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Fall 2013

Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church

What’s Inside: exec. dir. / meet the teams / alumni spotlight / world youth day / alumni update / commissioning mass

fr. andrew cozzens celebrating mass during net fall training in 2009

first net alumnus bishop “I’m just so taken by Pope Francis’ understanding that the Church has to be a healing presence in the world, and that Jesus came to heal the world. To invite people to help experience that healing power, that’s what I really want to do as a bishop.” On October 11, it was announced that NET alumnus Fr. Andrew Cozzens (1991-92) was named Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. Bishopelect Cozzens is the first NET alumnus to be named bishop, with more than 100 other NET alumni serving as priests and religious. Bishop-elect Cozzens was brought to St. Paul through his year of serving with NET Ministries, and he credits NET for making an important contribution to his vocation.

Shortly after serving with NET, he was accepted into the St. Paul Seminary. Four years later, in 1997, he was ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese. He served as parochial vicar at the Cathedral of St. Paul and then Faribault Catholic Community (now Divine Mercy parish) before being sent to Rome for doctoral studies. Upon his return to Minnesota, he began service as an instructor at the St. Paul Seminary. “I’ve always tried to live my priesthood in an evangelistic way — that is, being attentive to making the Gospel attractive so that people can come to see and understand its power,” Bishop-elect Cozzens said. “But also reaching out to those people who are not currently connected to the Church and don’t know the love of Jesus. So I’ve always tried to do that.” Not only did Cozzens serve with NET, but his sister did as well. Both his father and sister currently serve on NET’s Board of Directors, and his parents have been volunteering with NET’s fall training for nearly 15 years. (continued on page 3)


NETWORKS Fall 2013

Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church

board of

directors PRESIDENT: Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, D.D. FOUNDER/ Executive Director: Mr. Mark Berchem, M.S.W., M.T.S. Treasurer: Mr. Edward Kocourek Mr. Gerald Brennan, CIMA Mr. Jack Cozzens Mr. Gordon DeMarais, M.A.T. Mrs. Jan Gloudeman Mr. Thomas Grundhoefer, J.D. Mr. Daniel Hagen, CFA Mrs. Helen Healy Mrs. Patricia Huber Mr. Thomas Flynn Dr. James Kolar, D.MIN. Mr. Patrick Regan Episcopal advisory Board: Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Ph.D., S.T.D. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, D.D. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, D.D. Bishop Frederick F. Campbell, D.D. Bishop Sam G. Jacobs, D.D. NET is under the ecclesiastical vigilance of the Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It is governed by a national board of directors, is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has been audited by Lewis, Kisch and Associates, Ltd.


a word from net’s

executive director Dear friends,

For five intense weeks the NET staff and I prepared 123 new

team members for their year of service with NET. This enthusiastic and faith-filled group will impact the faith of over 60,000 young Catholics. I’m tired! The staff is tired. In some ways, this fall training season was like all of the training seasons from the last 32 years. Many of the talks are similar, the dynamics the same - young men and women experience deeper conversion, they make radical decisions to live as Christ’s disciples, they give themselves wholeheartedly to serving generously, they learn to love even when it’s difficult. Sometimes training may seem like the same old, same old to the staff. But the Gospel is ever fresh! The enthusiasm and faith of our young missionaries are contagious. Their energy and desire to change the world are energizing. The need for their mission has never been greater. We live in a time when the majority of young people are drifting away from their faith. It is critical that we present the fresh message of the Gospel to young people during their teenage years before they decide that faith and the Church are irrelevant. These new teams are committed to doing just that. I’m okay with being tired for the sake of what these young missionaries will be doing over the next nine months. I invite you to join me in praying that our Lord will give them energy and strength throughout the entirety of their year of service so the Gospel message and their ministry to youth will be as fresh in May as it is in September. Yours in Christ,

Mark Berchem Founder/Executive Director

First NET Alumnus Bishop (continued from front page)

ordained on her feast day is really a great thing,” Cozzens told The Catholic Spirit newspaper.

“When I served on a NET team, my sister wrote me a letter with a scripture verse,” Cozzens said at a NET Ministries banquet in 2011. “It was Luke 10:24, which says this, ‘I tell you, many prophets and kings desire to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.’ The idea was that the experience of serving with NET is being able to see Jesus work in profound ways, and the great priviledge that we have in that.”

