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F E B R U A R Y a 6, 1 9 8 9

and Nancy-TONI Youngbrandt c/a The Weaver's, 830 North 14th Street Ht Vernon, Washington 98273 Chuck

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CHICAGO, Illinois

February 14, 1989 at about 1:05PM Nancy-TONI and I left Mt Vernon heading South, then East on the ONTARIO TEACHING TRIP. We were hardly 30 miles South of Mt Vernon when Wormwood made his move - MT VERNON was struck by a 4.0 Richter Earthquake at 1:41PM February 14, 1989 - some 10 aftershocks struck following, only two of which were strong enough to be felt. Then again on FEBRUARY 17, 1989 MT VERNON was shaken by a 2.8 Richter Earthquake and a 2.2 Richter Quake(an aftershock). At this point this makes a total of 15 EARTHQUAKES to shake the Mt Vernon Areas Rather interesting in light of the fact since February 5, 1989 thru to February 17, 1989. that the collective discernment of Church leaders in the Mt Vernon Areas was that JESUS WORD Thus far NO Pastor or Newspaper has made any was FALSE, and that NO Earthquake would come. c unication with us only telling me they are holding to their position regardless of facts. Its clear to me that these church leaders will continue to co-operate with "Wormwood" and ensure by their 'position' that Gods children in their care are turned over to Wormwood for slaughter. What tells me this is the case, is the blatant, even 'out in the open' obvious moves by Satan in these quakes - and I perceive these Devils out of hell are so sure of their control in the church system that they will now be more inclined to act in open and obvious ways. In some ways it appears that Wormwood by these quakes is boasting and conveying a message ' we have you now!'. Its true that they have 90% of the church system in their power now - but they do not have us in their power. I make this observation simply because its our call in Christ to 'save life' and when this enemy of our souls gets 'heady' they make mistakes, and if we can see enough of the situation, we can in prayer and then spiritual warfare gain opportunity to hurt their cause, and spare even greater numbers from death and traumatic loss. in 1989 This newsletter is basically an attempt to begin forming a picture of whats -- both Satans judgments and what we may accomplish in and out of prayer to lessen, hinder, limit Satans opportunity to kill and destroy. possible

1987 PREVAILS IN 1989 The IN THE SPIRIT experiences by NET OF PRAYER in prayer/spiritual warfare in 1987 form the basic foundational pattern for this 1989. We have clearly discerned, and seen much of what happened in January/February 1987 MANIFEST this January/February 1989. Yet what makes it more complicated is the current DECISION by Church Leaders to , as Jesus said, "LET WORMWOOD IN" opposite that the HIGH MOUNTAIN PRAYER CAMPAIGN which prevailed to limit, hinder, and Current events are springing from patterns seen in 1987 --AND-block Wormwood at the same time. from Decisions/Prayer this 1989 --all at the same time.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

1987 PREVAILS IN 1989 (contd )

The Church Leaders Decision this 1989 resulted in us losing the trailer home. All ministry records are now in storage, meaning we have no past years to draw from. Further, with a 100% Wormwoods/Lucifers judgments and plans for this usual and reliable ways of detecting the enemy down'. So in a lot of ways, we have to 'start and understanding of 'just what Satan purposes as the NEW COVENANT Intercessors are shown - we and PERSIST til we PRAY THRLJ TO KNOW what need life and well being for multitudes.

ready access to JESUS WORD and Records in rejection of JESUS WORD by Church Leaders, 1989 are HIDDEN by that DECISION. All our plan and intent in advance is largely 'shutall over from scratch, and build up a view

to do this 1989.

It won't be easy; but

MUST more and more move by FAITH in PRAYER be done, can be done to make a difference for



This sketch depicts the times, quakes set in motion and by whom and from

February 14, 1989 1:41PM


4.0 Richter quake and ten(1O) quakes(aftershocks)

The 1987 PATTERN in THE GAP" Battle February 6-19, 1987.

THE GAP 1987 1m01



'`4 ^C?^ A










NAna 7arTr



LUCIFER from Yakima , Wash - February 5,1989 3.5 Richter, and Feb 6th a 2.2 Richter Quake

' In relative to ms, the width of the valley between the impassable mountains--called THE GAP, is 100 miles

wide. We needed (in 1987) 300 Christians in agreement, we fell short thus when the GAP battle did Wormwoods Demon Arm comin happen in 1987, we covered only 77 from Mammoth Parks Ca if going of the 100 mile width, this left a North. February 17, 1989, a. hole (open place) some 23 miles wide. 2.8 Richter Quake, and 2.2 Quake. Both WORMWOOD and LUCIFER attacked the 77 mile front ONLY to pin us here while their main thrust aimed to come thru the open 23 mile area in THE GAP. After many days fierce battle, Wormwood broke thru and met Lucifer on February 14, 1987, Jesus led us to withdraw His people from the GAP February 16, 1987 - and on February 17, 1987 Lucifers demon armies swirled(combined) with Wormwoods demon armies , and lastly they exited the GAP entering INTO THIS WORLD February 19, 1987. By no coincidence, the date the battle started(Feb 6,87) the breakthru(Feb 14,87) and the merging of demon forces(Feb 17,87) all produced QUAKES in MT VERNON & AREAS of Washington State, on the same days two years later-this 1989. As in 1. the actual day the demon armies jointly under Wormwood/Lucifer marched INTO THIS WORLD --which was FEBRUARY 19, 1987 --produced no visible event in 1987 or this 1989.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

"i riE MOUNT VERNON & AREA QUAKES (continued) What is not obvious, but known by myself, Nancy-TONI and Steve-JOEL(we fought in the GAP Battle in 1987) is that prior to the actual enemy attack to break thru, in Christ we fouled up the time table of the Beast and Lucifer --both ended up attacking at different times and they were not co-ordinated (as they planned to be). More, while we stood in the GAP between the Beast(Wormwood) and Lucifer, they could NOT communicate with each other thus they continued working off different time tables. The EFFECT of this is very visible this 1989 --here we see Lucifer triggering a quake Feb 5th and 6th, then 9 days later Wormwood triggers a quake Feb l4th(after we leave Mt Vernon) and Wormwoods demons coming from California trigger a quake February 17, 1989. What it tells us, is that these three distinct demon forces are dis-cordinated in time. Now in the GAP in 1987, when Wormwood broke thru to Lucifer on February 14, 1987 --I saw a strange thing. Wormwoods demons occupied the same PLACE as Lucifers demons but they were NOT TOGETHER, THEY WERE IN DIFFERENT TIMES in the same PLACE. A day later, I saw Wormwoods demons arcing in TIME to meet Lucifers demons. TWO YEARS later, this 1989, we see that TIME DIFFERENCE visibly --their original plan was to CONVERGE on MT VERNON (the 'place') at the same TIME (February 5, 1989) and cause the 6.3 Richter EARTHQUAKE . The HIGH MOUNTAIN PRAYER Intercessors essentially stood as the three prophets did in the GAP in 1987, preventing this --thus instead of one big quake, its so far resulted in 15 smaller quakes --all reasonably harmless, and over a 13 day period. THIRTEEN(1 DAYS --1987 and 1989 In the GAP BATTLE we held the GAP for exactly 13 days in 1987, now in 1989 we see that attack rr 'ifest over a 13 day period in some 15 earthquakes. CHICAGO to MT VERNON in 1987 Another tie-in, JESUS had me leave CHICAGO February 6, 1987 to join with Nancy-TONI by and on FEBRUARY 13, 1987 in MT VERNON. Now this 1989, JESUS has us move out of the trailer home FEBRUARY 5th and leave MT VERNON FEBRUARY 14, 1989 heading for Chicago-Ontario. Now in the GAP February 14, 1987 JESUS said this "THEY(Wormwoods demons ) REFORM JOINING LUCIFER - RESET THEIR ATTACK TO LUCIFERS TIME - FEBRUARY 14TH. ONCE JOINED To LUCIFER WHOSE DEMONS EXTEND INTO THE WORLD - THEIR ACTIONS GRADUALLY ADJUST TO I to 7 DAY TIMES. IN TEN(10) DAYS ADJUSTMENT COMPLETE FROM 15 to 21 DAYS to 1 to 7 DAYS." Frankly, tho I understood what JESUS said in principle, just how it could be used was a bit of a riddle, even now its not easy to apply. WHAT IT MEANS TO US NOW THIS 1989 Basically the three demon armies shown on page 2, that caused the 15 quakes in MT VERNON & AREAS this February 1989, are badly dis co-ordinated in TIME, tho in the same PLACE its going to take them TIME to get their act together, to correct the TIME FACTOR so they move as ONE and on ONE TIME TABLE in this world. IN 1987 - IT WAS 54 DAYS In 1987 it took Wormwood and Lucifer some 54 days to get their act together before they could begin the next phase of their invasion of this nation --which we call THE BROKEN CROSS BATTLE. s gave the NET OF PRAYER and this ministry's prophets TIME to grasp the situation, and formulate a defence plan whereby we could offer re-newed resistance to further hinder Satans plans and time table. We did so well looking to Jesus in 1987 that after a stinging defeat in May 1987 Lucifer and Wormwood actually came offering to buy off our resistance with some We refused - but when Lucifer offered us $millions $25 Million 'cash up front' in 24 hours'. i t told us they were 'hurting' -- we can do the same this 1989, and in Christ we will again!

