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Cover Page The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum December S, 2012

ADDENDUM A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported this Ministry work in Christ for this past year, support in prayer, encouragement and finances. A warm "Thank You" and our sincere appreciation for your faithfulness in undergirding this on-going work in the Lord JESUS CHRIST! We wish you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Though the times we are in are difficult and trialsome and what lies ahead will likely be more of the same - we are encouraged to know that the Lord is our Shepherd, we are under His care and keeping. The "Joy of the Lord" is our strength no matter what comes for in Christ we will overcome and stand in His victory. Again, a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy Year to all.

Chuck-JOHNEL's Pick For this Christmas time I've selected one of my favorite stories from the book, "The Archko Volume or the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim & Talmuds of the Jews ." Translated by Drs. McIntosh & Twyman of the Antiquarian Lodge, Genoa, Italy. Published by Keats Publishing, Inc. New Canaan, Connecticut 06840, which was entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1887 in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C. This book sold for $14.95 when last purchased, about twelve years ago, on Amazon. corn. These are the official documents made in these courts (Sanhedrim & Talmuds of the Jews) in the days of Jesus Christ.

Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL : There is quite a detailed history given in this book on how the records survived and were moved about ending up in the vaults o, f'the Vatican where these two Doctors (McIntosh & Twyman) were allowed access and record and publish what they found.

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December 8, 2012

While this record does not change the Biblical account, it does give greater and fascinating detail on certain aspects of the events surrounding JESUS's birth.

REPORT ON JESUS's BIRTH ( Quoting Pages 64-69 of "The Archko Volume or the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim & Talmuds of the Jews."


JONATHAN'S INTERVIEW WITH THE BETHLEHEM SHEPHERDS — LETTER OF MELKER, PRIEST OF THE SYNAGOGUE A T BETHLEHEM. Sanhedrim, 88 B. By R. Jose. Order No. 2. [JONATHAN, son of Heziel, questions the shepherds and others at Bethlehem in regard to the strange circumstances reported to have occurred there, and reports to this court.] "Jonathan to the Masters o]'Israel, Servants

of the

True God: In obedience to

your order, I met with two men, who said they were shepherds, and were watching their flocks near Bethlehem. They told me that while attending to their sheep, the night being cold and chilly, some of them had made fires to warm themselves, and some of them had laid down and were asleep; that they were awakened by those who were keeping watch with the questions. What does all this mean? Behold, how light it is, ' that when they were aroused it was light as day. But they knew it was not daylight, for it was only the third watch. All at once the air seemed to be filled with human voices, saying `Glory! Glory! Glory to the most high God!' and `Happy are thou, Bethlehem, for

God hath fulfilled His promise to the fathers; for in thy chambers is born the King that shall rule in righteousness.' Their shoutings would rise up in the heavens, and then would sink down in mellow strains, and roll along at the foot of the mountains, and die away in the most soft and musical manner they had ever heard; then it would begin again high up in the heavens, in the very vaults of the sky, and

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December 8, 2012

REPORT ON JESUS's BIRTH (Quote continued) descend in sweet and melodious strains, so that they could not refrain from shouting and weeping at the same time. The light would seem to burst forth high up in the heavens, and then descend in softer rays and light up the hills and valleys, making everything more visible that the light of the sun, though it was not so brilliant, but clearer, li ke the brightest moon. I asked them how they felt - if they were not afraid; they said at first they were; but after awhile it seemed