Cozzens continues to serve NET Ministries through celebrating Lifeline youth Masses and helping with fall training through sacraments and fellowship. Let us join him in his prayer for NET Ministries, “Lord Jesus, we thank you for your presence here among us. We thank you for the work of NET Ministries and hundreds of young people who have become missionaries and witnesses to the resurrection. Grant that we, too, may have our lives touched by experiencing the risen Lord in our midst.”

He will be ordained a bishop on December 9, 2013, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, at the St. Paul Cathedral. “I have a great devotion to Our Lady, so I’m very grateful for her intercession and prayers, and the opportunity to be

NET Ministries warmly congratulates Bishop-elect Andrew Cozzens. May God bless you in your new vocation.

top row: drew’s net photo, fall 1991 / drew’s 91-92 net team / nathan metzinger (net alumnus 97-98) and fr. cozzens at net training, 1997 middle row: fr. cozzens, the late cardinal avery dulles, archbishop harry flynn, fr. jon vanderploeg (net alumnus 88-89, 89-90), and mark berchem, 1998 / fr. cozzens speaking at net training, 2009 bottom row: fr. cozzens presiding at net’s lifeline, 2009 / fr. cozzens and other net alumni priests at net’s 30th anniversary, 2012 Page 3 NETWORKS FALL 2013

meet the 2013-2014 net teams team 1 back row: Mariah Butcher, Chelsie Stevens, Petey Freitas, Nikayla Snyder middle row: Allie Ives, Amanda Jordan, Dusty Njaa, Robert Ybarra front row: Donovan Moses, Ashley Meyers, Colby Flis, Cat Imholte fall semester route: Home Team Sept. 21 – Dec. 14: St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

team 2 back row: Kelly Butler, Breige Doone, Chloe Coronado, Jose Gamez middle row: Josh Schmitz, Bre Benavidez, Amanda Sahagun, Kevin Davis front row: Elizabeth Melgar, Chris Wuenscher, Stephanie Kopacek, Paul Slugocki fall semester route: Sept. 23 – Oct. 10: Bismarck, ND Oct. 10 – 15: Kansas City, KS Oct. 16 – 20: Dodge City, KS Oct. 20 – 25: Wichita, KS Oct. 26 – 28: Pueblo, CO Oct. 29 – Nov. 12: Rapid City, SD Nov. 14 – 29: Baker, OR Dec. 2 – 14: Fargo, ND


team 3 back row: Catherine Gibbons, Veronica Haverkamp, Roy Becerra, Becky Price, Rick Bzdok, Pam Gonzalez front row: Malcolm MacDonald, Kelley Mullins, Allen-Michael Muench, Sandy Martinez fall semester route: Sept. 21 – Oct. 10: Davenport, IA Oct. 10 – 29: Rockford, IL Oct. 29 – Nov. 21: Winona, MN Nov. 21 – 23: New Ulm, MN Nov. 30 – Dec. 14: Sioux Falls, SD

team 4 back row: Mary Polnaszek, Eve Ortega, Abby Trahan middle row: Josh Taubel, Cami Gonzalez, Jonathan Dajao, Hannah Terbrack, Joe Wattenbarger front row: Stephen Richardson, Beth Connor, Miles Edens, Lydia Wrobel fall semester route: Sept. 22 – Oct. 1: Belleville, IL Oct. 2 – 14: Baton Rouge, LA Oct. 14 – 24: Savannah, GA Oct. 24 – 28: Charlotte, NC Oct. 29 – Nov. 4: Miami, FL Nov. 4 – 8: Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Nov. 8 – 12: Lafayette, LA Nov. 12 – 27: Victoria, TX Nov. 30 – Dec. 3: Dubuque, IA Dec. 3 – 12: Superior, WI


team 5 back row: Nick Cummons, Hailey McNeely, Alysa Rossman, Nic Kwan front row: Kalei Bautista, Greg Montana, Sarah Paulson, Chris Baker fall semester route: Parish Team Sept. 21 – Dec. 14: Forest Lake, MN

