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Data Center In Chennai: Meeting Infrastructure Requirements Of The Region The expanse of business enterprises to locations beyond geographical boundaries has definitely provided opportunities for growth and profitability. As business grows, the need for more data transactions and application brings forth the need for dedicated servers. However, these global organizations face issues related to IT infrastructure, upgrading of software and hardware, deployment of complex applications across the various locations, manpower retention, monitoring, security and business continuity. Under such circumstances, outsourcing of the IT infrastructure and its added responsibilities becomes a necessity for these organizations. The advent of Data centres with dedicated servers has made outsourcing of IT infrastructure possible for the global organization. With a 24/7 monitoring service and a host of other features, the data centers help the organizations in providing quality services to the customers as well as their employees. The survey conducted by IDC on the market opportunities in India for data centers show a growth of nearly 35% in the near future. The cities covered under the study included the metropolitan cities of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune. Servers provide services across a network and a dedicated server is a single web server within a network of computers with Internet hosting facility leased exclusively for a company. The dedicated servers besides facilitating creation of several domains simplify administration and provide support to the organization. In accordance with this study, data center facilities with efficient hosting and managed services have sprung up in these locations. The data centers in Chennai are power efficient and cater to the industries and automobile manufacturing units of the region. Being strategically located, it acts as disaster recovery center for the clients located in other locations. Further, the data centers have ample space, power and best in class infrastructure with nearly 100% uptime. The data centers in Chennai with its infrastructure, tools and experienced professionals offer a number of services to their clients. Through its dedicated hosting services, bandwidth services, disaster recovery, remote infrastructure, application services and Cloud computing services it caters to the markets in South East Asia and pacific region. With the city being one of the landing stations of submarine cables, organizations look for stability, fast access and cost effectiveness, which is what the dedicated servers in India provide. Further, with no capital expenditure, Multiple last mile connectivity, 24/7 support, world-class service level agreements, these servers can either be exclusive web servers, dedicated mail servers, Application or Database servers, Corporate Intranets, Live Streaming machines. Click here for more on Data Center in Mumbai

Data Center In Chennai: Meeting Infrastructure Requirements Of The Region