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The Staff and Sword Ministry

September 20, 2008

ADDENDUM ^ J "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." (Psalm 116: 15)

MRS. VIRGINIA R. PFRANG In 1980 I asked Virginia, a grandmother and the mother of a good friend (Lois), if she would like to work for this Ministry. She was willing and able and handled the mail, filled orders for Reports and Cassette Tapes and addressed, stamped, stuffed and mailed Newsletters* while I was on the highways across North America extending the Seal of the Living God (1982-1984). *Note: I would write the Newsletters while traveling, would send the originals to Virginia who then had them printed and sent them out. Quite a task actually. Virginia was a sister in Christ and a good friend who enjoyed the Ministry work and the inter-action with so many different brethren across the U.S. and Canada. When in Chicago I'd stop by frequently for a cup of coffee and we had many nice talks about spiritual matters as well as Ministry work. Virginia was born August 20, 1920 and passed from this world July 7, 2008. Lois, herdaughter wrote, "I know she's in a far better place AN D finally met her mother who died 2 days after she was born."

I NDEX a.) On the next page is a property for sale. b.) A Report on the Russian invasion of Georgia and the long term meaning of this event. c.) A report on the November Presidential Election and the Beast of antiChrist.

d.) A summary of WATCH DATES.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 20, 2008

LAND FOR SALE (TEXAS) N.Q.P. Intercessor Evelyn Pearl Priebe telephoned me some weeks ago and asked if I'd make room in our Newsletter for a piece of property she is selling, a green pasture in Texas. I agreed and this is the information Evelyn provided: (The photos were in color but we don't have that capability)





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" ^HW.-.

35.195 Acres of beautiful land in the rolling hills and piney woods of East Texas. Very secluded located approximately one mile off Highway 23, some 8 miles southwest of Rusk, Texas, on an all weather road kept up by International Paper Company. Ideal for cabin or mobile home. Electricity available. Listed with Centu ry 21 Realty in Jacksonville, Texas. Additional photos of property can be seen on the Century 21 website for Rusk, Texas. MLS #9980931. If interested contact Gary Boyd, agent with Century 21, Phone #903-586-2556. Owner: Pearl Priebe and husband, member of "MORNING STAR" Prayer Group.

RUSSIA INVADES GEORGIA On August 8, 2008 Russia sent a crushing military force streaming into the sovereign nation of Georgia (a former Soviet Republic and birthplace of Joseph Stalin). Literally, over a thousand tanks and tens of thousands of Russian troops destroyed everything in their path. They made it a point to decimate the Georgian military, air force and navy and annexed chunks of the little country. Doubtless, President Bush was both surprised and shocked by the violence and aggression displayed by Russia. V. Putin played the "good

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September 20, 2008

The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum


friend" with President Bush at the Red Chinese Olympics in Peking while ordering his troops to invade and •

slaughter the Georgians. q^




R i ^r




Center of fighting r









SAID 1 ^

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T \

In the vision of October 14, 1983 JESUS spewed me Russia* invading Iran from the North. If you look at the map above (right) you will note that two little countries

stand in the way of Russia's path to being able to invade IRAN - one is Georgia and the others are Armenia and Azer. (Azerbaijan). *Note: In 1983 it was the U.S.S.R. or Soviet Union. At that time the Soviets were fighting in Afghanistan and so I "assumed " that they would invade Iran from two points. Today, the United States Army is fighting in Afghanistan, so in all probability it will be the U.S. invading Iran from Afghanistan not Russia.

Is Russia getting in position to invade Iran? It may not be on their minds right now; however, Putin is doing what Hitler did prior to World War II - he is working to re-claim the former Soviet Republics into Russia's sphere of influence and control creating a giant Russian Empire in the process. Also, Russia has long desired to have a warm water port and if they can conquer Iran they'd have that plus Iranian oil. Plenty of incentives for Russia to get into position to do Iran in when the time is right.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 20, 2008

inued However, what motivates Russia to act the way they are acting now is not my focus here. My focus is simple: We are seeing the circumstances JESUS revealed back in 1983 taking form and shape before our eyes. 1.

Russia is getting into position to where they could easily invade Iran from the North as JESUS shewed me in 1983.


In the 1983 vision I was aware that tensions between the U.S. and Russia were very

high and in this tense situation the Russian computers accidentally launched 12 ICBM's at the U.S. Following the Russian invasion of Georgia on August 8, 2008 the relations between the U.S. and Russia have gone from friendly to hostile, from relaxed to tense. It's been recently said by some diplomats that the tension between the U.S. and Russia is greater now than it was during the cold war with the Soviet Union. 3.