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1 HE I9 %7 BROKEN 01&055 16ATTLE

FEBRUARY 26, l"9

Once Wormwood broke thru the GAP, their movements are governed by GODS LAW that governs TIMES & JUDGMENTS. Once thru the GAP, they enter INTO THIS WORLD, but next they must ENTER THIS NATION and the patterns seen in 1981 told us in 1987 that we would see another BROKEN CROSS BATTLE, and we did. Only by 1987 we understood that the advancing demon armies would advance from the WEST(Pacific Ocean) entering U.S.A. thru one of three Zones (South-Center or North). The battle map above was for the JOSHUA PRAYER CAMPAIGN -- we defined the areas into Zones and pray-agreed each Zone to certain 'numbers' asking God the Father in JESUS NAME to bring these numbers in "Lotteries" across USA when demons entered these areas. Basically we were working with "Lots" to assist our discernment and to detect demonic movements . Back in 1987, when Wormwoods demons began assembling behind the 'church wall ' the assigned EARLY ALARM Number (#497-0) appeared in six lotteries over the USA on April 13, 1987. This told us the enemy build-up was underway and that they would attack shortly. Seeing that attacks in the GAP in 1987 have manifested in QUAKES in MT VERNON & AREAS this 1989 on the same days - we can with reasonable certainty KNOW that the next serious attacks will begin APRIL 13, 1989 and on. In 1987 the Beasts(Wormwood) objectives were to break thru at CHICAGO, BATESVILLE Ark, and LEVELLAND Texas --our aim and hope was to prevent that, and to contain the demon armies and wipe them out as we had in 1981. MT VERNON was a key and critical NET OF PRAYER Base --this

is why its loss this 1989 is going to have consequences that are difficult to determine now.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989


AfRIL.01187 ,JpsHUA ?R ci f?ny CAMrA+r,n rnnp NE r of PRAYER


, , FFTT


\?Ri-Z. qg7



771 o



From the time Wormwood directed his demon armies to attack thru the Church Wall - The NET OF PRAYER Leaders battled them every inch of the way, and we slowed them and took a considerable toll of demons. But in 1987 this ministry was under-funded and we had lost many experienced prayer warriors due to 'accusations and condemnations' from the Church system of man. We had many New prayer warriors, but they had to be readied for spiritual warfare, so the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY made up of experienced intercessors fought a delaying action while the rest of the NET OF PRAYER prayed to be ready to stand i nbattl e later.


Now Wormwood at a point broke the boundaries as SET in prayer over the years, this violated Gods Law, we discerned this - and JESUS directed us to ATTACK having Grounds and Opportunity --for weeks we were driven back and took a pounding, now with the enemy almost surrounding us, we moved 'n Christs Victory, on Jesus Word and in HIS NAME and attacked with such force, we literally .. rushed the demons at the height of their attack, we obliterated every demon outside the legal boundaries and hurled Wormwoods demon army back hundreds of miles in a few days. From the time we counter-attacked, Gary Hart was exposed and destroyed out of the presidential race (primaries) that 1987. The Beast-man of 1982 was politically 'dead' - a clear evidence of the Victory we obtained in Christ b y this warfare. It was almost immediately afterwards that Lucifer sought(and got) God The Fathers Permission to talk to me - coming to 'buy us off' who lastly offered to pay us $25,000,000 cash in 24 hours if we would cease resisting them. By deceit and cunning Lucifer also sought to trap us - but in looking to Jesus and relying on Holy Spirit leading in how to reply, it was Lucifer who was trapped and a vital demon prince with him was taken captive by us who much later we learned was the prince called "chief prince of Meschech and Tubal'(Ezekiel 38). The presence of this demon prince IN THIS WORLD told us that the power whereby North America would be invaded by Russia/China/Japan and overrun - and the power whereby 'little Israel' in the Middle East would be invaded was present IN THIS WORLD --the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 was literally in view. However while we had this 'chief prince ,also known by the name "Baltor", captive -- Satan would have no opportunity

to initiate these things while we had this demon prince captive. In essence, if this were a football game, we had the football in the stammer! Why talk with Lucifer? Well it was Gods Will as revealed by Jesus Christ that we did - and I was especially careful in prayer to seek Holy Spirit leading in how to talk-respond for I knew that on a human-carnal level this Lucifer was intelligent beyond the capacity of the human carnal mind. There was no way I could of myself cope with him but looking to Jesus, abiding in Christ having the Mind of Christ I also knew that there was no way Lucifer could cope with Him, Christ in me.

Many years earlier Jesus taught me to 'respect' the rightful place these demons had in Gods Creation and while I did not like them(or had to like them); )either did I have place, grounds or opportunity to offend, attack, threaten or speak evil of them or to them unless they gave me grounds, place or opportunity by their behavior. ( 2 Peter 2:l0 and Jude 8)

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

Talk with Lucifer May 1987 (contd)

In May 1987 I grasped Gods Purpose in permitting Lucifer to talk with me - for Lucifer in seeking to trap us was by Christ trapped and suffered a severe loss(the capture of his chief prince of Meschech and Tubal). This resulted in placing Satans plans for world war on 'hold' - we gained TIME. At the same time Wormwood lost one his his 'chief princes', thus collectiveltheir capacity to initiate deadly judgments was seriously crippled in those meetings/talks in May of 1987. With the talks ended, Wormwood now moving in the power given to him by rebellion in the church system of man, moved ahead to re-new the advance --this time staying within the boundaries of the "Broken Cross'. JESUS required that the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY now withdraw from fighting them every inch of the way - we now joined our respective Prayer Groups in the NET OF PRAYER at Chicago, Batesville, Levelland, Reno and Mt Vernon and prepared to meet the onslaught. By May 8, 1987 the demon armies advanced rapidly nearing their objective of CHICAGO, BATESVILLE and LEVELLANO. WEAPONS OF BATTLE CHANGING H




Cl^mrAicn rnr,p





AyAY 2 1 17$7 SruATiO h


In the initial battles deep IN THE SPIRIT and in THE GAP of 1982 and 1987, we withstood Satans armies with Gods Armor, with the Sword of the Word and with golden Arrows( which represented intercession). Demons fought with swords and such, hurling 'fireballs, fiery darts' and other such weapons(these jus„ bounced harmlessly off our shields of Faith). But as the demons got nearer and nearer to being IN THIS WORLD, their fireballs became

artillery shells, and then missiles and heavily armored demon formations now had 'armored tanks'. More and more, the battles were taking on the form of conventional warfare

in this world. As the enemy up-graded their attack with more 'worldly type weapons' God thru Christ in turn up-graded us as well, we were equipped with Missiles, Artillery cannon, Tanks. It was this shift in weapons(tho we still had and used the Armor of God as our primary defence and offensive weapons)-- that brought me to understand that this demon invasion was in fact representative of the coming invasion of America. When these demons got IN THIS WORLD, they would in turn cause men and armies in this world to do what they did --for real? The Church System Leaders Decision to reject JESUS WORD and Call for prayer resulted in the NET OF PRAYER being under-manned, under funded and under equipped to do battle to defend the land. Thus when this war which was now wholly IN THE SPIRIT, when it manifested IN THIS WORLD, the Armies defending the North America's would be out numbered, under manned, undere gGipped and poorly supplied. Where we won victories IN THE SPIRIT, the defending US Armies would win battles, and where we had to retreat, they would have to retreat. The patterns being SET "In The Spirit" would be the foundational pattern for the actual invasion and war For instance - in THE GAP we were attacked by Wormwood from the frontal areas and by Lucifer from the rear areas --thus by this its known America will be invaded on both the East and West Coast areas when it manifests for real IN THIS WORLD.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989


