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All the desserts at £ 3.95

1-Brugeois Vanilla mousse speculoos, speculoos ice-cream, dark chocolate, velvet and dark chocolate sauce

Create your own coupe with our ice cream and sorbet selection

2-Contemporary Mango Coco 2 scoops £ 2.80 3 scoops £ 3.40 Extra scoop £ 1.40

Coconut mousse, mango sorbet heart, garnished with grated glazed coconut

3-Framboisier Raspberry sorbet, Vanilla mousse, meringue heart topped with strawberry sauce

4-Caramel and Vanilla fondant Vanilla ice cream, melting caramel heart, white chocolate velvet

ICE CREAMS Vanilla Chocolate Sheshuan pepper Pistachio Wasabi Matcha Green Tea

SORBETS Raspberry Ginger Strawberry Passion fruit Coconut

5-Meli-Melo Vanilla ice cream and caramelised nuts topped with dried fruits and caramel

6-Chocolate truffle Cointreau Cocoa ice-cream flavoured with Cointreau, coated with cocoa and grilled almonds


Apium Dessert Menu

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