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The Staff and Sword Ministry

July 5, 2011

ADDENDUM "RETIRE!" Chuck-JOHNEL RETIRE defined = "To withdraw, to retreat, to withdraw from a position. " Weeks ago the HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me simply saying, "RETIRE." It was a subtle but distinct Word and it was not difficult to understand. Next day the HOLY SPIRIT repeated it a number of times and got my attention for sure. I "knew" from the get-go that the HOLY SPIRIT leading was not to quit the Ministry of His Word, but had to do with other endeavors we have undertaken that has swallowed up so much of our time and energy as well as finances. On the other side of the coin, support for the Ministry was been in decline and while many brethren support us month by month, many others have vanished. This brought us to reassess the way wC spend our time and funds. A full 21% of the gifts received by trio Ministry go out to those having needs and to charitable concerns. Of nine charitable concerns we regularly send gifts to, we have had to drop seven and hope to be able to maintain two charitable concerns: Boys Town in Nebraska and Voice of the Martyrs. On the OTHERS' NEEDS front we have usually sent out close to $1,300 a month to those having needs - we have had to simply stop that all together. It is not a matter of wanting to, we have no choice. There are three areas where our energy and time is spent, these being: 1. 2. 3.

Outside work on the farm/ranch (17 acres). Work on the Ministry (reports, Newsletters, thank you's, answering letters, counseling brethren when needed and more.) Time spent in prayer and abiding in Christ.

One of the reasons why this Newsletter is so late is because we have been working steadily to get in the garden, tend the land, make repairs, and make improvements where possible. I had one project this year and that was to sink posts in the ground

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The Staff and Sword Ministr y /Addendum

July 5, 201

then to stretch wire across them to train our grape vines (concords) thus making a mini-vineyard. We turn the grapes into grape juice. Wine? Quite a process and beside we are not that interested in wine. I looked at plans to do this last year and it looked simple. However, I've learned that it may look simple but it rarely ever is. Between working outside (which I do enjoy) and working inside on writing reports, newsletters and correspondence uses up most of my sixteen hour day. The time we

have to pray and abide in the Lord is cut down to snatches of abiding as the day goes on, and prayer here and there. Struggling to maintain the budget and giving funds to those in need has become a major issue, time consuming and exhausting. I was stretched too thin. An average Newsletter costs in the area of $2,500. We put aside $40 a day, five days a week to pay for postage and $20 a day for five days to cover the cost of paper and office supplies. Of late, a number of days come and go with no gifts or maybe $25. The monthly leasing fee for the copy machine is $663 and the Maintenance contract for the copy machine runs an average of $350 a month. When we run a newsletter over 25,000 copies (easy to do) we pay a premium for copies over 25,000.

THE PRIME DIRECTIVE: Our Commission and Anointing in Christ is well defined, it has priority over anything else. Because our time ofprayer and abiding with JESUS has been cut back we need to reallocate our time to spend more time with Him and less time elsewhere. I cannot work outside as I have, I need stay inside and work on the Ministry issues. This requires having extra help, a handyman. I can reallocate some of the funds from the some areas to hire the help of a brother to do the outside work so I can devote my time to prayer, abiding and working on the Ministry issues. So by RETIRE, this is what we are doing - retiring from endeavors that are outside

of our Commission from GOD, cutting back and conforming our budget to the funds we receive from those who have faithfully supported us through thick and thin. Lastly, having help to do the outside work I cannot do that I might devote myself to abiding in Christ, prayer and Ministry issues.

"Then the twelve (Apostles) called the multitude of the disciples unto them and said, it is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables." (Acts 6: 2)

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

July 5, 2011

On the way to and from San Diego Vision-Revelation April 28th to May 2nd, 2011 Enclosed you will find a copy of this report (dated June 1) which was sent to the Net of Prayer at the end of June. Since they already have a copy, another one is not included with this report to the Net of Prayer Intercessors. On October 13, 2010 a 5.1 Magnitude earthquake shook central Oklahoma. It was the strongest earthquake in Oklahoma's history. On December 30, 2010 a 3.8 Magnitude earthquake shook Greentown, Indiana (about 15 miles east-southeast ofKokomo, Ind). This earthquake was felt in Chicago. On Tuesday, June 7, 2011 a 4.2 Magnitude earthquake shook the St. Louis, Missouri area. At about the same time a 3 Magnitude quake shook northeastern Ohio.

These earthquakes form a background of growing activity in the Midwest. It is not

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to May 2nda 2011

July' 5 , 2011 (continnued)

the norm by any means and suggests to me that the stability of the Midwest is weakening making a major quake a real possibility in the future. After completing the VISION-REVELATION of April 28 th -May 2" Report (enclosed*) some new developments showed. We added an extra report with the N.O.P. mailing, this is what it stated: *Note: Again, ifyou're in the Net of Prayer, a copy of this report was ,nailed to you at the end of June so we will not be enclosing an extra copy to NOP Intercessors with this Newsletter.