In the BROKEN CROSS BATTLE of 1981, the NET OF PRAYER formed into five Battle PraYer Groups stopped the enemy advance at CHICAGO, BATESVILLE, and LEVELLAND, we contained the demon armies and in Christ we wiped them out entirely. Thus the demonic plans for world war were destroyed in prayer warfare. But in 1987, some six years later, having been continually weakened by false accusations, condemnations in and out of the church system - the NET OF PRAYER had lost more than half its intercessors, the ministry was barely functional for want of funds and the incessant attacks from church leaders had its effect. Now Wormwood came on the scene and was given by church leaders what they could not get in 1981 --they broke thru in two of the three areas. The map below shows the outcome of the BROKEN CROSS BATTLES of 1987. MAY 17, 1987 Mt Vernon Battle Unit Counter-attacks



Y 17, 1987 Reno Battle Units Cniint.Pr- attacks


7 Chicago Battle Unit Counter-attacks

The BLACK ARROWS on the map above show the areas of break thruand the times in 1987. This 1989 it will manifest again on the same days but just HOW it will manifest is not known. Storms, Quakes, War Events, Nuclear Disaster/Accidents, Murder-Terror are high on the list as the most likely category of events to happen at this time - this 1989. The NET OF PRAYER was never forced back by the demon attack but Jesus revealed that "Church Decision" then GAVE "Chicago and Levelland" to Satan - thus after holding for a time, we had to withdraw. Thus our purpose was to DELAY the enemy advance, inflict loss on them in battle but our primary objective was to safely EVACUATE Gods people from the threatened areas soon to be over-run by demon armies. Therefore while we relinquished ground given to the enemy by Church Decisions - we fought and withdrew, and behind our fighting lines there was this mass codus of Gods people fleeing from the advancing enemy army. I was very mindful of the fact that we were SEEING a very near dimension of the actual war to be fought on American soil at some time in the future. Only at Batesville Arkansas did we STOP the demon advance and then hurled it back - from Batesville the NET OF PRAYER set in m

otion a massive counter attack.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

THE 1987 BROKEN CROSS BATTLE (contd) Wormwood directed his plan of attack with precision, after taking Chicago they advanced South to ST LOUIS and then turned East to LEXINGTON Kentucky and then advanced to WASHINGTON DC to lay ground work for the Beast-man to seize the Presidency of the United States. In this they set in motion events leading to the ACCIDENTAL NUCLEAR EXCHANGE as well as the CHICAGO/ ST LOUIS Major EARTHQUAKES. In the South, the demon advance aimed at CORPUS CHRISTI (meaning The Body of Christ -the Church System) and here we had a trouble. Some NET OF PRAYER Intercessors broke ranks in the battle, thus the demon armies here broke thru the Levelland Battle Units lines and surrounded them. This break thru resulted in an early manifestation of demon presence, a terrible Tornado suddenly emerged in TEXAS and wiped out a town called Saragosa Texas_ Survivors(38 killed) were terrified saying the tornado which came out of no where suddenly' seemed to have 'eyes' --it searched the town looking for hiding people and when it found them, killed them. The primary objective of the tornado was a school, most of those killed initially were school children --one of Wormwoods "M.O's", he prefers to kill children first over adults. As a result, Wormwoods demons broke into 'our territory' thru

'rank breaking by a few NET OF PRAYER Intercessors. We had a plan of counter attack to limit the demon break thru(see below) and trusting the Intercessors in Levelland Battle Unit to hold out til it was done, we set it in motion. Demons advancing into USA thru the Broken Cross was massive, half or more of the demons were IN THE NATION but another half were still marching down the broken cross trunk and MORE were marching in thru the wall. We had prayed and heavily mined with explosives a vast stretch of the trunk of the broken cross to assist our counter-attack plan. Having deliberated in prayer, aware that setting off these explosives(equal to several hydrogen bombs in explosive power) could-even would cause strong quakes IN THIS WORLD --it was seen that demons in such numbers at loose in this world would do more damage, we realized we had to use this mine sys._,.


On May 17, 1987 from MT VERNON and RENO two NET OF PRAYER battle Units attacked the demon trunk to "Cut Off" any further entry of demons into the nation - while from BATESVILLE two NET OF PRAYER Battle Units attacked to cut off the break thru of demons thru CHICAGO and LEVELLAND. Our strategy was to isolate and trap the demons in the broken cross trunk and

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

'E1987 BROKEN CROSS BATTLE (contd) wipe the demons out(trapped in the trunk) before they could enter into the nation. In effect we aimed to reduce the demon power available to Wormwood by at least 50% and more to prevent reinforcements from easily entering into the nation. The MAY 17, 1987 attack. Moving from MT VERNON and RENO, we attacked the 300 mile wide trunk of demons at the far Western end near the entry point thru the 'church wall' - moving in JESUS NAME we set off the first set of explosives, and with that a 300 mile wide stretch of ground exploded under the demons not unlike a nuclear blast --thus in a matter of minutes we shattered the demon trunk, and cut off any further advance into America. The ground in the whole area heaved violently with that blast, and fire streaked skyward --at some point in time this will manifest in the world in real terms but how is not known(volcanic explosion?). The Batesville and Chicago Battle Units of NET OF PRAYER sliced thru the demon trunk, at the far Eastern end. Here Steve-JOEL saw that they were equipped with later cannon, that cut great swaths thru demon ranks with bursts of light --again we understood that we were seeing in part a technological weapon system to be used in this upcoming war in the future. We wasted no time in dealing with the demon trunk, for we had a second explosives system called "COME JESUS" in JESUS NAME we triggered it, and a vast explosion ripped thru some 2,000 miles of demons in the trunk areas - the NET OF PRAYER attacked from the WEST and EAST and destroyed every demon.

WHY MT VERNON A KEY AREA 1989 When you consider this counter attack of 1987 IN THE SPIRIT and how it resulted in halving Wormwoods demon power in this world - you will understand why Wormwood made MT VERNON his u nary objective this 1989. The fall of MT VERNON can mean(no insight now, but awareness) at the counter attack of 1987 may have been unhinged, we may NOT have Mt Vernon as a base to counter attack from - or the success of 1987 may have been lessened by the Church Leaders Decisions of 1989.

THE 1987 BATTLE IN TEXAS Wormwoods demons over-ran most of TEXAS once NOP Ranks were broken, they totally surrounded the NOP LEVELLAND BATTLE UNIT, which held its own defending the Exodus of Gods children --but here Wormwood had two objectives - trap, kill the fleeing Christians --and take LAS CRUCES which spiritually is the Gateway of "Life and Death" - if they took Las Cruces, DEATH would move into America from the South. Having wiped out the demons trapped in the trunk of the broken cross, the now freed up four NET OF PRAYER Battle Units moved swiftly to the Texas areas IN THE SPIRIT, Nancy-TONI and I attacked from the West(New Mexico) moving East to break thru and free the trapped Levelland Battle Unit while the main part of the NET OF PRAYER broadly contained the demon advance and moved from the North going South driving demons out of our territory. Here again, Wormwood had broken boundaries, invading ground that was ` ours', he had no right or place here but thru the 'ranks breaking' of a few Intercessors took opportunity and invaded. We now moved on the attack to drive him out. But Wormwood had contempt for the NET OF PRAYER he had the view that Chuck-JOHNEL was the threat not the others, and so where I attacked, the demons resisted but fell back --now Wormwood formed up an elite unit of demons and sent them to attack the NET OF PRAYER coming from the North. JESUS Angel would later tell me, Wormwood thought these could be beaten easily, he thought they were 'soft' and that they'd p is and run if I was not present with them. Wormwood attacked the NET OF PRAYER formations lt,, by Steve-JOEL, Al Egner, Dick Sydor and he got a cold water shock! The demons attacked fiercely and with great confidence they would prevail, Steve-JOEL discerned their attitude and retreated, leading them to think they would prevail. The demons got 'heady'

