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November 7, 2003 — Issue #095 Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt - Editor Chuck-JOHNEL & Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt 917 West Jackson Avenue Spokane, WA. 99205-3338 Tele # 1-509-326-7389

(JESUS said:) LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP, AND LET DOWN YOUR NETS FOR A DRAUGHT...and when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitudes of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners... and they cane, and filled both ships..."

(Luke 5: 5,6,7) .


"Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith..." (Hebrews 12: 2a) or an Update on the event of September 19 and other watch days please see page 15

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In this moment I want to draw out part ofJESUS' Word which will be the heart of our corning prayer sheet and a whole new prayer strategy:


The enemy is becoming physically preponderant, overwhelming and threatening in the extreme. To look at the destructions coming would be a grave error - it will only serve to demoralize us and bring us to believe the lie that the enemy is the greater. If we do that we might be tempted to make the error of placing our faith in the power of the enemy and not in God. To fear God is the beginning of wisdom, to fear the enemy is to empower him to do the worst, for fearing the enemy becomes a form of worship and places the faith we have in his power to do us harm.

This is why our new prayer strategy is to LOOK TO JESUS, to delight in Him, to seek to be embedded with His Love, His Power, His Goodness and Mercy and to seek to be filled with His Light and Presence above any other consideration. (Continued on Page 5)

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November 7, 2003

The Staff and Sword Ministry

General Information Page Newsletter Delayed

7th) but then I originally planned to have this Newsletter completed by this time (November JESUS instructed me to write a letter to President Bush (Counsel #6) making that a priority. Then JESUS asked me to write the 9 Church Leaders as done in 1991 about the TINY STAR (whether they will or will not repent and pray and call for repentance and prayer). ` I completed that project and got the letters in the mail November 6 '' in the time frame the Lord required. So here I am, ready to complete this Newsletter - a bit late. Chuck-JOHNEL.

ON PHONE CALLS: I do keep a list of telephone calls and t ry once a week to retu rn telephone calls. However, the work schedule I keep is fairly intense. I work on average of 17 hours a day seven days a week. Even so I do try and retu rn calls. If you state that you have an emergency on our answering machine I will get back to you as soon as possible. We monitor telephone calls several times a day, so if you get our answering machine leave a message. You are more likely to get our answering machine than us as the phone is well outside of the office area. I will be straight forward about telephones - I worked for the du Pont Company for 15 years and most all of that was work on the telephone. When the Lord called me into full time Ministry (1977) I received telephone calls 24 hours a day seven days a week. I do not believe I actually sat down to eat supper once in the next 5 years (1977-1981) that I was not interrupted by a phone call - thus the majority of my meals were cold. The stress of working round the clock, constant phone calls, to say nothing of attacks on me by brethren became so intense my health was failing and Jesus required I stand aside in 1981 for health reasons. I installed the answering machine in 1989 to get some distance between me and the phone. I will return your call but you need be patient. If you telephone please do not hang-up when the answering machine comes on, leave a message, we will retu rn your call a.s.a.p.

LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO VISIT []S We are open to meeting with you if you come through town or stop by for a visit. However, we do nk that you t ry and give us advance notice. Though we are almost always busy, we make time for visitors and always have - so t ry and give us advance notice so we can plan to meet with you for a cup of coffee or a supper out. We have a spare bedroom and can put up a couple for a night (or a couple with two small

children) - but again let us know in advance that you are coming. Thank you and Go d bless. Z.i rw

CI UI OOV0 ^r^"

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 7, 2003

A LOVING APPEAL In the last Newsletter we mentioned the passing of our dear brother, Net of Prayer Lord's General and Reverend George Elsasser of Canada on September 4, 2003. We asked those who were led to send a love offering for Ruth his wife. Those who sent cards, we forwarded these to Ruth unopened. We accumulated the gifts and lastly on October 20, 2003 sent sister Ruth Elsasser a check for $1,640.00 (U.S.) or the approximate equal of $2,200 Canadian.

Letter from: Mrs. Ruth Elsasser dated November 1, 2003 ( Quote) To: God's Faithful Warriors, Thank You, God Bless you all mightily. To: The Staff and Sword Ministry Dear Friends, You have blessed me beyond measure, with your love and generosity.

I can only sa y thank you for the depths of God's love in you to prompt this show of love. All your beautiful cards, messages, prayers-plus the very loving and generous gifts of cash. When Chuck first communicated that this is to be done, the Lord prompted me to return a tithe for the continuing work of the ministry. So I ask Him to bless this tithe with His gracious love to bring about what He would do for His Glory. Georo,e has been greatly blessed over the yeasr in his relationship with the Ministry. He loved each one of you and thanked God , for you. We were both blessed richly in Christ. I thank you for your love and continuing prayers for me - as I shall also remember you. "We are workers together for- His glory ". Great is His faithfulness. God bless you everyone. In His Love, Ruth. (Unquote)

The New Minolta Copy Machine We ran into a few hitches with the leasing company but lastly they agreed to extend us a lease for 36 months for a new Minolta copy machine (the Di55 1) which prints copies at the rate of 55 per minute. We paid the ]easing company $945.88 on the old copier November 2' and then $1,597.72 (first and last payment) on the new copier November 4` k ' - so we truly appreciate your (Net of Prayer) response and support in sending extra funds to this end. For those who do not know - this copy machine is our printing press and the old one is about worn out. Again, thank you and God bless.


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i he Stall and Sword 1% inistr


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November 10,

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Continued Ironm Pa e 2

How will we pray in the future? We are presently working on this, seeking HOLY SPIRIT direction. To write this Newsletter it was necessary to put that work aside but once we get this in the mail we will return to the new prayers work.

THE FOUR PILLARS REVELATION ` On August 22.2003 at 9:2 5 pm during our abiding time I am unexpectedly drawn In The Spirit' and hear someone say, "JOHNEL" - I recognize the voice of Richard-DANIEL who then tells me, "We are called to God's Throne, to the Mount of the most High God. "

MOUNT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD: Here FATHER GOD and JESUS tells us ( myself, Nancy-TON!, Lyn-ELIZABETH and Richard-DANIEL) that we are the four pillars on which His Ministry (NOP) stands. FATHER says that the HOLY SPIRIT will impart to each of us and that we will write the new Prayer Sheets for the NOP collectively, a three step process. Since this we have been working together to lay down this new foundation for prayer looking to Jesus Christ. We hope to have it ready to mail out by this December, 2003.

JESUS' WORD to Chuck-JOHNEL on Saturday October 11 2003 3:38PM to 4:38PM. "JOHNEL, I WOULD HAVE YOU BE MORE THAN AGGRESSIVE AGAINST THE ENEMY OF MY PEOPLE BUT TO BE COMBATIVE IN THE GREATER EXTENT ADDRESSING THREATS IN MY EMPOWERMENT." Here JESUS showed me that the new prayers I'm to write are to be "combative", meaning we will not wait for the enemy to attack us but will go after them big time in His empowerment. How this will work cut in prayer is yet to be revealed and put on paper.