team 6 back row: Rosie Nelson, Alistair Pereira, Emma Bachman-Johnson, Esther Vargas middle row: Colleen Keefe, Erik Jimenez, Catherine Stroh, Tim Bryant front row: Nina Sahagun, Jake Debolt, Lauryn Coules, David Murn fall semester route: Sept. 22 – Oct. 10: Toledo, OH Oct. 10 – 29: Cincinnati, OH Oct. 29 – Nov. 7: Toledo, OH Nov. 7 – 29: Cincinnati, OH Nov. 29 – Dec. 13: Grand Rapids, MI


team 7 back row: Maggie White, Jimmy Abbott, Mary White middle row: Mitchell Stonecipher, Sara Braden, Malachi Fleck, Andrea Reid front row: Clare Morris, Troy Newlove, Lyssa Bremseth, Matt Godfrey fall semester route: Sept. 23 – Oct. 1: Peoria, IL Oct. 3 – 8: Springfield, MA Oct. 8 – 25: Manchester, NH Oct. 25 – 30: Providence, RI Oct. 31 – Nov. 12: Richmond, VA Nov. 13 – 19: Arlington, VA Nov. 21 – 26: Lafayette, IN Dec. 2 – 13: Gary, IN

team 8 back row: Katherine Dunn, Tommy Lannen, Melina Birchem middle row: Christian Stewart, Josh Berntsen, Lauren Holm, Thomas Gamez front row: James Vandagriff, Samantha Pandolfi, Grant Rowan, Angela Kuehn fall semester route: Sept. 21 – 27: Sioux Falls, SD Sept. 27 – Oct. 15: La Crosse, WI Oct. 15 – 31: New Ulm, MN Nov. 1 – 21: Joliet, IL Nov. 21 – 22: NCYC, Indianapolis, IN Nov. 22 – 26: Lafayette, IN Dec. 3 – 13: Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO


team 9 back row: Josh Hollcraft, Anna Roa, Luke Berke, Sarah Marie Pedersen front row: Mark Schumacher, Grace Rogers, Andrew Larochelle, Jacque Szczepanski fall semester route: School Team Sept. 21 – Dec. 14: Plymouth, MN

team 10 back row: Tessa Rohr, Mark Artiles, Michaela Barta, Anthony Gialanella front row: Charley Bielejeski, Katie Smith, Tim Rydberg, Rachel Sparks fall semester route: Parish Team Sept. 21 – Dec. 14: St. Louis, MO


team 11 back row: Carolina Alejandre, Adam Martinez, Hollis Yarborough middle row: Zack Blaszak, Maria Kraker, Gerrick Gamboa, Bridgette Rueff front row: Stacy Forbes, Dom Lashley, Katie Leonard, Thomas Dzurik fall semester route: Sept. 23 – Oct. 1: Arlington, VA Oct. 1 – 22: Washington, D.C. Oct. 22 – Nov. 4: Wheeling-Charleston, WV Nov. 4 – 8: Allentown, PA Nov. 8 – 19: Philadelphia, PA Nov. 20 – 27: Savannah, GA Dec. 3 – 13: Greensburg, PA

team 12 back row: John Utecht, Emily Nagel, Daniel Oubre, Anissa Milburn front row: Mike Pabst, Tristin Martin, Randall Edwards, Amanda Barlogio fall semester route: School Team Sept. 21 – Dec. 14: New Ulm, MN


2013-2014 net team member statistics Team Members Originate From 27 U.S. states 2 team members from Canada 1 team member from Ireland 1 team member from England Program Fees (35.7%) Contributions (60.4%) Other Income (3.9%)

Program (71.2%) Administration (13.1%) Development (15.7%)

Total Revenue: $2,711,211

Total Expenses: $2,684,878

Breakdown of Team Member Ages 30 25

123 Team Members Average age at beginning of training: 20.8 68 women (average age 20.9) 55 men (average age 20.6)

20 15 10 5

26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18


26 team members are 18 years old 29 team members are 19 years old 19 are 20 11 are 21 11 are 22 16 are 23 5 are 24 4 are 25 2 are 26

26 team members are 18 years old 29 team members are 19 years old 19 team members are 20 years old 11 team members are 21 years old 11 team members are 22 years old 16 team members are 23 years old 5 team members are 24 years old 4 team members are 25 years old 2 team members are 26 years old