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

THE 1987 BROKEN CROSS BATTLE (contd) and when they get 'heady they get careless --they advanced wildly thinking it was a pursuit. Suddenly Steve-JOEL ordered the NET OF PRAYER to turn, stand and fight --at the same time Dick Sydor and Al Egner with other NOP Prayer Leaders attacked on the right and left flanks suddenly breaking the demons ranks encircling the whole demon army group - Wormwoods elite fighting unit. In a matter of hours the demon army group was wiped out and the NET OF PRAYER was cutting the demons to pieces driving Southwards on a broad front. Wormwood now paniced, he realized he was tangling with 'seasoned intercessors' those who knew how to stand in Christ, and as ,Jesus Angel later told me "WORMWOOD THOUGHT THE NET OF PRAYER WAS SOFT, AND HE COULD PUSH THRU THEM, HE RAN INTO CHRISTIAN STEEL..." The demons also paniced - the NET OF PRAYER Intercessors moved like "Fire" thru their ranks, they turned and fled and we fell on them and cut them to pieces, Wormwood withdrew to the areas given to him by church leaders. He had no heart anymore to fight the NET OF PRAYER from now on, he would avoid the NOP. The Holy Spirit strategy shown us in March 1987 was a blessing, in the time the JOSHUA PRAYER ARMY resisted and delayed Wormwood (April 13th 1987 and on) the NET OF PRAYER filled with green intercessors kept out of battle was called to pray-look to Jesus to be prepared to stand in Christ when the time came. In the time we gained the NET OF PRAYER was strengthened in Christ thru prayer - now it payed off, the NET OF PRAYER was One in Christ and irresistible. I don't like the word 'proud' but at this time I was praising God to see such unity and strength in all His children united in prayer - we met an overwhelmingly powerful enemy in head-on battle and at no time did they prevail, and over and over we saw Jesus Victory in all we did IN THE SPIRIT that 1987. May 26, 1987 all battle with Wormwoods demon armies ended, they stuck to what was given them by the church leaders and thru church decisions - they avoided going anywhere near us. MAY 23 to MAY 25, 1987 SITUATION


f : LeveUUArl Btu rn : QIG

nia o





MAI a5, )9^`^ S I TUP tio^+I is ton ti

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989


Albuquerque Levelland M tet[IIAnd $14

h as Cruse 5 W^tAco fl!u


MAY ^5-^`,19^^t 5 izuAlie+l




. --Corpus Christi

The map above shows the concluding battles of 1987 fought IN THE SPIRIT in areas relative to T exas. The shaded area of Texas shows the zone given to Wormwood by church leaders, it was and is an area we could not move into.



Wormwood and his demon armies moved again in cinie and space, moving to the next level or dimension in time getting ever closer to being literally IN THIS WORLD. Warfare in the spirit now ended for 1987 and as Jesus showed us, Wormwood would avoid the NET OF PRAYER for a time. Now JESUS sent Nancy-TONI and I out from Mt Vernon to extend the SECOND Seal of the Living God, to establish this work IN THE WORLD according to Gods Law. For the most part, tho a heat wave emerged in 1987, and tho we saw an Earthquake strike Central Illinois JUNE 1987 -all early manifestations of the demon break thru --even so, for the most part while the Sealing was on-going, judgments were suspended in this time. Why? The SECOND Sealing involved a DECISION by Gods children to accept it or not, when such decisions are being made, judgments are suspended until after the decision is made. We again had a minimum number to reach, and again we NEEDED 300 Sealed in order that the Sealing work be SET & ESTABLISHED in this world. Travelling all over North America, we concluded the work by September 2, 1987 - having Sealed 270 Christians--we fell short by 30 of the required 300. Once the work was concluded, now Satan again moved to re-new judgments picking up where they left off from the June 1987 quake in Central Illinois. The JUDGMENT TIME CLOCK stopped ticking June 5th when the SECOND Sealing work began, now September 2, 1987 like the end of a 'time out in a football game' the JUDGMENT CLOCK started ticking again. Steve-JOEL was with us, and we had JESUS COMMISSION to do a prophetic work on the WEST COAST but we lacked funds, nd finally Steve-JOEL had to return home to Arkansas. Again, as seen so many times in the past tho we had the upper hand and Gods Commission to catch the enemy off guard and level a wounding blow, support declined preventing intervention prophetically. Thus the initiative passed to Satan who never lacked the will to act the moment he was given opportunity -and so Wormwoods demons were allowed to make the first move.

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SEPTEMBER 2, 1987 and on...

FEBRUARY 26, 1989


Again the CHURCH DECISION "HID" the enemy plan from easy view; yet a Holy Spirit Insight alerted the ministry prophets that Wormwood was on the move, and in reviewing JESUS WORD in past years, we realized that either an EARTHQUAKE or VOLCANIC ERUPTION was in motion involving either the MIDWEST or CALIFORNIA - and SEPTEMBER 25, 1987 was as close as we could discern for a time. We called the NET OF PRAYER to pray and fast to save life and lessen destructions September 25, 1987 bringing focus to both the MIDWEST and CALIFORNIA. If and while Steve-JOEL was with us, and had we been funded to make the prophetic work into California we could have destroyed the demons setting troubles in motion. But again, we were side lined - insufficient funds. Now Wormwood levelled his opening blow.

OCTOBER 1, 1987 - LOS ANGELES QUAKE A 6.0 Richter Earthquake struck LOS ANGELES areas, killing a number and causing many millions of dollars in damage. We now recognized the judgment plan Wormwood was working in - he was moving to level increasing troubles in the Earth from Southern California aiming to set off MAMMOTH PARKS Volcano --this would rip the West Coast wide open and trigger earthquakes all over the North Americas and lead to severe judgments and nuclear war. In this same time, we worked to complete the needed 300 Sealed and did so by mid October 1987. At the same time, again Lucifer came to talk, again with God the Fathers permission. JESUS told me that Lucifer had gone before Gods Throne asking for the lives of the rebellious Elect of Christ claiming these as 'his'. Lucifer was told that they were in our care, he would have to talk to us. Lucifer with cunning and being careful this time demanded that we hand over these people to him, that they were his, they served him, listened to him, they were his servants. But JESUS had told me in advance that GOD THE FATHER basically told Lucifer that IF His people would allow him to take these, he could have them --but they would decide. Lucifer did NOT state this, not knowing I KNEW what GOD THE FATHER had said and by trickery and deceit worked to convince us to 'give what was his to him'. Lastly surprised to learn I KNEW , lucifer agreed to let Gods people decide. So I wrote a newsletter sharing the whole talk and all God had revealed and what Lucifer wanted and said --asking Christians to cast their vote, to either 'let Lucifer have these children of God' or 'Not". Lucifer had boasted of how he would direct Gods people, how they listened to him not Jesus -now with ONE ACCORD Gods people responded - a flat "NO to Lucifer' - we would fight him, and prepared to do so in warfare. The moment Lucifer learned of the decision, his demon armies surrounding this part of the Elect Body of Christ(IN THE SPIRIT) fled immediately -the crisis ended abruptly. Now funds poured in, enabling Nancy-TONI and I to go out by the end of October on the WEST COAST PROPHETIC WORK - we would pray, prophesy over thousands of miles from Mt Vernon, thru Oregon, Nevada, Arizona to San Diego and Northwards to Mammoth Parks California prophetically breaking up the massive stresses in the Earth with the Staff of God. By this time the demons had set forces in motion in the Earth, thus it was a purely physical force at work --with the Staff of God we broke up the energy that had gathered in the Earth, dispersed it, thus instead of BIG Quakes a series of small quakes striking over wide areas would come and at Mammoth Parks in JESUS NAME we drove down the Magma, cooled it, and ended the immediate crisis. A DROUGHT that prevailed on the West Coast now eased, rain came and the drought lessened. 1987 ended - in a lot of ways we were exhausted but thankful to God for answered prayer having seen the enemy prevented in many ways from prevailing more than he did in 1987. WHY THIS REVIEW OF 1987 ? Where the NET OF PRAYER prevailed in 1987 over Satan - we will prevail in this 1989 in the same times. And where the enemy gained ground given to him, he will gain ground this 1989 as he did in 1987. We have seen that JESUS WORD January 22, 1987 perfectly fit the situation of January 22, 1989 --the Mt Vernon pastors DECISION to loose Wormwood.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

Y THIS REVIEW OF 1987? (contd) Its NOT that JESUS WORD of January 22, 1987 did not apply to that time in 1987, it did --but it manifested again two years later January 22, 1989. We saw this same pattern from events seen IN SPIRIT in 1982 to events in the world two years later by 1984. What happens is that what happened IN THE SPIRIT began to manifest in this world two years later, and then three years later and moved to fulfillment in a six year period, or by 1988. This review is given because what was accomplished in prayer and in spiritual warfare by the NET OF PRAYER in 1987 is foundational stuff to what will happen this 1989. We have already seen enough to KNOW this is the case. The battles fought IN THE SPIRIT against the Broken Cross will manifest in this world in ways more obvious to we who fought the battles, to others it will seem to be only natural disasters or tragic events. The FOUNDATIONAL PATTERN FOR 1989 based on 1987 generally looks like this: •

I 987



JAN 12th - Full page ad USA TODAY-Beast antiChrist announcing presence.