THE PATTERN `IN THE SPIRIT' and `In the GAP' in 1987/1988 The battles waged `In The Spirit' in 1987/1988 formed the pattern of things to emerge in this world. They also reveal to us our mission, commission and authority and the limitations we need conform to and work within. We know that the attacks of the enemy will become so overwhelming that no conce rt ed

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F' oveI11Der 1 11, L END


(Continued) effort on our part will be able to meet every threat - unless we conform to the pattern revealed in the GAP in 1987/88 we will simply be overwhelmed. This is why we are taking particular care in the writing of these new prayers to ensure that we are in conformity with the pattern set down `In The Spirit' in 1987/1988. PHASE #1 - After the Beastman broke through and linked up with Lucifer in the GAP we continued withstanding the enemy all along the front (we were hemmed in on three sides by this time). PHASE #2 - Lucifer, Wormwood and the Beastmen launched a concerted attack working to overwhelm our capacity to address every threat and though we tried, the enemy was gaining ground everywhere- we were being overwhelmed. PHASE #3 - We LOOK TO JESUS and cease looking at the enemy or trying to address every attack/threat that they developed. Filling with the Light and Presence of JESUS CHRIST, the Angels with us are empowered to the extent that they drive the enemy back everywhere, the enemy power is no power against CHRIST. Utter defeat stares Lucifer, Wormwood, and the Beastmen in the face and they know it'. Then JESUS says, "IT IS ENOUGH" and we cease pressing them back and stand in place. The enemy does not press us, they look shaken. PHASE #4 - MISSION REVEALED - Up until this time we were only aware of the presence of the Angelic compliment standing with us and three prophets (Nancy-TONI, Richard-DANIEL and myself). Now a heavy mist covered the GAP and the demonic forces were blinded by that heavy fog-like mist. In this moment we found ourselves with multitudes of God's people, men, women and children appeared within our ranks and our Angelic lines. I was frankly surprised and didn't know what to make of this. KNOWING BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD: Each time the enemy launched attacks they began with a massive barrage of fiery darts that filled the air with sharp bits that zipped around like shrapnel. By faith in Christ they had no effect on us, but I now knew by the Spirit of God that His people did not have such faith. If the enemy launched such a barrage many of His people would come to harm, many would perish. Aware of this I asked JESUS what we were to do and He asked me to take His people out of the GAP and to a place of safety. We were hemmed in on three sides by massive demonic forces and had our backs to an impassable mountain wall so I asked Jesus, "How? "JESUS told me to take His Staff and touch the mountain wall and a way would open, then we were to take His people out of the GAP. I did so and a huge tunnel opened up and so we led God's people out of the GAP through that tunnel into a heavily forested area. Angels went before and after, covering us every step of the way. When we exited the GAP, the tunnel closed up, the mist lifted and the demons saw that the

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1 ne 3tau aiiu Z3rvuz-u 1V11X1V)L KING TO JESUS




Inn1 n+VV. -+

Continued Angelic line was gone and so they eagerly

rushed in. At this point, seeing this activity by the Spirit of God, I noted the feverish actions of the demons: first they were exultant and rejoiced in what seemed a victory, next they searched for God's people whom they sought out to the ends of torture, murder and to devour their flesh. But they found none and found only the Beast's people, those who supported him and backed him. The demons looked to the Beastmanobviously desiring to fall on his people, as his people pled with him saying things like, "We served you, spare us!" The antiChrist spirit with the Beastman said, "What are they to you?! " The Beastman thereby turned them over to the demons who fell on them with devilish relish - the screams and horror that followed was so graphic and chilling I turned from witnessing anything more. The Angelic line was representative ofthe N.G.P. Intercessors who were also representative of all of God's faithful Intercessors and we constantly stood between God's people and the murderous enemy that sought to butcher them. We have since come to identify this people as the Sealed, the Elect, the Faithful-Obedient, the Tithe of the Church system of man and the Innocent children of God. We are ourselves are among them but not all have the faith walk we do. So why do we have this mission and why is the enemy working to destroy them? This body of believers, God's people, though many are weak in faith are that body called of by God to prepare of Jesus' Return. These will lay down foundation stones for Jesus' Return! The enemy knows this and this is why they seek to destroy them and we are called of God to stand between the destroyers and His people. JESUS' Word to me and all of us on August 13, 1989 brings it into focus where He said: "I WILL BRING YOU ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND THAT YOU ARE MADE TO BE MY HOLY SEED, TO RE-PLANT." We know that judgment is coming, that this land will be purged by fire, but it is also in God's Plan to RE-PLANT and we and those we cover are purposed to be His Holy Seed.

EXAMPLE OF AN `IN THE SPIRIT' PATTERN In the early part of the GAP battle of 1987 we alternately withstood first attacks by Lucifer (on our rear areas) and then the Beastman (on our front areas). At one point the Beastman was leading his demon armies aiming for a breakthrough to Lucifer's forces. This man on the black horse who had a war sword we would identify that March of 1987 as then Arkansas Governor William J. Clinton. On Jesus' leading we (Richard-DANIEL and 1) led a counter-attack that broke through to this Beastman, we cut his black horse from under him, shattered his war sword and then struck him with our swords. drawing blood.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 11, 2003

KING TO JESUS (Continued) EXAMPLE OF AN IN THE SPIRIT' PATTERN (continued) This Beastman was panic stricken and fled in terror. After awhile a second Beastman riding a red horse appeared and took over. This was a pattern `In The Spirit' and in it we prevailed over the first Beastrnan wounding him to where he lost forward momentum and was consumed with saving his miserable life. FAST FORWARD to 1994 - this Beastman is now President of the U.S. and is rapidly advancing his agenda. On JESUS' direction the N.O.P. undertook a prayer operation aiming to break this Beastman's power and in a matter of months in the Congressional elections of November 1994 the Republicans swept both the House and Senate. The Beastman bemoaned this defeat and wondered if he was relevant anymore as his programs were shelved or defeated. Later we undertook a prayer operation to expose this Beastman for what he was and that the American people see him as he was - shortly after this the Monica Lewinski affair with the Beastman President came into public view this and other sexual misconduct and lawlessness that brought him to be impeached. The success of the Net of Prayer in these operations that did significant damage to the power and momentum of this evil man were founded in the action taken in

the GAP in 1987. If we had NOT prevailed against him in the GAP in that counter attack and if we had not wounded him, we would not have succeeded in the prayer operations of 1994 and beyond.

I point this out because as we look to JESUS as done in the GAP, we will fill with His Light and Presence, each and everyone of us, and the enemy will be hurled back in ways equally visible. But the Lord's intention here is to do this to the ends of gaining a space of time within which lull He would evacuate His people to safety before the enemy swarms in for the kill. OUR PRAYERS in this are a vital component, as we pray into this world what was obtained 'In The Spirit' in 1987. In many respects we cannot fail to do all we did in the GAP, but it is important that we understand this and that we understand that we have a "mission" from God and that we pray and build on the foundations established in the GAP in 1987 and 1988. We hope to issue these new prayer sheets sometime in December of this year and remember that we will be moving in prayer to receive HIS LOVING FIRE. Following this will come a fire that no man can reject or escape for this fire will consume a man to his roots.

How will all of this be done? By FAITH in JESUS CHRIST and by LOOKING to JESUS CHRIST the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Amen.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 11, 2003

THE WAR TRAP AMERICA IS IN JESUS began warning this nation against falling into this war trap starting in 1979 but in 1990 the Untied States fell into the war trap when we went to war with Iraq over Kuwait. Then President George H. Bush Sr. declared that war won in 1991 but America went on to fight Iraqi resistance for the next 12 years until 2003 when George W. Bush went to war with Iraq and this time invaded the nation. I've likened this situation to a well known tale of the hare and the tar pit. The hare gets stuck in the tar and the more it tries to wiggle away, the more it is tarred until it cannot move. America is like that hare, we slipped into the tar pit in 1990 and the more we struggle to get away, the more we are entangled. George W. Bush is trying to get America and his administration out of the war trap but he is more trapped now than before he started. It is not his fault - we are in a trap!

