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inTouch Home Care Your welcome brochure to our Home Care services

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Behind every successful service there is a person centred approach Your welcome brochure to our personal care services

All our care staff are required to meet all of our compliance standards set around our recruitment & vetting processes Live-In Care Domiciliary Care Condition Led And Clinical Care Palliative, Respite And Emergency Care Hourly Calls To Continuous 24hr Care & Support Support For Younger People Companionship Holidays And Respite Breaks Supporting All Care Needs & Requirements

In order to succeed and flourish in anything, you need powerful allies that work toward a common goal. Therefore, it’s in our best interests to put your needs and those of a loved one at the centre of everything we do.

The new inTouch customer charter is designed with your needs in mind.

Even the most supportive and affluent of families rarely have the capabilities to facilitate the type of comfort and wellbeing they so desperately desire for their loved ones. Your network of friends, family, contacts and colleagues may all have ambition for your future and endeavor to inspire you to achieve as much independence as possible, but be unaware or at a loss as to how exactly to achieve this future for you. You may wish to be the author of your own care provision and take back vital elements of the control and design of your daily living, activities and priorities as you determine them to be. Complexities may have developed which demand a specialist approach from an extended team, sitting out of scope of the personal support loved ones already provide. At inTouch we put your needs at the centre of everything we do and together we then advance.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a partnership you can rely upon Recognising what is important to you

Person Centred Care Dignity & Respect Safeguarding From Abuse Fit And Trained Staff Professional Governance High Levels Of Compliance Promoting Individual Wellbeing

A charter fit for any journey & all conditions The inTouch customer charter was born of necessity, honed by demand and designed by improved application upon review. Our charter is your key to customer satisfaction

The inTouch Customer Charter

Core Values All balanced partnerships rely on an agreed value system in order to build trust & respect. Ours are both transparent and fundamental. Actions hold far more value than any fine words and therefore our approach is determined and characterised by the following values which we demand be reflected within the approach and behaviours of all our staff and representatives.

How we achieve this Respect for the dignity and worth of every human being. We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of service users, customers, partners and staff by:

Providing the opportunities for

Treating all human beings with

Delegating authority, mentoring

individuals to work for & shape

empathy and fairness.

staff & encouraging risk taking &

their development.


Soliciting diverse opinions in


decision making processes.







freedom of expression.

Integrity We act consistently with the inTouch Home Care mission, we are honest and transparent in what we do and say. We accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions. Use good judgement in protecting inTouch Home Care’s good name Ensure transparent stewardship inTouch financial resources


Communicate in a timely fashion clear standards & procedures for all processes. Deal fairly, truthfully & constructively in all transactions with all service users, staff, clients & partners.

Commitment to service We work together effectively to serve the needs of the service user & improve outcomes Promoting teamwork across boundaries, seeking participation at every level we work Developing alliances




Excellence We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning & performance in order to achieve greater impact by: Learning from others & ourselves Being responsible for the most effective applications of our resources Promoting innovation

Your key benefits at a glance

24 hour support from a local integrated team, providing consistency and continuity. Continual evaluation and assessment underpinned by the new Care Cerfiticate and supported by both classroom based training and on-going development via supervisions. 3 decades of providing critical care services to the regulated sector and private home care market. A professional and robust service provision backed by a national organisation providing security and peace of mind. Client engagement and service user selection options to design your own care worker. Tailored and bespoke services born from a person centred approach. Exacting standards of recruitment, vetting and final selection before matching to a client profile requirements and personal needs within their care or support plan. Quality assurance throughout our service. Fully accredited classroom based training and on-going professional development blended with e-learning. Staff I.D badges containing DBS details present for inspection at all time. Personal






engagement, offering enhanced security. Bespoke





through in innovative approach toward tried and clichĂŠd problems, backed by a narrative of common-sense and practical response to the unique needs of each individual customer. C.Q.C audited & rated.

It’s tough to let go of treasured memories & accept the inevitability of change Support, no matter how dark the day may become

Promoting Individual Wellbeing Preventing Needs For Care & Support Providing Information & Advice Providing Companionship

Our most treasured heirlooms are our memories At inTouch we firmly believe that you can cope with anything when you have the right people by your side, who all adopt a principled approach to your care or support plan and work in partnership toward integrated and targeted outcomes. The four pillars which underpin this ethos are our core company aims and objectives:

Your care. Your choice. Care delivered where you are happiest, in your own home

No Rigid Routines Hobbies And Activities Encouraged Mobility Supported And Enabled Support With Pets And Exercise No Night Time Regime Privacy, Safety And Confidentiality Assured

Round the clock care Happier at home with live in care

There certainly is no place like home and inTouch are keen to support people to remain at home as their preferred care service. Empowering individuals to be supported around the clock, in their own surroundings with comfort and familiarity. With








friends near by, whilst still giving control of daily life. Live in care provides continuity and compassion to meet a range of needs from companionship to complex care. There are no rigid routines Privacy, safety & independence can remain Continue with meal routine, socializing, exercise routine Attend all your appointments with support Maintain hobbies Reduce loneliness Increase safety Reduce falls As care needs develop inTouch will work in partnership with all care providers and specialist services to ensure you are able to maintain your wish of staying at home Staying






reduce by one third the risk of falling and sustaining injuries.

inTouch Home Care Mission Statement inTouch Home Care believes in a person centred and an outcome focused approach to care delivery. As a result of this philosophy, we focus our service provision on being well led, well informed and adhering to the rigorous national compliance and training standards. The team’s internal and external goals are to be responsive, effective and safe in every aspect of care services provided to each client, their families and carer workers.