JAN 12th - 10 Earthquakes SEATTLE Wash


Feb 5th - MOVE OUT of trailer home Mt Vernon 3.5 Richter quake Mt Vernon

FEB 6th leave CHICAGO for MT VERNON - Beast starts attack in GAP.

Feb 6th - 2.2 Richter aftershock quake in Mt Vernon

FEB 14th Beast breaks thru GAP links up with Lucifer

Feb 14th - 4.0 Richter quake Mt Vernon, 30 minutes after CJ & NT leave. some 12 aftershock quakes follow.

FEB 17th Beast and Lucifer merge in GAP

Feb 17th - 2.8 Richter and 2.2 Richter quake Mt Vernon.

FEB 19th Beast moves out of GAP into World

Feb 19th - no observed event

FEB 20 - APRIL 12th - Lull

FEB 20 - APRIL 12th --expected time of lull.

APRIL 3rd - day JESUS said FLAMING SWORD would appear over nation

April 3rd -- Flaming Sword?

APRIL 13/14th - Beast attacks thru Church Wall begins advance into Broken CrossJoshua Prayer Army(NOP) engages delays. Apr 13th - Hart announces candidacy Apr 13th FIRE BALL over California moving East April 29th - warn demon army to wait and stand 3 days on Jesus Word

April 13/14th --

April 30th- demons violate boundary - Joshua Prayer Army attacks drives demons back to zone 339-0 boundary inflicting heavy loss.

April 29th Apri I 30th -

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FEBRUARY 26, 7989

THE FOUNDATIONAL PATTERN FOR 1989 based an 1987 (continued) 1 987


May 4th - emissary from Lucifer comes to arrange time of talk

May 4th

May 5/6th - Lucifer comes talks, offers $25 Million payoff - rejected.

May 5/6th

May 16th - CHICAGO falls to Beast

May 16th

May 17th N.O.P. Counter attack begins. USS Stark attacked in Gulf-missiles. May 18th - LEVELLAND falls to Beast

May 17th

1 9 89

May 22nd - Rank breaking in Levelland NOP Unit, May 22nd Beasts break thru encircle -cross boundaries_ TORNADO(Storm) levels Saragosa Texas May 23-25th - NOP counter attacks drives Beasts demon armies back

May 23-25th

May 26th - Beast withdraws to his lines-battles end. June 5th - SECOND Sealing work begins time of general lull-suspension of judgments while 'decision' made.

May 26th -

JUNE 10th - 5.0 Richter quake ILLINOIS

June 10th -

JUNE 14th 4.1 Richter quake Missouri

June 14th -

SEPT 112 - SECOND Sealing work ends

Sept 1/2

OCTOBER 1 - Wormwood triggers 6.0 Richter quake in LOS ANGELES


June 5th -

I leave the corresponding dates for this 1989 blank since speculation apart from any Holy Spirit Insight is a waste of time - our commission continues to be "WATCH - WAIT-PRAY". What happened in 1987 is like a seed, two years later that seed sprouts and begins to take more definite form and shape be it for good or for evil. Our purpose here is not to predict Cr even speculate but to be WATCHFUL in PRAYER to uncover-discern the enemy plan for 1989 that we can in turn bring PRAYER FOCUS to withstand judgments in the hope of stopping them, lessening and/or contain judgments in favor of mercy. What we do now is what Paul taught in Ephesians 6:18 "Praying always with all prayer and supplication IN THE SPIRIT, and WATCHING thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints." (Eph 6;18) Since we have already fought the battles in 1987, what we have gained in prayer and warfare we RETAIN but we need also remain WATCHFUL for this same enemy that violated boundaries in 1987 will do so again this 1989 at the same times --we need continue to ENFORCE the Victory we have in Christ persisting in prayer. What comes this 1989 is a pattern FROM 1987 but its NEVER identical in events or situations. And two years from events seen IN THE SPIRIT, events now will be MORE 'In The World" - thus more visible. But within the concept of events seen IN SPIRIT in 1987 being like a 'seed'

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

,1E FOUNDATIONAL PATTERN FOR 1989 based on 1987 (continued) The "SEED" of 1987 is now in 1989 a PLANT, its different but it springs from the seed. The Church Leaders DECISION this 1989 sprang from what happened in 1987 as seen IN SPIRIT and yet the actual church leaders decision of 1989 will give Wormwood greater opportunity than he had in 1987 --so it can be much worse this 1989 than it was in 1987. Yet on the other hand, for the ELECT OF CHRIST , we are more removed from the power of the enemy than we were in 1987 --and because we were WATCHFUL IN PRAYER in 1987, we will readily discern

any threats aimed at us and more easily repel them than as was done in 1987. So for those submitted to the church system of man, the dangers rise and for those of the ELECT IN CHRIST who have Jesus as their Lord and not man - the dangers lessen at the same time.

ENFORCEMENT We in the NEW COVENANT, THE NET OF PRAYER, THE HIGH MOUNTAIN PRAYER GROUP and all those who prayed with us in the HIGH MOUNTAIN PRAYER CAMPAIGN have obtained by prayer Gods Help thru Christ Jesus against all the power of the enemy. Wormwood, Lucifer and all of Satans bunch must PASS OVER US --- yet these are law breakers, this MUST be kept in mind? What do I mean? In very Truth by the Spirit of God the enemy of our souls has NO grounds, place or opportunity against us. Yet they WILL TRY to move against some of us, in many subtle ways. We need especially be alert in prayer to DISCERN such attempts -- if they move against you in any way, with an y kind of threat or even a suggestion of a threat --move in prayer in Christ Jesus Name and Authority and WITHSTAND them. i not ignore any vision, dream, thought, impression, idea, or adverse circumstances that suggests however remote that Satan may be planning to move against you and your household. PRAY immediately - "The Lord Jesus Rebuke you Satan", pray "'I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against this enemy threat, commanding them in Jesus Name to keep away from me and my household and all Gods Elect" The HOLY SPIRIT may alert you to any enemy threat to you and yours - move in Jesus Name and Authority and ENFORCE the Victory you obtained in Christ thru prayer. But do NOT ignore or pass off as 'imagination' any thoughts, ideas, whatever that suggests something dangerous is heading your way. Its far better to pray too much --if thats possible, than to pray too little. This is a dangerous time, and its only going to get more dangerous --we are safe in Christ but we need be prayerful, alert and watchful. An unclean spirit may attempt to persuade you by impressing thoughts at you, to ACCEPT some tragic event -- do NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING like this. Immediately rebuke such thoughts saying "I Rebuke this thought in JESUS NAME and ACCEPT only the PERFECT WILL of God for me thru Jesus Christ.' Gods Perfect Will for all of us thru Christ is LIFE ABUNDANT. Often time the enemy of our souls gets power over Christians thru FEAR, if they FEAR the power of the enemy it is indirectly worship of Satan and acceptance of his power over you - if you fall trap to fear, repent of fearing and abide the more in Jesus Love thru prayer. Remember the scripture "THE THING YOU FEAR COMES ON YOU" and it does because by fearing you 'give power to what you fear'. Over the years people have said that Jesus Word warning of judgments is FEARFUL --but I have seen over and over that when Christians FEAR Gods Word that it is revealing that in truth ey are NOT Trusting in Jesus to keep them safe, His Word exposes that lack of Trust. ,at when Christians begin praying, they enter the more into Jesus Love and fear departs now they are safe in Christ--thru prayer. The whole purpose of this newsletter up to this point is to inform you of the PATTERN basis for 1989 that springs from 1987 and to encourage you all to be WATCHFUL in prayer.