My Counsel Letter #5 to President George W. Bush dated August 19, 2002 I didn't write this letter without having prayed over the counsel the Holy Spirit gave me for some weeks but this is what I wrote on August 19, 2002 some seven months before President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq on March 19, 2003. (Quote) "Counsel on Iraq: Do not attack Iraq. Lift the embargo unilaterally, provide Iraq with food, medicine and even be willing to sell them arms. Try honey instead of vinegar. Try

food and medicine instead of bombs and bullets... If you must attack Iraq: Do not send our troops, this would become a snare that would lead to the destruction of U.S. military power in a way no one conceives of now and would leave our nation thunderstruck when it did happen. Understand that any ground attack against Iraq is going to lead to the use of nuclear weapons and that we will be drawn into the kind of war no one wants and everyone is

afraid of. If you must attack Iraq then go for the use of maximum power up front, not gradually. By this I mean to convey that we ought warn Saddam Hussein that unless he leaves Iraq, goes into exile to a place of his choice (allowing him to take family, friends and all the money he wants with him) that we will nuke Baghdad inside of a 48 hour period. Of course, drop leaflets all over Baghdad warning that in 48 hours we will fire a nuclear missile at the city and leave it a burnt radioactive

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The Staff and Sword Ministry


November 11 (Continued)

Quotes from mr째 August 19. 2002 letter to President G. V. Bush (continued wasteland.

I' m not talking of a bluff but of the only practical way to attack Iraq, to eliminate Saddam Hussein and to open the door to a new government in Iraq. If you must attack Iraq this is the best way to do it. Anything less will turn into a nightmare for you, Americans and America and many others. THE DANGER IS LOSS, ENTANGLEMENT AND OVER INVOLVEMENT: A war on Iraq, if waged by a ground war (American troops attacking into Iraq) is going to be costly and fraught with many hidden dangers and unexpected situations. JESUS has shewn me little about this coming war on Iraq but He has told me enough about it to make it plain that it is going be hazardous in the extreme. ...... The power vacuum left by the dissolution of Iraq would be filled by Iran and this is where Jesus' vision of 1983 comes into view. We would end up fighting Iran and Iran would nuke our army at the same time Red China, seeing our weakness, would invade Taiwan and North Korea in concert with Red China would invade South Korea. Our military would be unable to meet these threats and would collapse. This is what JESUS shewed me in 1983 and I can see that those things are waiting in the wings. The catalyst to this American disaster would be the invasion of Iraq which would open the door to undreamed dangers and disasters. This is why l urge you great caution in the talk of plans of making war on Iraq. It is not so much that Hussein is so tough but the complexity of the situation is filled with hidden dangers. I' ve afforded you God's Counsel and view of the issue and given you some viable options, more than appear to being considered today, the best of which is to defer any such action, treat Iraq in a friendly way (end the embargo, supply food, medicine and helps to the people of Iraq) and at the same time rebuild the U.S. military. Amen.

This is the Counsel of the Lord God, JESUS CHRIST. God bless. Chuck-JOHNEL Younqbrandt" (Unquote) I did not write this letter nor offer this counsel except the HOLY SPIRIT shewed me to do it. Today I understand why the HOLY SPIRIT moved me this way in light of what is happening in Iraq and has since the major fighting ended in May of this year.


I Q 'G Ii

^r+l_ - n,._-el _l C'__..-.__J3

I tic JI.AA n uilu


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%A n ► l 11 l1JL.


•r. rre l-► nr- I 1 7n 1I l ---^---- - -, —

THE WAR TRAP AMERICA IS IN (Continued) It is now known that Saddam Hussein organized six army groups to be equipped and prepared to offer a mounting guerrilla resistance to American troops once they occupied Iraq. It appears that the center of this resistance is Baghdad which is presently killing Americans at the rate of 2 or 3 a day except when they kill 6 to 15 at once. At this point in time, some five months after President Bush declared that the major fighting was over, we have lost almost as many killed as during the whole attack and invasion of Iraq. I now better understand the Word I received on March 23, 2003 when I received this knowing by the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. Here are my notes of that day: (Quote) " We (Nancy-TONI and I) are at the 24 Hour Fitness (working out) and briefly watching TV news about the war in Iraq as our army neared Baghdad. "Valley of death" comes to mind and I perceive the U.S. military is about to face a megabattle (in the Baghdad area) then this Word comes: "The 3 rd Motorized Infantry Division will enter the valley of death. The battle will be fierce with heavy loss on all sides. The U.S. will break through at the last."

(Unquote) At the time I believed this meant that there was going to be a fierce battle in and around Baghdad itself. But that did not happen, instead Baghdad fell so fast it was both a surprise and relief.

There is now an area of Iraq called the "Sunni Triangle" that has Baghdad as it anchor point from which Islamic guerilla attacks emanate. There are an average (now) of 30-35 terrorist a tt acks on U.S. ground forces every day. Again, we are now losing 2-3 men a day and at this point our losses in men./women killed in Iraq is equal to those killed in the actual invasion with no end in sight. There is a call for more troops by a variety of military critics however close to 70% of our milita ry ground forces are already committed to the hilt - we have few reserves and military men are hesitant to commit them. In the visions of 1983 the Lord showed me a U.S. military that was committed to the hilt and had no flexibilit y left thus became vulnerable to a serious attack and would be wiped out as a result when it came. It is clear to me that we are not far from being in that condition - the invasion of Iraq has brought us close to this point.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry


November 11, 2003


WHY NUKE BAGHDAD? Some have criticized me for counseling the President to nuke Baghdad but that criticism is misdirected - it was the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT that brought me to offer this counsel, a counsel I prayed about for well over two weeks before offering. As I made clear in my counsel letter #5 of August 19, 2002, a ground invasion of Iraq had hidden dangers and it was a complex issue that would lead to nuclear attacks in America where MILLIONS of Americans would perish as a result. After issuing a 48 hour warning to evacuate Baghdad, the bulk of Iraqi's (who wanted to live) would leave but the hardliners, the "dead-enders" as Rumsfeld cal Is them, would NOT leave - thereby the heart of the Islamic terrorist body would perish in one blow (atomic blast) with no loss of American life. In fact, we would emerge stronger not weaker - the terrorist world would recognize that America was not only awakened but willing to use its nuclear weapons against those who attack them - they would back off, way off. I perceived that we would have escaped the war trap had we done this, we would break the back of international terrorism (no one would be willing to cooperate with them when faced with nuclear annihilation at the hands of an enraged America).

Oh yes, the world would be horrified had we used nuclear weapons on Baghdad and they would hate us - but, like what else is new? They hate us now and have NO respect for the fact that we bent over backwards to spare life in the invasion of Iraq - in fact this compassion on our part carne across as weakness to these terrorists. Thus they come from everywhere worldwide to kill Americans in Iraq as a result of their perception of us being "weak". But we chose a path contrary to the counsel of the Holy Spirit, a path that will lead to an endless loss of American life that will lead to greater war then nuclear war in which millions of Americans will perish here at home. Is this better? The opportunity to escape the war trap is now gone and America is locked into this war trap which will lead us to greater war, heavier loss of life, nuclear World War II and the destruction of this nation and the enslavement of the bulk of those who survive. When I wrote the counsel #5 letter to President Bush on August 19, 2002 I had clearly in view what this war would lead to and stated it openly in the letter. This nation has chosen a path to its own destruction. It has been decided. We now look forward to the time when the Lord our God will restore our nation out of its defeat, death of multitudes and years of occupation.

