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Charity Rijsttafel edition 10 September 2016

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Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!

Our innovation is creating smarter healthcare systems

A word of the chairman

Dear Members and Friends of the NPCC, A very warm welcome to the 6th annual Charity Rijsttafel - “Made in Holland”. We are delighted to have this opportunity to host you and approximately 350 other guests for the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce (NPCC) flagship event. This year, we have chosen the theme “Made in Holland”. Dutch products are ‘typically’ highly innovative and both Poles & the Dutch alike have always been well-known for their entrepreneurial spirit. This combination explains the high number of successful Dutch companies in Poland and the other way around. Over the years, our chamber has helped to build a bridge between the Netherlands and Poland by providing many companies with advice and contacts to set up a business or to make their enterprise prosper. The NPCC currently serves over 220 members in Poland and we organise more than 65 activities per year.

Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. We are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries that generate €3,4 billion in revenues. We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world. Arcadis. Improving quality of life.

Our charity cause is again the “Akogo?” Foundation, an organisation set up by Ms. Ewa Błaszczyk. The purpose of „Akogo?” is to help children after severe traumatic brain injury. In this special Bulletin Rijsttafel Edition, you can read more about their mission. This year, we are offering three opportunities to support this most deserving of causes. Apart from our well-known raffle, we are also offering a silent and an open auction with great prizes. On behalf of “Akogo?”, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your generosity. Tonight, we will be serving wonderful food from our Indonesian heritage, and also providing great entertainment and, of course, many opportunities to meet business partners from Poland and the Netherlands. Please allow me to thank all the sponsors and volunteers who make this fantastic event possible and I wish you all a pleasant evening here together. Warmest regards, Robert-Jan Treebus Chairman NPCC



Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!


A word of the Netherlands Ambassador

About the chamber The NPCC was officially established on 18 August 1998 and this event was celebrated together with Queen Beatrix when she visited Poland in that same year. Over the years, our chamber has been a bridge between the Netherlands and Poland and has helped many companies with advice and contacts to set up a business or to make their enterprise prosper.

A warm welcome to this year’s edition of the Charity Rijsttafel event, organised by the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce. Coming at the start of our posting in Warsaw, this will be the first Rijsttafel here for me and my wife, but the 6th Rijsttafel for the Chamber. And, like all people from the Netherlands, I am a big fan of Indonesian cuisine. It certainly won’t be my last Rijsttafel as I have been told that this event grows in size and prestige every year. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know the business community here in Warsaw. And that brings me to the theme of this years’ edition of the Rijsttafel: innovation – Made in Holland. Innovation is more than progress. It is about finding solutions to the major challenges that we face in our times. The Dutch are good at finding future-proof solutions to a wide range of current challenges. The most wellknown, of course, is our Delta technology, which has been applied overseas in cities such as New Orleans, New York and St. Petersburg. Or what about our famous team from Delft Technical University working on innovative driving and taking part in (and winning) the World Solar Challenge? And, in another field, I would also mention the breakthrough in quantum technology by QuTech. The strength of Dutch solutions lies in the cooperation between all the stakeholders involved: the government, private sector and knowledge institutes. Working together might take longer, but it takes you further in finding the right solutions. Tonight we can celebrate the results of our Dutch-Polish cooperation. It’s a flourishing cooperation that not only leads to growing trade relations, but which I am sure will also lead to joint creative and innovative solutions: Made in Po(Hol)land! Let us raise our glasses tonight to cooperation and friendship. I wish you all a wonderful evening! Ron J.P.M. van Dartel Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The NPCC offers its members a broad platform to do business in Poland. One of the ways we try to introduce them to our business community is through the organisation of events & activities. In 2015, we either organised or co-organised 53 different events that were attended by 1751 visitors. The activities we arrange serve three purposes: Educational events - seminars and meetings with government officials; Network events - Business drinks and Speed mixers, as well as a gala evening such as the Charity Rijsttafel; Kick-start new entries - Matchmaking, Trade Missions, Study Trips and the organisation of the Dutch-Polish Business Award. In order to serve its members, the Chamber has established strong relations with several third parties. On several occasions, we have organised network meetings and seminars together with the Netherlands Embassy in Poland while in 2015 we were the acting-president of the International Group of Chambers of Commerce. Together with the Dutch-Polish Council for Trade Promotion (NPCH), we also organise the Dutch-Polish Business Award. We communicate with our members about our events but also about relevant business news via our newsletter, the NPCC’s website, social media such as Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter and our quarterly magazine “Bulletin” (circulation: 1000). Due to the shift in Polish politics which has taken place since October 2015, we have observed a change in the perception of Poland as a stable, predictable and credible economic (investment) partner. In our role as a representative body for the interests of our members, we shared these concerns in a letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Development & the Minister of Finance. The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs was informed about this matter, and the letter received media attention in the Netherlands, which enabled us, as a result, to have a constructive dialogue with Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki. The Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce is a fast-growing chamber. We have grown from 90 members in 2011 to 220 members today. If you aren’t a member yet, don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff or board members to join our highly relevant network organisation, even tonight!



Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!


