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WHO WE ARE Founded in 1998 by Martha F. Hall, The Fur Angels are a team of canines and their human volunteers who visit schools, hospitals, residential communities, and neighborhood events. Every Angel is trained, tested and certified to bring personal serenity and will delight in your friendship. Our volunteers can bring dogs specializing in your specific needs. Please coordinate with one of our board members to schedule a visit.

SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY WHAT IS PET THERAPY? While the canine-human bond has been recognized for centuries, the activity known as pet therapy has been recognized since before World War I and played a role for soldiers suffering from “shell shock”. Today, studies have shown that pet therapy can: • Decrease blood pressure • Decrease heart rate • Reduce pain & anxiety • Help elderly recall good times • Reduce stressful situations

CAN MY DOG BE A THERAPY DOG? Many dogs have a gentle disposition. Regardless of the size, breed, or appearance many dogs can become a therapy dog with appropriate training. Along with the qualifications already listed, it’s recommended that you attend at least beginning and advanced obedience classes with your dog. Certification requirements: All dogs must be evaluated for certification using the following standardized testing: • Canine Good Citizenship • The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog, Inc. • Alliance of Therapy Dogs • Mid-Michigan Therapy Dogs Our group provides both support and insurance for our members while they attend visits with their dogs. Please call our director for further information.


Therapy dogs visit*: • Hospitals • Nursing homes • Schools • Libraries • Funeral homes • Airports • Any other stress relief settings * All visits are approved by the facility before dogs are allowed in.




DIANE SCHULER Membership Coordinator

DANA BYRD Secretary


STEVE CALCAGNO Director address: PO Box 80793 Rochester, MI 48308-0793 email: phone: (248) 875-4296*

*Text for faster response


scan for website information Contributions to our group would be appreciated and used at our discretion for various canine organizations in need of financial support.

Infinite and Unconditional Love