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Disaster Recovery Service in Sync with your Business Is your organization ready with an action plan in the event of a disaster? Do you have the proper resources to deal with contingencies? Disaster Recovery is a specialized service that helps you recover data when IT systems crash or are damaged by natural or human causes. Planning for disaster requires global resources and industry-specific expertise. The concept of Data backup and recovery service is relatively new and organizations were not sure about its need until recently and don’t allocate proper funds for disaster recovery. A 2009 Symantec report on Disaster Recovery Research indicates that disaster recovery is fast becoming a competitive differentiator. The current and expected Business Continuity (BC) regulations also mandate the existence of a disaster recovery plan for most organizations. According to the Disaster Recovery Journal, an estimated $78,000 per hour is lost due to system downtime. Thus the losses incurred due to absence of proper disaster recovery service, approximately 40% of all businesses have now it an essential part of IT. Disaster recovery (DR) plan should be in sync with your business requirements as well as the environment in which you operate. With a robust, tested DR plan, you can respond in a systematic, non-chaotic manner to a disaster, restore the integrity of your hardware, software and data and resume system operations in the shortest time possible. It also minimizes any damage to your organizations reputation. A business continuity disaster recovery solution provides a host of services for restoration of data. If you are looking for a disaster recovery plan it must: • Protect against potential threats. • Minimizes disruption and operational losses. • Manage the recovery operation in an organized and effective manner. • Restore and build back confidence of investors, stakeholders and customers. • Manage brand image and reputation. Disaster recovery is an ongoing process from the time of strategizing the plan to managing it. No matter what the size of your business, including disaster recovery services within your system is no longer optional, it has to be integral element of your IT system. Other Links: Dedicated hosting services, Cloud hosting services

Disaster Recovery Service in Sync with your Business