Pine i 1

The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 12, 2003

" CONFLAGRATION " In 1979 JESUS spoke to me and said, "CONFLAGRATION." As I was unfamiliar with this word I had to look it up and found it meant, `Great Fire'. Since then we have concluded that it can mean several things, 'Great Fire' as in a TINY STAR, or nuclear war, or volcanic eruption, or a nuclear accident, or lastly a forest fire or simply a great fire of whatever origin.

On October 24. 2003 N.O.F. Lord's General Mark-JAMES Grimes distinctly heard the Lord say, "CONFLAGRATION." At the time he was unaware of the forest fires burning in southern California. Both Mark-JAMES and Lyn-ELIZABETH remembered that I had received this Word years earlier but couldn't remember in what context or when. We had October 23 in view for some event in California, projecting it might be an earthquake in southern California but we didn't know for sure as it was simply a "watch date".

OCTOBER 23 2 003 "CONFLA GRA TION" On October 23, 2003 the USA TODA VNewspaper published a small article indicating that arsonists had started a fire in southern California. Two men in a van were seen tossing a firebomb which started one huge firestorm. By October 27 2003 there were six major fires burning in southern California, over 900 homes had been destroyed and 17 people had died. Santa Ana winds were now driving the raging fires which were sweeping through whole neighborhoods, threatening towns with destruction. These blazes were scattered from the Mexican border to the suburbs of Los Angeles and were driving tens of thousands of residents from their homes. By the first of November the fires were finally brought under control with the help of cooler weather and rainfall in the drought stricken areas that burned like tinder. This end of the fires came only after 3,800 homes had burned to ash with 19 known dead. It was one of the worst fires in California history.

12 YEARS EARLIER - OCTOBER 20-21 1991 A firestorm swept the Oakland, California areas October 20-21, 1991 destroying 3,200 home and killing 25. In that year we were looking at October 23, 1991 as the potential date for either an earthquake or conflagration in the San Francisco, California area. The newspapers of October 23, 1991 were devoted to the immense loss of property and the many killed in that firestorm. At that time we looked at JESUS' Word of 1989 and what He said following the

rage 14

1 ne naaIi ann sworn wiinlstry

November 11, 2WJ3

" CONFLAGRATION"--- 12 YEARS EARLIER - OCTOBER 2021, 1991(continued) Oakland, California fire. On November 16, 1989 JESUS' Angel simply told me, "EARTHQUAKE ON THE 19 TH – MAJGR DISASTER—SOUTH FROM A FALLEN CITY---USA."


From that time (October 24, 1 99 1) we knew that the next "Conflagration" would happen south of Oakland, California which is northern California. But when? We didn't know. When Lyn-ELIZABETH communicated that Mark-JAMES had been given the word "CONFLAGRATION" by JESUS on October 24, 2003 Nancy-TONI remembered the Lord's Word of 1991 and looked up the Newsletters where we shared that Word and what we thought would happen next. This enabled us to connect JESUS' Word of October 24, 1991 to the fires raging in southern California this CctoberlNovember, 2003 some 12 years later. When I look at JESUS' Word of October 24, 1991 (above) I recognize that He is talking about a point in time where only repentance can change judgments. The opportunity whereby prayer could change judgments ended on July 28, 2001 when due to Church Decision we had to stand aside. Thus it is only since 2001 that "only repentance" can change things - thus JESUS in 1991 was talking about the time we are in now. The recent firestorm in southern California can be regarded as both "SOUTH FROM A FALLEN CITY" (Oakland in 1991) and a "GREATER FULFILLMENT." If this is the case then what might happen this November 19, 2003? We simply do not know past seeing what the Lord said years ago and making connections to current events. We are still in "watch mode" so that is what we are doing. At year's end we may review the events of the past six months to see what picture has formed. God bless.


The Staff and Sword Ministry

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forecasters had pre-

=avy rain in the East °nd in Canada. S

m Continu^mgno ward The hurricane is traveling across areas where the ground is saturated from above-normal rainfall. Rainfall (in inches) For Jan. x — Sept. 17

5 to


2003 average

Washington 43.47 Charleston, W.Va. 42.89 hia Elkins, W.Va. 36.18 Harrisburg, Pa. 39.74 Alle ntown, Pa. 38.18



5 p.m. Zhur Eye

28.42 33.02 34.84 30.11 32.93

Williamsport, Pa.



Avoca, N.Y. - -- Binghamton, N.Y. Pi tt sburgh Philadelphia Buffalo Albany, N.Y.

33.75 30.62 29.25 33 2 6 23.22 30.09



November 12, 2003


28.42 31.23 28.06 27.90

Up to 1 Foot of rain was Forecast

En parts of W. Va.. during the hurricane.

Just about everyone who reads our Newsletters recognized that Hurricane ISABEL was the event JESUS had us looking for on September 19, 2003. One thing about Hurricanes, you can see them coming a long way off because of our weather watching systems (space satellites). Starting back in 1978 we learned that when JESUS gives us dates to watch that they can prove to be the date of the event or the date the event is published in the news media. In the case of Hurricane ISABEL it proved to be the date it was the key or focus news item in Newspapers and the date it continued to thrash the east coast as it moved inland. Hurricane ISABEL made contact with land first on September 18, 2003.

This Hurricane, if it followed path the 1'ud 7 ment pattern of 1989, g G frf^ical Wave 1? Source: The Weather Channel By Ju1Ee 5nlder. Robert W. Ahrens and Dave MerriII. USA To DAY could have l ed to a major earthquake in California inside of approximately a month's time. However, that was a no-show, no earthquake in southern California - instead we had the firestorm that devoured thousands of homes and many lives. In some respects it was worse than an earthquake. September 19, 2003 also trengr^

:S^pt. 3


produced other news items worth mentioning. Washington . DC shut down gove rn ment offices because of the Hurricane - a rare development. West Nile virus cases approached

the record (4,137 human cases as of September 19, 2003) - 19 shy of the 2002 record.

Pa g e 16

The Staff and Sword Ministr y November 12, 2003

SO WHAT HAPPENED SEPTEMBER 19, 2003? (Continued) The New Citizenship Oath came under fire - the new version eliminates the vow to, "bear arms on behalf on the U.S. when required by law". The ACLU praises the new pledge. Terrorist attack kills 3 U.S. soldiers in hostile area of "Sunni Triangle" in Iraq. Terrorist attack blows up oil pipeline to Turkey. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a talk at the University of Idaho says the US Courts are now reflecting the world, saying, "Other countries have developed strong, independent , judiciaries that are making sound judgments. We are the losers, if we do not share our experience with and learn from others. " President Bush pins the "stalled" peace plan in the Middle East on Arafat. The UN demands that Israel retract threat to remove Arafat. A Muslim Chaplin at U.S. Military base in Guantanamo who counseled and taught fellow troops about Islam is detained for links to al Qaeda terror network. Added to this, JESUS further defined the meaning of Hurricane ISABEL on September 17, 2003 saying, "THE AREAS TO BE HIT SEPTEMBER 19 TH ARE INDICATIVE OF THE AREAS TO SUFFER UNDER A STORM OF TERRORISM IN THE NEAR FUTURE THE ENEMY MARKING HIS TERRITORY IN THIS WAY."


SEPTEMBER 12/13, 2003 {Next 3or


Day) News items warns that computer hackers could shut down electric power system in the y U.S. Israel moves to expel Arafat. On this da Hurricane ISABEL reached sustained winds of 160mph as it moved westward in the Atlantic Ocean heading for the U.S. Coastline - this Hurricane, at this time, was a monster Category 5 Storm. A 3.8 Magnitude earthquake shakes Los Angeles on September 13th.

