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Chuck-JOHNLL Youngbrandt, JESUS CHRIST's Apostle! Prophet 917 West Jackson Avenue Spokane, WA. 99205-3338 Tele #509.326-7389 File: Spokane Warnings

October 4, 2001

COVER LETTER for: Californians, Oregonians, and Washingtonians

Blessings and peace to you in JESUS' Name! We mailed out the enclosed October I, 2001 "Prophetic Update" to everyone on our mailing list in Spokane on October 1st. I' m now led to include everyone on the West Coast as it is apparent to me that when we see earthquake/volcanic activity re-emerging (sometime past the "ensign") that these events will affect all of us, not just those in Spokane. The 14 days following the tremor under Los Angeles on September 9 `f' (4.2 Richter) did not produce a "larger quake" by September 23, 2001. However, because of the "stepping aside*" it is quite possible that this event (larger Los Angeles earthquake) may have been delayed by a month, meaning it "may" emerge a month later or by October 23/24, 2001. *Note-- "Stepping Aside" Prophetically on July 12, 2001 introduced the year 1979 into the picture as an `added parallel' for this 2001 (along side of parallels to 1989 and 1977). A brother in the Los Angeles area (whose name is Russ) dropped me a note expressing surprise that I warned of a larger quake based on the September 9, 2001 tremor in L.A. as it did not (in his estimation) fit the profile of the warning tremor we have been looking for since May, 2000. MY RESPONSE: This tremor was within the Richter range we have discerned, it was under Hollywood-Los Angeles and it was a very unusual earthquake. While I did not discern that a major quake at this time was "likely" I could not rule it out entirely. The evidence on hand was too strong to ignore, this being:

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COVER LETTER for "Prophetic Update"

October 4, 2001

MY RESPONSE (continued) 1.) The tremor came on September 9 th , a day JESUS identified as "DANGEROUS" in

1979. 2.) Evidence showed on September 9 `h (with the Los Angeles tremor) that revealed a demonic plan to "destroy a city." 3.) The 4.2 Richter tremor of September 9 `h was (again) unusual, under Los Angeles and within the Richter range (4.0 to 5.5 Richter) we discerned would show. For these reasons, specified above, I was not comfortable with NOT issuing a warning. On the other hand, through Dan Bohler's insight and the "mercy cover" gotten by the 9 prophets this year (which ends January 12, 2002) Z was keenly aware that "MAJOR" destructions/judgments would not begin to surface until 2002. But weighing against that insight/position (above) is the terrorist attack on New York City and Washington, D.C. of September 11 `x' — a massive destruction and loss of life. Harmonizing revelation insight against real events brought me to the conclusion that it was far better to warn than to not warn under these circumstances. I' m equally aware that the Lord JESUS was not going to reveal the timing of "big quakes" (because of Church rebellion against God's Word) — so getting a clear Holy Spirit insight about what would follow the September 9 b tremor was not forthcoming or likely. As a consequence of these various factors I simply could not ignore the

evidence on hand that pointed to a potential earthquake of some serious magnitude, therefore I issued the warning onthis and other matters.

WHY I'M SENDING THIS TO YOU NOW! When you read the enclosed, "October 1 st PROPHETIC UPDATE" you will see something else. Essentially, the September 28, 2001 tremors (shakings) in Spokane was a fulfillment of what JESUS told me to expect on August 13, 1989. This is how it played out (abbreviated version) : (CONTINUED ON PAGE 3)

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COVER LETTER for "Prophetic Update"

October 4, 2001


The September 1

1, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. are

a fulfillment of what JESUS said would happen, corning 29 days later (August 13September 11).

