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In 1994 Blizzard Entertainment (also known as Activision) released the first game related to the World of Warcraft series. The game was named 'Warcraft: Orcs and Humans' and was to be the starting point of this popular series. The Warcraft universe was set in a magical fantasy land named Azeroth as were all the following Warcraft titles released. A full ten years later Blizzard Entertainment released 'The World of Warcraft' on November 23, 2004 and the Warcraft craze really took off. In the actual game players control a character in either first-person or third-person views. Firstperson is when you play the game looking through the eyes of your selected avatar and thridperson view is when you view the game from just behind/above your character or avatar. The game is played through these views as the player explores the landscape of Azeroth combating foes either controlled by the game (bots) or characters controlled by other human players. During your exploring and combat situations you also have various quests to complete. To enter the game you must choose which realm you want to play in. Each realm is actually a server that runs a world map and there are two main categories to choose from. The first realm category is called 'player versus player' and this consists of players basically fighting various other human players in an open combat situation on the Azeroth map. The second realm category is called 'player versus environment' and this consists of completing various game quests as well as open combat between foes. Once a suitable realm is chosen a new character must be created. This character will either be from one of two factions- The Alliance or The Horde. You can only speak to characters in your own faction and this is the same when creating groups to roam the landscape. Once you have decided which faction to join you must then choose the race of you character. The typical fantasy races are covered including Trolls, Orcs, Humans or Dwarves. Orcs and Trolls fall into the Horde faction category and Humans and Dwarves fall into the Alliance faction category. The final option for your character involves you having to choose it's 'class'. These classes include Warriors, Priests and magical Mages. To be involved in the World of Warcraft there is a certain outlay to pay. Your subscription is paid to cover you for playing for a certain amount of time much like paying pre-paid for a mobile/cell phone. If you are a Warcraft addict you can pay by credit or debit card and this allows you to play on a regular basis with little worry about your subscription ending.

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==== ==== number-1Warcraft-Formula ==== ====

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