MENU Soup (buffet)

Chef Patissier Debora Hoogendoorn de Bel Chef Wilko Hoogendoorn

What made you decide to become a chef? Wilko Hoogendoorn: “My passion for cooking began at an early age. From my 16th birthday, I apprenticed with some of the best chefs in the country and I also had the privilege to work in many prestigious restaurants: four of them were awarded one Michelin Star and two of them had two Stars. I have been an Executive Chef for 6 years, enjoying the dynamic of leading my own team, and always being open to new adventures, like this great experience at the Intercontinental in Warsaw.” What is your signature style? “French haute cuisine is the way I was trained but I like to add some Japanese and Chinese influences into my cooking. With new techniques and tricks, you can do some amazing things but, in my opinion, you always have to stick to your main ingredient like meat or fish.” What inspires you when creating your dishes? “Other chefs, cookery programmes and the internet. At the moment, cooking is hot and this makes it nice to see what others are doing and pick out the things that suit me. I like to use products that are fresh and in season so you have to be creative to combine different flavours and structures that will give you a surprising effect.” Who has been your biggest influence? “For me, the biggest influences were Cas Spijkers and Marco Pierre White. When I was young, Cas Spijkers was the first chef on television ‘cooking with the stars’. Some


We are proud to introduce our Chef, Wilko Hoogendoorn, and Chef Patissier, Debora Hoogendoorn de Bel, who have prepared our delicious Charity Rijsttafel for your enjoyment.

of my colleagues thought he was making a fool of our profession but now everybody wants to be on television and it changed the world of cooking.” What is your greatest experience in the kitchen to date? Wilko Hogendoorn: “Some of the most unforgettable experiences in my career took place at the Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam, where I cooked for people like Prince, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams and, one I will never forget, cooking for a party for U2, my favourite band.” What is your opinion on Indonesian cuisine? “I think it is nice when you are eating with friends or a group and you can taste many different things. You can just take small portions because Indonesians are famous for their big tables full of food. There are so many different flavours and the fact that all the recipes are made by grandmothers who have been cooking all their lives and make it look like so easy is amazing.” Is there anything special on the menu tonight that we really need to try before we go home? “I really like the fish cookies and the desserts my wife has made. For the rest, I hope you will all enjoy the food I’ve prepared for this evening and also enjoy the fact of being together, like Indonesian people do when they eat with their whole families.”

• Chicken curry soup • Indonesian spicy tomato soup Cold and warm dishes (walking diner style) • Samosa’s - curry pastry (vegetarian) • Stuffed spicy eggs (vegetarian) • Prawns in black bean sauce • Beef teriyaki • Green curry soup Spring rolls (vegetarian) • Red curry fish cookies • Spicy chicken wings • Tuna with 5 spice and sesame Live cooking station • Rada Bumbu - spicy omelette • Crispy Peking duck crêpes Warm dishes (buffet) Beef: • Rendang beef stew with coconut • Beef with sesame, oyster sauce and lime leaves Chicken: • Javanese chicken curry • Sweet & sour chicken with pineapple • Satay Ayam (chicken) Pork: • Crispy pork belly • Satay Babi (pork) Fish: • Wolfish or haddock in soy and bell pepper sauce • Prawns in red chilli tomato sauce Dessert • Apricot rice pudding • Pandang mouse • Indonesian layer cake • 5 spice madeleines • Fresh fruit I f you have any food allergies, such as dairy, nuts or eggs please ask the Intercontinental staff to recommend a suitable dish for you


Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!


TIMETABLE Opera room: • 19.30 • 20.30 • 21.45

Charity cause of the Rijsttafel Charity cause of the Rijsttafel The aim of the „Akogo?” foundation, which was set up by actress Ewa Błaszczyk, is to provide neuro rehabilitation to children with severe traumatic brain injury. It was the first organisation in Poland to build a specialized hospital for children in a coma – the „Alarm Clock” Clinic. The Charity Rijsttafel has been supporting this foundation for 2 years now and we are proud to show our ongoing support for this charity foundation. With the money raised from our Charity Rijsttafel, the foundation organised a conference on deep brain stimulation in November 2015, where the speakers included Prof. Tetsuo Kanno and Prof. Isao Morita from Japan. Professor Kanno presented the results of an experiment which involved placing a spinal cord stimulator into a patient. This is a device that improves the situation of patients in a persistent vegetative state. The first of a series of operations, which are all very costly, was sponsored and the money raised from the Charity Rijsttafel 2016 will be used for a second operation in Poland.

• 22.00 • 22.30

Opening Charity Rijsttafel 2016 Opening of the buffet Live auction Dessert buffet open Drawing of the raffle prizes

All guests are invited to proceed to the composers room

Composers room: • 23.00

Performance of DJ Luke • 02.30 Closing

Floor plan




The hostesses selling the raffle tickets have all met the children and their parents at the Alarm Clock Clinic run by the „Akogo?” foundation. So if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them about the difference that you can make tonight with your generous gift for „Akogo?”



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Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!