**SPECIAL LAST MINUTE REPORT** #372 = a 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake (Quote) On June 22, 2011 the Washington State Lottery drew #372 — in this form it can or may produce a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in California within a 14 to 21 day period of time from the date this number appeared. This works out to a time from JULY 6, 2011 to JULY 13, 2011. This falls within the range of the first WATCH DATE give in the Vision-Revelation Report of June P 1 (enclosed) - the Watch Dates of Jul} , ?" d _... As stated in the enclosed Vision-Revelation report (see page 12), this kind of Lots number is only about 40% accurate, if that much. At best it may serve as an early warning of coming events or have no validity at all with regards to the timing of coming events. Nonetheless, I did foresee the possibility that this kind of number may show prior to the "warning earthquake" -- and it has shown. JUNE 22 VISION: Just tonight I've seen deep in the earth again and the molten core is roiling more and more violently. It appears that vast masses of molten core have pumped up above the Base Plates and a distinct peak or bulge is forming. While I do not know "when", I do know that something terrible is taking form and shape and is ready to explode. These next few days are going to be very telling. Keep praying and trusting in JESUS to keep you and yours. God bless. (Unquote)



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July 5, 2011

The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to May end 2011(continued) Then on June 23 rd and 24` h something happened, again having to do with the Lots ( Washington State Lottery) the really got my attention.

Lots June 22- 24 2011 Lottery drew # 372 on June 22" = 6.5 mag. quake in California. Lottery drew #327 on June 23 1] - a double and set of the 6.5 mag. quake in California. Lottery drew #396 on June 24` E ' - old rear San Francisco prayer mine - reveals movement of large numbers of demons. An earthquake in the range of 6.5 Magnitude can strike California on/about July 7 -July 14. A DOUBLE AND SET under God's Law(Genesis 41: 32) with these numbers (#372 and #327) simply means that the enemy has the capacity, 100% certain, to be able to cause a 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake in California. Because it is "established under God's Law" it is like having a "get out ofjail card" in a Monopoly game - it can be used now or later or at any time they want to. VERY UNUSUAL: To see two 6.5 magnitude earthquake numbers show in the lottery (God's Lots) is very unusual. I had a subtle discernment that the number might repeat or show the next day and so collected S 120 when #327 was drawn June 23. While S120 is not a lot of money, it does serve to confirm that I'm discerning what is going on. Key point is that the enemy has established under God's Law (Genesis 41: 32) a 6.5 Magnitude earthquake in California. The timing can fall within the 14-21 days later range or otherwise. This is more than demonic intent, it is the power to do it.

Vision during Abiding time June 25, 2011 approx. 6PM JESUS says, "LOOK, JOHNEL." I look and see that area under Los Angeles where the Base Plate broke in two and is standing up like a drawbridge, and that Corma from the core is pressing upwards and has formed what looks like a mountain, even somewhat like a volcanic peak that rises above the broken Base Plate. It is a brownish color. (All of this is taking place more than 440 miles deep in the earth.)

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The Vision-Revelation of _April 28th to May 2nd, 2011 continued Vision during Abiding ti me June 25 2011 approx. 6PM (eonti'd.) Now, in the core itself I see dozens and then hundreds of mini-explosions, like fireworks. These reach into that rising mound and it goes from brown to dark red and, in places, a bright red - the temperature is rising. I now understand what the concentric waves of energy were in fact pools of corma

above the Base Plates that were resounding with surges of energy. Corma has been leaking up and above the Base Plates but then the earth above it is absorbing much of the energy, thus it appears brownish in color.

Now explosive activity in the corma beneath . the Base Plates is causing the temperature of the corma above the base plates to rise, thus the dark reddish color. It is clear that this rising mound of corma, that is also getting hotter, is pressing upwards. I would expect topographical changes in the earth in California - land rising or sinking, when it reaches the surface.

How long will it take to reach the surface (the physical dislocation of earth by rising corma)? I don't know. We have never tracked such an event in the past nor seen anything quite like this. This is all new territory.

Vision on June 27, 2011 approx. 3AM I see `In The Spirit' that the molten core or corma is heaving strongly, lifting the entire area of Base Plates. The forces center strongest where the Base Plate is broken. Very violent, very strong forces at work. I' m not an impartial observer, seeing all of this stirs me, gives me the shivers. What is happening is potentially very dange ro us and deadly.

