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By: Richard--DANIEL and Dr. Adele-SARAH Sydor A. WATER How much water to store? What does the Lord Jesus Christ show you for your particular situation? We buy bottled water from Minnehaha in Hinckley. We're led to keep an extra 15 gallons on hand for potable purposes for a 72-hour period. Some years ago, (after Brunswick lost water for a day) we put water into various plastic containers and store it in the basement for non-potable purposes. You might want to consider putting aside at least I gallonlpersonlday. We're led to prepare for only a 72-hour period; many recommend a 2-week supply, especially in earthquake country. Again, go as the Lord leads. To help you, please find a brief discussion on water storage and purification techniques in the Appendix section "A". B. FOOD/FOOD EQUIPMENT For some, the goal here is to set aside a 3-day supply of non-perishable food, preferably requiring no refrigeration (cooking or preparation). We're not led at this time to seek to eliminate cooking or preparation. Foods in the form requiring no refrigeration, cooking or preparation include military "M.R.E.'s" (Meals Ready To Eat) and backpacking freezedried foods. MRE's are harder to get these days and more expense than ordinary canned goods. The freeze-dried foods keep longer, are easily obtained but are quite pricey. We're setting aside and rotating through the inventory of ordinary canned goods etc. Canned foods to consider: • tuna fish • various fishes • Meats: ham, beef, etc. • stews • soups • smoked or dried meats • canned or freeze dried vegetables\canned or dried fruits • juices • peanut butter • canned nuts • MIRE' s • Freeze Dried Foods Other Considerations: • Paper Plates, cups, plastic forks etc. to reduce using water to wash plates • Non-electric can opener or GI "P-38" • Portable stove such as a Coleman stove, (or sterna or butane/propane stove) and fuel • Wood stove (in winter) • Compact multi-fuel backpacker's stove and fuel


If continuity of water supply is not critical, andlor it's possible to have access to hot water then the emphasis on paper plates can be relaxed. But in an emergency situation, most likely the critical issue is power and so water and large quantities of hot water may be a problem, unless you have a gas stove. What does Jesus Christ show you? When cooking, please remember ventilation considerations. Never use a charcoal briquette stove indoors and also be careful with kerosene heaters as well. Having a fire extinguisher is excellent and worthy of consideration and is listed below. To help you, there is a brief discussion in the Appendix, section "B". C. LIGHT

Even a candle can lift the spirits during a power out. One Flashlight per person would be good to work towards. Here are some ideas to consider, pray about and act upon as Jesus Christ shows you: • Waterproof, Industrial type heavy duty Flashlight • Extra Batteries, bulbs • "Q" Beam High Intensity Portable Flashlight • Kerosene, Aladdin type lamp(s) and extra lamp oil • Coleman lanterns, spare mantles and special fuel • Dietz old fashion Amishlrailroad Iantern--uses K-] kerosene or ordinary kerosene • Candles, candle holders, candle lamps • Generator Flashlight Always be careful when using non-electrical light and heat n Fire extinguisher D. SHELTER

The Lord Jesus Christ has shown us to be prepared to "weather" a 72 hour storm related emergency in our home (yes, pun is intended). We aren't led to prepare for a contingency involving fleeing the home. The following ideas are for consideration and prayer are predicate upon holding our ground where we live, as led by the Lord Jesus Christ. 1. Emergency Heat for a room in the house

Kerosene Heater? and fuel Wood Stove? and wood 2. Keeping Warm in dead of winter in the home with little or no heat.

Warm Clothing Extra Bedding ? Sleeping Bags

3, Fuels • Matches, Wooden • Candles • K- I Kerosene • Lamp Oil • Coleman Fuel Be careful of carbon monoxide, always ventilate, especially with stoves and lanterns. The Appendix, section "CID" contains information on fuel consumption and burning times. 4. Toiletries/Sanitation We take our every day conveniences For granted. Keeping clean and fresh is a consideration. You can't flush the toilet with storage water. Also, powers outs, if severe enough and long enough eventually affect water supply. • Makeshift Toilet, if water is off, made out of 5-gallon plastic pail. • Deodorant/Disinfectant • Trash container with lid and plastic bag/ties, etc. E. COMMUNICATIONS • Small AM/FM radio -- Highly Recommended • Extra Batteries • Short-wave Radio - usually carries the above AM/FM plus other communications bands -- Also Highly Recommended • Handheld Scanner? For monitoring police/fire, state police and D.O.T. • CB Radio --can run off auto battery F. FIRST AID KIT/MEDICATIONS Go with what you usually carry in the home. If you want to upgrade as the Lord leads, then consult the Appendix, section "F" for a listing. If you consult the list, then go with what the Lord Jesus Christ shows you to acquire and put away. G. TOOLS This is not a prime area for focus short term but is longer term. What you may already have around the house assembled in one place, in case it is needed. • Small hand axe or hatchet • axe • hammer • shovel • camp knifelhunting knife


• small bow saw • pliers, wire cutting --insulated • hacksaw and blades • adjustable pliers --insulated • needle nose pliers --insulated • screwdrivers • crowbar • adjustable crescent wrench • knife sharpening stuff • axe Stolle • splitting maul and wedges H. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS • Boy Scout Fieldbook • Preparedness and "Survival Books"--practical skills books, etc. • Plastic Bags with ties I. SOURCES Most of what you'd need to prepare can be found economically, locally. The main problem comes with book sources. These are best ordered by mail from those specializing in preparedness titles.

