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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 16, 2007

ADDENDUM TO MAIN NEWSLETTER This is my final commentary for this Newsletter. Catching up usually involves a number of reports and since much has been happening, there is much to write about. Our week vacation to Hawaii (ten days +2 days traveling to and from) put us behind the ole eight ball. Writing a Newsletter usually takes anywhere from two to three weeks assuming much of the research has been done. I began some of the research before we went to Hawaii, some I did after we got back. On our return we needed to prepare for the END OF MONTH MEETING at our house (Sunday, October 28), so actually starting on the Newsletter didn't begin until the following day, October 29, 2007. As our flight to Hawaii was scheduled to leave Spokane October 15 `h at 6AM, and we needed to be at the airport at least 1-1/2 hours before that, so we took a room at a Hotel near the airport the night of October 14"• The day of October 14th is when I began seeing vague and dark visions of an aircrash with body parts strewn all about. It was both dark and gruesome and I wondered what was going on. JESUS told me that He had assigned a number of special Angels to be with us to make sure our baggage arrived with us and to safeguard us to and from Hawaii. Then I asked JESUS what was going on and His Angel came up to me and said, "There are some who wish you ill. This is the source. You are discerning their dark thoughts that are aimed against you." I rebuked the demonic spirit behind this and prayed for those that did this, forgiving them in Jesus' Name. The dark and evil thoughts vaporized. Nancy-TONI experienced a level of oppression on our return, but again, prayer quickly ended that. On the flight while waiting for the baggage to be loaded, we could see JESUS' Angels supervising the loading of our bags - our bags arrived with us and with us on the return trip, even though we had two transfers (Maui, Hawaii to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City to Spokane. This same kind of thing happened to us back 17 years ago when we went to Hawaii for a delayed honeymoon. At that time we actually received a letter from one sister in Christ who apologized for having unkind thoughts about us because we were going to Hawaii.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November I6, 2007

Most brethren do not realize that JESUS' prophets can easily discern the feelings, thoughts and attitudes of the body of Christ, especially if any unkindness is aimed at them. It comes across to us clear as a bell. Our time in Hawaii was restful. First time ever on a cruise ship - riding the bounding waves of the sea (it was fairly stable but the ship moved a lot with wave motion nonetheless). There were 10 restaurants on the ship, 9 night clubs (which we did not frequent), a theater (which we did frequent) that had magic shows, Broadway Hit Musicals, etc.) - food was great. The ship had two pools and four hot tubs. Then there were excursions off the ship on the various Hawaiian Isles we visited. I did more walking that I've done in the past few months. Yes, we had a good time and a restful time. The Lord JESUS was quiet for most of ., the time unless I asked Him a question. H60ol IHPt4nC-4 SING •'


Remember a Brother at Christmas Charles Andrews, a Major in the Net of Prayer, is in the U.S. Military and presently is serving his second tour in Iraq. Charles is a helicopter pilot (MedVac or Medical Evacuation Unit). It would be nice if some send him a Christmas card or a food item (no 7/1 I's in Iraq to be sure) if you are so led. He does not expect us to do this; but that is okay. Also keep him in your prayers. Thank you. His mailing address is:

CW4 Charles Andrews Cco 2/3 AVN Regt Unit #5011-0011 APO, AE 09378

TOYS MADE IN AMERICA - Believe It or Not! What with the poisonous Red Chinese toys and God knows what else they are doing, many American parents are frantic trying to find toys NOT made in Red China (a daunting task) but yesterday I caught mention on FOX TV of two on-line (computer) sites where you can buy toys made only in America (and they are not more expensive than the deadly Red Chinese stuff) They Are: MAGICCABIN. Corn

(quite a selection of toys) (wooden toys, houses, little beds, etc.)

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 16, 2007

HILLARY CLINTON OUR NEXT PRESIDENT? Some years ago I was asked if I knew if Hillary would run for President in 2008? My answer was fairly clear and I qualified that it was my "opinion" and not a "thus saith the Lord." I said back then (2004-2005) that I did not think Hillary would run for President in 2008. I made that qualification since JESUS has not spoken to me about this matter nor has He said anything about it from then to now. Well, she is definitely running for the Presidential nomination for the Democratic party and is a front-runner. So much for my `personal opinion' - and at the time I did

say, "my opinion is as good as any one's or as bad. " What we have been saying since 2006 is that because of the spiritual condition of this nation, because the Wrath of God was poured out January 21, 2004, and because America's days are numbered - if plainly does not make any difference who is president now. What Nancy-TONI did say is this, "IfAmnerica elects Hillary Clinton President, they

will get just what they deserve. "

MOVIE REVIEW I haven't done a `movie review' past recommending a few movies here and there and today will do about the same: DECK THE HALLS - Starring Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito. This movie is campy, and a concoctions of different movie plots (much is drawn from the Chevy Chase movie "Christmas Vacation"). Nothing really original. It is slow and tho at times it can be funny, it is slow and really super stupid. No bad language but Christians are mocked subtly (Hollywood just can't resist). We do not recommend it. AMAZING GRACE: a British made film that accurately tells the story of how William Wilburforce worked to make slavery illegal in the British Empire (and succeeded). It is an awesome movie, with ease it is the best movie of 2007. Christian and moral to the core — a rare thing for a movie today (Hollywood would never make a movie like this one). A must see.


