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SELECCIÓN VEGETARIANA BOTANAS PLATTER - Vegetarian Tacos vegetariana, oaxaca quesadillas, chili con queso, stuffed jalapeños and grilled pepper, onion, courgette & mushroom skewers. Tasting platter to share £15.95

OAXACA QUESADILLAS CON HONGOS Toasted flour tortillas filled with melted oaxaca cheese, wild mushrooms and peppers £4.95

FAJITAS VEGETARIANAS Mixed vegetables on a sizzling skillet topped with a grilled portabella mushroom. Served with flour tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and a choice of black or borracho beans £12.95

BURRITO VEGETARIANO Flour tortilla filled with courgettes, peppers, onions, carrots and red potatoes. Topped with roasted red pepper coulis and avocado. Served with sautéed vegetables and a choice of black or borracho beans £9.95

QUESO MONTERREY Monterey jack enchiladas topped with tomatillo sauce and served over marinated Mexican vegetables. Served with sautéed vegetables and a choice of black or borracho beans £9.95

BLACK BEAN NACHOS Corn tostadas topped with black beans, mixed vegetables and melted monterey jack cheese £4.95


ENCHILADAS VEGETARIANAS Vegetarian enchiladas topped with marinated Mexican vegetables and tomatillo sauce. Served with sautéed vegetables and a choice of black or borracho beans £9.95

Toasted flour tortillas filled with seasoned mixed vegetables and jack cheese £4.95

ENCHILADAS DE AVOCADO CHILI CON QUESO Spicy melted cheese dip prepared with onions, jalapeños and roasted tomato salsa Large £4.75 Medium £3.75

Soft corn tortillas with a filling of avocado, jack cheese, artichokes and poblano peppers. Topped with tomatillo sauce on a bed of spinach. Served with a mango salad £14.95

MANGO MINT SALAD Mango with water chestnut, spicy pumpkin seeds, grapes, mint and fresco cheese with a honey vinaigrette £9.95

Cantina Laredo signature dish All dishes may contain traces of nuts. Please advise your waiter of any allergies. All prices include VAT. A discretionary 12.5% gratuity will be added to your bill. 100% of the gratuity goes to staff.


Mixedvegetablesonasizzlingskillettoppedwitha grilledportabellamushroom.Servedwithflour tortillas,guacamole,sourcream,picodegalloanda choiceo...