In that vision of 1983 the U.S. stood alone against Russia, the Europeans were neutral. In this recent Russian invasion of Georgia the U.S. was the only western power to confront Russia over that invasion of a sovereign country, an unprovoked attack. The Europeans stayed out of the argument, were neutral and said little or nothing for fear of Russia. Yes, Poland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine protested strongly against Russian aggression but these were former captives of Soviet power who see what is coming against them and don't want to be conquered by Russia again.


On April 21, 1977 JESUS plainly shewed me that Europe, our old allies, would remain neutral when Russia attacked and invaded the U.S. We are now seeing this "European neutrality" surface today before our eyes.

There was nothing gradual about these developments, rather they were sudden like lightning.

THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION AND THE REVELATION OF JANUARY, 1982 Following the destruction of the demon army that aimed to trigger Nuclear World War Ill in 1982, JESUS had the Net of Prayer Armies move to the WALL of Hobah. GOD THE FATHER smashed the wall, opening a way, and told us to go and,"SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. We swept through the countryside of Hobah and destroyed the demons that had

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 20, 2008


God's people captive, setting them free. Lastly, we came on Hobah City, entered the palace (of self-worship) and smashed its mirrors and set it afire. GOD's WRATH fell on it and consumed it. This was the FIRST DESTRUCTION and it surfaced in 1989-1991 when the Communist Soviet Union began to crumble (starting with the fall of the Berlin Wall) and finally collapsed in 1991. The Communist Soviet Union ceased to exist and half a billion living souls were set free of Communist domination. Indeed, the "captives were set free." Back in January of 1977 after we completed the destruction of Hobah and the setting free of the captives as FATHER GOD commanded, JESUS gave me a number of Scriptures: Jeremiah IX: 6 " are in mine hand 0 house of Israel." Isaiah 9: 10 "The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stone: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars." Jeremiah 40: 2 " `The Captain of the guard took Jeremiah, and said unto him, The Lord Thy God hath pronounced this evil upon this place." Micah 5: 3 "Therefore will he give them up, until the time that she which travaileth (in labor) bath brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel." JESUS' WORD came to me on January 23, 1982 and He said this: "SO THIS DAY HAVE I CONSUMED HOBAH AND BROKEN DOWN HER WALLS AND SHATTERED EVERY PRECIOUS THING AND BURNEDALL IN A FIRE UNTO POWDER AND PLOW IT UNDER THAT NO REMNANT BE LEFT. YES, ISRAEL YOU ARE IN MY HAND AND I DO WITH YOU WHAT I WILL. SO SOME WILL DEFY ME SAYING THE BRICK WALL IS FALLEN, I WILL REBUILD WITH HEWN STONE; THE STONE BRIDGE IS DESTROYED, I WILL REBUILD WITH STEEL; THE OAK TREE IS FELLED, 1 WILL REPLACE IT WITH REDWOOD. SO IT IS IN YOUR HEART SO NOW I BRING UPON YOU THE ENEMY FROM THE NORTH, FOR THIS HAVE I SPOKEN TO YOU, THIS I NOW DO AND YOU WILL TRAVAIL IN A HARD LABOR UNTIL MY PROMISE IS BROUGHT FORTH AND THE REMNANT OF HIS BRETHREN THEN WILL RETURN TO ME AND THEN WILL I RESTORE YOU. HEAR ME, FOR HOBAH IS SPIRITUALLY SATAN'S KINGDOM AND THIS IN MY CHURCH. I HAVE PURGED YOU THIS DAY AND CONCEAL IT NOW, FOR IT WILL