(B) This leads us to see His August 13 `h Word as having this obvious application (after the fact) "NOW IN A TIME NOT DISTANT PREPARE AGAIN TO ENDURE A SHAKING..." Take September 11 `h and add 17 days and you get September 28, 2001 the date of the "SHAKING" He said would come shortly. Interestingly (see Page 4), the Spokesman Review News Repo rt of the September 28`h earthquakes titles their article with, "Spokane hit AGAIN by quake swarm." I note the likeness of JESUS saying "AGAIN" to the News article saying the same (meaning the same as the June 25 th quakes) . Next JESUS would say on August 13 th , "AND IN THIS MOMENT THE (C) FORMER IS PAST AND WHAT COMES IS WHAT YOU KNEW TO EXPECT. WATCH THE 19TH" I have known since 1989 that He was referring to major earthquakes, killer earthquake when He said this. It is apparent to me (now) that His reference to "WATCH THE 19 1x " is likely a reference to October 19 `h since the previous event ("...AGAIN... SHAKING...") He referred to came on September 28th. At the least it puts us on "alert" to be ready to see significant events begin to surface anytime on or after the 19 th (if that is a reference to October 19" - which I believe it is). What JESUS says is non-specific, it could pertain to Spokane, to California, anywhere and everywhere. It is evident that His Word of August 28 `h (see enclosed repo rt page 5) speaks primarily of Spokane, but it could also be an indicator of what is coming across the U.S. as well. • End of repo rt . God bless. mA^ c4'c

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COVER LETTER for "Prophetic Update"

October 4, 2001

I obviously missed this article (below) when I reviewed the 9/29 newspaper. It was in the Region Section of the Spokesman Review Newspaper and located by Nancy-TONI "after" I wrote and mailed the October 1, 2001 PROPHETIC UPDATE (enclosed). Spokesman Review Saturday, September 29, 2001 News Event of September 28, 2001

Several minor jolts shake residents, cause no damage By Mike Prager

and Rob McDonald Staff writers

Spokane residents got a morning jolt Friday when a swarm of minor earthquakes shook the city for the first time in seven weeks. The largest was measured at magnitude 2.8 at 11:34 a.m. and was followed over the next seven minutes by tremors of 1.9, 2.6 and 1.6. The swarm occurred in a shallow layer of rock no more than 2,500 feet beneath Gonzaga Preparatory School at Euclid and Perry. No damage was reported. They were the latest in a series of tremors that has been rattling the city since May, the largest of which measured 3.7 on June 25 and was located in the same vicinity as Friday's tremors. "They were pretty likely in the same rock that broke in June," said Ruth Ludwin, research scientist for the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network in Seattle. Residents near the epicenter said milder rumblings began about 6:30 a.m. At the Medicine Wheel Academy near Monroe and Maxwell, staff members said they felt seven or eight jolts by noon. Pam Austin, coordinator of Indian education at the academy for Spokane School District 81, was in the middle of a news interview. when the largest shock struck with a sound of an audible concussion. She

screamed and started shaking as the quake rattled the building and shook the floor. By mid-afternoon, nearly 150 people had reported feeling the earthquake on a Web site set up by University of Washington seismologists. Anyone wishing to report feeling the earthquakes may do so at , then click on Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, To report the quakes, click on the Community Internet Intensity Map. Ludwin said researchers are seeking eyewitness reports to better understand what's happening beneath the city. She said Eastern Washington appears to be susceptible to what scientists call crustal earthquakes in the Iayers of basalt rock covering the region. The Spokane quakes most likely are occurring in ancient cracks along relatively small sections of rock beneath the North Side. Such earthquake swarms can continue for months before subsiding, she said. Spokane's quakes are probably the result of compression in the rock layers caused by more distant movements of global plates along the Pacific coast. Seismologists in Spokane this week said the city could someday see a quake as large as magnitude 5.0 to 5.5, but the current sequence is likely releasing pressure and reducing the risk for now. "I don't find it alarming," Ludes_ in said.

Oct 4th, 2001: Cover Letter  
Oct 4th, 2001: Cover Letter  

October 4, 2001 (Con g a tued cn Pc ise 2) However, because of the "stepping aside*" it is quite possible that this event (larger Los Angele...