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NETWORKS Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church

NET Ministries welcomes Archbishop Nienstedt as President of the Board The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt has graciously accepted NET Ministries Board of Directors’ invitation to serve as President of the Board. Archbishop Nienstedt succeeded Archbishop Harry J. Flynn as Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on May 2, 2008. Immediately prior to his relocation to the Archdiocese, he was Bishop of the Diocese of New Ulm, where he had welcomed NET teams since his installment in 2001.

Archbishop Nienstedt originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. He was ordained to the priesthood on July 27, 1974 and on June 12, 1996, was named an Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit by Pope John Paul II. We were honored to have the Archbishop preside at the Opening Mass of NET training this past August. He has graciously visited the Men’s Mission Staff Household for dinner on several occasions. We are excited to have him join us for the February Lifeline which is dedicated to vocations. He loves the Church and works tirelessly to bring the love of Christ to all he meets.

The Board and Staff of NET Ministries are thankful for his generous service and look forward to working closely with him to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.


NETWORKS Challenging young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church

PRESIDENT: Archbishop John C. Nienstedt EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Mr. Mark L. Berchem, M.S.W., M.T.S. TREASURER: Mr. Jack J. Cozzens Mr. Gerald D. Brennan, CIMA Mr. Gordon C. DeMarais, M.A.T. Mrs. Jan Gloudeman Mr. Thomas L. Grundhoefer, J.D. Mr. Daniel J. Hagen, CFA Mrs. Patricia Huber Dr. James C. Kolar, D.MIN. Mrs. Barbara Koch Mr. Alan Kraling Mr. Patrick O. Regan


EPISCOPAL ADVISORY BOARD: Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Ph.D., S.T.D. Bishop Frederick F. Campbell, D.D. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, D.D. Bishop Sam G. Jacobs, D.D. Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, D.D. NET is under the ecclesial vigilance of Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It is governed by a national board of directors, is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and has been audited by Lewis, Kisch and Associates, Ltd.


“The U.S. is a nation of religious drifters” was the leading line in an article in my local newspaper reporting the findings of a recent Pew survey. The report, Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S. suggests that “Americans change religious affiliation early and often.” The report offers a glimpse into the reality of what is happening with the Church today and points, at least in my opinion, to why youth evangelization is such a critical need today. For example, most people who change religious affiliation do so before the age of 24. As you have heard me share in the past, more and more people are making their life long faith decisions in their teenage years. How important it is for the Church to be present and investing in our young people at precisely the time when they are deciding about their faith. According to the report, Catholicism has suffered the greatest net loss in the process of religious changes. Doesn’t that suggest we should invest more in reaching out to our young people? Those who are a bit older may think this is precisely the role of Catholic schools. But only 15% of Catholic young people attend a Catholic school today. Having strong parish programs and trans-parochial movements like NET are more important than ever. Catholics who are leaving the Church normally don’t make decisive decisions to leave, they just gradually drift away. Perhaps no one notices or reaches out. Perhaps no one is interested or invites our young people to stay involved. Perhaps no one explains the beauty of our faith in ways our young people can understand. Perhaps no one teaches them how to pray so as to experience the love of God. Perhaps no one reminds them that Jesus is a God of second chances who is rich in mercy. I don’t think we should be satisfied to watch our young people drift away. I think we need to throw them a lifeline by introducing them to a dynamic and challenging life of following Christ. That is what the NET teams are all about. Engaging Catholic young people and sharing with them through word and witness what it means to entrust oneself to God and live as His disciples. Does it make a difference? The NET teams recently returned from completing their year of mission, reaching out to Catholic youth across the country. Below are just two quotes from young people who encountered their ministry. “Before coming to this retreat, God and Church seemed like something I had to now about – Church being like a chore. After this it really opened my eyes. I have realized God’s unconditional love for us and that He will always be there. I have made a good connection with God over this retreat.” “I want to thank the NET team for leading me back to God. My life had gotten so far off track I just gave up. My parents even forced me to come here, but in the end I was glad I did because now I have a new friend – Jesus.” There are a lot of American youth that are drifting. They drift away because they haven’t discovered the excitement and the challenge of living as Christ’s disciples. We all have a choice. We can watch more drift away or we can reach out and throw them a lifeline. Thank you once again for helping NET to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.