The Dutch merchants of the 17th century fanned out across the globe in search of new products and markets. The profitable trade with the Baltic states and Poland, the so-called ‘mother trade’, enabled the Netherlands to search further and establish trade routes to Asia. So how did the sailors know where they were going? They used the Atlas Major, created by Dutch cartographers the Blaeu family (Made in Holland), which in those days was the foremost navigational tool for Dutch traders. The Blaeus made land and nautical maps for vast parts of the world, laying the basis for modern cartography. Today, navigation is guided by satellites and the Dutch have once again set the industry standard with TomTom. The Dutch have never lost their international orientation. As a people, they are known for their language skills and love of travel. The Netherlands is also a strong advocate of international law and justice. The country lobbies hard for a stable trading environment and international peace. The Netherlands is actively involved in the UN, is home to several international courts and tribunals and is aware of its international responsibilities and commitments. Cooperation with other European countries is increasingly important to the Netherlands, given the issues it faces: climate change, energy supply and international security. Though the Dutch are individualistic, demanding the freedom to run their lives as they see fit, they are also keen on equality and are known for their preference for cooperation and their unflagging efforts to achieve consensus. The Dutch are keen negotiators, a tradition perhaps rooted in their trading past. Always looking beyond its own borders, the Netherlands continues to develop new markets abroad. Maybe that is why, according to rough estimates, there are more than 1500 Dutch companies registered in Poland today and we are still the biggest investors in this country.


The Dutch football supporter(s) seen here in this picture taken in Warsaw in het ‘Hol van de Leeuw’ in Lolek pub were avidly following the World Cup final in July 2010. You may well have been one of them and maybe you were watching in 1974 and 1978 when the Netherlands was also in the final.

Or perhaps you saw the Dutch win the European Championships in 1988? In fact, the Netherlands has been a major footballing power since the early 1970s, with such greats of the game as Johan Cruyff and Marco van Basten dominating European football. An official UEFA football signed by van Basten will be available tonight in the live auction. This is no coincidence, however. In fact, it’s typically Dutch because the Dutch have built on the successes of the past to create the many great successes of the modern-day Netherlands. The 17th century, for example, was an excellent feeding ground not only for artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, but also for scientists like Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock. This long list of achievements has been decisive in shaping modern-day Dutch knowhow and the way the Dutch think. The Dutch combine a constant drive to innovate with boundless creativity.


Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!



WILL I MAKE IT? The electric car is conquering the world and, currently, an electric car’s weakest point is its limited range. It is essential for drivers of electric cars to know whether they can reach their destination

and therefore Dutch company TomTom has developed the project codenamed ‘EVIDENT’. This is a government-subsidised project related to Electric Vehicle (EV) functionality. Cooperation partners are TNO Automotive, Quipment, e-laad.nl and TomTom and is therefore purely Made in Holland. The goal of this project is to increase the availability of ePoints to the end-user, fully integrated on a TomTom navigation solution. This navigation system calculates how much further the car can travel based on input data, including traffic jam forecasts, outside temperature, the hilly nature of the terrain and, of course, how much electric power the car has remaining. In Poland, the mass implementation of electric cars is still a long way off. But did you know that Dutch car lease company Athlon is one of the pioneers in this area and was one of the first car companies in Poland to introduce the Tesla Model S onto the Polish market?

Around the globe, the seasons are shifting, sea levels are rising and temperatures are climbing. Simultaneously, our planet must still supply all living things with water, food, clean air and safe

knowledge and experience for understanding and dealing with climate change. The Dutch are tackling climate challenges by using nature as a friend instead of a foe, building together with nature instead of against it, all in cooperation and in a sustainable manner. In response to continuing urbanisation and the simultaneously increasing threats from climate change and rising sea levels, the Dutch have come up with innovative solutions derived from centuries of living in close proximity to water.

places to live. Throughout the ages, Holland has learned to live in harmony with water and nature and this has given us valuable


Floating buildings offer both a pragmatic and sustainable solution to some of the effects of climate change, providing citizens with a safe and inspiring place to live within densely-populated urban areas. Floating houses and pavilions are outstanding examples of how cities can use floating components that can cope with climatic fluctuations and utilise wet areas, rivers or tidal basins to gain habitable surface area. These state-of-the-art floating buildings demonstrate a pragmatic and innovative approach to living with water.


Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!


DUTCH CREATIVITY Water management, the agri-food sector and infrastructure these are areas in which the Netherlands enjoys a worldwide reputation. But some of Holland’s most popular export

and casual gaming. Dutch-made television shows such as The Voice, Big Brother and Splash have been adapted by television companies around the world. Some of the world’s most popular games come from the Netherlands, including Killzone by Guerilla. Dutch DJs Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiesto and DJ Hardwell have all been voted the world’s best DJ in the last decade. Meanwhile, Dutch designers such as Marlies Dekkers and Viktor and Rolf are redefining fashion while supermodels such as Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone are giving international fashion a Dutch face. One of the partners of tonight’s event is the company Jake Vision, a household name in the Polish television market. They are the biggest television producers in Poland, famous for producing such shows as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Must Be The Music, Tylko Muzyka’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

products today come from the creative industries, such as television formats, music, fashion, architecture and serious


They also helped us tonight with finding the star turn for this evening, Top Toys, who were finalists in the television programme ‘Got To Dance, Tylko Taniec’.







• • • • • •

(Inter)national Recuitment; (Inter)national Executive Search; Interim Management; Personal Development; Organizational Issues; Assessment-Center





Charity Rijsttafel 01

Philips Combi 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier

Silent Auction 05

Breathe healthier air with the Philips Combi 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier. It removes particles of 0.02um Filters out 99% bacteria. Humidification rate:300 m³/h. Bid for this prize and you will breathe the difference.