OCTOBER 7, 2003 This was set-up as a watch date for a major earthquake in the Los Angeles areas. However, by September 25 `1 we recognized that there was no evidence or witness to such an earthquake and reduced the potential for such an earthquake to 10%-30% from a 50%150% potential given a month earlier. No earthquake developed. The reason we are watching this date is that based on Jesus' Word of 1988 because we discern that the pattern seen from 1987-1989 is going to repeat in the near future. In 1987 a major earthquake struck Los Angeles and then a major quake struck San Francisco in 1989, two years later. I perceive that the next major quake is more likely to start in Los Angeles as it did in 1987 and will hit on October 7 ` ''. Next year, 2004, is now regarded as the most likely time for this event. However, I had to consider this year as a potential time

for these things to start and so we had October 7' as a watch date. It now moves to October 7, 2004.

Page 17


1 he stalt and sworq iviinistry


OCTOBER 12113 2003

- t-..

Y'1 1A9

Oyu n CIIIUL-I 1— _Uv o


t 30 1!dir

The ke y event was a terrorist suicide attack in Baghdad aimed at the Bagdad Hotel killing 7, hurting 25. Also, a Meteorite fell on a house , smashed through the roof, pulverized a bedroom and obliterated a powder room downstairs in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was recognized as yet another "Tiny Star" event.

OCTOBER 15 2003

stra!ght month later count

A Fern in New York went out of control and rammed a pier, killing 10 and injuring dozens of New Yorkers. A terrorist suicide bomber attacks the Turkish Embassy.

ON/OR ABOUT OCTOBER 16 2003 This proved to be the events noted above for October 15th.

OCTOBER 23 2003 We projected for a possible earthquake on the West Coast - either San Francisco or Los Angeles. It proved to be the starting point for the massive fires to consume 19 lives and 3.800 homes in southern California (Los Angeles area) as already noted.

the new Watch Mite -

CH 19, 2003 VfJIBtR

Based on Jesus Word of 1989 (already mentioned - see top of page 14) this date is associated to the time of a major earthquake in the U.S. - but JESUS never said where it would strike . At the time I perceived it may be somewhere in the Midwest USA, but again the Lord did not say where except to say it was in the USA. The recent conflagration in California can tie into His 1991 Word and that does suggest the possibility' of a major earthquake in California at this time. But that is a maybe. It may prove to he something very different as well. So it is relegated to being a WATCH DATE.


As a result we are watching what events do emerge in this time, especially at times He told

r e io

iiie 3Lair anu 3woru iviinisiry

ivoryeinner a


The Purpose in Watching and Keeping Track of these WATCH DATES (continued) us to watch on June 1 G`''. At this point in time, even without a focus review of events since June 16 th some things are clear even now - the evidence of powerful earthquakes, violent storms, disease and accelerating Islamic terrorist activity world wide stands out loud and clear. These will be features of coining events and they are going to be more violent and deadlier than what we have seen this year. At year's end we will work to review all the events of the 6 month period from June to December 2003 and from that form a view of upcoming events and judgments.

DEADLINE OF NOVEMBER 26 2003 FINAL DECISION CONCERNING TINY STAR his "Final Decision" will conclude the judgments and that it remained open is a primary actor in having restrained the judgments that could come up until this time. Past November 'b, 2003 and depending on the response or lack of it from the 9 Church Leaders* will letermine just what comes next. Note - Please see the enclosed "SEALING/TINY STAR NOVEMBER 2003 REPORT."

SPOKANE EARTHQUAKE? Because we are in such a volatile time where just about anything can happen and because certain Words of the Lord could pertain to this time I perceived that there was the potential for an earthquake to shake Spokane. Back in 1989 JESUS told me that a #285 would appear in the Washington State lottery before earthquakes would surface in our "locale". Well, in 2001 the #285 was drawn October 31, 2001 and 11 days later a 4.0 Richter earthquake shook Spokane_ I anticipated that this #285 might show this year, and indeed it did on October 3 rd as a #528. A mixed version like #528 could produce an earthquake no less than a perfect version Iike #285. Although we did not feel it, a 3.3 Magnitude earthquake struck east and north of Spokane on September 22, 2003. If this fit into the category of being a ONE FOLD EVENT then a TWO FOLD event (a much stronger quake) could strike on or around November 22, 2003 this earthquake could range upwards of a 5.4 Magnitude or greater - that could cause damage. Therefore I issued a "Prophetic Advisory on Earthquakes" for those on our mailing list in the Spokane areas on October 8, 2003.

1 7 ri n '1 l,uVCtuUCK 1G, :.uv l W

r[! a



1 ilk 7l'dll aim 311UN U .lrxlilla[1 v

SPOKANE EARTHQUAKE?(Continued) I gave two time periods in this "Prophetic Advisory" within which such an earthquake ` might' strike. The first being: Anytime from October 12 th to October 29 `x', 2003. (50%150%) The Second being: Anytime from and/around November 22, 2003+. (70%/30%) I rate the "second time period" (Nov. 22 nd ) as the most likely time for such an earthquake to happen if it is going to happen.

WHY THE EARTHQUAKE WATCH? If you were to review all of JESUS' Word speaking of coming judgments you would find mention of "earthquakes" as one of the primary judgment events that lead to the more serious judgments. For example: Back in 1983 JESUS stated that a major earthquake hitting San Francisco would lead to war. When a major earthquake struck San Francisco in October of 1989, aware of what Jesus had said about this event, we knew that war was coming next. Looking at other revelations we understood it would be a war in the Middle East/Persian Gulf involving the U.S., Israel and other-nations. We also had some timing in view and had August of 1990 in focus as the time when serious judgments could start - indeed, in August of I990 Iraq invaded Kuwait which led to the Persian Gulf war of 1990-1 991 .The whole process of war and the "war trap" was set in motion by that one event, the major 7.1 Richter earthquake hitting San Francisco October 17, 1989. A Hurricane force "Storm" CAN lead to an earthquake but not every time. However, a major earthquake striking certain areas DQ lead to more serious events in a short period of time. In another example: JESUS on October 8, 1979 said, "WATCH OCTOBER

15...CALIFORNIA IS LAST AS YOU THOUGHT FINALLY BUT FIRST IN THE BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING." Qn October 1 5, 1979 a 6.2 Richter earthquake struck the Mexico/California border area. This single event told us that earthquakes of some magnitude happening in California constituted "the beginning of the beginning" of more serious judgments. As a consequence we keep a sharp look out for serious earthquake activity in certain areas as these forewarn of more serious events to follow, thus the "Earthquake Watch".

Pane 20

The Staff and Sword Ministr y November 12. 2003

TWO LETTERS OF INTEREST We have received two letters that sparked some interest on my part and I wanted to share them here and now, rather than wait for the December issue of ` We Get Letters." • November 8, 2003 Letter fi o,n Jesus F. Castro of Florida. JOSHUA Prayer Group Intercessor: (Quote) "Saturday morning while reading the August 28 `x ' A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE REPORT I had the same feeling as before when I wrote to you about the counting o f FOLDS. This time I see we can start the counting of the 220 days from the Lord Jesus Christ 's Word to you on June 16, 2003. I was going to do the counting but then something came to my mind and said, "LET HIM DO THE COUNTING!"