to calm their spirits, and so fill their hearts with love and tranquillity that they felt more like giving thanks than anything else. They said it was around the whole city, and some of the people were almost scared to death. Some said the world was on fire; some said the gods were coming down to destroy them; others said a star had fallen; until Melker the priest came out shouting and clapping his hands, seeming to be frantic with joy. The people all came crowding around him, and he told them that it was the sign that God was coming to fulfil His promise made to their father Abraham. He told us that fourteen hundred years before God had appeared to Abraham, and told him to put all Israel under bonds sacred bonds of obedience; and if they would be faithful, He would give them a Saviour to redeem them from sin, and that He would give them eternal life, and that they should hunger no more; that the time of their suffering should cease forever; and that the sign of His coming would be that light would shine from on high, and the Angels would announce His coming, and their voices should be heard in the city, and the people should rejoice: and a virgin that was pure should travail in pain and bring forth her firstborn, and He should rule all flesh by sanctifying it and making it obedient. After Melker had addressed the people in a loud voice, he and all the old Jews went into the synagogue and remained there praising God and giving thanks. "I went to see Melker, who related to me much the same as

the shepherds had reported. He told me that he had lived in India, and that his father had been priest at Antioch; that he had studied the sacred scrolls of God all his life, and that he knew that the time had come, from signs given, for God to visit and save the Jews

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December R. 21112

REPORT ON JESUS's BIRTH (Quote continued) from Roman oppression and from their sins; and as evidence he showed me many quotations on the tripod respecting the matter. "He said that next day three strangers from a great distance called on him, and they went in search of this young child; and they found him and his mother in the mouth of the cave, where there was a shed projecting out for the sheltering of sheep; that his mother was married to a man named Joseph, and she related to them the history of her child, saying that an Angel had visited her, and told her that she should have a son, and she should call Him Jesus, for He should redeem His people from their sins; and He should call her blessed forever more. "Whether this is true or not remains to be proved in the future. There have been so many impostors in the world, so many babes born under pretended miracles, and all have proved to be a failure, that this one may be false, this woman only wishing to hide her shame or court the favor of the Jews. "I am informed that she will be tried by our law, and, if she can give no better evidence of her virtue than she has given to Melker, she will be stoned according to our law, although, as Melker says, there never has been a case before with such apparent divine manifestations as were seen on this occasion. In the past, in various instances, virgins have pretended to be with child by the Holy Ghost, but at the time of their delivery there was no light from the heavens, and no Angels talking among the clouds and declaring that this was the King of the Jews. And, as to the truth of these things, the whole of the people of Bethlehem testify to having seen it, and the Roman guard also came out and asked what it meant, and they showed by their actions that they were very much

alarmed. These things, Melker says, are all declared in the Scriptures to be the sign of His coming. Melker is a man of great learning and well versed in the prophecies, and he sends you this letter, referring you to those prophecies:

'"Melker, Priest of the Synagogue of Bethlehem, to the Higher Sanhedrim of the Jews at Jerusalem:

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December 8, 2012

REPORT ON JESUS's BIRTH (Quote continued) "HOLY MASTERS OF ISRAEL: I, your servant, would call your attention to the words of the prophet in regard to the forerunner, and the rise as well as the conductor of a great and mighty nation, wherein should dwell the true principles of righteousness and the conductor of the outward formation of a national domain of God upon earth. As evidence of the fact, the vision and affliction that has befallen Zacharias of late is enough to satisfy all men of the coming of some great event; and this babe of Elizabeth is the beginning of better times. "What has occurred here in the last few days, as Jonathan will inform you, forever settles the question that the day of our redemption is drawing nigh. The sections of these divisions are three: First, the general survey; the original foundation and destiny of man in his single state; the proto-evangel; the full development of mankind; the promises to the fathers of the covenant people; Judah, the leader tribe; section second, the Mosaic law and the Mosaic outlook; the prophecy of Balaam, section third, the anointed one; and the prophets of the past exile: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi; Malachi I s prophecy of the forerunner of the Lord. Now, noble masters of Israel, if you will refer to the several sections of the divine word, you will not fail to see that all that has been spoken by the prophets in regard to the works of God upon earth has been fulfilled in the last few days in the two events, the birth of the child of Elizabeth and that of Mary of Bethlehem. "The unlimited freedom which some men take with these holy writings of God, as to the above prophecy, subjects us to the severest criticism. It is, however, most satisfactory to see and hear that the divine grandeur and authority of the sacred oracles are in no way dependent on the solution of carnal critics, but rest on an inward light, shining everywhere out of the bosom of a profound organic unity and an interconnected relation with a consistent and united teleology; overleaping all time, the historical present as well as the past, and all the past brought to light in these two events that have just transpired. Indeed, all past time is blending with the present horizon, and the works of God in ages past are just

