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Our annual report is a chance to share with the community what we have accomplished during the past fiscal year. It’s also our time to provide you with a snapshot of NET’s financial stability and stewardship. We want to connect you with the stories we shared, the learning workshops we convened, the issues we reported on and the innovation we helped nurture.

Mark Leonard

It’s also an opportunity to say, thank you, to the tens of thousands of individuals and our business supporters who provide the invaluable investment that makes all of this possible.

We hope you will take as much pride in these achievements as we do. Each year we attempt to do more, grow more and adapt. What started out as a single television channel has grown exponentially to include four channels and two radio stations. We also offer live streaming from the legislature, courts and hearing rooms, programming on demand, as well as new ways of producing content with drones, 360-degree video, augmented and virtual reality. You can be assured we will continue to find new ways to innovate and connect with you in the coming fiscal year. Thank you,

NET connects Nebraska’s 93 counties with 4 television channels, 2 radio stations plus digital, online and mobile content.

Mark Leonard General Manager & CEO Proud NET Member

July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019 C=0, M=80, Y=90, K=0

NETWORK & STATION OPERATIONS Engineering 20.0% Managerial & Administrative Support 10.3% Building Maintenance & Utilities 5.8% Information Technology Support 3.0%

$4,500,000 $2,320,000 $1,300,000 $670,000

PROGRAMMING & PRODUCTION Television Multimedia & Education Radio Program Information & Communications

36.5% 5.1% 5.3% 3.3%

$8,200,000 $1,150,000 $1,200,000 $750,000

8.9% 1.8%

$2,000,000 $410,000



REVENUE GENERATION Fundraising & Development Business Development TOTAL EXPENSES

C=100, M=38, Y=0, K=100 C=91, M=51, Y=0, K=0

NPR CMYK color logo for dark background, uncoated stocks Use at any scale Downsize the “®” when the using logo on oversized applications such outdoor advertising and large exhibit displays

operating expenses 3

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September 2019 INSIDE NET with Annual Report

September 2019 INSIDE NET  

September 2019 INSIDE NET with Annual Report

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