JESUS' WORD during abiding time June 28, 2011 approx. 7PM This is now the sixth day of our renewed fast (no sugar, no red rrrcat). JESUS reminds me of what He shewed me on June 25` x ' and I again see this rising

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July to,

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The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to May 2nd, 201 I (continued, JESUS' WORD of June 2$ 2011 continued mound of corma, which is reddish in color, hot. JESUS says this: "SIX DAYS HENCE* AND IT WILL BURST AND EXPLODE, SENDING A MASSIVE FORCE OF ENERGY TO THE SURFACE. THE TIME FRAME ALREADY REVEALED WILL PERTAIN." (Note: this comes out to *July 4th)


VISION JULY 4 2011 EARLY MORNING As I was awakening from sleep, I found myself `In The Spirit' seeing that peak of red hot corma pressing upwards from above the shattered Base Plate. A powerful pulse of white hot corma pressed into that mountain of red hot corma and it burst at the peak, breaking through and forcing its way up. Suddenly it exploded with a blinding blast. I could not imagine anything more powerful than I'd just seen. I asked JESUS, "Lord, how much energy was released in this blast?. JESUS replied, "EQUAL TO A FORTY KILOTON NUCLEAR EXPLOSION." Having little understanding of what a "kiloton" is, I asked my brother-in-law, DavidDANIEL, and he told me that this would be something like 10,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. That is both mind boggling and awesome!

Pa ge AS

The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

.J uly h, tut l

The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to Ma y 2nd, 2011 continued Energy versus Physical Dislocation: I tend to call the energy released in an explosion deep in the earth a "shock wave". These have always produced earthquakes within a 219 day period of time, However, I'm not certain that it is a genuine "shock wave" - it may be better identified as a "surge of energy", but I'm accustomed to calling it a "shock wave." What follows that is what is better known as a "Physical Dislocation." The sharp and powerful forces lifting upwards is a "physical dislocation." Eventually that will surface and you will see sudden changes in topography - land will rise, other areas will sink. This would be far more destructive than the "shock wave", although that can be very destructive. In both the Indonesian and Japanese mega-earthquakes we saw both the shock wave and the physical dislocation happen at about the same time. A lot depends on the depth of origin point for the earth event. In California the origin point is 440 miles deep in the earth. That is a lot of packed earth above the explosion and it will dampen the explosive force to some degree (about 22% this time around). WHEN? When we see the first event (the March 15` x' blast that shattered the Base Plate) surface, likely as an earthquake, we will have the time count to the event springing from the July 4" event. With a "double and set" (the lots numbers) in the picture, the enemy could cause this earthquake at any time from now to October 20 th +. We are praying and watching. I' M NOT A GEOLOGIST: Although JESUS has taken me deep into the earth and

shewn me many things about the dynamics of the earth, I'm no geologist and past a HOLY SPIRIT knowing, I do not understand all I see.

LET US SAY THE EARTHQUAKE HITS SAN FRANCISCO NOT LOS ANGELES? The masses of demons tripped the old prayer mine system behind San Francisco, which tells us huge numbers of demons are on the move. While the explosion of July

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

July 6, 2011 inue

4 th is a purely physical event, not caused by demons, however demons will interact with the event, directing and intensifying the earthquake when it comes. Through God's Law they can do this. It is obvious that they now aim calamities at high population areas, aiming for a maximum kill of God's people. Do not think that Joplin. Missouri nor Tuscaloosa, Alabama nor other towns were rare events - demon power directed those storms at those cities and killed hundreds, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses. The enemy could as easily hit San Francisco as Los Angeles; but if they hit say Los Angeles - they will next aim as San Francisco and visa versa. From there the Midwest would be next on the demonic menu for butchery and from there a broad increase and entrance to major _judgments. TOO SOON, NOT TIME YET: I believe this kind of scenario is too soon, it is just not God's time for all it to come crashing down - not just yet. However, the enemy of our souls will push to do just that. This brings in JESUS' WORD of years ago where He said:

JESUS' WORD of December 1 3 1983 Excerpt taken from The Staff and Sword Ministry Study on "October 23rd, Revelation, Part II (Study by Chuck-JOHNEL): [Jesus' Word in capital, bold letters] "MANY WILL WAIT UNTIL THE FIRST CITY FALLS AND THE RIPPLE EFFECT WILL TOUCH SOME OF THEM, YET MANY WILL UNDERGIRD YOU IN PRAYER AND MONIES TO ACCOMPLISH MY WILL AND MERCY WILL BE SEEN IN TERRIBLE DESTRUCTIONS AND DEATHS. YOU WILL LEAVE BEFORE THE SECOND CITY FALLS FOR THE TIMING IS SEEN ONLY VAGUELY BY MY WORD — FOR PRAYER WILL GAIN TIME TO MY TIME." (JESUS to Chuck-JOHNEL, December 1, 1983.) In 1989, we asked the Lord in prayer if the October 17, 1989 quake in San Francisco was the "first city falling". JESUS spoke to Nancy-TONI saying: "NO, THAT QUAKE WAS BUT A RESIDUE FROM THE PREVIOUS PATTERN OF 1987." (JESUS to Nancy-TONI, November 4, 1989.) Thus, this revelation of December 1, 1983 pertains to something that has not yet happened. It clearly shows us that ONE CITY WILL FALL before we can get on the road to prophetically intervene; and that we will be sent out BEFORE THE SECOND CITY FALLS.