Other items to have on hand Plastic sheeting Duct Tape Toilet Paper

Source for food emer enc supplies: Emergency Essentials 653 N. 1500 West Orem, UT 84057 1-800-999-1863 The Luggable Loo* sells for $16.99 (*bucket for toilet with enzyme pack) zo

APPENDIX SECTION: A. WATVR Water should be stored as the Lord Jesus Christ leads you, prior to possible troubles. In moderate weather, a person engaged in sedentary activities, consuming a low protein diet, requires a minimum of 1/2 gallon per day for drinking and food preparation. Using this as a very rough guide, a 14-day supply would be 7 gallons minimum, and for a 72 hour period would be 1 and 1/2 gallons minimum. Water coming out of your tap should be safe enough to store as is. If there is any question about the water's purity, then it must be purified before it is used or stored. How to Purify Water Boil i The best way to purify is to boil the water vigorously for 5-14 minutes, which kills the bacteria, etc. This drives oxygen out of the water thereby reducing its taste. A fresher taste can be imparted after shaking the water in a closed container until tiny bubbles are visible boils it.

WARNING -- It is possible to purify water with 2% tincture of iodine, as iodine is a very effective disinfectant, but be advised that iodined water is best not consumed by women who are pregnant or may be pregnant. This Appendix nil not address this method. Use of Chlorine Bleach Chlorine in the form of common household bleach, 5,25% sodium hypochlorite is generally effective. It is not effective against the hepatitis carrier found in sewage polluted water sources as found during floods. However, it is effective for purifying and preser ving tap water for immediate use and storage. Do not use Chlorox or any bleach which contains an y additives such as perfumes, etc. If you need use bleach, then only use 5.25% sodium hvpochlorite under emergency conditions. Use Levels of 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite: 2 Drops/ quart clear water 4 drops! quart cloudy water 8-drops! gallon clear water 16 drops gallon cloudy water 1/2-tsp.! 5 gallons clear water 1 tsp.15 gallons cloudy water After treatment, let stand for 30 min if water is warm and 1 hour if water is cold. If the water doesn't have a residual chlorine smell, then repeat the procedure. If after treatment the second time. there is no residual chlorine smell. Then the chlorine solution is suspect and must be considered not to be effective. The quality of the water would also be suspect and should not be consumed or used. Chlorine smell and taste evaporates after 24 hours if stored open. Filters There are filters, which can be used to purify water without boiling, or chlorine or iodine treatment. Firms in the "Preparedness" outfits section carry these. The Katadyn units are quite expensive, but are used widely fioni the Red Cross to the U. S. Special Forces and NATO.


Water Storage and Shelf Life Water should be stored in clean, preferably plastic containers, and filled to within 1 inch of the mouth/top of the container, 5-gallon capacity is a good size. When stored in clean containers and free of bacteria at the time of storage, tap water will remain safe.

Water quality as it comes out of the tap varies from place to place, and no set rule for shelf life exists. To remain on the safe side, rotate your water stocks regularly. Better still, buy 5 gallon bottled water and rotate this via daily home use and replacement. The ultimate would be to also acquire a military/Red Cross quality water filter for all contingencies. Again, the focus on this outline is for simple water storage of either tap water or commercially bottled water. Catastrophic emergency purification of severely polluted water is not considered herein. Specific "survival" books would address that issue. (See Boy Scout Field Book, military survival handbooks and Red Cross publications [or old Civil Defense publications, if you can still find any'}).

