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Top IDC Services – To Keep Systems Safe n Secure Internet data centers have now emerged as a significant platform, providing high capacity processing for large numbers of web clients. They now fulfill all the IT infrastructure requirements: from co-location services and dedicated hosting to firewall and backup solutions. They keep systems safe, supported and running 24/7 with world-class facilities and an expert team. Top Internet Data Center Services Co-location Services Co-location Service is ideal for businesses that already own their own servers and wants to outsource. Services include a range of space options from cages to racks, with ample power and bandwidth for web hosting applications. Dedicated Hosting This service helps to host mission-critical and resource-intensive applications on pre-configured, highperformance dedicated servers to make critical business data and applications available for access within the shortest time possible. Bandwidth Services This service provides scalable, high-performance network architecture with maximum uptime and availability for organizations that work from multiple locations and high volume online data. Load Balancing This service ensures fast connection and fail-safe 24x7 access to web sites and other critical Internet and Intranet applications that are owned by large organizations. They help to minimize response time while maximizing site availability. Advanced Firewall Services This service provides advanced firewall services that protect valuable IT assets for online companies. Shared Hosting This service offers high-performance servers that are used to host a company’s shared website. It provides highspeed backbones including 24*7 infrastructure monitoring and management. This service is synonymous to cloud hosting services.

Disaster Recovery Services This service empowers companies to respond in a systematic, non-chaotic manner to a disaster. It helps to restore the integrity of hardware, software and data and resume system operations fast.

Top IDC Services – To Keep Systems Safe n Secure