Voucher Night of the Proms in Warsaw Enjoy a fabulous night out in Warsaw with Europe’s biggest music tour Night of the Proms that combines great entertainment with classical music and real pop artists. After 3 successful seasons in Łódź (at Atlas Arena), Warsaw (Torwar) will now be added for 2017. The original music mix and high quality make it an ideal company event, both for employees and also key clients or other business partners. The vouchers are 2 double front-row tickets.

Guide 1900 PLN 02

2 nights stay in KANIA LODGE

Guide 1400 PLN 06

Kania Lodge is a world-class small boutique hotel. Included are two nights’ bed and breakfast in the stunning Villa Rospond overlooking a lake and vineyard. It has a large open-plan master bedroom and lounge and two smaller rooms with single bed, making it suitable for couples and families with children. There’s a fireplace, a large private terrace, magnificent lake views and private parking. You will also have access to all lodge facilities including spa room, tennis court and boats. Perfectly situated for walking, cycling, horse-riding, golf and local sightseeing, it is set in landscaped gardens and a vineyard in beautiful countryside with lake and forest views. The lodge is located less than an hour’s drive from the Tri-City of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

Voucher Night of the Proms in Łódź

Enjoy a fabulous night out in Łódź with Europe’s biggest music tour Night of the Proms that combines great entertainment with classical music and real pop artists. After 3 successful seasons in Łódź (at Atlas Arena), Warsaw (Torwar) will now be added for 2017. The original music mix and high quality makes it an ideal company event, both for employees and also key clients or other business partners. The vouchers are 2 double front-row tickets.

Guide 1900 PLN 03

Guide 1400 PLN

Philips 3000 series Air Cleaner


Breathe the difference with Vitashield IPS and Aerasense technology. VitaShield IPS technology can naturally remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um and 99.97% of the most common airborne allergens effectively over the long term.

Voucher for cash Dessange Paris Dessange Paris is offering for the Charity Rijsttafel vouchers for 1000 PLN to be used for all services of choice in the Dessange salon. The range of services includes: haircut and modelling, hair dyeing, hair care, manicure, pedicure, beauty services, visage.

Aerasense technology gives you reassurance by displaying the real-time indoor air quality.

Guide 1800 PLN 04

Social media guru training session


A training and sparring session on social media and digital influencer management, offered by 24/7Communication. The prize if a company wins: a 4-hour social media and social influencer session with our professional team - presentation, short training, review of social media and social influencer, advice and comments, etc. for maximum of 10 people. The prize if a private person wins: 2 hours’ social media training and sparring with the person on how he/she can optimise their social media presence.

Guide 1500 PLN


Guide 1000 PLN Philips DryCare Prestige Hairdryer

Preserve your hair’s natural hydration for a healthy shine. The MoistureProtect sensor uses infrared technology to analyse your hair and adapt the temperature to preserve your hair’s natural hydration. Up to 85% moisture preservation due to the innovative sensor (measured after 5 minutes of drying).

Guide 750 PLN


Charity Rijsttafel 09

Trip in a Nysa van, with Adventure Warsaw

Silent Auction 13

A tour around the city organized in an old communist van, the “Nysa 522”, visiting places that are off the usual tourist routes and which can even be quite hard to find. No worries!

Intercontinental Brunch Delicious Sunday brunch at the Intercontinental Hotel Downtown restaurant in Warsaw for two families of four adults and their children. Enjoy a welcome drink and International cuisine buffet with live cooking station, unlimited consumption of beer, red and white wine, sparkling wine and non-alcoholic beverages and fully supervised kids room.

The enthusiastic Nysa guides will take you there! You will visit the city center and Praga district. The duration is 3 hours and the number of participants is maximum 7.

Guide 700 PLN 10

Voucher for two people from L’Enfant Terrible Restaurant

Guide 600 PLN 14

The Chef, Michał Brys, the presenter of television program Hell’s Kitchen, proudly invites you for an exceptional tasting menu with wine pairing at the L’Enfant Terrible. Warsaw. “In the kitchen, I feel like a kid in a toy factory, and not like a kid who came with a school trip and cannot touch anything.

Weekend stay for 2 at Sobienie Królewskie Hotel

Voucher for two people for the weekend with breakfast and dinner included from the fabulous Sobienie Królewskie Hotel. Sobienie Królewskie Hotel offers stylish, comfortably furnished rooms and suites affording beautiful views across a park which make it perfect for the holiday of your dreams.

I feel rather like a little scamp, who snuck up there in the night and romps as much as possible. Cooking for me is a source of unhampered joy. This is freedom of creation and magic.”

Guide 700 PLN 11

Guide 550 PLN

Dinner at Belvedere Restaurant


Belvedere Restaurant is exceptionally located in the historical building in the middle of Łazienki Królewskie park. With more than twenty years of experience, Creative Chef Marcin Przybysz (winner of the 3rd edition of Top Chef, and awarded the title “Chef de l’Avenir” by the International Academy of Gastronomy) and Executive Chef Adam Komar bring their innovative approach to Polish cuisine to guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience.