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J UI V 1, CUl I

The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to May 2nd, 2011 ( c ontinued) Again, we see that through JESUS' WORD, that the October 17, 1989 quake to hit SAN FRANCISCO was only a "Terrible Warning". EVENT: A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake strikes New Zealand on Jul y6, 2011 t1 It showed as a quick ticker tape news item last evening (July 6 ^ ) on Fox TV. NancyTONI noticed it and said, "That looks like the quake from the event of March 15th." I thought, `' Could be, it is in the time frame (Ju/v 7-14). " Then Nancy-TONI said. "Remember, you know that an earthquake could surface even thousands of miles

awa y from the point of origin." New Zealand is geologically unstable having had a number of major earthquakes in the past year. It would not take much energy fro m below to trigger another big quake, New Zealand is a weak point geologically.

THE WALK BACK: We observed this years ago, that where an earthquake with a point or origin under Mammoth Lakes, California would surface thousands of miles away and over the next year+ a series of earthquakes would strike moving ever closer to the U.S. until finally the earthquakes struck directly above Mammoth Lakes itself. In "walking back", earthquakes can mo r e across the Pacific to Alaska and then south to California or strike in South America and move north to California, usually striking Mexico before it hits Califo rn ia.

Because there is so much earthquake activity world wide these days, it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to identify a "walking back" event that easily gets lost in the volume of quake activity.

OVERWHELMING REVELATION Between the vision/revelations of April/May when in California, matched with the recent level of JESUS' WORD about this, plus the appearance of lots numbers and now the Now Zealand quake - it is frankly a bit overwhelming. So many different factors to ponder, grasp and harmonize, a process that takes both time, abiding and HOLY SPIRIT insights to comprehend it all within the context of a given time frame.

At this point we are simply looking for the "Warning Earthquake", the 6.5 Magnitude earthquake in Califo rn ia (Los Angeles and/or San Francisco). This is the key event and until it comes, we are simply waiting.




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July 1, LU1I

The Vision-Revelation of April 28th to May 2nd, 2011(continued) "PRECIOUS IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD IS THE DEATH OF HIS SAINTS" (Psalm 116: 15) JOHN PEN.NELL, INTERCESSOR, JOSHUA PRAYER GROUP, UNIT #5 On June 26`" mo rning I received a telephone call from John Pennell 's sister in Ohio. John was unexpectedly hospitalized and was unable to speak. He got out a simple,

"Chuck-JOHNEL, man of'God" and so his sister called me (she is not in the N.O.P.). It turned out he was found to have a brain tumor that was "aggressive" and so I asked "Is it cancer? " His sister said it was and he was given three to four weeks to live. I i mmediately prayed: "Lord JESUS rebuke a spirit of death! Heal John. Lord, if it is his tim e, then take hint quickly and without suffering or pain. " Monday evening John passed away. John was 59 years old.

MOVING IN THE SPIRIT' next 'IN THE WORLD' What happens or is done `In The Spirit' sets a pattern that will surface `In This World' in often very obvious ways. Here is one example of Victory in Christ surfacing in this world in a recognizable way. Quotes (below) taken from Reports on the prayer action `In The Spirit' called:

The "CRY JERUSALEM" Prayer Operation (Jeremiah 14: 2d) Notation b y Chuck-JOHNEL January, 2011 : We knew through JESUS' Word that the enemy was massing a demon army to move against us (the Elect, Sealed, FaithfulObedient, Innocent Lamb of God, and the tithe of the church system of man) who reside within the boundaries of " our ground." The enemy intent was "lethal", they meant to kill, maim and so damage as many of God's people as they could. In effect, they had through/by the rebellion - prayerlessness in part* ofthe body of Christ gotten license to kill. *Note: This portion of - the bode of Christ abides iiz enernv ground and is under their power, influence and control.

r aYr Him


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I_1. C) 71171


V, ..:.V 1 1

MOVING 'IN THE SPIRIT next `IN THE WORLD S (Continued) The "CRY JERUSALEM" Pra y er Operation(cont'd)