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FEBRUARY 26, 1989

THE NEW COVENANT PRAYER CAMPAIGN The New Covenant has been ordered into 32 prayer teams, and Jesus has given me a PRIORITY Work of assigning each New Covenant Prayer Team JESUS WORD & PROMISES to pray-confirm and obtain in this world. The prayer work is especially different and unusual in that what we are now doing is moving to contain-limit-and hinder Wormwood and all of Satans plans in a pure move of Faith by Prayer. In many ways we really do not know nor can we see or understand exactly what it is the Spirit of God is leading us to pray-obtain in this world. This alone tells me that we are praying on a scale unlike we have ever prayed before. In working on this newsletter, seeing that a 54 day lull in judgments happened from the time Wormwood broke thru the GAP entering into this world February 19, 1987 til the start of the Broken Cross Battle April 13/14, 1987 --suggests to me, we have basically 54 days to obtain thru prayer what is needed to restrict Wormwoods opportunity as will emerge starting on April 13/14, of this 1989. Since we have no clear insight as to what Wormwood will do, this being HIDDEN BY DECISION, then the only way to be prepared is to pray by FAITH in JESUS alone, and we are going by Faith not sight or understanding. The victories the NET OF PRAYER won-obtained in prayer looking to Jesus in 1987 was IN THE SPIRIT. What we are now LEARNING on Holy Spirit direction in the way we pray is to exercise this same Authority we have in Christ thru what was won-obtained IN THE SPIRIT, now learning to exercise this IN THE WORLD. JESUS Prophets have long since learned how to do this, but most Christian intercessors are little practiced in doing this, and need to learn 'how'. So in the way we pray now, Jesus is teaching all to do this and He has clearly shown us 'how' to learn. One of the primary objectives of the NEW COVENANT PRAYER CAMPAIGN is to break thru the dense Satanic resistance thats built up over the years that resists-withholds Gods Blessings and Promises to all His people. The only way it can be accomplished is if a body of believers move by Faith, in Unity and One Accord, by Jesus Love and PRAY THRU til we touch the very substance of Gods Blessings and Promises, til we see the very evidence of His Word by Faith in and out of prayer. Jesus has led me to instruct NEW COVENANT Intercessors and prayer warriors since November 1988 to pray and also ABIDE in JESUS and HIS WORD. In many ways we are learning collectively a whole new way of praying and yet at the same time we are also building on the foundations of prayer laid down by the Net of Prayer since 1976. Its exciting work, having great promise and at the same time its URGENT work. PRAYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL The average Christian when it comes to prayer to know Gods Will, to discern, is more often too shallow. Too few Christians have learned the discipline of PRAYING THROUGH to know Gods Perfect Will, and most only pray enough to know GODS WILL and do not discern the difference between His PERMISSIVE WILL versus HIS PERFECT WILL. More often than not, Christians pray and discern GODS PERMISSIVE WILL and settle for this unaware that its not GODS PERFECT WILL. For this cause, discernment in the Body of Christ is weak, very partial, out of focus, and often falls far short of what is truth. How can this be? Thru the rebellion and disobedience in the church, Satan princeof the air has steadily built up a wall of resistance to Gods Perfect Will, His Blessings, His Promises, His Help. This has in turn resulted in severe want in the Body of Christ and what has aided this, is the lack of concerted prayer that PERSISTS-ENDURES til Gods Answer is RECEIVED. The NEW COVENANT PRAYER CAMPAIGN works in prayer to penetrate this Satanic barrier that all of Gods Blessings flow unhindered to ALL of Gods children.

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FEBRUARY 27, 1989

'RAYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL ( contd) But on Holy Spirit direction, it took some 46 days of specific prayer focus for the NEW COVENANT Intercessors to even be readied to BEGIN to pray thru. GODS PERMISSIVE WILL is discerned first in prayer. What do I mean? The attitudes, views, judgments, decisions of the Church working in Christ Authority forms what can be called a barrier between man and God. When you pray to DISCERN "GODS WILL" in prayer you will FIRST discern "mans views' and this comes across to us as GODS WILL. How can this be? The Church having Christ Authority tends the more to move in soulish ways, forming doctrines, views, etc that when they willfully assert these as Truth in JESUS NAME and Authority, takes on the dimension of being GODS WILL. In fact it is GODS PERMISSIVE WILL; but not necessarily GODS PERFECT WILL. To KNOW Gods PERFECT WILL one must PREVAIL in prayer til one touches the very SPi ri t of God by Faith thru prayer. If one does this, you will KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL in a matter and it will surely be very different from what you discern at first --which is GODS PERMISSIVE WILL and this being 'mans will asserted by Christ Authority'. Satan gets in the picture thru mans sin, and in the church the most obvious sin is 'accusation' As Jesus prophet, this deadly life killing sin so alive in the church(accusation) there are times when it almost looks like the church is more conformed to the image of a Devil(accuser) than Christ Jesus. For example, year in and out, the moment a brother or sister in Christ hears that I'm Jesus prophet --the first thought in their heart and often next on their lips is "False prophet". This is an accusation springing from mans doctrines that teach Christians to 'fear' - but its so common in the church its accepted as proper behavior; yet in truth it is runaway sin. Christians judge each other so harshly, accusing, judging, and condemning one another with such regularity that by this Satan gets tremendous power to inflict arm on the Body of Christ. By this runaway sin of accusing the devil takes many Christians .. APTIVE thru this sin (II Timothy 2:26). In all of this Satan adds to the fabric of the barrier between man and God, enabling Satan to resist Gods Blessings to ALL Gods children thru this active sin life in the church. ALL Gods children? Yes, ALL Gods children! Remember we are ONE BODY in Christ, One IN SPIRIT the we may be divided into a thousand denominational camps. And because we are ONE BODY i f there is sin in any part, there is sin in every part (if One rejoice, ALL rejoice, if one

mourns, all mourn). Thus thru this sin in the church Satan is able to DENY Blessings to ALL thru the sin of SOME. For years now, Christians in the NET OF PRAYER came to recognize that when hardships were

i mposed on us(Jesus prophets) because of accusations and loss of support thru false accusation that it was not long before hardships fell on Christians generally. Indeed some Christians wanted to see us suffer hardships and if by their actions and words it happened, it was not l ong before everyone was suffering hardships. This was noticed over the years and it simply told us that when Christians accused, judged each other , the hurt inflicted on some became

an injury on ALL for thru accusation Satan had opportunity to injure the whole Body of Christ. Now over the years this capacity Satan got thru accusational behavior in the church grew til today Satan has a strangle hold so terrible that it cannot be ignored; for if we ignore or reject what God is showing us - and do not act to OVERCOME this trouble thru Love and Prayer the long range effects would be disasterous. Matter of fact, we perceive its a LIFE or DEATH issue - either we OVERCOME thru and by Love and Prayer or in time, we will be overcome. The FOURTH PROPHETS POST of this Ministry. From 1976 to 1974 it was CLIFF, from 1979 to 1981 was RANDY, from 1980-81 it was TONI, from 1985-86 it was John-ANDREW and from 1987-88 it s Judy-PAULINE. Each of these prophets of Jesus KNEW Gods Word and Will and their call in Christ but none came to touch the substance evidence of His Word and Will thru Faith -Prayer. As a result, all fell trap to the accusational behavior in that quarter part of the Elect Body.

