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Collocation Services for Online Businesses There is nothing more frustrating in a business than too loose its critical mission data and other sensitive information. It results in inconvenience when their website encounters downtime even if it is for a less time. Online business sites and ecommerce sites tend to loose out on their business with downtime problems or internet connectivity issues. For businesses of this kind, collocation services in India are the best solution. Collocation services are a suite of special services provided by numerous internet service providers that enable private web servers offered by enterprises or individuals to be placed in their data centers. This is a solution for several businesses to get better web services than simply using dedicated or shared hosting services to operate online businesses. Leading collocation services in India offer a cost-efficient web solution to enable lesser investment on an enterprise’s IT installations. They assist in managing the enterprise’s web server/ multiple servers’ configuration and networking costs. They provide the quickest routes of data transfer and non-stop online connectivity and 100 percent uptime assurance. The enterprise has access to overall data security and fire protection. Making use of a collocation center is quite synonymous to having access to a datacenter at a much lesser expense. Leading market players in collocation services in India offer a wide range of space options with greater bandwidth and power for your web hosting applications. With these solutions, enterprises can monitor and find out for themselves on what it is to have their own server. At the same time there is a reliable network, high uptimes and improved security and advanced assistance 24 x 7. The co-location service options are:Rack space Features Per-server (U-wise) Collocation Service Quarter Rack Half Rack Full Rack(s) Cage Rack space Benefits Highest Uptime - 99.99% uptime SLA, the highest in the industry Custom-designed racks in per-device increments of 1U, 2U, 3U, etc; Quarter, half, or full-rack spaces Highest levels of Security - Six Zone Security for complete protection, fully enclosed and locked Robust Connectivity - Carrier Neutral Datacenter Monitoring URL / Network Monitoring MRTG, for online Bandwidth utilization Web statistics and Reports Advanced Monitoring

CPU Memory, File Area utilization Process restarts Threshold alarms Support Server Reboots Business Day Advanced Support 24x7 Advanced Support Collocation services in India are consistent and redundant. As these services are peering with other internet network providers, it efficiently prevents latency.

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Collocation Services for Online Businesses  

Collocation services are a suite of special services provided by numerous internet service providers that enable private web servers offered...

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