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 21, 2008

RUSSIA INVADES GEORGIA (continued) JESUS' WORD to Chuck-JOHNEL January 23, 1982 contirzuedj COME NOT BY OBSERVATION BUT BY FAITH IN ME AND THEN SUDDENLY IN A MOMENT OF TIME. HEAR ME, 0 ISRAEL AND PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, FOR MY ARMY HAS DONE BY DIRECTION OF THE FATHER THROUGH ME TO JUDGE THE UNRIGHTEOUS AND SET CAPTIVES FREE AND ESTABLISH THIS...MY WORD HAS GONE FORTH AND NONE CAN TURN IT BACK. MY SON...SET THY WHOLE HEART UPON ME YET A LITTLE MORE. THE WORK I BEGAN IN YOU HAS COME TO FULL FRUIT, NOW GO OUT AMONG MY PEOPLE...THESE SEAL THAT DEATH PASS THEM OVER... YOU WILL GO OUT WITH LITTLE BUT NO NEED WILL GO UNMET - YOU WILL NOT RETURN TO THE PLACE YOU LEAVE; YET AGAIN AND AGAIN ONCE MORE WILL YOU COME UNTO CHICAGO. IN A TIME YOU WILL SETTLE IN THE NORTHPARTS AS I SAID, AND WAIT, FOR IF THEY SEEK YOU, YOU MAY BE FOUND BUT NO MORE IN THIS TIME GO OUT TO THEM....ABIDE AND BE BOLD IN ME FOR BY THEE THE MANY WILL BE SAVED..." Both the complexity and precision of JESUS' Word is easily missed; but at this time in 1982 He gave a long range forecast on many levels. For example, He said: "...SO SOME WILL DEFY ME SAYING THE BRICK WALL IS FALLEN, I WILL REBUILD WITH HEWN STONE; THE STONE BRIDGE IS DESTROYED, I WILL REBUILD WITH STEEL; THE OAK TREE IS FELLED, I WILL REPLACE IT WITH REDWOOD..." By July, 1989 we broke down the WALL a second time, re-invaded a rebuilt Hobah In The Spirit' and destroyed it a second time, doubling and setting (Genesis 41:32) what was done in January of 1982. Within four months of accomplishing that the Berlin WALL fell and the Communist Soviet Union began to fall apart and by 1991 it ceased to exist. JESUS on January 23, 1982 spoke of: "judging the unrighteous, setting the captives free and establishing this." Genesis 41: 32, God's Law, makes it clear than when a thing is done twice it is "established under God's Law and will shortly come to pass." When we did this twice in 1989, five years later, that is exactly what happened: the Communist Soviet Union would collapse and the captives were set free.

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The Staff & Sword Minist ry/A dd endum

September 21, 2008

A (conti However, JESUS made it clear that this fallen kingdom He called "Hobah*" would be rebuilt. Indeed, we saw this `In The Spirit from 1982 to 1989 - the "Hobah" that was destroyed in 1982 was re-built by 1989 - and destroyed a second time.

*Note: It means, "the hiding place ofself-worship. " This told me that the Soviet Union or something like it would be re-built and it would be stronger and more dangerous than the first. Today we are looking at the revitalized, rebuilt Russian Empire that is both wealthy, powerful and growing stronger militarily by the day. This rebuilt Russia is now threatening the everyone on its borders, Western Europe and the U.S. as well and is proving to be more dangerous that the Communist Soviet Union was. Oh it will fall a second time, no question of that because that is exactly what we did `In The Spirit' in 1989 - we destroyed it a second time.

Here is where His Word proves both complex and precise: JESUS is at once speaking of both Russia and the United States for when He says, "...SO I BRING UPON YOU THE ENEMY FROM THE NORTH...", He is speaking of this rebuilt and stronger Russia, that being the "enemy from the north" and the Israel He next speaks of is a direct reference to North America: the U.S. and Canada. When JESUS speaks of "TRAVAIL IN A HARD LABOR", He is speaking of the birthing of the Manchild company to happen in North America during and after the seven years of occupation. The personal revelation_ happened as He said . In 1987, three years after this Word, He relocated me to Washington State - the "NORTHPARTS."

"JOHNEL" On January 28, 1982 JESUS spoke to me around 4PM, Chicago time, and gave me my name, He said this: "...HENCEFORTH FROM THIS DAY IS YOUR NAME JOHNEL."

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum






September 21, 2008




How would Baraclk Obama or John McCain really respond to the nation's financial turmoil? For

e conomy

a clue, check out their

economic advisers.

Despl[eTlwrsr^ay+'s sl1aE p veveFsai,

Up until recently this Presidential election has been the most uninteresting and difficult one as I can remember. Governor Sarah Pulin's appearance as McCain's running mate changed

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The Staff & Sw ord Ministry/Addendum