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FEBRUARY 27, 1989

PRAYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL (contd) In the case of each of these prophets of Jesus. ALL having Gods Call and anointing, ALL having heard Gods Word - yet ALL in their turn fell trap to accusational behavior, all followed the behavioral pattern in the church and cleaved to mans doctrines rejecting Gods Call. The singlemost failing in each of these was that NONE PRAYED THRU to KNOW Gods PERFECT WILL and when they did not do this, they fell away when the test of Faith came, they could not stand because they had not prayed thru to KNOW , Touch, the very substance and evidence of Gods Perfect Will for them. I first discerned this barrier between us and God in mid 1981. The then 4th prophet of this ministry, Toni, had been tempted to doubt in Gods Call in her life, Jesus showed me this and led me to caution her to be careful for if she entered unbelief Satan would have opportunity against her family. She outright rejected this as 'unscripturai'. Inside of a months time she did doubt, rejected Jesus call as false cleaving to mans doctrines. Within a short time Satan appeared to her mother one night saying "Your mine" and a painful lump formed on her chest which grew worse day by day. When this prophetess heard this she KNEW she was the source - she turned to me for help. I prayed and encountered something never experienced. As I prayed it seemed as if I prayed into a void - there was NO response from God whatsoever. It was very difficult praying, it was difficult like never experienced before. After some days I perceived that either my prayers or Gods answer was being resisted --so I moved in spiritual warfare directing Gods Angels with me to move ahead of my prayers --when I did this I discerned a fierce spiritual battle and now KNEW Satan was resisting. Thus I determined to PRAY THROUGH, holding fast to Gods Word that NOTHING can stand between me and Gods Love-I prayed day by day, hour by hour, week in and out and in each day it seemed like the former day - no answer from God, as if He did not hear me yet by Faith I knew He did hear me. I had prayed for just over 3 weeks when suddenly like an explosion of Light GODS WORD came, JESUS simply told me that if she (the prophetess) prayed agreed with me, He would heal her mother. I told her this - she disputed this saying it was not scriptural. Then her mothers condition got worse and a week later she asked me to pray with her for her mother - I did, and that same day the painful lump disappeared, she was healed. Now she turned around telling me I caused this by 'speaking it' and so accused me. After over three weeks of intensive prayer I was somewhat exhausted, and now a bit bewildered to be accused as the 'trouble maker' especially since she had come to me confessing KNOWING she was the cause of the trouble and seeking help for her mothers sake. In and just after this JESUS called this prophetess to PRAY THROUGH to KNOW Gods Will - she didn't do that but instead turned to mans ways and away from Gods Call. With each of the prophets who for a time filled the fourth prophets post, their actions were always the same - they feared man more than God, this in turn brought them to abandon Gods Call which they justified by accusing-judging and condemning. But in all cases, each could hear Jesus but they also heard another voice and with John-ANDREW the 'other voice came into clear view. JESUS clearly called John-ANDREW to enter into His work but John-ANDREW also heard 'the father" said just the opposite and reasoned in his mind that since the Father is greater than the Son -- he would obey the 'father'. However the notion that God the Father and Jesus Christ would be in disagreement made no sense - yet this is what John-ANDREW clearly stated as his reason for disobeying Jesus, declining His Call. But we discerned and KNEW who this 'father god' was --'man!' . So by the year 1986 we could see that a part of the Body of Christ was confused as to who was Lord and God - they were caught between 'man as Lord' and JESUS as LORD --and when having to decide , they decided for man. This is the fundamental problem in the church system of man - man is lord and when Jesus Calls His children to PRAY, men compell these to choose man as lord over Jesus more commonly by fear. The average Christian finds themselves caught between two Lords, one man, one Jesus and they are confused, not knowing what to do. This is another reason why PRAYER is resisted so fiercely in the church system of man -- if Gods people learn how to PRAY THROUGH

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FEBRUARY 27, 1989

AYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL (contd) KNOW the Perfect Will of God for themselves, they will shortly come to see their church leaders in true light - either as men of God or godless men having the pretense of being men of God . This is what many of these church leaders fear, being seen for what they are. to where they can

Back in 1983 during a visit in Albuquerque where I was invited to speak to a house group of Christians, I met a group of 25 Christians and was led by the Holy Spirit to speak of the vital work of prayer being done by the NET OF PRAYER. In that meeting EVERY Christian present was touched by the Spirit of God, some heard Jesus speak to them, some saw Jesus, some saw Christs Light filling the room - ALL were moved with joy and uplifted and ALL wanted to be a part of the NET OF PRAYER and pray for this nation, for the church, and for all Jesus asked. I left that city this same day rejoicing to have found 25 Intercessors in one day. The next day a local pastor heard of the meeting from one who attended the meeting, he now moved to call a second meeting and proceeded to revile me as a false prophet, deceiver, liar and worse. The next night 24 of the 25 wrote me letters resigning the NET OF PRAYER , some were angry with me for lying to them(???). One Christian refused to resign the NET OF PRAYER and was now verbally attacked day in and out, counselled, threatened she would lose her salvation if I was dismayed by all this for she didn't --til a month later all this abuse reached her. I'd been asked to come to this city to share about the NET OF PRAYER, I'd travelled 1500 miles at my own expense to get there, and asked for no gift nor received any - when the Spirit of God moved on all present ALL KNEW it was Jesus Christ Call that they pray with the NET OF PRAYER and so THEY asked me if they could join. Now I was accused of deceiving them into the NET OF PRAYER --what I heard was such a massive lie it was impossible to answer, pointless to attempt. I was not surprised by the local pastors actions, I'd seen that for years --they te, accuse and fabricate lies so readily and so loudly from their position of 'authority' <<a one thinks to check to see if what they say is true. What did surprise me at the time was to see 25 Christians ALL touched and moved by the Spirit of God, seeing visions of Jesus, hearing Jesus speak to them(many for the first time) - all KNEW this was GOD, yet when one man came around the next day (a local pastor) who knew nothing about me, nor attempted to find out anything about me - he immediately attacked me personally and every Christian BELIEVED the man, and turned away from GOD who showed them differently. IT STARTED IN 1974-76 . It was at this time that JESUS first Commissioned me to go to the Church, to start warning of coming judgments, calling His Church to PRAY to make a difference. JESUS made it plain to me at this time that He was sending me out with FINAL WARNINGS, which told me JESUS had warned before thru other prophets and for many generations. With His Commission JESUS also made me Watchman for this nation and more, enabling me by His Anointing to stand in the GAP and withstand Satans power for the sake of His Church and many others. JESUS had hardly given me this Commission when one day during my prayer time I found standing before me a princely demon who later I would realize was an emissary from Satan. This dark fallen one was slick, greeted me pleasantly and made an offer. This demon prince told me I could preach the Bible, Evangelize, and more but that I was not to do this work of warning of coming judgments or call the church to pray -- if I would refrain from doing this, they would make me wealthy, popular, respected, revered, highly honored in the Church and grant me anything I desired. I looked at this thing, aware of the fact 'they COULD deliver what they Oh this demon prince was promised' and a bit surprised they KNEW what God called me to do. smooth, it tried to persuade me to think of how much I could "DO" for God if I had all this wealth and power in the church which they would 'give me' if I only did not do this 'small thing'. Well, this thing offended me - it was my prayer time and I did not take kindly to + '-is kind of un-announced visit or the source for that matter. As I recall, I responded by jing: "JESUS CHRIST is my Lord, I follow Him not you or your lord - as for me and my household, I will serve the Lord! " With that the demon princes face turned into a snarl and it burst forth with all sort of threats telling me "We will make sure YOU are hated, rejected, despised, by 'The Church" - they will listen to us, and we will take from you all you have til you are impoverished, we will kill your children, your wife, your family and you."

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FEBRUARY 28, 1989

PRAYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL (contd) I responded, saying "I am in Jesus Christ care and keeping, if He so allows this may be, but if He disallows it will not be - you have no power over me or ever will for Jesus Christ is my Lord and God and as He saved me, He also keeps me." Now the demon prince spewed out a barrage of vile words, cursing me in a manner that would make a sailor blush - I responded by saying "In Jesus Name I command you Satan to GO!" and so it went. Seven years later, 1983, during a prophetic mission I encountered Lucifer face to face IN THE SPIRIT at which time he plainly told me that in all these years he spoke to Christians and caused them to turn on me, saying (as I recall) "They listen to me, I'm their true Lord and not Your Lord!" I knew this was a lie but at the same time a mixed lie, some truth, some deception both mixed together thus the final statement was in fact just a 'lie'. Yet in the years from 1976 to 1983 the most vile attacks against me came from 'the Church' - it was an endless barrage of false accusation. By 1983 I realized that on a national scale I was the best known unknown prophet of Jesus around -- I could hardly go into a city where pastors had not heard of me, but what they heard was false, thus I said I was 'well known but unknown'. In most situations I was pre-judged and condemned without so much as having a chance to explain what Jesus was having me do. Now Jesus had given me authority on a scale most do not grasp but I did -- I could have easily fought these church leaders but didn't. Time and time again when Christians attacked me violently GOD gave them into my hands, and I had basis, grounds whereby I could bring on them what they brought on me --why didn't I ? I have a Holy Hatred for Satan and his evil bunch but I will not fight a brother or sister in Christ for Jesus sent me to be a help not a hurt. For years I reached out personally to church leaders, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers by letter only hoping for just a little fellowship, a hint of kindness --but in all these years til this 1988 not one responded or if they did, it was a response full of condemnation and hatred. In all of this Satan has worked round the clock for years non-stop to defame me personally and only recently have I gotten a view of the extent of the barrier Satan has erected thru lies, deception, false accusation, condemnation to keep Gods people from knowing that Jesus sent me. In the last year JESUS has led me to write to a number of prophets in America, but again I

