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Scan Network Security levels with Network Penetration Testing

Today's global enterprises with their widely networked corporate environment communicates conveniently 24/7 with the help of data transfers in digital form. Such wide use of digital data and the network system has made the enterprises vulnerable to various threats which can undermine the business capacities. Enterprises therefore opt to use security solutions that can monitor and manage the corporate network.

With technological breakthroughs such as the Internet available today, enterprises can use various software over the internet to test the corporate network. Such testing of the network is often termed as "pen test" or Network penetration testing and is a process conducted to review the perimeters of a network for security breaches and other network vulnerabilities.

Network penetration testing procedure comprises of two stages. The first stage involves detecting the potential vulnerabilities within the network followed by the second stage of

exploiting these

vulnerabilities. Carried out by a security experts who are authorized by the organization to penetrate the network in an initiative to recognize the probable vulnerabilities. Also known as ethical hacking this leads to the discovery of vulnerabilities making it easy for the enterprise to safeguard itself against further cyber attacks.

Security breaches have become a major issue irrespective of the network being a corporate network, or a data center environment. Irrespective of the size of the network, the network penetration testing services can help enterprises understand the loopholes in their security strategies, and eliminate the security gaps effectively.

As technological innovations providing anytime anywhere access to the corporate network through any handlheld device and smartphones are gaining prominence, security breaches leading to data loss is also a major cause of concern. Further, loss of such embedded devices also pose a great threat to the enterprise since connectivity to business sensitive data is stored on the device. Under such circumstances penetration reviews will help enterprises make suitable changes.

Understanding the need for network penetration testing services as an on demand solution that can blend automated testing with required security expert analysis, leading service providers have developed cloud computing services based pen tests. Such a blended model of testing services offers enterprises a

number of benefits. This covers all kinds of vulnerabilities including data-in-motion leakages and looks for attack path through loophole correlation. Further being involved in automated testing this has an online vulnerability management dashboard with compliance friendly reporting formats. The automated exploitation helps in threat modeling and expert validation as well as business logic verification. The reports thus created offers enterprises a way to analyze the network system from a cyber criminal's perspective and paves way for implementing optimum network security.

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Scan Network Security levels with Network Penetration Testing