B. FOOD -- -CANNED GOODS While dehydrated, freeze dried, MRE's or bulk foods are a possibility, we'll only address the shelf life of commonly available canned and packaged foods. It's best to simply rotate your stocks as normally done in the home pantry, but some may set aside some food along with other emergency supplies in one place elsewhere. In that case. some canned goods may be set aside and easily forgotten about. To help in determining consumability is the following. Date your canned goods. Keep the food as cool as possible, as in a cool, dark place. Assuming a storage temperature of 74F average, the listing below are estimates of useful, nutritious storage life. The longer canned goods are stored without use, the greater the loss of flavor, texture, and nutritive value. The rate of change doubles as storage temperature rises 18degrees F. 50 F storage would hold 4 times longer than say 80F. Any cans that are not bulged or leaking can be used, but the older the can the less food value and palatability. Canned Containers: DAIRY PRODUCTS (EVAPORATED MILK ETC.) 12 MONTHS MEATS (BEEF, CHICKEN, HAM, LUNCH MEAT, PORK, TURKEY) 18 MONTHS FISH 12 MONTHS VEGETABLES 18 MONTHS FRUITS (APPLESAUCE, APRICOTS, CITRUS. PEACHES PEARS, PINEAPPLES, PLUM) 12-18 MONTH BERRIES 6 MONTHS CHERRIES 6-12 MONTHS CITRUS JUICES 6-8 MONTHS SOUPS 18-36 MONTH NUTS COFFEE, TEA, COCOA 18 MONTHS Paper/Plastic/Cardboard Containers: BOUILLON CUBES, CEREALS, OILS, LARDS, PUDDINGS 12 MONTHS BEVERAGE POWDERS 24 MONTHS JELLIES 24-36 MONTH PEANUT BUTTER 24-36 MONTH CRACKERS. PRETZELS 36 MONTHS SPICES 24 MONTHS 19

CID. LIGHT/SHELTER A gallon of "Coleman" fuel burned in a 2 mantle Coleman lantern should last about 40 hours. Burning for 5 hours per day would need about a pint per day or 1 gallon for about a week. Coleman now is offering "dual fuel" lanterns (and stoves). They use the special Coleman fuel or regular unleaded gasoline. If you don't already have Coleman equipment and Jesus shows you to acquire it, then the dual fuel approach is much more flexible strategically. An old-fashioned kerosene lantern with a 1-inch wick will burn for about 45 hours on 1 quart of kerosene. Burning at the rate of 5 hours/day, you will need 1/4 pint per day or i quart per week. The old-fashioned kerosene lamp designed for in-house use uses the more refined lamp oils. However, the old fashioned "Dietz" RailroadiAmish lamps can use the more refined kerosene as well as charcoal lighter fluid, K-I Kerosene or ordinary kerosene fuel. A two-battery flashlight utilizing standard batteries will give continuous light with new batteries for 5-6 hours. Intermittent use with new batteries will yield 7-8 hours or so. You can keep batteries in freezer or refrigerator to prolong life. Tallow candles burn longer than wax candles. They are harder to find, but a six inch 1/2 inch diameter candle will cast 3 hours. Coleman 2 burner stoves running 4 hours per day will need 1 quart per day.

F. FIRST AID KIT This suggested listing is geared towards longer term considerations. Pra y about it and see what Jesus Christ would show you to do, if anything. [Being a former Army Medical Corpsman, circa. 1970, influences this.] y Be y ond y our recular medicine chest ou might consider the following: Sterile dressings 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 Teifa Non Stick pads Post Op Sponges Ace bandages. 2 and 3 inch widths to hold dressings Gauze Rolls Muslin Triangular bandages Band Aids Transpore Surgical Tape Bandage scissors Tourniquet Splints Instant Hot Pack Instant Cold Pack "First Aid Book"---Highly Recommended!! Rubbing Alcohol


Saline Solution or Salt Liquid Soap, like Phisoderm Tincture of Green Soap Thermometer -Oral and Rectal Vaseline Safety Pins Olive oil in via] -for prayer/anointing. Your local drug store/pharmacy should have everything you need. This is not meant to be a totally complete listing, but a starting point for prayer to see what the Lord would have you do. More complete listings of what is contained in typical kits eaui be seen in the suggested catalogs mentioned previously. Hope this helps you get started. Ready Made Resources is good sources for medical supplies, as well as JRH Enterprises Nationally, there are a number of medical supply outfits selling via mail order; you'll find them in the Making the Best of Basics book's "Compendium of Preparedness Sources". You might want to write this outfit as well--Stat Medical Supply Company 4555 South 300 West 4500 Murray, Utah 84) 07 (800)-223-6176

SUGGESTED PRAYERS Oh Heavenly Father GOD, we come before Your Throne of Grace, Mercy, Compassion, Loving Kindness and Majesty in JESUS' CHRIST'S Name and under the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. Father we ask in JESUS Name for Your special protection for me and my family, my loved ones and friends in the coming judgments. As You keep us safe in Your loving care also keep my home and possessions in Your care and keeping as You keep us in Your care and keeping. Quicken me by Your HOLY SPIRIT to know, discern and recognize the warning signs and lead me by Your HOLY SPIRIT in what You would have me do. In all keep us in the Hollow of Your Hand, Thank You Father GOD for every answer to my prayers. Amen.


72 Hour Rediness Chart  

To help you, please find a brief discussion on water storage and purification techniques in the Appendix section "A". B.FOOD/FOOD EQUIPMENT...

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