As best as I can remember this is what I wrote to you about the counting of the folds:* * Judgments will begin in 2004 ONE FOLD, 2005 will be TWO FOLD, 2006 will be FOUR FOLD, 2007 will be EIGHT FOLD and lastly 2008 will be TEN FOLD. Judgments will start in 2004 and will intensify every year after." (Unquote) (*Note -I received brother Castro's letter and had a witness to his insight but then lost the letter and asked him to repeat what he shared in his first fetter which he did November 8th.) (**Note - This is a reference to JESUS' WORD of June 16, 2003 where JESUS said, "JUDGMENT IS ALREADY IN THIS LAND BUT NOW IT WILL INTENSIFY ONE FOLD, TWO FOLD, FOUR FOLD, EIGHT FOLD AND LASTLY TEN FOLD GREATER...") 220 days from June 16, 2003 comes to JANUARY 6, 2004 (counting "from") then we add 3 days, that gives us a spread of days as follows:

TWATCH JANUARY 6, 7, 8, 9, 2004 r November 2 2003 Letter from Rick Watkins of 'Reno: (Quote) " While p esently re-reading "The Staff and The Sword "I took particular interest in the chapters that covered the prophetic walk that JOHNEL and Cliff endured through the streets of Chicago. It just so happens that I was living in West Chicago at the time, a young man of 20year s. I began to realize that sonic very neat p r ophetic things happened in my life, also at that very same (if not exact) time, that this walk took place! It just dawned on me that I first met/saw my (future) Godly wife ofprophecy at that same time, thefall of 1976, walking down the street in West Chicago. So I am n also trying to figure out the time firaines of my own experiences there, being helped a lot by what is recorded in this book, with my own personal interests and Words of prophecy.

Page 21

The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 12, 2003

November 2 2003 Letter from Rick Watkin s of Reno: ( Quote continued) Did you notice that the "Third Day " of the prophetic walk began at 7 AM, SEPTEMBER 11, 1976? And now, many years later, we have the `9-11' disaster events at the Twin Towers? Had the `9-11 'attack occurred any later, many thousands of more lives would have been lost. I had to wonder if the '9-11' of 1976 had anything to do with our current '9-11' r events? Like maybe, it marked the beginning of the "Third Day', as rep esented by the third day of the walk. That day began at 7 AM! The Twin Towers disaster also occurred early in the morning, before most people began to arrive? Did the Twin Towers destruction mark the beginning of the Third Day?

Last sum sner...I received something like an insight or word/knowing thing that had to do with just 2 words, "RED OCTOBER. "...My sister tried to remind me of'a movie about the `Russians Landing' that she thought had the same namne*? And so we all wondered what these word might mean? *Note - The actual name of the movie she was probably thinking of was, "Red Dawn", but then there is also a movie called, "The Hunt for Red October." .... When October came, the nei"s that `Red China 'hi a seed off a successful rocket launch was all over the place. (I thought, "Ah-hah! That's it!') Then communist (Red) North Korea was in the news, threatening the US, etc. (Again, I thought, "Ah-hah! That 's it!') And now, inuch of the western half of the US is on fire, at the end of the month of October. I watched the Fox news camera pan up to the sun, showing a `big red glowing ball '... But now I am tired of guessing what `Red October' might mean. What do you think it meant? One way or another, it certainly appears that we had a ` red month. 'Bart even as I write this note, it dawned on me that if'we are "to watch " what is happening during these last months of this year, doesn 't it seem likely that future months of f October, in coming years, may get to be more and more 'red'? (Unquote) Chuck-JOHNEL's Comment: 9/11/76 is 25 years away from 9/11/01. No, I had not considered the possible connection. Is there a connection? In part "yes" - since that 3 day walk through Chicago in September 9-11, 1976 was the start of the call to the church leadership in America to PRAY, which concluded in 2001 when the final answer of the church leadership was a resounding "NO" to JESUS and "YES" to Satan. The visible consequence of that decision was 9/11/01 where thousands perished in the start of what will become World War I1I. It seems Rick more or less got the understanding at the end about "Red October". It is a partial Word that has many possible dimensions, but it is also possible that henceforth October's are going to be deadly and destructive months only getting worse with time.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 12, 2003


TEN COMMANDM ENTS AS BLASPHEMY? (Quote) "To suggest that these great religions, which have survived for thousands of years, somehow need or require the state government of Alabama to promote them is not only questionable it borders on the blasphernous....What if Judge Moore has insisted on placing a...tribute to Mohammed, the founder of Islam? That's not so far fetched, you know. There are more Muslims in America than Episcopalians..." (Unquote) Written by Bob Schieffer of CBS, August 31, 2003.

The next three stories are drawn from WorldNetDaily's Whistleblower Magazine dated November 4, 2003 . (Quote) SPEAK JESUS NAME AND GO TO JAIL SAYS JUDGE In Texas, a U.S. District judge decreed that any student uttering the word "Jesus" at his school's graduation would be arrested and locked up. "And nuke no mistake, " announced Jud(=e Samuel B. Kent, "the court is going to have a United States marshal in

attendance at the graduation. If any student offends this court, that student will be summarily arrested and will faced up to six months incarceration in the Galveston County Jail for contempt of court. "


^% 1

I" il`z C 4J





1 lie JL'aiI ailu 0wul U 1 â–ş l111INtl y

is T

1 " V V C1l1 UCl 1 G, GUUJ

THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING EVERYWHERE (Continued) THE OFFENSIVE PRAYER IS DEALT WITH In Missouri, when fourth-grader Raymond Raines bowed his head in prayer before his lunch in the cafeteria of Waring Elementary School in St. Louis, his teacher allegedly ordered him out of his seat, in full view of other students present, and sent him to the principal's office. After his third such prayer "offense" little Raymond was segregated from his classmates, ridiculed for his religious beliefs, and given one week's detention.

CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR BY KINDERGARTNER In New York, kindergartner Kayla Broadus recited the familiar and beloved prayer, — "God is great, God is good. Thank you, God for my food" - while holding hands with two students seated next to her at her snack table at her Saratoga Springs school early last year. But she was silenced and scolded by her teacher, who reported the infraction to the school's lawyer, Gregg T. Johnson, who concluded that Kayla's behavior was indeed a violation of the "separation of church and state." (Unquote)

The WorldNetDaily's November 12, 2003 report revealed the following:

(Quote) NYC District Denies Birth of Jesus2 In a dispute over display of holiday symbols, New York City schools are allowing Jewish menorahs and Islamic crescents but barring Christian nativity scenes, alleging the depiction of the birth of Christ does not represent a historical event. In pleadings with a federal court in defense of the ban, New York City lawyers asserted the

"suggestion that a creche is a historically accurate representation of'an event with secular significance is wholly disingenuous!" (not candid or frank, truthful) The Jewish and Islamic symbols are allowed, the district says, because they have a secular dimension but the Christian symbols are "purely religious. "...." (Unquote)

The WorldNetDaily's November 1 1, 2003 report gave the following,, (Quote) Alabama Moves to Oust Judge Moore "...Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor requested Chief Justice Roy Moore be removed from office for defying a federal judge's order to move a granite Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building....ln his brief, Pryor said the judge should be removed because he

"intentionally and publically engaged in misconduct, and because he remains unrepentant for his behavior. " (Unquote)

rage L't

it ne


aiiti awuru ivitnustry



. 2UU.i

ATTACKING EVERYWHERE (Continued Report on the Bill O'Reill yTV show last week: Bill O'Reilly had on a Satanist and

talked about that `religion' who mentioned she had a Website. Someone who watched this show checked that Satanic website and found that they had a DIRECT LINK to the ACLU (American Civil Libertines Union) — surprise, surprise!