11 team members have a sibling who served with NET

3 team members have a parent who served with NET

Keep up with the teams at www.netusa.org/blog. Page 10 NETWORKS FALL 2013

Returning Team Members 22 team members have already served at least one year with NET

spotlight on alumni: angelic twaddle Louis Hall (84-85, Staff 91-92) Day Job: Marketing Creative Director; Hobby: Illustrator & Artist

the hall family

In an off-beat form of New Evangelization, Louis Hall and his kids created a comic series entitled Angelic Twaddle. It’s an odd mix of kid-humor, philosophical topics, and playful guardian angel perspectives. They like to refer to this original comic series as “humor with a conscience.” View more of the comics at www.angelictwaddle.com; the book is sold out but the ebook is still available. Louis says with a smirk, “Since most people stop to read a comic, it’s a perfect way to sneak up on trivial little topics like the Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Hell, and Heaven.” His website has received over 17,000 page views and as an example of the odd subjects covered, one of the top Google search terms that leads people to the website is “Wave-Particle Duality,” but you’ll have to know some physics to appreciate that. So it appears that the broad subject base of the comics has some reach. “Although the goal of the comics was to reinforce God-centered values, it also provided a wonderful excuse to spend more time with my six kids and together learn about visual communication. My children’s curiosity, brilliant questions, and insights have catapulted our guardian angel babble to new perspectives and distortions.”

one of louis’ many single-panel comics

The illustrations were completed by Louis; his children scanned the comics, conducted digital file management, and assisted with edits, proof-reading, and marketing strategies. “So, what do guardian angels talk about while we sleep?’ We’re not sure, but it’s fun to poke a little fun at this hidden side of life. It is interesting that all the main religions believe in the existence angels. However, they’re probably not preaching about winged creatures wielding flaming swords and playfully chatting amongst themselves like humans, as we illustrate. Certainly there is variance in each religion’s endorsement of angels and their accepted nature and characteristics, but the fact that they have this unified world-view is noteworthy... and we hope that provides common ground for this comic series.” The Halls plan to publish an updated and expanded book edition of the comic series, and maybe include some Q & As with YOUCAT references for junior high youth small group discussion. Louis and his wife Becky remain involved with NET Ministries and have hosted team members for many years. Their oldest son, Ben, just completed a year with Team 10. Page 11 NETWORKS FALL 2013

world youth day

“You too, dear young people, can be joyful witnesses of His love, courageous witnesses of His Gospel, carrying to this world a ray of His light.” - Pope Francis, WYD 2013

Pope Francis hears the confession of a young woman during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, brazil (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano)

I had the privilege of attending World Youth Day in Brazil this past July on behalf of NET Ministries. It was a true pilgrimage. I was broken from the start, physically more than anything. Having had ACL surgery in April, there were only only two months to regain strength in my right knee before World Youth Day. My new knee brace arrived just days before takeoff. I had the opportunity to pass out 1,000 buttons promoting NET Ministries to fellow Catholics, which sparked conversations with many individuals who wanted to know more about the ministry. I was able to keep our social media followers informed by posting photos and stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages (follow #wydnet), so that those who were unable to attend could still feel a part of the pilgrimage. I had conversations with teenagers, other young adults, and religious sisters, people I knew before the trip, and people whom I’d just met and would never see again. One early morning, the final stretch before the finish, the participants went on a pilgrimage walk. Walking alongside other pilgrims from across the world, sharing our experiences side by side - this is where the Lord pushed us as a group Page 12 NETWORKS FALL 2013

and me as an individual. Before the walk began, the sun was warm as we plowed through thousands of people to pack up our lunches. We had our overnight bags on our backs as we stuffed our food into our backpacks. The site was beautiful, the streets were empty, and the local Brazilians waved their hands as we walked underneath the bridges. Our final destination, Copa Cabana Beach, loomed before us, where the vigil and closing Mass would be held.

