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Know Your Cloud - Part II Cloud Computing - Have I secured my cloud? Date : 17th 23rd August 2012 Time : 11:00 am Duration : 60 Minutes Speaker : Karan Kirpalani and Gopan Joshi, Cloud Product Team

Topic Details: For most CIO’s, the main perceived barriers to adopting Cloud Computing are: 



Compliance As per various research studies, organizations want reassurance on several points including:

The cloud will not compromise their infrastructure security

Their sensitive data and intellectual property will be protected

They can retrieve their data if they want to change their current cloud provider

They can maintain their customer service standards and competitive performance. CIO’s Global Cloud Computing Adoption Survey reveals that 56% of the IT and business leaders say that managing access to data in the cloud is a challenge.

Take a few minutes to attend this webinar as Gopan will address many of the concerns regarding cloud. How cloud deployments must embody an appropriate set of security principles?

 

How public cloud computing extends the service-oriented approach into a marketplace model? How redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities are built into cloud computing environments?

How the backup and recovery policies of a cloud service maybe superior to what the organizations may have in place currently?

About the Speaker : Karan Kirpalani Karan heads product management team for services such as Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting and Application Services like Mail; and Collaboration. Karan started his trail-blazing career at ICICI. His vast experience and remarkable business insight, helps Karan in his present role as visionary and thought leader where he ensures product conceptualization, development, go-to-market and management of the key services portfolio within Netmagic. He can be reached at for a detailed profile please visit

Gopan Joshi Gopan is Product Manager for Netmagic Solutions' Public Cloud Services portfolio, and has expertise in managing products and services in various market scenarios and life cycle stages. His experiences ranges from introducing cutting edge innovations in existing products, existing markets to new technology, new markets. He can be reached at for a detailed profile please visit

Webinar - Cloud Computing - Have I secured my cloud?