NET Team 1 Divine Mercy Parish Team 1 will be serving the youth and community of Faribault, MN from September 29 to December 15 Back row: Karen Ruelle, Brady Borslien, Catherine Hernandez, Ben Flores Front Row: Frankie Resendiz, Lorena Valencia, Ryan Essington, Catherine Jandernoa (L to R)

NET Team 2 St. Michael Parish Team 2 will be serving the youth and community of St. Michael, MN from September 29 to December 15 Back row: Natalie Scott, Brian Kloempken, Kelly Hogan, JW Beatovich Front Row: Rob Storey, KT Rohan, Stephen Johnson, Amy Thexton (L to R)

NET Team 3

Team 3 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Superior, WI Sept. 29 - Oct. 18

Winona, MN Oct. 31 - Nov. 15

Belleville, IL Oct. 19 - 30

Jefferson City, MO Nov. 16 - 27

Lafayette, LA Nov. 29 - Dec.13

Back Row: Katie Negranza, Derek Ellen, Charlotte Brinkman, Isaac Weickert, Francesca Bombardini, Alec Framke, Stephanie Crowley Front Row: Kate Walters, Nathan Mikkelson, Laura Madlinger, Nick Buseman (L to R)


NET Team 4

Team 4 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Rockford, IL Sept. 29 - Oct. 16

Peoria, IL Nov. 9 - 20

Washington, D.C Oct. 17 - Nov. 8

WheelingCharleston,WV Nov. 21 - Dec. 4

Saginaw, MI Dec. 4 – 14

Back row: Kathryn MacMillan, David Diaz, Christine Navar, PJ Bush, Amanda Salazar, Michael Napoli, Gini Voegeli Front Row: Bryant Ortega, Jillian Wayland, Ben Ardoin, Jacki Halland (L to R)

NET Team 5

Team 5 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Toledo, OH Sept. 30 - Oct. 23

Harrisburg, PA Nov. 13 - 23

Syracuse, NY Oct. 23 - Nov. 13

Grand Rapids, MI Nov. 24 - Dec. 14

Back Row: Theresa Evans, Matt Regan, Kayla Reller, Rob LaVigne, Jessica Smith, Fabian Cervantes, Jeanette Shields Front Row: Jake Weston, Meaghan Quinlan, Joe Hall, Lupita Garcia (L to R)

NET Team 6

Team 6 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Bismarck, ND Sept. 29 - Oct. 17

Green Bay, WI Nov. 6 - 23

New Ulm, MN Oct. 17 - Nov. 6

Rapid City, SD Nov. 24 - Dec. 14

Back Row: Maria Lanari, Will Desrochers, Catherine Hernandez, TJ Stinnett, Allyson Parman, Adam Martinez, Meghan O’Hare


Front Row: Eric De Los Santos, Amy Lashinski, John Weisdepp, Celena Labish (L to R)

NET Team 7

Team 7 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Sioux Falls, SD Sept. 29 - Oct. 23

Fargo, ND Nov. 7 - 23

Salina, KS Oct. 23 - Nov. 6

Duluth, MN Nov. 23 - Dec. 6

Gary, IN Dec. 6 - 15

Back Row: Jacki Halland, Chris McKee, Lauren Latsko, Rob Storey, Juliana Vittitow, Andy Whiteman, Ellen Bina Front Row: Amanda Holman, Stephen Eskro, Christina Dias, Bryan Rodriguez (L to R)

NET Team 8

Team 8 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses: Crookston, MN Sept. 29 - Oct. 25

La Crosse, WI Oct. 29 - Nov. 21

Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN Oct. 26 - 29

Davenport, IA Nov. 21 - Dec. 15

Back Row: Missy Robbins, Renae Luecke, Paul Evans, Jillian Wayland, Andy Johnson, Jordan Hagan, Frankie Resendiz, Mary Wagner Front Row: Stephen Nix, Marianne Sanchez, Dan Mahoney, Denice Cuaresma (L to R)

NET Team 9

Team 9 will be serving the youth and community of the following dioceses as well as facilitating youth events at the NET Center: St. Paul & Mpls., MN/ St. Cloud, MN Sept. 29 - Oct. 8

Joliet, IL Oct. 8 - Nov. 1

St. Paul & Mpls., MN/ St. Cloud, MN Nov. 1 - Dec. 15

Back row: Taylor Vega, Hannah Trainor, Brandon Roberts, Tracy Starwalt, Ben Hughes, Nataleigh Waters-Long, Patrick Walters, Bianca Sanchez Front Row: Chris McKee, Vanessa Walsh, Nick Listi, Michela Brooks (L to R)


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