adrian handed out 1,000 of these net ministries buttons at world youth day

We were shoulder-to-shoulder with millions of fellow Catholics at the beach - I like to think of it as pilgrim sardines. We prayed together, sang together, and received the Eucharist together as one. After the sun had finally gone down, the music became louder and celebration on the beach began. This is where the Lord renewed me. A Dominican sister was searching for her group, which was impossible to find amongst the mass of people. Through text messages, we finally got word that her group was about two miles away from ours. I told her, “I’ll lead you.” I put on her traveling pack, feeling like a lineman making his way through thousands of people. The walk was tight, and our progress was slow. We searched and searched, but couldn’t find her group. Back we went through thousands of people to get a phone and try to reconnect with them. We connected, made our way through the crowds for a third time, and were successful at finding her group. At this point, I was tired, my knee was just about ready to give out, and Adoration had just begun. The crowd was kneeling

and I had another two miles to walk back to my group. All I wanted to do was sit in silence and pray. So I did. I walked slowly, and as the monstrance was projected onto the large screens surrounding the beach, the crowd started thinning out. Right in the midst of my journey, Matt Maher began playing his song, “Lord, I Need You.” My heart was pulled, and I began singing at the top of my lungs. I didn’t care who was around, and as I walked the street I noticed I was the only one in the area singing, as I was actually able to sing something in English! That was the moment, in my tiredness and weakness, that the Lord renewed and strengthened me. I had nothing left, but during that time of Adoration, I allowed my mind and heart to be silent so I could listen to Lord. Rio was a true pilgrimage. The people were amazing, the Pope was amazing. I will never forget this experience. “Put on Christ in your life and you will find a friend in whom you can always trust; put on Christ and you will see the wings of hope spreading and letting you journey with joy towards the future; put on Christ and your life will be full of His love; it will be a fruitful life.“ -Pope Francis World Youth Rio 2013 -Written by Adrian Flores, NET Staff

clockwise, from top left: the streets of rio / adrian flores (net alumus 2000-01, 01-02, staff 2010-present) playing guitar adrian with christ the redeemer statue / net alumni josh cole, adrian flores, and cord dorcey / an excited crowd at wyd

Page 13 NETWORKS FALL 2013

alumni update weddings

Annie (Fochtman) grandell (0102) and Jason Grandell (00-01, 0102) were married on April 26, 2013 at St. Michael’s in Stillwater, MN. Jonathan DeThomas (10-11) and his wife Jane (Polaschek) DeThomas (08-09) were wed on April 20, 2013 at St. Michael’s Parish in St. Michael, MN.

Anne (Rybak) whitfield (01-02) and Mikail Whitfield (01-02) were joined in Holy Matrimony on July 14th, 2012 in Kimball, SD. One of the concelebrants was Fr. Jeff Norfolk (99-00).

Meg (Weston) Alfaro (10-11) and Michael Alfaro (10-11) were wed in New Castle, DE on November 24, 2012.

Amber Rose (Yakkel) O’Hearn (10-11, staff 11-12) and Cameron O’Hearn (10-11, 11-12, staff 12-13) were married on July 26, 2013 at St. Joseph’s in Miesville, MN.

grace (wigton) hastings (09-10) and her husband Justin were wed on May 3, 2013 at St. Michael’s in Stillwater, MN.

Leah (DeLanghe) Pavek (05-06, Staff 10-11) married Donald Pavek on August 9, 2013 at Holy Redeemer Church in Marshall, MN.

Elvina (Flores) rodriguez (10-11) married Michael Rodriguez (02-03, 09-10) at St. Joseph’s in West St. Paul, MN on April 19, 2013.

Natalie (Vida) appel (10-11) married John Appel (09-10) on May 18, 2013 at Sacred Heart in St. Petersburg, FL.

vocations Craig Irwin (07-08) entered the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, the ToledoDetroit Province, as a postulant, with the hope of one day being ordained a priest. Fr. Brian Park (03-04, staff 04-07) and Fr. James Vanderlaan (04-05) were ordained priests this spring. Deacon David Hogan (03-04, 04-05) was ordained a transitional deacon in the spring.

Christy (Hamers) turner (09-10) and her husband Matthew were married on April 20, 2013 at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, MN.

Page 14 NETWORKS FALL 2013

Maegan (Frazier) Odicino (08-09, staff 10-11) and her husband Alexander were wed on June 28, 2013 at St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA.

Sister Mary Gianna (Jenica Thornby) (06-07) professed her first vows with the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in Emmanuel, TX on August 10. Chris Smith (10-11, staff 11-13) has entered the seminary for the Diocese of Austin, TX.