The WorldNetDai1 's October 2 2003 report gave the following:

( Quote)

U.S. COMMUNISTS TO SUPPORT DEMOCRATS "The Communist Party USA will not run a candidate for president, will not support progressive third-party bids but will instead throw its support behind the Democratic Party in an all-out effort to defeat President Bush and the Republican Congress, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. ...Joelle Fishman, chairwoman of the Communist Party's political action committee wrote... "Our presidential campaigns in the past were a great opportunity to project our program, and I'm sure we will find ourselves at that point sometime in the future", she wrote, "At this moment, we will convey our program best by working with all our might to build the broadest possible coalitions, fronts and networks that can defeat the undemocratic, imperialistic Bush war machine. This is our responsibility to our own class here and internationally. The Democratic Socialists (another Communist front organization) began to carefully moderate its image for mainstream consumption by cleaning up its website, removing a song list featuring "The Internationale", the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism. Another song on the site was "Red Revolution" sung to the tune of "Red Robin" some of the lyrics went, "When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there'll be no more lootin 'when we start shootin 'that Wall Street throng. " Another song removed after WorldNetDaily's expose was, "A re you sleeping Bourgeoisie? And When the revolution comes, We'll kill you all with knives and guns... " (Unquote) mment b y Chuck-JOHNEL:

Let me connect some of these dots. The people who wrote those sweet little jingles of, "when we start shootin " and "We 'I1 kill you all with knives and guns " are the same people who moved the Ten Commandments out of the Alabama Court House, who forbid the mention of Jesus under threat of jail time, who threaten children because they pray - same people, different disguises, some wear black robes, some call themselves Democrats and some are true to their ilk, they call themselves Satanists, (ali resource material in 'Main Fite' Nov.,03)

Ya a 25

The Stall and Sworn Ministry

ivovemoer i c


THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING EVERYWHERE (Continued) In his new book "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianiy ",

David Limbaugh wrote, (Quote) "I continued to see examples in the media, including

the Washington Times, about a lot of discrimination against Christians, the supp r ession of their civil liberties and examples of them being denied tolerance by those who tout tolerance as their highest virtue.., this call is a call to arms to Christians and lovers of religious liberty to fight back, because our religious liberties are eroding. This is a clarion call to Christians to forsake their apathy... the liberal drive to deprive people of their religious rights will continue to gain momentum. The political correctness totalitarians will not take any prisoners. They demand we accept their ideas as equally valid... they want you to adopt their value system forcibly and abandon your own. " (Unquote)

THE GAP BATTLE OF 1987/1988 AGAIN I have cited j ust a few small examples of what is going on in America and how Christians are the targets of accelerating attacks by the leftist-Marxist-Satanists dressed in the clothing of "Democrats" who secretly advocate the outright murder of God's people when they can seize full power. Is that too strong a statement? Well, in fact it is not What JESUS has shown me since 1979 in movies and in vision-revelations has made it clear that there is a definite, real, powerful and focused left wing conspiracy that aims to do just that - and I'm talking about the outright murder of God's people which is what they are moving towards with ever greater momentum.

The enemy is now working to overwhelm the defenses of those Christians who do resist them as seen in the GAP by attacking from so many directions that the few that do take action will prove unable to withstand therm everywhere and lastly nowhere. The pattern of battle seen in the GAP in 1987/1988 is clearly visible in current events and will become more so in time. The GOOD NEWS is that in looking to JESUS CHRIST we overcame them in the GAP

and in looking to JESUS CHRIST in the future we will overcome them in this world as well. We will preserve the HOLY SEED of God's people and will by the SPIRIT OF GOD RE-PLANT and see a new nation emerge out of the ruins of the former, a new nation under God that moves with the power of Christ as never seen before. THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE? The complacency of the average Christian is so deep seated, their lack of being either willing or able to "act", much less pray, ensures that the

rage Ln

i ne

Maii ana nowora iviinistry

irovemoer i zuu



vail over them big time! The lack of any real sound leadership in the Church in a is another horrific deficit that only ensures the collapse and obliteration of a as a Christian nation.

erica I knew and loved is dying before my eyes and this is not a discouraging word rather, it is a realistic assessment of where we are at as a nation and people. I look beyond the present and know and believe and have faith that there is within this nation a HOLY SEED, a people unto the Lord Jesus Christ who will re-plant this nation under God after the Lord God has purged all that is evil and foul off this land. That purging will be fierce and unlike anything we have ever seen as a people. How long has it been this way? I recently read a comment by Whittaker Chambers, a once devout Marxist/Communist who defected to the Republican Party in the 1930's. In 1954 William F. Buckley Jr. spoke to Mr. Chambers with high hopes for the role his new magazine National Review might play in political affairs - to turn America around. Whittaker Chambers dashed his hopes in a paragraph he said was unmatched in the literature of supine gloom. Chambers stated (Quote Page vi of WITNESS)

"It is idle, " he rebuked me, "to talk about preventing the wreck of Western Civilization. It is al r eady a wreck from within. That is why we can hope to do little more now than snatch a f ngernail of a saint from the rack or a handful of ashes from the faggots, and bury them secretly in a flowerpot against the day, ages hence, when afew men begin again to dare believe that there was once something else, that something else is thinkable, and need some evidence of what it was and the fortifying knowledge that there were those who, at the great nightfall, took loving thought to preserve the tokens of hope and truth." Whittaker Chambers 1954 The tokens of hope and truth were not to be preserved, he seemed to be saying, in a journal

of opinion, not to be preserved by writers or thinkers. Only by activists, and I was to know that he (spoke of)...not a word, but a deed. In the final analysis it was action, not belletrism*, that move him most deeply." (Unquote) *Note - This word means," literature that is an end in itself and is not practical." PRAYER IS ACTION: The way we have prayed and the way we will be praying involves action and lays the foundations for more visible results stemming from prayer. We will be engaging the enemy through CHRIST JESUS to hurl them back for a time, to the ends that we be enabled to extricate God's people out of harrns way. Thereafter I perceive we will

Pa g e 27

The Stall and sword iviiinstry

i UVC1LtuCi i.,

THE ENEMY IS ATTACKING EVERYWHERE (Continued) be praying and working to destroy the very foundations of the evil system that is attacking God's Church and America. Thus, even as the enemy is advancing we will be undercutting them, pulling down the very foundations upon which they are building. Again, while we need be AWARE of the enemy's presence, our focus ought be wholly on JESUS CHRIST and His Power, Goodness and Mercy. Amen.

Richard-DANIEL'S Insight On October 28, 2003 Richard-DANIEL sent me this communication (Quote) "I asked Jesus "what's next? " as I'm very occupied with trying to keep the secular job going

and I haven't really noticed much about the fire, much less discern it. JESLTS told me that right now, we are transitioning into the obviousness of the "real"judgment. When we emerge on the other side of the transition the danger of "denial" and getting behind God will be just as real as getting ahead of God in

the previous years.

My personal opinion is that the danger of denial is a greater threat to Christians now, then jumping the gun in p revious years. ... We as a nation are surely transitioning into it now, yet the good ole USA is just there standing on the tracks with this blinding light and rumbling coming towards us. Transfixed and motionless. " ( Unquote)

WORMWOOD and the CALIFORNIA FIRES Wormwood is the demon prince that was with the Beastman in the GAP in 1987/88 and is the antiChrist spirit that will be directing many of the attacks on Christians in America. A "BALL OF FIRE" is his sign and so it is known to cause fires, great fires. A time back we had Wormwood captive and under JESUS' orders we branded him with two three digit numbers. Purpose? When Wormwood moves `In The World' to do something his numbers would show in the Lots (lottery) so we could identify him in this way and know that he was active. On October 18, 2003 the Washington lots drew one of his numbers (perfect version) indicating that he was up to something. Then on October 24' as the California fires were burning out of control (great fire) the Washington lottery drew #666 which is the second three digit number we branded it with. Wormwood was behind the California fires!