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December 8, 2012

REPORT ON JESUS's BIRTH (Quote continued) beginning to develop themselves at this particular time, and the present scenes are bringing us close on to the ways of God upon earth. While we reverence these men of God, we should not misquote their language. Take, for example, the third section of Isaiah, where he prophesies of the captive Israelites, instead of his consolation to the captive. While one of his words refers to the future condition and the reason therefor, the other is sweet in consolation of the Israelites while in this state of captivity, and full of the blessed promises in the future. (Unquote)


In another part of this book there is a detailed account by a man named Gamaliel (the

hagiographa or holy writings were found in St. Sophia Mosque at Constantinople, made by Gamaliel, in the Talmuds of the Jews, 27 B.) It seems Gamaliel was sent by the Sanhedrim to interrogate Joseph and Mary in regard to this child Jesus. This man gives quite a bit of detail about Joseph, Mary, and a local priest (named Masssalian) who knew JESUS and Lazarus, a friend of JESUS. The account is fascinating in its detail. The old priest was astounded at Jesus' knowledge of Scriptures, who could read though no man taught Him to read, and who had a grasp of Scripture and many other things that convinced this old priest that He was indeed the Christ. What struck me about this was how the Sandedrim followed up on the report of Jesus's birth and sent Gamaliel out to find Jesus when He was a young man and before He began His Ministry. Yet in spite of all this, when Jesus began to preach the Gospel these same men (or most of them) resisted Jesus in every way they could manage. Again, this book proved to be fascinating in every respect even giving accounts of JESUS' Resurrection and His face to face encounter with Caiaphas after His Resurrection. Truly a wonderful book. God Bless and Merry Christmas to all!

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December 12, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT SECTION FOR: THE NET OF PRA YER Enclosed you will find the NEW DAILY PRAYER SHEETS for the Net of Prayer effective on the day you receive them in the mail. These "new" Prayer sheets have two sections: The first section are the Daily Prayers (the first 6 pages). The second section are "REJOICE and REST PRAYERS" (4 pages starting at the

bottom of page 6.) We have just concluded a 12 month prayer operation and constant battle `In The Spirit' from THE GAP and then through THE BROKEN CROSS ZONES, ending October 1, 2012. We did not "weary in well doing" and prayed through to the end of the work the Lord gave us. In such situations we are often led to have a period where we REJOICE (in God's Help and Victory) and to REST in CHRIST, to be renewed by the Spirit of God. You may elect to go straight to the "REJOICE AND REST" prayers and we encourage you to pray these prayers day by day for at least three weeks. On completion return to the new Daily Prayers and pray them day by day. "IF" or "when" you pray the " REJOICE AND REST" Prayers please be sure to pray daily those prayers noted on the prayer sheets BEFORE you begin the "REJOICE AND REST" Prayers, these being: PRAY the: PREFACE PRAYER and CHRIST LIGHT PRAYER (Cover page) Also PRAY: ANGELIC PROTECTION AND ARMOR, OPENING UNITY


THE LINE IN BETHEL" Prayer (Page 4)

This will allow you to respond to any enemy attack immediately as the Lord's Ministry Prophets direct `In The Spirit' when a threat appears.