Dan Brewer (86-97, staff 97-present) has been accepted into the Diaconate formation program with the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN.

emily laloggia (11-12, staff 12-13) started on August 1st as the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee, WI.

Joseph Moreno (10-11) began formation with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal on September 8th as a postulant in Harlem, NY.

Cameron O’Hearn (10-11, 11-12, staff 12-13) started on July 1st as the Communications Intern for St. Paul’s Outreach in West St. Paul, MN.

Chris Yakkel (11-12, 12-13) entered seminary this fall and is studying at the Josephinum as a co-sponsored seminarian for the Diocese of Columbus, OH and the Archdiocese for Military Services.

Jake Voelker (03-04) is a Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, and has started a new private practice, JMV Therapy. www.jakevoelker.com

Mike Faix (10-11, staff 11-13) has entered the St. Paul Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

new jobs paul ives (98-99, staff 13-present) accepted the position of Partnership Program Manager at NET Ministries in March 2013. ASHLEY BEUTLER (05-06, 06-07, staff 11-13) is the Director of Youth Ministry and High School Faith Formation for Saint Patrick’s in Hudson, WI.

local outreach Hello, alumni! Many of you know me as the guy with the Tennessee accent who has led the Local Outreach department at NET Ministries for 20 years. My job includes overseeing Lifeline, The Gathering, and Discipleship Week. Lifeline, now in its 20th season, reaches over 8,000 young people ages 13-18 each year through its monthly evangelistic program. It takes place on the first Saturday evening of each month from October through May. Capacity crowds of 1,000 have been the norm for several years. Excellent music, a vibrant Liturgy, and dynamic speakers highlight the event.

Have something you’d like to share? Submit your news to alison@netusa.org.

Melissa (Lenz) Guenzel (05-06) and her husband Joseph welcomed baby Benjamin Joseph on May 1, 2012.

Keegan Wynn (11-12) is the Community Life Coordinator for Christ in the City in Denver, CO.

births Chris Smith (03-04) and his wife Melanie had their first child, Trinity Gianna, on April 28, 2013. Tricia (Rowen) Matchen (0102) and Jordan Matchen (05-06) welcomed baby Ambrose Francis-Pio on March 14, 2013.

Sam Cross (09-10) and Kara (Kasper) Cross (08-09, 09-10) welcomed their first child, named Charles Marcus, on August 3, 2013.

The Gathering for youth ministry leaders takes place on the second Thursday of each month during the school year. This program provides ministry training, leadership development, and spiritual formation to youth ministers and religious ed leaders. Over 100 parish youth ministry leaders in the area attend this monthly training event. In addition, Discipleship Week takes place this June in California, Kansas, Minnesota, and Texas. It’s a four-day summer retreat which reaches over 500 young people. NET alumni serve on the D-Week retreat team each year. It is life-changing for all. Consider serving at D-Week 2014! There’s a lot going on in the Local Outreach Department. Please keep us and those we will reach this year in your prayers!

Joe Roueche Local Outreach Coordinator

Page 15 NETWORKS FALL 2013

commissioning mass 2013 On September 10, 2013, Bishop Lee Piché of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN blessed and commissioned the 123 2013-2014 NET team members to go and proclaim the Gospel to young people across the United States. Well over 300 people were in attendance.


110 Crusader Avenue West West St. Paul, MN 55118-4427

Non-Profit US Postage paid Twin Cities, MN Permit No. 469

ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Address changed? Receiving multiple copies? Want to unsubscribe or switch to an e-newsletter? If so, contact us: Phone: 651.450.6833 | Fax: 651.450.9984 www.netusa.org | E-mail: alison@netusa.org

Team 6, which will be spending much time in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, also attended a separate commissioning by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr in Cincinnati on October 11, 2013.


NET young Alumni: Save the Date! “Whatever the question, love is the answer.” - Blessed mother teresa Alumni Week is coming to the NET Center on January 2-8, 2014. With our growing numbers, this may be the last time Alumni Week is held at the NET Center, so you won’t want to miss this! More information can be found at www.netusa.org/alumnievents. Registration is required.

Page 16 NETWORKS FALL 2013



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