Philips professional auto curler for fabulous curls The Philips ProCare Auto Curler automatically makes consistently fabulous curls. The professional brushless motor and titanium ceramic heating barrel automatically rolls, heats and curls hair to create a perfect curl, every time.

The restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin Guide for 8 consecutive years.

Guide 650 PLN 12

Voucher for a stay at Gorący Potok Hotel

Voucher for two people for 2 days (1-night stay), with full access to the thermal pools and spa area (including dry and steam saunas, whirlpool baths, mud baths and baths with natural sulfur water). The voucher is valid until 23.12.2016, excluding weekends. The ‚Gorący Potok’ recreation and tourist complex is the newest complex of its kind, offering its guests healthimproving rest and thermal water in Podhale. The water in our pools is delivered from springs and is perfect for people who are looking for preventative health enhancement or who just want to relax in harmony with nature.

Guide 600 PLN


Guide 450 PLN 16

Weekend stay for 2 at Toporów Guest House, valid until 20th December

The 3-star Toporów guest house is a characteristic development located in the Tatra Mountains in the vicinity of the ski lifts. We offer accommodation in 3-star rooms with access to WiFi internet, food and lots of other attractions. We offer professionally-equipped conference rooms and we also organize events such as workshops, incentive events or team-building events. In our guest house you can find a restaurant, a highlander room with a fireplace, a drink bar, a spa, a Jacuzzi, a weights room, a playroom for children and billiards. Our offer has now been extended with a modern indoor swimming pool with many water attractions and a sun deck. In the garden there are two playgrounds for our younger visitors. Toporów Guest House is the winner of ‘Lesser Poland Ace of Tourism’ contest.

Guide 450 PLN


Charity Rijsttafel 17

Weekend in the Rewita Holiday Home in Bieszczady

Silent Auction 21

Close to the beautiful Bieszczady mountains and nearby the Solina Dam in the most south eastern part of Poland, the Rewita Holiday Home is a perfect place for all who want to relax in quiet, close to nature, far away from the smog, noise and crowd of the city.

60-minute drive time in an off-road vehicle at ABASQUAD The company ABASQUAD offers you the possibility to rent a Nissan Patrol GR off-road vehicle to spice up an event you are organizing as an interesting attraction for clients in consumer competitions. We can organize rides in off-road vehicles anywhere in Poland, regardless of weather conditions. These vehicles provide a huge amount of fun and a big dose of adrenaline. Try out your skills as a professional driver by driving one and begin a new adventure with cars. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to drive them, even if you’ve never done it before.

Just before the end of the holiday season Rewita offers a 2 night stay for 2 people including 3 meals and parking, access to the indoor swimming pool and a Finnish sauna. Date of stay: September 16-18 or September 23-25, 2016.

Guide 400 PLN 18

4 vouchers for a flight with FLYSPOT

Guide 350 PLN 22

The wind tunnel, a vertical tunnel 4.5 meters in diametre with a closed-air circuit in which high-power fans produce a uniform air flow speed of up to 310 km/h, is a device which finally fulfills man’s oldest dream – to float freely in the air, flying like a bird.

Dinner at Restaurant 1899

Restaurant 1899 has the honor to invite you to a historic villa located in Konstancin Jeziorna. We guarantee an exquisite dining experience with our menu based on seasonal, regional products accompanied with a unique ambience.

Flyspot is located in Mory, on the border of Warsaw and Ożarów Mazowiecki, just off the Warsaw West motorway junction. If you bid on this one, you can make 4 children happy or one child can fly like a bird four times!

Guide 400 PLN 19

Guide 250 PLN

Voucher for dinner at N31 Restaurant & Bar


N31 Restaurant&Bar is an authorial restaurant run by master chef Robert Sowa. The basic menu consists of traditional Polish meals with an international touch, served in an unusual way.

Jumping on trampolines in Hangar 646 2 vouchers for 1 hour of jumping on trampolines in Hangar 646. It is the first trampoline park in Warsaw. At the former aircraft hangars in Gocław, 2700 m2 of space is waiting for you with: a swimming pool with sponges, a spring floor, an air track, and many more attractions for all who are looking for entertainment combined with physical activity, whether you want to learn the basics of acrobatics, or just practice spinning around in the air!

The restaurant’s location in the very center of Warsaw, among numerous hotels and with a view of the Palace of Culture and Science, a major landmark and symbol of the capital, is an invitation to visit this place full of special tastes.

Guide 400 PLN 20

Q Hotel Kraków***

Guide 250 PLN 24

The 3-star Q Hotel Kraków*** is offering one voucher for two people in a double room that can be used until December 3rd. Q Hotel Kraków*** is a modern, fully-equipped hotel in an excellent location for business and private overnight stays.

Dinner at Gruzja Restaurant

The restaurant was opened in an attempt to present true, authentic Georgian cuisine instead of its European equivalent, or substitute! Their kitchen team all come from the Caucasus and their skills mean that they can serve the best of the best of Georgian food!

Its modern interior design ideally matches the hotel’s décor and creates a coherent space. A brand new hotel is situated just 5 km from the city center.

Guide 350 PLN


Guide 200 PLN


Charity Rijsttafel 25

Wine tasting with Mielżyński Wines Spirits Specialties

Silent Auction 29

1 voucher for 4 dance classes of any course at Egurrola Dance Studio

For over 10 years now, Mielżyński Wines Spirits Specialties has been the most rapidly-growing Polish importer of wines and precious spirits from all around the world. Each label which is part of the company’s portfolio (over 500 labels) is a proprietary selection of the owner and creator of the brand, Robert Mielżyński.