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December 12, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT FOR: THE NET OF PRA E'ER (Continued)_ ENEMY ACTIVITY SEEN IN THE `LOTS' Shortly after we pulled back into Bethel (it is surrounded by high, strong walls) demons attempted to breach the wall and were repulsed by the Net of Prayer Intercessors on that front along with the intercessors joined with us by the Spirit of God.. Again on November 5 th the Lots drew #472 - a direct assault on the Bethel Wall. We not only drove them back but took a significant toll of the demons attacking. I saw this `In The Spirit' and watched as waves of golden arrows fell on the demon masses consuming them in Holy Fire. On November 16 th demons invaded the Chicago zone #307 - the prayer mines did its work blowing demon horns and hooves skyward. They now had an open flank against Bethel's northern wall. On November 25 th the enemy hit the wall again, this time it was a weak probe. Lots #274 showed, again the northern most wall of Bethel. The enemy was obviously probing with small demonic forces looking for a weak point, finding none it's been quiet since then. Our on-going prayer safeguards the Elect, Sealed, Faithful-Obedient, Innocent lambs of God, and the tithe of the church system of man. This will convert to divine protection for green pastures across America before and during occupation. THE ISLAMIC PRAYER: We began this prayer operation to draw Moslems out of Islam, that they ought meet JESUS `In The Spirit' and be converted. A few years after we began praying this way, we received reports from Missionaries overseas that suddenly Moslems were coming to them already saved, having met JESUS in visions and in dreams and so converted. The numbers saved grew from hundreds to thousands, to hundreds of thousands, and then to millions. We have seen awesome answers to our prayers and warfare `In The Spirit' and need press on and into the Lord with this prayer. Our new DAILY PRAYERS are by design to keep us alert and watching for any

threat from the enemy and to deal with it in Jesus' empowerment.

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December 12, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT FOR: THE NET OF PRA YER. (Continued) Again, "IF" or "when" you decide to pray the " REJOICE AND REST Prayers ", you may pray them for 4 weeks, five weeks if you wish but when you have completed those prayers return to the new DAILY PRAYERS (enclosed) and pray them henceforth and until new prayer sheets are issued. Thank you for your faithfulness and for praying through. God bless. Chuck-JOTNEL

and Nancy-TONI.

It was Beastman Obama who ordered the military to "stand down", to not get involved as some 135 well organized, equipped al Qaeda terrorists attacked the consulate in Benghazi. Two Navy Seals had marked the terrorist mortars, and

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December 12, 2012

BENGHAZI and BEASTMAN OBAMA (Continued) although ordered to "do nothing" they could not watch the terrorists firing machine guns, grenades and mortars into the Benghazi Consulate where some 31 staffers were trapped and being hit (many were wounded). They moved in and engaged the 135 al Qaeda killers and held them off while the Consulate staff was evacuated to safety. The Seals (as well as the now dead Ambassador) called for help, for support. Within an hour's flying time there were Marines, A 130 gun ships and F 16's ready to engage. Had they been sent the four Americans (including the two Seals) would have been saved. The Navy Seals were fighting a delaying action and waiting for back-up, which never came because Beastman Obama would not give the order. It is now three months since 9/11/12 and there is no report on the government investigation, nor any effort to locate the killers (many whom we know about). When a reporter asked Obama what he knew of the events of September 11, 2012 he replied, "It is under investigation. " What?! He cannot even tell what he knew - he is stonewalling big time, hiding the facts, covering up his involvement. Beastman Obama is in complicity in the death/murder of four Americans at Benghazi. A MINI VERSION of what was seen in THE GAP in 1987 : Back then I saw the Beastman sitting on his throne while his demons came to him, wanting people to abuse, torture, rip to shreds and devour but the only ones available were those who supported him, worked for him. He then said, "What are they to me!" and allowed the demons to utterly destroy multitudes of his followers. The massacre was so horrible, so graphic and violent, I could not bear it long before leaving the scene. What happened in Benghazi is a mini version of this behavior seen in THE GAP in 1987. Beastman Obama allowed the enemy to slaughter Americans in Benghazi, he was indifferent and let the murdering scum have their way. Now he is using the power of his office and the Media that covers for him to stone wall, hoping all this will blow over and be forgotten.

Russian News Outlet Pravda (Previously the Official Press of the USSR) Labels Obama a `Communist' in scathing Ed.