September 21, 2008



the dynamic and energized the Republican base (Christians and Conservatives) turning and otherwise rather boring contest into something far more lively. The more serious issue for as was in determining if Barack Obama is the Beastman who came through the GAP in 1987 or not. I will be quite candid: I'm least inclined to tag any person as being a Beastman of antiChrist unless I'm absolutely certain that it is true. However, the evidence has been accumulating steadily which points to Barack Obama as being that person. In the GAP and `In The Spirit' in 1987, after the first Beastman left the scene (Bill Clinton) a whole new person appeared, first riding the BLACK horse (Revelation 7: 5) and lastly the RED horse (Revelation 7: 4). It seemed to me that this Beastman would complete in the economy that which the first Beastman failed to complete. Lastly he would ride the RED horse and lead America to war and destruction. THIS NEW BEASTMAN was not only confident but quite capable and a formidable enemy. When I saw him `In The Spirit' in the GAP in 1987 1 noted that he was of light build, unlike the first Beastman who was muscular and husky (as Clinton is). This new Beastman was slender and he sat very upright in the saddle of his horse, very erect and bore himself with a princely demeanor. I saw that he had a black face but past making a note of that it did not register at the time. Barack Obama clearly fits this description. Prior to the battle in the GAP I was given to overhear Lucifer talking about a plan to be employed later which he referred to as, "Plan Axel." I took note of the fact that Obama's chief' campaign manager is a man named David Axe lrod who has a unique way of conducting a campaign for an African American - his speciality. In an earlier Newsletter, 0barna was riding a wave of growing popularity when news

got out about his pastor, Pastor Wright, and his anti-America, anti-white, pro Marx hate speech. Obama had sat under this hate-monger for 20 years. This kind of

disclosure would have readily and immediately destroyed the political career of any normal politician. I stated back then that only a Beastman of antiChrist could survive this kind of disclosure of associating with a hate-monger of that intense caliber. Barack Obama not only sur v ived it but he also survived being associated with a number of other hateful leaders a fanatical Roman Catholic priest who spewed bile against whites

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1lie ta11 QG 3VV"I U i.vLLiiiSLI yu-tuue11uUIII

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and America; William Ayers, the weatherman terrorist of the 60's who set bombs off in the Pentagon and others. Not only did he closely associate with Ayers, but he launched his presidential campaign from Ayers home and from a nest of fanatical Marxists who hate America. Yet none of this brought him down. Some began to call him the "teflon kid" as nothing stuck to him. This is a sure sign that this man is covered by demons and that he is the Beastman of antichrist. This August Barack Obama and then John McCain appeared on stage at the Saddleback Church hosted by Reverend Rick Warren who asked each candidate a number of questions. If asked to grade the responses and performance of each candidate I'd give Obama an C+ and McCain an A+. When Reverend Rick Warren asked both candidates (separately and apart from each other)on the issue of abortion , Obama did quite a fancy bit of verbal footwork and made a really dumb statement. When asked, "When does life begin?" Obama said, "I'm neither a theologian or a scientist. That question is above my pay grade. " When Reverend Warren asked McCain that same question he stated right out of the gate, "From conception!" After praying about Obama's performance at the Saddleback Church, Nancy-TONI discerned that Obama was working with some skill to conceal or hide just who he was.

EVIL INCA RNA TE Barack Obama comes across as both charming, warm, friendly and persuasive but after praying about him for some time and peeling away the many layers of his personality, I finally discerned him for what he is - evil -incarnate! I do not say this lightly, but it is what I finally discerned about him in a brief glimpse of his inner nature, what he is really is. More, I believe he knows exactly who and what he is. McCain surged ahead in the polls after selecting Sarah Palin for his running mate, it looked like he (McCain) might win the election and sometimes it still looks that way.

THE PRESENT FINANCIAL CRISIS: This has cast a dark shadow on the Republican Administration and blame for Bush translates readily as blame to McCain. Obama is doing much better at handling the backlash about the financial crisis than McCain and Obama is now gaining in the polls as a result.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 21, 2008 t'd

IT IS GOING TO BE CLOSE AND SO IT WAS IN 1987 I believe that this Presidential race is going to be very close, too close for anyone to call one way or another. However, we saw this in the battle in the GAP in 1987. The Beastmen broke through our defenses in an area no more than 2% of the width of the GAP - we covered 98% of the GAP in The Spirit'. The Beastman's victory was very NARROW, close, almost razor thin but he broke through. I remember when Beastman Clinton won the Presidential election in 1992 - he won with a popular vote of only 39% of the nation* *Note - Interestingly, Adolf Hitler won the election [or Chancellor of Germany in 1933 with 39% of the popular vote.

RON PAUL is actually running for President. He had his convention in M inneapolis j ust blocks down from the Republican convention. 12,000 attended the Ron Paul convention. In the primaries he drew 1.5 million votes. While he is a write-in candidate, it is possible that he could draw as many votes away from McCain as he got in the primaries - 1,500,000 votes. That could be enough to tip the scales in favor of Obama. Remember that in 1992 Ross Perot running as a third party candidate was the "spoiler" who helped defeat George H. Bush's second term and helped elect Beastman Bill Clinton.