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FRED CLAUS: A Christian website gave this movie a good report so we went to see it. Vince Vaughn is the lead actor, who plays Fred Claus, the brother of Nick Claus. It is an excellent Santa movie, no language or crude humor although the sibling rivalry between Santa and his brother Fred is a little bit overdone. We would call it "cute" and "entertaining," however, the subject matter is quite adult and will go over the heads of most children. One curious segment is where Fred Claus goes to a meeting of "siblings anonymous" and in this assembly we find the real life brothers of Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone and other notable individuals. Like so many Hollywood movies, though this one was somewhat unique, it was also predictable. There was no mention of Jesus in the movie that centered around Santa, the North Pole and Christmas except at the end when they sang `Silent Night'. If you have children they will likely delight in seeing Santa, reindeer, the flying sled, the North Pole, the toy workshop and all the helper elves. This movie is generally ok. The vast majority of movies being made today are so vile, disgusting and demonic that we just walk away shaking our heads. When Christianity swept the GrecoRoman Empire thousands of years ago the very behavior now emerging and being portrayed in these evil movies is the behavior that was eliminated through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What is called "Secular Progressive" today is really a return to the Greco-Roman paganism. A NET OF PRAYER NOTICE: Shortly after this Newsletter is completed and in the mail (by Monday-Tuesday, November 19-20) I will turn my energies to writing and mailing the Net of Prayer the final 40 day prayers for those who sent in their prayer requests late or were overlooked. We will also give a report on the lottery effort. After this I will complete the new book, "Warning Signs." LYMAN BAPTIST CHURCH BURNS DOWN: We have recently learned that the Lyman Baptist Church in Lyman, Washington burned down. Back in 1989 the Lord JESUS CHRIST revealed that a ball of fire was deep under that church, and on the ball of fire was written "The Wrath of God." I was told that this ball of fire/wrath would rise every year for 8 years until it surfaced. What we lacked then was the starting point in time to count the 8 years. We understand that November 10, 2007 was the date of the fire at Lyman, so it may have some kind of connection with the California Firestorms of this October - also the "Wrath of God." We will look into the revelations of that year and pray to better understand what this may mean.

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The Staff and Sword Ministry

November 18, 2007

NOVEMBER 15, 2007 - Wrath of God evidence? Please see the "CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS" report, page 7, (enclosed). This date was projected as a watch date connected with early "Wrath of God" events surfacing in this world. Remember a plus or minus 4-5 dates can pertain. The fire burning Lyman Church to the ground November 10 th comes to mind. While the wait and see period is still running (and will conclude on/about November 21, 2007) 1 perceive we may have another event in view - and that would be the news article about magma rising hundreds of mile up under Yellowstone national Park (see the "NOVEMBER 2007 EARTHQUAKE REPORT", page 11 (enclosed). That article was published November 9, 2007 (within the -5 days of November 15`") and is in itself another "FIRE" event (white hot magma). This could signal a warning that the area nearYellowstone is going to be a very dangerous place to be around in the long run. 11

NOVEMBER 19 T A DAY TO WATCH: Years ago JESUS told me to watch November 19` h and in this He spoke of what would be a major earthquake event - this date is also well within the +5 days of November 15 th . However there is an overlap here as November 22 nd is the next "watch time" and a minus 5 days covers November 19 th also. We are going to have to just wait and see what develops. We will be getting

this Newsletter in the mail November 19thI24th.

From the dried lake beds of Florida to the struggling ranches of California, a historic lack of rain is changing how Americans live. ' For more on the drought's impact near you, see page 4A. Tulip 6--ra, 200"9




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DROUGHT FOR THE AGES jcontinued) When this article was written (June 8-10, 2007) it stated that ONE THIRD of the U.S. was in a drought condition and that this condition has endured on the west coast for nearly a decade (10 years). The photo at the bottom of page 5 shows deep cracks in what would normally be a 5-foot-deep section of Florida's Lake Okeechobee. Part of the lake bed caught fire in May, 2007. This drought is one of the conditions that contributed to the ferocity of the California Firestorms this October, 2007. We recognize it for what it is - the judgments of God which are surfacing in this nation from almost every angle you can i magine - drought, fires, weak dollar, banks in trouble, real estate losing value, troubles with Iran, trapped in a war and on and on. NIGHTMARE ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER: Glenn Beck and other TV reporters (on HNN and FOX TV) are drum beating the nightmarish troubles on the border with Mexico. The drug cartels have literally taken over the Mexican border towns, they own the Mexican Army (that works for them). George Bush's idea of helping is to give the Mexican government, one of the most corrupt and crime-ridden government on planet earth, 1.5 Billion dollars to help fight the crime. Most experts believe the money will go straight into the hands of criminals. Laredo, Texas has been overrun by the Mexican drug cartels and street gangs from Mexico - the murder rate in that city is the highest in America where these drug cartels have kidnaped 71 American citizens (21 are still missing). Two teenage girls that went to a concert in Mexico were stopped by Mexican police, taken and handed over to a drug lord as "gifts". Heavily armed Mexican Army troops are regularly crossing the U.S. border (penetrating as much as 65 miles to the north) sent to protect drug runners from local police and border patrol agents. In Laredo, the local newspaper began to print stories of the rising violence and the response was that

Mexican drug cartel members rolled two grenades into the new rooms of that paper (they promptly shut-up). Five men were seized (from a competing drug gang) and were beheaded - their heads were rolled onto the dance floor of a popular night club. Attacks on border patrol agents have increased 100% since the arrest and i mprisonment of Ramos and Compean (two U.S. border patrol agents given 12 years in prison for trying to stop a drug runner.) Congress and the Bush Administration is

doing absolutely NOTHING as the flood of drugs and the rape and murder of U.S. e- .^ Add am xj gI r _ citizens spreads northwards.

Nov 16th, 2007: Addendum To Main News Letter,  
Nov 16th, 2007: Addendum To Main News Letter,  

The Staff and Sword Ministry November 16, 2007 As our flight to Hawaii was scheduled to leave Spokane October 15 `h at 6AM, and we needed to...