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December 12, 2012

Russian News Outlet Pravda (Continued) Written by Xavier Lerma, of Russian news outlet Pravda. (Glenn Beck's THE BLAZE reports on this news story) (Quote) "The famed Russian news site "Pravda," which ironically was formed as the official Communist publication of the former Soviet Union, recently released a scathing opinion column entitled, "Obama's Soviet Mistake," in which the author unabashedly labels the U.S. president a "Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so." The author, Xavier Lerma, goes on to note how Obama's "cult of personality" has mesmerized the ignorant in America, who will follow the hope and change icon in much the same way as "fools" still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. ...The author questions if Americans have ever read history and concludes that American schools have been "conquered by Communists long ago," paving the way for a revisionist history that would only lead to the election ofa Communist president in the U.S. ."Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law," Lerma notes astutely.

In terms of all of the U.S. States that have filed petitions to secede from the union, Lerma coins these Americans "hostages to the Communists in power" who will eventually need to rise up in the face of "tyranny." Lerma concludes with a powerful comparison of the suffering endured for nearly a century under the oppression and brutality of the USSR and quotes Don Mclean's famed song, "American Pie"." (Unquote)

GREEN ENERGY WASTE COLOSSAL Article in Spokesman Newspaper, dated 11-22-12, in the "Letters" section. "Green Energy Waste Colossal. President Obama: (Quote) "The future is here. We are poised to transform how we power our homes, cars and businesses. America had better get on board in the growth of renewable `green' technology." He touted Spain's example. Spain's green energy is a colossal failure. A 2009 Juan Carlos University-Madrid study found that each green job created cost taxpayers $1.3 million, and caused loss of 2.2 jobs elsewhere in Spain's economy. Each "green" megawatt installed destroyed 5.28 jobs. Thus electricity rates skyrocketed 31 percent. Part of the president's $800 billion green energy stimulus showed these results; Solar Trust of America: $2.1 billion loan guarantees. Bankrupt 2012. Bright Source:

Page 12A The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum


December 12, 2012

$1.b billion

loan. Company faltering. Initial public offering failed. SunPower: $1.2 billion in loans. Manufacturing in Mexico. Debt exceeds capitalization. Solyndra: Received $535 million loan. Bankrupt. Cannot make solar product. Abound Solar: Received $400 million guarantee. Bankrupt 2012. Al 23 Solar: Received $279 million loans. Bankrupt 2012. ECOtality: $125 million loan. Nearing bankruptcy. Insider trading investigation. Enerl: Received $100 million loan. Bankrupt 2012. These 2011-2012 green bankruptcies wasted $142 million combined in federal monies: Amonix Solar, Azure Dynamics, Energy Conversion Devices, Evergreen Solar, Satcon Technology, Beacon Power." Written by David B. Spokane. (Unquote)

AN E-MAIL REVIEW OF JESUS' WORD OF 1978 I was led by the Lord to send this message to Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto and others, including N.O.P LEADERS, at the end of November and into December this year. This I what I wrote at that time. (Quote) "Having walked with JESUS as His prophet since 1971, much of what He has told has come to pass. We are nearing a major turn of events which can be altered only through repentance and prayer. On April 6, 1978, JESUS told me this : "WHAT IS BEGUN IN THE NATION IS INVISIBLE TO ALMOST ALL. ECONOMIC JUDGMENT WILL DEEPEN AND COLLAPSE WILL BE SUDDEN. IT WILL DETERIORATE BENEATH STEADILY AT THE FOUNDATIONS; SEVERAL SHOCKS WILL STRIKE BUT APPEARANCES WILL BE MAINTAINED. SUDDENLY EVERYTHING WILL COLLAPSE." There was such a "SHOCK" during the Reagan Administration, another following the terrorist attack of 9-1 1-01, and most recently the economic collapse of 2008. We are nearing the final collapse which will come suddenly. On February 7, 1979, JESUS said: "BY APRIL, WILL SEE ECONOMIC PARALYSIS SUCH AS NEVER BEFORE." JESUS also spoke of March 28`'' as the start of these judgments. The issue is not "if" it will happen, rather "what year?" July 2. 1980 JESUS told me this: "(There will be) A CRUSHING BLOW ON JAPAN." At the time, we concluded it would happen on the 1 l t " of a month, to which JESUS spoke to us on July 3, 1980, saying: "THE DATE OF THE 11 T11 IS CORRECT FOR THE JAPAN EARTHQUAKE AS I HAVE SHOWN YOU." I did write the Japanese government in 1980 and had they responded, we might