SADDLEBACK CHURCH - STATEMENTS OF FAITH When Obama was asked about his faith he spoke all the right words, of Jesus, of Salvation through Christ but of five* of us watching this segment of the interview by Rev. Warren, all of us had the same discernment. Obama's words were right but there was a total absence of the Spirit of God in them: his words were empty, hollow; he was no Christian, not even close. When McCain answered the same question his statement of faith in Christ, of Salvation, was real: it was apparent to all of us that McCain has the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ. For Nancy-TONI and I this was the deciding factor, we would vote for McCain. This was our answer from GOD through JESUS CHRIST in 12 days of prayer and fasting. r *Note: Present were rnvself Nancy-TON!. Jim-REP/ZEAL, Leith and G ant, our nephew.


. A L


!Y .


ne Statt & Sworn lviinistry/Aaaenaum

September 21, 2UiJ



THE BIG "IF" In 1987 and again during the Presidential election of 1992 we had quite a few "tells" that helped us identify the Beastman of 1992 as being Bill Clinton. Richard-DANIEL identified him as the then Governor of Arkansas in March of 1987 and in 1989 during a Prophetic Mission on the East Coast and in battle with demonic forces `In The Spirit' we captured this Beastman. I had my foot on his chest (`In The Spirit') so I kicked off his helmet and saw him face to face. I'd never seen a photo of Governor Clinton so it was not until later that I clearly identified him as being the first Beastman of 1987. The second Beastman seen in the GAP In The Spirit' in 1987 is not so easily ID, the "tells" are few and while Obama meets every tell we do have it is hard to be absolutely certain. I'm CERTAIN of ONE THING : This man Obama is not what he seems, he is evil to the core but it is well disguised. Hhowever, this does not tell me that he is the second Beastman seen in the GAP `In The Spirit' in 1987. This is certain: "If' he wins the Presidential election this November, 2008 then he is that second Beastman. If he does not win, then he is NOT the second Beastman! That is as simple as I can make it.

WHAT IF MeCAIN WINS? That would not be a bad thing since McCain is definitely NOT a Beastman of antiChrist. This is why we will vote for him. However, the Anti-Christ spirit has power in America (given to it by the Church) and it will govern, influence and largely control anyone who becomes President. McCain is known as a `maverick' meaning he goes against the tide, and as President he would need that to override the kind of advice and counsel he would be getting 24/7 - all of it antiChrist. "II" McCain wins, we would have to have him on the top of our daily prayers. "If' however, Obama is the second Beastman that came through the GAP in 1987, then he will win this election. There is no question of that, absolutely none whatsoever, "if' he is really that second Beastman. At this time I both `believe' and `perceive' that Obama is the second Beastman of antiChrist who came through the GAP in 1987.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 22, 200 8

NOVEMBER, 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (coned) ONE FINAL MATTER - A FATAL VOTE This is more a warning than anything else, one that need be made loud and clear.

Anyone who supports and votes for Barack Obarna for President is placing themselves and their household in the hands of a destroyer - and he will destroy everyone who votes for him. What do I mean? One of the most horrible things seen in the GAP and `In The Spirit' in 1987 was the final chapter of that battle. JESUS had directed us to cover and evacuate His people from the GAP and we did in a miraculous way. After we left the GAP, the Angelic line that held back to demon powers vanished and the demon armies of the Beastman flooded in and they began looking for Christians to torment, torture, butcher and devour. They found NONE as all of God's people had been evacuated in a grand exodus from the grip of hell's power. However, they did find the people who supported and backed the Beastman of anti-Christ. The demons wanted them and looked to the beastman for his 'ok'. The anti-Christ spirit spoke to the Beastman and said, "What are they to you?!" The

Beastman looked at them as they were begging for his mercy to be spared and some were crying and saying, We are your people, we backed you!" I remember seeing this blond woman with her two children appealing to the Beastman. He responded to the anti-Christ spirit and said, "They are nothing to me. Have them! " With that the demons fell on this multitude and began torturing and tormenting them, the shrieks and screams of their torment and pain filled the GAP as the blood thirsty demons fell on them and lastly tore them to shreds and devoured their flesh. The scene was too horrible to watch and I turned away and left viewing the GAP.

"if' Barack Obarna is who I perceive he is, those who vote for him will end up giving their lives and souls into his hands and he will betray them to the murderous power of hell.