Our attack on December 2-4, 2010, under JESUS' direction with God's Commission, caught the enemy BEFORE they could launch their deadly attack - we turned the tables and destroyed them. The vast storms that have hit this nation (West Coast, East Coast and elsewhere) have resulted in few deaths; initially, no one died which in itself was a miracle given the

ferocity of the storms. I've gotten first hand accounts of a couple in California praying during a torrential downpour and seeing it turn into a gentle rain. But a short distance from their home, it continued to be a torrent of rain, flooding and destruction. The enemy had no power over our own. In another account a sister in Christ was praying, waiting for a friend (as she does every day) in Illinois, and was suddenly aware of a darkness, an evil presence, but she looked to JESUS and prayed and that evil force left in a hurry. We are now seeing a new round of violent storms assail California and the East Coast again only this time people are dying. The enemy is doing something we have seen for years: unable to kill those they wanted to, they take that license to kill and turn on those people within the grounds they have power and control over - killing them. OUR MOTIVATION: Some months ago the enemy infiltrated into our ground, got within our "hedge" and has been a source of troubling of God's people in a variety of ways. Through JESUS' Word I've learned that the enemy has been building up a massive force of demons to follow through and invade into our ground to begin to slaughter our people, God's people. This prayer operation is to catch them by surprise, destroy them out of our hedge, and to seize a full third of their ter r itory and hold it for a time. As JESUS explained this to me, this is literally a "life and 'death situation", very serious and to be undertaken to spare the lives of many of our brethren. Those of us who have been "Sealed" are safe from their attacks, but many of our brethren have not been sealed and could be easily murdered. We are the only ones standing between our vulnerable brethren and these murderous demons out of hell.

r\ X- dg

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dUfl 0, :.UI I

MOVING IN THE SPIRIT fext `IN THE WORLD ' ( Continued) The "CRY JERUSALEM" Prayer Operation (cont'd)


December 2 2010 While the Net of Prayer was driving the enemy back and out of our "ground" In The Spirit', breaking through enemy lines, we headed west and fell on a demon headquarters. Surrounding them, the demon princes and their human surrogates were trapped - we destroyed the demon princes and put to the sword the surrogates. Likewise, Richard-DANIEL and Adele-SARAH moved east and did the same. We all found and seized enemy computers and enemy plans in the demon headquarters and took them with us All of this was done `In The Spirit' December 2, 3, 4, 2010 - we set down a pattern that would surface `In This World.'

MAY 1, 2011 Osama bin Laden U.S. Navy Seals penetrated deep into enemy territory and felt on the headquarters of Qsarna bin Laden, a Moslem terrorist who oversaw and planned the attack of

September 1 1`", a man we have sought since 2001 or for the past ten years+. He was killed, his guards killed, and his computers and piles of plans were seized which was called a, "treasure trove of intelligence. " The action we took `In The Spirit' manifested `In This World' in one clear and obvious way on May 1, 201 1.



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.J (11% O, LU1 I

( Continued)

cont 'd)

Would Osama bin Laden have been found and killed May 1st if we had not taken the action we took `In The Spirit' on December 2nd? No! He would have

evaded that attack, been elsewhere, as he has been for the past ten years. Let us look at the parallels here: `IN THE SPIRIT'

In This World' (Navy Seats)

December 2, 2010

Max' 1, 2011

1, Deep penetration of enemy Territory. 2. Attack on enemy Headquarters. 3. Kill surrogates (human counterparts) 4. Seize computers and enemy plans.

1. Deep penetration of enemy territory, 2. Attack on bin Laden's Headquarters. 3. Osama bin Laden killed. 4. Seize computers and enemy plans.

Back in 2010 when we became aware of enemy activity within our boundaries, on our around `In The Spirit', we sought the Lord JESUS for His Counsel and Direction. After a time of prayer JESUS gave His Commission and Direction to do what was done December 2-4, 2010.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

July 8, 2011

THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA The Beastman, Obama, is the spearhead of the enemy presence in America but behind him is the antiChrist spirit, and that has broad influence across this nation. What is going on here is a "proposal" but these American politicians behind this are serious about it. What is given here is altogether too real to dismiss as nonsense. Tragic is the fact that few Americans know about it, they are kept in the dark.

. 14



^'1F n^E



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IDAHO AND CHINA To: JOHNEL & TONI, From: Richard-DANIEL. (Email) I hope that this just remains an idea, but the fact that the thinking is this far along and that there are plans and that the governor of IDAHO is encouraging this is, well, mind boggling. ..Jesus Christ have mercy on Your lambs! From: "Selling America to China: Treason by any other name..." by: Barbara H. Peterson. Farm Wars: (Quote) "Let's quit being polite and call this maneuver by corporate governments exactly what it is — treason. Nothing more, nothing less. Selling off pieces of Ameri ca to a foreign government so that government can plant a sovereign city inside our country that is not subject to our laws amounts to treason. Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products. China is now in a position of tremendous power. So what is