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December 12, 2012

AN E-MAIL REVIEW OF JESUS' WORD OF 1978 (Continued) have found opportunity to alter/lessen, even cancel this terrible earthquake. There was no response. No response is a rejection of JESUS' warning. On MARCH 11, 2011, Japan suffered a horrific 8.9 Magnitude earthquake, destroying much, killing thousands, and leaving the Japanese economy in wreckage, to say nothing about the nuclear disaster that followed. There was 31 years between the date of His Word in 1980, to the actual event fulfilling it in 2011. This warning about the economy is well on the way to becoming a reality. Will you forewarn, call for prayer, even repentance and prayer? Would you like to ask me questions? I am open to that. This is all JESUS would have me say. God bless. JESUS' Prophet, Chuck-JOHNEL of The Staff & Sword Ministry." (Unquote) Comment by Chuck-JOHNEL: Needless to say there has been no response from any of the leading financial leaders in the Fox News system. At this time the Beastman Obama Administration is printing $48,000,000 a month to cover debts and purchases by Obama who is adding upwards of a $Trillion to the debt this year, before January 1, 2013. While we may all expect to see the price offood and energy go up (printing that much paper money will lead to rising inflation), there is one scenario that comes to mind. If those nations which have a $Trillions in U.S. currency in their vaults (Saudi Arabia, Red China, Russia, Japan, etc.) - " if" any of them see the handwriting on the wall, that the U.S. Dollar is steadily losing its value, - any of 'them may decide to put all their paper money (U.S. paper money) on the market to sell or to exchange for a currency or a number of currencies that are sound — the U.S. Dollar would become worthless overnight - SUDDENLY, as JESUS warned in 1978. If one major holder of U.S. currency were to do this, the others would follow suit this would spell the overnight demise of the U.S. Dollar. All of your savings, 401 k's, Insurance policies, everything would become worthless - inflation would explode. "If" the credit rating of the U.S. Government takes another dive, that alone could trigger the sell off of US Dollars on the international markets. It is now obvious to other nations that the U.S. Government under Obama will

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December 12, 2012

continue to go deeper into debt, borrow what it can and print paper money with nothing backing it. The only hedge we can go to, to protect our savings, 4011 s, etc. is to invest in Gold

and Silver which will hold its value as the dollar becomes worthless. Again, I recommend. I. C.A. (International Collectors Association ,) as a safe place to invest your money, to buy gold and/or silver. Contacts at ICA: Rex Turner tele #866-211-7606 {toll free phone number)


Mike Horsey same phone # as Rex (above) Regular phone number: #970-259-4100

While I have no specific insight or revelation to know just when the collapse of the dollar will happen I do know that Beastman Obama's policies are making such a collapse very likely - sooner or later his actions will cause the collapse of the U.S. economy - which is part of his mission from the Devil. JUDGMENT UNDER THE LAW,

GOD'S JUDGMENTS ., GOD'S WRATH When JESUS had me call His church to repent and pray, had they done so (they didn't) they would have engaged this duty/authority to oversee judgments, to pray in mercy, God's help for the sinner, and for salvation of the unsaved. When they rejected JESUS' Word and call, that rejection became an automatic agreement with Satan and Lucifer and allowed them to assume, through church acquiesce/indifference/prayerlessness to become "executors" of God's judgment working through God's Law. One thing about the enemy of our souls, they are law breakers. They will always exceed lawful boundaries and pursue their own purposes and ends with no mercy, no compassion and with behavior filled with murderous actions and brutality. Over the years we of the Net of Prayer have gotten a position through prayerintercession as being "overseers" of judgments by the enemy of our souls. We have the empowerment in Christ to shut them down; however, such an action requires that