THE NEW MINISTRY WEBSITE We have done all the paperwork from our end, Mark-JAMES and Lyn-ELIZABETH have set-up the website itself, but right now it is "empty". We will send out a notice when it is up and running, but for now it is:

" "

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 22, 2008

Added Information on Hurricane "IKE" The latest repo rt states that Hurricane "IKE" is the fou rt h most destructive storm in U.S. history. A report out of Texas indicates that 4,000 cows perished and that thousands of others can starve for want of food and/or water. Human death tolls are

still "fluid", so far 65 dead in Texas but more expected as they sift through the wreckage.

'It's a publi c health *








1 .

slammed as




^F ^


deteriorate By i)onita Leinwand U5ATODAY



r HOUSTON — A 30 ear-old man falls 2S feet from a cher^ ^_ _ I ry picker, smacking his head and breaking his leg so badly / that bone pokes through his thigh. A trauma team at Texas Y z^' ,^.• Medical Center's Memorial '' ¢ . Hermann Hospital crowds arautici hire. Nearby, a trauma team pre— 'a pales far a patient arriving tby helicopter who was hit in the head by a Falling tree. It is noon Thursday, five „uM '< s ` days after Hurricane Ike. Ev ery bed in the emergency de partment is full- Nearly eve ry .fir 20 minutes, a helicopter carrying another critically ill per son lands vn the roof.


^^ :..^

'h ;Y ^^


` ^, 1r' ^^

^+ q. ..



^-._ ^J"1 ^^ wO


'''^ ' —r


T ----- .r ,

On the next page is a map showing the path of Hurricane "IKE" as it swept northwards into the Midwest. As Hurricane `IKE' swept through Cleveland, Ohio a 2.2 Magnitude tremblor/quake shook the city.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Add e n dum

September 22, 2008

Added Information on Hurricane "IKE" (continued)

Outages continue far beyond Texas F



,.wr {..^

The Associated Press

5 ^^ .


'h• ^



4 .. C^ H ^


ill Dy MJtc W lose

5mr he,.


Donations+ A man with two young helpers carries food an d supplies distributed Thursday at the University of Houston.

91111 D'

Utility crews will work into the weekend to restore power to about 800,000 homes and businesses still in the dark, days after remnants of Hurricane Ike tore through the nation's midsection. Residents in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania are trying to get back to nurm al after Sunday's rain and windstorms 1,000 miles or more from where Hurricane Ike struck Galveston. Houston and the Texas — coast with 110 mph Remnants of Ike winds. Many communities in the Ike's death toll in the path of Hurricane Ike are still without power. USA stands at 55, including 22 In Texas. At leas' e qn ^ — seven deaths were in ^*. Ohio and two in Ken; °^ tucky. There is still fe ar that more Texas victims

By 11,1 OsctO. AF

Knee-deep in water. Hoping to salvage some possessions, John Tories looks through his flooded garage in Galveston.

could be found. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Q 3 bodies continued to turn up for more than a ear. ' c._ ..J.. nr r "It's very much unknown,' said Galveston County Medical Examiner Stephen Pustilnik. 'There are large parts of V5ATOD„Y the county that haven't ° " utw+ been searched. Just like in Katrina and Rita, debris has to be sifted through." Far from the Gulf Coast. about 550,000 Ohio homes and businesses remained without power Thursday. down from the 2.6 million that initially lost electricity Sunday About 250,000 customers in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania also had no power.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2008 - AMERICA STARTED DYING!!! On September 2" a tropical wave in the Atlantic became a Tropical Storm and was

named "IKE." We recognized that it fit what JESUS spoke of back in 1983, of this date as being the start of the death of America. More than a Hurricane blew in with "IKE" - a FINANCIAL Hurricane struck the U.S. and World that even now is hardly understood for how dangerous and destructive it was and how much worse it might have been except for government intervention. The problem is that the government has just bought into the free market,

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September 22, 2008

The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

TEMBER 2, 2008 -AMERICA STARTED DYING!!! - ( cont'd. ) have nationalized free enterprise and put it under federal controls. ave just seen the death knell of the America and free enterprise as we know it. e cartoons address aspects of this crisis but hardly address the heart of the issue. urse, they say that if they didn't intervene it would lead to a total collapse of the. financial market, a depression that would make the crash of 1929 look like a

r tea party.