received no response. One of these was the established prophet of Jesus,Royal Cronquist. After some time, Royal did respond and invited us to stop by for a visit asking us to give a teaching - the turn around frankly surprised me. We met Royal this February 15th, and it was a very pleasant moment - not so much that he accepted me as Jesus prophet, that didn't matter. What mattered was that a fellow brother in Christ having a like call in Christ extended to me what I'd extended to him and many others all along - Christs Love and Acceptance. That moment of mutual sharing in Christs Love was very precious to me. But what Royal told us, told me how deep the barrier was that Satan worked to create in the church against Christ in me. dal said this "I heard of you for seven years and every thing I heard about you was nasty . I sought God in this last year for over 600 HOURS in prayer to discern you, to know if you were of God or not, and if what you said was from God. I was SURPRISED when I heard Gods Voice APPROVING of you!" Unquoting Royal CRonquist. It took an established prophet of Jesus Christ 600 hours in prayer to KNOW Gods Perfect Will this gives you some concept of how deep the barrier is that Satan has formed to prevent us from not only KNOWING GODS WILL, but DISCERNING, and in BLESSINGS, INSIGHT, HELPS, All. This is why we must ALL learn to PRAY THROUGH not only on an individual basis but also as a Body of Believers united in Christ by His Love. God Bless. Chuck-JOHNEL

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FEBRUARY 28, 1989

CLEARING THE BARRIERS The NEW COVENANT Intercessors prayed for 46 days just to be PREPARED to begin to pray to break thru the immense Satanic barrier that resists Gods Blessings and Promises to ALL Gods children. At this time, the 32 NEW COVENANT Prayer Teams are praying in a way that is FOUNDATIONAL to the actual move to break thru this barrier. Now back in 1981 when I prayed through to receive Gods Answer, it was like piercing a dark barrier - and a pin like LIGHT came thru then. In the years since, this barrier has grown deeper, denser and has expanded in such a way that it blocks blessings to ALL Gods children. Its a subtle thing, day by day it grows just a little bit, and day by day we grow accustomed to having less Light and hardly perceive or discern whats happening. Its when Royal Cronquist told us that it took him 600 hours to PRAY THROUGH to KNOW of Gods Approval that we asked him if he knew 'why it took 600 hours'. Royal thought that maybe it was because he had heard 'nasty things' for seven years and he had to pray through that and it took 600 hours. Since February 15th I have pondered this in prayer and realized that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to take a deeper look into what is really at issue here. More, JESUS has led me to write this newsletter while on the road, and of length when my normal consideration would be 'cost', He tells me to write this regardless of the cost. Thus the "PRAYING THROUGH TO KNOW GODS PERFECT WILL". Part of my Anointing in Christ is that I`m a SIGN UNTO THE CHURCH, meaning that what I 'perience can be a reflection of what the whole Church experiences. If I cannot be discerned .ghtly except one pray 600 hours, then the DIVISION of the BODY OF CHRIST can be springing from the same thing - and how many Christians have a discipline where they will pray 500 hours to discern? To be blunt, only a very few have such a prayer discipline. But it should NOT be this hard - this is not normal by any means. Its clear that the Holy Spirit is showing us a primary barrier thats a real threat to the life of the Body of Christ on Earth. Then in this case, our objective in Christ is to not only PIERCE this barrier but more, to DEMOLISH IT! Can we? Better to ask - can the Gates of Hell Prevail against us? Of course NOT! But what we have lacked up until recently is Insight to discern and recognize the existence of this Satanic barrier. So excuse me, forgive me, if it seems I'm searching for words to describe what this barrier is - because thats what I'm doing, searching for ways to rightly define just what it is that you understand as much as you can about it. Nonetheless, we do not have to grasp what it is to break thru it and tear it down - but then one may ask ' Is it in our Commission to do this?' The talks with Lucifer in 1987 and recently just weeks ago tell us we have Gods Commission. What do I mean? Lucifer has been the planner who worked to form this barrier RELEASE what he has prevented from us in the way of all Gods ago Lucifer "LOOSED" what he continued to with-hold from us. Lucifer will just ` stand aside' but he will have to be forced OPPORTUNITY and AUTHORITY in CHRIST to do so specifically and not resist it.

- in 1987 he was compelled to 3lessings - and again just weeks Yet not for a moment do I think aside and we have GROUNDS, he cannot resist that, he dare

)erceive this Satanic barrier to be like a thick black cloud that hangs between Heaven and .,rth, it blocks out Gods Light(Blessings, Promises, All). When the NEW COVENANT which is under Gods Anointing a REPRESENTATIVE BODY, representing the ELECT OF CHRIST, moves in prayer to pierce this barrier, its going to take TIME but we are moving as a BODY, not just jabbing This is spiritual a pin hole thru the black cloud, we are going to cut a highway thru it. warfare in a way we have never done before.

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FEBRUARY 28, 1989


Back in 1988 1 was given to understand by Holy Spirit Insight that what the NEW COVENANT PRAYER CAMPAIGN really aims to accomplish is to make a way for Jesus Return, this being Gods Commission to all of us. How? Simple - as Jesus directs us in how to pray, what to pray for, as the Holy Spirit leads us - we will move in this way by Faith -- in and out of prayer. The bottom line is also simple, by Faith, Love, Trust in JESUS CHRIST we are yielding to HI5 PERFECT WILL - HE will do in us what need be done. And as I have seen for years, only after we have gone by Faith praying as He asks, will be come to understand what it is HE is doing in us by the HOLY SPIRIT. Gods Way is usually ON THE JOB TRAINING, you learn as you go - you DON'T learn and then go --you go and learn! ALBERT EGNER - NEW ASSIGNMENT Since the initiation of the Seal of the Living God in March 1982, Al Egner Governor of the NET OF PRAYER, has been the mail point for MINISTRY GIFTS. JESUS recently has changed this, all ministry gifts will henceforth go to MT VERNON, care of BILL WEAVER who is handling the mailing list during our absence. JESUS is calling Al Egner to now function in a new capacity. It has to do with BODY DISCERNMENT. Al will be a 'clearing house' for DISCERNMENTS. In 1988 for the first time ever the Holy Spirit led us to request DISCERNMENTS broadly among Intercessors concerning whether or not a major Earthquake would strike the Midwest in 1988. For Nancy-TONI and I it was quite a task to compile all the responses; but it was a blessed work and delightful to be shown HOW to work with BODY DISCERNMENTS and assemble every view from every Christian into a bigger picture. More, the discernments of 1988 proved to be accurate to a fine point. For years Christians have relied on the prophets of this ministry to do just about everything but we have known that much of what we have had to do, were things that should be done commonly in the Body of Christ. But not until 1988 did we even know HOW to enlist the help of other Christians to rightly discern a serious situation. Enclosed you will find a discernment response form - which is to be prayed about, til you have an insight, discernment, even view or opinion. When you can complete it after a time of prayer - mail it to Al Egner, who will in turn pray to KNOW how to assemble every discernment, insight, view, opinion into a bigger picture. Now JESUS has shown me to have two groups for discernments --(1) GENERAL, (2) CALLED. (1) GENERAL. When ever the Holy Spirit leads, we will publish a discernment request form and include it in a newsletter --everyone is invited lovingly to participate --for we all

have something to contribute and NO Christian is ever NON-ESSENTIAL --we are all vital to each other, its how God made us. (2) CALLED. Pray to know if you are among these, if you discern-know you are, then note on

the 'discernment response form' that you are CALLED to this second group. If you discern/know you are CALLED, what it means is that you have Gods Anointing and Call to regularly pray and discern and share your discernment with Al Egner. You would be part of a Min istry Discerning Team.

MINISTRY GIFTS Please send all ministry gifts to Mr. Bill Weaver, please make all checks payable to BILL WEAVER. Thank you! **SPECIAL NOTE** For NEW COVENANT PRAYER TEAM LEADERS please send all completed prayer assignments to AL EGNER.


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