China going to do with all of that money? One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up "special economic zones" inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination. One of the "special economic zones" would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a "technology zone" south of

rage Hier

+• r, rr I re I lie .131411 auu



• 1 • iviIIii-,iI yifsuuenuuIII . v


.P uiv o, .. .Uii


Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30.000 acre "self-sustaining city" that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned "self-sustaining city" in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States. (End of America). What does Special Economic Zone -- SEZ mean? A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more freemarket-orientated than a country's typical or national laws. "Nationwide" laws may be suspended inside a special economic zone.. In the People's Republic of China, Special Economic Zones were founded by the central government under Deng Xiaoping in the early 19SOs. The most successful Special Economic Zone in China, Shenzhen, has developed from a small village into a city with a population over 10-million within 20 y ears. India has also played a significant role in the founding and establishment of Special Economic Zones. It has the largest outsourcing industry in Asia. (Wikipedia) So, if China gets its way in Idaho, we will have sections of America belonging to a communist foreign government whose residents and the corporations that employ them do not have to abide by our national laws. The term "sovereign immunity" comes to mind. Sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, is a type ofimmun1ty that in common law jurisdictions traces its origins from early English law. Generally speaking it is the doctrine that the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution ... (Wikipedia) Not only will people living in this country be exempt from our laws, but the land will be designated a "free trade zone". ...a region where a group of countries has agreed to reduce or eliminate trade barriers. [2] Free trade zones can be defined as labor intensive manufacturing centers that involve the import of raw materials or components and the export of factory products. The world's first Free Trade Zone was established in Shannon, Co. Clare. Ireland Shannon • Free Zone. [3] (Wikipedia) And just whom do you think this special economic zone, or "labor intensive manufacturing center," will be employing? Those who live in its jurisdiction, and those who follow its laws. Not our laws, but China's. Do you think that anyone other than a Chinese national will live in this zone? If you do, I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Do you think that the pay for jobs in this zone will

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

Jule 8, 2011

be equivalent to America's pay scale? Is China's? No, And China's Lc ontintte standard will exist in the zone. This is not a boom to Idaho, but a death knell for those who are rapidly losing jobs to overseas outsourcing, only this will be so much more convenient for the mega-corporations. Just import China to America, make this little piece of China exempt from our national laws, and get away with what you got away with in China, sans the travel time. If this isn't an end-run around national laws that benefit we the people, I don't know what is. Change from the inside out. If Mohammed can't go to the mountain, just bring the mountain to Mohammed and declare it sovereign territory. .. Reduce poverty and unemployment? Let's take a look at what really goes on inside the zone: Labor Abuse. ..1992 data for the Guangdong province, home of Shenzhen, shows very high death rates among industrial workers and more than 50,000 child laborers—a phenomenon which had been greatly reduced in postrevolutionary China [Weil 1996]. In 2003, at least half the firms in Shenzhen owed their employees wage arrears [ICFTU 2003], and at least one-third of Chinese zone workers received less than minimum wage [Jayanthakumaran 2003]. The labor turnover rate is more than 10 per cent [French 2006]. Indeed, Shenzhen workers are so desperate that despite the lack of any independent unions, more than 10,000 wildcat strikes took place in 2006 alone [ibid]. ...Inside these free trade zones they are required to hire only a maximum of 10 US citizens. They bring these people in on EB-5 visas that avoid customs and i mmigration. After two years if they haven't been in any trouble they are given citizenship and may move anywhere in the country..." (Unquote) THE GULF AND BRAZIL: The U.S. Government under Obania has banned all U.S. oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico (across the U.S. actually) but has invited Brazil to deep sea drill in the Gulf and the U.S. will buy our oil from Brazil. Does this make sense? It only makes sense if you understand that they are working to destroy America lock, stock and barrel. RUSSIA AND WYOMING AND URANIUM: The U.S. Government has sold the mineral rights of a uranium mine to Russia who ships that radioactive material to Russia and then (I've heard reports) Russia then trans-ships the uranium to Iran (who will build more nuclear bombs with it). RED CHINA AND TEXAS SHALE OIL : The U.S. Government has sold the mineral rights to oil in shale in the Texa s area. Ameri cans cannot mine shale for oil


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July O, Lull

THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA continued) but Red China can and then ships that oil to China.