Egurrola Dance Studios are located in many places around Warsaw and also in Konstancin. It is the largest and most progressive dance school in Poland, founded and run by Agustin Egurrola - choreographer, dancer and judge on the Polish TV talent competitions „You Can Dance” and „Got Talent”.

For his clients and guests, he has created three unusual wine stores combined with wine bars and restaurants and they are all located in unique city space in Warsaw and Poznań.

Egurrola Dance Studio students include both professional dancers who are developing their technique and skills, as well as ordinary people looking for a way to spend a fun, enjoyable and active time. Voucher is for dance enthusiasts from 3 – 75 years old.

Guide 200 PLN 26

Salon & Day SPA Escape’s Sothys seasonal treatment

Guide 150 PLN 30

Relax and enjoy the Sothys seasonal treatment for your skin. With this original concept combining chronobiology and delicious flavors to reveal the skin’s radiance. A dose of oxygen mixed with a cocktail of minerals to boost the skin’s defense system before winter and a cocktail of vitamins to revitalize it before summer.

Flyboard, invented by Franky Zapata is one of the newest among water sports and we, an exclusive distributor are proud to give you an opportunity to try your own hand at it. Use this voucher to discover an absolutely new dimension of water sports and experience fun and joy of Flyboard.

Don’t hesitate and buy this treatment for yourself or for your partner and sponsor Akogo in the meantime

Guide 200 PLN 27

2 vouchers for 30 minutes from Flyboard

Guide 150 PLN

4 Tickets to a concert of Rogier Telderman trio


4 tickets, a meet-and-greet and a VIP treatment at one of the Polish concerts of the jazz trio Rogier Telderman. Choose your own location, the trio will play Poland in September and October and will visit Wrocław (24/9), Poznań(25/9), Warszawa(27/9), Łódź(29/9), Kraków(30/9 & 1/10), Stargard (03/10) and Szczecin (04/10).

Visit to Rope Park Ursus for your kids (four persons) Rope Park Ursus is located in the Sport and Recreation Centre in the Ursus district of Warsaw. The park is built for children who are at least 3 years old. All 3 courses are waiting for the winner of the Rijsttafel Charity Silent Auction! The guide is for four vouchers.

Guide 150 PLN 28

2 Tickets for Club Guy & Roni


Club Guy & Roni is an international dance company from Groningen in the Netherlands led by choreographers Roni Haver and Guy Weizman. The company was founded in 2002. The performances are characterized by collaborations with artists in music, film and theatre and are generally considered to be of modern nature. Club Guy & Roni makes productions that tour through Europe. The two tickets offered are for their performance on 4 November in Warsaw.

Guide 150 PLN


Guide 150 PLN Voucher Indonesian restaurant Warung Jakarta

Can’t get enough of the Indonesian cuisine? Warung Jakarta is one of the first Indonesian restaurants in Poland with a fine selection of food from the entire Indonesian archipelago. This voucher is a ticket to a culinary journey to Indonesia. The restaurant will open in September on ul. Piekna, about 50 metres from Plac Konstytucji. Your vouchers can be used for the entire menu, excluding drinks.

Guide 100 PLN


Charity Rijsttafel 1.













2 free air tickets for any intercontinental flight operated by KLM. The journey is a round trip, starting in Warsaw (with a transfer in Amsterdam) and tickets are to be used jointly by 2 persons travelling together until 30 September 2017. It has become a tradition to give away free electricity at the Charity Rijsttafel but this year, to celebrate obtaining their gas licence, the voucher represents a full year’s worth of free electricity AND GAS for your home! Dutch national football team shirt framed and front signed by all the Dutch players of the NL-PL Match on 01 June 2016. A must have for football fans or a great item for your conference room. A weekend with BMW X5 and overnight stay in Hotel ALMOND Business SPA in Gdansk sponsored by PLANET CAR LEASE 2 tickets to a home match of FC Ajax in Amsterdam. You will stay at the VIP lounge with dinner prepared by michelin star restaurant and welcomed by Mr. Ajax Sjaak Swart. Tickets are sponsored by Otto Workforce. An official Legia Warsaw home shirt which is framed and front signed by all the Legia team members, offered by Akogo?. Vouchers for 3, 5 and 7 hours of babysitting by Warsaw’s most popular childcare agency Nanny Express. All babysitters speak English and are trained in childcare. Also included are the Nanny Express Craft Box and the popular game, „Twister”. 2 VIP tickets to the flagship match of the German competition: Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04 played on 29/10. The tickets are sponsored by Oshee. Attractive chopping boards from Wiśniewski Schody which can be used as decoration for your kitchen or for regular kitchen use. Three invitations to Tel Aviv Food & Wine, 200 zł each. Delicious vegan, non-gluten and sugar-free dishes with oriental and Mediterranean flavours.The restaurant is located at ul. Poznańska 11, a very fashionable point on the Warsaw gastronomic map. 2 vouchers from Dobre Wina for 100 PLN and 1 voucher for 200 PLN. Make your own choice from the rich portfolio of wines and spirits produced over the whole world, or let one of the employees of Dobre Wina help you with your choice.

