLAN TO: Movie Title: "IN THE CUT" (sound depressing) Movie Title: "BEYOND BORDERS" (has bad reviews by critics) Movie Title: "LOST IN TRANSLATION" (Bill Murray is said to do well in this movie

that is supposed to be funny (?) Movie Title: "RUINAWAY JURY" (about corruption in the court system and all sorts of

underworld activity) -Can't anyone in Hollywood come up with some fresh ideas for movie stories?

A GENERAL IMPRESSION JESUS does not require that we see every movie but only those He directs us to watch, so many movies are not seen for a variety of reasons. Now and then we will watch a movie to give you our review of it. Presently, we have seen three weekends come and go without a new movie coming to the big silver screen that is worth watching. Some of these new movies are so vile one can hardly mention them and yet the news media is heralding them as if they were "Oscar quality" or the most wonderful productions seen in many years (when they are some of the worse movies made in years). Unbelievable.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry-Movie Reviews

November 2, 2003





GUARDING YOUR HEART : If you like to see movies be very careful about what you do see, be more selective and careful in your choices. Movies are a very powerful medium and this because we have God's "imaging capability" built into us. That means we are made to communicate primarily through pictures - so images have real power in us. When we place movies in the garbage can section or give them devil forks it is because we recognize that the images in those films can or are designed to do injury to your soul life. If your hea rt is corrupted or tainted by the movies you see the consequences can be horrific later in life. Some movies can bless us, encourage us, lift us, delight us and generally make our day, while others can poison our thought-life, trouble our thoughts, injure our soul, and taint our heart to where our communion with God is hindered or blocked. This is why we write reviews of most of these movies (some are so obvious we don't need to see them to know that they are bad news) - to the ends of giving you a "head's up" from a prophet's perspective. Movie Title: "UNDERWORLD" Rated R for Violence, Gore, Nudity. A movie about

vampires at war with werewolves (or visa versa) with a little romance thrown in when a vamp falls in love with a wolfy. This movie would suck you into darkness - avoid it. (We didn't see it - knew better). Movie Title: "THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE" A movie about people being

cut to pieces by a maniac with a chainsaw. Cruel, bloody, violent, vile and designed to numb the moral senses of those who watch it (training for future concentration camp cadre?) Children are being drawn to it. We didn't see it - you can believe that. Movie Title:

"KILL BILL " A woman pursues revenge with a sharp sword. One critic

says this movie, "mocks innate revulsion towards cruelty" - goes on to say " This movie has no characters, no relationships, no plot, no suspense, no clever dialogue", nothing but butchery start to finish ( hacking off limbs and heads at an accelerating pace.) This movie is also being heralded by News Media as a "must see". Another child magnet - horrible. ^t^1^ 8


kV [ Wt, TA%5^

Oct 30th, 2003: Movie Reviews  
Oct 30th, 2003: Movie Reviews  

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