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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 13, 2003

The book: DANGEROUS DIPLOMACY by Joel Mowbray Last year the Lord JESUS began speaking to me about how our government has been infiltrated by anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Bush forces and how these people hate JESUS, Christians and George W. Bush. The fruit of that infiltration of our culture, government and society is very visible and tragically so. This June 16, 2003 JESUS told me this, "...THERE ARE EVIL MEN OPERATING INSIDE THIS GOVERNMENT THAT UNDERMINE EVERYTHING THAT MY SON GEORGE W. DOES..." That evil influence has everything to do with the troubles we are having in Iraq as they do things that undermine every attempt to build a democracy in Iraq and undergird resistance that is killing our young men and women. Here is one issue drawn from this book written by Joel Mowbray: (Quote) "On May 17, 2002 a State Department official from the Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) bureau told auditors, "NEA would appreciate any assistance (to help) shut down the INC. ( =The Iraqi National Congress) the umbrella organization for anti-Saddam Hussein, pro-democracy groups..... The INC (Iraqi National Congress) was created in the aftermath of the 1990-91 Gulf war by Chalabi, a secular and Western educated Shiite... For reasons that are not entirely clear the State Department hated the INC and Chalabi. Some point to Chalabi's unheeded warnings against a doomed CIA-backed coup attempt in Iraq in 1996. State and the CIA were no doubt embarrassed that the coup failed, as he predicted it would. Congress, however, authorized $97 million in funding for "Iraqi opposition" groups —with the clear intent that most of the money go to the INC. But within weeks of the president signing the Iraq Liberation Act, officials from State (State = The State Department) were telling the media - "anonymously" of course — that funds were not necessarily going to flow to the INC. ... The INC's intelligence officials were the ones, for example, who discovered Salman Pak, the training facility just outside Baghdad where Saddam's henchmen instructed would-be terrorists on how to hijack an airplane. As part of the mission of finding evidence for future trials on human rights abuses, these same intelligence agents also uncovered ties between Iraq and al Oaeda....four months later State tried to end all funding for this INC program/intelligence.... As pa rt of the Iraq Liberation Act, the INC had started Liberty TV in August 2001. It was essentially an INC-run television version of Voice of America broadcasting messages of freedom and liberty in Arabic to the Iraqi people. ..The State Department blocked or delayed issuing funds to the a result and for the lack of $25,000 Iraqi freedom TV was shut down." (Unquote) This is only a small example of the kind of resistance against C.W. Bush, America and freedom for Iraqi's. The only TV they have to watch are the vile Islamic hate programs. iN CH R►s





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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 14, 2003

*** LAST MINUTE ADDENDUM ***By chuck -JOHNEL We completed this newsletter on Thursday, November 13 t1 ' and on this day our new copy machine was delivered, thus we did not have opportunity to print the balance of the Newsletter until early this morning (it took some hours to set up the new copy machine and get it working right). In the meantime it became obvious that I missed a few WATCH DAYS so I'm going to corr ect that here and now adding to what is on Pages 15-17 of the main Newsletter.

THE 30 DAY TIME COUNT WORKS TWO WAYS: (1) It brings focus to the 15 th day of each month successively June to December, and (2) It is also a literal count of 30 days from July 15 tk '. Again, all events in the 6 months from June 2003 to December 2003 deserve our notice, but special focus need be given those dates that JESUS drew attention to b y His Word of June 16`''


Event of November 12, 2003 NEWS HEA DLIN ES : "WILD WEATHER WRACKS NATION" Winds gusting to more than 70 mph Thursday (11/12), killing at least 8 people, swept vast areas of the East and Midwest downing trees and power lines leaving more than 1.4 million without power in areas of Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware while in the Watts section of Los Angeles hail was ankle deep. ^%O (1 \/c later w niiltl rump. to TlP.f -"FMRFR 1 1 /17. 701fl the next and I helieve. last Watch

Date. The Sum of WATCH DATES stands at:

NOVEMBER 15, 2003 {Month from October 15 th NY Ferry accident)

NOVEMBER 19, 2003 DECEMBER 11/12 2003 ('30" day front November 15th)

DECEMBER 15, 2003 Month from November 15th)

JANUARY 6 -9, 2004 (2 20 day from June 16 th see P20)

Pa L -e 13


November 14, 2003

The Staff and Sword Minis y


foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The

Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord's throne is in heaven: His eyes

behold, His eyelids try, the children of men...." (Psalm 11 selections)

tram of ihursdaj, .November 13, 2003 I hhlveia/)Y011!1t'I)" 110 rtg3 l.' t.0 I have done 1117' llut . —


Suspended Alabama Srtgreme Court ChketiusticeRoy Mnare 3ISteet to hIs verdict d[fore the Alabama Court of the Judiciary at' Thursday in Montgomery. Ai a.


`Ten Commandments judge' ousted supporters after the verdict "Ii s about whether Alabama ' t °fej,d P"e" MONTGOMERY. Ala. — Alabama C-I t ic f or 'tot }rsu ran ackrtonkedgu God as a so[tree o[ Chief Justice }ustice Roy hluorc, who tiecame a hero [n Our law and our Siberrv. Th: t s all he done.'.

The nine mciuber of ltic Court of she Canned religious ce+nscn;rtives for refusrng Er' temn+'c Judiciary liiindcd out kite harshest penalty for refusing his granite Ten Commandments monument possible, saving Moore ktt them with nn choice from the state courthouse. wars thrown of{ the to remove bench Thurvdav hr s judicial uthirs panel for by repea[edle inclsting he would never ale;+ a federal lodge's order to move the _ ion block monument h;iving "placed himselfabove thr i;}w." of eranite from the courthouse ronmda. y no reRmts. I h;tc done my "I have absolutel Con;mued Judge/All dut y ." -Moore said to a chcermg Crowd of

Dr. Michael Savage made this observation on radio yesterday when news that .fudge Moore was handed the severest penalty possible November 13


for refusing to obey a federal

judge order. Dr. Savage stated (in essence) that in America today pornography has spread to every corner of the land and is protected by the courts, then every sort of lewdness and nudity is tolerated in the public square permitted by the courts but these same courts find the Ten Commandments of God an offence and to be too offensive to be in the public square anywhere in America. These courts are destroying the very foundation of our law which means that we are rapidly becoming a lawless society without pillar or post or moral guideline which is preparing the way for the rapid emergence of the beast and barbarism the untethered Adamic nature.

I perceive that it was the Spirit of God that moved Judge Moore to take the stand he took, to draw a line in the sand which the liberals and God haters were all too eager to cross. They are celebrating their victory over Judge Moore, saying, "He got what he deserved." Then that will be their judgment out of their mouths - they will get what they deserve only they will face the ultimate JUDGE. I close with portions of Psalm 11. God bless. C-J

"In the Lord put I my trust... For lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The Lord is in His holy temple, the Lord's throne is in heaven: His eyes behold, His eyelids try, the children of men...Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. For the righteous Lord l oveth righteousness. His countenance doth behold the upright." ( Psalm 11: 1-7 selections)

Nov 7th, 2003: Looking To Jesus  

THE NET OF PRAYER LOVE, FAITH, HOPE 11 - lulF S1FAJFIF 811rdi 1111-ill SlhWCIQID /SA1V I11%TL "Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of o...

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