Operation, "FAST AND FURIOUS" - THE ATF in Action The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) Arming the Drug Ca rtels in Mexico Standing guard , By: Wayne LaPicrre, Executive Vice President of NRA. (Quote) "Clearing The Fog On Gun Smuggling" "With the growing evidence ofthe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' participation in a massive illegal gun smuggling operation into Mexico. BATFE's leadership and their media enablers have cranked up a fog machine to cover the federal government's reported complicity in the murders of countless Mexican citizens and in a shootout that left one federal agent dead. ...The BATFE recklessly ignored alerts from conscientious gun dealers of massive suspicious purchases, and instead "monitored" that criminal activity—allowing guns to "walk" across the border. All of this was kept secret from Mexican authorities and from the BATFE's own attache in Mexico City, for fear the operation would come under harsh criticism. The only way the BATFE could learn the whereabouts of those firearms is when the Mexican government or domestic authorities seized them—often after use in violent crimes. The media generally bought the BATFE's spin about U.S. gun stores being the source of drug cartel firepower until one of the "walked" guns ended up at the scene of the Arizona murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry in December 2010. Terry's murder sparked a series of remarkable reports by CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson" (Unquote) Comment: This murderous action ordered from the top (Washington, D.C.) shipped an estimated 1,565 weapons across the border to Mexico to the drug lords. One 50 caliber machine gun (provided with the blessings of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) shot down a Mexican government helicopter and these weapons were used in major fire fights with the Mexican police and military ( many killed - civilian, Police and Military). WHISTLE BLOWERS: One long standing BATFE agent (20 years service as I recall) went to his superiors and complained about the shipments of weapons to the Mexican criminals. He was told that orders had come from Washington, D.C. Finally, after a border patrol agent was killed* by one of the weapons sent to Mexico by the BATFE, he went to the media and a CBS reporter did an article on it.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum

July 8, 2011

THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA (continued) At first the BATFE blamed the Gun Stores for doing this, aiming to shut down guns stores in the U.S. but the CBS reporter learned that it was the ATF that was responsible for this disaster. The BATFE agents that blew the whistle (about 14 agents) got the attention of Con gress (now doing hearings) and the order to ship guns to Mexican drug lords has been cancelled. The "whistle blowers" have been summarily fired by the US. Government. Makes perfect sense: fire the people doing their job (protecting the American people) and retain those guilty of criminal behavior (enemies of the Republic.) ANTS IS OKAY, SAINTS IS TOO RELIGIOUS! In a New York State Middle School students could sing any song they'd like fora special student project. One boy wanted to sing "When the Saints go marching in." The powers that be foresaw a serious threat to separation of Church and State, and so they told the boy he could sing the song but had to substitute "Saints" with "Ants. ""Oh when the Ants go marching in, !`d like to be in that number..." PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, Modified ! When MSNBC hosted the Golf Open, they did a classy video "pledge presentation" only they left our "UNDER GOD" from the pledge of allegiance. When there was an uproar about this they said, "Oh, we forgot." In EUGENE OREGON the City Counsel voted to ban "UNDER GOD" from the pledge of allegiance. When asked why, they said some counsel members thought it was "divisive', and some people said they'd not pledge because they were "citizens of the world" not of any country.

U.S. INTELLIGENCE DISMANTLED: Book by Ann Coulter entitled, "DEMONIC ": (Quote (Pages 64-65)). "A lot of Republicans were suspicious of the intelligence, from John Bolton to Dick Cheney. The report's release was precisely timed to embarrass Bush inasmuch as it followed a series of bellicose remarks from the administration about Iran. Moreover, anyone who knows about these things knows that the United States has the worst intelligence-gathering operations in the world. The Czechs, the French, the Italians—even the Iraqis (who were trained by the Soviets)—have better intelligence. Burkina Faso has better intelligence—and their director of intelligence is a witch doctor. The marketing division of Wal-Mart has more reliable intel than the U.S. government does.

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ANTLING OF AMERICA (continue After Watergate, the off-the-charts left-wing Congress gleefully set about dismantling this nation's intelligence operations on the theory that Watergate never would have happened if only there had been no CIA. This is a little like dismantling your car because you accidentally hit the mailbox. (Democrats are apparently opposed to intelligence of any sort). Ron Dellums, a typical Democrat of the time, who—amazingly—was a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, famously declared in 1975, "We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail." And so they did. So now our spies are prohibited from spying. The only job of a CIA officer these days is to read foreign newspapers and leak classified information to the New York Times. It's like a secret society of newspaper readers. The reason no one at the CIA saw 9/11 coming was that there wasn't anything about it in the Islamabad Post. ( On the plus side, at least we haven't had another break-in at the Watergate!) CIA agents can't spy because that might require them to break laws in foreign countries. They are perfectly willing to break U.S. laws to leak national security secrets to the media, but not in order to acquire valuable intelligence on other countries. CIA officers spend their days finding reasons to do nothing and then, a month later, say, "Yeah, we heard that request a few weeks ago. Let me tell you why we can't do it." It was constantly being leaked that Dick Cheney was demanding that the CIA do something insane. You want us to i ► n filtrate al Qaeda? We can 't do thatr'

(Unquote) TERROR AT THE AIRPORT - The TSA GESTAPO: What amazes me is what the American people will accept as being okay when it is anything but okay. Recently a 95 year old woman, Mrs. Weber, who is a cancer patient and had a transfusion so she could make a trip to visit family, was sidelined by the TSA agents. She was put in a room because they felt a lump on her thigh (she is also in a wheel chair). The usual feel you up (called a pat down), or more correctly "sexual assault", determined she had to remove her adult diaper. When her daughter saw what they were doing to her mother, she cried. That set off alarms, she might be a terrorist because she is crying. She had to change her adult diaper. Lastly, she barely made her flight. That was terrible but the daughter's reaction was worse. She didn't blame the agents who were only "following orders", rather she said it was the protocol that was the problem. I guess you could say the concentration camp staff were only following

