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Importance of Deploying Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Program Most business continuity and disaster recovery consultants have observed the absence of proper contingency planning and preparedness in most organizations that is the most essential component to address and survive any unwarranted risk or security breach that takes place. In the recent past, industry verticals such as IT, telecom, manufacturing, petrochemical, energy and utility power business operations though are planning to resort to appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery solutions they still face certain challenges. Some of them are listed below: · A lack of understanding by certain management domains to appropriately staff and finance a business continuity and disaster recovery program within the organization · A lack of understanding of the functional management of the significance of the business continuity and disaster recovery and that it allows to carry on tasks to fulfill business goals · Lack of information technology management understanding of the interrelationship of business continuity planning in their function of offering technology to assist in the enterprise mission in an ongoing manner To explain in simple terms, business continuity planning refers to the activity that is carried on by an enterprise to make sure that all the crucial business functions are accessible to the suppliers, consumers, regulators and other essential entities that needs to have access or depend on these functions. On the other hand, disaster recovery planning is the process and policies that are associated with preparing for recovery or continuation of technology architecture for an enterprise post and human-induced or natural or technological disaster. Business unit recovery planning is a component of business continuity that deals especially with the relocation of key enterprise personnel in case of an adverse event and the provision of important equipment supplies, records, computer processing capacities, communication facilities and so on. Today companies specializing in network penetration testing have come up with business continuity disaster recovery solutions. These solutions offer complete security against natural disasters and the systematic ones such as system failure, accidental deletion of crucial data and the like. Advanced business continuity and disaster recovery program enables companies to restore the hardware, software and data integrity and helps to resume the system operations fast. Simultaneously, it brings down any damage to the brand image. Solution providers ensure the program is in perfect alignment with a company’s business needs and environment in which it functions.

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Importance of Deploying Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Program