By Mike Lane, CagleCarroons co

8 ^_ nmmy.ry









gy Mike Peters, fayinn i Ohio) Daily News, King Fe. tuie5 Syndicate

rage 1


nn Cl r. r•r • 1 1 I nIC Lail QL 3WUI'u 1V11IIlsiI y1HUUCiIUUIII

rr 1 . - - ft It n .7CpLC[iiver LG, LUUo

SEPTEMBER 2 2008 - AMERICA STA RTED DYING!!! - cont'd. Richard-DANIEL telephoned me to point this out, an excellent reminder. His son, Matthew-JOSIAH (I5) aware of what was going on commented and asked his dad, Richard-DANIEL, "Isn 't this fascism? " He replied, ''Yes, it is."

A $700 BILLION BAILOUT - A MEGA NIGHTMARE I've been aware for some months now that the entire financial system is run through with a massive debt load called "derivatives" - something like 5640 Trillion+ - a financial hole so deep that it would make the Grand Canyon look like a small ditch by comparison. The 5700 Billion called for is a purely "emergency starting point." Glenn Beck today made an excellent analogy. We are this Boeing 727 flying over the Ocean with two engines on fire. The pilot (Bush) is not trying to make it to the nearest airport, he is trying to prevent it from crashing into the sea. The problem is bigger than the kind of leadership we have in Washington, D.C. and I personally doubt that any of them understand it well enough to even begin to repair the damage - a repair job that is frankly, not even possible. The best they can do is dela y the inevitable crash. Because we are in this "mercy period" JESUS referred to as a time of troubles, in all likelihood they will pull it together for a little while. But again, past May-September, 2009 we enter a time of unrestrained judgment. Right now judgment is being restrained and JESUS had us move prophetically this August to contain and limit it a bit more. But next year, well, time is up! Senators and Congressmen were called into the White House to hear just how bad it was. Many entered somewhat confident, all left shaken. What they were told is not known, but some reporters are saying they exited the meeting, "shaken, unnerved." I don't need to know what they were told, all I have to do is look at JESUS' Word given to President Bush for a ten month period which ended May, 2007. JESUS said this: JESUS' Word to Chuck-JOHNEL September 7,-200( "...AFTER THE TENTH MONTH ON THE 16" DAY OF THAT MONTH FROM THETIME OF MY WORD, EVENTS WILL BEGIN TO ACCUMULATE AND SWELL INTO SERIOUS TROUBLES THAT WILL OVERWHELM THE UNITED STATES IN MANY RESPECTS LEADING TO A COLLAPSE IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME ON MANY FRONTS AND IN MANY ENDEAVORS. THIS WILL BECOME AND LEAD TO THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE UNITED STATES. THEREAFTER NOTHING WILL PREVENT THIS FROM CULMINATION." Thus saith the Lord.

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remoer LL, LUU15 SEPTEMBER 2, 2008 - AMERICA STARTED DYING!! ! - jcont'd.l Starting in May of 2007 Bear Stearns began to slip in the Stock Market and by March of 2008 it was bankrupt. The U.S. Government intervened and pumped billions into the banking concern - it was too big to fail. lvllillslry/AUUennUuiil


JESUS' scenario followed with one major banking system or financial concern after another going under leading up to failure of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the mortgage giants of the world. That took $200 Billion to bail out (actually the bait out is more like $5 Trillion). Then AIG went down, a massive Insurance Company another $85 Billion (it is not much if you say it fast). All this, as JESUS said on September 7, 2006, began to ACCUMULATE and it led to the SERIOUS TROUBLES we are looking at right now. On September 2' Lord's General Sue-CHAD telephoned and noted that Tropical Storm "I KE" got that name September 2'', remembering JESUS' Word about SEPTEMBER 2, AMERICA STARTS TO DIE. Richard-DANIEL telephoned today and affirmed it, America is indeed dying before our eyes. Here is part of JESUS' Word tome on February 28, 1991 : "AMERICA STANDS AT THE DOOR OF WANT HAVING STRIPPED ITSELF OF THE MEANS TO OVERCOME TRIALS AND BEFORE THE TROOPS FULLY RETURN HOME, THE CRISIS IN THE ECONOMY EMERGES AND MEN ARE PARALYZED IN FEAR OF WHAT TO DO, UNABLE TO FIND AN ANSWER, UNABLE TO FIND THE RESOURCES TO COPE WITH EVERY BLOW OF JUDGMENT FALLING. INDEED LOOK TO THE SKIES AS I TOLD YOU FOR IT IS BEGUN AND SO IT BEGINS WITH RENEWED FURY CONTAINED ONLY BY PRAYER AND EVEN THIS IS TOO LITTLE."