Raffle Prizes 14.

Philips air humidifier. Healthy air always - with NanoCloud technology and automatic control and smart evaporation technology. Philips air humidifier fights dry air with precision. A 60x90 print on foam board with a collage of the fabulous photographs of ‚Made in Poland’. On top of that you will also receive their brilliant fotobook. A group of international woman, sharing a passion for photography, produced the book ‘Made in Poland’ along with a collection of photographs and prints, with all proceeds of their endeavors going back into the local community.



Weekend with Mini from Bawaria Motors. Experience a great adventure. Sit behind the steering wheel of your chosen MINI and discover legendary go-kart driving experience.



Gadgets from Bawaria Motors. Especially for you we have a set of gadgets of the MINI brand: A bag, a t-shirt and a cap. Dessange Paris is offering for the Charity Rijsttafel a voucher for 1000 PLN to be used for all services of choice in the Dessange salon a haircut and modelling, hair dyeing, hair care, manicure, pedicure, beauty services, visage.




Weekend stay for 2 at Sobienie Królewskie Hotel with breakfast and dinner included. Sobienie Królewskie Hotel offers stylish, comfortably furnished rooms and suites which make it perfect for the holiday of your dreams.



Voucher for a course for one person and a first Annual membership in the Club Sobienie Royal G & CC. The course consist of 5 meetings of 1.5 hours with a professional trainer. Their 18-hole championship golf course is the perfect spot for spending your free time with family and friends. Unique set of 6 special beer glasses, sponsored by Grupa Żywiec. We are offering glasses which are unavailable in shops, along with 3 speciality Żywiec variants in addition to each of the glasses. It’s the perfect gift for all beer lovers!



A basket of RB products. A Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry foot file, Finish Quantum capsules for dishwashers, Air Wick air fresheners and laundry products are just some of the products included in the package. some of the products included in the package. Professional Business Photo for one person valid until 12-2016. The silver bullet for looking professional in all your publications is getting your picture taken by professional photographer Katarzyna Cegłowska who is also making pictures tonight.

Voucher for a visit to New World 22 - ESCAPE ROOM Do you crave new challenges? You’ll love this game! They are located in the centre of Warsaw - at ul. Nowy Świat 22/4. Philips MoistureProtect Straightener. Sensor technology protects the moisture balance of your hair as a sensor analyses your hair 30 times per second and adapts the temperature to preserve its natural hydration.

Feel like going out for a weekend? PLANET CAR LEASE offers a JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE SRT8 HEMI V8 QUADRA-TRAC + fuel card ORLEN (value 200 PLN), a weekend with an ALFA ROMEO GIULIA SUPER 180KM RWD + fuel card ORLEN ( value 200 PLN) and a weekend with ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA VELOCE 240KM TCT + fuel card ORLEN ( value 200 PLN).


Ticket price

is 40


An individual who buys 10 tickets or more at once, receives a golden ticket for free. Golden tickets give access to the drawing of the final prize: a flight ticket for two to an intercontinental destination of your choice by Air France-KLM

Charity Rijsttafel 01 Official UEFA 2016 match football signed by Robert Lewandowski

Live Auction 03 A signed dress and cap belonging to Agnieszka Radwańska

Take this chance to bring home a piece of one of the most popular football players in Polish history. Lewandowski plays as a striker for German club Bayern Munich and was a member of the Polish national team at Euro 2012 and Euro 2016. With 35 international goals to his name, he ranks fifth on the list of Poland’s all-time top scorers.

We also offer you a piece of tennis history to bring home. Agnieszka Radwańska achieved a career-high singles ranking of world No. 2 in July 2012 and is currently ranked world No. 4 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). Known for constructing points and making intelligent use of the court, she has won eighteen career singles titles to date, and is nicknamed „The Professor” among her fellow players. Radwańska is the first Polish player in the open era to reach a Grand Slam singles final (the 2012 Wimbledon Championships), the first Pole to win the WTA Finals (in 2015), the first Pole to claim a WTA singles title (the 2007 Nordea Nordic Light Open) and she was also one half of the first Polish team to win the Hopman Cup tournament. In addition, she won the WTA Award for Most Impressive Newcomer in 2006.

The official UEFA football which features a thermally bonded, seamless surface and FIFA-certified dimensions was signed by Robert Lewandowski after the friendly match between Poland and the Netherlands on June 1 in the PGE Arena in Gdańsk.

Radwańska has been voted the WTA’s Fan Favorite Singles Player for five consecutive years (2011–2015), the most of any player, in public voting polls conducted by WTATennis.com. For her accomplishments in sport and for representing her country with distinction, she was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit in 2013 by Polish President Bronisław Komorowski. Kindly donated by the Netherlands - Polish Chamber of Commerce

Kindly donated by Akogo? foundation

02 Official UEFA 2016 match football signed by Marco van Basten

04 Dinner on the Glorietta

Dutch soccer star Marco van Basten has been dominating the Dutch football scene since the early 80’s and played as a forward for Ajax and Milan, as well as the Netherlands national team. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and scored over 300 goals in his highprofile career. He was also the head coach of Ajax and the Netherlands national team.

