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Benefits of Innovative Dedicated Hosting Services in India There are multiple reasons for which an organization, business or an individual opts in for a dedicated server for hosting websites. Simply put dedicated server hosting offers users with the advantage of hosting taking into consideration the function and need of the website. Dedicated hosting services are conventionally secure and consistent than the shared hosting services. Today there are service providers of shared hosting providers, but however dedicated hosting offers a much more security and stability. When an end user is using dedicated hosting, they need not fret about the sharing the servers with separate websites. Today, there are eminent market players in managed service providers specializing in dedicated server hosting. They allow the users a complete management and hardware services at a reasonable monthly expense. In addition to that, these service providers only make use of IBM, Sun, HP and Dell servers that are equipped with the latest Intel’s Nehalem processors. The benefits that the uses can experience are listed below:         

There are zero capital expenditure as well as no hidden fees Offers high-end Data Centers with a state-of-the-art Infrastructure Provides multiple last mile connectivity Offers a comprehensive 24x7 Support There is screaming quick connectivity along with Gigabit backbones The plans offered are customizable and can be modified as per the users bandwidth, server specifications and managed services Offers users with dedicated account representatives Has unparallel Industry credentials Results in happy Customers and strong bonds Offers the best Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Furthermore, dedicated hosting enabled a user to personalize their hosting experience, which is not at all possible with shared hosting services. The shared hosting deals comprise a suite of applications and features that is sometimes not required by the end user. On the other hand, dedicated hosting services allows their clients and users to shortlist the applications and software that are best suited to the website requirements. It is a fact that, dedicated hosting tends to be more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantages and features completely justifies the cost. Dedicated servers are apt for business websites and can offer the user highest level of security and performance. Leading service providers of dedicated hosting also specialize in colocation services in India.

Benefits of Innovative Dedicated Hosting Services in India