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Need For Colocation Services in India In a global business scenario where technology plays an essential part, it is very natural that every enterprise would want the best to score over others. The challenges that needs to be overcome in the process includes high expenses, restricted resources and turnaround times place obstacles in the path of increased IT operations. Though there remains an intrinsic need to attain complete control on every aspect of business resources, it might not be possible always for an enterprise to invest more on operations and legacy management rather than concentrating on the essential strategies of the business. Colocation Services India comes as a savior to such enterprises and offers them with the desired IT flexibility and agility. Apart from control on the business data and resources, enterprises also have a scalable and neutral carrier infrastructure in various configurations in various datacenters across the country. Collocation servers are actual web servers that are kept in data centers of any web hosting enterprise. The infrastructure is placed in the data centers for it to be used as collocation services. Big corporate houses or business conglomerates having a global network require a controlled and reliable web based transactions. Such enterprises opt in for a server configuration from the collocation service providers as their business needs. Eminent service providers of shared hosting services have come up with efficient collocation solutions. Some of the service options are as follows:Rack space Features * Per-server (U-wise) Colocation Service * Quarter Rack * Half Rack * Full Rack(s) * Cage Rack space Benefits * Highest Uptime with 99.99% uptime SLA that is the highest in the industry * Custom-designed racks in per-device increments of 1U, 2U, 3U, etc; Quarter, half, or full-rack spaces * Highest levels of Security, i.e. Six Zone Security for total protection, fully enclosed and locked * Robust Connectivity * 24x7 remote hands assistance Monitoring * URL / Network Monitoring * MRTG, for online Bandwidth utilization * Web statistics and Reports

Advanced Monitoring * CPU Memory, File Area utilization * Process restarts * Threshold alarms Support * Server Reboots / Remote Hand Support * Business Day Advanced Support * 24*7 Advanced Support Advanced and innovative collocation services in India are apt for businesses that already have their own servers and are looking forward to outsource. Leading market players in this category provide safe collocation space for web servers and various allied related hardware in the state-of-the-art internet datacenters. Know more on: dedicated servers in India, Dedicated hosting India

Need For Colocation Services in India