A fabulous four course tasting menu with a view for you and 8 guests on the rooftop of Warsaw’s most distinguished destination since 1901, Hotel Bristol.

Van Basten won Euro 1988 with the Netherlands, and he was also named player of the tournament, scoring five goals that included a memorable volley in the final against the Soviet Union. At club level, he won three Eredivisie titles and the Cup Winners’ Cup with Ajax, and three Serie A titles and two European Cups with AC Milan. The official UEFA football that you can take home today, which features a thermally bonded, seamless surface and FIFA-certified dimensions, was signed by Marco van Basten right after the friendly match between Poland and the Netherlands on June 1 in the PGE Arena in Gdańsk.

Kindly donated by the Netherlands - Polish Chamber of Commerce


Discuss your menu with the hotel’s Executive Chef Carlos Teixeira who can also recommend you matching wines. *Numbers can be increased up to 12 for an agreed additional charge and availability will be weather dependent. The famous Glorietta is one of a kind. This exceptional and renowned round top terrace of Hotel Bristol, with a breathtaking, panoramic command of the city, has served as one of the viewpoints of Warsaw since 1901. It is available for private hire and the summer months are recommended!

Kindly donated by Hotel Bristol


Charity Rijsttafel 05 Painting of Alicja Domańska Bring some inspiration to your home or workplace with a work of art from the famous Polish painter Alicja Domańska. She is living and working in Sopot and has had many individual exhibitions.

Live Auction Thank you for your support and generous gifts:

Domańska cooperates with the theatre and works with musicians, designers, always using sound as an integral part of the private view. Background of her art is life. Her paintings are placed all over the world in private possessions and public companies as well.





Kindly donated by Alicja Domańska

06 2 night stay in Intercontinental Amstel Hotel Amsterdam Enjoy the famous city of Amsterdam – Venice of the north - while enjoying a complimentary two night weekend stay at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam. The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the city centre. The Royal Carré theatre and the Hermitage Amsterdam museum are within walking distance of the hotel, and by taxi or saloon boat you will be at the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, the Concertgebouw, the Stedelijk Museum, the Anne Frank House or Amsterdam’s boutique shopping streets within minutes. InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, with its perfect blend of classic elegance and discrete luxury, bids you welcome…if you manage to get a hold of the voucher during our live-auction tonight.

Kindly donated by Intercontinental Hotel Warsaw Bawaria Motors

Warszawa - Katowice - Janki - Gdańsk



Charity Rijsttafel 2o16!


Main sponsor PLANET Car Lease: A new company with a seasoned team Can you tell us more about Planet Car Lease Polska? Eric van Vliet, MD of PLANET Car Lease: “PLANET Car Lease Polska is a Dutch full-service leasing company. We have just been established and we will have our official launch at the Charity Rijsttafel 2016. The company is a 100% daughter company of the Dutch company Planet Holding International BV, which is financed by several automotive groups in the Netherlands. We are new on the Polish market, but we are an experienced player.

In which way does your company differ from other leasing companies on the market? Eric van Vliet: “We originate from the Netherlands, where the competition on the market is huge and where you have to compete on quality. That is our background and we’ll be offering the same high quality to our clients on the Polish market. A good example is the contact that you sometimes have with the call centres of the large telephone operators, where they tell you it is your fault that something is wrong or that you are using your computer or television incorrectly. We are not constantly looking at the contract to see if a customer is right or not - we want to be flexible and satisfy our clients, and therefore we give them personal attention. We know that this is valued very highly and I am sure that by doing so we will win many new customers.” Can you tell us more about your operation in Poland. How many staff do you have?

Eric van Vliet

Members of our management team started the company Business Lease 12 years ago and then we established Athlon Car Lease Poland in 2008, which also proved highly successful.

Eric van Vliet: “We have just started on the market so we still have rather a small team of 10 people. Nearly all of them are our employees from the past. Together, we have 65 years of combined experience in car leasing in our management team alone. So you could say that PLANET Car Lease is a new name on the market, but we are definitely not inexperienced.”

In Dutch we say “Driemaal is scheepsrecht” (‘Third time’s a charm’) so we have now decided to do it for a third time and that’s why we have started Planet Car Lease on the Polish market.” Why have you decided to start your business now and why in Poland? Artur Sudenis, Commercial Director of PLANET Car Lease: “Poland is a very good market for car leasing. The market for full-service car leasing in this country consists of around 150,000 cars. Compare this to the Dutch market, where a company like LeasePlan already has 150,000 cars on its own. We expect the market in Poland to catch up with Western Europe in the coming years. Another good reference is Spain, where we’ve seen similar growth figures. On top of that, in Poland, we have around 10 to 15 serious full service car leasing players, so you can say that there are not too many competitors and the market conditions are extremely good. Therefore, we have very high expectations for our business here in Poland.”


Artur Sudenis

Where do you want to be one year from now? Eric van Vliet: “According to our business plan, we want to have 1000 cars by the end of 2017. We will achieve this through our autonomous growth in Poland but also via clients from our mother company and other partners in our international network. Based on our network, we will also be able to operate in countries such as Germany, France, Austria and the UK and so this means that we will have a truly international solution for our customers.” Mobility , 24 by 7, wherever you are on our planet, that is PLANET Car Lease -> Driven by Mobilty.



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