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As a pet owner, one of the most common cat health problems that you may have to face is that of cat hairballs. Since cats love to clean and groom themselves by licking, cat hairballs are nothing but huge balls of fur mixed with undigested food that accumulates in the stomach of your pet. Usually, cats tend to pass these hairballs out through the same way as food but in some cases, they get stuck in their intestines, causing cat constipation. The following article presents some basic tips to handle this problem if you have a cat at home. Symptoms of Cat Hairballs The primary symptoms of this condition include cat constipation or hardened stool, which is often accompanied by incessant coughing in cats. Moreover, there should be cigar-shaped substances on the floor where the cat tends to throw up the hairballs that it cannot digest. The coat of your pet becomes dry and matted and the kitty is often depressed. Many cats may even show a marked lack of appetite along with inactivity. Remedies for Cat Hairballs There are many solutions for the cat hairball problem including commercially available remedies as well as homemade ones. Commercially available remedies include a special diet, which contains ingredients to ease digestion along with other treatment and relief products that are available off the shelf today. However, cat hairballs can also be cured by homemade remedies such as feeding your cat half a teaspoon of butter about 2-3 times a week or giving her a teaspoon of unflavored pumpkin once or twice a day. Other remedies include feeding your cat salmon 2-3 times a week or adding rice bran or psyllium or half a teaspoon of cod liver oil to the cat food to ease her constipation and improve digestion. However, prevention if often better than cure and the best way to ensure that cat hairballs do not re-occur would be to ensure proper and regular grooming of your cat as well as changing its diet to ensure easy digestion. Many cases of cat hairball problems are also due to pet cats sitting idle for long hours. In this case, making sure that it gets regular exercise can be another factor that would help prevent this condition from occurring. So diet is the most important factor to prevent hairballs in the future, click the link below for Intense Hairball dry cat food and more special dry cat food formulas.

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Symptoms And Remedies For Cat Hairballs  

Symptoms And Remedies For Cat Hairballs.