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The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum


July 8, 2011

orders when they

herded people into gas chambers and gassed them to death -just following orders. Now a new threat is surfacing: terrorists may have bombs surgically implanted. The TSA says they may have to be more aggressive in searching passengers. Oh let's see, how about body cavity searches, or stripping naked to look for surgical scars, or high intensity x-rays to see through you or? Of course the average American will say, "Oh, anything to be safe. "At what point will people wake up to the fact that they are being terrorized in the airports by their own government in the guise of "keeping

them sa/i. Question: How many terrorists, in the ten years since 2001, have they detected since these draconian measures were installed at airports? How about the fact that ZERO have been detected! ZERO, NONE, ZIP! Oh yes, then we have that underpants suicide bomber who flew from Africa, no visa, no passport, a one way ticket, no baggage who was also on the terrorist watch list and his father warned the State Department he might do this. He got by every check point and while over Detroit tried to set off the bomb but the detonator didn't work. Who stopped him and the shoe bomber of years earlier? The passengers not the TSA. The Israeli "behavioral and profiling methodology" has proven 100% effective in the past 30 some years. Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security said that this method would not work in America. Like she knows anything. She's the one who on hearing about the underpants bomber stated, "Everything worked perfectly! " In fact, NOTHING WORKED! A base amateur got by every security measure we have without a sweat - just glided through. Except for the miracle of the detonator failing, a lot of people would have blown to bits in the air and on the ground.

A GUN GOT BY: A special agent who is assigned to test the TSA system carried a fully loaded hand gun on his person and went through the body scanner, not detected, got on the airplane armed to the teeth. Dear Lord. a dog would be vastly more effective and efficient than the TSA agents, their machines and protocol. The TSA is ineffective, inefficient, useless and God help us if a professional terrorist shows on the scene. More, what they do is immoral and a violation of our

The Staff and Sword Ministry/Addendum July 8, 2011 Page A22 THE DISMANTLING OF AMERICA (continue_ _) basic rights as citizens of America. That Americans meekly submit to the federal terror amazes me. I wonder what else is coming down the tubes. Will the people wake-up? Maybe they will wake up five second before they walk into the gas chamber—maybe.

Jesus to Chuck on August 23, 1976 Page 111 of The Staff and The Sword Book (printed in 1979) "I AM THE TRUE AND FAITHFUL ONE, I HAVE ESTABLISHED AND ORDAINED THIS WALK OF THREE DAYS (Sept. 9, 10, 11 YEA, THOU ARE TO GO.... INDEED, FROM THE DAYS YOU...HAVE SET*, FROM THESE DAYS HENCE THREE YEARS, AS THE YEAR OF A HIRELING AND RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT WILL COME UPON THIS LAND. NOT ONE OF MINE SHALL SUFFER MISCHANCE--FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ME WILL BE SAVED FROM OUT OF THE VERY JAWS OF DESTRUCTION. I WILL MEET YOUR EVERY NEED." *Note: The three-year count starts from September 9° h , t 0" and 1! ` h - year not revealed. [Page 138 The Staff and The Sword Book ] Here are some of the conclusions drawn from revelation received on the three day walk through Chicago in 1976. (Quote) "...What God will do if the nation does not repent: (30) Drought and other severe weather conditions will continue to increase. Crops will be destroyed by drought or too much rain, hail and frost, severe winds, blight and disease and insect infestation, and other destroying plagues will sweep the land and famine will reign. This is the start of judgment. (31) Famine will become so bad that Americans will die of starvation: the dead will lie unattended in the streets and a wave of cannibalism will prevail. God said: "You will cat your sons and daughters". (32) Plague. Disease will kill countless others—God will curse us with horrible plagues of disease. (33) Earthquake and flood. A great earthquake will strike Chicago and the whole midwest. 62, 837, 456, will be killed. A month later, Russia will launch a full thermonuclear attack on our nation. (34) Chicago is counted in God's eyes as Sodom and Gomorrah. (35) This nation is called of God, but few heed the call. We are a nation rich in words of commitment to God but poor in `real' commitment to Jesus Christ. (Unquote)

End of the Addendum

July 5th, 2011: Addendum  

I "knew" from the get-go that the HOLY SPIRIT leading was not to quit the Ministry of His Word, but had to do with other endeavors we have u...

July 5th, 2011: Addendum  

I "knew" from the get-go that the HOLY SPIRIT leading was not to quit the Ministry of His Word, but had to do with other endeavors we have u...