When He said, "LOOK TO THE SKIES" what did He mean? He meant to look for some event connected with the skies - it would tell us that we are in the time He spoke of back in 1991. Well, it is obvious, look at Hurricane "IKE." We are living it. The opportunity to change the outcome has been presented to God's people in all the years I've ministered His Word and that work began in 1971. By the very few that responded and prayed, repented and prayed as part of the Net of Prayer time was gained, judgments delayed, and the opportunity continued to be presented and rejected, hatred, reviled and rebelled against. It is time to pay the fiddlers and that is

the host of hell. Even now I question how many will grasp the gravity of the hour among those that have resisted and rejected His Word all along.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 22, 2008


OCTOBER 23" , 2008 OCTOBER 27, 2008* OCTOBER-NOVEMBER, 2008* Past being aware that San Francisco is a target of the enemy and that October 23" is a key date to watch, there is not much else to watch for at this time.. .except: PORTLAND: According to what JESUS told me this August while we were in Portland, Oregon, we may expect earthquake activity south of and under Portland itself PRIOR. to a major earthquake in San Francisco. JESUS on August 4, 2008 got specific and said this by His Angel: "...EARTHQUAKES IN PORTLAND WILL RANGE FROM 5 TO 6 MAGNITUDE... THE END OF SEPTEMBER..3.3 MAGNITUDE." These quakes in Portland, Oregon may or may not be connected with a major earthquake in San Francisco. It is not known if these events would tie into the October 23 rd date. In other words, the stronger quakes in Portland may not happen BEFORE the October 23"" major quake in San Francisco and may be a whole new revelation addressing Portland alone. However, the HOLY SPIRIT did give me to "Know" that some minor tremors will shake the Portland area (to the south and under the city) prior to the major quake in San Francisco. ` Note: On May 16, 2008 JESUS told me that in "ABOUT]92 DAYS"troubles deep in the earth, set in motion by the spreading of the rent in the earth 's mantle, will begin to suiface and come in waves o f trouble. "ABOUT" is non-precise, meaning "approximately " - so a literal count of 192 days from April 18, 2008 (when JESUS said the rent began to spread) conies to about October27, 2008. "It couldsus.face any time in this general area either before or afref â&#x20AC;˘ October 27th.

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The Staff & Sword Ministry/Addendum

September 22, 2008


I say interesting because a "hot spot" surfaced near Los Angeles early this August where the ground is so hot (812 degrees) it started a brush fire and melted gym shoes. This is mentioned in the August 18, 2008 Prophetic Update offered on the enclosed RESPONSE FORM. Then near Vancouver. B.C. a 4.4 Magnitude earthquake struck off shore followed by a waves of tremors on September 16, 2008. These events appear to be related to the spreading rent in the mantle. They seem to be distant shadows of something more serious that is following.

JESUS' WORD to Chuck-JOHNEL of Ma y $ 1990 "...THE STORMS YOU SEE IN ARKANSAS AND TEXAS ARE THE FIRST EVIDENCE OF A RISING STORM OF TROUBLES*..."(I asked JESUS this: "Lord JESUS, what evidences are we to look for regarding the Midwest USA Quake?" JESUS replied:) "YOU WILL KNOW, I WILL REVEAL THIS TO YOU. LOOK FOR SHARP QUAKES NEAR MAMMOTH LAKES, CALIFORNIA, THEN POWERFUL QUAKES FOLLOWING, THE VOLCANO AWAKENS...BISHOP IS LAID WASTE IN A 7 RICHTER EARTHQUAKE... THEN MAMMOTH AWAKENS." *Note: Earlier this year we observed a storm pattern involving both Texas and then Arkansas and reported same. Hurricane "IKE"was the next more serious, "RISTNGSTORMOF TROUBLES"

While I do not anticipate that a major ea rt hquake will hit Bishop, California this year,

it did come to mind and so I share this Word here and now.

A MOVIE WEBSITE Mrs. Laura Prewitt mentioned this, a website that details what is in a movie (how much bad language, the sex scenes, violence, etc.) - a full review of each movie out

of Hollywood. They offer the information on current movies for free; for more details c you must join the organization. The Website is:


Sept 20th, 2008: Addendum  

The Staff and Sword Ministry September 20, 2008 Virginia was a sister in Christ and a good friend who enjoyed the Ministry work and the inte...

Sept 20th, 2008: Addendum  

The Staff and Sword Ministry September 20, 2008 Virginia was a sister in Christ and a good friend who enjoyed the Ministry work and the inte...