Company Vision We fully support individuals to be involved with their care planning and delivery, to be as independent as possible and to be in control of their lives by giving choice, promoting dignity and respect. Our aim is to keep our clients safe and secure in their own home promoting their independence and encouraging them to participate as active members in their communities, encouraging social inclusion and preventing social isolation. By being responsive and compassionate to client’s needs, listening and talking to people, we can offer a caring and effective service to support their individual needs. We always endeavour to assist people to live a lifestyle which is geared to their personal choice and preference. inTouch Home Care recognises that there may be many reasons why individuals require a home support service. They may be looking for themselves or on behalf of a friend or family member. We want people to have access to a range of good quality services and choices that enable them to: Be empowered and have an effect on improving their quality of life Be able to live as independently as possible at home Be able to enjoy fulfilled and meaningful lives Have involvement in the ways that services are planned and provided Have full participation in their local community Have dignity and independence to enable them to take back control of their lives We promote good communications with clients, families, candidates and stake holders by delivering quarterly forums where we can listen and improve our service provision, empowering people to work towards their outcomes and our vision and being part of our journey of delivering an outstanding care service.

For further insight to the full range of home care services provided visit:

Night always seems darkest before the dawn However, choice and control remain in your hands with palliative care, over how the dawn breaks

Physical Care Needs Psychological Needs Emotional Needs Spiritual/Existential Beliefs Dignity & Respect Co-Ordinated Care

Why Palliative Care As in many other developed countries, the UK population is rapidly ageing. This has implications for the provision of health and social care, as older age and life-limiting, chronic conditions are closely linked, there is a growing need for palliative care. One of the key values of palliative care is to enable people to choose where to be cared for at the end of life.

What to expect People who are approaching the end of their life are entitled to high quality care, wherever they’re being cared for. Good end of life care is tailored to the person who needs it. You and the people close to you should be at the centre of decisions about your care. It helps if your wishes are written down as a personalised care plan and, if you agree, that this can be shared with the people involved in your care now and in the future. It’s important that this care plan is reviewed regularly so that it stays up to date as your situation and wishes change. The staff caring for you should show respect for you and behave kindly. Your comfort and dignity are important. That means, for example, that in your last days of life you can decide whether you feel like eating and drinking even if your need for food and fluid is already being met another way, such as through a feeding tube or a drip.

Five priorities for care Experts have agreed that there are five important priorities for the care and support that you and your carers can expect to receive in the last few days and hours of life. 1

You should be seen by a doctor regularly and if they believe you will die very soon, they must explain this to you and the people close to you.


The staff involved in your care should talk sensitively and honestly to you and the people close to you.


You and the people close to you should be involved in decisions about how you are treated and cared for, if this is what you want.


The needs of your family and other people close to you should be met as far as possible.


An individual plan of care should be agreed with you and delivered with compassion.

How do you know you are making the right choice? Our rigorous compliance process is key to being able to give you peace of mind that you are in safe hands

All of our care workers are required to meet all inTouch compliance standards set around our recruitment & vetting processes Right To Work Face To Face Interview Interview Questions Competency Assessment – Maths & English Dbs – Enhanced Level References Shadowing Training CQC Managers Sign Off

Comprehensive training Our comprehensive training inline with Care Certificate includes:

Mandatory training For all care workers, who receive a blend of classroom, trainer led delivery and supplementary e-learning modules. Day 1 induction

Moving & handling

Mental health, dementia &

Infection control

First aid & basic life support

learning disability awareness

Food, nutrition & hydration

Medication training

Mental capacity & deprivation


Safeguarding adults

of liberties

Person centred planning

Equality & inclusion

Health & safety / fire safety

Following this intensive process and a full review of learning, upon satisfactory attainment levels in all disciplines, our carer would then be signed off as fully compliant and deemed to possess the skills, knowledge and behaviours demanded of an inTouch personal care worker. Only then would our registered manager offer their personal and professional endorsement of this individual to become a representative of the service they are both responsible and accountable for under CQC regulations. Once the carer enters the talent pool, they become available for assessment against your needs and present as a possible fit based on your specific needs and requirements. Again you retain control and afforded choice over whom you allow into your home as the final selection process can remain fully collaborative.

Specialist courses Diabetes

Challenging behaviour inc. interventions

End of life care

Epilepsy inc. emergency interventions

After they have been signed as compliant to work by the CQC registered manager our care worker can then knock on your door, you will know who to expect and they will have their inTouch ID badge with them.

Why choose inTouch

Caring We place our service users “best interests� at the heart of our provision and do all we can to improve their wellbeing and aspiration of improved independence.

Compassionate We’re able to relate, to empathise and understand an individual and their unique situation and circumstances & therefore always work in a person centred way.

Competent We have both the skill and the will to deliver on our responsibilities and effectively manage our resources accordingly, supporting with all desired outcomes.

Compliant Our operational excellence affords the highest level of compliance and quality possible for all vulnerable individuals and thereby provides peace of mind.

Get inTouch For more information please contact a member of our team at your nearest branch who will be happy to advise or invite you in for an informal discussion. Should you have an immediate need and prefer for us to visit you at home for a more intimate conversation, we remain flexible and sensitive to your needs and will look to accommodate any reasonable request. For further insight to the full range of inTouch services provided, please visit us at:

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