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December 12, 2012

JUDGMENT Continued a vacuum be filled. Shutting down the Devil's judgments creates a vacuum. Please understand that when the church did not respond to Jesus' Word and call to prayer, repentance and prayer - that "decision" created a vacuum. In God's creation there are no real vacuums, everything is filled with something: if not mercy then it is filled with mercilessness; if not love then hate; if not life then death. When the church rejected JESUS' Word and Call to prayer, repentance and prayer,

that created a vacuum. The enemy of our souls moved to fill that vacuum, to become executors of God's Law and judgments. This makes them very hard to deal with or stop as they are working with an authority that the church rejected - they are filling and have filled a vacuum. The enemy is actually working with church authority to execute judgment.

WHAT CAN BE DONE? Over the years the Net of Prayer has intervened time and time again to correct the enemy from exceeding lawful boundaries and in so doing (praying, fasting, repenting and looking to JESUS) we have obtained the position as being "Overseers of God's Judgment", meaning we oversee what the enemy is doing and if we discern they are out of bounds, we gain opportunity, even grounds to take action to correct them. Here we may (Nancy-TONI and I) take our Staves and pray-prophesy to shut down the Devil's judgments and to place God's Judgment in that place. However, I know from talking to JESUS about this that to do so introduces first God's Judgments that will be followed by God's Wrath. We are NOT to so prophesy until JESUS gives us the go ahead and we are both in agreement to do so. This is a very serious matter, not to be taken lightly. Once we displace the Devil's judgments we will be conducting the judgments by His Law according to His revealed Will. God's Judgments are full of mercy, compassion and the opportunity to repent even in the midst of judgment and to be spared, which is the Will of God for His people.

Page 16A The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

December 14, 2012

JUDGMENT (Continued3 At this time we recognize that Hurricane SANDY which destroyed so much, killing many in the coastal areas of New York and New Jersey, was a judgment worked through God's Law by the Devil and his cohorts. Likewise the storms that battered California, waves of earthquakes and severe drought in the Midwestern states, were also judgments executed by the Devil working through God's Law. Thus far the enemy appears to be operating within the boundaries of God's Law; however, as the mass of demons that entered this world starting November 6, 2012 take hold, we may expect to see the enemy starting to exceed lawful boundaries. Our duty now is to be praying and watching, discerning what the enemy is up to and waiting on the Lord for direction. That is our best course of action at this time.

DEMONICALLY EXECUTED JUDGMENT = SANDY HOOK, CONNECTICUT 20 CHILDREN, 6 ADULTS DEAD Days earlier, a killer entered a Mall in Portland, Oregon and killed 2 people, critically wounding a 15-year old girl before taking his own life. Today, news comes of another killer entering an elementary school and massacring 20 kindergarten children and killing another 6 adults (including the school principle) before the 20 year old man took his own life. Everyone is asking; "Why? What is the motive for this murderous behavior? " The answer is not too hard - prayer in schools was driven out years ago and this opened the school system to a spirit of murder. When God is kicked out it is an invitation to the to Devil to come in - and all he brings is suffering, misery and death. The nation is becoming anti-God big time and that opens all to the not-so-tender mercy of the Devil (who has none). But I identify this as a "Judgment out of God's Law executed by demons" - why? Demons like to take credit for their hidden behavior, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes obvious. Hurricane SANDY was demonically driven, the enemy selected SANDY Hook - SANDY again - this is their way of taking credit for the murders. I've seen the demons do this before, this is no coincidence! So far they appear to be operating within the boundaries of God's Law, horrific as it is. As stated, as executors of judgment demons are without mercy. Jti


Dec 8th, 2012 ADENDDUM  

Although Aleister Crowley died nearly penniless, fighting a heroin addiction, his legacy is nevertheless nothing less than colossal. Crowley...